The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie (1972) Script


Shall I wait here, Your Excellency?

Good evening.

There's not even a fire going.

And the table isn't set yet.

And it's past 8:00.

Good evening, dear Alice.

Don Rafael, how are you? Just fine.

So nice to see you again. Same here.

What a surprise!

If I'd known you were coming You weren't expecting us?

No, not tonight.

Not tonight?

No, tomorrow. That was the plan.


But Henri's invitation was for tonight.

I'm sure of that.

That can't be!

In fact, he's at a business dinner. Very surprising.

But I was there when he invited us.

In any case, tomorrow night is out.

I couldn't have accepted.

I have a dinner at the Colombian Embassy.

I really don't know what to say.

I'd invite you to eat with me, but nothing is ready.

I'm terribly sorry. Don't be. It's nothing.

A slight misunderstanding.

Won't you sit down and have a drink?


No, don't trouble yourself. We'll be going.

I happen to know a charming inn nearby.

I've dined there on occasion.

Let's try it. Be my guests. Good idea.

Why don't you join us?

That's sweet, but I'm not dressed.

No matter. It's a very informal place.

I'll just change my dress. No, come as you are.

Doesn't look very cheery. Put this on.

Maybe it's closed.

The food's good. I'll find out.

It's nothing special.


Are you closed? No, sir.

So we can come in? Of course. One moment.

What's the meaning of this? Call the owner, Mr. Manuel.

The management changed three months ago.

Then good evening.

No, please come in.

Let's go.

Not exactly crowded.

Bad sign. Perhaps it's still early.

How about here?


You sit there.

Shall we start with the wine, my friends?

It depends on what we order.

What do you prefer? Bordeaux? Burgundy?


Even if I have oysters or fish, I go with red wine.

Snails in Chablis.

I don't care for snails.

I'd fancy a hare pâté', but in restaurants it's always too salty.

They have melon.

Good idea. I'll have a melon with port.

I'd order caviar, but it's likely a small portion of poor quality.

I prefer my own.

What fish do they have? I love fish.

Grilled sardines, fillet of sole, fried whiting, brown-buttered skate, pike quenelles in Nantua sauce, poached trout.

It's inexpensive here.

Cheap food, no customers makes me nervous.

You think?

Then I'll skip the melon. A dry martini instead.

Out of the question. Red wine for you... if that!

And a nice Crémant to top it all off.

What's going on?

Where are you going? Stay here.

You're being indiscreet.

We'll have... one melon with port, one melon plain.

The lady sitting there will have roll mops...

What's going on?

It's the owner. He died suddenly this afternoon.

We were all fond of him.

He died in that suit? Why keep him here?

We're expecting the undertaker.

But we remain at your service.

No, I'm not eating here. Why not?

You can't be serious, Rafael!

I don't mind.

I assure you you'll have an excellent dinner.

No, I'm leaving. As you like.

What shall we do? Try another place.

If you don't mind, I'd rather go home. Would you drive me?

I'd be happy to-.

Mr. Sénéchal and Mr. Thévenot are here.

Show them in.

Hello, Henri. Hello, François. Come in.

What happened last night?

Why did you come by? You invited us.

You're mistaken. It was for tonight.

I could never have accepted. I'm busy tonight.

I don't understand. Are you free for lunch Saturday?

Let me check.

Saturday's fine with François. Around 1:00.

I have nothing planned.

Then we'll be expecting you.

Say, there's quite a pretty girl outside.

Well, well.

What are you doing?

Put that down! Stand back.

I know what I'm doing.

Who is she? A girl from Miranda.


Part of a terrorist group that's been after me for years.

What for? What do you mean, what for?

To kidnap me, murder me.

You never know with terrorists.

Have you notified the police?

I'd rather not for the moment.

I'm sure you understand why.

I forgot to mention: I had trouble at the airport.

They wanted to search my diplomatic pouch.

I had to call the minister.

Search your diplomatic pouch unthinkable!

Yes, but last month, they arrested the ambassador of...

An ambassador carrying 40 kilos of cocaine.

An ambassador? Which one?

They hushed up the affair.

There are 15 kilos here.

The U.S. ambassador?

That's the fourth one to be arrested.

We have to find some other system.

You want to test it? The Harrison-Srader test?

It's the best. I have a sample.

Come over here.

Put out your hand.

It's pure.

Excellent quality.

I brought the first payment.

You can count it.

I trust you.

The Marseille gang is getting suspicious.

They'd like to know who our supplier is.

That's a nuisance.

No use worrying for now.

Where do you intend to invest that money?

Certainly not in Miranda.

Same place as you.

What's the Deutschmark Mark at now?

3.17 to the dollar.

Shall I wait, Your Excellency?

Hold on.

Are Monsieur and Madame home? Yes. I'll let them know.

Smells good.

I bet it's vol-au-vent financière.

What were you saying about the population explosion?


I'll explain.

This is the Earth. That's the zodiac.

Come on.

Hold on.

Yes? Your guests are here, sir.

We'll be right down. Serve them drinks.

They can wait five minutes. Come on!

No, not here!

Why not? You know you get so loud!

What will we do?

Don't just stand there. Get dressed.

They'll be right down. Help yourselves to drinks.


What will it be? Anything you like.

Same here. And you, Florence?

I'd like... a dry martini.

My sister shouldn't drink.

You should have seen her last night.

She was dead drunk, throwing up everywhere.

The elevator, the taxi. It was awful.

And her fingernails were filthy. They were not.

You're the one who...

Dry martinis for everyone?

There's no better sedative than a dry martini.

I read that in a women's magazine.

I'll mix them.

These aren't the right glasses. Fashions have changed.

For a dry martini, the classic cone-shaped glass is best.

Here you are.

This is just about right.

The main thing is the ice.

It has to be first-rate. Very cold, very hard.

Just a few degrees above zero. Like this ice.

What are you doing?

Then we pour the gin.

Shake to cool, then serve.

Rafael knows that a dry martini must be sipped like champagne.


Let's try an experiment. Call your chauffeur.

What do you want with him?

You'll see.

Honey, if you prefer it 1930s New York style, you can add a few drops of Pernod.


Could you come in a minute? Right away, Your Excellency.

Go on in.

We'd like you to have a drink with us.

Thank you, sir.

To your health. And to yours.

That's fine, Maurice. You may go now.

Good afternoon.

You see that?

Precisely the wrong way to drink a dry martini.

Go easy on Maurice. He's a commoner.

He's had no education.

No system will ever give the masses the proper social graces.

And you know me. I'm no reactionary.

Where are our hosts?

I don't know, ma'am. They went out.

What do you mean, went out?

I saw them run off into the grounds.

When was that? Four or five minutes ago.

Where were they going? I don't know.

Excuse me.

What's the meaning of this?

I don't know.

Someone may have informed the police. A raid.

You think?

Why else run off like that?

They could have warned us! Perhaps there was no time.

Let's get out of here. Right.

Come on, quick!

We have to go! Why?

It's cozy here!

We must get out of here.

And go where?

Never mind that. Come on.

Get going! And fast!


I'm Monsignor Dufour, bishop of your diocese.

Are Mr. and Mrs. Sénéchal at home?

No, Your Grace.

Where are they? I don't know.

They had lunch guests, but they all left.

Will they be back? I suppose so, Your Grace.

May I wait for them? Certainly.

I'd like to sit down a minute, if you don't mind.

I'm a bit tired. Please do, Your Grace.

You walked all the way?

I had a car, but I sold it to help the poor.

Would you like a drink? Thank you. I don't drink.

Tell me, my dear, what is your name?


Tell me, dear Inès... was that the gardener's shed I saw as I came up?

Yes, Your Grace.

But the gardener was fired last week.

Yes, I know.

Excuse me, but I have work to do. Go right ahead.

What do we tell them?

Where are they? Who?

Our guests! They left.


What got into them?

We were barely gone 20 minutes.

There was plenty to make drinks.

You don't just leave like that!

Why didn't you stop them?

They looked scared. They rushed off.

Scared? Scared of what?

Mr. and Mrs. Sénéchal?

I'm Monsignor Dufour, bishop of your diocese.

I'd like to speak with you.

What's this?

It's true. His Grace came by earlier. I let him in What's this little joke? Get the hell out!


You let just anybody in?

He said he was a bishop. And you believed him?

Ines, beware of strangers when we're out.

Remember that!

Yes, ma'am.

Come on, let's tidy up a bit.

But why would they be scared?

Thévenot's always scared.

The embassy might know something.

Wait. I bet they'll come back.

You're right. Anyway, the day's ruined.

There they are.


You see? Do you believe me now?

I don't understand. We're mortified.

It's nothing.

Will you forgive us? Of course. It's nothing.

Won't you have a seat?

Madam, haven't we met before?

Quite possibly.

To what do we owe this honor?

It's quite simple. I'd like to be your gardener.

Excuse me? Your gardener.

Tend your garden... your vegetables, your flowers, your lawn.

You need a gardener, don't you? Yes.

Well, I'm applying for the position.

But Your Grace Don't be surprised.

The church has changed a lot.

You've heard of worker priests?

The same goes for bishops.

Do you know about gardening?

I should think so!

I grew up in a large house... quite like this one.

My parents...

God rest their souls, for both died violent deaths... had a fine gardener.

He taught me everything.

Your parents died violent deaths? Yes, arsenic poisoning.

Who did it?

The culprit was never found.

How much are you asking?

Union rates. No more, no less.

The thing is, our gardener wasn't unionized.

That may be... but I go by the rules.

So do you agree?

Very well.

When will you start? Now, if you'll show me the grounds.

This way.

Excuse me.

You have grass in your hair.

It's nothing.

Shall we? Yes. See you later, madam.

What will you ladies have?

Three teas.

Milk or lemon? Lemon for me.

Me too.

Milk, please. Very good.

I can't stand the sight of that musician.

Which one? The cellist.

Why? You don't like the cello? I detest it.

Would you change places with me?

Why not?

Personally, I really like the cello. The rich sound Most orchestras have dropped them. Look at that.

If they were young, at least...

You see that? See what?

The soldier sitting over there.

He's a lieutenant. You know him?

No. Why?

He's been staring at us since we came in.

I don't know him. Me neither.

You notice how sad he looks?

True, but lieutenants often look sad. I've always wondered why.

Terribly sorry, ladies. We're out of tea.

No tea! What's the meaning of this?

We've had quite a crowd today. We just served our last tea.

No tea at all? None, ma'am.

Will you have something else?

Then I'll have a coffee. Me too.

Me too. With brandy. We don't sell alcohol.

Three coffees, then.

Excuse me.

I am Hubert de Rochecahin, cavalry lieutenant.

May I loin you?

Of course.

Madam, did you have a happy childhood?

Yes, very happy.

And you, madam?

Me too. I have nothing but good memories.

Not me.

I had several complexes: Euclid's complex My childhood was tragic.

May I tell you about it? Here? Now?

Yes. It's a bit long, but interesting.

If you like.

I remember I was 11.

I was about to enter military school.

Not too tight under the arms?

Button up your tunic.

There. All done.

Very nice.

Your father wants to see you.

Come along.

Your son, sir. You may go.

Turn around.

Take a few steps.


Now listen to me.

Your mother is dead. I'm responsible for your education.

Discipline at military school is strict, but it's for your own good.

I hope you'll do credit to the name I've given you.

That Will be all.



Hubert, my son... it's me.

Don't be afraid.


Don't be afraid.

Listen to me.

Come closer.

The man living in this house who calls you son is not your father.

You understand?

Look. That's your real father.

The other man killed him in a duel. We were deeply in love.

Listen to me now. Don't be afraid.

Your “father” wakes up every night for a glass of milk.

In the bathroom cabinet you'll find a blue vial.

Tonight, when he's asleep, go empty it into his glass.

This is your mother's last request.

Farewell, my son.

A few days later, I left for military school... where an exciting life awaited me.

I'm sorry, ladies, but we're out of coffee.

What? And milk.

Is this a joke? Not at all.

Today has been unusually busy, so we're out of coffee and milk.

So what will we have?

You have verbena? No, I'm sorry.

We're out of herbal tea.

You have water?

Of course. That would be something! Then bring us water.


Thank you for listening.

Allow me to take my leave.

As you wish, Lieutenant.

And thank you.

My God! What was I thinking?

I have an appointment. I must be off. Excuse me.

See you soon. Good-bye, Simone.

Sorry I'm late, darling.

Not by much.

Champagne? I'd love some.



Get undressed, quick.

Turn off the light first. Why?

It hasn't healed yet.


There's nothing on your hands. No, but elsewhere...

My God, if you saw it!

In that case...

This dress is such a nuisance!

Turn off the light!

You hear that? Yes.

I don't know who it is.

Wait a minute.

Oh, it's you!

Good. Come in.

What's up?

I saw Sénéchal this morning.

He's sorry about lunch the other day. A misunderstanding, it seems.

He insists we come to dinner tonight. Tonight?

Who is it?

It's your husband.

Is that my wife in your bedroom?

She got here five minutes ago.

That's odd.

She didn't tell you?

What a coincidence!

I came by to convey the invitation too.

Are you free tonight? Entirely free.

Shall we go together, as usual? With pleasure.

Some champagne? No, I have to run.

Are you coming?

No, wait. Let her stay.

Just a minute or two.

What for? I must show her the sursiks.

The what? - The sursiks.

Oh, right. I'll wait in the car.

I'll be right down.

What are these sursiks? I don't know. It doesn't matter.

Come quick!

You're mad! He's downstairs! He might come back up!

Just one brief moment!

Leave me alone! Let me go!

See you tonight, darling.

Don't move. Hands up.

Just as I thought.

You're better equipped for love than for playing war.

You think I'm a bastard.

I'd even be a socialist, if socialists believed in God.

How old are you?

You and your friends don't stand a chance.

Violence will get you nowhere. I keep saying that.

You're a good little housewife.

Bread, lettuce... the key to your dreams.

Forewarned is forearmed. Wouldn't you agree?


You have any younger brothers?

Deep down we think alike.

Take the bomb and pollution.

You're against them. So am I.

You're for free love. So am I.

You have no right to touch me! Mao Tse-tung was right!

I don't agree.

If Mao said that, he misunderstood Freud.

When all is said and done, the only solution to starvation and poverty is the military solution.

You'll see in Miranda, when you have to spread your pretty thighs for an infantry battalion.

Don't you agree?

What now?

Yours is surely loaded, since you came here to kill me.

I could easily eliminate you.


But I'll show you how generous I can be.

The door is open.

Get out.

Go on.

I have a dinner appointment. I must get ready.

Get out.

So you don't know the IWM? I'm not much on acronyms.

The International Women's Movement.

You know their rallying sign?


As idiotic as every other sign.

Fascists... communists... victory... and “Christ is our lord.” And morituri te salutant.

Rafael, could you come here a minute?

Allow me to introduce Don Rafael Acosta, ambassador of the Republic of Miranda.

Monsignor Dufour.

Your Grace. Your Excellency.

Dinner will be served shortly.

A drink while you wait?

Just this once, I'll have whiskey just a drop with soda.

Nothing, thanks.

I'm delighted to meet you.

We have a large mission in Bogota', you know.

Bogota' is in Colombia.

That's right... it's in Colombia. I got mixed up.

I don't know Miranda, but I hear it's a magnificent country.

The Andes, the pampas!

The pampas are in Argentina, Your Grace.

Of course. I ought to know that.

I saw a book recently on Latin America.

It had superb photos of your ancient pyramids.

Our pyramids?

We have no pyramids in Miranda.

Mexico and Guatemala do, but we don't.

Are you sure? Absolutely.

Dinner is ready, ma'am.

Please... we can go in to dinner now.

Your Grace. After you, madam.

Rafael, will you do the honors? If you insist.

Who can that be at this hour?

Rosalie, please get the door.

Ladies and gentlemen, good evening.

Please excuse us.

I was expecting you tomorrow.

Maneuvers were moved up a day.

But Colonel, turning up like this I'm truly sorry. It's not my fault, believe me.

We have guests tonight.

I suppose you haven't had dinner.

Give me five minutes. I'll see what I can do.

Meanwhile, perhaps you'll have a drink and meet our friends.

With pleasure.

Your Grace, could you help with chairs?

At your service, madam.

Let's see what's in the fridge.

Pâté, ham...

Care for a whiskey? Dry martini? Vodka?

Whatever you like.

A martini? Why not?

Mr. Sénéchal had agreed to house us during maneuvers, like last year.

I didn't think he'd have guests tonight.

Mexican? Congo.

Good stuff. You're an infantry officer?

Cavalry! So sorry.

What's that you're smoking, Colonel? Marijuana. Care for some?

No, thank you.

Your Excellency? Certainly not.

I'd love some.

Not those chairs!

No? I'll get some others.

Your Grace.

Those will do.

I wouldn't have believed you smoked in the army.

In my country, the army is incredibly strict.

Marijuana's nothing, you know.

But it's the first step toward worse. I loathe drug addicts.

So do I.

Six thousand U.S. Marines were recently discharged for being drug addicts.

Your Grace. Please don't bother!

Very kind of you.

Marijuana isn't a drug.

Take Vietnam, for instance.

From generals to privates, everyone smokes.

Then they bomb their own troops once a week.

If they bomb their own troops, there's some reason.

And remember that during World War I, our men had to drink three bottles of wine a day.

You exaggerate. Not at all.

And there were still deserters.

They were machine-gunned by French police.

Hundreds were killed.

I never heard that.

It's a well-known fact. They say it even happened at Verdun I think we can eat now.

I hope we can all squeeze in.

Portions will be a bit small, of course.

But there are eggs, ham, and cheese.

I'm sure it will be fine. And again, my apologies.

Sit anywhere you can.

... Some foie gras, Colonel? I'd love some.

May I serve you? Please do.

Will your maneuvers take long? About a week.

Message from HQ for the colonel.

Go on in.

Sir. What now?

If you'll excuse me...

Well! What is it?

The Green Army has attacked. We have to go.

But you haven't eaten!

I'm sorry, but orders are orders.

Ladies, gentlemen.

Men, we're leaving.

Ah, yes!

The sergeant has a charming dream to relate.

We're listening.

I had a dream last week.

I was strolling at dusk... down a busy shopping street.

What are you doing around here?

What about you?

I live here.

Since when?

It's been six years, I think.

And you?

I just arrived.

What's the matter? You're so pale!

And you? You should see yourself.

You smell like earth. So do you.

Are you staying here long?


Wait for me a minute.

I must buy something.

I'll Wait.

Well! Hello.

Weren't you with Ramirez just now? Yes.

You sure it was him? Yes.

Don't you know he died over six years ago?

It's true! You're right.

How can that be? I don't know.

I was surprised to see him.

He said he lived around here.

I remember now. He died quite a while ago.

He went in there. I'll go find him. Wait here.

It's you? Yes, it's me.

You recognize me? How could I not?

You might have forgotten me. Forgotten you?

Every time I tried to talk to you, you kept your distance.

You spurned me.

Remember? I remember.

Last time, you returned to the earth.

Now you come to me here.

Why so late?

I don't know. I wanted to see you again.

I looked for you amid this dark crowd.

I've been looking since I arrived.

- Nothing will ever part us again. Nothing.

Just three minutes ago I ran into an old friend.

Wait. I'll go get him. You must meet him.

I'll Wait.


Where are you, Mother?

I seek you among the shadows.


I went off in search of my mother... but the street was full of shadows, and no one answered.

Now tell us the dream about the train.

No, we must hurry. Some other time.

Let's go.

My respects, ma'am.

Ladies, gentlemen.

When Lazarus rose from the dead, he had no memories.

What's that?

Maneuvers are starting. I hope they spare the house.

I'll prepare a hot drink.

Hello. Me again.

Please don't bother.

I hope that racket isn't disturbing you.

Not at all. It's perfectly normal.

It's the artillery preparing. The cavalry will attack in 20 minutes.

I see.

Isn't Mrs. Sénéchal here?

Ah, it's you. Will you have some coffee?

Thank you, but there's no time.

I just wanted to apologize and say I'd be delighted if you and your friends, of course would dine at my house.

Would next Friday do? Maneuvers will be over.

If my friends agree.

Wonderful. Will Your Grace honor us with his presence?

The honor's all mine.

Until Friday, then.

My wife will be delighted to meet you.

We're at 17 Rue au Pare.

They'll be right with you.

“Hat worn by Napoleon at the Battle of Wagram.” This I have to see.

Too small for me.

But I suspect it's just your ticket.

Henri, that's bad taste!

What did I tell you? Fits you to a T.

You're such a child!

A bit more? No, thank you.

Add some seltzer.

To your health.

Is this whiskey? So the label says.

Tastes like Quasi-Cola. It is Quasi-Cola.

If the meal is like the drinks, we're in for it.

Is this a joke?

“And to prove your valor, you invited the commander's specter to dinner!” And to prove your valor... you invited...

“And to make us believe he attended...” What am I doing here?

“ drugged us with a narcotic.”

I don't know my lines.

What's the matter?

Oh, nothing.

A crazy dream.

We were at the colonel's, and we ended up on a stage.

And then?

Good evening. What?

Where are you? We're waiting for you at the colonel's.

We were afraid something had happened.

No, we're coming. I just dozed off.

We're on our way.

How do I look, Rafael?


That hat's a bit effeminate. Your Excellency!

Napoleon? You think so?

I've seen three hats supposedly worn by Napoleon at Wagram.

You don't say!

Another whiskey?

Excuse me.

More port? No, thank you. I haven't finished.

So glad to see you! We were worried.

It's all my fault. It's nothing. Good evening.

Will you have a drink?

I'd love a scotch.

And you, madam? A drop of port.

I hope you like it. It's vintage port.


Good evening. Any news from Miranda?

How's the situation? Quite calm.

And the guerrillas?

There are a few left. They're part of our folklore.

I hear there's some student unrest.

Students are young. They need a little fun.

What's your government's policy in that regard?

We're not against our students. On the contrary.

But what do you do if your room's swarming with flies?

You take a swatter and... splat!

No more flies.

One moment.

I hear your country is beautiful.

Very beautiful.

Of course, you have no caviar or champagne.

No, but we have things just as good, if not better.

Excuse me.

Is it true there's still dire poverty in certain areas of Miranda?

I can hardly believe the gulf between rich and poor is still growing by the day!

No, you've been misinformed.

Our economy is expanding, as the figures show.

Excuse me.

Excuse me, Your Excellency. I overheard you just now.

I'm deeply interested in administrative problems.

What would you like to know?

For instance, I'm told it's common there to bribe a judge or policeman.

There were instances in the past, perhaps, like everywhere.

But we're a true democracy now.

Corruption no longer exists. Excuse me.

I don't think I belong here.

What's the matter? Nothing.

I'll tell you another time. See you tomorrow.

Your Excellency!

Leaving already? Not at all. Why?

My husband would like to speak to you.

I'd like to toast your health, my friend.

I'd be delighted, Colonel.

Here you are.

To your health.

Your country's been in the news lately, at least here.

Is it true Miranda holds the world record in homicides per capita?

No, Colonel, you're mistaken.

Not at all. It seems people there kill at the drop of a hat.

At least 30 casualties a day.

No, Colonel.

I think you're trying to offend me.

I wouldn't think of it! I'm telling you what I know.

I read it recently in a very reliable report.

Forgive me if I must doubt your word.

I repeat I know what I'm talking about.

If I weren't your guest, I would demand satisfaction.

I wasn't aware that such a chivalrous custom still enjoyed favor in your semibarbaric land.

Sir, you have just insulted the Republic of Miranda.

I don't give a fig about your Republic of Miranda.

And I shit upon your entire army.

What happened? I didn't hear a thing!

Calm down, Colonel! The ambassador's a charming man!

The lout deserved it! There's been a misunderstanding.

Let's all calm down. Tell us what happened.

Excuse me.

What's wrong?

I dreamed that I — no.

First I dreamed that Sénéchal dreamed that we went to a theater.

Then we were invited to the colonel's... and he quarreled with Rafael.

You're a silly goose. Go back to sleep.

Calm down and go to sleep.

Good day, Your Grace.

Such flowers! The grounds have never looked lovelier.

That's kind of you. I do my best.

By the way... we're having some friends in for lunch today.

I hope you'll join us. I'd love to, but I must finish.

It would make me very happy.

It's just a few close friends.

Come whenever you can.

I'll finish what I have to do and then join you.

May I suggest flanking the gate with two rows of hydrangeas?

May I show you?

I envision two rows of hydrangeas from the gate to the house.

Hello. May I help you?

Where can I find a priest?

You must inquire at the parish.

But madam, I'm a priest!

What is this about?

Giving absolution to a dying old man.

Wait here. I'll be right back.

Who is it?

A very poor old man.

He lives on a farm nearby.

He was once a gardener.

Now he's very sick. Then he needs a doctor.

He says it's too late. He wants a priest.

Wait here.


I want to tell you something.

Speak, my child.

I don't like Jesus Christ at all.

I've hated him since I was a little girl!

What's this?

Such a kind and gentle God?

How can this be?

You want to know why?

I have to see to this sick man first. Then we'll talk.

I have carrots to deliver.

I'll come tell you after that.

You asked for a priest. Here I am.

I bring you the solace of religion. You wish to confess?

Yes, I do.

I'm listening.

Tell me your sins.

Father, many years ago I committed a crime.

I killed a man and a woman.

Who? My employers.

I killed them both.

They treated me so harshly.

That's them in the picture there.

Him and her... and the man in back with a rake is me.

I was a gardener all those years ago.

Do you know the little boy?

Yes, that was their son.

Yes... that was me.

I remember this picture. I saw it many times.

The couple you killed was my father and mother.

The culprit was never found.

It was me.

They treated me like an animal.

He was a brute... and she was Calm down, now.

You want absolution before you meet your maker?

Yes, for pity's sake.

The Lord in his kindness forgives the most hardened sinners.

Look at the example he gives by uniting us here.

Close your eyes, collect yourself... and pray.

May our Lord Jesus Christ forgive you.

And I, by his authority, forgive you your sins... in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. Amen.

Rest peacefully now.

Will you have a drink, or shall we eat right away?

Frankly, I'm starving.

Then let's eat.

We have a truffle omelet... and guinea fowl with morels.

Inès, you may serve.

His Grace was called away to see a dying man.

Then perhaps we should wait.

No, he said to start without him.

Have you made plans for the summer?

Neither have we. Why?

Why don't you all come to Miranda?

As my guests.

You can learn about my country.

It must be terribly hot in the summer.

When its summer here, it's winter there.

Isn't that right? Of course.

We French are hopeless at geography.

Ines, get the door. It must be His Grace.

Rafael, rumor has it you're to be named minister.

Police! Open up!

In the name of the law!

Rafael Acosta?

Inspector Délécluze.

You're the ambassador of the Republic of Miranda?

That's right.

You're under arrest. What?

You're under arrest. You have no right.

I have every right. You're not on embassy grounds.

Here's the warrant. And diplomatic immunity?

I don't give a fig about that. Take him away.

There must be some mistake! The ambassador can't possibly Henri Sénéchal? That's me.

You're under arrest.

This is an outrage! I'm calling my lawyer!

No, you're not. Take him away.

You're Inspector Délécluze? Yes.

What a coincidence! We're neighbors.

I know your charming daughter.

Would you be François Thévenot, by any chance?

You're under arrest.

On what grounds? You'll find out at the station.

You can't just arrest people like that!

The women too. Take them away.

Don't touch me!

Let go of me!

You have no Are you a cyclist?

Don't touch me!

Search the house: bedrooms, basement, the works!

What's going on? Drug trafficking.

Big players, it seems.

Where's the fire?

Jeez! What's the date? June 14.

I totally forgot! You're obviously new here.


June 14 is Bloody Sergeant Day. What?

Never heard of the Bloody Sergeant?

No, never.

Listen good. This was back in the days when the police were trying hard to improve their public image.

You must remember! Sure I do.

Inspector, did you call the minister?

What about my lawyer?

I'm thirsty! This is shameful!

You staying? Just a bit longer.

Don't forget: It's June 14. I won't forget, sir.

As I was saying... there was this sergeant who was so strict...

That's him there.

He undermined all our efforts.

Even so, he was a decent guy.

So... still won't talk?

You going to answer or not?

So you won't answer.

Listen good: I'll give you one last chance.

Will you talk or not?

Go to it.

How's the missus? So-so.

Will it be a boy or girl? A girl, I hope. I have two boys.

Not that!

I know you didn't plant the bomb.

You're a nice fellow, with your head on straight.

But you know who did it, so talk!

And tomorrow you'll see your sweetie.

I don't have a sweetie.

Think you can make an ass of me?

Too bad. You asked for it.

Let's make him play a little piano.

We won't kill you.

Will you talk?

Nothing to say?

Then, one June 14, he was murdered during a demonstration.

Since then, every June 14, he returns to redeem himself.

Will he come tonight? For sure.

Stay if you like, but I don't want to run into him.

Me neither. Wait up!



Don't let them get away!

What's wrong, sir?

It's you!

I was washing up. I heard you call.

I dreamed you were letting the prisoners go.


You had a face like a slaughtered ox.

Dreams can sometimes really

Hold the line.

It's for you. The interior minister.


Yes, I'll wait.

Inspector Délécluze?

Listen here.

You arrested the ambassador of Miranda and his friends.

Release them immediately.

But sir, they've already been booked. I can't...

Forget about that. Just do as I say.

May I at least know why?

Our diplomatic relations with Latin America...

What was that?

I couldn't hear you.

What do you mean? I'm speaking very clearly.


Very well.

I understand, sir.


Yes, sir?

Release the prisoners.

Right away, sir.

Did you speak to the minister? Of course.

I called to thank him. I invited him to Miranda.

And? He'll do his best to come.

What time is it?

A quarter to nine.

I hope they hurry. The lamb will be overdone.

That must be them. I'll get it.

Are we terribly late? Not at all. How are you?

Fine, thank you.

Your dress is lovely.

Good to see you, Rafael. Same here.

Traffic was incredibly heavy.

It's Saturday. True. I should have left earlier.

We passed at least 150-200 cyclists.

We'll skip cocktails and go straight to dinner, or the lamb will be overdone.

Fine with me. I'm starved!

I prepared a soup with herbs from the garden.

A very nice idea. I made it myself.

Sit wherever you like. François on my right.

Rafael here.

I almost didn't make soup, but I thought...

“ls a dinner without soup really a dinner?”

Ines, how are things with your fiancé?

We broke up.

But why?

He has two years in the army. You should wait.

It was his choice. He says I'm already too old.

How old are you? Fifty-two.

Then I understand.

She already worked for my parents when I was a child.

Say, I read they arrested a Nazi in Miranda.

A Von Something-or-other, former concentration camp commander.

Seems he was a real butcher.

Calling him a butcher seems a bit extreme.

I met him once, and I can assure you, he's a true gentleman.

One doesn't exclude the other. One can be poor and a thief.

And rich and honest, darling.

How did he dress, this Von Something-or-other?

Was he an animal lover?

He always took walks with a big dog.

Is it true there are lots of Nazis in Miranda?

Do you like the soup? Delicious!

Add some salt if you'd like.

I'm sure it's perfect, as usual.

I'll just go check on the lamb.

What time is it? 9:10.

You can take it out.

Twenty-five minutes per pound is more than enough.

Very good.

Few people know this, but one carves a lamb standing.

Right, François?

It's more proper. Remember that.

Thanks for the lesson.

What's your birth date, Rafael?

February 22, 1920.

So you're a Pisces? With Sagittarius rising.

Very interesting.

Shall I serve you, Simone? Please.

Pass me Rafael's plate.


The union of those two signs enhances your strength of character.

You seek to exceed the limits of your ego.

You think so?

Lima beans?

Especially with olive oil. I put some in.

Just for me.

I'd love some.

Excellent lamb.

Not overdone? Just right.

You enjoy participating fully in life.

You feel driven by great ideals and noble undertakings.

Your open mind gives you a global outlook on the world.

Next time you'll be my guests.

Wait till you taste my caviar.

Florence will serve her specialty: vodka and aquavit.

Your sensitivity is in harmony with your humanitarian conscience.

But if you wish to discard preconceived ideas, you must replace them with a personal code of ethics!

I've always done as my conscience dictates.

More lamb, Rafael? I'd love some.

You like it rare? I don't care.

It's delicious. I may be a bit perverse... but I have a weakness for American canned lima beans.

Everyone, on your feet!

Ladies, on your feet!

What's the meaning of this? Hands behind your heads!

In the other room! Now!

At least let us explain.

You've been misinformed.

Keep going!

All the way!

Move it!

After we've searched the house, there'll be plenty of time to talk.

What are you going to do?

You go that way, and you that way.


Are you feeling ill, sir?

You gave a loud shout. Do you need anything?

No, nothing.

Go back to bed.