The Divine Move 2: The Wrathful (2019) Script




One move over would be better.

What the hell do you know?

Go mop the floor, goddamn rat.

Those metal junks are useless.

A man lives and dies by honor.

I finished cleaning.

Okay, good work.


Didn't you say your brother learned to play Go?

Yes, dad taught him a bit when he was young.

Should I teach him here?

Your service will cover his lessons.


Then I can clean every day.

Come sit down.

Sit down beside me.

You need to listen carefully about his future.

What is it?

Can we play a round?

With me?

I'd like to know how good I am.

You're slow, hurry up.

Too slow, faster!



Play faster!

Remove your hand.

Do not linger in the face of death.

Unfortunately, you've got no talent.

Don't bet your future on Go.

Go home.

You feel wronged?

Come back when you feel confident.


Gonna buy a ticket?

It's almost the last bus.

Furthest place from here.

North or South?

First Move: Upside and Downside Seoul

Nothing but coins.

Let's go.

Not even enough for a game of pool.

Go Club 88 Thank you.

Sir? Yeah?

Can we play a round?

For 10 cents?

Whose boy is he?

You're good, you really are.

10 cents.

Kiddo, play with me.

That's incredible!

Ma'am, chicken gizzard and eel please.

Sure thing.

Country boy, new to Seoul?

Careful, swindlers are everywhere.

The world will be one of two things to you: a playground or a living hell.

Usually ends in hell though.

Do you have a place to sleep?

If it's tails, I'll come with you.

It's not meant to be.

I don't believe in luck.

I never had any.

Been a while, boss!

Don't you ever die? You come by every year.

You really have your way with words.

Buddy, greet him.

He's the best Go player I never got to beat.

So, does he look useful?

They've always looked useful.

It's the teacher that's the problem.

Chip in, if you feel it.

Get out of it, while you still got a hand.

Could you sell unexpired goods for once?

No wonder the prayers don't work.

God of Mountain, your worthless servant is back.

I pray with everything I got, please grant me a wish.

See those cairns?

After every game, stack a stone.

You got 5 seconds, memorize it and draw it.

5 seconds?

One, two, three, four, five, over.

Wait a minute!

Overthinking leads to a bad move.

Bad habit.

One, two, three, four, five, over.

Remember, play in your head.

Close your eyes, and play.

You can't come out until you win.

If you want to give up, ring this bell.

Upper right star point.

Lower left star point.

Under lower right star point.

16-4. 16-6.

16-5. 17-9.

17-6. 17-2.


How could you miss the bait? Again!

Upper right star point.

Didn't you see the stairs?!


Again! Again!

Again! Play again!


Under lower right star point.

- Faster! 17-5.


Don't bet your future on Go.

I'll come back tomorrow.

Upper right star point.

2 below lower left star point.

11-13. 14-14.

7-10. 5-12.

5-9. 13-16.

17-10. 11-19.


Good, get your things, we're leaving.




We Demand Severance Pay!

I can't do this anymore.

Do you...

accept promissory note?

Why did you hesitate?

Does playing for real make you regret it?

I think you should give the money back...

He didn't feel like a bad man.

Found your playground already? I'm the bad guy!

So all my opponents are bad guys too!

You'll become one soon, you hear me?

Don't ever hesitate.

I make all the shots!

You just calculate!

Become a machine that just calculates!





One more, one more!

So nasty...


Been a while.

You should switch to whiskey.

I quit drinking, asshole.

It'd be faster for weed to become a medicinal herb.

Too much useless talk, let's play.

Double the pot.

6-5, then extend, and another.

Knight jump.


I hear you lost your hand to the Shaman.

Became a boar's lunch.

Even almighty Hur Il-do got conned by him.

Such a shame!

Too bad though, you'll lose that remaining hand too.

One's fate is a mystery.

Who knows, you might lose your head first.

Use that knife on your eyes.

Or you won't live long.

You got good since the last time I saw you.

What's the secret?


Keep it with you, it's your cut.

If you're ever on your own, look for a guy named Turd in Gwancheol district.

He's useless, but he sticks around like a turd.

This way.

I told you to put that knife on your eyes.

Run, you idiot!


Boy! It's dark, be careful!

I knew something was up, but I didn't think it'd be a kid.

Let me apologize, what choice do I have?

If I don't cut the sprout now,

I'll need an axe later, no?

Life and Death






You little shit!

Stop right there!

Hur Il-do Busan Weed The Shaman

The Loner Mr. Turd Madame Hong

Hwang Duk-yong

Put it on, it's chilly in the morning and at night.

Thank you.

Don't look too far.

When you set your mind to it, that's your playground.

Get me a level 3 player.

One moment please.

This is Incheon's Viper, and this is Chuncheon's Serpent.

Now that you're acquainted, have a great match, I only facilitate the game, and take a commission, if you say the game is rigged, our business is over.

You're finished here.

You've been away for a while, I guess things didn't work out.

Whoa, look at your fashion today.

Copying my style, huh?

All right, please begin.

$10 per point.

We're all best friends here, please begin.

Yes, sir, go ahead.

Goesan's Otter, Hongseong's Badger, Andong's Mackerel, and Haenam's Cutlassfish.


Yes, Cutlassfish's a bit much.

Yes, I understand.

Do serpents poop?

They serpently do!

It's not funny?



Why are you...

So punny...

Following me around?


I'm looking for someone.

What? To play Go?

Can I play you?

The thing about me is, I'm just a matchmaker.

Should I find you an opponent?

Madame Hong.

I heard about a turd that sticks around.

A turd like a stone.

I don't believe it.

Why is everyone up my ass today?

Turd: A Useless Stone Mister, do you know me?

He came to the right place.

This is Mr. Turd.

Oh gosh!

Let's see how good you are.

What's taking so long?

I hope you're not mad.

Thank you, take care!


Madame Hong.

If the business is bad, just get rid of it.

Sounds like you made a boat load of money.

One can make money at any time.

If you want something, just tell me.

Since you took my shit car, bring back a new one.

Hello? Hello?

One for you, one for me.

Let's do 2 tours like this and buy up 2 buildings, Very nice!

Don't you want to see how I split our shares?

You don't need to, I'll be very precise.

One for you, one for me.

One for you, one for me.

How did you know Mr. Hur?

Disrespectful ass...

You and I need to talk.

I kept thinking about this ever since we met.

Have you never had a job before meeting me?

You speak very disrespectfully.

"Sir, when did you first meet Mr. Hur?"

You gotta ask like that.

'Life is Go, ' you must become a man first in order to play well, that's what I think.

I don't need that money, keep them all.

I see, that's fine.

Being a man is good.

Now that we had fun, let's get started.

Hwang Duk-yong?

You'll play a pro?

Got a few stops before Hwang.


Jangseong, then Busan.

What's wrong with this thing?

Even the van knows we aren't supposed to be here.

Everyone knows.

Let's not go there.

Then go alone this time.

I'll stay here and fix the car.

Hey, why are you taking that?

Hey! Leave that!

Come on...

I'll carry that, allow me.

I don't think anyone's here, let's just leave.

I'm here for fortune telling, is that possible?

You don't need a reading.

Fortune telling is for those who want to live.

If you're here for the hand, then take it.

It's beside him.

Is it by divination?


I don't accept money for my reading.

You there. Yes?

You have a long life for someone so useless.

Thank your ancestors.

Yes... I... hold memorial services quite regularly.

The loser cuts his own hand off.

Bewilderment: Do Not Listen Nor Trust

No back support, I better go smoke.


That's bad luck...

Don't be territorial.

We're meant to be vagabonds.

So don't try to protect it.

You better not lift your head from here on.

You'll die if you get lost.

Everyone lost their way in a split second.

Your wife who ran away, she died recently.

Merely a stone that was meant to die.

At least your daughter's alive.

Your wife died with a lot of guilt.

Because she had your brother's child?

Don't try to bait me, I was an only son.

Even so, there was no need to kill your own brother.

I told you not to lift your head.

You'll get lost.

Mother ran off, father committed suicide, you had no one except your sister to rely on.

Keep your ears shut, do not listen to him.

Don't lift your head either.

I finished cleaning.

Your service will cover his lessons here.


Come sit down.

Sit down beside me.

You need to listen carefully about his future.



If it wasn't for that, she could've had a happy life.

What are you doing?

Don't do this, please stop!

What should we do with such a young soul?

Can we play a round?

Do not linger in the face of death.

Come back when you feel confident.

It was not a fate to look back on.

Sis, my tooth really hurts.

"Don't hold in the pain, just take a pill."


Why did you abandon me?

What were you going to do in Seoul?

The devil who killed her, if you kill him, your life ends there too.

I told you not to lift your head, you'll get lost.

Your turn.

Staring at me won't reveal your next move.

But I want to remember you.

Kiddo, don't do that!

If you keep up, your brother will die too!


How can anyone tell who won like that?

Can a shaman foresee his own fate?

Of course not.

But I can see one thing clearly.

Should I tell you your future?

You strive to be a god, but you're fated to be a monster!

So, did you win?

Are you lost?

If you are, I'd like to ask you to leave.

I'm looking for the one-hand man, could you tell me?

I don't know, please leave.

I'll ask again.

A man without a hand.

Dead, a long time ago.

What about the boy?

He left...

He's gone...

Don't worry, you won't die like this.

I gamble for life, I gotta give you a chance.

The Chase: Hunter and the Hunted

I made a fun little toy, it should be interesting.

Focus, or something bad will happen.

Place dead stones on this, understand?

Then let's begin.

Wow, you're really good.

Have you ever made someone shed tears of blood?

Probably a lot, right?

Stop mincing words, just end it.


Busan Youth Leadership Committee

Have you been well, sir!

It's been a while.

I knew I smelled something, you sure do live long.

I think it's because I live without any greed.

Are you well?

Sir, I brought you a fruit basket.

Stop calling me "sir", we're the same age.

I respect you too much, I'd much prefer to call you sir.

May I?

Should I stand?

Okay, I'll sit down.

Why are you here?

I was visiting home for a bit...

Shut it, get to the point.

Yes, he may not look like much, but he made big bucks with his business... and he goes crazy over betting Go.

His energy level is not quite A, you know.

$1,000 per point.

If you win, I'll take a small cut...

$1,000 per point?

Thank you.


We agreed to play, but I don't know if we should.

He plays really dirty.

There aren't any rules.

If he loses, he bets double, lose again, double again, then double that.

He'll keep going until he wins.

What do we do?

Just gotta keep winning.

You're super annoying, but very convincing.

Go ahead, I got some business.

Don't have fun on your own.

Come back early.

It's been a while.

You were told to put that knife on your eyes.

Give it all you got, like I did before.

Counting Seconds: Faster and Faster

10 seconds left.

Double the pot.

Pot, potty pot!

This building as the pot, 5-minute limit.

If you're short, I'll take your hand.

I'll give you a handicap.

I still got my pride.

Sometimes pride can be your poison.

I can give 2 handicaps if you like.

That's enough, you're being offensive.

That's what weed is like,

I get bigger when I get stepped on.

5 seconds.

One, two, three, four, five.

Real Estate Agreement

We should wrap up the match here.

Something for sauna...

You'll have your day.

Buy your own damn cigarettes.


Where were you?

Let me bet you.

If I lose, I'll wipe your debt.

Bud, if you accept, I'll bet my chick.

If you want cash instead, I'll get it from her.

Her liver and kidneys probably aren't much though.

Go to hell.

Don't worry, I'm just about there!

You better pray like hell for me!

Why are you giving this to me?

5 seconds left.

One, two...


four... five.

Have a great day, and let's get some air later.

He left his bag...

Excuse me, you left your bag!

How should we wrap up our new friendship?

I can't stand losing, and I don't think you're overly fond of your life.

How many handicaps for your life?

I had thought of this moment, but now that I'm living it, I'm getting anxious!

Don't be.

It's your life, think carefully.

3 stones.

Let's go.

I never thought it'd ever come to this.

At least it's quaint.

It's your last chance, 3 handicaps enough?

3 handicaps would beat a god.

God has a different plan.

When I was young, I loved riding on the train.

After passing through a dark tunnel, I thought I'd live in a big house.

But that fucking tunnel was too long.

It's endlessly dark.

In the end, weeds can't survive in the long dark tunnel.


It can't be, I must've calculated wrong.

Hold on, give me a second!

Should I turn a blind eye?

I won't tell others that you begged for your life.

If you're afraid, just say so.

Help me!

What should I do?

If I don't cut the sprout now, I'll need an axe later!

What the hell, man!

Help me, I'll do whatever you ask!

Your hand!

Shit, let it go!

Remember what you just said!

Let go, asshole!

No, don't let go! Don't fucking let go!

It hurts!

We're at round 6 of 9-dan Hwang's match against 20 pro Go players.

As we speak, 5-dan Kim Sun-ho has given up.

Even 20 players are no match for Hwang.

It's an incredible match.

He's a god now.

Youngsters are dropping like flies.

Previous record was 9-dan Wang against 10 professionals.

But he failed to take the win.

That was great.

Sir, where's the washroom?

We're approaching the end of the 6th round.

What'd the outcome be?

Number of players is meaningless to 9-dan Hwang.


Allow me to borrow this.

Give me your scarf. You wanna try it too?

What are you doing? That's expensive!

That shouldn't get wet!

Hey! Watch out!

Come on out.

I'll help you!

You sons of bitches!

Mr. Turd, you're still alive!

I ran to avoid the rain, but it got wet.

What's that?

It's your birthday.

You can't see one move ahead, yet you remembered my birthday?

I remember everything.

What? Got something to say?

Madame Hong.

I've had several near-death experiences lately, and came to a realization.

What's that?

In life...

If there is a divine move...

you'd be it...

It's too sudden.

Don't take me for an easy gal.

Madame Hong, how about this?

Let's play a round of Go, the winner gets a wish.


You play well.

I can't lose even if I try.

Look at the big picture.

And place stones with confidence!

How long will you live so spinelessly?

Well, the thing is...

I was going to do that...

Play again?

I'd really appreciate that.

I'll give you 2 handicaps.

I still got my pride as a man...


Do you want to die lonely?

Would you be okay...

with 2 handicaps?

Hwang Duk-yong Go Foundation Book Release Signing Event

Thank you.

Thank you!

So heavy!

I waited 3 hours in line.

I'm sorry about that.

"The Board Encapsulates the World."

So you want to swallow the world whole, eh?

You're being rude.

My apologies, may I shake your hand?

Give me your book, I'll sign it for you.

I don't really need an autograph.

Could we take a selfie? I gotta send it somewhere.

Smile! What are you doing?


You're 2-dan Hwang Sun-hee!

The hottie pro player!

Your skin is incredible!

Yes, ma'am.

Could you get rid of someone like him?

This way. Wait a minute!

Let go!

You're being rude to your fan.

Please leave, and take what you brought.

We don't accept these things.


It's 5 minutes before the second half.

He's coming out.

Passage: Path out of Strife Congrats on your event, Mr. Hwang.

Who are you?

You must've forgotten.

You said to come back if I felt wronged.

I do not remember, please leave.

This was for cleaning your desk,

this was for cleaning the window.

This was for the floor.

I wanted to return them right away, but it took too long.

Who are you?

A boy with no talent.

That crybaby?

Your daughter grew up well, smart and pretty.

Check it.




Here are the rules.

One single match, the title is your life.

If you refuse, your daughter dies.

Have you gotten good?

But a hundred of you are still no match for me.

Don't waste my time.

I'll change the rule.

I'll play against a hundred of you.

Tomorrow at noon, right here.

If no one beats me,

she's dead.

Go buy a bed.

Use this and this to buy a table.

Take this much and go buy a sports car.

A red one.

My tummy, what a timing.

Holy cow!

Don't worry, you won't die.

You'll need two things: patience, and someone to save you.

I'll call you my master!

I'll serve you from here on!

I'll do whatever you ask!

If you need money, you can take mine!


Master, I...

I was born in winter, I don't do well with heat...

Please save me... Get me out of here...


Save me!

Do you remember me?

It must be my turn to avenge my dad.

Don't worry.

He'll be okay while we play.

Shall we get started?

I'll apologize if you want.

No, it's okay.

I just want exact revenge.

If you don't like hot things, keep adding dead stones, okay?

Let's begin.

Too hot?

You must've lived in a cold place.

It wasn't that cold.

Just lonely.

I recall that lonely place had a corner store owner.

You'll meet them all in hell.

Play faster...

I got one left, this should be good.

No, it can't...

Can't be...

No, this isn't right...

This can't be, how could it be a draw?

I want the world to boil.

That's enough.

Let's stop this...

Let's not go.

I have to go.

We won't make it in time.

And my body is...

Shit, you're worse.

Let me ask you one thing.

Why do you have to go this far?

Master, why are you putting on this event for him?

Who is he?

Do not ask questions, just focus.

Don't lose to an amateur.

As we're all busy, we'll play 10 turns per board.

We'll begin right away.

Doomed: 1 vs. 100

Be quiet.

Shut it!

9-dan Hwang Vs. Ghost Fucker.

Stupid bastard.

Now, let's cheer for your dad.

That way, you'll get to live and I won't see blood.

You know what though?

I'll tell you one thing, if I was betting my life,

I'd bet on this asshole.

This bastard's not human.

You've already found your playground.

I'm the bad guy!

You'll become one soon, you hear me?

Don't ever hesitate.

You just calculate!

Become a machine that just calculates!

I'm sorry, I'll take that back.

You still need to become a man first.

I'll just become a machine.

The match begins.

4-4, 16-17.

Knightjump, yeah.



4-15, 10-17.

First round is over.

Proof photo.

Hurry up!

A person is on the verge of death!



Thank you for your guidance.


Fucked, 6-6.

So he made a mistake.

Indeed, it's preposterous to play against 100 players.

I told you to come back when you were confident.

Don't beat yourself over it.

You still came so far.










So he won.

Remember this button? Force yourself to remember.

I just might forgive you.

Let me ask you one thing.

From the first move to the last, did you plan it all?

Last chance, try to remember.

You want me to beg for my life at this point?

All right.

I remember her big eyes.

Do you remember what we played for?


Your daughter or you, it's your choice.

I'll give you the chance to play the last stone.

This is the fate of your lowlife.

You don't know how and where you'll end up dying.

For your journey to hell.

My back...

Oh my...

My back...


Goddamn ghost.

Finality: A Lowlife's Fate

Shin Su-yeon

Will you love and respect each other for an eternity?

Yes, I will respect and love him. Yes, I will respect and love her.

You may hold hands and say your vows.


I will accept you as my wife... I will accept you as my husband...

I promise to love and cherish in sickness and in health...

We must play our last move here.

Can I at least know your full name?

All right.


When I see you next time,

I'll call you...

'Ghost Fingers'.

Fingers moved by a ghost.

If there's a god of Go, he'd play like you.

So? You like it?

I'm off.

Take care.


If it's tails, I'll come with you.


Why do you have to go this far?



That chime.

Do you know why it's a fish?

A fish keeps its eyes open even in sleep.

It means, "Always stay awake."

Boy, the eyes of your mind.

You must look at the world and the Go board with them.