The Doll 2 (2017) Script

What did Laras say?

We should tie her up.

How did it happen?

The family that just moved in didn't follow the rules.

They entered the room with the Ghawiah doll in it.

The room should not be entered by anyone.

Please come in.

What did I do wrong?

Where is the doll?

In the room.


She's playing with us.

She knows we are here.

You've handled her a year ago, right?

We couldn't get rid of her because she has an unfinished business.

She chose this doll and this room as her sanctuary.

And she has left the room now, which means--

She's out to finish her business.

Don't get too close! She is not your daughter!

Get a towel to stop the bleeding!


I seek forgiveness in Allah.

There is no God but Allah, Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah.

Get out of this girl's body!

There is no power and no strength except with Allah.

In the name of God the Creator, release this child and reenter the doll!


Come here.

Come here.


I will leave once I am done. I will leave once I am done.

My parents and I were good people. My parents and I were good people.

But he killed my family. But he killed my family.

And you tried to let Daniel escape And you tried to let Daniel escape from his death. from his death.

From my revenge. From my revenge.

Uci, calm down. Do not speak like that.

DIE What do you want?

I want you to feel what I feel... I want you to feel what I feel... losing a family! losing a family!





What does this mean?




Shera, what would you like to eat?

Bagas, hurry!



Okay, I'm ready. Can I open my eyes now?


WATCHING This must have something to do with watching.

The TV, right?

All right, I am on to the next clue, okay?

Sweetie, this is such a mess.

You'd better clean this up later.

Where should I look for it?

Found it!

What is this?

MEOW I don't know.

I know.

Meow, meow. I wonder where the last clue is?


Got it.

How did you think of hiding it there?

"My favorite."

Obviously, I know your favorite.


Where is Sabrina?

Where could she possibly be?

I found it!

I found it! You love messing with me, don't you?

Playing around with me.

Let's play. Mom, it tickles!

Hey, why are you playing here?

Where are you going, Dad? Why are you dressed up?

I'm having dinner with your mother, sweetie.

Honey, did you forget?

I got promoted as the financial manager. We have dinner with my boss.

I forgot.

Go play with Dad.

Okay, honey?

Okay, I won't be long.

I'm going to get ready first.

You recorded it?

Yes, so you can watch it.

Wow, you are so smart!

I have the old ones, too.

You do? Where?


Wow, there are a lot of memory cards. Let's count them.

One, two.

Three, four.

I can count to many numbers now.

Cool! That's my girl. Let's keep on counting.


Eighteen. Nineteen.

Yes, Mom.

Thank you so much. Sorry for the trouble.

Okay, bye, Mom.

Honey, look, your face looks so confused here.

Honey, we still have time to drop Kayla off at Mom's, right?


We can't just leave her here with Yani.

Mom said she can stay there, and I'll pick her up tomorrow.

If we pick her up at night, she'd be asleep.

She'll be grumpy if we wake her up.

Yeah, but we're going to and fro. The dinner would probably last two hours.

You sure only two hours?

Honey, how many hours does it take to get there?

And then get back. And the traffic.

You know we tried so hard to have Kayla, right?

Ever since she was born, we had a deal.

To never leave Kayla with the housekeeper or the sitter, unless it's with family.

Okay, but Yani has been working with us for six years. You told me... her work is good. No.

I won't feel satisfied.

There are kidnappings happening, and I don't want to think about it.

All right, you go tell Kayla to get ready.

We're going to be late.

Thank you, honey!

Kayla? Sweetie? Let's get ready.

Kayla, come on. We are going to be late.

Just put the camera there. Yani will put it in your room.

Honey? Kayla.

Come here, honey.

Have you packed her clothes? Yes, everything is in her bag.

Don't forget to lock the door. Close the windows and curtains.

Oh, right. Kayla's camera is on the table upstairs. Put it in her room, okay?

Okay, ma'am.

Thank you, Yani.

Kayla, say goodbye. Say, "Bye, Yani."

Bye-bye, Yani!

Kayla, sweetie, later at Grandma's home, don't be such a bother, okay?

If it's bedtime, go to bed. Don't watch TV alone at night. Okay?

Yes, Mom.

Don't forget to pee before you sleep, unlike at home.

You never go to the toilet before you sleep.

Yes, but I always wake up and go to the bathroom.

That is if you wake up. What if you don't?

Then I'll pee on the bed.

That means you're being a burden to Grandma.

Poor Grandma has to wash the sheets.

It's all right, right, Kay? Having Grandma wash your sheets for once.


I'm going to check on Mom.


What is it, honey? The brakes.

What is it? The brakes won't work.

Fasten Kayla's seat belt. Yours, too!

Sweetie, put on your seat belt. Right over there.

Hurry, sweetie.

Why, dear?

Mom, I'm scared. I want to be in the front with you.

It's okay, honey. Don't be scared. Hold on to Sabrina.

Kay, are you okay, honey?



Kayla. Mai.

Are you all right?

Kay, open your seat belt.








Mai, are you all right?









On this day,

we are here for the funeral... of our child,

grandchild, our niece.

Kayla, we're sending her to a happier place.


Kayla was the love of our lives.

She was a sweet child.



And she was able to make us all laugh.

Kayla was a sun for me and Maira.

Our hope.


Mom and Dad love you.


Mom? What are you watching?

I'm watching a comedy, sweetie.

What are you eating, Dad?


I want pizza, too.

Turn off the camera, come here.

Just leaving it on.

No, it will get broken that way. Come sit with me and Mom.

Hi, honey.


I went to a bakery.

Today is Kayla's birthday.

I bought her favorite cake.

I think it's time we remember the good things about Kayla.


Not just the sad ones.

Kayla would never want to see us sad like this.

She wants to see her Mom smile, Mai.

So now let's pray.

And blow out the candles.


Please, just once.

Let's remember all the happy things about her.

I can't.

I can't.

Kayla, I wish you could help your mom to be happy again.


What's wrong?


I thought...

Never mind.

I woke up and you weren't there. Did you get up to get a drink?



I heard someone go to the bathroom.

Someone flushed the toilet.

Then turned on the TV, like Kayla's habit when she wakes up at night.

You're probably dreaming. You're too tired.

Maybe the TV's timer went off, so it turned on by itself.

The flush is probably broken.

Let's go back to bed.



Did you move the Sabrina doll from the shelf to the bed?

No, ma'am.

Did you turn on the timer of the TV? It turned on by itself last night.

No, the TV downstairs has been broken for a week.

I told you and Sir Aldo.

But maybe with everything that has happened, you forgot.

Let me open it.

Mai, I'm so sorry I couldn't make it to Kayla's funeral.

I had to deal with the divorce.

It's okay, I understand.

Oh, right. Here I got this for Kayla a long time ago.

But I never had the chance to give it to her.

Maybe we can put it in her room now.

If you are okay with it, of course.

This is a lot.

They're so pretty. Right? So cute.

Hey, Mai, where do you want to put this?

Over there maybe?

Don't just zone out like that.

Poor Kayla, seeing her mom like this.

Don't lose yourself in your thoughts.

What's the matter?

When I was young, I used to play this.

Oh, right. You could also play the bigger instrument, right?

Well, if it's music, during elementary, you were the ace.

Can you still play it?

I used to sing this song. Which one?

"Lingsir Wengi."

Oh, you sang this for our test, right?

Yeah, they say people used to sing this for generations.

Try singing it again.

I wonder if I still can.

Try it with the gamelan.

No, don't!

Several Javanese people believe that if we sing that song, we could attract things from the other world.


Why would you believe something like that?

I'm sorry about the lamp. I will clean it up.

So weird.

People still believe in those things these days.

Mai, let's hang out.

Doing what?

Going to the mall, shopping. Maybe the cinemas? Come on!

It's so you won't be sad alone at home like this.

There's a super sale going on, so we can shop till we drop.

Come on.

Okay, let's go.

We did a haul!

I'm going to order food. You go find a table.

All right, let me bring your stuff.

After this, the next shopping spree is on you.

Good day.

Ice cream? Ice cream.

I want some more, Daddy. More?

Here, iced cappuccino.

The food will come out later.

Hey, I want some, too! Mommy wants some, too.

Mai, what's wrong?

I feel like Kayla hasn't really left, Sa.

What do you mean?

I heard a flush last night.

Like someone was using the bathroom.

Then the TV turned on by itself.

That's Kayla's behavior.

She often goes to the bathroom at night and then watches TV.

I know this sounds like it doesn't make sense.

But I...

I feel that Kayla is still around.

Mai, are you sure it's not just in your head?

Elsa, before talking to you, I also thought about it.

It's probably just in my head.

But I don't know, Sa.

My feelings say so.


Listen, you can call me crazy or whatever.

But maybe we can try summoning Kayla?

For example, with that song, "Lingsir Wengi."

Well, no one can prove if it will work.

But there's no harm in trying, right?

Mai, you know I never believe in stuff regarding the other world.

But I want to help you relieve your stress.

I've been taking you out, telling stories.

Yet you're still here sad.

Probably, the thing I mentioned can help.

But if it doesn't help with your sadness, at least your curiosity will be gone.

And you can go on and live your life.

Crazy, huh? Whatever. Forget about it.

I want to try it.

Do you know how?

Look here, Mai.

We need a prized possession of the deceased.

It acts as a medium.

After we sing the song, the soul will enter the object.

And we can communicate with it.

"Don't forget to pray after the ritual.

So that the soul can go back to its place and not stay in the object."

Oh, what a cute doll!

I bought it when I was pregnant with Kayla.

Kayla. Kayla.

As dusk approaches

Your shadow starts to fade

Do not wake from your sleep

Do not show yourself

I am restless

Oh, my gosh, what's happening?

What are you doing? You scared us!

I was going to put away Kayla's blanket. You told me to wash it yesterday.

Mai, this is not working! Let's stop.

So weird.

My god.


Can you sleep over tonight? Keep me company.

All right. To relax yourself, go take a shower.


Mai! What happened?

There was a person here. I swear, I saw a person. A little girl!

Mai. I swear.

Nothing is here, Mai!

There was a girl's shadow over there. Mai.

Maybe it's Kayla.

She was...

She wrote "mama" there.

Nothing is written there. It was there, Elsa!

Nothing! No one is here except me.

Mai, it's okay.

It's okay.


You have to pick yourself up.

You can't be like this forever.

You have to get it together.

Try doing the stuff that you used to do.

At least it might help you get through this situation.

You think I can do it?

Of course, you can, Mai.

What's wrong?

The Sabrina doll. It was there.

Nothing is there, Mai. There's no doll.



The doll was at the rooftop.

It was underneath the blanket. This morning it was on the shelf.

Look. Look at this. It's Kayla's writing.

It is her writing.

It was used when you played with her a long time ago, right?

Yani might have put it here. This is new.

Elsa and I managed to summon her.

But we forgot to pray, so now Kayla...

Kayla is in the Sabrina doll.

I just wanted to help Maira.

Sa, I know that you mean well.

But if you really wanted to help, you could have done so with logic.

If you teach her stuff like this, she could suffer.

Her mind is disturbed.

I apologize.

But listen.

I don't mean to meddle in your private life.

But I feel like I have to say this.

As Maira's friend.

And we both love her, don't we?

Maira isn't the only one who should be there for you.

You should be there for her, too.

Both of you should try opening up.

I just don't want you to make the same mistakes as I did.

My marriage ended.

Think about it.

Have you had dinner?

What do you want to eat?

You'll fall sick, Mai.


Have you eaten?

Not yet.

I cooked earlier. Do you want me to reheat it?


What do you want to wear to work tomorrow?

The blue shirt you bought for me.

I'm going to go iron it.



Mai, Mai! It's Aldo.

What happened? Hey.

What happened?

Kayla was here.

Kayla was here. She's here. I saw her.

I saw her.

She made this.

Honey, listen to me.

Kayla is gone. I know.

But she was here.

She made this.


If it wasn't Kayla, then who?

I didn't make this.

You know this is her handwriting, right?

You see? This is Kayla's toys.

The Sabrina doll...

It's on the ironing board. Mai!


These moments are not just hard for Maira.

CLINIC, DR. DINI SP.KJ PSYCHIATRIC SPECIALIST But also for the people around her.

Especially for Maira.

She feels stressed and depressed out of her own control.

In this kind of situation, Maira needs to be accompanied, so she won't feel lonely.

Fill her thoughts with positivity.

So that she can control her own thoughts.

That way she would not be hallucinating.

I advise the two of you to go on a short vacation.

It's nice to change things up a bit.

It would be very good for her mental health.

I'm sure there will be positive changes.

You will be fine, honey.

Remember what Ms. Dini said.

If you ever hallucinate again, you need to erase that thought, and calm down.

Assure yourself that it doesn't exist. Okay?

So you've taken me to this island?

Yes, our honeymoon destination. Remember?

Of course.


Kay? Kayla!










Mai, what are you doing?

Kayla was here. The doll, too.

Honey, I really saw here. It was right there.


You have to remember what Ms. Dini-- I wasn't hallucinating, Aldo.

There was someone who went to the bathroom. The TV turned on, too.

I followed Kayla here.

So when can we schedule a meeting with Ms. Dini?


Thank you for coming, Elsa.

I have a meeting this evening. I'll try to come home as soon as possible.

While I'm away, would you please take care of Maira?

All right, Aldo.


Do you want to take me to the psychiatrist, like Aldo?

Aldo doesn't believe me.

My parents, Aldo's parents. Nobody believes me.


A psychiatrist won't be much help.

But a paranormal would.

Do you want to come with me to Bandung?

Once I heard from Aldo that you were bothered by the doll and Kayla, I remembered my friend.

Her name is Anya.

She was once bothered by a doll, too.

It was possessed by a soul.

The woman who helped her is Laras.

Maybe she can help you, too.

Yes? Good afternoon. Is Ms. Laras here?

I am Laras. Who are you?

My name is Elsa. This is my friend Maira. I am Anya's friend.

We need your help.

Maira often has these weird encounters--

I'm sorry. I can't help you.

Ma'am, excuse me, ma'am.

I don't know where else to go.

My daughter is not with me anymore, but I can still feel her presence.


I have come all the way from Jakarta.

I really don't know where else to seek help.

Laras has been out of this job for two years.

But I can help you.

I am Bagas, Laras' brother.

Please come in.

At first, I couldn't tell if what I experienced was real or not.

But it's impossible if it wasn't real.

I got this wound after the encounter on the island.

I haven't told my husband yet.

He would think this is just a normal bruise.

I am sure about what happened.

Kayla touched me here.

I'm sure it was my daughter.

I could feel her touch.

When did all of this happen?

After Kayla's birthday.

There's a high chance she wants to talk to you.

But the way they communicate is different.

Aside from physical contact, they would leave clues.

Usually, for a child, they prefer to play games.

The clues are written.



And the number 26.

Clues and treasure hunt.

I used to play that with Kayla.

That means number 26 is the last clue for you to find the treasure.

The treasure is something she wants to tell you.

Try to remember.

Maybe it's her favorite number, or something related to it.

I don't know.

All right.

Let's just ask her directly.

When you did the ritual, how did you summon her?

We sang "Lingsir Wengi" and played gamelan.

What was the medium?

Kayla's favorite doll.

I feel that whenever she leaves a clue, the doll is always there.

I think she is inside the doll.

Play the song.

As dusk approaches

Your shadow starts to fade...

Do not wake from your sleep

Do not show yourself I am restless


ONLY MOM PLAY NIGHT She wants to tell the clue only to you.

She will play treasure hunt with you for the last time.

Tonight, do it alone.

Make sure the doll is next to you.

Don't let anybody touch the doll. It would be dangerous for them.

I will stay at a place nearby.

Once you find the treasure, let me know.

I'm going to go drop off Bagas.

The situation is similar. The soul is trapped inside the doll.

But this case might be a little complicated than I thought.

Because what I'm dealing with is a child who has a strong bond with her mother.

It's about a mother-daughter relationship that I am not familiar with.

It makes my interaction limited.


If only you could--


I just want to talk to you for a while.

Why can't you hear me at all?


I know you're here.

I'm alone.

Let's play treasure hunt just like what we used to do.

I don't understand the meaning of number 26.

I can't find the treasure... if I don't know the meaning of it.

Would you tell me, sweetie?

It's only the two of us here.

You can tell me anything.



Honey, what are you doing here?

There are supposed to be 26 memory cards.

Yes, the last time I counted with her, there were 26. Why?

There's only 25. One is missing.

Let's find it tomorrow. Now let's go to bed.

Come on, honey. Okay.

Ms. Dini, thank you for coming.

You're welcome. Come in.


What you are feeling and seeing, try to think about it carefully.

Try to use your logic.

Release all the disappointment and sadness.

Accept the reality wisely.

Don't let anything illogical disturb your mind.

Maira, let's try a different method.

Please don't touch the doll. It's okay.

It's dangerous. It's fine.

This is just Kayla's favorite doll. It's inanimate.

Nothing is going to happen. Everything is safe.

I'm here. Aldo is here.

This doll won't go anywhere.

It's Kayla's doll, and she is not in it.

Keep looking at the doll. Calm down, Kayla.

Assure yourself that the things that you experienced Calm down. were just in your imagination, not real.

Ms. Dini, hurry! Maira!

Look out!

Ms. Dini, let's go.

Come on, Ms. Dini!

Open the door!

Open the door!



I'll be right there.

We have to hurry.

She is still alive. I'll take her to the hospital.

Kayla can never go back to her realm, as long as there's still unfinished business.

If people get hurt like this, this is a warning for us to quickly solve her problem.

Have you figured out what she wants to say?

I'm sure it's in the memory card, but I don't know where it is.


Are you there?


It's okay.

Don't be scared. I will protect you and your mother.

I know how both of you feel.

I had a daughter.

You have given the last clue to your mom.

Your mother is slowly understanding now.

Now, help her find the memory card, okay?

Kayla's camera is on the table upstairs. Put it in her room, okay?

Okay, ma'am.




Is there a room underneath this house?

The basement!

Yes, Kayla?

Hidden place.

Almost there.

Getting closer.


Kayla, come on. We are going to be late.

Sweetie, let's go, please?


You paid someone?

Why did you do this?

You brought danger to my daughter, my husband, and me.

What did we ever do to you?

Did you know what happened? My daughter died!

What did Kayla ever do to you?

It wasn't her fault.

It's your husband's fault.

And it's all because of you.

Happy anniversary, honey.

What did you wish for?

A child. Amen.

Your never-ending sadness for not being able to bear a child...

made you neglect Aldo.

I can see it from the first time I started working in this house.

Poor him.

He felt lonely, pressured.

He never got any attention.

When he needed someone the most, you were never there.

I don't know why Aldo started being distant.

He thinks our relationship is wrong.

What is wrong?

I love him with all my heart.

I can't just stay silent.

He never cares about my feelings.

He knows...

that I am heartbroken.

He has tried to get me out of this house several times.

But it never worked.

It's okay, I was able to accept that kind of treatment.

As long as I can still see him.

Even though I get hurt every time he is happy with you.

Especially after the birth of Kayla.

I stayed here.

So I can continue being around Aldo.

But the pain I felt slowly became unbearable.

I hated seeing your happiness.

I just wanted to have my love back.

That is all.

If I can't have the love of my life,

it's better that no one can.

To be fair.

I am sorry.





Please don't.

The house is locked. I can't open it.

Keep an eye on her.


Please let me go. Don't treat me like this.

Stop crying.

Don't pretend that you're sorry.


Do you know why Aldo was never home since Kayla died?

What happened?

Kayla has locked the door so Yani can't get out.

She's consumed by Maira's anger. She wants to kill Yani.

And she is not letting anyone get in her way. Including me.

Your husband was never home not because he is sad with Kayla's absence.

But because he is tired of you, constantly in stress.

Like a mad woman.

Never taking care of her husband.

And because he is afraid, he might come back to me.



Aldo! Find a tool to open this door.






Pick up.

Bagas! Wake up!



Mai! Maira!

Laras, wake up.

Maira. Yes, I know.

Aldo? Wake up.

Wake up.

Where are you going, Maira?

Mai! Maira!



Mai! Maira!

Yani, open up!

Yani! Open up!



Goodbye, Maira.


Don't get in my way, Dad. Don't get in my way, Dad.




Yani? Yani?

Where are you going? Where are you going?

Where are you going, Yani? Where are you going, Yani?

Yani! I want to play with you. Yani! I want to play with you.

Yani. Yani.

I still want to play with you. I still want to play with you.

Are you afraid? Are you afraid?




Where's Maira?

She is not herself. She sounds like Kayla. Her eyes, too. She--

Kayla has possessed Maira. She wants to make Maira kill Yani.

Her wrath is dangerous.

We can get Kayla out of Maira. Then take Yani to the police.

That way, Kayla will be at peace and leave the doll. Bagas!

Where did that come from? Over there.

I'm going in. You guys wait at the basement. It leads there.

Where is the vent?

Over there.

I'll go in.





This is for my mom! This is for my mom!

And this is for Kayla. And this is for Kayla.

Where are you going, Yani? Where are you going, Yani?


Yani! Yani!



Look at Daddy, sweetie. Kayla.

Remember Mom. Don't make her a murderer.

Kayla, sweetie. Mom always taught you to be a good girl.

Kayla, don't turn Mom into someone like Yani. Look at Daddy.

Daddy loves you.

Kayla! Maira!

Stay still!

Bagas! What's happening to her?

Maira is trying to get Kayla out of her body.

Let's help her!


Aldo! Are you ready? Hold her down.


Your body and soul belongs to you and God. Not anyone else.

Do not let anyone else possess you.

Kayla! Get out of Maira's body!







We have to hurry!


Kayla, don't!


We have to get Yani out.

I know the two of you are angry. Especially you, Maira.

The person who is the cause of your daughter's death is in there.

But who are we to decide someone's death?

We'll get a ladder. Enter through a window.


Even if she had put you in danger and made Kayla lose her life, we can't let her die.

What makes that different from her then?

Let's go.


Kayla is inside her.

We can't stop her and save Yani without Maira's help.

Maira, Kayla's anger is not just her own.

It's yours, too. Your bond.

The bond between mother and daughter makes her feel your anger.

She wants to avenge her death.

Maira, we can only stop this if you control your anger.

Remember who you are. You don't hold grudges.

If you let this happen, you're letting Kayla become a murderer.

Just like Yani.

Communicate with her. Talk to her.



Kayla, can you hear me?

It's okay, keep going.

Kayla, this is your mother.

Can you hear me?

I miss you so much.

We were always together every single day.

From the day you were born, we were never apart.

I always tried to keep you safe.

I didn't want to get you hurt.

I also didn't want you to become bad.

Something bad is in you right now.

It is my anger.

Forgive me, sweetie.

This anger has to stop.

You can hurt Yani.

I don't want that. You're a good girl. You're Mommy's girl, right?

Let's get rid of this anger.

You have to be strong.

Yani was wrong.

She will pay for what she did. It's all in your hands.

I beg you.

Let's pray together.

Kayla, get out of Yani's body!

Yani is still alive.

Kayla is still here.


You are... the best thing that has ever happened in my life.

I never had the chance to say goodbye to you, sweetie.

I love you.

I will let you go now.



When I was looking at Shera's picture, I heard a whisper of her voice for the first time since she died.

She said, "Mom, please help Maira.

She deserves a happy life like you even after losing her daughter."

All this time, she's been hearing me apologizing for not being able to save her.

She said, "It's okay, Mom. It was meant to be.

But you need to live a long life."


I'll wait here.

I will sign the divorce papers.

All that we've been through are a series of cause and effect.

If only I wasn't drowned in sadness because we weren't able to have a child.

It led to me neglecting you.

You probably wouldn't have strayed and done wrong things.

If your relationship with Yani didn't happen,

Kayla would still be here with us.

It wasn't all your fault.

I played a big role in this problem.


Don't put the blame on yourself. Everything is my fault.

We don't know what God has planned for us in the future.

But for now, what I know for sure,

after all that has happened, I don't want our marriage to end.

I want you to come home.

Come home.