The Doll Master (2004) Script

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2004 Filma Debut Film

Once upon a time, there was a man who loved a woman in Kimono.

For her, he made a doll in her image.

But he didn't know one thing

that even the doll can love him.

And one day, the woman was found dead

and he was suspected to be her murderer.

"Please don't kill me... please don't kill me..."

He was being beaten to death, and the last thing he saw was

the doll staring at him -- the doll's face.

Perhaps the doll couldn't forget about him...?

The doll stayed by his grave... forever.

She was rooted at his side.

Yeah, mom, why?

Yeah, I'm almost there.

Don't worry.

Yeah, I'll return tomorrow.


Yeah, I said ok! Don't worry!

I'm not a kid.


Mom, I can't hear you too well.

Hello? Mom? Mom?

"Non-serviceable area."

Are you by any chance going to the art museum?

Yes, why?

Can you give me a ride?

I didn't realize it was this far.

Sure. Thank you!

Are you a model?

Huh? Aren't you here to take photographs?

Yes, that's right.

Which agency do you work for?

No agency.


Are you a model?

Why? Don't I look like one?


Okay... hey... perfect... yeah?

Taking pictures already? Ahh, of course!

The most very important thing about photographing is first impressions.


I photograph good today, huh!?

Wasn't this originally a Church?

The owner wanted to build a Church, I heard.

I heard a parish needs to approve it, so they can't just build it.

That's why they didn't finish it.

Here, it came out good, huh?

Giving it to me? Of course!

Thank you! Don't mention it.

Hey, the curator wants us to hurry in.

Alright, Sun-young, let's go in.

Aren't you going in?

Thank you all for coming!

You must be uncomfortable since it's first time for all of us, so let's introduce ourselves first.

Let me go first. I'm CHOI Jin-wan, and I'm the curator of this art museum.

And I'm the one who invited you all.

Then from this side...

Yes, I'm a photographer from Chung-dam Building --

HONG Jeong-gi.

Everyone in this industry knows me by the name of Charlie HONG.

I'm in a good condition today, so I'll try to capture everyone's images well.

And you all know that you've to be nice to me so that I'd make you look good, right?

I'm LEE Sun-young and a sophomore.

Nice to meet you all!

Yes, I'm PARK Hae-mi and a sculptor.

Since I'm also interested in various things, I'm excited to be here.

Thank you!

I'm JUNG Young-ha.

And I'm writing a novel.

Thank you for inviting me.

Then only one person to go.

Who are you? I don't think I invited you here.

My name is LEE Tae-seung. I'm a model.

I heard that you're doing a special project, and I really wanted to participate in it, so I came here shamelessly.

Is that so? Then I think you misunderstood something.

I don't think this isn't a place for a professional model.

I heard you're looking for a doll model, isn't that right?

That's correct, but...

I won't disappoint you!



Let me introduce you to the Artist nonetheless, but that's all I can do for you.

Thank you!

You're all welcomed to look around.

This is very pretty!

It's fantastic, just fantastic! Sun-young, Sun-young, you shouldn't touch that.

This is really pretty!

Hey, this doll looks like you, huh?

This is a male!

Hey, mister, get out of my way! But why?

For the next two days, we'll take your lively pictures and make ball-jointed dolls out of them.

All the dolls displayed here were also modeled after real people.

With a few exceptions, we don't usually use professional models.

Ta-da, I took your picture!

Mr. Curator, where's the owner?

There she is. Hello, Artist Im!

Mr. Tae-seung, you're in luck...

She said she likes your image.

Thank you!

Be careful of the stairs.

The first room here is for Sun-young.

The second room is for Ms. Hae-mi. The last room there is for Ms. Young-ha.

And for Mr. Tae-seung, use the room next to Mr. Hong's.

It's the room next to mine... wanna drink Soju later tonight?

I'd love to!

What a detail.

"Non-serviceable area."

"Non-serviceable area."

I'm gonna go take pictures of the dolls... wanna come along if you're bored?

No, thanks. I'm not into that sort of things.


What's this? Looks odd.

Anything strange in here?

Here it is.

Quite peculiar, huh?

Isn't this place a little strange?

Well, not really... why? Do you regret coming here?

You don't feel good about it?

What's your reason for coming here?

I saw those ball-jointed dolls on the Internet, and I was quite amazed.

Don't they look like they've souls?

I came running when I got the invitation all excited.

I'm sorry.

It's alright.

How long have you had your precious doll here?

I didn't have it.

I lived with it.

I see...

Pretty. Who gave it to you?

My dad adopted it for me when I was little.

Adopted? Oh, that's right.


Didn't you have a friend like this, Hae-mi?


I think I did, but I don't recall its name.

That's unusual...

Women usually don't forget the names of the dolls they treasured.

I was such a fickle tomboy that I changed my dolls as soon as new and prettier ones came out, so I don't remember their names.

What's his name?



It's a little too matured (for a doll).

Who named him?

He did.

Huh? His name... he said it was Damian.

What brings you here?

I heard something strange.

What's this place for?

The temperature here is perfect for storing wines.

Wanna have a look around?

You like it that much? Of course!

They're going to make a doll after you... you don't like it?

I do.

That's why you didn't tell anybody at home that you're coming here?

Well, it's not like anyone cares.

Young-ha, you must like dolls a lot, huh?

Sis, how long have you had that doll?

It looks very old.

19 years, 7 months and 25 days.

I'd have gotten tired of it already and threw it away if I were you.

Sis, doesn't it smell?

Why don't you buy a new one... there're so many prettier ones out.

But then, I wouldn't want it even if someone were to give me one.

Young-ha, if you keep that up, it could have a soul.

You like it that much?

Soul? What do you mean?

Yeah, souls could enter inanimate objects like stones and dolls -- the ones we house, inorganic things... if loved or cared for enough, such inorganic things could have souls like us humans.

Souls could exist in those things.

That's what I mean.

Does that make sense? That's nonsense.


The work I do, I consider it as giving souls to such inorganic things.

Tae-seung, right?

Mr. Tae-seung, isn't there something you value the most?

How would you feel if you lose it?

Even those things would feel very sad for losing their owners.

Things that you think you've lost sometimes return to their places that you originally placed them like nothing happened.

They return to their rightful owners. Don't you think so?

Ahh, you're very sensitive since you're an artist.

Is your blood type B?

Looks like I have to agree here...

Alright, let's just say it's true!

You do speak very well!

I thought you're mute since you're so quiet.

Take your time. I'll see you all later.

What's up with her?

Blood type B for sure -- type B.

Don't mind her, and let's just eat.

She gets a little sensitive before she starts her work.

Perfect, okay!

Okay, ahh, perfect!

Oh my, Sun-young, what am I gonna do with you?

You've got a nice figure!

You've got a potential!



I did a cover for Hi Teen Magazine before, so I can just feel it!



Wanna come to my studio next week?

Do you really think I've got a potential in that field?


I'll think about it then.

Alright, tell me by tomorrow, okay?

Okay, shall we do another round!?

Let's try something difficult -- full of emotions!

Young-ha, your head like this...


Young-ha, try to look more natural.

That's it, that mood.

Young-ha, let's imagine that this is your house with no one around, okay?

This is the living room of your house -- there're only you and your doll.

There's wind blowing through the window.

Yes, feel the wind!


No, no!

No, no, it's not like that!

It's all lies! It's all lies!

Damian, speak!

Speak, Damian! What's wrong?

They're speaking.

They're speaking to me.

Damian, Damian, please speak...

I'm afraid!



Young-ha, Young-ha, are you okay?

Come to your senses!

It's not working, let's put her on the sofa first... hurry!

Okay, that's it, that's it. Here.

She might have a medication she takes -- look through her pulse!?

Here it is! Hurry, hurry!


Here's the water!

One more time, one more time, one more time.

Get some deep breath, deep breath.

"PARK Hae-mi"

What are you doing? Umm...

I was gonna call my girlfriend.

Cell phone doesn't seem work around here.

What's your girlfriend's name?

Huh? What's her name?


I suddenly wanted to call her, so...

Coming alone in an empty office explains it, don't you think?

I don't think it's an admissible excuse.

The truth is, I've been to a prison, so I didn't want to get suspected of anything again this time.

It'd be the end for me.

So I wouldn't want to cause any trouble.

I'm sorry!

I'm sure nothing got stolen, so please forgive me just this once.


If you really don't want to cause any trouble, keep a low profile while you're here.

You may go now.

Thank you.

By the way, about that doll in the closet, it moved a little while ago, you know?

I doubt it.

I'll come back later.

Mina, did you meet her?

You're tougher than you look.

How did this happen?

I heard I had a motorcycle accident when I little.

I think I was playing around, but I don't remember it too well.

It must've hurt a lot.

I'm gonna change clothes.

How about you?


What's wrong?

It's nothing. I'm okay.

What are you doing here?

Do you live here?

I see.

I'm Hae-mi, PARK Hae-mi, and you?


Mina? Pretty name. Mina.



What are you looking for?

She was here a second ago. Where did she go?


Didn't you see a little girl with me?

Well, I don't think I did.

She must be very shy.

Hae-mi, is this your first time here?

Huh? You didn't come here before?

Yes, of course it's my first time.

So you met the curator and Mrs. Im for the first time?

Yes, why?

It's nothing.

Ms. Hae-mi...

Yes? Mrs. Im is looking for you.

Me? Why?

Well, I don't know, but you'd go see her.

She's in her workshop on the third floor.

Okay, see you later.

You go ahead. Okay.

Yes, come in.

Were you looking for me?

You said you're a sculptor?


You seem to be very interested in dolls, so I thought we'd talk.

I'd love to. Can I look around?

Of course.

Trash the ones you don't like right away...

It's hard to once you get attached to them.

Wow, do make-ups like this...

This one looks like Mina, right?

Did you meet her?

Yes, a little while ago.

It must've been a nice reunion.

Huh? What do you mean?

I saw her for the first time today.

Is that right?

That's strange.

What is?

She said she's has known you for a long time now.

But it's really my first time seeing her today.

I see.

She said she's has known you since a long time ago, though.

She said you'd recognize her right away if you're told of her name.

Is that so?

She must've mistaken you for someone else.

Can we talk later after dinner?

I need to concentrate since I'm gonna start working on its lips.

Yes, sure.

I'll come back up after dinner then.

Okay, see you later.


Hey, come here!

What is it? Sis!

Young-ha! Why did you kill him?

Young-ha, calm down! Why did you do it?

Why did you do it, why?

That bitch killed Damian...

That bitch killed Damian!!!

You killed Damian, that bitch!

I didn't do it! Why would I!?

You did it, Sun-young said so!

No, I only said that you touched it!

See, you did it, didn't you!?

Calm down, Ms. Young-ha!

You acted like you understood me, but you're laughing at me from inside!

Did I look like a crazy bitch to you? You bitch!

I didn't do it! But you're at his side 'til the end!

Fucking bitch, crazy bitch!

Ms. Young-ha, calm down, calm down, calm down!

That bitch killed my Damian!

What happened?

Hae-mi, why is your picture here...?

This is mine...?

See, you did it!

You killed Damian!


Who did this?

I'll give you three more hours, but this is the last time!

Jae-won! Don't call me that!

It disgusts me!

What if I refuse?

Then you'll die.

She doesn't want to eat.

Who would? For her, It's probably like as if her own child is dead.

This is annoying, really!

Who the Hell did it?

Sis, didn't you lose anything?

Not yet.

Mr. Curator, isn't Mrs. Im gonna eat?

She said she doesn't want to.

How about Mina? She seemed to have skipped lunch...

Well, I'm not too sure.

Mina? Who's Mina?

There is...

Someone seems to have pulled a quite serious prank.

I'll take appropriate measures first thing in the morning.

I don't know who it was, but the prank was quite meaningful.

Mister, you do know something, right?

Right? What is it? Tell us, Mister!

Hey, I'm not that old to be called a mister!

Don't call me that anymore!

This young mister will tell you then...

Someone must've thought that the doll had a soul.

What makes you say that? To kill a doll with a soul, there's only one way:

Only way to eliminate a doll with a soul is to rid of its eyes and behead it.

Why? Souls enter through dolls' eyes, that's why.

What? Souls could enter and exit through dolls' eyes, you know?

Here you go again... here you go again!

Hey, Mr. Charlie HONG, talk about something that makes sense.

Huh? Tae-seung, you haven't heard this story

...of the story about abandoned dolls taking revenge on their owners.

Hey, hey, mister, you'd be an actor!

He speaks pretty well, doesn't he? Right?

You guys don't believe a word I said, huh?

I'm not the kid from "The Shepherd's Boy and the Wolf", you know?

On the way up here, you can see an abandoned village.

You know the story behind it?

Dolls with souls took a vengeance upon them, and that village was ruined.

How do you know that, Mister?

You weren't here for that long, either.

My hometown is here, you know?

My ancestors are from here.

Is that so? Nye dad's hometown is also here.

Same here.

Yeah? Really? Yeah.

What's wrong with you all?

My hometown is also... here. You, too?

What a coincidence.

A coincidence? Who knows, maybe we're destined to be here.

Sis, what are you doing?

I'm gonna take it to Young-ha.

I'm gonna try to talk to her.

You're too generous after all that, Hae-mi.

Ms. Hae-mi, aren't you supposed to see Mrs. Im?

That's right! Sis, just leave it there, I'll take it up to her... you just hurry back.

That Sis is a bit odd. Why?

Afraid that she'll pull on your hair?

Hey, Mister, are you that bored?

I said not to call me a mister!


Mina, Mina,

why are you crying? Did something happen?

Why don't you know me?

Why can't you recognize me?

What are you saying?

I, I'm very sad, because you don't recognize me.

Mina, Mina, what's wrong?

Huh? did something happen? No...

Mina, Mina, what's wrong with you?

Mina, who did this you, huh?

Say something, Mina!







Sis, open the door. You'd eat something...

Sis, I badly need to go to the bathroom.

Please open the door.

Sis, I'm coming in!

I just called the police, so they'd contact us soon.

I really wanna go home... now!

Sun-young, it's safer to be here.

And everyone's feeling the same.

You haven't found Hae-mi yet?

I looked all over, but she's nowhere to be found.

What are we gonna do? What if something bad happen to her?

What am I gonna do?

I'm sure nothing bad happened. Don't worry too much.

Mr. Curator, how many staffs do you have working here?

Me, Mrs. Im, and two other couples.

Where are they now?

They always get off before dinnertime.

There's someone named Mi...

Mi something, right?

She's a daughter of one of the couples, so she's probably gone with them.

Mr. Tae-seung, you've suddenly become very inquisitive.

I don't think you're in any position to be so!

What's wrong?

I need to use the bathroom...

Why now?

I needed to go for a while now!

So why did you eat so many cookies?

Is it Number 2?

What's wrong? What's wrong?

You startled me!

Same there, what are you gonna do>_?

I thought you badly needed to go... Fine!

Hurry out, okay?

Why doesn't this door lock!?

Don't worry, I ain't a pervert!

I won't look even if you tell me to!

What are you flushing it for? I can still hear it, you know!?

What are you gonna do about the smell then?

Stop teasing!


Mister, you're there, right?

Mister, stop fooling around! I'll get constipated!

Hey, hey, sorry, sorry!

Hey, got scared, huh?

I was just bored... hurry out!


You're gonna get it!

Oops, what's wrong with this flash!?

Sorry, I'm sorry, sorry, okay?

I was just bored out here...

I don't know what's wrong with this.

So hurry out!


I was just fooling around...

Hey, Sun-young?



Hey, Sun-young, I'm gonna go now...

Everyone stay put -- don't come out!

Mr. Hong?

Mr. Hong!

Mr. Hong!

Hae-mi, don't you remember her -- your friend?

I don't like her -- she's dirty!

Don't you worry, Hae-mi, she'll remember... since you're a friend she loves the most.

Mom, it's me, do you remember the photo album you made for me when I was little?

Where is it? Hurry, look for it -- hurry!

Yeah, you found it?

Is there a picture I took with a doll that I played with when I was little?

Yeah, that's it -- that doll, what was her name?


Are you sure?

The one with a red dress and a white blouse?

Mina? You are?

Are you recognizing me only now?

It's me... your friend Mina.

Don't come closer!



Tae-seung! Why did you kill them?

What's your reason for killing them?

What are you saying?

Tae-seung, Tae-seung, please don't do this...

Tell me the truth, why did you kill them?

What the Hell are you saying? You dare to ask?

Tae-seung... don't do this...

Yeah, I'm a cop who came here to catch criminals like you!

What are you saying; What the Hell are you...?

Look, look, look carefully!

What's this?

Where's everyone? Where the Hell is Young-ha and Mr. Hong?

You killed them... you killed Young-ha, too, right?

Young-ha is dead?

No, it wasn't me... I didn't kill them, I didn't kill them!

Then why are you trying to run away?

A doll I had when I was little came back with a soul!

It found me! You think that makes sense?

You've gone completely nuts. Where're Mr. Curator and Mrs. Im?

You killed them already?

Tae-seung, I really didn't kill them!

Believe me, Tae-seung!

Mrs. Im! You're alright!

You're safe now that I caught the suspect.

You caught the murderer?

Yes, PARK Hae-mi here is the suspect!

No, I didn't kill them!

Shut up!

Mr. Hong photographed the scene of Sun-young being murdered.

Then where is Mr. Hong?

He also died of an accident.

Is that so?

Then it's almost finished.

Huh? Mr. Tae-seung... you're a cop, right?

What brought you here in the first place?

Two days ago, a corpse found near the mountain, and I found out that that person was a worker from here.

So I came here pretending to be a model.

Then how'd you explain Young-ha's death?

I'll have to investigate it further, but this woman disappeared for a while, so if there's no third-party involved, she's a strongly supported suspect.

Then what about that corpse you found?

So you concluded that Hae-mi is a murderer solely based on that photograph, right?

Take a look at it again!

With a little hydrochloride, it's not that difficult to falsify a photograph.

It's my turn to speak then...

Sixty years ago from today, in the village near the mountain,

a man died a wrongful death with a dishonor.

He maintained that he was innocent, but no one believed him.

Only one... only the doll he made believed his words.

The doll decided to take a vengeance on her real murderer

as well as on those 4 men who have beaten him to death.

To punish them. Let go!

That doll was in luck, because she someone who'd make her vengeance a reality.

With a rage and an enmity, she grew stronger.

She found those 4 men one by one...

Photographer Hong, JEONG Young-ha, LEE Sun-young, and PARK Hae-mi are all their descendants!

And 2 weeks ago, that doll did her last sorcery that made the real murderer come here.

It was a very difficult sorcery,

because she had to kill a person.

That corpse I used as bait made you come this far.


I found you at last...

the real murderer that killed that woman!

Don't you get it?

Your grandfather is the real murderer who killed that woman!

You're as nuts as Hae-mi who believes in dolls with souls!

I'm not finished yet!

Die resenting your grandfather who drove my man to his death!

You're destined to get buried here!

And you PARK Hae-mi, it'd be better for you to die here now... your family and relatives will die in horror!

Tae-seung, uncaught me!

Why? I lost the key!

What are we gonna do then?

I'll go get it -- shoot anything that moves, okay?

Mr. Tae-seung!

Don't be scared!

Don't be scared, Hae-mi...

I won't harm you.

She promised me

that you'll be spared.

Stay right here.

I'll be right back.

Tae-seung, Tae-seung!



Only way to eliminate a doll with a soul is to rid of its eyes and behead it.

Souls enter and exit through dolls' eyes, that's why.

You dislike me that much?

I just wanted to be with you... just that.

Why were you interested in me?

Why did you like me?

I did it all for you... to have you be spared -- why are you acting like this!?

I don't like you.

I'm scared of you!

Time's up, friend.

Have you decided?

What do you gain from this?

My sister.

She promised to let Jae-won go.

That vengeful doll possessed a human body -- you think she will give it up that easily?

Come to your senses... that woman is my wife nor your sister!

She's only a doll with a vengeful soul!

Don't you know that?

I'm not as complex as you are.

Are you gonna do it or not?

Show me the photograph.

Who's this?

The man she's been looking for...

It took 10 years to find this photograph.

Why does she want to make him into a doll?

You well know why...

If you make it, it'll have a soul.

Mina, for example.

She just wants a doll with a soul of the man she loved.

Give me a cigarette.

Tae-seung, Tae-seung!


Get up!

Let's go.

Tae-seung, Tae-seung, are you okay?

My leg...

What are we gonna do then?

You go ahead... you go ahead, and...

I'm gonna kill you!

I'm gonna kill you!

Do as you please!

You, you're nothing to me!

You're nothing to me from the beginning!

You aren't my doll -- I won't!

Mina, are you okay? Are you okay?

Don't worry, I'll protect you.

Hae-mi, why are you abandoning me?

Why are you abandoning me, huh?

Get out of the way!

Get out of the way! No!

Get out of the way!

You promised you'll spare her!

Get out of the way, I tell you!

I won't!

You're being foolish in believing a human!

You're the same!

You're taking a vengeance for a man that abandoned you just the same!


We shouldn't have brought that doll with us... yeah.

Honey, honey,

she let me go only now.

Thank you.

Poor woman.

Who may be at fault?

Irresponsible humans?

Or the dolls that loved in their own ways?