The Domain (2019) Script




Go and get João.


João, you've got to come.

Your father wants to talk to you.

I want you to have a good look at this... and realise when things finish, they finish.


I'll go after him. No. Leave him be.

Get my son down from there.

I don't want his mother seeing him like this.





... his mother died five years later.

He has two sisters, one of them is in a convent...

That's not important. Go on.


Nowadays, João Fernandes is the owner of 14 thousand hectares of rice fields, cereal crops, wheat, rye, corn... well, a bit of everything.

A sizeable property, huh?


Turn the engine off, turn it off! Bloody hell, man.

Good afternoon. Good afternoon.

Good afternoon.

Do you think you could give us a hand?

We won't be able to.

Mr João Fernandes is expecting us, if you could help...

Go and ask Leonel to bring the tractor. Run, run!

They arrived. Go help the mistress.

Thank you. What's your name again?

Leonel Sousa.

I won't forget.

I'm just doing my job.

Fixing things is a marvellous talent.

Look, Joaquim's coming over.

Adolfo Pereira de Campos, Minister of...

I've seen you in the papers.

This is Rui Sanches, my chief of staff.

I'm so sorry we're late. We should've come by helicopter.

Should we come with you?


Come on.

He's a pure bred Lusitano.

He's called Suão.


Like the wind.

Did you have a good journey?


Have you had lunch?

To be honest, no. Not yet.

You can go join my wife. I'll be right with you.

Father Heitor knew President Salazar personally.

Peace be with him.

He was a very modest man. If it were up to me...

Yes, Father?

I'd ask the Pope to beatify him.

That's true. He's sorely missed here.

Do you recognise the courtesan?

João's grandfather was an art collector.

But he didn't collect just paintings.

He knew all the girls in the region by their first name.

João thinks the painting is in the right place to... stimulate the guests.

Do you agree?

Am I not right?

João Fernandes is always right.

Even when he's wrong.

Maria de Fátima's here to replace Carminda.


You're asking me why?

Dear Sirs!

I've been missing a visit from Lisbon to my estate.

When it happens, the government makes sure to let us know how important we are to the country...

Indeed, very important.

I love getting a visit, especially when I'm needed.

Welcome. Thank you.

Now let's try the latest wine harvest.

Just a little.

A drop? Certainly.

Well, actually, we've come on behalf of the government to ask you to publicly announce you are with us on the Overseas matter.

What are you saying?

Thank you.

Angola will be the showcase of the country.

A colonial example.

How many Portuguese soldiers were mobilised in that showcase?

50, 80 thousand?

It's important to show that we are united.

So over in Africa with all the skirmishes, things are better now, are they?

Everything's fine. We're going to win... we are winning the war in Africa, never doubt it.

Angola is ours!

Mozambique and Guinea Bissau, too.

Sure it is.

Ah, chicken giblet rice! Guilhermina's speciality.

Please be seated.

Minister. Father.

Please. Thank you.

Smells so good, as always.


Well, shall we continue our conversation.

No. In this house, we don't discuss politics at table.

Isn't that so, Leonor?

It is, of course.

This wine is superb.

It is, isn't it?

Let's enjoy it then, this is the last bottle.

Ah, just a smidgen more.

It's the Father here who's to blame.

He drinks it all at mass, isn't that so?

He says Christ turns water to wine three times, so he can drink three glasses.

I say it because it's true.

Oh, honestly!

For the Father.

Miguel what are you doing in here?

Go away.

Go away. Do you hear?

Go away. Go on. Take him out.

What are you doing in here? João!

Get out! Rosa, take him out!

I'm sorry, Mrs Leonor. He ran off.

He wants to play. Let him stay, Rosa.

Scram, d'you hear? Get out of here!

Don't worry, Rosa. Get out of here!

What a big family. Congratulations!

The littlest is Rosa's.

Ah, well...

Thank you.

May we?

Good afternoon, sir.

Carry on. These gentlemen here...

Good afternoon. Good afternoon.

... have come to visit from Lisbon.

Have you eaten? Yes, thank you.


Is everything all right?

Yes. We had to put Toino in jail.

He got drunk and pulled a knife in Vitor's bar.

We handle security around the perimeter...

While eating grilled sardines, right?

The wretched things stink the place out.

The guards have to eat just like anyone else.

Of course they do.

But this is a guard post.

Where's the officer in charge of these men?

It's time we got back.


Good afternoon. Good afternoon.

Good afternoon.

Mr Fernandes, in Lisbon, your estate is spoken of as a kind of liberal zone.

I would go so far as to say a lawless one.

I have always valued freedom of action and thought.

A little too much perhaps, yes?

Did my father-in-law say that?

Please try to understand, Portugal needs you.

A public demonstration of your support is important.

It's essential to end any misconceptions about your position.

I do not involve myself in politics.

This time, you're going to have to.

And if I don't?

No one can afford to set himself apart.

So? How did the day go?

Rest well, gentlemen.

This one's special.

Aren't you?

I'm sorry, Ma'am.

Joaquim's drinking again.

Do you think we could sleep here?

Yes, of course you can.

Thank you.

It was just a bad dream.

He'll fall asleep again. Won't you?


Go back to bed, Ma'am. I'll stay here.

I will.

I have so much respect for you, Ma'am.



I'm pregnant again.

That's... good news.

Good night.

Good night.

How is he?

The same, feverish. Very restless.

João's just arrived.

Master João, we need to call the doctor.

Miguel has a raging fever.


You must take him to Lisbon! Don't fuss.

It's nothing.

Fátima, bring all the ice from the freezer.

Yes, sir. Come on.

What are you going to do?


We'll all pray to God.

If God needs me to pray for a child, then God's not a good person.

That's all nonsense.

Sit down.

God help us.

Is it cold? Is it cold?


Look at me.

You're going to be fine, d'you hear?


Come here.

Look at me, you mustn't be afraid.

You're going to ride the horse now, okay?

That's right... exactly right.

Let's go. Look at him.

He won't hurt you, see?

Don't be afraid!

Back straight.

Like that, go on.

Yes. That's it.

Hold on tight.

That's it.

Head up, straight like this.

That's it.

Don't look up, look at what you're doing.

That's it!

Come on, hold on here!

Go on, look at what you're doing.

Don't look up, eyes down. Look at your hands.

That's it!

No. Like this. Head up!

That's it.

Go to your mother, go!


Take the horse back.

Mr Fernandes. Vítor Fonseca.

Did we have an appointment?

No, but I've come with an order from the Interior Minister.

If I understand correctly, you intend to come here and take over as head of the guard post?


Unfortunately, given that you refuse to publicly declare your support for our government, my superiors believe the necessary conditions have not been met to... guarantee security on your estate.

So, I am here to take up my position as quickly as possible to put the Interior Minister's mind at rest.

Yes... I see.

Well, you can go back to where you came from and tell your Minister that I will complain about this abuse of power to President Caetano in person.

You'd do better to accept immediately, Mr Fernandes.


I'll show you out.


How are you?

This gentleman has to go.


With your permission.

Is something wrong, João?

No, it's all right. Everything's fine.

Do you have any idea who my father-in-law is?

Of course I do.

In fact, he's the one who advised me to come with an escort.

Your father's a bastard.

What a charming man I married.

He's upset. Of course, Joaquim.

Get the car ready.

I'm going to Cascais for the weekend.

Do as I say.

Yes, Ma'am.


Come with me.


Good day, gentlemen.

Can you tell me what you're still doing here?

We're waiting for Leonel.

Hey, Joaquim!


Where's Leonel?

What? He hasn't turned up?

Things can't go on like this.

Well? They've taken Leonel.


A PIDE truck.

The woman said there were about six of them.

I warned Leonel.

I told him to give up all that crap.

Bastards. Let me through.

I have an appointment with Inspector Cravo.

Who should I say it is?

My name is João Fernandes.

I'm General Lopo Xavier's son-in-law.

Please wait.

The inspector requests you wait a moment.

How old are you?


Shouldn't you be in the army?

Come in.


I'm seeing you only out of respect for your father-in-law.

Thank you, I'm sorry to bother you in the middle of the day, inspector.

Chief inspector.

Well, what is it?

There's been some mistake, chief inspector.

One of my most trusted men has disappeared and I'm told he's here.

Are you sure?

That he's here? Yes.

No, that there's been a mistake.

The general, your father-in-law, called me yesterday.

Leonel Sousa.

We've had our eye on him for a while because of his subversive activities.

Why would you shelter a communist on your estate, Mr Fernandes?

Are you looking for trouble?

Look what we found in his house:

"Comrades, the revolution is nigh."

I couldn't care less.

I need him, he's a good mechanic he fixes everything.

You have to release him.

I guarantee he won't step out of line.

There's enough on him here to put him away for life.

He's a good man. This is going too far.

Everyone's good, except most people that is.

All I know is, he's a good worker.

That makes it worse.

If he's gone rogue, no?

Chief inspector, as I said, I guarantee he'll toe the line.

You know?

I've examined the extraordinary resources of human mediocrity for many years. and there's one thing I see.

This... Leonel Sousa is a communist coward and he'll tell us everything he knows.

About himself and his comrades.

Chief inspector.

If Leonel is a coward, he's been here almost three days.

You must surely know all there is to know.

Where is my employee?

This is inspector Cravo, put me through to the General, thank you.

Yes, General.

I'm here with your son-in-law.

Not yet.

He says he guarantees that...

I'll pass that on, General.

The General says that, unfortunately, your verbal guarantees aren't enough and this time you have to commit to working with the government.

Just as you've already been asked.

Yes, sir.


I see.

Yes, yes, yes.

I'm willing to collaborate and to publicly show my support for the government.

I'll do that, General. With your permission.

Bring the wretch.

The general must really like you to do this.

If it were up to me...

But it isn't, is it?


What am I to do with you, man?

When are you going to stop this nonsense?

When all this is over, boss.

It can't be long now.

For what?

For there to be no more bosses, boss.

Thank you.

I don't know which of the two of us is crazier.

From this day on, the political police will be all over you.

I'm not going to Lisbon a second time to fetch someone who's had his head turned by these ideas. Do you understand?

You see where politics gets you?

How did the day go, Joaquim?

Well. And the General?

He didn't disappoint.

Want a lift to the homestead?

No, I'll be along later.

Well Joaquim, what side is the boss on?

Yours, you wretch.

Thank you for calling your father.


Leonel is already back home.

Your father doesn't miss a chance to get one over on me.

You will persist in getting his back up.

You know who just called?

My sister.

She's getting married.

Getting married?

The engagement party's next week. We have to go.

In Lisbon?

Of course.

Who's the fiancé?

His name's Martim.

He's younger than she is.

She says he's handsome, rich and clever.

I think he's even related to the royal family.

You sound a little envious.

Perhaps. Perhaps I am.

My sister knew how to wait.

She always did as she wanted.

She was always very lucky.

I spoke to her and she...

she's happy.



Come on.

So many forbidden things.

Even on the roof he had papers.

Imagine me and you, I do.

I think about you day and night, it's only right to think about the girl you love and hold you tight, so happy together.

Me and you and you and me, no matter how they toss the dice, it had to be.

The only one for me is you and you for me, so happy together just as you are, forever!

My dear brother-in-law.

It's always a pleasure to see you. A rare pleasure.

I've missed you too, Ricardo.

Like father, like son.

It's touching to see how perfectly you complement one another.

You from your plane in the sky bombing the pro-independents of Angola.

The terrorists of Angola.

Yes, yes, yes, sure.

Your luck João, is that the country needs you.

The truth is, we all need each other, don't we?


My dear Leonor, don't be cross with me...

No, don't even think of leaving now.

It's a lovely party but I can't breathe in here.

You must be joking, João.

Sure. We mustn't mar Catarina's happiness.

After all, we're going to have a Countess in the family.

Excuse me, dear.

João, there's someone here who'd like a word with you.

Adolfo, João.

Mr Fernandes, how good to see you in these parts.


How are things on your beautiful estate?


Good, I was very happy to know we can count on you.

Your presence is much appreciated by the President. Your words, too.

Pleased to hear it.

I'm just surprised to see PIDE so dedicated to agriculture.

Didn't I tell you, Adolfo?

My son-in-law never liked to lose. Not even for peanuts.

Well then, Mr Fernandes? This way, we all win.

If you'll excuse me.


Thank you.

I warned you, Mr Fernandes.

This is the one I told you about.

His land's so vast, he thinks he's king, above all others.

But he's not.

The king here has to do what he's told.

Here, the king...

You forgot your escort?


If you ever step on my land again I'll kill you.

Come on, father. Dance with me! You have to dance with me!


Go on, please! I said no.

João! Dance with me?

I don't think so.

Yes. Go on.

Are you happy?

He'll never love you the way I did.

You should be ashamed. On my wedding day, please!

Ashamed of what?

Of having loved you?

Sooner or later, you'll tire of him.

It's always going to be like this, isn't it?

Like this how?

Like it's always been.

The one constant in this world.

Why did you go away?

Why? You know why.

Tell me.

So I would not become my sister.


I'm going to get more wine, want some?

No, thank you.

Grândola, swarthy town Land of fraternity It is the people who lead in you, oh city

Grândola, swarthy town Land of fraternity

It is the people who lead in you, oh city

In you, oh city It is the people who lead

Land of fraternity

Grândola, swarthy town

On each corner, a friend In each face, equality

Grândola, swarthy town Land of fraternity

... we call on all the residents of Lisbon city to return to your homes and to remain there and keep calm.

We sincerely hope that the gravity of this hour will not be sadly marred by any accident.

We appeal to the good sense of those in command of the militarised forces to avoid any confrontation with the Armed Forces.

Such confrontation, besides being unnecessary, could only lead to serious harm that would be lamented and only foment division among the Portuguese people, which is to be avoided at all cost.

... we appeal to the civic duty and professional spirit of the medical class to report to their hospitals ready to be of service should this be required.

Though we sincerely hope this will be unnecessary.

They're unable to hold the people back and we almost... we can confirm that General Spínola is the person who entered the Carmo barracks in a black car.

It was General Spínola for sure.

... who said that although the people here want to see General Spínola, they're afraid to let them because there are PIDE snipers waiting in ambush at surrounding windows, so it would be too risky for him to be seen.

So they're going to ask someone... to make a statement to ask the people to disperse and leave the area so the forces can safely take the captured members of government and others...

Take the children out of here!

People of Portugal, we are witnessing an historic moment like no other since 1640 perhaps.

The doctor should be here any minute now.

It's... for the motherland.


Victory! Victory!

The vehicles are now approaching the gates of the barracks to tremendous...

An historic event.

Madam? I'll go there.

Ma'am? How are you?

Where's João?

In the living room watching the news.

They say there's going to be a revolution.

Going to be a what?

A revolution, I don't know...

Thank goodness you're here, doctor.

Well Leonor, so how are we?

I'm in a lot of pain.

Rosa, get towels and hot water. Hurry!

Yes, sir.

I'm going to die, doctor!

The doctor's wants you, sir.


come outside.

Father Heitor?

Not on your life!

Are you sure?

Look, if this coup succeeds, communists and priests are going to have to get along.

That will never happen.


So Leonel?

Today's the big day?

Lisbon airport has been taken over and the military in Porto are with us.

Steady on, Marcello Caetano hasn't said a word yet.

Ah, that one's holed up in Carmo.

There's no going back now.

... so that the revolutionary forces can safely take the surrendered members of the government and other individuals within.

Portuguese people, we live a historical moment as we might have not lived since the 1640's Restoration War.

This is the liberation of our motherland!

Victory! Victory!

Fátima, fetch some glasses of wine!

We need to toast to change.

What's up?

Why the long faces?

Oh João!




Was it a boy?

Does that matter?

Was it a boy?




And my father?

Is there any news yet?

Not yet.

The phones aren't working properly.

The children?

They're fine.

They're asleep.

You should rest too.

What's going on?

Nothing, we're just talking.

Who does this tool belong to?

To the worker.

This is the time for agricultural workers to become aware of the exploitation they are all victims of.

You're not from these parts. What are you doing here?

My name's Adolfo.

I'm with the rural syndicate of Comporta.

I didn't ask what you're called.

You can't be here.

It's time for these workers to know their rights.

Things have changed!

Agrarian reform is underway and nothing can stop it!

Didn't you hear what I said?

This is private land, get off it!

And you lot, get back to work!

You're mistaken, comrade!

The land belongs to those who work it and not to the bosses who've exploited the people for years and years...


...for a pittance!

I'll be right back.

Receiving alms, from these exploiters.

Workers have enough strength to stand up against those who refuse to change.

Will you speak to Leonel?

I'll go now.

If they're asleep, they don't know a thing.

You should knock on the door.

You think? Yes.

Wait, wait...

Hands in the air! Slowly, slowly! What are you doing here?

João! It's me, your father-in-law, damn it! You're holding a gun to me?

You just turn up without warning?

We have to stay in hiding for three days in a row.

He never did any harm, I swear to God!

No one knows a thing.

I need to stay here for three nights then go on to Spain.

And then what? Then?

Then I'll go to join Marcello in Brazil.

And your son, Ricardo?


He's on the run.

It's a bloody mess, that's what it is!

Is everything all right?

Joaquim relax, lower your rifle, it's Leonor's parents.

They've come secretly.



Come inside!

What about our cases?

Don't worry, Joaquim will get them. Go inside.

Don't worry.

Come on!

Hide the car.

I never thought things could get to this point.

If I knew it, I would've left long ago.

They will not stop.

They're nationalising everything!

They're taking banks, companies, property.


They even went through my papers!

Now they're after me, to kill me.

They listen to everything, you can't call anyone!

We are constantly surveilled.

Going out, we always feel like someone is watching us.

We are always afraid.

We had to come from Cascais through the mountains to get here.

You must leave, too. For Switzerland or Brazil.

No, calm down! I'm not going anywhere.

João, you don't see the way things are going.

I won't go. I'm not running like a rat.

My children are staying here too.

It might be safer, João. If only for a while.

You can do whatever you want.

If you want, you can leave. But they stay.

You don't understand, João.

No one's in control. It's a government of madmen.

I am not leaving here. This land is mine and it will be my children's.

That's what you think.

No it won't.

We'll see about that.

We want to work! We want to work!

Whoah! Whoah! Eh, stop there, damn it!

What do you want here?

These folks want work, they're willing to work.

We've brought these workers...

Well, you'll have to turn around because there's no work here.


There's no room for anyone else to work.

That's a lie.

No comrade, it's true what Joaquim is telling you.

Who are you?

Leonel Sousa, I'm head mechanic here on the estate and a party member.

Very well, comrade.

So you can integrate the new workers.

I'm sorry, comrade, but there's no place for everyone.

I don't understand.

There's no room for any more.

What d'you mean there's no room? The land here is vast!

The harvest was poor and we're already many, we can't have more taking work from us, comrade.

I order you to comply.

Oy! You don't give orders around here. D'you understand, comrade?

Steady on, what's all this? What's going on?

They want work, but I've already told them there isn't any.

There's nothing here.

I know the farms that need workers.

Outeiro, Ferradura.

Speak to them, maybe they can help.

You're just saying that to get rid of us.

They called the guard. Don't be fooled!

We have rights!

We didn't have a revolution for nothing!

Down with the Republican National Guard!

They have no authority over us! Fascists! You're all fascists!

Listen up, don't you call me a fascist!

Why aren't you on our side then?

With the workers?

Hey, hey. C'mon, what's this?

We're all men, let's see if we can reason this out!

Maria, go to Guilhermina and ask her to bring food for these folk, they must be hungry.

Let's talk inside.

All my workers get a monthly salary, I follow the law.

I never fail.

Joaquim, come on. Leonel, let's go.

We're going to fight for your rights.

May I?

You may.

Good morning, mother.

Did you sleep well? Terribly!

You should be ashamed.


Yes, ashamed to have put us in here!

At least, no one's looking for you here.

Do you know what I'm ashamed of, mother?

The scars I saw on Leonel's back a year ago.

Who is Leonel?

He works here. Ask father.

I was the one who ordered that terrorist's release!

What's the problem?

You released him with his back covered in cigarette burns.

Are you a communist now?


Your daughter's gone mad!

As I recall, she's your daughter too.

I don't recognise you.

It's true, father. I've changed.

Did João put these ideas in your head?

Just think, in four days we can be in Madrid and on a flight to Brazil.

How are you going to get across the border?

Do you think I spent years on the board of PIDE for nothing?

Or do you think that every Portuguese has suddenly turned communist?

Where's my jewellery?

In the other case, idiot!


As soon as we're settled there, you and the children can join us.

We'll have a wonderful life, believe me!

I can't, father.

I can't.

Fine friends you have.

Things've changed here Quim, the sooner you get that the better.

Nothing's going back the way it was. We have rights now.

Have you ever gone without?

You've always had a house, clothes, food, schooling...

Yes, but we work just for that?

Roast our butts off working land that's not even ours?

We deserve more than charity.

Minimum wage, Quim.

You know what that means?

It means nothing less will do!

Tell him.

Miguel's feverish again.

We should call the doctor.

Again, damn it.

There's nothing that boy doesn't catch.


sit down here.

Do you know what I'm reminded of when I look at you?


Madonna of the Carnation.

What's that?

A painting.

The baby Jesus is reaching for a carnation the Madonna is holding.

There, there...


Ah, hello. Yes, yes, she's here.

It's your sister.

Catarina, where are you?

Yes, yes, mother and father are fine.

You don't think there's any risk at all?

Rosa, take her away from here for the love of God.


Of course, I think that's best for everyone. Love you, too.

How's the countess?

Martim spoke to the Spanish ambassador.

A car is coming to fetch them tonight.

I imagine you must be relieved.

And you're not?

Saint Mary Mother of God.

Pray for us.

Saint John the Baptist.

Pray for us.

Saint Joseph.

Pray for us.

Saint Peter and Saint Paul.

Pray for us.

All the Saints of God.

Pray for us.

"And so it was that Nicodemus asked: how can a man be born being old?

Can he perhaps go back into his mother's womb and be born?

Jesus replied:

"in truth, verily I say, if one is not born of water and the spirit, he cannot enter the kingdom of God."

What is born of flesh is flesh.

And what is born of spirit is spirit."

Rosa and Joaquim, what name do you give your son?


What do you ask of the church of Jesus for your son?


You must raise him in the faith, that he love God and his neighbour as Christ taught us.

Are you conscious of the commitment you make?

Yes, we are.

And you, the godparents?

Are you determined to help the parents of this child in that undertaking?

Yes, we are.


The Christian community welcomes you with great joy.

Well, sir? Is everything all right? Is all well?

Ha! Hit the bearded man on the head.

So, how's it going? Let's toast?

Father! How's it going?

I've sinned much, today!

No, sin doesn't exist!

Ah, it does, I've already sinned!

September, 1991

Father, take the horses.

Take the horses?

Yes, take the horses. Can't you take the horses?

The banks are all linked nowadays, João.

If you don't have credit in one, the others know straight away.

Information like that always gets to the bank.

I'm sick of selling this off cheaply.

I can well understand.

But things are not easy for anyone.

You don't know how hard it was to get the nationalized bank back.

The Communists almost took everything away from my family.

I've managed to avoid that for a long time, but now it's the bank that wants to take everything away from me.

Mr Fernandes. Miguel.


I'm sorry.

Don't be.

Isn't that your son?

Yes, he's my son.

Gentlemen, shall we light a cigar and talk business?

There's the old well here, the lake with the hermitage, the dam, the bull ring...

These rice fields can all go.

The rice fields?

That's good money, João.

You'll be letting go of 26 hectares of rice.

26 hectares?

But I'll get free of a bank that won't let me go.

Well, gentlemen.

I think we can reach a deal.

We have rice!

Congratulations, congratulations. Let's toast?


Open the door, son!

Open the door!

Miguel, please open the door.

Open the door!

It's all right.

Your brother's just resting.

I have to go to Rio de Janeiro.

Because of your parents?

Yes, Catarina's already there.

Did she go alone?

After all these years, your interest in my sister is almost tender.

You know, when I see you at the window like that... it reminds me of our wedding night.

You've got to be kidding.

That's the alcohol talking.

A power cut?

Are you sure you paid the electricity bill?

Very funny.

I'll get an oil lamp. Like in the good old days.

Wait... wait.

Come here.

Like in the good old days...


Where've you been all this time?

Have you been up at the house until now?


Doing what?


With Miguel?

With Teresa.

I don't want you staying up there all the time.

What's the problem? Godfather doesn't mind.

Go to bed.

Joaquim, he's going to have to know.


Give me that.

Wait, do that again but throw it up in the air.

Not even close!

You think you can do better?


Of course!

You can do everything, can't you?

Hey, point that thing away!


Be careful.

Do you believe in reincarnation, António?

Do you?

I don't know, I believe there are more worlds beyond this.

Stop fucking around, Miguel! Have you gone mad?

Come on.

Leonel, Leonel!

So where is he then?

He hasn't turned up yet? Not here.

I really feel like doing it.

Me too.



Teresa, stay here.


Your father's had an accident.

You have to come.

You hurried here for nothing.

I came to certify the death.

He severed his femoral artery, it was a matter of minutes.

He didn't stand a chance.

Something distracted him, the fool!

He's still warm.

Leonel, take Joaquim to the chapel.

So what actually happened?

He was in the field with the thresher.

Beyond that, I have no idea.

My condolences, Rosa.

Oh doctor.


Don't touch me, doctor. Don't touch me!

António! It's all right.


...piss off!

Piss off Lucas! Go home!

Come on, you junky.

I'll smash your face!

Go away!

Fuck off, asshole!

Fuck you!

It's over! Miguel, go inside!

You piece of shit, I hate you!

Lucas! Go home!

And you keep licking their ass, don't you Leonel?

Always clearing up their shit. Why for fuck's sake?

To think my father thought you were a hero.

25th of April forever!

I thought it best to keep him here.

You did well.

He had this with him. It could have been a lot worse.

Did he get into a fight?



In the café.

They don't want to see him there again.

He's not a good example to the others.

Yes, I see.

Afonso will send the bill to Mr Fernandes.

What bill?

Miguel broke a big mirror and some bottles behind the counter.

And the knife? What shall I do with the knife?

He'll want it back.

Throw it away.

Are you going somewhere?

Yes, I'm trying to find work nearer my brother.

Does João know?

I can't keep getting paid one month and not the next.

I'd told Joaquim that.

Let's go home, son.

Come on, Miguel. Get up.


I need you to come home with me.

I have to know.

Yes, I am.


You were doing so well.

I don't know why, just because! Or rather, why not?

But what happened?

Nothing happened, why does something have to have happened.

Because I like it.

Because any crap is better than this.

I want to go away.

Where do you want to go?

I don't know, I want to get away from here, to escape.

Far away, preferably.

Your father said he won't send you to any more clinics.

Let's get through these few days and I'll talk to him.

Do you know what happened?

Do you know about Joaquim?


I knew yesterday.

How's Rosa?

And António?

How d'you think, Miguel?

At least this way, he takes his secret with him.

What are you talking about?

It doesn't matter.

No, now you've started you can finish.


It doesn't matter.

Joaquim drank a lot, right?

Yes, so what?

Poor chap, seriously.

I bumped into him one night in the café.

He was alone and already a bit drunk.

He gestured for me to sit.

He turned to me and said:

What did António do to you to make you dislike him?

Are you jealous?

Jealous of what?

Honestly, I didn't understand.

But then I told him I don't give a shit about the horses, or about bull fighting.

That I couldn't give a shit about him, basically.

That's when he said:

my son is your brother.

If he's my brother, I said, then you're my father.

And I doubt very much my mother slept with someone like you.

Then he started shouting, like a lunatic.

He was blind drunk, I didn't know what he might say next.

Was that all?

I think so.

But then I got to thinking.

Could my father have been involved with Rosa?

Could he?

Do you agree with me?

It wouldn't surprise me, it's father after all.

He's slept with all the women on the estate.

That's it. I have an inseminator for a father!

Why do you put up with it?

Your father and I haven't been together for a long time.

No one must know, understand?

You must think I'm the only one he told.

You need a bath. You stink of vomit.

You know, your father...

without him, this here will be very hard.

Do you know what you want to do yet?

Do you like the countryside?


Yes, but I'm not quite sure, godfather.

Do you want to study abroad?

I promised your father, I'd help you.

Abroad? But... I don't want to leave!

It'd just be for a while. Then you can come back and take your father's place.

I don't want the life my father had.

Someone's going to have to care of this land, António.

Your grandfather rang yesterday.

I'd forgotten I had a grandfather.

He said he'd like to see his grandchildren before he dies.

Is he ill?


Rio de Janeiro, what do you think?

Is it far enough from here?

Receive unto your heavenly bosom this your loyal servant Joaquim, O Lord.

From dust we come, to dust we shall go.


We have to put an end to this!


Go on. Eat something.


I don't understand how father...

Never mind.

It doesn't matter.

Your father was a good man.

When he was one!

I'll help you mother.

I don't want you to worry about a thing, okay?

I won't leave you on your own.


Sorry Rosa, is António in?

Yes, is everything all right?

Yes, I just want to talk to him.


Teresa mustn't know.

Good night, António.

You haven't slept either?

What are you doing with your father's gun?

Is it true?

Yes, it's true.

Where did he go, Rosa?

Tell me the truth.

Has something happened?

Rosa, please!

Oh miss, I can't.

I don't know where he went.

Ask your parents.

My parents?

I can't tell you anything more.


Go on, Manel we're late.

Drive, Manel.

Manel, drive damn it!

Why did António leave?

He left?

Don't pretend you didn't know, father.

I spoke to Rosa.

Was it because of me?

Because of you?

I don't understand.

It could only have been you.

Manel was driving him.

I don't know what you're talking about.

Tell me, damn it! Teresa!

Maybe a work opportunity came up.

You know things around here haven't been easy.

No, he'd never have gone without saying something.

Rosa said you two...

That's enough of this nonsense, stop now!

I didn't know he'd gone.

But if he has, he'll have his reasons.

Aren't you going to tell her?

Haven't I warned you about using that tone with me?

Tell me what?

Do you hear me?

I think Mr Fernandes has something to tell you.

Who are you talking to?

What's wrong. Am I not showing enough respect?

You'd better have a good reason for speaking to me like this.

If it's respect we're talking about, why don't we talk about António?


What about António?

Yes, father. What about António?

Miguel, tell me.

I can't, if father has something to tell you, it has to be him.

I don't want to spoil the surprise.

Miguel, stop this immediately.

Would you rather tell her? It's all the same to me.

You always were a coward. That's not going to change now.

Genetics is a bummer, isn't it father?

You got precious few of my genes.

Maybe I'm not your son.

Miguel, please.

Mother, what's going on here? What is all this?

How dare you? Dare I what?

Have you lost your mind?

What are you doing? Stop!

Well, since no one wants the honour, it'll have to be the coward who tells.

Teresa, dear sister...


You're such a little shit! Always have been!


Isn't what you've already done to us enough?

Father, don't!

You forgot this silver fork.

Now you've got the complete set.

What are you doing?

Leave. Take her out of here. I want to talk to Miguel.


Leave me alone with my son!

I'm not leaving here while... Now!

Sit down.

Do you think that one day we'll ever get to understand one another?

I don't know.

I guess not.

Antonio's father will always be Joaquim.

Nothing else matters.

Now, in relation to Teresa...

She has to know!

Does it hurt to disappoint your daughter?

Don't start!

Ok, right. I'll tell her.

No! No, you won't.

You're going to shut up and listen.

Do you think it'll always be like this?

That things will just drop out of the sky? That this will never end?

I need you in a fit state to help me save the property.


Since when have you ever needed me?

You've never even seen me!

I've spent my life in front of you and you never saw me, never!

Why were you always ashamed of me?

Because you've always been weak.

You were lucky to be born where you were, with every comfort and privilege.

If you were an animal, you'd have perished long ago.


Son, my ass. You let this happen.

You were never there when I needed you.

Always obsessing over not being loved.

As if anyone could ever win at that game!

See? See what all your coddling and fussing has led to?

Do you see what it's done?

What's the matter?

We didn't give you love, is that it?

Everything here, everything you've had around you all your life, all this took a lot of work.

And it's ending.

It's disappearing with every year that passes.

I'm not just looking at you, I'm looking at you both.

All I hoped was that you'd both be by my side finding solutions.

But no, on the contrary.

You steal from me and I pretend I don't notice.

"He's weak, it's just a phase, he needs help".

What do you need?

What is it you need, Miguel?

When will this... how long will this go on for?

What more do you need?

It'll finish when it has to finish, at the end.

For me, that could be now.

You know, I often remember being a child and you sitting me in a tub filled with ice.

Sometimes, I think we've stayed in that tub forever, you and me.


She's in bed. I gave her a pill.

She's going to have to know.

I know.


I hope you're satisfied.

Do you think it satisfies me that my children hate you?

If I'm still here, if I stayed, it was for them and for you.

For me?

Do you know what the irony is?

You're so used to getting everything you want, how you want, that what excites you is what you can't have.

The world exists to serve you.

Your world, your kingdom.

It took me a while to realise that.

I no longer expect anything of you.

I spoke to a lawyer. I want a divorce.

I'll get half of what you have.

It's been 25 years.

You took half my life,

you won't take any more.





Is it true?

Special thanks to José Samuel Lupi