The Double (2011) Script

Now, Senator Friedman, you have been a harsh critic... of the President in recent months over his treatment of Russia.

Russia is back. Their president has stated unequivocally... their desire to knock us back to 1985.

They've reignited their nuclear program.

Just last week they dropped three Akula class subs in the Bering Sea.

Our myopia over the Middle East... has caused us to miss the big bear that's just sitting in the middle of the room.

Now, Senator Darden, you have numerous business interests inside Russia.

Do you share Senator Friedman's fears here?

My interests, as you call them, in Russia... are strictly as a trade partner for the good people of my state.

All this saber rattling is basically Senator Friedman's attempt... to get his budget up for next year.

Oh, Please. Russia now has ten times the number of covert agents... within United States borders as it did during the Cold War.

What are we talking about? Besides, wouldn't it be wise for you... to divest your interest of what you have in Russia at a time like this?

I am very transparent about all of my financial transactions... which is why, you know, that I did those things. Excuse me.

The President would suggest that fear is not helpful right now, Senator... that fear is obviously a very big component of any politician's toolbox... but that it is not going to help toward progress.


Thank God.


You haven't accessed the money.

Yeah, well, it's been a little warm around here.

We had a deal, Senator. We have expectations.

I don't give a good goddamn about your expectations.

Don't call here again.

Bastard's making a deal.

Yeah, or blowing one off.

Where does that leave us?

Darden just made contact. It looks like he's moving now.

Oh shit! He's down! He's down! Behind the building!

This is a domestic case!

You have no jurisdiction, authority, or right to be here.

We've been trailing this guy for the past month.

This is a crime scene, not a goddamn terrorist attack!

You're going to have to wait.

Yeah? What am I supposed to wait for?

For him.

There you go, sir.

Director Highland. Sir, why is the CIA-

This is Agent Weaver. Yes, sir.

Yes, sir.

We're out!

Who the hell was that?

Director Bell. He wants us out. No questions and not a word.

You guys were on the stakeout?

Yes, sir. He's had contact with Moscow off and on for a month now.

But he never went any further-

We know that. What happened here tonight?

Someone grabbed him from behind. Right in our blind spot.

It all happened so goddamned fast.

Keep your eye on it!

Excuse me? Do you know the time?

No, no. I don't have a watch. Sorry.

It's okay. Just, my husband said he'd be here by nine.


Which boy is yours?

Decker, the second baseman.

Oh, yeah. He's good.

Got a strong arm.

I'm Molly.

PauI. Hey.

Which one's yours?

One more, guys!

Oh, no, I don't, I don't have-

No, I live nearby here.

I come by just to see a game once in a while.

That's really nice.

Not a care in the world, huh?


I never thought I'd see the day when someone got the drop on Paul Shepherdson.

Yeah, yeah. How did you get in here?

It's what we do.

The phone rings, too, you know.

It's Cassius.

He's back.


Cassius is long gone.

He hasn't even been heard from in over 20 years.

Tell that to Senator Darden.

He's Iying in an alley with his throat slit.

Then it's a copycat.

That's what everyone is saying. Well, almost everyone.

Tom, there was a point where I knew this man better than myself.

Cassius is dead.

For once, PauI, I think you're wrong.

Welcome back, sir.


PauI, this is Director Roger Bell.

Mr. Shepherdson.

The FBI?

Bureaucracy has changed, my friend.

We have to share the burden now.

As you know, PauI was responsible... for tracking down the Cassius Seven...

The Soviet assassins we code-named... for the Roman senators who killed Julius Caesar.

And you caught them all but one, from what I understand.

Missed Cassius himself?

That's right.

But this is not his work. I'm sure of it.

Oh, I think it is.

Who the hell is this?

This is one of my men. Agent Ben Geary.

Probably knows more about your assassin than anyone we've got.

Or the CIA, for that matter.

Paul, we'd like the two of you to work together.

Is that so? So tell me, Geary... what were you doing when the wall came down?

I was watching it on television.

Just like everyone else in this room.

Could you pull up the case file, please?

Okay, here is good. Notice how the cut starts... right in the center of the throat, moving upwards.

Typically, a cut starts high, moves lateral... as the right-handed killer pulls the knife from ear to ear.

Not Cassius. His cuts were always exactly the same.

Right-handed, but up, and starting in the middle of the neck.

I've never been able to figure out why.

Still, it's a copycat.

This guy's the best you've got?

Mr. Shepherdson, I wrote my Master's thesis on Cassius.

And I have tracked down and interviewed... every one of the few witnesses of his crimes who are still alive.

I've even re-created and personally walked the approaches and exits... of all his known kills step for step. I know this man.

And there is no doubt in my mind. This is the work of Cassius.

You know him?

Harvard, right?

Yes, that's right.

And you were the son of a foreign attaché in Turkey.

My father worked at embassies all over the world.

How do you know this?

I read your thesis.

You did?

And I know you were trying for months to talk to me.

I'll tell you why I refused. Because you have never been on the ground.

Because you don't know him. And because you're a librarian.

Mr. Shepherdson.

Let's just say, Geary, that I'm wrong and you expose him.

What do you think comes next?

You think maybe he's gonna come after you?

That is exactly why I'm here.

I'm going home.

And I'd like to be left alone. All right?

We've got Brutus.


Igor Ivanovich Kozak, aka Brutus... is alive and locked up in Brinkerman Penitentiary.

That's impossible. He killed him in Salzburg in 1989.

I shot him in the chest. He fell three stories.

And survived.

Why didn't you tell me?

You wanted to retire, PauI.

I'm afraid retirees lose certain privileges.

You know what?

I'm done here, Tom.

Get me Highland.

Come on, I know you're there. Get me Highland.

Your call cannot be completed as dialed.

Director Highland wants you to know he has a meeting... with the President tomorrow morning.

He said you'd know what that means.

Good morning. Two regulars, please.

Good morning, sir. Coming right up.

Spooks aren't supposed to be creatures of habit.

It's a luxury one can only afford when one is in charge.

Thank you.

Thank you very much.


I gave you 20 years, Tom.

You promised me I could have a life.

I never cared much for the coffee at The White House.

I think it's got something to do with the 150-year-old china.

I've been Director through three presidents, PauI.

And let's face it. I wouldn't have gotten the job in the first place... if you hadn't helped us with the Cassius Seven.

In 15 minutes, the President is gonna tell me I don't have this job anymore... if we can't naiI the guy that killed Senator Darden.

It's not Cassius, Tom.

You never caught him.

Because he's dead.

Then prove it.

Mr. Shepherdson?

So, PauI Shepherdson.

Been an analyst for the company here in Paris for three years.

What do you wanna see me about?

The Cassius Seven.

I've had a breakthrough.

I can take them down for you.

I'll take care of it. Just give me about 15 minutes.

Oh, hey.

And? And, and, and, and?

I don't know.

Director Bell was there?

Everyone was there.

Jesus! I've been at this place a year longer than you... and I've never even seen the Director in person.

They're gonna put you in the field, man. I'm sure of it.

They haven't said anything, yet.

You were right about this thing the whole time, huh?

Agent Geary. Yes, sir.

Yes, sir.

Yes, sir. I'll be there.


I'm in.

This is crazy.

'Cause I have spent so much time studying your work with Cassius.

I feeI like I know you.

You don't.

Yeah. No, I just mean I I, you know, I put myself in your shoes.

I just tried to think how you would think.

I've all of these crime scene photos. A lot of them you're in.

Actually, I should probably get you to sign one of them. Right?

That would definitely be a first.

When you were in Budapest in 91, did you notice a specific pattern?

No, Agent Geary.

Tell me why-why would a guy... who writes a thesis on an internationaI spy... join the Bureau and not Central Intelligence?

Well, I believed that Cassius was hiding in the U.S.

Think about it. What better place for a Soviet spook to retire?

You believe that enough to base a career on it?

Uh, yeah. You could say that.

Can I ask you something?

If that means you'll stop talking, yeah.

Why didn't they tell you about Brutus?

If it was your job to catch the Cassius Seven, what were they scared you'd do?

Kill him.

What's in the bag?


You think he's gonna talk?

Not to me.

He's been cleared!

You speak Russian, huh?

I studied in schooI. Yes.

Here's some Russian for you.

I've read that you worked with Cassius.

It's a different life ago.

Do you know where he's hiding?

Why would you-

Is Cassius alive?

He killed a Senator.

Who are you?

I understand that you've been looking for one of these for about 10 years.

Give it to me.

Tell me something that I don't know about Cassius and it is yours.

A chance to hear the outside world?

Give it to me, you son of a whore!

Tell me something about Cassius. Did he train you?

What does he look like?

I guess you can spend the rest of your life in silence.




He made his name as a soldier.

But rather than take the easy route through the academia... he honed other skills.

And he trained you?

He trained us all... his way.

He only wanted the best.

For that he wanted proof.

Only six of us survived.

And together we became your Cassius Seven.

And you never saw him again?


We got our targets from him through the usuaI channels.

But he planned the kills.

His inteI was always the best.

His instinct for when to strike, always sharpest.

What happened to him?

He made mistake.

He lived outside parameters.

What kind of parameters?

Parameters of an assassin.

What did you do to him?

Give him the radio.

No, no. I wanna hear specifically-

I said give him the radio!

Just do it! Give it to him.

All right. Let's go.

Come on!


What the hell was that?

Why didn't you let me finish my line of questioning?

Because he was Iying.

I tried to kill him once for a reason.

Yeah, but the wire makes perfect sense.

It explains why the cuts always start from the middle... and then work their way up. This opens up everything.

I gotta get in there early tomorrow morning... and compare the cuts with other wire killings in Europe.

What do we got?

Cramping and vomiting blood.

Okay, get him into three.

Somebody get these restraints off!

Excuse me.

Can I get a bowI? BowI, please!

Got it.


Stay back!

All right, get me security!

You swallowed the batteries, didn't you?

Easier to escape from a hospital than a prison.


You were there, weren't you?

I know nothing about-

You were there. It was you.

I never killed anyone in Geneva.

You are a liar.

Who are you?

I'm the one who shot you in Salzburg.

I'm also the one who trained you in Moscow.


I never... I never knew about Geneva untiI after the fact.

They brought in someone with-with no ties to you.

Yeah, the others said that, too.

Did they tell you it was someone from the Black Caucasus?

A soldier, I think.

We could find him together.

We are from the same place.

I've looked up to you my whole life.

Agent Geary.

Agent Geary. We need to meet.


You need to drop this investigation.

How exactly am I supposed to drop it?

Cassius doesn't care who he has to eliminate.

If he comes after me, I'm prepared. Not you.

You've got a wife. You have two kids.

Yeah. I think they understand what I'm doing is important.

Have you thought about what you're gonna do if you find him?

That is all I think about.

And now that it's reaI, I want it more.

I want to know him. I want to understand him.

And then?

And then I wanna put him away, for good.

Whoa. What is all this shit?

It's research.



De Volkskrant. It's a daily newspaper in Holland.

The third page there's a story about a wire killing.

Ten days before the Soviets held their first open election.


Yeah. I think so.

You've gotta put in a word to get me on this case.

Please. I'm up to my ass in banking bullshit. I'm serious.

Agent Geary.


Once you're done getting shots of the body... really get the cut patterns. I want close-ups of the neck.

And then he came in here?

Yes, sir.

Hey, PauI.

Agent Geary. What do you got? See you later.

Apparently Brutus swallowed the batteries from the radio that we gave him.

I'm guessing he put out some calls. Found a place to lay low.

Word got back to Cassius.

He's never one to allow loose ends.

Loose ends, meaning he spoke to us.

Probably. Yeah.

Well, we should get all the phone records... of every cell phone hospitaI extension here.

All right. Okay.

You know, I always had this theory...

that Cassius would return to the scene of his crimes.

Watch his investigators.

You think he's that vain?

Well, I think that some of it's vanity.

Some of it is he wants to see what he's up against.

You see that guy in the back? Brown jacket.

Coat's Russian made.

Excuse me, sir? Sir?

Shit! Move!

All right. Why don't we split up?


You go that way.

I've got nothing.

Yeah, me neither. Let the Bureau know.

He's wearing a brown suede jacket.

Sandy blond hair, close cropped.

No. That wasn't him.

He was too tall.

Too military. Wrong build. Too young. A million reasons. It wasn't him.

What the hell were we doing chasing this guy?

He ran. I figured he'd be arrested for something.

You hungry?

Hey, PauI. This is my wife, Natalie.

Hello, Mr. Shepherdson.

Hey. PauI.


It's been a long time since I went to someone's house for dinner.

I, uh, I never learned how to do it right.

Well, it's easy. You just smile and nod and tell me how good it is.

Yes, ma'am.

Ma'am? Did you hear that?

Well, right this way, sir.

Let me welcome you to our humble commode.

Wanna help me get dinner ready?

Dinner ready?

I'm not gonna be much help. I'm sorry.

It's easy. Just move the dad from the backyard to the kitchen.

That's your dad? Let's see.

Hey, PauI. Come meet this little guy.

It's Nicholas.


Yeah. Looks like you.


Yeah. Got your nose.

Everyone says he looks like my dad.

Which is nice 'cause we lost him like ten years ago.

Yeah, I'm sorry.

No, no, it's fine.

He's definitely your kid.

Do you have any children, PauI?

No. No, I don't.

Do you want a drink?


Yeah, sweetie. Come on.

You got his head?

Come on, Lucy. Let's go set up, sweetie.

PauI, what are you looking for?

Vodka martini?


Dry. With, uh, an onion if you've got it.

You know what?

I think you've been chasing Cassius a little too long.

That's his drink.

Yeah. Well, trying to get into his head...

I guess I picked up some of his habits.

You know what? In that case, I'm gonna join you.

The kids are down. Finally.

Now, I know you're gonna say this is weird... but I feel a connection with him. I do. With Cassius.

He's not the kind of guy that you can connect to.

Well, sure. If not a connection, then a tremendous amount of respect.

All right. Let's just set the record straight now.

He's not worthy of your respect or admiration.

He's a cold-blooded ki/er.

He doesn't have a family like you.

He doesn't have a wife like yours.

His life meant nothing.

The only good thing he ever did was disappear. All right?

You don't think there's something to be respected in the fact that... he is the best at something?

Respect is the last thing I have for an animaI like him. Okay?

Yeah. But-

Hold that thought. I'm gonna take a piss.


I'm just stating the facts.

PauI, he's obsessed.

Yeah, I know.

And he has been ever since I've known him.


And you!

You know, I'm-I'm just ready for it to be over.

Your husband is messing with a creature... he thinks he understands, but he doesn't.

He's allowed your husband... to live this long because he wasn't much of a threat.

What do you mean, allowed him to live?

Do you think he knows who my husband is?

I'm sure he does.

You really read my thesis?

Yes. Yes, I read your thesis.



All right. I think... that you missed an essential question.

Okay. What's that?

You pinpointed the wheres and the hows of Cassius... but you never ask the question why.

Why were his targets increasingly more random?

Why did he disappear?

When you can answer those whys... then you'll know him.

Thank Natalie again, will you?

Oh, we checked the calls from the hospitaI.



Tch. Too bad.


See, you know the thing that-

Okay, here's what I don't understand.

How did Cassius know that they moved Brutus to a hospitaI... instead of just working on him at the prison?

The Russians probably paid somebody off in the prison.

They'd want him dead just to shut him up.

Right. Right.

Good night, Geary.


I think you guys know Martin Miller.

He's our Chief Analyst on domestic Russian ops.

Go ahead, Marty.

Almost six months ago, two B.P agents were murdered and their truck stolen.

The truck was located a week later in a parking lot near TUS wiped clean.

Now, these guys were smart. They parked far enough away from the cameras... that we couldn't get any faciaI recognition.

Local cops and Border Patrol assumed they were Mexican.

Then we found this.

A camera in a squad car.

That's right. Luckily, Tucson police were testing... high-resolution cameras in a few cars.

All Russian. All known operatives.

All now in the United States.

There's the guy with the Russian jacket.

That's right. And it gets better.

Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Wait.



That's right. Johann Bozlovski.

Former Spetsnaz and KGB.

In 1990, Bozlovski and his 1 Oth Mountain Brigade in the Black Caucasus... went into Warsaw and executed known allies of the solidarity movement.

I looked for him for a year... after the wall came down.

He just, just vanished.

Like Cassius.

What are you thinking, PauI?

We have a known Soviet hit man.

Disappears into Libya or Afghanistan.

Same time our inteI tells us Cassius does the same.

Twenty years later, he shows up.

United States Senator gets his throat slit.

I- I don't know.

I mean, Bozlovski's Spetsnaz.

And... he's so visible.

Well, yeah. Maybe that's what they wanted.

And wouldn't a more visible alter ego... just muddy up the waters for everyone chasing him?

How did we know Boz was in Warsaw in 1990?

How did we know that?

Because the Russians told us so!

Soviet disinformation was the biggest weapon they had... before the wall came down.

That's true.


Bozlovski makes sense.

It's him. He's the one.

What do you guys need from us?

Nothing. Nothing. He'll disappear again... if he knows we're onto him.

What is this place?



Yeah, that guy deals in Russian goods.

Anything from the homeland.

Turn down by the river.

Amber's a prostitute?

If the Russians used their women instead of missiles... we'd all be wearing furry hats right now.

This is the dirtiest river in the U.S. Did you know that?

Right here in our nation's capitoI.

Nice place to park your house.


No, no.

Shut up!

I'm not gonna- I'm not gonna hurt you!

Bozlovski. Bozlovski. Where is he?

Where is Bozlovski?

I don't know who you're talking about!

Shut up!

Where is Bozlovski?

I will kill you here... and let you float away. I swear to God.

Please. Please don't.

Where is he?

I am begging you. I don't know.

Bullshit. That is bullshit.

PauI, we broke into her place! Okay?

Go back to the car and shut up!

Where is he?


PauI, let me talk to her!


Please, I don't know anything.

You're a very lucky girI.


You didn't really show her pictures of your kids, did you?

You know, they teach you a couple tricks at Quantico.

Oh, Quantico. Good cop, bad cop.

Making a connection.

Oh! Very nice.


I, uh, I know I know this man you're looking for.

Okay? You-you can follow me there.

Who are you?

Her brother.


Look, I take you to where Bozlovski is.

What's your name?


Leo. Leo, give me your phone.

Give me your phone.

There you go.

Now, Leo, you didn't call anyone and tell them we were coming, did you?

No. No, no. No, I swear.

Now, if anything goes wrong, Leo, I'm putting two bullets in her head... and I'm dumping her in the river. Then I'm coming for you.


You're gonna shoot her in the head?

Just making a connection.

Okay. This is the place.

Okay, Bozlovski, he's in there.

No, no, no. No, no, come on.

Leo! Hey.

How many girls you got?

Come on, tell me. Five? Ten?

Fifteen? Talk to me. Huh?




All right.

You get me to Bozlovski... you keep your business... and we never met. All right?

You. Call for backup, or whatever they told you to do at Quantico.

You stay there by the door. You don't leave.


He comes, too?

No, no, he stays at the door. Go on.

Perfect. Because I was first in my class in door watching.

I hear you've been asking questions about me.

You know my name.


Coming in through Mexico, smart. Very smart.

How do you know this? What agency are you with?

They say you killed a Senator.

They think you're Cassius.


What do you think?

You think I'm stupid enough to call ahead from my own phone?

You think I give a damn what happens to some whore?

Yes. I've played Cassius before.

If they want me to be Cassius, I become Cassius.

But you're not him.


How can you be so sure?

Because I'm Cassius.

You were here?

Yes, sir.

And I ran immediately upstairs.

Hey. Ollie. Come on. You did the work on the Moussali capture, right?

Applied some like theoreticaI geography to his whereabouts?

Yeah, that's right. Tracking a fugitive... is essentially the same thing as tracking an endangered species.

You rule out the places they can't or won't go... untiI you have a reasonably few places to look.

You want in on this thing? Come on.

So, what is it I'm looking for?

Late in Cassius' career, his murders were no longer just pro-Soviet.

He was killing Russians, too.

And also English, Polish, Czech, you name it.

When was this?

Around 1988.

It never made any sense.

I think I missed something here.

Why do you think you missed something?

You have some new information?

PauI Shepherdson.



He's been at the company for like 25 years!

Yeah, I know, man. That's why I need you on this. Okay?

I've been over this shit like a thousand times... to the point at which I always see the exact same thing.

Find something different.

Okay. Yeah, sure. I-

But if you're right, I mean, that means the entire time... he's been hunting himself?

So, he killed the Senator?

If we're right about this, yeah.

Agent Geary.

I've got a question about a file here.

It's blue and it's got a note attached that says...

"Too many questions. Not Cassius. "

Uh, No. That one's a hoax.

It's like a crude copycat murder.

Okay, cooI. I'll exclude it.

I'm gonna run for coffee. Want something?

Oh, no. I'm fine, thank you.



PauI! Hi! Thank you!

You need to be carefuI.

Yeah. Oh, let me-

Stay up there.


I want you to tell your husband to ask off this case.

Have him say that it's just too much for him, for his family.

What-whatever he has to say, just get him out.

PauI, what do you expect me to do?

You know, I told you. I can't watch over him anymore.

He's getting very close to a dangerous man.

He won't listen to me.

He won't listen to anything I have to say, so-

He's gonna die, Natalie!


Do you hear me now?

Cassius has taken out men... much more experienced than Ben.

He doesn't give a damn about you, about your family.

He will kill your husband.

Like snapping his fingers.

And he will feeI nothing.

I pieced together the photos of every murder and I laid them out chronologically.

Oh, that red line right there indicates... where his killing became erratic and inexplicable.

So, all you've gotta do is set up a null hypothesis and try and prove it.

And when you can't prove it, that means your originaI hypothesis must be true.

Wait, wait.

Take some fact.

You said you believe Cassius returns to the scene of the crimes.

And you've got photos of every murder.

So set up a hypothesis of, say, Stephen Hawking is Cassius... which gives you a null hypothesis of Stephen Hawking is not Cassius.

So, go through the photos and try and prove the null... that Rolling Thunder is not Cassius.

If you can, that means your hypothesis is incorrect. If you can't... then depending on your "P" value of course... you've statistically proven your hypothesis must be true.

Or that Stephen Hawking is Cassius.


Some of us didn't sleep our way through Logic and Stats at Harvard.

Damn, this coffee really works.

I'll be right back.

Jesus Christ.


Hey. Come here, big guy.

He misses his daddy.


Sweetie, what is it?

No, just, you know how much I care about you guys, right?

Oh, God. Yeah. I do.


I just-

I- I just came home to tell you I've got to pull an all-nighter.

It's all gonna be over soon.




You know, PauI told me-

PauI? When were you talking to PauI?

Well, he came by the store today and he told me how dangerous this all is.

Honey. Don't listen to a word that that guy says, okay?

He's just an old man who thinks that the war is still cold.

Trust me. This is all gonna be over soon.

You promise?

Yeah. But I-I gotta go.


It's- Never mind.

I dug deeper into Bozlovski's life like you asked.

The guy's nothing but a killing machine. Anywhere. Anytime.

He's used every single weapon you can think of... from an M-24 from 800 meters to a rusty naiI.

Where was he June 1988?

We had him flying into Geneva as an Irishman named Ted O'Leary.

He was there for four days.

Where are you?

Holy shit.



Oh, my God.

Bozlovski killed your family.

So, all this time...

you were looking for revenge.

Agent Geary.

Where are you?

You got my message on your windshield.

I know the truth.

You've been looking for Cassius a long time, haven't you?

Yeah. And now I've found him.

It would seem so.

Where is PauI Shepherdson?

Hey! You wanna keep your business your business?

Or do you want every Fed in the District down here up your ass?

So, goddammit, Where is he?

Good to go.

All right, open it up!

What happened?

Open the gate! Open the goddamn gate! Now!

Come on!

How did I miss it, PauI?

How did I miss it?

The entire time, Cassius was right next to me!

Put the gun down, Geary!

What? I'm supposed to trust you now?

Yeah. Let's talk about trust.

Five down! Cassius.

Seventy across. Yepatb!


Thirty-two down. Bolxoh.


This is 30-year-old Soviet code.

So, how old were you when-when your family came over here?

What were you, about ten? Ten?

You never had a choice, did you?

So then you wrote a thesis that couldn't be ignored.

The FBI came after you. They signed you up.

You even started a family. You started a reaI family!

To make it stick.

You've been a double your whole life.

You cut the Senator's neck because you knew you were the expert...

who could convince the Americans it was Cassius who did it.

An investigation would flush Cassius out.

My orders are to kill you... and return to Moscow.

My plane leaves tonight.


Then that's all you'll ever be.


Cassius is getting away.

Hey, listen to me.

He's wounded. He's cornered.

He's not gonna talk. He's not gonna play fair.

He's not gonna be taken alive.



Come on.



Go home.

You go-

Check Cassius' watch.

Pull the knob.

That's how he did it.

Explains the cut pattern.

Bozlovski's the one with the slit throat.

I heard a shot.

And when I turned around, I saw PauI going down.

But not before he'd gotten Cassius' own wire around his neck.

Cassius shot PauI?

The ballistics will prove it.

But not before PauI finally got his man.

That's right.

Well done, Agent Geary.

You might wanna check on that ship.

Cassius was here for a reason.

What's this?

These came off the boat, sir.


Tell me something.

Would you ever consider working for us?

Excuse me, sir?

Think about it.