The Double Life of Eleanor Kendall (2008) Script

Thanks for waiting for me. You're gonna love it.

It's tumbled marble.

Oh, and a double vanity.

Nellie... [sighing] you know we've been separated for a while.

I'm sorry.

You need more time.

No, I don't need more time.

Maybe it's not the right house.

I'm not saying it's not the right house. It's just... maybe the right house for you.

I don't want you to think I'm being cavalier.

I've thought about this.


We're not who we were, you know...

We were just kids when we met.

How the hell could we know who we were?

By now we know?

Maybe we just know who we're not.

Buy the house if you like it.

Dave'll walk you through it.

He's doing my loan.

You found a house already?

I wasn't looking. I just kind of stumbled on it.

I'm sorry. I should've told you. Look...

We both knew this was an option when we split.

It's not the end of the world. It feels like it.

I tried.

I did.

But I have to move on.

Victoria? That's not what I meant.

But are you? This is not about her.


You're the only one who calls me that.

And will... always.


It was stupid, doing the in-vitro--

Oh, no, don't. Baby, please.

You said you wanted to adopt and you were right.

I don't know.

I just wanted our baby-- She's pregnant, okay?

I wanted you to hear it from me.

Let me go. Not from somebody else.

Sorry, I have to go.


I was expecting you.

David. Good morning.

So I know my offer was stupidly high, but I have to move somewhere.

And this house feels like me. I think me.

Nellie, this What? We can't give you a loan.

No one can. We have perfect credit.

No, you and Jack do. It's your credit.

Even with the sale of my house?

Look at the AmEx account. charge-offs.

Dave, this is my maiden name.

I haven't been "Eleanor Kendall" for a very long time.

Ah, jeez, Nellie.

What? Someone opened these accounts in your maiden name. Your security number...

How'd they get it?

Dumpster-diving, shoulder-surfing.

Today, stealing someone's identity is a national pastime.

This woman knows what she's doing.

Ah... Okay, look, first thing we do is put a fraud alert on all your accounts. We'll notify Experian, Equifax... Oh, great.



Thanks. That was a quick sale.

You're the best. Thank you.

No house, no identity... Let's drink to that.

The credit-card companies write it off, the local police won't touch it.

The FBI isn't interested unless I can prove it's over 50,000.

Meanwhile, I can't even rent with credit like this.


You know, it's weird.

When I thought I had somewhere to go, I couldn't ever dream of leaving this place.

But now, having nowhere...

I can't wait to get out.

You could always move in with me.

Why didn't I end up with you instead of him?

'Cause Jack was a safer choice.

Oh, yeah, that's me, the master of safe choices.

Weren't you the one who, after high school, was gonna go dance with the Paris ballet?

How do you remem And who Mr. Cartell was always holding up as an example in French class?

That's because I did all my homework.


Because he liked yo


Or was that me?

My parents gave me a set of luggage for graduation.

It's still my luggage.

I think my mom was the most disappointed I never went.

Maybe it was really her dream.

So you're in Paris.

Who cares whose dream it is?

Oh, yeah, mortgage banking, that's really living out on the edge.

I'd have gone to Paris with you in a second, if you'd just asked me.

I just don't want to be someone who lost herself along the way.

I just have no idea where to look.

Oh, uh... this, uh... came for you yesterday.

It's my parents' house, where I grew up.

Who'd know this about me?

I don't know. But look where the transactions are.





Yeah, the pictures You'll like the B&B.

It's right up your alley. At least I can afford it.

You have the money from the house.

To buy a house with.

You know, when I gave you that credit-card stuff, I thought you'd hire a detective or something.

You don't have to do this.

Well, I have to do something.

Nobody else is doing anything.

Then why not let me help?

Dave, you have helped.

I wouldn't be standing here if it weren't for you.

I just feel I have to do this alone, because I'm afraid to do it alone.

And because I am alone, you know?

Well, just...

... don't take any risks, okay?

I haven't lost my mind.

Yeah, just your identity.

So I'll find her and make her give it back.

Well, listen, I am... one phone call away, one plane ride.

I'm sorry.

No. I'm just not...

I'm just not ready yet.

Well, let me know when you are.

I promise.

"Le quartier de Paris."

Very funny.

Delighted you're staying more than the requisite few days.

Not exactly what we're accustomed to with our American guests.

Now, we've got Continental or full English breakfast starting at eight in the morning, and a lovely dinner starting at eight in the evening.

You just let us know whether we can expect you.

Sort of takes the guesswork out! Shall I put you down?

Oh, no, thank you, not tonight.

I'm awfully tired. Not very hungry.

Oh, right.

Well, now, we've got a lovely room for you.

Yes, right next door, nice and quiet.

Come, I'll help you.

It's a great place. Here we are.

Home sweet home.

You see, room to the left, loo one floor up to the right.

I-I'm sharing a bathroom?

Not unless we can find a suitable loo-mate for you.

Oh, my dear, I'm just pulling your leg.

You'll see, there's nothing for you to worry about.

There we are. You just tell us if you can't manage.

Silly key.

There you are. Oh, wow!

Since the room upstairs is vacant, you've got the place l to yourself, at least for tonight.

You've got a lovely little terrace right outside that door.

I do hope you'll be comfortable with us, my dear.

It's wonderful.

Thank you.

Our pleasure.





English is fine.

Well, there was a transaction made here to your agency from an account in my name, and I was wondering whether you could help me--

What's the name?

Eleanor Kendall?

Ah! No, no. Actually--

Christianne will help you.


Oh, pardon me. Not what I expected somehow.

It's lovely to finally meet you.

I was wondering if you could help me find--

Of course! I've put together a file for you, now that the apartment's vacant, we have lovely pictures. The apartment?

When I saw those pictures, I thought:

I should close shop and move to Corsica too.

You know what? Mr. Bouchard, our attorney, was meant to have the purchase contract signed and back to us we can do this right now and you can move in as soon as one month.

Le tour est joué!

But I don't want the apartment.

You've made the down payment, Madame.

I'm not Eleanor Kendall.

Then who are you?

Nellie Givens.

I mean I mean, I was Eleanor Kendall, but my identity was stolen and I'm guessing by the person who paid you for this apartment.

I assure you, Miss Givens, or whoever you are, I have known and done business with Mr. Bouchard for years.

He is above reproach.

Who is he, Bouchard?



Come on, Bouchard.


Excuse me?



Hi. I was wondering if you knew a woman named Eleanor Kendall? A customer of yours?

Who are you?

I... I'm just a friend.

So... you need a passport?

No, I have a passport.

But she sent you? Sort of.

It's not important. I'm sorry to bother you.

No, I just wanted to hear a friendly voice.

Well, I'm glad you thought of me.

I am not giving up.

Are you coming back?

I can't come home with nothing.

Nellie, please be careful and call if I can do anything from here.

I promise, Dave.

Will you? I will.

I'll call you if I need you.

Stay safe. Okay.

Miss you, Nellie. Bye.

May I help you? I hope so.

I met a woman who bought a computer here last month, and she said someone by the name of Stefan was very helpful.

I sold to two women last month. Was she beautiful or more...

I guess she was sort of pretty.

Ah, the pretty one.

Eleanor, I think--

Yes, that's right.

She bought... this one.

Good for travelling.

She mentioned going on a long trip.

Stefan, you wouldn't happen to have her number, would you?

No, sorry, no phone.

But I do have an address.

Oh, great.

Bonjour. Bonjour.

Bien sûr.


Uh, I don't speak French, but I was wondering if you knew where, um...

Oh, I'm sorry.

You said You said you were looking for...?

No, uh...

Just maybe a nice place to eat lunch?

Just one minute, please.


The trick is to find someone you'd like to know or be.

That's who you want to ask. I've had my best meals that way.

Who is that woman?

A double, no sugar, every day around 10:00.


Come on.

Oh, thank God. Doreen.


I'm sorry.

This key trouble.

I thought you were Doreen.

Oh, no.

All right, um, room and loo... upstairs?

Ah, yeah, it's right there, the loo.

It's a good tub.

Do I look that bad?

No. No, I just, uh...

Would you like some help with that?


Would you mind holding this?

[door opening]

It's always some small, insignificant trick.

Door up and in, and key right.

Door up and in, key right. Thank you.

I'll get it on my own next time.

It's no trouble at all.

I have a conference for a week.

May I... have my...

Oh, right!

Thank you.

I'll remember the tub.

♪ La nuit est chaude

♪ Mais avant l'aube

♪ Je dois trouver

♪ Quelque chose

♪ Pour m'apaiser

♪ Quelque chose

♪ Pour sauver

♪ Cette âme ♪

♪ Esseulée

♪ Mon âme ♪

♪ Délaissée

♪ Effacée I don't know her name.


But... but sometimes, she meets her students here.

Oh, what kind of students? She teaches French.

Thank you.


Yeah, you were right about finding a restaurant.

I'm sort of a virgin traveller. It's really hard to meet people.

I wouldn't say we've met.

No. But the young man said that you tutor and I'm looking for help with my French.

The young man in the bar?

I think he's in love with you.

I've hardly spoken three Well, I guess three words were enough.

You don't really need French here.

I'm on my way to Paris.

Do you have a pen?



3302, rue Adam.


A quick walk from here. I can see you tomorrow at 4:00.

Great. Tomorrow at 4:00, then.

Thank you.

Nellie Givens!

You forgot this.

How do you know my name?

But I don't know yours.


It's Eleanor Kendall.

Hello again.

How's the key?

Oh, I think I've figured it out.

How's the conference?

Long and dull?

There's only so much one can take in a day.

That's why I booked here.

Oh, I'm... I'm Nellie Givens.

Christopher Dolan. It's a pleasure to meet you.

From so far away, that is.

I suppose I should venture out for some dinner.

Any recommendations?

Now, it does seem a good deal of trouble for you to come all this way in hopes of finding her.

Oh, I did find her.

I'd be inclined to go to the police if I were you.

They don't really seem to care much.

Doesn't seem to be in anyone's jurisdiction.

Still, seems to be kind of a risky business, you know, you doing this yourself. I know.

But I feel like this woman took my life away.

And I thought if I could just find her and figure out who she really is and why, then maybe I can get it back.

Eleanor Kendall.

It's a lovely name.

Eleanor always seemed like a big name.

A lot to live up to.

And Givens?

My married name.

So you're married.

Not very much anymore.



Not very much either.

Well, to being not very much married.

Cheers. Cheers.

God, that does sound crazy, doesn't it?

Or heroic.


♪ C'est pas la peine de se presser ♪

♪ Pour se parler de nos projets ♪

♪ On aura toute la journée

♪ Dehors le temps est si mauvais ♪

♪ Et on restera seulement là ♪

♪ A se cajoler sous les draps

♪ A se cajoler sous les draps


Nellie, come in.

I'm so sor Oh, he's one of my students.

We always seem to go over. It's fine.

Okay... Come in.

So are you from here?

No, I don't stay anywhere long.

So you're not from here?

I'm not really good with accents.

Actually, there's a reason I'm here.

Help with your French?


I mean it's not a coincidence.


I don't believe in coincidence.

Only fate. What about you?

[school bell ringing]

Do you mind wait for me here...? I'll only be a few minutes.



Come on, come on...

Come on, hurry!

Um, I'm Nellie.

I'm a friend of Eleanor's.

Nellie, Madeleine.



Ah, Ah, ma belle Marina.

My daughter, Sarah.

Sarah, this is Nellie.


It's a guidebook, deMontréal.

Allez,go and get changed. Okay, maman.

We're gonna go to the park.

Madeleine watches Sarah, she helps us out.

You didn't take me for a mother.

[laughing] No, not really.

Sarah looks more like her father.

His side of the family.




I'm sorry.

It's okay. She was small.

Sarah doesn't know to miss him.

See, Sarah understands English; she can speak, but she doesn't like to.

I want her to keep her English, which is why I need you.

After school, even half an hour.

You know, I really wasn't planning on staying very long.

However long you have, then.

Even a week ca

Okay, now I am following you. Doreen said she pointed you in this direction. I hope it's all right.

I'm delighted.

Please, have a seat.

Can I have a wine glass? Thank you.

So I spoke to her, Christopher.

I was in her house.

What did she say? When you told her?

Well, I didn't really tell her.

But she invited me back.

To tutor her daughter.

She has a daughter? Mm-hmm.

I know.


And Marina.

Two daughters?

And Eleanor--

What? You're calling her "Eleanor"?

Well, what else could I? Anyway, seems like a good way to get to know her, what she's up to. Or a trap.

What kind of trap? Well, I have no idea.

It just seems you're playing cat-and-mouse with this woman.

I can't make out who's the cat and who's the mouse.


I found this on her computer, giving him power of attorney for the apartment.

In your name! Uh-huh.

Proof that this Bouchard's been helping her.

So... you're not such a mouse after all. Still...

Just... be careful.

I'm so tired of being careful.

Am I going too fast?

We could take a break here.

No rest for the wicked.

Or the good.

We'll carry on this way.

Okay. All right.

I'm sorry I pulled you away from your conference.

No one's m No one's missing me.

I'm certainly not missing them.

Honestly... most of us just look forward to the break.

It's a good clearing of the head, you know?

How did you end up there?

I'm... not divorced, exactly.

My wife killed herself.

I'm so sorry.

She was medicated when we met.

I had no idea what she was struggling with.

I was I was just so taken with her.

Crazy people can be so captivating.

I was out of my mind with grief, and a friend...

... a doctor with Save the Children, said to me the best cure for my troubles were everyone else's.

So I went with him.

And never left.

Oh, no, wait.

It's fantastic! Come on in!

Oh, yes! Whoo!

I'm sorry I kissed you.

Don't be.

I don't know why I did.

I hope it's because you wanted to.


... I wanted to.

♪ You've been so close

♪ I guess...

♪ I'm to blame

♪ I don't know

♪ Why I feel this way

♪ Even though

♪ There's nothing

♪ I can say

♪ I will give

♪ I will give

♪ You all of me

♪ I will give

♪ I will give

♪ You all of me I know I came here looking for her, but...


Finding you...

Sometimes the things we're not looking for are the very things we need.

So... your plan is to wear her down by just showing up every afternoon?

No, I'll confront her when I have absolute proof.

And what do you want, Nellie?

I mean, I know you want her to stop, but you could've done that already.

You have enough to go to the police.

There's a child involved.

I don't want to hurt Sarah.

Is it Sarah you're worried about hurting?

Maybe I just need to know why.

And why me? Maybe that's all I want.

It's possibly... just a random event.

I just want her to know, when I'm ready to tell her,,,

... that it's not random to me.

You're sure she doesn't know who you are?

I don't see how she could.

I'm sure I just look like a lost tourist to her.

And what does she look like to you?

She's beautiful.


The kind of woman any man would want.

Not any man.

Hi, Nellie.

Bonjour,Nellie! Sarah.

So what should we do today?

Que devrions-nous faire? Que devrions-nous faire?


She seems so suspicious of me.

Madeleine's suspicious by nature.

She emigrated from Hungary, a Hungary you won't find in any guidebook.

The old traditions and superstitions are mostly gone, but Madeleine says she sees things, hears things.

She has dreams.

What kind of dreams?

She calls herself a fairy woman.

Fairy women are mythological witches who can transform themselves into whatever they choose.

It is said if they see a face of someone in the face of a dying animal, they believe that person will die in a few days, weeks.

And you believe her?

I know it sounds strange, but it's real to her.

Well, is it real to you?

Who am I to say what's real?

So why are you telling me this?

Has she ever been right before?

Ever predicted anyone's death that you know? So far, no one I know.

Was it my face that she saw?

No, Nellie.

It was mine.

When I found the syringes, I thought:

Maybe some kind of drug addict?

Well, it might explain why she needed the money.

And there's a gun.

For God's sake, go to the police.

I can't explain it, but...

... there's just something about her.

She doesn't seem dangerous.

A possible drug addict with a gun?

I know.

I may have no choice about turning her in.

Just not yet.

Nellie, you're in over your head now.

I can't figure out why I keep going back, but it's...

... it's like, the more confused I am about her, the clearer I am about me.

I'm not crazy.

If I feel in any sort of danger at all, I won't hesitate to call the police, okay?

Look, I...

I'd feel so much better if you went see them before I leave.

The conference ends in a few days.

I should have said.

You're awfully transparent.

I hate that about me.

I don't hate that about you.

You have to leave some time, right?

I'm here now.


I'm just worried. Stop worrying.

I don't want to see you get hurt by her.

I don't think anyone could hurt me more than I've already been hurt.

It's like I've been immunized or something.

Well, immunizations don't trick the disease...

they trick the body. -


Okay, viens.

One, two... ... buckle my shoe!

Three, four... ...shut the door!

Hey, where'd you get those beautiful eyes?

From papa.

Have you ever seen a picture of him?

I have a picture in my mind.

But don't tell maman.


Because I'm not to speak of him, ever.

Well, maybe it's 'cause she doesn't want you to be sad that he passed away.

My daddy didn't die.

Hello, you two!

Sarah doesn't like to see me with other men.

Oh, even with your students?

Sebastien looks out for me.

Is that your wedding ring?

So many questions, Nellie.

It was my French grandmother's.


Together long? Too long, maybe.

It's hard to know when to give up.

I had a miscarriage a few years ago.

A little girl?

The way you look at Sarah.

Sarah, come!

We have to shop for dinner.

Join us, Nellie.

What What's a toutou?

[indistinct response]

Ah, okay. [laughing]

Well, this is... You know what this is.

An apple. Mm-hmm.

A pear.

Right. And, um... Bananas!



I met someone.


At the hotel. An Englishman.

Montreal is the place for love.

It's a very romantic city...

Oui, oui, oui, oui! [laughter]

So tell me, Miss Eleanor Kendall...

... who are you?

Where do you come from?

Is that why you stayed tonight?

My father was half-French, half-Argentinean.

We moved all the time, I guess for his work.

Or he was just as restless as I am.

So you're moving again?

Somewhere where I can see the whole world.


Is there a place like that?

Well, Madeleine says there is.

And Sarah?

She learns not to hang on.

That nothing's permanent.

What did you name her? Your daughter.


From The Nutcracker?

Ah... it's getting late.

I should really get going.

Thank you. You're welcome.

Don't forget your scarf.

Why did Madeleine point at my scarf?

There was a red scarf in her dream.

She thinks you've come here to kill me.

Good night.

Could I have it in me to kill someone?

I doubt it very much.

Why does she need your identity, Nellie?

What is she hiding?

I mean, are there any pictures of this dead husband around?

Things of his?

No, nothing.

Maybe the child's not hers.

I don't know that! I'm just saying it is a reason why someone would steal an identity.

I don't know.

Well, people take children all the time... that don't belong to them.

Sarah seems to adore her.

So do you.

Sarah might not know.

If she was small...

Eleanor doesn't seem like the kind of person that would do some-- Something that dishonest?

She's seducing you, Nellie.

Maybe we could go to the lake in the afternoon.

I don't need you to watch over me.


Thank you, Christopher.

For what?

Letting me seduce you.

And for seeing me when you look at me.

Go on in.

I'll meet you at the restaurant. Okay.

Ah, Nellie. Any messages?

Ms. Givens? Detective Denis, with the Montreal police.

Mind if I ask you a few questions?

I'll be upstairs if you need me, Nellie.

About Monsieur Bouchard.

I believe you left this on his door.

Yes, I couldn't find him. He wasn't there.

I've never even spoken to the man.

So you didn't know him? No.


Who's Eleanor Kendall?

Kendall's my maiden name.

I don't use it anymore.

Why did you leave the note?

I thought someone here stole my identity, and maybe he knew her.

Credit-card fraud. Petty stuff.

You believe this woman is here?

She seems to have moved on, but I don't know where.

We went through his files, his computer. There's no mention of an Eleanor Kendall.

It was a stab in the dark. Right.

You travelling alone?



Well, if this "Eleanor Kendall" turns up, I should have a word with her. Can reach me on my cellphone.

Excuse me, Detective.

Why are you investigating Bouchard?

Investigating Bouchard?

No. You see, Mr. Bouchard's been found dead.


From insulin shock.

Why would you be investigating if he died from diabetes?

I didn't say diabetes killed him.

I said insulin did.

Have a nice day.


Nellie! We missed you!

I have to ask you something.

Sarah's last name, is it Kendall?

Why wouldn't it be? It's my husband's name.

You don't have any pictures of him around.

Is that what you wanted to know?

Where's Sarah? [door slamming]


Hi, Sarah.

Will you stay for dinner?


No, I can't.

No, I... I have plans.

With your Englishman.

Sarah, come.

Can we meet tomorrow?

While Sarah's at school.

Okay, I know a place. I can be ready by 10:00.

I'll pick you up?

Nellie, wait one minute.

Take this dress.

For tonight.

You know, you don't look like an Eleanor.

Have you ever known an Eleanor?

Yes. One.

Did you like her?

[chuckling] Is it that shocking?

You look very beautiful.

Thank you.

Bouchard's dead.


A detective came to the hotel.

He said it was insulin shock.

They think someone did it.

Why did this detective come to see you?

A note I left on Bouchard's door.

What, do they suspect you?

I think they suspect her.


So... what did you tell him?

Look, I...

I-I shouldn't have pulled you into this thing.

The less you know the better--

You have to tell them what you know!

Well, I don't know that she killed him.

Don't be naive, Nellie!

I'm sorry.

But... if she knows you know about Bouchard--

I have no intention of telling her.

I'm done playing cat-and-mouse.

Remember, Nellie...

... she's a woman who's been lying to you, in every moment, about who she is.

My name was going to be Sophia.

The story we

"If you call her Eleanor, I will give her my ring."

This ring.

Why Eleanor?

Eleanor Roosevelt was her hero.

One day a letter arrived.

"I would be very happy if you would be my guest at Val-Kill."

The Roosevelt home?

Her home. That she built for herself.

I have a photo of her in front of it.

That's quite a story. Yeah.


It's good to remember that.


It just is.

I want you to tell me the truth.

Maybe I've told you enough.

Except for who you really are.

Who do you think I am?

I know you're not Eleanor Kendall.

And how do you know that?

Because I'm Eleanor Kendall!

Of course you are.

How could you?!

I'm so sorry...

You steal who I am, you lie to me, hurt me...!

I met your mother in an airport.

She seemed to want to talk.

Mostly about you.

You'd just lost your baby.

She told me details about your life.

Enough details.

The house you grew up in...

She even had your picture.

So that's how you knew me.

I've used other identities, Nellie.

No one's ever come to find me.

I never dreamed you would.

Neither did I. If you knew who I was from the start, then why did you lead me on?

I'm hiding from someone.

Sarah's father?

He isn't dead, is he?

He is to me.

Did you kidnap her?

If you want to call it that.


There comes a point when your survival depends on it.

And I shou I didn't want a child.

I'm sure you can believe that.

But he became so possessive that... one day, he put a gun to his head and said if I didn't tell him who I was sleeping with, he'd splatter his brains all over me. [laughing]

Why wouldn't you leave him?

He begged me to have a baby.

You fool yourself into thinking these things might change people.

His obsession turned to Sarah.

She was the most beautiful baby.

One day I came home, and he'd and he'd cut off all her beautiful blond curls.

He said for head lice, but really, it drove him crazy, people wanting to touch it all the time.

So I divorced him.

But brilliant doctors know brilliant lawyers.

He won sole custody.

So you took her.

He swore if I did, he would find me, and kill me.

Your identity, Nellie, it's helpe I only need it a little longer. Just till I know we're safe.

Do you think he killed Bouchard?


I knew he was missing, but not dead!

Who told you this?

Some detective came to the hotel yesterday.

You didn't tell this detective anything, did you ?

I told him I thought you'd moved on.

Peter must've found Bouchard and killed him.

I have to get Sarah away from here.

Sarah, go to your room, finish your homework.

But, Mom, I want to stay with Nellie.

I said go to your room, please.


Please say nothing to Sarah. Nothing at all.

The less she knows--

Is that her real name, Sarah?


Will you tell me yours?

It's Julie. Julie.

But never tell anyone, never call me that, for Sarah's sake.

All my plans now are for Eleanor Kendall.

I've instructed the school she's not to leave with anyone but me unless they have the password.

You're such a great mom. Thank you.

Do you think he knows where you live?

I'm sure Bouchard lied to him, to mislead him.

But you found me!

That's because I knew what name you were using.

Nellie, to go to Corsica, Sarah and I, we need...

4,000 or 5,000.

That's what it will cost to get us there quickly.

I know it's more than what you're offering, but it's what I need. See, Grand-Maman left me a small apartment in Paris. I'll sell it!

Why don't you just go there?

Peter knows it well. Paris isn't safe for us.

Of course I'll help you.

Take this.

As collateral, I don't know what it's worth.

Someday, I will help you.

You already have. Thank you, Nellie.

Thank you.

Good morning. Good morning.

Mamanwent out to the bank and told me you'd bring me to school.

Oh, absolutely. I'd love to.

Have you eaten?


You want some juice?


You're not supposed to touch that.

These belong to your mother? Diabetic.

It's her secret. We don't tell anybody.

See you after school.

[school bell ringing]

Detective Denis?

It's Nellie Givens.

Um, I have some very important information about Bouchard.

I need you to call me back as soon as possible.

Nellie, dear, are you all right?

Do you know where Christopher's conference is?


Oh, but he did leave this behind him at breakfast this morning. I thought he might need it.

Great, thank you.

You were right... Christopher, she killed Bouchard.

How do you know?

Because she's a diabetic. There's insulin, vials of it, in her refrigerator.

Sarah said it was her secret.

You didn't tell her, did you, you knew Bouchard died from insulin?

No, she didn't ask.

I guess that should've been the tip-off.

I just don't understand why she'd kill him...

He was the only one who knew who she was.

Isn't that your answer?

And you're right.

She took Sarah.

From her husband.

They've been on the run God only knows how long.

And when I told her about Bouchard, she panicked.

Said they had to leave immediately.

Have they left?

Tomorrow, I think.

I think she's having me followed.

What are you going to do?

I tried to call Denis. What else can I do?

I'll give my speech and I'll be back as soon as I can.

All right? Okay.

He waited quite some time. Didn't leave a card or anything.

Are you sure it wasn't Detective Denis?

The man who was here the other day?

Oh, no. This was a man I'd never seen before.

Light hair.

Oh, he said he was a friend of Eleanor Kendall, and he knew your name.

Of course I didn't t I can try again.

I'm afraid it's hopeless.

We're going to have to send for someone to have a look at it.

Oh, and look at you... fit to be tied.

Where are we going to put you till then?

Ah, follow me.

I'm sure Christopher won't mind.

Hello. Uh, I'm looking for a Detective Denis?

Emil Denis?

I was told he was with the Montreal Police...


Not anymore?

Are you sure?


Oh, no...

[phone ringing]



Uh, Denis' downstairs?

Okay, thank you. I'll be right there.


No, no, no, no! Please, no.

Oh, please, no! Oh, no, no! Please, no!

Oh, please, no!

Oh, don't die, don't die, don't die, don't die, don't die. Come on. Come on!


Come on!

It didn't have to be like this, Nellie.

I mean, at first, when you turned up at Bouchard's, I thought, uh:

Ths woman might ruin my plans.

I even had Denis follow you.

But then, it seemed so easy.

All I had to do was convince you to turn her in.

You waited and waited and waited.

You let her suck you in.


No, I didn't.

Not her. You.

So you're not surprised to see me?

When I first met her, I thought she was the saddest, most beautiful woman I had ever seen.

I fell madly in love with her.

You see, she knows everyone will.

But I knew a child was the only true, lasting thing she'd ever give me.

If you'd only just turned her in, Denis would've linked her to Bouchard's murder, and I could've taken Sarah... legally.

Not that I haven't... imagined this moment a thousand times over.

You can save her.

But I'm not responsible for her dying, Nellie.

You are.

She stole your identity.

You found her gun.

And of course, your fingerprints are all over it.

It's a tragic end, Nellie.

But I guess it's only fair...

... since she shot you...

... with this.

Wait, wait... Denis...

Denis worked for y Denis used to work for the cops.

But I guess he didn't play well with others.

Poor, sweet, trusting--

Don't move.

Come on, Nellie.

We all know you don't have it in you.

You don't know what I have in me.

She's dead... She's dead!

She's not dead, she's not dead.

He's getting away! He's leaving!

Don't you dare die.

Don't you dare.

I dreamed of your red scarf.

But you didn't come to kill her. You came to help her.

[school bell ringing1]

Oh, Sarah!

At school! Go! Go!

Call 911. Now!

Sarah, sweetheart, do you remember me?

I'm your father.

Look who I brought.

Marina. Marina.

Do you remember where we got her?

You were three yea and we saw her in the shop window, and you stopped and you pointed and you were shouting the whole time.

We knew you We knew you had to have her. You know, I...

I was so happy to see that she was with you...

Sarah, sweetie... Nellie! Papa's here.

We're going to meet maman!

Stay out of this, Nellie. Come here, honey.

Listen, I know he's your papa, but you can't go with him.

I said, stay out of it. Sarah, get the Sister, tell her to unlock the door.

Don't listen to him.

Tell her your father's here. You're bleeding!

It's nothing. Sweetie, I'm a doctor, remember?

Just tell her to come and open the gate, and we'll go find maman.

Sister Mary, my papa! Sister Mary, hi.

I'm Sarah's father, Peter Kennick.

Eleanor told me to come by and pick Sarah up today.

I can't open the gate for you.

I'm her father. Not without a password.

My G My God. Sarah, sweetie, just tell her I don't need a password. Val-Kill...

Just stop it.

Mind Mind your own business, I'm her father. Stop it.

You stop it. Listen, Sarah, tell her I don't need the password.

Please say it. Just tell her.

[police siren]

I'm your father. Please.

Tell her I don't need the password. Please!

Please. Peter Kennick, you're under arrest for the murder of Antoine Bouchard.


Tell her I don't need the password!

Please! Tell them I'm your father!

I need you to get to Eleanor's place right away.

She's been shot. I talked to the paramedics.

She'll be fine. She owes her life to you.

Thank you.

Sorry. I can't let you have her. Not without a password.


That's the password. Val-Kill.

I'm so sorry.

It's okay.

Everything we dreamed finally seems real.

Sarah and I can see the whole world from here, but with nothing to fear.

I found that picture I talked about, and I'm sending it on.


I finished painting! Come up!

I'll be right there.


... Grand-Maman would be so happy to know we could help you in return.

All my plans for Eleanor Kendall...

I guess they were for you.

Love, Julie.