The Dragon Pearl (2011) Script

Everything has its own story Of yore This map is part of the Chinese-controlled territory By an emperor who is good One day a stranger invading his country For months the emperor to fight But frustration with the difference in strength with the enemy forces Countries in crisis Suddenly the dragon fell from the sky This gave the Emperor A power to own property Pearl Pearl Dragon Emperor's troops remaining 300 soldiers Changed to 30 million soldiers

Emperor won the war But Pearl Dragon has been lost in the war Pearls can not be returned, the emperor felt guilty Liver Eventually he fell ill

Jiabeng the Pearl Dragon were assigned to find the missing To return to the origins

Hey, Hey

Retreat, retreat

Hurry back!


Let go, release Hey, Hey Chris you okay?

Ahh ....

Not so good

Attention to the visitors Flights from Kunming MU57854 Will arrive at 11:10

Lingling Mama Affection Uda worry, dear Mama, I have long waited Patience, patience yes I miss all Good Take the items you Mothers should bring a child's friend anymore

Josh Hey I am your father's colleague, Dr. Lee Oh Hi This is my daughter, Lingling So, my dad did not come?

Um, I apologize on his behalf Let's go Here, I help you take a suitcase

Well Dad, I know Bye dad, was talking with my mother Wei, eh. tenangkah already?

Well, After a few more weeks just met.

Still this music What music Flute sound, which comes from ntah

Two masked men came to steal the goods So the current situation is like this If I was a little late You've hurt worse.

Thieves certainly could not escape.

Your son comes Josh Hey Dad You up.

Ah You are so high, that little fellow uda where?

Long time no see my father Ah yes Sorry I can not pick up your Here, as in the film alone I've heard Last night your father wants to catch a thief No big deal, long story Your mother is fine?

You do not just ask him?

In fact, we are talking The journey you are fluent?

Still permitted.

Chris Chris They want to talk to you Phillips, This is my son Josh Phillips is a master of Geology Hi, Nice to meet you.

Hey Josh, Nice to meet you.

You are the boss here?

I also think, ah Dr. Lee is the boss I just subordinates.

I am very happy to see you Thieves steal anything? What there is treasure here?

Treasure, of course there is.

Please do not tell other people first.

Nice to meet you I am very pleased Bye Bye Sorry Josh, I have no business here.

The driver will take you back, we meet again at dinner Rest a minute, we'll talk again Both father Glad you could come

Please come in

Okay, bye-bye Bye-bye


Sorry, Sorry Do have any identification?

You must use this card. This is a sign of her identification.

Okay You think I look like a thief grave?

Not me, but they are.

Philip, I do not understand Why now discuss this issue What day is today?

Please Chris, let's take a look at this I want to confirm the facts, may I?

Tomb of Emperor Zhang, Image sonar Guess what, we Verification The tomb does have a lot of space inside These results are accurate?

Ground water level rise?

Dr. Lee, not only increasing But it is very acidic Josh, Do not just touch I think this is no doubt Water will corrode the tomb of everything If it failed to lift the pressure today I think we should hire a group of experts To blow up the door Come on this is too silly Every part of the tomb was priceless Of course, Chris But we do not have time Things that are priorities Protect the inside is the most important But it can not damage the precious relics Listen to me I understand what you mean But Chris is right There is no better way Contact an expert as soon as I opened the entrance to the tomb Okay I have put people mmm.


You may not dig here!

You should not dig here! Hey bole ga in! ga allowed to enter!

What's the matter? Every day you come.


What are you looking for? He allows us to explore here He was a strange You do not go, we called the police No, no. No go, no go.

Drag out Quick and Why?

Going fast! Going fast!

Oh, you can it?

Pretty simple Simple? It seems that an expert

Robbers! robbers! robbers!

Hey boy how?

I'll come back


Hey, you going?

To restore this How do you know it got him?

I know

Do you think he is a grave robber?

Thieves will not bring the flute You really really sure?

In time you will know

Slowly open, do not rush Be careful Here If it can be chaotic until broken We ensure that only allowed hammering 5cm/menit The final decision then.

Well yes I crane calibration Report their data at any time to me I want controlled precisely No problem I really hope Josh is here now Yes, Ling-Ling also must be very excited


Careful, careful

Succeed Successfully friends Successfully, successfully Excellent Excellent Excellent Oh, sorry

Bigger than I imagined Let's go Good

You follow me so?

Nga ah.

Ah yes, but I Children should not lie And there again, you do this Very, very, very insolent.

I just want to restore this Restore what?

Well, uda satisfied yet?

Task completed. Come back

You British people?

Australians. He was very rude

Thank you, thank you.

Flute is very important.

If lost I would end up.

Surely die. My family is also ...

Really good at bluffing. Let's go.

I do not go I can always hear your flute properly.

Mmmhh ...

Well more and more embarrassing.

You do not rush, I'll deal with it.

Only one person in the whole world can hear this flute.

Well back a bit distiller.

You can actually hear the sound of this flute?



Yes, this song.


Is it?


Is this?

This song.

Oh Buddha ...

What song? No sound?

How could it not audible? Did not you hear it.

You do not hear, I also do not hear it.

But you can?

Not possible Unless ..

In addition to the Dragon and the successor to the Kingdom Successor

Successor Kingdom Follow me Do what the Successor of the Kingdom?

No one listened to me, forget it

Can let go of my hand?

Oh, sorry.

I've found it.

Welcome to the Temple of the Dragon!

My name is Wu Dong I and my ancestors have protected the Temple of the Dragon more than three thousand years.

As my flute Three thousand years, a total of six thousand years.

It has been a long, long time Oh long, very long is not it?

Uh, Do not touch, do not touch, should not be in touch Not a joke, sorry.

Friends, follow me not spread.


Let me take a picture.

Okay, go. Ah

Be cautious.

See here.

Oh, wow Oh.

Finally found.

Truly amazing.

So beautiful. Is ah Come!

Hey yeah Yeah Very great.

The air was pretty good.

Well This is great. Very nice.

Take some photos again Very nice. Very nice.

Catch this.

Good catch, yes, one, two Also the third, good catch!

Have you seen yet? here Successor kingdom is the Son of Children, children, kids emperor.

Lest the question is are you?

Only the royal succession could open the door.

Which door?

Which door? Eastern Door The door on the ground.

The door on the ground.

He's talking nonsense.

We have .....

Only through a new magic triangle can find the door.

Magical Triangle, Triangle Magic Too messy, too messy, clean for a while.

Messy, chaotic.

Clean the moment, with what?

Sweep briefly sapa tau could meet.

Too messy certainly can not be found.

Stop, Do not sweep again.


Are you looking for a triangle?

See here.

Here's the pattern.

To view the design is very compact.

Ash fell on the vertices of a triangle.

There, there and here.

Maybe. It's definitely a mystical triangle.

Eastern knot is The key to open the door East East, Eastern Knot here.

Do, Do, Do, Do not move Successor to the Kingdom you try, you try.

Give it to me.

We try to ga useful.

Ga correct.

Ga correct.

What the book says it is true.

I do not believe life can still be seen.

I really do not believe it.

It has been three thousand years.

Owh, I am Buddhist.

Siau Ling!

Really bad Wu Dung quickly think of a way.

Of course, the idea, looking for ideas. Quick Find ideas, how, how ...

Yeah, I thought ..

Just this Just this Siau Ling, I left.


I'm still good.

You okay?

Okay, go and check what is written in the book next.

Good good Ah be careful. I go, I go check.

Look for what to do.

How, still want to come in kedalamkah?

Sampe already here.

There are many men? There are many men?

Wow, must have a rope to descend down.

What is it?


That is ... I do not know.

What's the matter?

That is. What I see is ..

Well look like you've scared me, what is it exactly?


What's the matter?

Siau Ling, Ling Siau, Siau Ling Like the saber-toothed tiger or a big dinosaur.

I do not know, just it is a big monster.

Josh you calm down first.

Under it there is a big giant.

If he does come out, then he will eat people.

Josh We need a tranquilizer gun.

He awoke to see This situation is not too bad Siau Ling, tell them.

Sorry, I need to check it out.

Okay okay Josh we need to let the doctor to examine.

Well, Josh

Then I go I go I went to make tea for everyone Does no one care about the giants?

You do not need to tell me now, later we will discuss Hear.

You should tell them the truth.

And what we saw.

The thing about the hole.

Me, I do not remember.

Monster, do not remember how?

Sorry, I forgot how.


Rest well dear.

I actually saw it.

Josh It sounds really ..

A little crazy.


What is called crazy? Are you and my mother divorced?

Eh, .. okay.


I do not know how to explain this to you.

Your mother and I It's come to that.

Do not explain. No, no, I have to explain my son.

Listen to me How can you not listen to me Hey Chris, disturbing No, Philip all fine Well if you do not mind I want to hear Josh say about Giant

Well, I also want to hear, both listening You say from the beginning of what you see.

Follow me, We're almost there. Hurry!

Wu Dong will tell you Follow.


Oh scene here is pretty good too.

Wu Dong, you there?

Wu Dong

There was a he named Wu Dong.

He has kept for 3000 years here.

Not only he but also his ancestors.

Wu Dong

Hello, there are many men? Today finished up here?

Hey, where the incense, the incense?

Yesterday is still here Anyway, there are some incense, incense in several positions.

You see, the ash will fall on a predetermined location.

Will show the secret door.

Lock the door there.

Siau Lin with strange worship He's like this With her head lying on the ground here Tap here and then Here is an amazing secret door Able to open the secret door and closed back But I can not open, just Siau Ling who can do it But I do not believe the lies All that can be opened he would be able to open others as well.

Lies within.

Josh why do not we go back on the other days.

And try again with Ling-Ling.

And I'm still curious.

It seems easy to open Dad, It's Wu Dong Come, I want to introduce.

Hey, Wu Dong.

Tell my father there is a monster How are you?

How are you?

You live in the holy temple?

Eh, .. What I have lived in the temple?

Sorry I do not understand what you're talking about.

I go to work first.

No, not Wu Dong You should not go.

Quick talk about the monster.

This guy seems to never be seen.

He is, really.

Hey, hey. Wait In emang there are monsters?

Yah gone mad?

This is the Temple of the Dragon?

How there is a monster?

What do you see?

He is a monster.

Monster You do not know him?

I do not know him.

I really do not know him.


He said you know, Josh.

What? Dong Wu please. it's me.

Wu Dong Do you?


You are the Wu Dong?

I surnamed Zhang, Zhang of Zhang Zhang from Jacky Cheung, Maggie Cheung Zhang from Zhang of Zhang Fei, Zhang Liao Zhang from Thank you, thank you.

Ga nothing.

Josh wrong people.

I'm sorry.


He knows me.


But now he is lying.

I'm sure there's ruse.

Josh, what actually happened here?

For example, I ask you.

Come on Dad, I'm not bragging No, no, I did not say so.

How are you.

If there is anything you can still tell me.

Maybe it's just my illusion.

You both come with me for a while.

Oh All what news?

Good morning!

Good morning!

Both of you to help clear the table and Do not place anything Good

I apologize about that yesterday.

You do have to apologize Now I look like a fool, can see the monster.

I can not tell them.

Yes, thank you for not saying.

Look, I'm not the successor of any kind.

Possible holes in the creature's just an illusion.

You think so?

Well, we go back and try again from scratch.

I do not believe the things neighbors fate of reincarnation.

Well I'll forget about it and you will also forget.

We go home.

Think of it did not happen during the holidays is over.

Flute also is auditory hallucinations.


Listen to me!

I just do not believe it would work.

My dad went there! Both Josh No, Philip.

But we know The second door is always more difficult to open.

The designs are very complicated.

Of course, I know, but we do not have much time.

I can do the detection With the X-ray beam Of course, we want to do But this needs to be sent to Beijing.

Until the temperature inside the cave was under control.

Gentlemen, we are seeing here.

I think the answer is somewhere here.

We refer to this section. Very nice.

You know?

I believe we can find the answer to all this.

To seek a breakthrough in the next stage.

Think of the first sentence.

Note here that there are a few sentences and notes.


Samples and sent out a note please!

Tomorrow we bring it to the door in and try it.

Well, today until here first.

Let's save it, put it in my car.

How to go eat sangwo?

Good idea My treat.

We go eat at a nice Sichuan nga?

Good Chris rest.

Oh ... Sorry I completely forgot this Now what?

Getting better day by day I always forget Good.

Sorry once again Let's go!

I always think what is happening.

Caramel apples are very tasty.

I'm glad you liked it.

Josh File analysis has a potential value Now we just rely on him.

Yes, we have sent safely to Beijing We had to pick someone to send it.

[Josh] Why else? [Chris] Thus we can guarantee his safety.

I heard the flute.

Wow, it's very beautiful Vase.

Josh, I really do ....

Wu Dong!

Wu Dong? I want to discuss with you Now you want to discuss?

This time is remembered sayakah?

Sometimes my thoughts better and sometimes my mind messed up.

That's because I've aged.


Wu Dong, ga worry about it anymore.

He was not a successor to hell.

Siau Ling, we go.

No, He emang successor.

He's the one.

Sir, believe me.

He is the successor.

Behold, I have no other choice.

You also can not choose.

Dragon takes you.

Dragon? Beings that exist in the cave Dragon?

Quote you think it is a rabbit?

It is not possible. there are no dragons in this world.

Josh, do not talk anymore.

Dragons, like why?

Dragon will tell you.

Lingling, Lingling

[Chris] Josh [Ling] I gotta go Be careful


I would not say it.


[Ling] We are here. [Chris] Josh.

[Dr.Lee] Lingling [Chris] Josh, let's here.

Do not just wander.

People here are very crowded.

[Josh] I know. [Chris] Listen to me.

Easy to get lost.

Do not just roads! uda listen?

I just saw a beautiful vase.

Just like


Listen, I want to go back to the holy shrine You do not need to follow my So why are you telling me?

I hope you go away.

Let me go.

At least we need to take the gun.


At least there must be a tranquilizer gun.

You do not melawaklah!

It was a dragon! Although I'm not sure But if true then he will be spitting fire and eating people.

Chinese dragon will not.

All dragons will surely and ..........

Chinese dragon will not.

How can you know?

Actually, I have a plan.

I tell you, first we went looking at the Temple of the Dragon East

Until the age of 5 I've never ride a bike again.

Still drives well.

He came.

Already come?

I had to come.

Thanks buddah Thanks Dragon.

Thank you, thank you very much

Thank you very much.

Thank you children of foreigners.

We set off.

We set off.

We set off.

Come on do not be offended. Ah ngapapa, these antiques.

Careful well, thank you.


Be careful!

You're a what?

If creatures that want to hurt someone.

You should not throw stones at the Dragon You'll thank me Josh, You have to respect it.

've Seen yet?

How to find it new?

It will come to you.

What do you tertawai?

This is heard. He has come.

You're here, I feel very honored.

[Josh] He will not bite men are? [Ling] Do not be so rude.

That does not mean not shall the.

Do not be afraid Once he had never seen a child of strangers.

He knows you know who!

You told him me and you like it.

Ga anything, big guy.

We'll be friends.

Yes, the old dragon.

This world has changed.

He looked very sad.

Dragon pearl? Pearl Dragon what?

Each Dragon each have a Pearl Pearls are a source of strength History books also say like that.

Dragon pearl you where?

Siau Ling

Siau Ling

Siau Ling, you do not look down

Siau Ling, Siau Ling

[Josh] Hold out your hand to me. Be doing well. [Ling] Josh!

That's all right.

I'm afraid.

[Josh] It's okay. Do not be afraid [Ling] Ah, why is this?

Why is this?

Please, please!


Beware, Beware

Are you ready?

[Josh] Well, One, .. two, .. three [Ling] Three

It has been written into the history books.

First-time immemorial in this country by a foreign invasion.

Fortunately, getting help from the Dragon.

Coupled with the Emperor against the enemy's courage.

Saved state.

But the pearl is lost since the war.

The emperor also died in grief.

Or this story should be written so:

Truth is still hidden in the long history Even the emperor did not die in the battlefield and the pearl is not lost The emperor's favorite daughter became Queen of the Kingdom.

To overcome the grief-stricken. [Princess] Stop

[Princess] Pearl will be buried with my father here! He was very angry Blaming the death of his father at the Pearl Dragon. [Historian] Princess Dragons need it He will always protect my dad forever!

To punish the Dragon Princess Pearl ordering must ..

Buried along with the King.

No one will know this truth.

Should not let people know that pearls are here.

To keep a secret.

He destroyed the records of historians.

And ordered to rewrite the whole story [Princess] What is happening today.

Day's events should not be anyone to say it out.

Otherwise, none of you may live.

In the new story, Pearl is not buried in the tomb of Emperor [Princess] you have to follow my words to write the history of my King.

But missing on the battlefield. [Historian] Both daughters.

Since this will be passed on as history. [Princess] A general

[Princess] For the sake of his own country fight it out. And thousands of years Dragon has been waiting for until one day He can re-find the missing pearls.

And then returned to Khayangan.

Inside the tomb? Pearl?

[Wu Dong] Really? [Ling] Yes, we have also seen it.

Not like it was written in the book.

Dragon tells of Pearl Which has been written to confuse grave robbers.

Princess Pearl hopes to protect his father. Forever.

So the entrance of the tomb.

They have opened the door first.

[Josh] Pearl Dragon. [Ling] Then what should we do?

Successor destiny!

You must return to the Dragon Pearl Dragon.

[Wu Dong] It is the responsibility of you! [Ling] I?

If you do not do.

Pearls will be placed in museums or maybe worse The stranger, you're right.

You must do something quickly.


Wait, Philip said that the water will rise.

Will flood the entire tomb!

Will destroy all the objects that exist within.

Waw ...

[Josh] Siau Ling, what would you do? [Ling] I'll tell my mom.

You should not be so.

[Ling] This is the fastest way. [Josh] It's not the best way.

He could not believe you.

You see what happened to my last.

I do not like about you.

Siau Ling

[Dr. Lee] Please wrapped, I will send it to Beijing! Good

Can I make suggestions?

Better give me time to learn this ancient book.

I could see a few days.

Discover new perspectives.

Philip is not your expertise.

Chris you can not say so.

I've studied many ancient books.

I know where to answer the mystery.

I think you know We better be the best on our own field.

[Dr. Lee] Comrades, please book sent immediately to Beijing. [Chris] It's obviously not good, why not ...


There is one thing I want to say.

We flew together, to see the past Dragon brings us Mama, why do you have that?

I am very worried about you Lingling.

We must return to the Dragon Pearl Dragon.

Inside the tomb I think he really should be checked properly.

Sometimes a small amount of bleeding of the brain can cause hallucinations.

It was too funny, mama.

[Josh] Hey Dad. [Chris] Wait Josh.

I went to the line below.

[Josh] I think I found a clue. [Chris] Josh, please.

Josh and I have seen it.

Is Josh should also do a check?


Yes, the dragon one.

We flew along with the dragon.

Also returning to the ancient It's really a compliment

What more do you want to convey?

What do you mean?

Lingling I do not know why.

I also do not know where he could tell.

But I'm fine, really understand the situation.

And I do not?

I'm not saying that.

But you think so.

Next time I take you up the mountain. They look good!

Very, very nice.

Do you know Josh?

You can come very good.

If you are not happy, I do not blame you.

One day you will understand Believe me!

But now You hallucinations, and attitudes you

I think you have to understand that I here is very busy There are a lot of work to be done Which is also a great thing.

And we are now at stake The problem is enough, enough Josh!


I told you they would not believe.

Mama I do not believe me makes me sad.

Already feeling now?

You know?

I have found the entrance to the tomb.


Lingling, we go.

Are you okay?

Still good.

Ga wrong I listen? You know how to get into the tomb!

Of course, I do not need to know why.

I think it's very important.

Welcome to my lair You read all this?

Sure, the innards of this game getting to know better.

The book will not be exhausted studied.

Sit down Josh. Thank you.

Listen, you're very enthusiastic.

Your ability to solve puzzles are also very great.

I believe you have found a way.

The trick?

Dad you're not sure the book is the key to the tomb.

He thinks the answer is in the book.

I do not feel that way.

The holes in the book.

You've seen it. What can you see?

How can you not honestly tell you my father?

It's useless, my father did not believe me.

Come on all parents must be stubborn.

What do you recanakan?

Actually, I'm also not clear.


I suggest you look carefully these ancient books.

Before then sent to Beijing Or before being taken by thieves.

The thief that day almost succeeded.

I was always told to put the place of storage of goods.

A safe place.

Just in place under the table, too dangerous.

But Your father change their password combination is new in the security box. But what combination?

This is still a mystery?

Are you tired?

[Dr. Lee] You're still angry with me? [Ling] Ga may I?

Next time remind me if I am angry again.

Remind me to do a brain.

I just hope you're okay.

Just that it?

Well, do so. Ok?

Well, good night!

Hand you a cold, we go heat up first.

Come, come, come, let's

Strange, mother's birthday?

Why did you come here Nothing to do with you. You yourselves why here?

As you You take it for what?

We must get into the tomb However, if

[Josh] Then I put back [Ling] Wait.

We check carefully.

Instantly solve all. Reveal the truth!

Okay, let's go!

The good, anyways I like antiques

[Philip] brother.

[Philip] Called brother to come. [Guard] Well Thanks Come on Go there! Quick, quick. Good good good

[Philip] Let's just in the eating. Do not hesitate [Guard] Well dinner today

Let's run.

China also has zombiekah?

There are only Western movies I saw there.

Look fast, look here.

The door has no handle and key hole, too good.

There may be a hidden button?

I do not know.

Hey come look at this I saw this yesterday.

They focus entirely on the text But ignoring the most obvious You know what you're doing it?


Hey at least here there are no hidden poison dart like a weapon, or a rolling stone.

But I do not know, what will next dilakukkan.

Well, apparently this is not a coincidence.

But now

[Ling] Press down [Josh] What?

[Ling] Press him. [Josh] Press what?

Dragon Well I will try.

Ready? Let equally disposable labor.

Already open, continue, continue.

Here the Emperor and Empress My ancestors.

So the pearl is not here!

Princess clearly ordered to be placed here.

Maybe we forgot something.

Maybe it's not true Now what?

He is here, I know it.

Let me hold


Siau Ling, are you all how well?

[Philip] Good Josh. [Josh] Hey Philip you arrive on time.

Yes ga wrong, let me take him away.


Your father and Dr. Lee.

They think I'm stupid But I know better than anyone else about this Dragon Pearl.

As they studied this tomb.

I have all the information about which I have told you.

Pearl Dragon has the power of Magic.

Kekuatann infinite.

I just wanted to see how strong.

Pearls give him, Josh.

Not Give me your pearls.

Siau Ling



Siau Ling!


Hey hurry up!




Look carefully, not to lose.

Josh, Josh.

Is this what you want?

I can not find Josh, do you see?

Lingling how?

You must see this.

Oh soil test report.

This is the test results of samples sent to Beijing.

In emang no water but no improvement.

So, Philip lied to us by showing the water levels rise?

His report is false Philip could be where?

And also the children?

Guards! Guards!


Lingling Josh Lingling There are people below.

This is why is that?

[Dr. Lee] Who did it? who did it? [Guard] Philip Dukes


Wheels are stuck, you think of ways Fast, Fast.

Siau Ling Well, you go first.

I tried to stop them.

Take care, Josh.

Wait ...

That's all right.

I know where they are

Who's there?

Come on Come on Do not run.

The bad guys come ah Etc., etc.

[Josh] Come lah. [Phililp] Let him, all returned.

Ga have to ignore him.

Rapidly rising upwards.


Are you sure that they are in the holy temple?

I'm not sure but I expect them.


Wu Dong, Wu Dong.

Are you all that good? Wu Dong My bag, my bag.

Okay, back to me. Immediately!

Otherwise ...


Cars here I tell the police I went first I go with you.

[Chris] You stay here, while waiting for the police. [Dr. Lee] Hey Hey Hey

Already see the dragon god ga still kneeling.

Once, Twice, Three times.

Once the new right.

Let us think for a minute.

You give up the Pearl then you should leave this place.

Give me the bag.

Quick. Thank you.

[Chris] Josh, Lingling [Josh] Dad


Now you finally understand

[Josh] He wanted the Pearl Dragon [Chris] What do you do?

But it should not be given.

What do you do he's my son

Okay. You back off.

You let him go, and then you put down that knife.

[Philip] Backward. [Chris] Quickly place the knife.

[Philip] I'm warning you. [Chris] Quickly place the knife.

Chris backwards ..

[Chris] Well good, we discussed [Philip] I do not want to discuss with you

[Chris] Listen, if ..... [Philip] give me a pearl, Josh

[Chris] just give us what He wants, no nothing. Good

[Chris] Sooner Pearl gave it to him. [Phililp] Slow down.

[Philip] Be quiet, do not bother me. [Dr. Lee] Lingling.

Dukes, you asshole.

You, release my daughter!

Lingling, fast run.

Mama. Lingling, Lingling Dad you okay?

Lingling Mama Lingling

Mama Lingling

Lingling, not Mama

Lingling Ah

I knew the dragon would come to help me.

This is amazing.

I can not believe something like this.

Sorry, I suspect you.

Good, down from here.

Farewell criminals One!

Two criminals goodbye!

Three criminals goodbye!

Be careful, criminals!

Hey Hey Hey stranger Hey Wu Dong.

Josh If you have a big step before doing it ..

Notify me may I?

Dad, I've repeatedly mengatakkannya I'm kidding, kidding.

The next time I still can not believe you.

Then you should hit me.

You're a great kid I'm proud of you.

I grew up like you want, learn archeology.

Study Archaeology?

Maybe after you grow.

There are many things waiting for you to explore Make yourself more valuable.

We're on the same side of

I'm so proud of you Mama-written book of it's not all true.

I think this history should be rewritten.

It's time to rewrite the truth.