The Dressmaker (2015) Script

I'm back, you bastards.

Is that, uh...


Very good, Sergeant Farrat. My design, but Dior-inspired.

Myrtle Dunnage.


You grew up. You got old.

Sad, but true.

What have I done this time?

Fine leather... can be irreparably damaged by moisture and mildew, Tilly.

How's my mother?

Molly... doesn't get out much these days.

Did anyone... know you were coming?

They'll know soon enough.



Have you come about the possum?

You can't have him.

Because we wanna keep him, don't we?

Do you remember Miss Harridene?

The schoolteacher?

Stewart Pettyman.

Do you remember him?

Left, right. Left, right. Left, right.

He was Miss Harridene's favourite.

Miss Harridene, she stained me.

She stained me with the ink! Huh?

What about Mr Almanac?

The chemist?

I don't even know who you are.

Hmm. Hmm.




We both remember Mr Almanac.

Apply three times daily.

Thank you, Mr Almanac. Come on, Myrtle.

Your mother's a slut and you're a bastard.

What about Shire President Pettyman?


Now, there's a reason to vote.


I don't know why you've come to this... hole.

There's nothing here.

I came because...

I need you to remember me, Mum.


I need you to remember so I can remember.

Remember what? Being my daughter? Hmph.

That too. Fat chance.

What else?

Did I commit a murder?


Am I a murderer?

Is that why I'm cursed?

You don't remember committing a murder?


Well... it's not something you're likely to forget.

I know.

What if you are a murderer?

I wouldn't be in the least surprised.

Murder! Stop it! Come on.

Murder! Oh! Ah! Ooh!

Help! Help! Don't... Oh!


Oh, oh!


Molly! Oh!

Help! Help!

Ah! Ah!

Murder! Ah!

Let me go, you bitch. No, no, no. No! No!

You've got to...

Molly, stop it!

It's just a bath.

You're filthy dirty and you stink, Mum!


Stop, stop... Rape!

Who in their right mind would be up there raping Mad Molly?

A lady with little balls!

Knew there was a reasonable explanation, Barney.

Myrtle Dunnage is back.

Haven't seen her since she was a kid.

She moved.

They sent her away, Barney... for the good of us all.

Dunnybum's come home.

Wonder how she turned out.

♪ Sock it all over town

♪ People pointing at me

♪ They call me a muddy cloud

♪ You better meet me

♪ Baby

♪ Meet me with your black dress on... ♪

♪ You better meet me Eugh! ♪ Hey, babe... ♪

Sergeant Farrat!

I know you're in there!

My geraniums have been assaulted!

Morning, Beulah.

I'm sure I saw that half-finished one, Barney McSwiney, peering at me from on the top of the silo.

Ah. There's Elsbeth Beaumont.

Young William's back from West Australia, I see.

My son.

Home at last.

Ready to embrace your future!

There's Mrs A.


Yoo-hoo, Mrs Almanac.

Oh! Ooh!

Can't you help her with some of them drugs of yours, Mr A?


All she needs is God's forgiveness and a wholesome diet.



Prudence, Mr Almanac's coming.

Ah! She won't get me!

Whoa there! Gotcha.


♪ By the light... ♪ Here's your mail.

♪ Of the silvery moon... ♪ Gert! Gert!

It's William!

Pratt's. Hasn't changed.

Ah, the remittent son returneth.

Gertrude, the Windswept Crest account.

♪ Your silvery beams will bring love's dreams

♪ We'll be cuddling soon

♪ By the silvery moon... ♪ Doesn't Reggie Blood have a lovely singing voice?

I call Reggie the Perry Como of Dungatar.

But much better-looking, don't you think?

William's back.

It's nice to see you home, William.

What? Oh.

Excuse us, Gert.

I was... only after some coils of fencing wire, Mr Pratt.

I have your mother's unpaid accounts of the last two years.

Comes to a total of £347, 10 shillings and 8 pence.

William's travelled. He's very worldly these days.

Does he have a lady friend?

Well, our Gert's a handsome, capable girl.

She knows feedstock, haberdashery...


...and what powders are lethal to maggots and fly-struck merinos!

I'm afraid...

William will have to look much further than here for suitable... companionship.

Who lives at Mad Molly's now?

Mad Molly. Only she's dead.

Someone's alive, Mother.

They've lit a fire.

She's back! Jesus!

The murderess is back!


Irma, the cushion!

You're off the paper!

Evan, you're off the paper!

It's going to rain tomorrow.

Windows will need cleaning when it stops.

The latches and the doorknobs need a good soaking as well.


A situation has developed, and until it's settled, I don't want you leaving the house.

What things? What situation?

Well... it's the grand final this weekend.

Footballers from Winyerp will be coming with their filthy boots and their foul language.

Not coming into my house?

No, no, no. In the street.

You will be safe inside.

Now, my pet, have your tonic.

Oh... Good girl.

Give you a little bit extra so you...

There we go. Thank you.

There you go, pet. Head on the pillow.

I can't see him.

25 years since Stewart's accident.

25 years since I lost my boy.



Go, Teddy!

On your left, Teddy!

Go, Reggie! Move over, boy!


Oh! Oh! Reggie!

Pick it up, Teddy!

Go, Teddy! Go, Teddy!

On ya, Teddy!

Go, Teddy!

Who's that?

Outside, outside, outside.



Don't look at her. Eyes on the ball.

Stop looking at her, boys! Come on!

Farrat, stop her. Charge her.

With what? Sitting?

The nerve of that girl!


G'day. Oh.

Your get-up's distracting my players.

Well, I do have an unusual talent for bias cutting.

Yeah. Listen, Myrtle... I prefer Tilly.

Tilly, the only reason these bastards haven't run us McSwineys out of town too is me dad empties their shithouses and I win 'em the footy.

We lose this match, all I've got left is the shit.

Thank you, Teddy.

I know you and Mae have been looking out for Molly.

You leaving?

No. I'm going to change.

Been looking out for me, have you?

Iced VoVo?

No, thank you, Molly.

I remember you. It's Molly Dunnage.

That's right. I'm still alive!

What about that poor wife of yours?

Irma is as well as can be expected.


She kept running into doors, if I remember, your wife.

Cut lips, black eyes...

Can I help you?

That all miraculously went away when you become a hunchback.


I heard she was back.

I had no idea she was so beautiful.

Gertrude knows fruit preservatives.

Female intimate apparel.

She does her own hair too.


Your dress...

That fabric...

That's the photographer from the Winyerp Gazette.

How about a kiss for our man in blue, hey?

Oh, no, no, no. No, no, no, no.

Kiss me, kiss me.

Eugh! Trollop!

Problem with your Dungatar team is inexperience.

See, our Winyerp boys are seasoned professionals.

They're not likely to be distracted by some good-looking sheila.


Gertrude Pratt.

What's the matter with you?

I hear the footballers' dance is Saturday night.

I could make you something.

A dress can't change anything.

Watch and learn, Gert.

Watch and learn.

Oh, how fortunate. It's three-quarter time.


Oh, come on! Concentrate, Dungatar!

Ah! Oh!

That's it. Keep falling over.

Come on, Winyerp! Lift your game!

Come on. Come on, wake up!


You bloody idiot!


Come on, don't look at her. Eyes on the ball.



Yeah! Yeah!

Dungatar win!



Your husband's mighty slow these days, Irma Almanac.

How'd you manage that?

Oh, Molly Dunnage. Oh!

And you're in a wheelchair too.

Yeah, well, it suits my captor.


Ooh. Ooh. Still hurts, does it?


Uh, Mrs Almanac, my name is Tilly...

I know who you are, Myrtle.

It's very good of you to come home.

It's very brave too.

Sergeant Farrat told me you've been sending food to Molly all these years.

Don't mention it. Please, don't mention it.

Made you some special cakes.

Oh, speaking of poison.


Unusual aroma.



And tell me... why would a beautiful and clever girl like you come back here?

Excuse me.

Quick, Irma... who is she, and who did she murder?

You don't remember any of it at all, Molly?

Uh... She doesn't even remember.


They say that she killed a boy, Molly.

I remember Evan Pettyman bundling her into the police car... and then Sergeant Farrat driving her away.

Hey, watch out!

Get it, Dunnybum. Get it!

She threw it on the roof, Stewart!

Dunnybum threw your ball on the roof!

Get Dunnybum! Get her!

Look over there!

You too!

Can't find her anywhere.

She's gotta be here somewhere! Find her!

Gert. Gertrude!

Please help me. Please.


Gert, please. Gert, please help me.

Miss Harridene!

Miss Harridene!

Miss Harridene!

Miss Harridene!


Stand really, really still, Dunnybum.

Or I'll come round to your house tonight and kill your mother, the slut.

And when she's dead, I'll get...


Oh, Molly, there's... there's no pain.

There... there... there's no pain at all.


♪ I traded my heart for your heartbeat

♪ And gave you all of this to boot

♪ If you feel you want to make a deal

♪ Cock your piece and rooty-toot-toot

♪ Bang, bang, bang, bang... ♪

You know, I lost a child too, Molly.

Your first victim, was it?

There's nothing more terrible than losing a child.

It's enough to send you mad.

Wouldn't know. I never had any myself.

Who's this?

Where did you get that?

That's Madame Vionnet.

Mm-hm. I used to work for her in France.

She probably died too.

No, she's... she's still alive.

Hmph. She's an old lady now.

A designer. She recommended me to Balenciaga.

Another victim. Another designer.


Did she teach you how to sew?

No, you taught me to sew!

I can't sew.

I know you remember me, Mum!

Come on, just... say my name.

Go on. Say it! Say my name.

You won't get me, you murderous bitch!

Oh! Oh! No.

Say my name! Say it! Say it!

Oh! Oh!

Stewart Pettyman!

That's right.

You killed a boy. Broke his neck.

So now you know you are a murderer, you are cursed, so fuck off!

Am I, uh... interrupting?

Not at all.

No. Just taking a trip down memory lane with Lizzy Borden here.

Uh... I want this one.

You'll get what I give you.


Come in.


15 shillings.

That's... that's outrageous.

So's your bum.

You know how to bargain, Gertrude.

Free groceries for a week.


Like what?

Did you tell Stewart Pettyman where I was hiding that day?

What day?

You know exactly what day.


I can make you the most striking girl in the room.

I told.

Sorry, Myrtle, but I figured it was better you than me.

Does... does that mean our deal's off?

Take your clothes off.

A murderer and a lesbian.

This one.

Open that one.

Oh, Teddy!


McSwiney! I got five quid that says that you are too gutless!

Five quid.

Don't be scared. They're only mice, mate.

They just wanna say hi.

Five quid? Easy money!

Come on, Barney.

Are you a man or a mouse, McSwiney?

Come on, Teddy. What do you reckon, Barney?

Should I jump? Jump, Teddy!

Jump, jump, jump, jump! Look out for the mice.

Are you too scared, mate?

Come on, Teddy! Come on, Teddy!

Jump, jump, jump, jump!




On your back, McSwiney! On your back!


Look out below! Reggie Blood coming through!


Come on down, boys!

I don't know why you want this mirror.

It's filthy.

Got a clean one of those at home if you want it.

Need a lift?

Yes. I'm exhausted.


Oh, thank you.

What are you doing?

Shut up!

Here we go, Mol. Oh.

There we go. Oh!

Thank you. Who are you?

Mrs Dunnage, it's me, Barney.

Are we related?


Oh. Thank God.

It would be safer for Molly if you ride too.

It would suit her if I fell off.

Don't be ridiculous, Molly.

If I'd wanted to kill you, I'd break your neck.

Everybody knows that.

You moved.

Yeah, I don't know.

A true killer would have cost Dungatar the grand final.

So, why didn't you?

No, I've decided you didn't come home to help us win the grand final.

I reckon you came home for one of two things... bloody revenge or... me.

Just so you know, both are out of the question.

Pick you up Saturday at 8:00, then?

Footballers' dance?

I'm busy.

Oh, well, what about tonight? We'll go to the Winyerp pictures.

Oh, what's on?

Sunset Boulevard with Gloria Swanson.

Still... busy.

Doing what?

Stirring her cauldron.

But I'd love to go.

You shouldn't be so rude to him.

He's a kind young man who wants to take us to the pictures.

He wants to take me to the pictures.

Well, go, then. Think I want you here under my feet?

Why are you so interested in what I do all of a sudden?

I'm not. I don't care if you stay an old maid forever.

Still not going.

You never came back for me.

You came back for them.

Well, go on, make them their dresses.

Make them think they're classy.

They'll still hate you.

Tape measure.

Oh, your centre line's off.

Got to start from the beginning again.

Get all these pins out and start again.

What's wrong with you?

Stay there. It's still my house.


In trouble, is she? I'm not surprised.

Tilly, in the car...


Molly, what is it?

I love you!

What? A delivery.

Do you remember my possum?

Beloved by all, missing.

And I know what happened to him.

Tilly, certain accusations have been made, requiring me by law to make a thorough search of this tea chest.

What am I being accused of?


"Chocolat en poudre".

Chocolate milk.

Thank you.





Ooh, my.





Ah, oh!


Oh, good Lord!


Oh, oh! Oh!


This isn't how I remember you.

This isn't how I remember you either.

Well, frankly, this is how I'd rather you remembered me.

Don't worry, Sergeant, not much chance of me forgetting this.

I'm brilliant with sequins and diamantés and I bet I can hem stitch as fast as you.

I'm a whiz with zippers and gauging and frogging.

And how do you feel about ruffs and flounces?

Oh, I hate them.

So do I.

I wish we had a better mirror for you, Sergeant.

There's a mirror tree outside.

There is a mirror tree outside.

Where did you find so many mirrors?

I've always managed to live discreetly.

But, um...

when Stewart Pettyman died...

his father wanted me to send you away.

And you did.

I refused at first, but...

he knew about me.

Knew what?

Somehow, he managed to find these designs I'd drawn on a model that was unmistakably me.

Signed by me too.

He threatened to send them to the district inspector.

I would have lost everything.

My home here, my... my career... my...


Betrayed for a wardrobe.


Saturday night, then.

♪ Dream on, dream on, teenage queen

♪ Prettiest girl I've ever seen

♪ There's a story in our town of the prettiest girl around

♪ Golden hair and eyes of blue

♪ How those eyes could flash at you

♪ How those eyes could... ♪ Who is that?


Where did she get that dress?

It's Gertrude. Gorgeous.

Could you please play a love song?

Yes, of course.

I was just about to go... home.

♪ Be a thief

♪ Be my sunshine

♪ Or my grief

♪ Be anything

♪ But, darling...

♪ mine... ♪ Look at our youngsters.

Oh, they make a lovely couple.

Gert, you look like someone out of a movie.

Oh, there she is!


May I come in, Joe?

I've stopped crying.

I'm alright again.

Joe, tell me you're not cross.

Popcorn? Shh!

I certainly don't want you buying them for me.

Look, they're not even in a real car!


Oh, there's nothing like blue flannel for a man.

Now, this one, single-breasted, of course.

Happy new year.

Happy new year, darling.

She's trying to kiss him.


Shh! Shut up!

You shut up, pervert. Quiet.

This is filth.

Look at his face!

No-one told him this scene was in the picture.

Shh! We're trying to watch the movie.

Alright, give me this.

I need some of your Scotch.

Now, close your eyes. Close 'em.

It's just that I don't want to be left alone.

Watch your head.


Strong, aren't you?

Have you heard of this new play from America, Molly?

South Pacific?

Oh, it sounds very...


It sure is, Mol.

I hate romance. What a surprise.

How about some music and a... nice cup of tea?

How could I resist?

Oh, Macbeth.

You like this?

Probably not your taste.

"Hark, something wicked this way comes."

What kind of bloody awful music is this?

Blues. Oh! Music to hang by.

Yeah, I don't know. I like it.

She's got a lot of pain in her voice.

Yeah. Billie Holiday.

Sounds like she needs one.

That my hip flask?

Come and get it, handsome.

Give me that. Oh, not you!

Give me that. No.

Give it. Give it.

Oh, you degenerate! Give it!

Get your hand out of me!

Don't be ridiculous.

Careful, she's old.

Oh, give it, give it!


♪ I've heard it said...

♪ That the thrill of romance...

♪ Can be like a...

You drank all my whiskey, Mol.

Oh, big deal.

♪ I go to bed with a prayer...


Yes, please.

♪ Strange as it seems... ♪ So, where did you go from here?


To Melbourne.

To boarding school.

Then where?

I ran away to London.

Then Spain, Milan and Paris.

And then back home?

They don't like us here, Teddy.

Me and Molly.

They'll never forgive me for that boy's death.

They never forgave Molly and she didn't do anything.


They tried to take Barney away just for being different.

People came to the school. I had to run and get Mum and Dad.

I remember you boys.

I used to watch you from here, you and Reg and Barney, up on top of that silo.

You had that...

You had that telescope and looked for...

You used to look for rockets from outer space.

Yeah. And Superman.

You don't scare me, Tilly Dunnage.

In fact, I reckon you could make some bloke pretty happy.


I'll look after you.

If you want me to.

I have to put Molly to bed.

I'd like to see Myrtle Dunnage, please.

I bet you would.

I'd like you to see.

Then you'd know what we have to endure every time we look at you.

Oh, there you are.

Mad mother.

Molly seems well.

These days she's far from neglected.

But she has good days and not so good.

Gertrude Pratt told me it was you who made the dress she wore to the dance.

That's right.

Well, I'd like to order some daywear... if it's at all possible.

It is.

But it'll cost you. Cash.

Yoo hoo!


Uh... I'll have a line of night attire and lingerie.

To put some spring back in the old mattress.


Off you go.

Am I in the right place?

Station Hotel.

But it's so far from the station.

Are you right there, Muriel?

Yeah, good, thanks, love.

Bulb's gone.

Tilly got in another tea chest.

Where from this time?

Paris? Milan?

New York. And it's full of cottons and a peacock crest too.

A peacock crest?

Well, I don't know.

I mean, I'd imagine there is.

But I wouldn't know exactly what's in the box, would I?

I'd better be going.

Your frock.

That's our secret.

It's none of your business.

Local girl. Up on the hill.

What about alterations?

They'll be minor.

And if there are any... I can manage them myself.

You sew?

I'm a dressmaker.

And a seamstress.

Fully qualified.

I would like to see what's in your workroom.

Would you let me into your workroom?

You'll be familiar with my work soon enough.

Evan Pettyman invited me here.

Did you think they wouldn't fight back?

"Dungatar welcomes Miss Una Pleasance, "who brings to the community her considerable dressmaking skills."

Got some Murray cod for lunch.

And I... I risked my life to get these for you.

Oh, you shouldn't have.

Whose garden? Beulah's?

Sergeant Farrat's, actually.

Top of the morning to you, Teddy.

Sergeant! Didn't... see you there.

You think you're good-looking, don't ya?

"Miss Pleasance is at present

"a guest of Shire Councillor and Mrs Evan Pettyman."

"Her dressmaking establishment

"will be temporarily located at their home."

I'm just so grateful that you were able to make it.

It's an absolute pleasure. It's going to change a lot.

Lovely day. Oh! Muriel! Shoes off, shoes off!

Made a sponge. It's real cream. I'll take that.

Una, come on. Don't be shy.

Welcome to the grand opening of Le Salon.

Hear, hear!

Style and decency.

Some designers just don't seem to know the difference, do they?

Una Pleasance.

I wonder what rock they found her under.

Just as they were starting to like me.

You're wasted here.

Oh, good shot.

You nearly got Pratt's store.

But here is where I am.

I think we should run away together, Till.

Oh! What?

Yeah. You and me. Forget all about Dungatar.

Leave them to themselves and fate.


You can't just... ask someone to... run away with you out of...

...out of the blue.

Oh, God...

You should take Barney home.

Do you want me on my knees, Till? That it?


I can't be with you, Teddy.

I'm cursed.

Well, all I can say is thank heavens...

Oh... ...for Una.

I was hoping for something a little more... slimming.

Oh, no. This dress is so you.

Oh! Shoes off! Oh.

I've just vacuumed. I'm supposed to meet my mother.

Yes. That's... that's William.

Yes. I asked him to pick me up. Mother?

In here, William.

But... but isn't it bad luck to see the bride in her gown before her...

Nonsense. Not when the bride looks as beautiful as this one.

In here, William. Come view your future...

Walk along the edge of the carpet! My middle's wearing!

No! No!

William! Oh!

Oh! Ah! Ah! William!

William, come!

For goodness' sake!

There! William! Where did she go?

There. There she is.


We'll catch her in the car.


On the edge! Shoes off my carpet!

Oh! No!

Is that your dress? Oh, I like the bow!

The bow?! You would like the bow!

William's here!

Get it off me! Get it off me!

Oh, there's no zip! She's stitched you in!

Dad! Get a saw!

Mother, isn't it bad luck to see the bride in her gown before the ceremony?


Not when the bride is as beautiful as this one.

Ah! Mother! Alvin, shut the door!

Stop pushing me, Mother!

Sorry, folks, we're closed.

Out the back. Out the back!

Run, Gertrude, run!


Sorry! We are closed for business!

Oh! Ooh! Sorry.

Where is she?

Um... Uh... Chickens!


Tilly? Princess Elizabeth's here for a fitting!


Help me! Myrtle! Tilly!


Oh, my God!

Oh, God!

Tilly! Gloria Swanson's here.

I'd like to see Gertrude Pratt.



Well, it's bad luck for the groom to see the bride's gown before his wedding day.

Mother, stop it.

A fully qualified dressmaker and seamstress would know that.


Gertrude, it's me.


Sorry, Una.

I've decided to go back to Tilly.

I think she understands my particular body shape.

She certainly does.

No. She doesn't look like that.

You... you've been had, my lad.

You... you witch!

I think we'll be going now, Mother.

You can't marry that stupid grocer's daughter! She's common!

What... what are we doing here?

Oh, William! Oh, my God!

Oh, just get away!

Hello, Teddy. Hello, mate.

I'm getting married next month.

Would you be my best man? No!

Yes! Why?!

I want a future! A life!

You have a life.

It's not mine!


Yeah. Sure, mate. I'll be your best man.

I'm gonna get ya.

You'll need a suit. I'll pay.

That could be awkward.

Don't talk to me about awkward.

Take your clothes off.

The others do!

You want me to?

Yes! No!

You're fine as you are.

That's not what you tell them!

She tells them if they want it done proper, they've gotta strip and be measured, because it's a work of art made special for them and no-one else.

You see, Tilly? I do listen.

She tells them that they're all different, even though they're all the same... too fat, too skinny.

You'll be a sight for sore eyes.

Anyway... Io and behold, our genius here does make them look different.

Less like themselves and more like they wanna be.

Don't you?

You just called me Tilly.

When? Just then.

I never. Yes, you did.

And this morning... twice. Oh, liar. Liar.

Sounds like this is the most important piece of clothing I'll ever own.

You could be married in this suit.

Yeah, I could be.

Snapped up by some eligible spinster or... hag.

Trousers off too?

Yes. No!

Most important day of a chap's life. Want to look sharp.



Well, it was his idea.

South Pacific, Molly?

You're right. It's very romantic.


♪ Lonely sea... ♪

17 inches.

Ooh. Much less than Gertrude Pratt.

♪ Island... ♪ Chest.

Actually, the girl I fancy, Molly, doesn't want me.

Mad, is she? She thinks she's cursed.


Rubbish. He's much bigger than that.

You can tell just by looking at him. Do it again.

♪ Call you... ♪ I don't believe in curses.

I didn't either, till she showed up.

Is that comfortable? Yep.

♪ Come away, come away... ♪ 42.

Told ya. ♪ Bali Ha'i... ♪ Also less than Gertrude Pratt.


♪ The wind of the sea

♪ Come to me, come to me... ♪ Besides... I know she's the girl for me.

Couldn't be anyone else.


Also less than Gertrude Pratt.

Make yourself something and come to the wedding with me.

No-one will talk to you.


We'll dance.

And the more they hate you, the more we'll dance.

♪ Where the sky meets the sea I'll keep you safe.

♪ Here am I, your special island

♪ Come to me, come to me... ♪ Ooh!

Gertrude's wedding has ruined me!

All my customers have left me... for that witch.

Una, don't despair.

You've still got... Beulah, Elsbeth...

and me.

Oh, Evan.


Quick, quick, quick! Quick.

Oh! Arggh!

Oh! Oh! Ow!


My head, my head! Oh!

Ow! Ah!

Oh, Jesus... Ah!

Oh, God!


Uh... shire business.

Shire business, pet.


I'm inundated!

I'm going to see Myrtle Dunnage.

For what?

About a gown for Gert's wedding.

No, you can't. You can't!

You must have your... situation in hand by now.

Besides... Una's inundated.

I came here despite all I heard about you.

Could you take your cardigan off, please?

But no-one's been displeased with your work.

Unlike that... talentless Una.


Don't tell Elsbeth I said that.

Oh, no, never.

It's all very hazy now, but... you left, I seem to remember, when your mother became unwell.

Not... not quite in that order.

I lost my son.

You know?


You might remember him from school.

He fell out of a tree and died.

Do you remember that day?

No. No-one remembers Stewart now.

But I remember.

That's why I find it difficult to leave the house.

Everywhere I go, I see what I once had.

Where Stewart once walked.

No-one remembers Stewart now.

Not his friends.

Not his own father.

Not even Beulah.

South Pacific!

Could I?


♪ Most people... ♪ I want to look better than everybody else!

Especially Elsbeth!

Something like this?


♪ Lost in the middle of a foggy sea... ♪ Oh!

♪ Most people... ♪ If you're game, I am.

♪ Long for another... ♪ Mrs Pettyman... ♪ Island... ♪ Just then...

why did you say, "Not even Beulah"?

She was there when Stewart died.

Saw the whole thing.

♪ Bali Ha'i... ♪ Sergeant Farrat! Tilly!

Marigold Pettyman came to see me.

You need to show me Beulah Harridene's witness statement.

Well, that's not possible. It's police property.

I couldn't... show it... to you.


Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah!

Well, perhaps I could lend it to you.

Tilly Dunnage designed the wedding dress.

Oh! Can't wait to see it.

Thank you. Oh, my goodness.

Oh. Mother of the bride.


Thank you. Winyerp Gazette.

Oh. Alvin and Muriel Pratt, parents of the bride.

Good to see you, mate. You too.

Why, it's Marigold!

Marigold! I haven't seen her in...


She got Tilly Dunnage to make the dress.


♪ Don't please my folks too much

♪ Don't laugh at my jokes too much

♪ People will say we're in love

♪ Don't sigh and gaze at me... ♪

Not invited to the wedding, Miss Harridene?

Were you in love with Evan Pettyman?

You are trespassing!

'Cause otherwise, there's no explaining this.

"I was in the schoolyard, "watching Stewart Pettyman playing after school.

"Myrtle Dunnage came up to talk to him.

"I saw her strike Stewart Pettyman on the head

"with a brick."

That file is police property! How'd you get that?!

Perhaps I subdued Sergeant Farrat with a brick!

Or... a feather boa.

"I heard a sickening crack."

Now, surely if this had happened, I'd have some memory of it.

I mean, who could forget that vivid, "sickening crack"?

I wouldn't do that if I were you.

Oh! Oh.


Oh! Help, help!

Oh! Oh!

"I screamed, 'Stop! Murderer! Stop!'

"But Myrtle Dunnage just looked at me and laughed."

Oh, really?

I don't remember being such a mirthful child.

"Whereupon Myrtle Dunnage continued to stamp brutally, "again and again, "upon the boy's broken poor neck."

Oh, Beulah!

Two split infinitives.

No wonder they called me illiterate at my new school.

Hah! Oh...

Oh, are you... are you scared of me, Beulah?

You weren't when I was 10.

You would hit me with a ruler whenever I got a sum wrong.

Or spilled the ink. Mmm...

So why didn't you stop me when I "stamped again and again" on the "broken poor neck" of Stewart Pettyman?

Hmm? I couldn't!

I was 10 years old! I couldn't have done any of this!

Everyone knew it was you! You were the only one there!

You were there.

What are you insinuating?


I wasn't there!

I came around the corner and saw poor Stewart Pettyman lying on the ground, his head all twisted to one side, and you... you standing over him.

You lied.

You didn't see any of it.

He would've blamed me.

Who? Evan!

Evan Pettyman.

It was my job to protect his son.

But you, you and your mad mother, you're evil!

Lord knows what you're capable of!

Try and hit her fat arse.



I know. She's exquisite!

Yes. My daughter-in-law's family's in business.

They move in... commercial circles.

It's on the boot! They've got him!

♪ Pardon me if I'm sentimental

♪ When we say goodbye

♪ Don't be angry with me

♪ Should I cry... ♪ Everybody looks so beautiful.

That Tilly... she's so clever!

Shelley. And what's your name, darling?

Cheers, girls.

Are you having a nice time?

They are beautiful... G'day, Evan.

...lovely name...

Still up to your old tricks, are you?



That's right, girls... run for your lives.

You think your little boy fell out of a tree?



Oh. She lied.

She lied. Beulah Harridene lied to you in her witness statement.

I... suspected as much.

If you doubted her, you... you... you should never have sent me away.

You had no... you had no right.

And he... he had no right to send me away.

He had... a right.

What does that mean?

He had a parental right.


Evan Pettyman is your father.



Marigold! Don't make a scene, for Christ's sake!

Jeez, Marigold, don't...

I didn't do it.

People are staring! Murderer!

You get away from her, you bitch!

Teddy! No!

Teddy! Teddy, calm down. Calm down.

Tell her it isn't true! That I... I didn't kill her son.

I... I couldn't have.

And this... this statement is just a pack of lies!

She's mad!

Look, you... you believe me. You tell them!

Tilly, it doesn't matter what I believe.

I investigated the incident.

I talked to everyone... everyone here.

Everyone was accounted for... at home, in the pub, with friends.

It is true, Tilly. I... I wish it weren't.

But the fact is... you were the only one there.

I want to press charges.

You shut your mouth, Pettyman, or I'll break your neck.

Alright? Come on, Teddy.

You hit me, McSwiney.




Tilly, you moved!

You moved, Tilly.

Why... why... why didn't you tell me?


You should never have come back.

But she moved!

You moved, Tilly!

You moved! Shut up, Barney.

No! She moved!

I saw him! I saw him!

He done it himself! I saw!

She moved, Teddy. I'm sorry, mate. Sorry.

No. Come on, calm down.

What are you trying to say? He done it. I saw.

I saw him done it, Teddy.

Hey, you've gotta calm down, alright?

She moved. At the school, she moved.

I saw, Teddy. I saw him.

She moved.

Don't. Stop.


Let go!

Teddy, stop it!

Stop it!


Stop it.

Stop it, Teddy.

He cornered you like this, didn't he?

Made sure you couldn't scream.

And then he said something to you. What did he say?

"Stand... stand... stand really, really still, Dunnybum, "or I'll come around to your house tonight

"and kill your mother, the slut.

"And then, when she's dead...

"I'll get you."

And he let you go, but you didn't run.

You just closed your eyes and stood there. Why?


I was waiting.

For what?

What were you waiting for, Myrtle?


To die.

To die.

Stewart used to run at kids like he was a bull. You remember?

He'd run at them with his head down, ram straight in their gut.


Not this time.

This time, it was just you and him.


You were gonna die, but you didn't. Why?

I moved.

You moved. I mo... I moved!

Barney saw the whole thing from on top of the silo.

Stewart hit the wall full pelt and broke his own stupid neck.

He didn't tell anyone because... he was afraid they'd say he was lying and send him away again.

Instead, they sent you away.


You didn't kill Stewart Pettyman.

He killed himself.

I suppose we should get married now.

Why not? It's what they'd hate most.

Have a big wedding in Dungatar, rub their noses in it... then move away.


To where? A better place.

Where there's no Elsbeth or Beulah or Councillor Pettyman.

No hate or revenge.

Better Saturday night dances.

What about my mad mother?

Will we take her too?

Yeah. Why not?

We'll even take my slow brother.


Yes, Barney.

Yeah, we'll take Barney.

That a yes?

So, Till. Mm-hm?

You see any spacemen or rocket ships?


Teddy, look!

It's a bird!

It's a plane!

It's Superman!

It can't be. He's right here.

With powers and abilities far beyond those of mortal man.



What about my curse?

I told you... I don't believe in curses.

I'll show you.

What are you doing?

Oh, you... you aren't seriously thinking of jumping off this silo in the dark?

No, of course not. That's for foolish little boys.

Jumping into the silo... that's for men.


No, don't...

No. Don't...

No, don't.

What if it's empty? Nah, it's full of wheat.

Trucks loaded in this morning.

Are those mice? Yep.

Please, Teddy, don't.

No, look, Te... No, no. No, no, no, no, no, Teddy.

D-don't. Don't. Say, "I am no longer cursed."

Don't, please... Say it.


Teddy... You didn't say it.

No. Wait. Ted...


That's very funny.


Alright, I'll say it.


I am no longer cur...

I am no longer cursed!

There is no curse, Teddy.





Somebody... help me...

Teddy! Teddy!

Help me, somebody!


What's Teddy done now?

They cut a big hole in that silo, Ma!

Look at the wheat flying!

It's not wheat, Barney. It's sorghum.

Nah, Teddy wouldn't jump into sorghum.

You know that.

No. He'd...

No, Teddy wouldn't jump into that.

You can drown in sorghum!



Barney, why don't you take the littlies for a walk down by the creek?

Your dad and I have gotta have a talk with Sergeant Farrat.

It took them three hours to cut a hole in that silo.


He was trapped in there too long.

He suffocated.








Funeral's on Wednesday.

I couldn't ask his dad or... any of the kids to help me.

Didn't want none of that... town lot touching him.

Come on, then. We'll wash him and we'll put him in his suit.

My beautiful boy.

Fear no more the heat o' the sun...

...nor the furious winter's rages.

All your worldly tasks are done...

She murdered him! She's cursed.

She got it from her mother. Well, I think she pushed him in.

Sergeant Farrat should lock her up!

It was you lot killed Teddy.

He died trying to prove his love for her was stronger than your hate.

Anyone would die trying to prove that.

Free, is it? 10 shillings.

12 shillings.

As soon as she's able...

I'll see to it she finishes what she started.

Because Teddy was wrong.

You can't be left to yourselves.

Or to fate!

You're the curse.

And you've got to be stopped.


What's this?

"Summer Eisteddfod... Winyerp versus Dungatar."

"Best play, best set design, best...


I wonder who Winyerp will get to do their costumes.

Thank heavens you have Una.

You're gonna make me something. Why not?

You make frocks for them. Why not your own mother?


That's right. Something smart.

Suitable for entertaining.

And I want you to eat, Myrtle.

I met your father when I was 20.

I was very naive.

You don't remember him coming to the house?

No. Oh.

Well, I wasn't naive enough to marry him.

He didn't talk to you much.

You weren't a son, you know?

I thought he'd just leave us in peace.


Her father was the shire president, and when he died, he left all his money to her.

Well, Evan just...

swept her off her feet.

Poor Marigold.

He, um...

He had you sent away to hurt me.

I came back...

I came back... For me.

'Cause you thought I needed you.

But really, it was you that needed me.

Oh! You've put on a lovely spread, Molly.

And you've decorated!

Cocktail snacks and cucumber sandwiches cut real thin.

It's the Dungatar social committee.

Do you remember the summer eisteddfod?

Dungatar is doing Macbeth.

And they want you to do the costumes. Poor old Una.

No, Una's been cast as Lady Macbeth.

She can't possibly be both lead actress and seamstress.

Of course not. Cocktail snack?

Myrtle, the town will never forget.

But they might forgive if you were to win us the eisteddfod.

Trudy's the director. Who?

Me. Oh, everyone calls me Trudy now.

We have some ideas about what we want.

Thank you, Trudy.

This is baroque.

Well, it is Shakespeare. You have heard of him?

"Double, double toil and trouble, "Fire burn, and cauldron bubble

"Fillet of a fenny snake, In the cauldron boil and bake!"

Oh, plays are such fun.

They bring out the best and the worst in people, don't you think?

So it's... all settled, then!



She means it'll cost you. Cash. Up front.

Or you will just have to wait another year...

I'd rather die than make one costume for those vile idiots!

How could you...

How could you invite them up here?!

They left you to rot! But I'm still alive.

They sent me away from you.

But now you're back.

Stop it.

Stop it. Stop it.

Stop it.

It nearly killed me when they sent you away.

But I ended up hoping you'd never come back to this dreadful place.

You were better off away from here.

You would have been stuck hiding with me on the top of this hill if you hadn't been sent away.

But instead, you can create.

You can... transform people.

That's very powerful.

Use it.

Use it against them.

I have a plan, Myrtle.

Oh! You're looking lovely, Molly.

You're blind, Irma.

No. She does work magic, my girl.

But she needs money to get started again.

That's why this letter has got to get to Winyerp.

If I take it to the post office, the bastards won't send it.

And go easy on them cakes, Irma.

I made them a little bit stronger than she would have.

She's young, you know?

She doesn't understand pain like we do.

Goodbye, old friend.



Molly! Ooh!

Oh. Alvin!

God. She must have broken something when she fell.

Can we give her anything for the pain?

You can't do anything for a stroke. It's God's will.

But... but she's in pain!

She'll be in a coma soon and she'll be dead by morning.

You vile old man!

It's alright.

Mum? Oh, God.

Mum. Mum, it's alright. It's alright, Mum.

It's alright.

Oh, God.

Poor Molly.

Alright, I'll change it.

Don't upset yourself, Till.

She would have hated that one. She would have hated it.

♪ And now you're going to tell your missus

♪ When you get home

♪ Who you were with last night... ♪ Oh, you don't like it? I'll take it off.

All these... songs... are corruptive and pornographic.

No wonder poor Molly got into trouble.

It's all the fault of... of persuasive popular song and... and a lecher.

There'll be no more...

There'll be no more... singing.

Molly's dead, they're alive, and I have to suffer!

Now, Beulah... the conductor will make an announcement when you reach Melbourne, where a nurse will take you to the sanatorium.

I mean... specialist.

Beulah says she tripped dumping rubbish at the tip, but Prudence reckons she'd been drinking.

And Gert... I mean Trudy says...

Drunkenness is a sin!

And God has punished her.

Irma, the cushion!

Argh! I can't stop!


Are you OK, Mrs A?! Love?

Mmm. Mm.

It was her!

Her on the hill!

I know this smell!

It's hashish!

I'm telling Mayor Pettyman!

Tilly drugged Mrs A.

She is going to jail for this!

Tilly Dunnage?

We received your letter.

My letter? And we accept.


Accept what?

Your rather extravagant terms, but you are the best.

"Winyerp Drama Club..." That's us!

We want you to make our costumes.


And isn't that your signature?


"Tilly Dunnage, beloved daughter of..."


Horry, wouldn't you be more comfortable in uniform?

No. I've always hated slum.

But I adore marijuana cakes and hash lamingtons, which I... bake and unlawfully supply to my fellow dope fiends.

In addition to my drug dealing, I'm also guilty of perversion, which I hope these signed personal sketches...

Sergeant Farrat! ...will make abundantly clear.

Oh, my God!

Tilly, it seems fate has caught up with me at last.

But... but... you didn't do anything.

Yes, I did.

To you, 25 years ago.

Perhaps I can finally make it right.

I'm glad to have met you, Tilly Dunnage.

You've enriched my life beyond words.

Come on, Horry.


French marigolds.

What do you want?

To tell you a story.



Are you ill?

I was ill, Evan.

You were making me ill.

But Tilly Dunnage has cured me.

You followed Molly here and used her.

Just like you used me.

You've had lots of affairs, haven't you, Evan?

She murdered Stewart.

Did you know that?

Your new friend.

You mean Tilly, your daughter, murdered your son?

If it weren't for him, I would never have had to marry you.

You're a monster!

Fall down, Marigold. Faint.

Eh? Have one of your bloody headache fits!

You stole all my money!

You're unstable. You're drug-dependent.

And the doctor knows all about you.

Certifiable. That's right.

And I could have you committed any time I want!


Oh! Oh!

Marigold, this is very wrong!

Yes. But I'm unstable.

Everybody knows that.

Just like they know about you and Una Pleasance.

Oh, God!

They'll understand completely...

Oh, please, just... eventually.

Please! I'm sorry!

I'm sorry! Please, Marigold, I'm sorry.

I'm sorry!

Not as sorry as I am.

Oh, fuck.

Whose idea were these stupid fucking costumes?

How dare you?! You're just a common...

She knows exactly what you think she is.

Trudy, control your cast.

Oh, shut up! Gertrude...

Trudy! Trudy.

Or I'll tell everybody what you're really like!

Oh, here they come.

Elsbeth, you are fired!

You can't fire me!

I'm the producer! I paid for everything!

Get off the bus! Hi!

Where's Evan?

I'm going home!

♪ Three little maids from school are we

♪ Pert as a schoolgirl well can be

♪ Filled to the brim with girlish glee-hee!

♪ Three little maids from school

♪ Everything is a source of fun... ♪ Get me a program!

"Winyerp Drama Club, The Mikado.

"Costumes by...

Tilly Dunnage...

That bitch!

♪ Three little maids who, all unwary

♪ Come from a ladies' seminary... ♪ They're very good. Shut up!

♪ Three little maids from school... ♪ no longer cursed.

♪ One little maid is a bride Yum-Yum

♪ Two little maids in attendance come

♪ Three little maids is the total sum

♪ Three little maids from school

♪ Three little maids from school

♪ Three little maids from school

♪ Three little maids from school. ♪

In, in, in. Everybody. We are still the best.

Where's Evan?

Reggie, where's Councillor Pettyman?

He's dead.

No, not till act 2, scene 1.

No, he's actually dead. Marigold killed him.

They've taken her away.

The Scottish play!

Where are you headed, miss?


Uh, this train's direct to Melbourne with stops at Hay, Ouyen and Birchip.

Melbourne, then.

Hmm. Fire someplace.



Burning off rubbish, were they?

Looks like they overdid it.

You never met the rubbish.