The Duel (2016) Script

We got them agitated, didn't we?

You ride with God today.

You know I ain't got no religion.

Do you not fear the eternal hell that awaits you?

I ain't planning to see it just yet.

Good people of Helena.

Good people of Helena!

I am saddened because today Helena loses one of her true sons.

Now we've cleansed the Mexican filth from our city, but the disease left behind has infected our civility.

That's right! You hear that?

These brown heathens pushed their carts through our land.

And instead of uniting against these indignations, we stand here divided.

Watch yourself, Jesse.

Abraham is trickier than the devil in the shade.

And so, on the challenge given to Abraham Brant from Jesse Kingston, in the way of a Helena duel, are we now assembled?

Take care of my boy if I fall.

We will.

Gentlemen, come forward.

God made this world, Jesse, and it pains me little to send you from it.

You shall pour out each other's blood and we will cover it with dust.

Whomever bleeds the dirt red the most today, his deeds shall not be forgotten.

You distinguished yourself honorably against the Cheyenne.

It was the Comanche in my day.

Either or, the most contemptible breed of people, don't you agree?


Or perhaps they're misunderstood, Your Honor.

I understand you have a problem with a dead Mexican.

Not "a" dead Mexican, Mr. Kingston.


The latest one is the nephew of a Mexican general...

Ernesto Calderon.

He went missing along with his sister some time ago.

The general... kicking up quite a fuss about it.

He's threatening to bring a battalion of Mexican soldiers across the border to look for his niece and the man who killed his nephew.

Now, I don't need to tell you, wars have started over less.

Now, all the bodies are turning up in the same strainer in the river... about here.

It's roughly 12 miles from Mount Hermon.

I take it you've heard the name Abraham Brant.

Foolhardy stories, tales from the war, mostly.

They call him the Preacher, I believe.

I saw him once in Kansas just before the war.

The ranchers near Wichita were offering 50¢ for every red scalp that was turned in, and Brant showed up with 1,000 of them.

Red, Mexican, negro... it didn't matter, as long as they had dark hair and dark skin.

And later, I saw him preaching to half the town with a spirit that I have neither seen before nor since.

And as God as my witness, I saw him lay his huge hand on this gimpy teenage girl.

And he cured her with a touch, like Christ himself.

Pardon me, Your Honor, but... but you'll have me believe he simply touched the girl and she walked?

All the way to the church.

Married her the next day.

I'm assuming he resides in Mount Hermon.

He is Mount Hermon, Captain.

Now you'll travel alone under an assumed name and profession.

Time is of the essence. Calderon's blood is up.

Why not send me with a company?

There's too much at stake.

You simply find out if Brant is at the root of these killings and wire me from Fort McIntosh.

Once certain, I will commit in force.

How long?

I'm not sure.

I think it's best not to presume this time.

You've only just now returned.

What is it?


The man I'm inquiring upon...

Abraham Brant is his name.

He may or may not be responsible for some terrible things.

It's my job to determine which.

Go on.

By some...

strange twist of fate, Brant happens to be the same man that killed my father 20 years ago.

Now, I know what you're thinking, but truth is, men like Brant have orphaned hundreds of boys like me.

And it was my father's challenge.

David, you know as well as I, you will go there and you will kill this man.

You don't know that. You can't know that.

Why else would you be sharing this?

I've never once heard you speak like this.

I'm curious, that's all.

They say he's been touched by God.

Marisol, I'll go where they send me.

It's not as if I've been chasing this man my entire life.

I can ride as well as you. You taught me to track...

It's crazy talk. We should change the subject.

You're gone more than you're ever here.

What happened to the Tompkins woman only a month ago was south of Austin.

And not just some rogue straggler we've somehow missed, but a band of Cheyenne and Comanchero.

Would you like me to describe to you exactly what they did to that poor woman?

This is coming from the governor himself.

At least here, we both know you're safe.

Since you took me, you come and you go.

I'm left here with nothing to do.

There's the Sheltons. Donahues are less than a mile.

Marisol, this is a job. It's my work.

You can't expect me to put you in that kind of danger.

Then perhaps this time when you return, I will have left.

Excuse me.

You kill it, you clean it.

You've never spoken about him.

Do you miss him?

From all accounts, Jesse Kingston was recalcitrant and headstrong and got what he deserved.

I figure he picked the wrong fight.

What about you?

You ever miss old Javier?

You changed the subject.

It's impossible to love someone who hates their self that much.

I miss nothing.

Morning, gentlemen.

Saw smoke. Thought we'd see to some lodgings, rest our horses.

What brings y'all this way?

We're on our way to Ciudad Victoria.

The map at Fort McIntosh showed a town.

Mount Hermon, I believe.

Someone had the good sense to chart it.

We figured we'd practice the same good sense to stop and make use.

She family or help?

My apologies. My name is David Locke.

This is my wife Marisol.

Of course, if there's some trouble in town, we could return to Fort McIntosh and pass on word for you.

You need to see the preacher.

Put that down.

We have new guests.

They're asking for lodgings.

They shall have it.

Welcome to Mount Hermon.

From where is it that you come?

Houston, sir, by way of Fort McIntosh.

My name is David Locke. This is my wife Marisol.

I'm Abraham Brant.

You've met my son Isaac.

He says welcome.

I am Mount Hermon's mayor and law when there's need, but I am unfailingly the town's ethereal counselor.

Marisol, are you religious?

I'm spiritual, but I do not like religion, sir.

Me neither. And you, David?

My wife and I are one and the same, sir.

Please, we are not formal here.

"Abraham" works just fine.

Morning. Morning, Abraham.

Here we are.

Make yourself at home.

Thank you, Abraham.

All we need now is some rest.

I'll leave you to it.

Buenas noches, Marisol.

Mr. Locke.

We'll be here only as long as we need to.

Just stick to the story, let me do my job and we can leave this place, just as easy as we came in.



Morning, gentlemen.

What are you doing out here?

I never let the sun catch me sleeping.

And I enjoy acquainting myself with any new place.

How'd you find your cabin?

It was fine, Abraham. Thank you.

And Marisol? She's tired, resting.

If she's unsatisfied, I could drop off another blanket, keep her warm.

Well, it's a large bed. I doubt you'd have a blanket big enough.

Isaac, you go on without me today.

Mr. Locke is going to join me for breakfast.

Well, I... I thought we was going to go down...

Do I need to hold your hand, boy?

Forgive my friends, David.

Their charming qualities don't shine through at the outset.

You strike me as an educated man.

I've managed to fool you.

You hide it from your eyes well, but it sits on your shoulders plain as day.

You are a man in search of something.

Perhaps absolution.

You don't strike me as the type to hide his meaning in vocabulary.


We don't get a lot of uninvited guests this way.

So why are you here?

There's no real plan to it.

I inherited my father's mercantile in San Antone.

I ran it for some years.

Things got rough. I was robbed, shot.

Both of us felt it was time to move on, head nowhere particular.

My wife's family are in Ciudad Victoria.

We figured we'd strike out in that direction, stop in a place if we took to it.

Not so strange, is it?

Welcome to nowhere particular.

Can't say it's the warmest welcome I've ever received.

We're protective of our little oasis.

How long will you be staying?

Long enough to rest, a few days.

Perhaps I can convince you to stay awhile.

Why? You've only just met me.

I know people.

And I can tell that you're a man one can tie to.

Perhaps I can help you find what you're looking for.

I'd have no trade in this town.

Well, let's just say a spot for town sheriff just opened up at this very moment.

I get the feeling there's not a strong demand for law here.

No. And I have no experience.

Well, what do you need to know?

Just let your moral compass be your guide.

You're obviously strong, capable.

You're actually being serious.

Look, David, I like you and Marisol, and I'd like to see you stay awhile.

Not so strange.


No, it's not.

Well, then, it's settled.

Gentlemen, meet your new sheriff.

Thought I might continue my ride, take in some of your countryside.

Splendid idea.

As it happens, I have my own fond recollections of the San Antone area from after the war.

Small town... name of Helena.

Might have passed through her on your way here.

Don't seem to recall it.

Wild place is what I recollect.

Hard to forget.

Well, Sheriff, pick yourself a direction.

Welcome to Mount Hermon, Marisol.

We brought you both some food.

And we just had to meet the wife of the new sheriff.

Sheriff? Did you have a long journey here?

Yeah, but... You are more beautiful than was spoken of.

Who spoke?

You live round here?

I from Tamaulipas.

Why have you come?

To pray for the dead.

You know about the bodies?

Was it white men?

They knew things, David.

Who came?

Women from the town.

What did they want?

They said you were the new sheriff, that Abraham foresaw us coming.

He did ask that I be sheriff.

But why on earth? I have no idea.

But I thought about it.

Really, it's the ideal cover until I can figure out what's going on here.

He frightens me, David.

He's a man, Marisol, not a crystal gazer.

No one knew we were coming. Yeah.

These people, they're just a bit off the reservation.

Make sure you remember that.

Stop it.

Get away from me. Now, now, wait.

Don't you walk away. Come on.

Don't you walk away from me.

Where are you going?

Come on, have a drink. Naomi.

I'm terribly sorry to have frightened you, Marisol.

You're not feeling well.

No, I feel fine.

No, no, you have the fever.

It's natural. You're run down.

It will pass.

Can I give you a hand with anything?

Are you married, Abraham?

My wife died many years ago birthing Isaac.

She left him with many of her talents.

I'm sure she was beautiful.

She could back the buzzards off a gut wagon.

But truly, she was lovely.

There was never a more pure heart to wreck a man.

So tell me, how did you come to wreck David?

My father was a drunk and a swindler.

He was shot and left for dead after cheating at cards.

David saw him back to health.

As a show of gratitude, I was betrothed to him by my father.

Betrothed by debt?

That must have been very difficult for you.

I'm sorry.

Any children?

I'm afraid I'm unable.

Mmm. My wife was told the very same thing before I met her.

Dark eyes.

They say the eyes provide a direct window to the soul.

Yours have seen a good deal of man at his worst.

You hold tight to it.

But are we not all born into sin, anger, violence, jealousy, desire?

We cannot separate ourselves from sin any more than we would sever a limb from our bodies.

Besides, anger is instructive.

Jealousy, understandable.

Lust, perfectly natural.

I can see that my words are not lost on you, Marisol.

It is refreshing.

So few these days possess any openness of mind.

But if I may, Marisol, this veil that you wear offers only false comfort.

Remove it.

God knows who you really are.

Ah, Deputy Dave!

What are you doing here?

Thought I might get a drink.

Aw, you wouldn't like it in here, David.

The beer tastes like day-old piss.

Well, I guess I'll drink the whiskey.

I don't think you're hearing me, Sheriff.

I'm telling you no.

I've tried to be cordial with you.

You choose your next words carefully.

I heard the beer here is excellent.

I've no complaints.

Might I join you?

Be my guest.

Hoot, let's have a shot for the gentleman.

I'm Naomi.


I know who you are.

Hoot his real name?

That's what I hear.

What else do you hear?

Whatever falls earshot.

You have an honest face.

I'm not soliciting you. I know about your wife.

News travels fast.

This town echoes every word Abraham breathes.

Stay here long enough and you might start resounding him, too.

What about you?

Not yet.

How long have you been here?

Almost a year.

My second husband was a lieutenant in the army.

He was shot and killed by his own men.

I had no money, no family, nowhere to go.

Until Hoot here rides into town, offers me a job.

Perhaps naively, I didn't ask for specifics.

My condolences for your losses, ma'am.

Thank you.

I've tried to make the best of it.

Save a little money, maybe move to San Francisco.

Well, you're a long way from California.

Believe me, we're a long way from anywhere.

Like these fellows? Just rode in?

Hello, gentlemen. Ma'am.

You're not safe.

I've tried to leave this place.

Naomi, you gonna sit there yabbering on my time, head on back, help Mailene with the washing.

Be careful.

Hello there, gentlemen. How are you?

Money's no good here, Sheriff. Abraham's pardoned your expenses.

Abraham visited me this morning.

Was he alone?


What did he want?


We talked about his wife, his travels.

We talked for hours.

What's wrong?


I don't like him coming here, Marisol.

What would you have me do? I'm here on my own.

I can't prevent him from coming.

Tomorrow, I think it's best you come out there with me.

You can stay if you like.

Hoot'll start thinking I have a boyfriend.

Don't worry yourself about Hoot.

What about your father?

What about him?

You think he knows he's sharing me with his own son?

You think you're something fucking different from them other whores out there?

Do you? You think you're something fucking special?

That it?

You fucking Biddie whore.

What happens between you and me stays that way.

Get the fuck out of here!

Headed somewhere?

It's a beautiful day for a ride.

That it is.

Thought we might go down and take a good look at the river.

You'll enjoy that. This is Naomi.

But I believe you two already met.

Naomi, this is Marisol.

It's a pleasure, ma'am.

And you're even more beautiful than I was told.

Just stopped by to let you know I'll be holding a revival at the chapel at 8:00 tomorrow morning.

Naturally, you are more than welcome to join us.

Thank you, Abraham. We will consider it.

Very well, then. We'll be on our way.

Enjoy your ride.


Just stay there.

What's wrong? What's happening?

Something's not right.

It's my pleasure, ma'am.

You take good care now.

I left corn cure by the bed.

You're going to have to purchase more from Portence in a day or two.

Is it the fever?

Bed rest, corn cure.

Keep her hydrated.

Otherwise, just leave her be.

Thank you for coming, Doctor.

He shall bless thy bread and thy water and He will take sickness away from the midst of thee.

God calls on you to conquer your fear.

Unshackle your faith.

The serpent is the darkness inside your soul.

Your fear excites it.

Harness that fear and embrace the power within you.

Fill yourself with His spirit and I will chase away your demons.

The spirit led you here.

You have nothing to fear.

Take it.

No, please.

Take it.

Behold... your faith, even as tiny as a mustard seed, can move mountains.

This is the message from the son of God!

The miracles I do, you can do also.

The power of God is within you!

All that is required is that you believe.

Let us pray.

Lord, we welcome You amongst us this morning.

We ask that You open our hearts...

Whoa, what happened?

Come on. Come on, sit down. Come sit down.

The Englishman... he's drunk.

I was entertaining him and then he grabbed his gun and he tried to put it inside me and then...

Okay, it's all right. Is he still there?

Okay, you don't move from that chair until I return.

Which one?

Abraham handles these matters... Which fucking one?

Blue shirt in the corner.

Okay. Okay.

Really did a number on you, Miss Naomi.

Who is he? And the other two with him?

Uh, they'd be guests of Abraham.

Not sure I'm going to have enough thread to stitch the other fellow.

Where is he?

You have no idea what's going on here.

Ah, for this?

She's not worth a lick or a...

Abraham will not be pleased by this.

You run to your father, then.

My sense is he's taken quite a shine to me being here.

You're mistaken.

It's that pretty bean-eating wife of yours...

What are you gonna do? I ain't heeled.

Get him out of here.

Get off!

Not bad for the son of a shop clerk.

Show's over, dear friends.

Morris, please see to Isaac.

I'm taking my wife home.

You see to Naomi.

I'll attend to her every need.

What were you thinking?

"Corn cure and bed rest."

You heard it yourself. Do you even wish to recover?

I never should have let you come here.

What happened to that woman?

She was beaten in the brothel.

Is that why you were fighting?

Guess that what happens to pretty whores.

Do you think she's pretty? Stop it.

Abraham will take care of her.

Will he?

He branded that poor woman when she tried to leave this place...

He wouldn't do that... Damn it, Marisol!

I saw it myself!

Why are you speaking about him like you know him?

All right. Hey.

Hey, it's all right, it's all right.

It's all right.

So easily you could have stopped him today.

You stood by while he beat me.

You might have stopped him yourself.

You tolerate him for his woman.

She's yours.

Take her and let's bury him.

If you could see yourself... turned weak over a pretty Mexican.

You are your mother's son.

Are you so ashamed?

Am I not as God has made me to be?

God, maybe, but not me.

You go ahead, gentlemen.

I'll catch up with you at Hoot's.


More uninvited guests?

Fascinating culture, the Chinese.

They say they are trapped in the Samsara, ever-changing world of good and evil.

If they don't take control of their desires, they are subject to great suffering in this life and the next.

I didn't have the heart to tell them that heathens be damned to hell regardless.

What desires could they possibly find out here?

You're feeling off-color today.

Short time I've been here, I've seen Englishmen and now Chinamen.

Curious, no?

And yet I haven't seen a single Mexican man or woman.

We aren't but a few miles from Mexico.

Why is that?

Perhaps they're scared.

Why would they be scared?

Because on this side of the river, they're no longer Mexican.

Not everybody possesses our sensibilities, David.

There something more you feel the need to ask me, Sheriff Locke?

I guess it don't matter.

Be leaving soon enough.

Will you?

Didn't find what you were looking for?

As soon as Marisol's fever breaks, we'll be on our way.

Nowhere particular?

What does that mean?

"I'll embrace your company while I have it."

How long have I been asleep?

Most of yesterday and today.

I saw you in the river.

It's the fever.

It's made you delirious. You're not listening to me.

There's something twisting in me.

Morris says just a few days.

Why are you not listening? Because you're not thinking straight.

No! I see it all so clear.

You just took me when he gave me away.

You never asked.

You think I'm crazy, but I had no say in it.

All I think is that right now you're not yourself.

You're very ill.

I need to see Abraham.

Can you send for him, please?

No. Please.

He's the only one that can help us, David.

God damn it. Help with what? How?

You don't know Abraham. You know me.

And I'm right here. I can help you.

He's put you in the river, like he did to your father.

And you can't hear me.

I'm leaving.

I know you didn't just stumble into town for no reason.

I can help you, but you need to come with me.

Help me how? What do you know?

Everyone here knows what happens.

And they will kill you when you least expect it.

Just come in and talk... No.

Listen, your wife's already gone.

She was gone the moment you brought her here... That is enough of that.

Okay? I can protect you. Just talk to me.

I have to go now. Ride to the first ridge this side of the river.

You'll see what you're looking for there.

I'll meet you at the split-fork crossing.

I'll wait there an hour for you.

Naomi, wh... Naomi!

God damn it.

Three miles?

Can you help me, please?

I need to see Abraham.


Abraham, help me. Something's really wrong.

Where is your husband?

Last I seen, he was painting his nose down at Hoot's with that spud-nigger whore Naomi.

Please, I don't know what to do.

Silas, see she gets home and stay by her side until the sheriff returns.

Ladies, you fetch Dr. Morris. Yes.

If you were mine, Marisol, I'd not leave your side for anything.

Why, I recall, at Bull Run, I led my militia through a wall of advancing blue-belly fire entirely unscathed.

"How so?" one might ask.

But, friends, this is divine conviction at work.

I tell you, we left even General Lee speechless.

You met General Lee?

Oh, it was a magnificent day to behold.

My men killed more Yankee malefactor than that milksop Bedford Forrest's entire regiment.

I believe he referred to us as his "Hangman Militia."

Did you kill many men, Abraham?

The faces of those we've killed remains hidden behind our eyes and our memory for eternity, without change.

There's no labor in killing a man.

But for some, it's living after that's work.

You carry the burden of many.

So should you.

Mrs. Naomi Ellis, for one.

My reflection is murderous, but my conscience is clean.

Your wife...

No, st... shh. Ah!

It's okay, it's okay. I'm here.

Calm down, calm down.

I'm here. I'm here.


You're leaving me again.

I saw something yesterday, Marisol.

We're leaving tonight.

I'll be back before dark.

Gentlemen... pick your prey.

That one.

The woman?

You are twisted, brother.

There you are.

The boy.

Gentlemen, make your preparations.

Shh, shh, shh.


Don't look like abuelito is going to give you much of a hunt.

Just the same.



Go ahead, give her another one.

Good job, son.

You gotta take the scalp, George.

Nothing to it... quick slit and a pull.

I guarantee you, she'd take yours.

They're as wild as injuns.



You bury her good, now, Isaac.

I will.

...the sins...



Move, get out of the way! Move!

The hell are you doing to my wife?!

She's no longer yours, David.

Take him.

Let God in you.


Get up.

Open this door.

I missed the first five shots.

I mean, I must have picked the quickest Mexican out of the whole bloody bunch.

Mine damn near got to the river!

Monte said that's the farthest any Mexican ever made it!

God damn it, that was a hell of a time.

What do you figure on doing with that?

You two put your fucking guns down slowly.

Everyone sit up.

You and you, take everyone's pistols and put them over there.

You killed my son.

I hear your wife's sick.

What are you going to do?

I'm going to sit and wait.

You paid good money to come here, right?

How much were those Mexicans worth?

How much?

200 a hunt.

$200 per hunt!

And that's what you call it?


No, please.

Why are you here, old man?

Because we wanted to kill something.

Something or someone?


We wanted to know what it felt like to kill someone.

Well, I'm gonna let you kill.

And I ain't even gonna charge you for it.

You're gonna pick up that pistol and shoot Monte in his ugly fucking face...

or I'm gonna shoot your father dead.

In fact, go on and shoot Dale, too.

I don't much like his face either.

Pick up the pistol, killer.

Pick it up!

Don't do it, John.

Come on, son.

Come on, he... he's fooling with you, John.

Please. One!

You say one word and I'll blow your fucking head off.

Where is my wife?

Where she belongs.

You can go right ahead and put that old coach gun down now, mister.

Aw, I figure I won't.

It's all right, boys.

I feel Mr. Kingston is due a modicum of self-expression under the circumstances.


I've known for quite some time you'd be coming for me, David.

I took pleasure in killing your father.

He was an abhorrent man.

If you think I'm here to avenge my father, you think too highly of yourself.

You're nothing more to me than youthful intrigue.

I'm a Texas ranger.

I was sent by the governor himself.

All those Mexicans you've been killing been floating into a strainer a couple miles downriver.

One was General Calderon's own nephew.

Well, I must say all this news is shocking, David.

Though it seems you have some bad information.

You see, we bury the bodies.

Mexicans, shit that they are, decompose rather quickly.

How dirty did you get that shovel today, Isaac?

Don't listen to him, Father. You're a fucking liar.

I followed you today, you piece of shit.

How long you think before they find that scalpless girl you dumped in the river?

Father, I... I can explain.

Father, can't you... can't you see what he's doing?

I tell you, he's... he's lying.

You are as crippled as your mother was.

I suppose I'll have to try again with the new wife.

I'll shoot you dead before you ever touch her again.

I have to say, as much as I respect your confidence, David, I also respect when a man can appreciate his fate staring him in the face.

You have Hoot's rifle pointing at your head, son.

I figure I'm a better shot than Hoot.

Your pugnacious pappy would have loved to hear that.

Abraham? I say he's bluffing.

Father, may I have a moment? No!

David Kingston...

I challenge you to fight me to the death in a Helena duel.

My boy.

Let me do this, Pa.

Let me help you up, son.


I'll do it on one condition.

When it's done, my wife leaves here with me.

Put your guns away, gentlemen.

There'll be no more shooting today.

We'll meet outside, 8:00.

Good people of Mount Hermon, you're about to witness a Helena duel.

Mr. Kingston.

A most noble affair of character and honor.

I took David's father with this knife over 20 years ago.

The one he now grips is stained with my blood from that same duel and now will surely drip red with my son's.

If Isaac lives, he will be forgiven his ill-considered behavior and he will undoubtedly be the better man for what he experiences here tonight.

Does me proud.

If David is victor, then in fairness, he will be taken to his wife and she will decide their fate.

On this, you have my word. Gentlemen, come together.

You shall pour out each other's blood... and we will cover it with dust.



Marisol? Shh.

You'll pull your stitches out and bleed everywhere.

We can go home now.

"Dark eyes burning, in the night they glow.

She knows only yearning.

What else is there to know?"

That's beautiful, David.

And that's a lovely drawing.

You are one surprise after another.

You've been busy when no one was watching.

Thank you for sharing, Marisol.

He wanted us to escape.

Did he, now?

Well, we're going to give you that chance, David.

These three men have yet to experience the thrill of the hunt.

I've decided to afford them this one unique opportunity.

Obviously, you're disadvantaged, so we'll give you till first light tomorrow.

The time until then is yours.

I've given you a rifle and a generous amount of shells.


Please get him dressed and fed.

Please put this on.


Why are you doing this?


You are not from the town.

What is your name?

David Kingston.

I'm a ranger.

I am Maria.

Maria Calderon.

Your uncle's looking for you.

Thank you.

Best get on now, Miss Calderon.

How do you know he would've come this way?

I've known where this boy's been headed his entire life.

He was wounded something fierce from the fight.

Probably dead anyway.

I assure you, gentlemen, he is not.

Whoa, whoa.

Shit! Shit!

He ain't dead! God damn it!

- God damn it! Get your head down!

- I knew it, I knew it. Shit!

Son of a bitch.

What are we going to do, Abraham?

Shit! There goes the horses.

We gotta go back. We can't stay here.

Please, I... I can't fight.

I can't... I...

Oh! Ah!


Ah, fuck.

I'm guessing you didn't foresee this.

You should thank me for taking your father.

You were born that day.

If he raised you, you would not be the man you've become.

Our entire lives spent denying death its dominion.

Seems its answer for us will be... painful and slow.

We deserve it for all we've done.

Futile to toil over such things.

Forces you to look inward and examine the monster you truly are.

Don't go exempting yourself.

You'll answer the same as everyone else.

David, I was never born nor will I ever truly die.

Aw, you'll die, all right.

You'll die right here.

Your leg will swell.

You'll scream and try to kill yourself to save the pain.

The stench will lead them to our bodies in a week and this scene will show what I have made of you.

Word will spread of your death.

They'll hiss your name, call you a murderous son of a bitch and a fraud.

The only thing they'll remember of you will be me.

Get him! Get him!


I made you.

And so I end you.

You did send your rangers out to the town to corroborate the stories that my niece gave you along with the prisoners?

The... the town was abandoned.

And the prison?

It doesn't appear to exist.

Did your niece say anything else regarding David Kingston or his wife?

She said he was badly wounded when he freed the prisoners and he rode out into the brush alone, never to be seen again.

But she made no mention of a woman.

Perhaps you will allow me a small detail to go out and search for him.

I don't think so, General.

He rode off into the brush for a reason.

If he wants to, he'll ride back out again.