The Dustwalker (2019) Script

Hey! Buddy.

Buddy, come here.

Hey Buddy.

What are you doing all the way out here?

All alone, aw Buddy.

Good boy.


What is this stuff?

What the fuck, ah!

Mom, there's a noise out' my window.


I'll be up in a minute.

Aunt Joanne.

Did your mother ignore you?


Did you have a bad dream?

Get in.

There was a noise out' my window There's nothing to be afraid about out here.


Any news on the cell tower?

The tower's still out.

Frank was supposed to be at it over night, but was a no-show.

Bill's on his way out there now.

Sending crap signal.

The town will kill him if he doesn't get it up and running soon.

You wanna head out there on your way?

Yeah, okay.


I can hear you!

Barely though.

I made coffee...

Did you just say..


Jo'... hello?

Hey, Luke.

What's going on?

Cell tower is out.


Oh hey, the movers rang yesterday.

They're all good to Saturday.

Oh, come on.

It'll be fine, you'll see.

The city's a great place.

Doesn't have our dirt.

No it doesn't...

... but it has a university.

So you can become a teacher, instead of helping out all the time.

And will give Simon all the choices he needs to be whatever he wants.

This town is not going anywhere.

I came back, didn't I?

You came back 'cause your sister got knocked up.

Best thing I ever did!

Hey Jo'.

We have an earthquake or a storm over night?

We're just trying to keep you in town a bit longer.

Nah, no storms strong enough to do this without us feeling it.

Can't see any evidence of an earthquake.

Angela's the one to ask though.

I haven't seen or heard anything from her this morning.

Her or Frank, you?

What do you mean "Not strong enough to do this"?

Something strong enough to do this would have taken out half the town with it.

Looks like it was done deliberately.

Can you fix it?

Fix it? We need a new one.

I've put in an emergency call already this morning.

They'll kick over a satelite for us until we find someone to come out here and fix it, but...

... that'll take half a day, or a day, at least.

You didn't hurt yourself, did you?


What the hell is that?

Got your radio out?


Nice to have a little bit of drama before you pass that badge over.

I could do without.

How 'bout a bit of comedy?

Hey, Jo'!

You trying to make me turn around?


Are you sure?


Time for coffee but not time to fix the tower?

-Oh, it sounds like you need a coffee, grumpy. -Wantin' one.

You're not wantin' one. Get stuffed.

Any news?

No, we're gonna have to go old fashioned for a day or so, I think.

That's all we do around here anyway.

You didn't notice anything?

Hear anything out of the ordinary, a distant dust-storm...

There was a giant "thud" in the early hours, and...

... a couple of things fell off the shelf in the kitchen, but that's it.

You know, this doesn't look like a storm.

Better get Luke a coffee, think we're gonna need it.


It looked like I saw...

So, Sammy finished her packing yet?

Not yet, she's in no hurry.

You just gotta let her get used to it, that's all, I mean...

Your family has lived in this town for... I dunno... forever.

Your parents loved it here, like, more than most.

I don't see why it's so hard for everyone to understand, being here makes me miss them, and that pisses me off.

Well I'll miss you.

Anthony on some morning walkabouts now?

Better not be.



Where's he going?


What is that?

Is that Anthony's dog?

Oh god, what happened to it?


Oh, what the hell are those things, sticking out of it's neck?

I don't want anyone to touch that, I'm gonna get the doctor to have a look at it.

Yeah, you do that.

Careful with the telescope.

Why is Anthony looking so weird.

Hey, Joanne!

What's Anthony doing?

No idea.

Has Mary made any apple pie yet?

You got two feet and a heartbeat, Why don't you go and ask her?

You guys wanna do something today, instead of wasting time up there?


Can I ask if you saw anything strange happening to Anthony's dog this morning?

No, but Murph's been weird.


All morning. Why?

Just keep an eye on him, okay?

Anything suspicious, you call me or the doc. Don't deal with it yourselves.

And I don't know why you all have to keep hanging out up there, that balcony is hanging on by a thread.

That's all I need, a dead teenager, a week before I leave.

Well, hate to disappoint you but, We're not teenagers anymore.

I cannot believe you're the next generation.

Go on, have a throw.

Uh, what does this button do?


Shit, sorry.

It's beautiful, girls.

Look at that pink hair.

Got a way until finished. What about now?

-Wanna try this? -No.

Well, we might have to finish inside. You guys ready to go in?

You got everything? Okay, let's go.

Pack it all up. Who needs to go to the bathroom before we go?

You two? Okay.

We'll be in the library.

Oh, here, let me take this, Alright.

-Jump down. Got all that? -Yeah.

And bring something from the game room.

How is he?

He's alright.

Aren't you boy? Murphy.

Murph, you okay?

I don't know, seems a bit weird.

He hasn't eaten this morning.


It's weird. Alright boy?

Is there any more sign of what you saw?

Why didn't you say anything? Joanne's harmless on the inside.

Just... has a bit of a temper is all.

But we all know that.

Well, wasn't sure she was gonna believe me.

What's wrong with him?

Is Anthony stoned or what?

Shit, where did he come from?

They look fucked up, right?

Oh jeez, bet you wish you were back in the city now.

Nope, can't say I do.

Nothing ever happens in the city anyway.

This is the most fun I've had in years.

We're gonna need a lot more than coffee to get us through today.

What the hell is bill doing out there? Powers out now?

Alright, I'm gonna contact Beacons County. Let them know what's happening.

Maybe they can hurry up with moving that satelite.

You know someone who can move a satelite in a hurry, do you?

God I hope so.

-You seen doc? -No, why?

I found Anthonys dog dead at the diner this morning, practically butchered.

Whatever killed it was pretty nasty.

Let's put an alert out for any wild animals and, um... I'll see if I can get the doc to confirm it.

-Yeah? Registered that? -I registered. -Good.



Would help if I turned it on.

I have not used this in a long time.



Come in, Bill?


Oh my god, this thing's archaic.




Come in, Bill?

What are you looking at, Simon?

Mr. Barter.

Why is Mr. Barter standing like that?

I'm not sure.

Bill, are you okay?


He's got blood on his hands.

What happened, Bill?

What happened to your hands?

What's the matter with her?

You're both gonna wanna see this.

You go.

I don't have time for crazy shit this morning.

If anything you can come out to the power station and take a look for us, we can't find Frank or Bill.


What did you find?

How long did you say this has been here?

It wasn't here yesterday.

A meteor?

Nope, can't see anyone of those.

What then?

That is solid rock.

Solid, solid rock.

Yet something has made this indent.

I'm a geologist, I know my rocks.

How did you even find this?

You don't think after all these years, I don't know every distinctive rock?

This area is precious, you don't see that?

What's your theory then?

I don't know which one is more fucked up...

... finding this, or your excitement if it did fall out of the sky.

Are you sure it's not just something from when they used to blow nuclear shit out here?

If that's nuclear, we are fucked.


It's not nuclear, although, that is definitely unknown metallic.

Until we get communications up, I'll just secure the area the best way I can.

Good idea.

The last thing we need are those teenagers down here, bored.

Teenagers? What are you, like 80?

I wanna get us to the power station.

Can you at least pretend like this is the most amazing thing you've ever seen.

This is me, pretending.

Mom, is that... Sunday's scarf?

They haven't come back from the bathroom yet.

Mom, don't go!

Miss Sharp.

Miss Sharp, he's leaving.

Where did Mr. Barter go?

Remember, not a sound.

This way. This way, kids.

Mom, I'm scared.

I know, Simon.

Stay quiet.

Get in here kids.

Could someone have done this on purpose?

How on earth could someone stop a power station from working?

Nothing seems out of place.

-So both cell towers are out and no power? -Bill sorts it out when he gets here.

Where the hell is he anyway?

And Frank?

Angela, what is that?

Anthony's dog was found the same way this morning.

Don't get too close.

Looks like a wild animal's got to it.

It's got those spikes though.


Can you bag that for me? And take it to the doc before you head out to the rocks again?


-You got you CB-radio out? -Yeah.

Sorry I couldn't be more help, but, I don't see anything wrong.

Okay, see that door?

We're gonna keep this door shut until me or the sergeant gets back. Okay?

And you stick together.

You need a weapon, miss Sharp.

Thank you, Katie.

It's okay, you hold onto this...

... and keep that safe and... I might use that later.



Joanne? Joanne, please come in.

Look, Harry, if you really wanna help, get in your car and drive out there.

Because we can't find Frank or Bill, and you telling us what we already know, it's not helping.

Just make sure your generator works, and get your radio out.

That's all we need people to do right now.

This sort of thing, it happens out here from time to time, but it eventually gets sorted out, we know that.

I thought that's why you all love living out here. No communication.

That's very fine, but then where is everybody? I haven't seen half the town this morning, and...

... look at this.

I found it on my porch an hour ago.

Why are you showing me that?

Don't expose that in here Harry, what's wrong with you?

I don't even know why I'm listening to you. You're going, soon enough...

... you're not gonna get replaced any time soon...

... Luke, he's gonna be here for another decade or so.

Oh, I see what's going on here, you're missing me already, that's what this is.

Harry, do us a favor and get that to the doc will you, please.

The Doc?

Do you feel like dealing with a disease that wipes out our livestock?

From what I can tell there's been 3 or 4 animals already...

... so that means there must be a whole lot more we don't even know about.


Someone's gotta do something about the power...

... and they're fine with us start driving around and finding it, when hell, everyone bloody willies.


Joanne? Joanne, please come in.


... can you please get that bloody rabbit, to the bloody doctor, right now?

Fuck my lunch!



Joanne, please come in.

-Samantha? -There's blood all over Bills hands, something's wrong.

Bill Barter?

I was with Bill this morning, Hey, hey!


Sunday and Albert are trapped somewhere.

I have to look for them, I can't leave the kids.


Listen, stay with the kids, don't approach him, I'm on my way.

Why is it so deserted?

-There's nothing fucking normal about any of this. -I know.

Look we need to stay on our radios, be calm, and alert.

What happened to Anthony?

This doesn't feel right.

No it doesn't.

I gotta get to the school.

Why don't you check on Anthony?


Why are you scaring Samantha? Bill?

What are you doing here?


What the fuck is happening, Bill?

I want the other one.

What did you say?

Do you not have the other one?

The other what?

I want... the boy now.

I just want you to wait here for a minute, okay?



-Go back inside Sam! -How'd you get the kids inside?

What is going on, Joanne?

I don't know, go back inside.

Not without them, please Jo'.

Wait, around the corner.

Wait here, until I tell you what to do.

Samantha, stay back! Do it.

Did you do that?

Stop there! Stop.

Don't take another step.

Turn around.

Turn around and get on the ground.

Please, Bill.

Turn around!

Jo', please. What did he do?

Miss Sharp...

It's Albert, I'm gonna get him.





It's miss Sharp.

Where are you?

Albert, Albert.

Close your eyes sweetie, I got you.

Good boy, good boy.

Keep your eyes closed, nice and tight.

How many kids?


Sam, no one goes near that toilet block.

They just kept staring at us Jo'.

What happened?

How could he do that?

How could he do that to his own daughter?

Hey, hey!

Gather all the kids in the car, and get to the station, yeah?

He's sick, I'm isolating Bill to the old jail. No one goes near that block.





Anthony, can you hear?

You hurt?


Where the fuck are you?

Paul, Paul. Where did Anthony go?

I dunno.

We can't get down, someone's jammed the door.

We don't want them to hear us, so we've been up here being quiet, waiting for someone normal to pass.

-Yeah, just what we meant when we said being quiet. -Be careful!

Hey, can you hear me?

Is it still stuck?

The doors blocked, hang on.

Can you hurry up?

Please don't leave us here!

Please don't leave us!

-We have to find our families. -Yes, get in, stay together, we have no idea what's happening out there.

Don't worry about us.

Make sure you stay together.


-Marsha, what are you doing in here? -Just get in here.

Anthony grabbed me, and I mean like, he really grabbed me.

I pushed him back, and...

... I swear to god he was gonna kill me.

Okay, so I ran, and I tried to get to the station.

I came in here, and I barricaded the doors, but, they followed me.

Okay, let's get you to the station.

-No. -Marsha, you cannot stay here, come on.

Luke, it's Anthony, please, don't hurt him.

Get back.

-Anthony, get back. -Luke!

Anthony, get back!

Don't! No, no! Don't! Don't!


Where did they all come from?

I've never seen anything like this before.

This is all wrong.

What the hell is he doing?

Oh, shit.

Where the fuck did he go?


What's wrong with your face?

What's happening?


Oh god, Francis.


He barely had time to think, let alone kill her like that. The strength that would take.

And the school, I couldn't even tell what was left of little Sunday.

I just can not believe Bill did that, it's not possible.


Hey, Dean?

Look, I'm just gonna...

Let her go.

Dean, let her go.

Dean, let... her go.


You okay?

What the fuck was that?

What the hell is that?

Where's it gone?

Joanne, what the fuck did we just see?

I don't know what we just saw.

What the fuck are they doing?

-Luke -Run, run!

My car.

Dean is gone!

-Fuck! There's more. How many of them are there?

How do they run like that?

Look out, look out! Stop stop stop stop!

Hang on to that baby.

-Joanne, what the fuck is going on here? -I don't know!

Shit! Go!

Where the fuck did he come from?


-This is fucking crazy Joanne, we need help! -We don't have time for help.

What ever this is, I don't think it originated from here.

I can't help... I'm.. I'm just a doctor.

For a doc you're doing great. Really!

Come on, let's get you out of here.

Let me keep working.

The more we know, about this... this first intake...

-the better chance we've got when help arrives. -Yeah.

Luke, wait.


Bill, can you answer me?

Can you tell me what happened this morning?


Be careful.

Can you tell me what happened, Bill?


I'm here.


What did I do?

What did I do?

What did I do?

Can you tell me what happened to you before you got to the school?

Before, Bill?

What did it do to me?

Who's "it"?

Inside my head.

They killed her.

They didn't kill Sunday this morning, Bill. You did.

Can you tell us anything...

... that will help us deal with what's happening?

Cause something is making our people sick.

The same thing that happened to you.

They want...

They wanted me to do it...

Did I do that, Joanne? Did I?

Who's "they"?


No, fuck! Don't! Don't!

Stop. Stop!

Ugh.. my head.

I'm so muddled...

I couldn't stop myself.

I knew, Joanne, I knew what I was doing, but I couldn't stop.

It's my little girl.

Please, stop me, Joanne.

Do it now, please Joanne, stop me now, just do it!

I killed her real quick.

I snapped her neck.

We need to get everyone together, and gather as many resources as we can, to last the weekend at least.

Okay, gather any weapons we've got, and get everyone back to the station.

What about him?

Let's just make sure that he stays here.

Kids, we're gonna have to find our own way out.

Anybody there?


Come on, fuck... Someone?

Yeah, yeah, I got you, I got you, I'm here.

Can you see anything else, or just the storm?

Hello? Angela, can you hear me?

What is it?

Angela's trying to leave, she's at the border of Beacons county, but the road is blocked by a dust-storm.

You've got to be kidding me!

Luke? Luke, are you in?

Hey, what are you seeing?


It's fucking huge. I've never seen anything like it.

I stopped right in front of it. It's a wall.

Stopping anything from getting in, or out.

How do you know? What happens if you drive through it?


I'm not sure it's gonna let me.

Why were you leaving town?

I went back to the rocks.

That silver fucking liquid, it's crazy man.

I swear to god, Joanne. I don't think it's from earth.

I think I'm gonna go through it.

Don't assume the craziest idea first, This could have come from anywhere.

Angela, are you listening?

-Did she just say she was gonna drive through it? -Yeah.

Don't open the door! Lock it!


Shit! Get down!

Get down! Get down!

What are you seeing?

Nothing... Just dust.

You're still not through it yet?

I think I see the exit.

It's not letting us through.

I drove through it, but I didn't go anywhere.

What the hell is that?

Come back in now, Angela. Do you hear me?

Angela, answer me!


What the fuck is that sound? Is that the storm coming?

Now what storm is playing out in Beacons county that's big enough to block a road, but we get nothing here?

I dunno.

And what does it have to do with all the people running around out there.

I don't know, but I still can't get through to anyone in Beacons, or the next two towns either side of us.

We're shut in.

And that thing?

I'm gonna go find Angela.




We're so fucked!

What are you gonna do?

I have no idea, but I'm not telling the rest of the town that.

It's like their focus is just on killing us.

What could do that to a brain? And so fast?

We don't have time or resources to work out "why".

We need to work out who's sick, and lock them up with Bill.

What ever this is, this could be completely curable.

So we keep to not shooting anyone, unless we have to.

And who are you gonna shoot with those?

Half the bloody town's gone mad. You're just gonna kill our families, yeah?

What if it was one of us?

We're not shooting anybody, but lets be clear, these people are capable of doing the worst things we can imagine.

Dean just... killed his wife.

And you killed him before we even had a chance to understand what this is.

-Except she didn't have a choice. -There's always a choice.

Dean would never have killed Francis, everybody here knows that.

And sick, or not sick, he did kill her.

The same as Bill... killing Sunday.

Help is on it's way, right?

We've sent distress-calls, we're sure one of them got through before the lines got jammed.

We're just not sure when they're gonna get here. Angela nearly died trying to leave.

Don't attempt it, okay? We've lost enough already.

Look guys, we're safer in numbers, so just stay inside and be smart.


What is it, Michelle?

I... I saw something.

What do you mean you "saw something"? What? When?

Through my telescope, this morning... it...

It was when the sun just came up, so I wasn't sure.

Michelle, what do you think you saw? Nothing's gonna seem crazy right now.

Something fell to the earth...

It was...

... a long fireball, not that big. Like an egg.

And then a second one, but without the fire.

You see something like that, and you don't think to report that as soon as possible?

A fireball for christs sake, that could have burned half the town and the landing alone, no matter what or where it came from.

I wanted to tell you, but I wasn't sure.

You sure now?

I'm not gonna stand here and deal with this, so.

We need to get to the doc.


It's incredible. Incredible!

Come on, take a look!

It's an infection, one designed to live in ant colonies.

You kidding me? Ants?

In the ants world, the infection is spread by spores, exploding.

The spores live on top of the "stroma" tissue...

... that comes out the back of the neck, like... a spike.

But how does it spread in humans? And how are we giving it to each other so fast?

We've got about 20 or 30 locals out there, running around with this.

That's nearly 20% of our community since this morning.

Bill is infected, so, if you're right...

When he dies, he's gonna grow one of those things?

Joanne, Sam just killed him.

She's killed him, he's dead.

I'm on my way.

Jo', Jo'.

There's about 45 missing.

The docs in his rooms.

Uhm, the Pattersons are on their farm and absolutely refusing to come in.

The Jamisons, the Dysons, the Scotts, and the Blackwoods They've made themselves safe, but they're staying home.

-Do they know anything more than we do? -I don't think so.

Michelle and the others are still not back.

-I'm gonna go after them. -Wait, let me go.

They don't need you telling them off.

I'd like to go with you, please?

We're good here, but you don't know what's happening out there.

I need Luke to cover for me, he's the best shooter we have, no offence to any of you all.

You know I can't see shit in the dark, right?

Where are the others?

We found Jensens grandmother alone in her house.

They're all hiding in the diner and can't get out.

Lets go get them.


Where is she going?

-Gonna get the others. -Go with her.

-Not yet. -Please, Luke!

We can handle ourselves from in here.

You guys have never had to deal with anything more than friday night drunks and crazy farmers...

Samantha, No! Fuck!

I trust her. She trusts me.

We really trust each other.

Never heard you yell.

Yeah well...

... murder and aliens do that.

You wait here, in case I need to use you as a diversion.

You can't just... shoot them if you see one.

I'm not exactly running around shooting intentionally, but I can't let them kill anyone either, you know that?

It's just, my mom's one of them.



They followed us from the outside down.

We couldn't run fast enough, so we had to hide here.

Lets get out of here, and get to the police station Just move fast and stay together.

You all have weapons?

Get the children out quick first.

I'll only slow them down, and they can hear this wheelchair.

We're not leaving her.

Go, go.

Grandma, we're not leaving you.

We're gonna need a distraction.

Oh shit.

They're chasing him, they're too fast.

All clear, lets go.

Where are they?

What was that?

You gotta keep running.

Nicely done!

Ellie! No!


Let her go!

Be careful!


Oh god, no more...

Where's Michelle?

We have to get the fuck out of here.


Go! Get into the station!

Quick quick quick! Run run run!

Quick, come on! Go, go!

Run! Keep running! Don't stop!

Oh fuck!



Luke! Luke! Shoot!

Get in, get in!

It's taking them... Fuck!


Where's it going now?

Are we supposed to stop it?

Oh god.

Let me go!

-We've got to get him! -We need a plan. Let me go!

-We've got to get him! -We need a plan.

-He'll kill him! -We need a plan.

Holy fucking shit!

I wanna drive out to Beacons county.

It's a 2 hour drive in with nothing to protect you. You wanna risk that like Angela?

That wall is locking us in and keeping everyone else out, you won't get through.

So what?

Help should have been here by now.

We don't have time to sit around and wait for their grand-master plan to kick in.

Well I don't think they have a master-plan. We can't pretend we know anything other than just react to what we've got.

If that thing wanted us dead it could have done it by now.

We have no idea if this is happening anywhere else.

What are you doing?

I'm gonna drive out to the site and find Angela.

She might know more by now, I don't know, but I do know that "it" was able to understand me.

So what if it did? You wanna chat with an alien?

You said it wasn't aiming to kill us, but our friends and family are.

That thing has something to do with it, and I'd like to know how.

We have to find Michelle first.

Wait, listen.

So we're not gonna chase the alien?

She'll be at the corner.

How do you know?

There she is.

Mom? Mom!

Mom! Please!

Please let go! Please!

No, no! Please! Don't hurt her! Please!

She's not letting go!

It's gonna take Michelle.

It's gonna take Michelle!

-Go! -We've got to get her off her!

Can you guys do it or not?

They can't do it! Come on, let go mom!

I can't do it, she's not letting go!

Please, please, Don't kill her.

It's gonna attack Michelle! Fuck!

We need to hurry.

Stop! Stop.

Don't take the girl!

Don't take the girl.



Where's Simon?

Still sleeping.

If you need to go with them, do it.

I have to stay.

I have decided to take that job offer they've given us.

The blood sample doc took said it's got part human DNA, but they don't really believe it.

I wanna be part of the team that discovers who they are.

They need every detail we can give them.

Samantha's not leaving.

I'm gonna stay.

You can still have my badge, if you stay with me.