The Editor (2014) Script

Come here, yes, come here, oh, yes...

You bitch!

I'll kill you, I'll kill you, I'll kill you!

Don't even try to move my clear, you're completely paralyzed.

You might remember my friend, the Brazilian Wandering spider.

He's very aggressive, highly poisonous.

Not even your handsome boyfriend, Arturo, can save you now.

Damn! Another jump cut.

I wouldn't make such mistakes if it weren't for...

I think the piece you want is at the bottom.

Here it is!

Thank you, Bella.

Say, why don't you try cutting it in this time, uh?

No. I can't. I'm not ready. I'm still a student.

Don't be silly. You're my assistant.

Please, give it a try, why don't you?

If you were my student, I'd say that's A+ work.

You see that there on the screen, Bella?

That's as close to living as you and I will ever come.

Aren't we living now?

If this is living I want no part of it.


Oh, sorry, editor.

I didn't know it was you. I thought you were Veronica...


Well done, Claudio, scaring the old editor half to death.

If he ends up in the morgue, how will our film ever get finished?

0h, really?

And if you scared me to death, the lead actor?

How then would the film be finished?

Oh, Claudio.

I wasn't really scared.

Honey, I'm in our home.

Can't hear you, I'm shaving my legs.

I'm sorry, it's a little...

Late. That's what time it is.

You lost track of time again, editing that crap.

It is my work.

I must do it, no matter how long it takes.

It's filth.

Francesco hasn't made a decent film since I stepped out of the spotlight.

Well, you're still in my spotlight.

And what of Claudio? Did you see him today?

Claudio, Claudio, Claudio.

Every day you ask me of this young man.

He's nothing but a foolish boy.

He's magnificent.

He's an artist.

You could never understand the passion we have.

You're not an actor.

And what if Claudio were to suddenly die, huh?

What then?

How dare you say that?

I would cry. I would cry, cry, cry, cry, cry, cry, cry, cry!

I would never ever stop crying!

You stupid cripple.




No, not her. Why'd it have to be her? No! No!

She's dead.

Don't worry. We'll catch the killer that killed her.

Arturo, she was a dancer.

She was the best, the best, the best!

Snap out of it, man!

She was a hell of a dancer, damn straight.

Babe, babe, babe. Come on. Watch!

But an even better drug addict.

A hairy little man. Let me guess...

You're out here thinking of killing yourself too, huh?

Well, let's just say we saved each other then.

Terrific, no?

Yes, very good, Claudio.

Now, perhaps you use some of those moves on me...

Veronica, I'm watching me, not you.

Veronica, there is more. There's more!

A mannequin, ha! I knew it! A tape player! Of course!

Arturo, you've been hit!

All in a day's work, partner.

Now let's get one of those cold beers.

No, my scene.

The editor's going to kill me. That was his work print.

Don't worry about that silly little man.

He can cut it as many times as you like. He's pathetic.

I guess you're right. I'm sorry, Veronica.

I just don't want to cause any trouble for the studio, you understand?

What was that? Who's there?

It's nobody. Stop resisting me.

I've heard these old studios have ghosts, and I'll be damned if I let myself see one.

Ghosts? Oh, Claudio.

No, please, leave me alone. Leave me alone.


Coffee, Mr. Ciso?

No thanks, Bella.

It's really weird. I went home last night, did I not?

Yes, Mr. Ciso. You left just before I did.

I need to speak to the man in charge.

That would be me, Francesco Mancini.

Do you know who the last person was to see these two alive?

No, I don't know. I didn't know they were still in the building last night. I knew Rey was there editing.

Alright, who's Rev?

That's the cripple, the editor...

Rey, introduce yourself, damn it.

I'm Rey Ciso.

You saw these two last night?

I don't remember.

I remember seeing Claudio. He was dressed as the devil.

The devil?

Yes, Satan himself.

Right here, sir. Oh, yes, the dark lord.

How does this go again? Oogagaga. Sort of a thing.

Did you see anything suspicious?

Uh, not that I recall. They kissed as lovers should, and I left them in an embrace.

And who found the body?

That was my actress, Margarit.

Ah, yes, Margarit. I believe I know her.

And the film in the projector...

Giancarlo! Why has this body not been cut down?

Couldn't find a ladder, sir.

Good boy.

The print in the projector. That's a film being shot here?

Yes, it was one of the editor's work prints.

Interesting how that name keeps coming up.

Editor, how did they get their hands on that, I wonder?

I have no idea. You sure of that?


What? Can't you light a simple match?

It's these damn wooden fingers.

I see that.

Yes, well. Until my boys are done bagging evidence and I've had a chance to sort through it, I'll be keeping my eye on all of you. Everyone's a suspect, so I don't advise any of you to trust one another until I've found the guilty party.

And I will.

Hysterical blindness. Not the first case I've seen, but it's not too common either.

A woman's eyes weren't meant to see such things, you understand?

Is it permanent?

Will she look that way forever?

What way? How do I look? Hard to say.

She'll need plenty of rest, though.

It was so horrible. I can't get it out of my head.

I gotta give it to you straight, Ciso.

Your work ain't great, but I'm gonna need your help to pull this thing off now without a leading man.

Leading man? I'm happy to step up to the plate, Francesco.

Rey, you must know Cal Konitz?

Claudio's sidekick in the picture.

Hi... Wow, you should have warned me about that.

Hopefully you'll be seeing a lot more of me in the picture.

Am I right, Francesco? This is Cesare.

He's going to be taking on Claudio's part.

We're damn lucky to get such a good lookalike.

The only damn problem is he doesn't speak a word of English. Do you Cesare? Niente, niente.

Ah hell, that's what dubbing is for!

Oh, Francesco.

Uh, I was actually talking to Cesare and he kind of wants to play the sidekick. Francesco, I don't think...

I know you don't think, Rey. That's my job.

Your job is to earn the 75 bucks a week I pay you.

Oh, Francesco. I, uh, actually shot this footage this morning and I think you could use it for my demo reel for me to play Claudio.

You see this Rey? You'll have to learn this new medium.

It's what we'll be shooting our next movie on.

How do I get the film out of this little black box?

Good one, Rey.

I knew it would be fun having a cripple around.

What about that editor? Didn't you tell me all the victims were missing the same fingers he was?

You're right. That might be a good place to start.

Come on, Porfiry. This is your chance to prove yourself.

Prove myself, sir?

Look. You've been on the force, what, a year?

Now you and I both know that my daughter had a lot to do with you getting promoted. No, I...

Damn if I don't give that girl anything she wants.

My daughter better come out of this unscathed.

Do you understand me, Porfiry? Uh-huh.

I got Giancarlo keeping an eye on her

24/7 in the meantime.


And you should really use your service revolver.

That foreign knock-off of yours is going to get someone killed.

I've tried the revolvers. I prefer the 1911.

Well, all I know is my partner twenty years ago used one of those foreign weapons and he almost blew his hand off.

You don't need to worry, sir. I won't let you down.

No, you won't, because if you do you are going to be back in uniform handing out parking tickets for the rest of your life.

Unscathed. You got that, Porfiry?

She matches the description.

I demand to know who you men are!

She's your killer. We're going to prove it.

Five thousand dollars says this is a mask.


I'm gonna push it right there.

Yep. It'll stick. Come on. Get back on there.

And... she's good.

I don't even have five thousand dollars.

I demand to know who you men are!

Are Y°" Okay, Sophie?

Hey. I'm Arturo, officer of the law.

As I said, he was once in an asylum.

I don't know the details but I heard it from several sources.

I wish I knew more, but I don't.

The sooner this is over, the better.

Agreed, and by the way, Francesco, The Cat with the Velvet Blade is probably my favorite film.


Is this what you wanted me to wear?

Yes, yes, yes!


What have you to confess, my son?

I've had impure thoughts, father.

I've wished for terrible things to happen and those things have happened.

Rey, is that you?

I'm losing control, father.

I can't tell what's real anymore.

Can I ask you something, my son?

Of course, father.

What's it like on those big fancy film sets?

I've always wanted to know.

I'm an editor so I don't spend too much time on set.

Too bad. Sorry, father.

You're married to Josephine Jardin, aren't you?

The star of The Mirror and the Guillotine?

Is she dead?

Au revoir, Cesare. Bye, Cesare.

Cesare, Cesare, Cesare...

Whoa. Sorry there, Cesare. Great job today.

You almost sounded like a real American human being.

Grazie, grazie.

That's an excellent penis you have.

This is turning out to be a great night after all.

See you later, Cesare, buddy!



5,000 dollars says this is a mask.

Did you hear the great news, Ciso?

I'm going to be a star!

Yeah, somebody killed that foreign guy and Francesco's going to make me the lead.

Come see!

Editor, look! Told you.

There you are, Ciso.

I'm not going to find a better doppelganger than that foreigner so... Not now!

So Cal's our new hero.

Recut the film to make Claudio look like his sidekick.

Yes, I could use some of the footage Konitz gave me.

I finally got it out of the box, it's uh, all black.

MY tape!

I guess I can make another copy.

I noticed you're wearing the same clothes as you were yesterday, editor.

Is that because you weren't at home last night?

I always wear the same clothes.

And what about you?

You're wearing the same clothes also.

I'm an inspector, Rey.

I have to wear the same clothes every day.

If you're going to arrest Rey can you do it after he finishes the picture?

Francesco tells me that you used to be in the madhouse.

Care to explain?

I had a nervous breakdown, yes. It does not make me the killer.

Do you want tell me what happened now or shall we wait until we're down at the station and I'm booking you for murder?

I was a great editor, at one time.

Perhaps the greatest editor the world had ever seen.

I worked hard at it, just like anyone.

That is until the clay that I met Umberto Fantori.

I don't do many things, sir.

I don't know how to fill a tax form.

I cannot walk a dog, but I see into the heart.

So I can see into your heart.

And that what makes editor for film.

So for Mirror et Guillotine, only you, my friend.

I need a woman!

I need a woman!

I am a woman, under these clothes.

Umberto Fantori has another stellar success on his hands with The Mirror and the Guillotine.

Claudio Calvetti shines in his role as the tortured hero in need of a woman, but the real stars of the picture are Josephine Jardin and Rey Ciso.

You won't miss Josephine as the grief-stricken nun, torn between her God and her lust for the miscreant, Calvetti...

I had the perfect life. Even my wife loved me.

The next film is really what I was brought for to do.

La Vita, you understand? No end, no middle, no beginning.

Where is end? Who knows.

I let my ego get the better of me and I accepted the ultimate challenge.

Edit the world's longest film.

The interminable work drove me to the point of frenzy but years passed.

Would you get off please?

There's only a page and a half and the real meat of it is in the middle, so can we please just continue?

No, you're finished. Really, you're done here.

Okay? Get her off the set.

And as my wife lost her place in the spotlight...

The life we were living was truly put to rest.


So I spent some time in the hospital.

But not the madhouse as you call it.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to get back to work.

Oh my God! Jesus Christ, Margarit.

Cover those up. What?

He's right, Margarit. Your breasts are showing.

Not those, these.

Mr. Ciso, you scared me.

What did the inspector say? Are we in danger?

No, Bella. Don't worry.

It's the actors who make so many enemies.

Just be glad you and I work behind the scenes.

We go unnoticed.

It's true, Mr. Ciso.

When I was a little girl I used to sit in my father's projection booth.

I would watch the films and help him change the reels.

"People come to the theatre for magic," he would say.

If the audience knew how many magicians were working behind the scenes, the spell would be broken.

Your father was a very strange man, Bella.

Best you hear it from me, someone who cares.

Yes, well, enough about me.

What are we working on today, the body double footage?

No, Bella!

Uh, I was hoping you would show me the reel you've been working on.

Oh, Mr. Ciso, I don't know.

I don't think it's worthy of your eyes yet.

Nonsense, Bella.

Mr. Konitz, may I have a word?

Thank you very much, my little friend, goodbye.

You may have as many words as you like.

This is the best clay of my life and I'm always happy to meet a new friend.

My most prized possession.

Sweetheart, are you finished packing yet, or...?

Jasmine! Inspector, I am sorry.


My woman's not usually such a bitch.


You two know each other?

Jasmine and I were lovers.

It's true.

Peter was a strong and passionate man.

Too funny!

Holy shit.

Tell me, inspector, do you think you'll be hungry around six?

I'd like to talk about your adventures as a man of the law and undercover with Jasmine.

You're an eager young man and I'll be god damned if I don't tell you that I respect that.

I would love to have dinner with you and your lady, but I'm afraid I'll have to take a rain check this time.

I've got a lot more investigating to do.

Ah yes. Cloak and dagger stuff, eh?

Say no more, but I warn you, I'll be taking that rain check.

Good to meet you. Very good to meet you.

Yes, bye for now, then.

Oh, clear.

Mr. Konitz. You dropped something.

I swear I'd lose my head if it wasn't screwed on.

Especially with a killer on the loose.

You don't want to leave things like this lying around.

In the wrong hands, they become weapons.

You're a man who's seen darkness and returned to tell the tale, aren't you?

Indeed I am.


Beautiful body of work you have here, Bella.

You really think so, Mr. Ciso?

The rhythm, the splicing. It's all very good.

But you forgot one reaction shot.

Common mistake.

Stupid! Stupid! You're so stupid!

Bella! Stop! Give me that.

What are you doing?

Mr. Ciso, you're a great artist.

The way you edit with your wooden fingers.

I see you suffering for your work.

You're like van Gogh with his wooden ear.

And I... and I just wanna...

I'm sorry... I'm so ashamed.

Bella. You mustn't cry, huh?

No, Bella.

I'm a happily married man.

Mr. Ciso, you don't understand.

I'm in love with you.


You don't know what love is.

You're just a little girl.

Now fly away, butterfly.

Play with the boys your own age, huh?

But I do know what love is.

You are like the sun.

And everyone here is walking around under an umbrella.

But I see you.

I feel you.

Your warmth.

Your light.

Please, Mr. Ciso.

Make me a woman!

I said no, god damn it!

What have you done now? I heard screaming.

It's nothing. Just my assistant.

She's a mad little girl, you understand?

And what's this?

You always take company property home with you?

Let me have a look at it.

You can have a look when you show me a warrant, Inspector.

I can have that warrant in a number of hours, editor!

Claudio, Veronica, Cesare.

I'll find the killer who killed you.

The food here is delicious.

Why aren't you eating?

Uh... I had a big lunch.

So you're just going to sit there and watch me eat?

Why are you so weird?

Did I tell you?

The police were back at the studio today.


I thought we could focus on us for a change.

Maybe bring back that old spark.

But no.

Here we go with the film talk again.

Don't you know how much it hurts to be reminded that my career is over?

I don't mean in a movie.

There was another murder at the studio.

Am I supposed to be surprised, Rey?

With all the sluts and violence.

Did you really think a fancy dinner would make up for the fact that you didn't come home last night?

And look at what you're wearing.

Your old dirty work clothes.

You know what? I feel ill.

I think I caught that bug of yours.

And I'm going to be sick right now.

On this carpet right here.

You're going to have to clean it up.


What's the matter with you?

I've been tailing you secretly, but I can't take it anymore.

You need to keep your woman in line.

I did it for you this time because I feel sorry for you.

Next time you might not be so lucky.

I might slap you in the face.

A man slapping a man, imagine that.

Have a wonderful evening.

He's right.

What am I supposed to do, slap myself?

I told you it was that horrible restaurant that made me ill.

What are you doing?

Turn off that damn light.

Ugh. You're impossible.

A to Ciso...


Got you.

What the h...

Damn. Damn, come on.

Oh, damn.

Come on... Come on.

Who's there?

Answer me.

Hello. Kiss me.

Sorry, What's that? Kiss me. Kiss me!

There you are.

Got away from me, did you?

So she got you with that old “kiss me, I bite you" trick.


So you say you are an inspector?

That's right.

I can tell you a thing or two about Rey.

He was an up and coming editor before I met him.

Before he almost killed his assistant, Giuseppe.

Mr. Ciso, I think I found the film you wanted.

Mr. Ciso...

Mr. Ciso.

Have you heard of Plato's cave, Inspector?

I think I've seen it, yeah.

It's not a film.

Though it should be.

Plato described a cave where men are raised watching shadows on the wall.

Believing them to be people, animals, trees and what not.

And what has this to do with Mr. Ciso?

Rey believed that nothing was real, that we're all just marionettes on a stage.

We convinced him otherwise but he didn't stay in our institution too long.

He was signed for and released... by Fantori.


Umberto Fantori.

An intimidating man.

I was so...

...excited when I got his autograph.

On the release form.

I really admire his films.

Especially the one where the man climbs the tree and screams “I need a woman, a woman!"

Perhaps I should pay this Fantori a visit.


He's dead for years.

What of his assistant, Giuseppe?

Let me show you something.

My god... What's happened to him?

Why's he wrapped in these bandages?

I don't know.

Weird. Really weird.

Thank you for all the information, Dr. Casini.

I really appreciate it.



Don't tell Rey what we talked about.

Sure. Inspector.

I'm serious.

I'm not even friends with him.

Kiss me.

Bite me.


Rome, No'.!

Jesus Christ, Margarit. What is that?

Oh this is Rolfie, a seeing-eye dog.

Daddy brought him by earlier for me.

Isn't he sweet?

Yes, I only wish that you'd told me.

I wanted to introduce you to him at dinner but... did you forget?

It's this case. It's driving me so mad.

Is it the case...

Or is it my eyes?

It's the case, I promise.

And the doctor said the eye problem might, probably be temporary, did he not?

Peter, I can't lose both my career and my husband in the same week, I can't...

Margarit, I still love you.

Oh, Peter.

But where were you on the night of the murder if you know so much about it?

I was at home washing my hair and shaving my pussy.

Your story checks out.

What's happening?

Who could that be at this hour?

Peter? What's happening?


What is it, Rolfie? What is it?



Margarit, what's the matter?

Margarit, open the door. Open the door, Margarit!

Why is the door locked?

Who's there?

Damn it! Hold on, Margarit!

Keep away from the door!

Is the killer in there with you?

Help. Help me. Damn it, is it Rey Ciso?


Come here, Rome. That's it. That's a good boy.

Hold it right there! Drop the axe now.

How dare you point that gun at me?

I'm the inspector on this case, not you, not you!

The killer was here.

He's probably miles away by now, thanks to you.

Wait! You forgot this.

Shit. Now your prints are on the murder weapon.

I'm sorry. You've got a pair on you, boy, standing up to an inspector like that.

But that's my wife on the floor! You understand?

Did you get a look at her killer?

Yes. It was a black figure.

You know, I have an opening for an undercover man and you might just fit the bill.

Would you be interested in that, Giancarlo?

Yes, of course. Yes.

Why don't you say you saw the man who killed Margarit?

Why don't you say it in court?

The black man, sir? Your words, not mine.

Though I guess it was a black man, now that you remember seeing him.

But I remember... But I wasn't here, sir.

Oh, Giancarlo, that drink's gone straight to your brain.

You've already forgotten that you were here.

That your prints are on the murder weapon.

You probably shouldn't be drinking while you're on duty.

I haven't touched a drop myself. I just like to hold it.

A good man holds a beer.

I'm only trying to help you, Giancarlo.

All right.

So you'll say it... “I saw him."

I saw him. The black man.

The black man.

That's sounding very good. Very convincing.

You'll make a good cop one day, Giancarlo.

But I am a cop, sir.

You heard me, you're out of here.

Honestly, Rey. I thought it might be fun to have a cripple around, but I was dead wrong.

Not to mention you've practically cut Cal out of the whole movie. What?

And this guy shows up today telling me all kinds of facts about film that I'd never even heard before.

And better yet, he's agreed to work for half of what I'm paying you.

So what can I say, Rey?

Have you ever even seen a film by Einstein?


It's pronounced Einstein, Einstein.

So get your stuff and get the fuck out of here!


Mr. Ciso. Not now, Bella.

But, Mr. Ciso. I said not now!

Where are you going? Francesco's fired me.

He's hired some amateur with a head full of facts but no mind for art.

What? No. That can't be. Don't come any closer, Bella.

Has anyone else been in here. Anyone other than you?

That's what I wanted to talk to you about.

Ciso, you son of a bitch, you've got a lot to answer for.

I talked to Dr. Casini at the asylum, your story didn't exactly match up with his.

I told you everything I remember, Porfiry.

We're all editors of our own realities.

How Dr. Casini remembers my time in the asylum might not be exactly how it happened.

I wasn't done talking to you, editor!

What's this?

It's a wrench.

No, what's this?

Oh, it's a $500 tape machine I had to buy to watch that film you left for me.

That was not for you to watch.

I was going to tell you it's the first good thing you've edited in an extremely long time.

I had nothing to do with this crap.

I've never seen it before in my life.

Technical talk. Call it what you want.

I love it. And who is this man?

Cal Konitz.

He's magnificent. Maybe even better than Claudio.

Such... beautiful hands.

I was fired.

You were... You were what?

I was fired.

Who's going to pay for the food?

Who's going to pay for my clothes?

Who's going to pay for this damn $500 Beta machine?!

I'll find you.

I'll see who's been tormenting Mr. Ciso.


You? No.


Are you crazy? You light some rags in the sink and expect that to fix the plumbing?

Bella... Bella!

Hey! What are you doing here?

Where were you, huh? I was out. I was studying.

I was getting more books on my studying.

Holy shit! I'll kill you! I'll kill you!

REY, Rey, Rey, calm down.

What the fuck's the matter with you?

What's going on? He's a murderer!

I'm not a murderer. You're a murderer.

I'm a cop. You're a cop?

What? No. No. Bella's dead.

Is she? My god, another one?

Cal, call inspector Porfiry at once then help the new editor to clean up the lab.

I know you must be frightened by all of this but it seems to happen around here fairly often, lately.

You've got to get back to work at once.

I need this picture completed, you understand?

Okay. Good boy.

Who said anything about an editing lab, Francesco?

What? I said she was dead.

I didn't say where it happened.

Well she worked in the editing lab.

What the fuck? I don't have to explain myself to you!

I don't want to see you around here anymore.

You understand me?

You take death with you wherever you go.

Making movies used to be fun.

Lift her legs! I'm trying. She's too pretty.

Not bad, Giancarlo. Not bad.

Perhaps this book can tell me where the next cut should be.

Spiders, spiders, spiders. Ah here we are.

Tarantulas and film editing.

You're a great editor, truly. Sure, you have wooden fingers, but who doesn't at times.

And you're a smart man. Yeah.

Perhaps even a genius and that wife of yours... she could be an actress. She was.

She was? What was she in?

I've seen every movie in the world.

Please don't talk about her, she's a fuckin'... a fuckin' train wreck. Sorry, Rey.

Listen. I'm in a hell of a mess here, Ciso.

If you can give me Tarantola I can-

You cut it? Before you fired me.

Ciso! You saved me, Ciso. You saved me.

Cal, take these reels up to the screening room.

It's time for a premiere screening of your new movie.

You are... God damn it!


Where do you find these people?

He's not your man, you know.

Ciso. He's not your man.

I know editors have their negative side, so I understand your suspicion-

Don't talk to me. I can arrest you for that.

Don't tell me you believe in that old superstition, do you?

What superstition?

Well, in Roman times editors were considered to be a bridge between the netherworld.

They were used in summonings and bringing-forths and so on.

Hence the Latin root of the word, Editor.

Bridges to the netherworld?

Oh, they were considered bridges to the netherworld.

I don't want to hear your wizard speak.

A young Donald Sutherland.

You think you can cut me out of the movie? Huh?

You think you can cut me out of the movie, editor?

I'll cut you out!

I'm going to cut off your click with this!

I'll cut you up! You fucked with the wrong guy, editor.

I'm going to cut you into bits, editor.

I'll cut you up.

I don't believe you.

I'll kill you, editor. I'll cut you up.

You want to know why I cut you out of the film?


Because you're a terrible actor.

You've got a lot of balls for a guy who's about to be fish food.

No, what I have is a trained eye.

You see, Konitz, whenever you act, or whatever the hell you're doing, you blink.

You blink like you have smoke in your eyes.

You couldn't kill a man.

You couldn't even act like a killer.

You're messing with the wrong guy, editor.

I'll get you, editor.

Put me back in the movie, or else.

If you're wondering if you got the right man for the job, I can tell you a hundred percent, you do.

I just don't know if I'm gonna take it.

What can I do to convince you?

Yeah, yeah, hey... Oh... yeah...

Yep. Twice a week I like to go swimming down by the pier.

Jasmine scolds me for going alone.

She thinks it's dangerous.

I'm not surprised. You're a brave man.

Maybe you'd like to join me sometime.

She wouldn't have to worry about me and you could swim with a good friend. I'd like that.


About why I brought you here.

Yes, you said that you had some evidence on the editor.

It's not evidence, exactly.

But I threatened him, for cutting me out of the movie.

He cut you out of the picture?

Can you believe it?

He's clearly a mad man.

Yes. A mad man.

I held a chainsaw right up to his face and he insulted me.

That's not the behavior of a sane man.

Speak of the devil. What? Is he here?

What? No.

We were just talking about the devil man, Rey.

That's not what that expression means.


You might be onto something, though.

I have a suspicion and it's certainly a wild one.

I like the sound of this already.

I think that Rey might have some ties to the occult. ...have some ties to occult.

That's right! I was thinking the same.

But how am I expected to reason with a man like this?

You know what you might try is the wife.

I think the way to get to Rey is through his wife.

I think she might be able to convince him to extend your scenes.

I like the way you think, Porfiry.

Speaking of wives, my condolences, Porfiry.

Thank you.

Jasmine... Jesus Christ.

You're going to pay for dinner because of that.

I said if you did this you were going to pay for dinner.

That is, unless you can tell me where the money is.

Oh, God damn it! You're a mad man.

A bastard. Ahhh!

If only I could untie myself from the rope with this mangled hand.

I'm no man at all.

Damn it! You know what?

I might take my cut of the fortune out of your...


You know what?

I might take my cut of the fortune out of your beautiful bride.

Oh no! Please stop!


I'll never get out of it. He's too good at tying knots.

Damn. You're gonna love it.


And insult to injury he's raping my wife, crap!

See? She loves it you son of a bitch.


Gotta hand it to him. The kid's got talent.

Maybe I was right... wrong about him all along.

Guess who? actor.

You're not fooling me, Rey.

You just don't think about what's best for the movie, do you?

I'm going to take my cut of what you owe me.

All right, all right, I'll do it.

I'll cut you back in.

Did I blink?

No. Rey, please...

Help me, baby...

s ow!


Where are you going?

I gotta go.

I'm really sorry about that, okay? Bye.

Cal and I are in love and we're going to get married.



I'm sorry.

I wish I could have been a better wife to you.

I'll always...

I'll always love you.

Josephine, untie me. But I'm not in love with you.

I have to go meet Cal. He's waiting.



Tenebras quam luciem tuam movendi est vita...

Tenebras quam luciem tuam movendi est vita...

What does it mean?

' ' Uallghing)

I 9°t you.

Ugh. You dog! You scared me.

Oh, I was only kidding, Jasmine.

Come here, why don't you?

I want you to forgive me.

I'm sorry.

This hasn't happened to me before.

It's that damn editor.

I think I feel kind of bad for what I did to him.

It's all right. I'm good.

Tell me.

Tell me something about your affair with the inspector.

Like what?

About how he was strong and forceful.

Okay, well he was strong and forceful.


He knew what I wanted before I did.

Excuse me, Wizard!

I must have a word with you about the editor and your so-called superstition.

I need a little help with the Latin here but...

Tenebras Quam Luciem Tuam Movendi est Vita?

You fool, you mustn't say these words!

It's just a bit of fire, what's the big deal?

No. You shouldn't have brought this book here.

It must be destroyed, like the others.

Wizard, come now. It's just an old text.

You're seeing ghosts on every corner.

No, Inspector, I beg of you.

For your own salvation you must destroy this book, please.

You don't know what you're toying with.

I'll happily destroy it once I find out what part Rey Ciso plays in this dark charade.

I've known Rey for many years.

He's got no part in the evil that you've brought here.

Rey Ciso's a God-fearing Catholic.

And he can patch up more than a roll of film, let me tell you.

Why, he patched up our bell tower.

It was all leaky and he patched up the masonry and now it rings loud and clear.

So, inspector, I'll tell you again.

Rey Ciso is not your man.

Wizard, please!

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a date with a friend.

Oh, yeah.


Come on, Rome.

Let's see if Cal likes you as much as I do, eh?

Twelve hours working the beat. Who needs 'em, right?

Here, let's get some exercise.

Oh, what's this?

How about a little fetch before we go swimming, huh?

That's it, boy, get it.

Get it. Get it, that's a good boy.

Bring it. Bring it. Oh you're such a good boy.

That's it Rome. Get it. Bring it. Bring it, Rome.


No use in hiding, Ciso. Come out right now.

Are you in here, Rey?

My God...


Get a hold of yourself.

What's this?

Ah, yes.

Now I've got him.

Oh, no you don't.

Hold it right there, Editor.

Thought you got away from me, did you?

To bring forth. Summoning demons.

A bunch of bullshit some priest told me.

I read your book.

It's all so stupid it makes me want to shoot you.

Don't even think about it.

Come back, Rey!

Come on. Eat it. Eat it.

Ah, fuck this. Francesco.

I was beginning to think you'd stood me up, my dear.

Oh, darling, you've known me long enough.

His final victim.

Hold it right there, Rey!

Porfiry, you don't understand.

No Rey, I think I finally do understand.

If I don't shoot you now this is never going to end!

It's all right Mrs. Ciso, everything is going to be okay now.

Porfiry, behind you.

Shut up. Shut up. Shut up!

It was you, all along?

I knew it!

Don't choke on your last words, Inspector.

Choke on this, bitch.


Josephine? I've always hated that name.

I've sacrificed everything for you.

From now on, call me Death!

Death! Death!

Do it again, call me Death. Light the match, Rey.

Come on, light the match.

Come on, Rey. Light the damn match!


Please, Rey. Do it!

It's these damn wooden fingers!

You're a wooden man!


Please, no! N000!

Death! Death!

Ah. My back. Oh, your back, I'm sorry.

You're a free man.

I just don't understand it.

Why she'd kill so many innocent actors...

Like Cesare or Margarit?

Well, Cal killed Cesare.

He told me.

To get a better part in the picture.

Here, allow me.

Ow! Damn, that's right. I forgot.

I don't have fingers on this hand anymore.

Thank you, Porfiry You'll be in my prayers tonight. And now to bed.

But Rey, you've been hit.

It's all in a day's work, partner.

Porfiry, you're late.

It's funny you mention that, Chief, as I was about to tell you I'm taking some time off.

Vacation days?

Look, I understand setting somebody on fire and watching them burn to death changes a man.

But you've got to talk to the staff doc about that, not me.

Casini's waiting for you.


Yeah, anytime you kill somebody you gotta talk to the staff doc.

Well, I'd be happy to talk to him about the charred remains of Josephine Jardin.

You know, Chief, I met her once... and although I found her a cruel woman, I never would have thought she would be capable of murder.

I would have figured a few good slaps from her husband would have sorted her out.

Okay. Didn't realize you knew her.

She wasn't married though.

Of course she was, to the editor.

Jesus Christ, this is the kind of mumbo jumbo you should be babbling to the staff doc, not me.

You know, Chief, you may be my superior but I'd expect a little more respect for your top inspector on the heels of cracking his big...

I respect the hell out of Inspector Giancarlo.

I made him a bronze shield this morning while you were in bed sleeping off that pathetic hand wound of yours.

Inspector Giancarlo?

What the hell are you talking about?

My ears are burning. Officer Porfiry.

Is everything okay, Chief?

You're dead. You're dead.

You're dead!

Calm down. We have a lot of things to discuss.

You work in an asylum and, and you're dead and that burnt up woman is the wife of Rey Ciso!

Peter, relax.

Nobody is going to hurt you.

Rey Ciso is the editor! The editor, I tell you!

And I'm the inspector, not you. Not Giancarlo!

I'm the inspector. This is my case.

I'm the inspector. I'm the inspector!


Really weird.

Where's the editor? Is he here?

Who? The editor, damn it!

I do not know of whom you speak.

Besides I know well enough to avoid any editors or their ilk.

He was here. He fixed the bell tower.

You said it!

That bell hasn't rung in over a hundred years.

The bell tower.




Honey, I'm in our home.