The Eel (1997) Script

Summer 1988


Executive Producer OKUYAMA Kazuyoshi

Original Story by YOSHIMURA Akira

Screenplay by TOGAWA Motofumi TENGAN Daisuke, IMAMURA Shohei

Sorry for all the letters.

This is also about your wife's adultery.

You may think this is just some sort of prank.

So I have decided to write this one last time. It isn't a trick or a joke.

I do mean it, it's not a farce.

A man visits your wife at night, when you go on all-night fishing trips.

Hello. You're home early today.

I'm packing your lunch.

You're going fishing tonight, right? Yes.

What'll you be fishing for?

Sea bass and black sea bream.

Then it's sashimi tomorrow.

Recently the landlady has been ill.

It'll be cold tonight. Take an overcoat.

Especially when you go fishing.

What time will you be home?

Same as always.

Good luck.

See you. Take care.

Leaving already, Mr. Yamashita? Yes.

They're just starting to bite.

You can have this.

Are you sure? Yes.

Say hello to everyone. Sure thing.

Good night. Take care. See you.

Going back already? Yes.

Shall I drive you? No thanks.

Coming next week, too? Yes.

Good bye.


You killed her! Murderer!




TOKITA Fumio, BAISHO Mitsuko SATO Makoto, EMOTO Akira POLICE STATION Music: IKEBE Shinichiro

My name is Yamashita Takuro. I live in Wakaba, Tama Ward.

I've just killed my wife.

This is the weapon I used.

Come inside.

Call "Homicide". Yes.

This way.

"Homicide"? A man has just turned himself in for killing his wife. Yes, thank you.

Eight years later Directed by IMAMURA Shohei

Make sure you don't break any rules while you're on parole.

And don't make any trouble for Rev. Nakajima, your parole officer.

Even if you see trouble occurring around you, don't let yourself be drawn into it.

I hope you'll spend your two years on parole without any lapses.

My car's in the parking lot.

You forgot this.

I put some oxygen in. It should last all day.

What is it?

It's Yamashita's pet eel.

Pet eel?

He kept it in a pond inside the prison.

Actually, pets are forbidden but we pretended it was ours.

But why an eel?

He listens to what I say.

He listens?

He doesn't say what I don't want to hear.

They've cut down his sentence from 10 to 8 years.

Long time.

He's a murderer.



Your brother should be aware you were to be released today.

He should come today.

He won't come.


Isn't he your only relative?

Two years ago, when my mother died he didn't write it to me.

My niece has graduated.

Now, she works in a company.

Where are your wife's parents?


I don't know.

I understand.

Let's go.

Tastes good?


This is my temple.

You'll have to come here and report to me occasionally.

We'll just talk, that's all.

Will you come in?

My eel doesn't look so good.

Let's take a walk. I'll show you that shop you asked about.

Can't you walk alongside me?

It's an 8 year habit.

One, two...

Eyes straight ahead.

One, two...

Reverend Nakajima!

Another funeral?

Time to rake in more cash, huh?

No. We're just out walking.

He's an old student who's visiting me.

This is Mr. Takada.

This is Mr. Yamashita.

I'm showing him the sights of Sawara.

Sawara is as empty as the Sahara.

What's that?

As you can very well wee, it's an eel.

It's a whopper! At least a kilo. You going to grill it?

He's much too fond of it.

Shall we continue?

Where are you going?

There's nothing out that way.

I'll show him the old barber shop.

He's thinking of starting up.

Not that old place?

I agree. But he saw the photos and liked the place.


Mr. Yamashita, come back here.

What an odd guy.

You might say that.

Are you sure about this?


This is your bank book. I got it from your brother.

He received 4 million yen when your mother died.

He spent a million on the funeral. This is what's left.

Plus the 800,000 yen you earned while in prison.

It's 3.8 million yen in total. Take it.

It's a lot of money.

Prices have risen in the past eight years.

Use it wisely.

The bathroom and the laundry are there.

The bedrooms are upstairs.

What are you doing here?

I thought someone wanted to buy the shop.

It hasn't opened yet.


Please, go away.

Mr. Yamashita...

He's the son of some peasants from around here.

He loafs around here.

He's a nuisance.


I must show you something.

That's the sign the shop is open.

It's a nice ornament.

Put it at the door.

Do as you seem fit.

It's tough being a barber here.

There's nothing around.

Nobody comes here.

Where can he be?

What are you doing?

I like this place. How about you?

Better than the prison pond.

What did you say?

I agree!

He certainly is different, isn't he?

He thinks he did nothing wrong?

Well, he never admitted as much.

But that's apparently what he believes.

He doesn't regret what he did?

Thank you for the bath.

Be careful!

Let me introduce you to my wife.

I'm Misako. Nice to meet you.

I'll wash your things.

No, thank you. I can do it myself.

Excuse me going to bed early.

Good night.

Sorry about this.

It won't be easy.

So, do you like it here?

What's going on here?

You opening up shop?

What's he up to?

Apparently he's opening a barbershop.

You're kidding! He's too bloody unsociable.

Anyone in?

What are you fishing for?

Nothing in particular.

What if a customer comes?

I can see from here.

Don't I look like a customer?

Have you been a barber long?


I see you're good at it.

I've been at it for five years.

Five years means something.

I didn't do this in the beginning.

And what did you do?

I want to learn being a barber.

A lot of things.

I used to work in publishing and in food industry.

I understand.

Talk to that eel, do you?

Makes you laugh, does he?

I happened to catch it and I'm just keeping it.

We should go eel-hunting together.

That's downright unusual.

A woman here all by herself.

What's up?


Don't stand out there. Come on in.

I'm going to get some food for my eel.

Takada knows a good place.

Does he?

Come here.

Not everything has to be clear and obvious.


Catch anything?

What's this?

Bait for the eel.

Oh, yes...

Oh, I almost forgot.

My son needs to have his hair cut.

He'll come later. Please, do it.

He's at school, but lazes around in the house all day long.

A few days ago he pierced his ears.

I can't understand what's in his mind.

While you're on parole... don't let yourself be drawn into any kind of trouble.

ls there an emergency? I don't know.

Where have you been?

Playing pachinko?

Don't you go anymore!

I'm better.

I'm letting you.

What do you like, the star, or the horse race?

If you ask me, your barber's shop needs a protector.

Have you come for extortion?

Shut up!


Look what the deal is.

A cut from your earnings.

Very cheap.

You want to pay each month, or per season?

Do you read me?

I'll bring some guests when you're free.

If there are any problems, call me.

Business will be good.

Do we have a deal?

Did you read me?

How'd it go?

I'm first in line.

Find any good eel food?

What are you on about?

Anything wrong?

Will you come with me?

What for?

It's something I saw.

You're not a child. You should know better.

Why... didn't you report it immediately?

I just wanted someone to be with me.

Was there anything in her purse?

Sleeping pills and a lipstick.

Did you open her purse?

I didn't touch it.

Who gives a damn?

Nothing was stolen, right?

Come on, we reported it!

I have to cover all possibilities.

What for?

Is that so? Good.

She'll live.

It's good she was found quickly. They pumped her stomach.

We'll be in touch if there's anything else.

I'll go to the hospital. Alright.

What a bummer. It wasn't a murder.

No pat on the back for the good citizens?

Don't be a smart ass.

Good evening.

Come on, I'll show you how to use the spear.

What spear?

The eel spear I was telling you about.


These days hardly anyone spears eels anymore.

Only me in these parts.

Got 'im!

Pull it off.

Did you know that woman who tried to kill herself?

No, but she resembled someone...

Really? who?

My wife. We're separated.

Right! Came to try your luck?


The spear.

I'll hold the light, you spear.

There's one. Right over there.

There you go.

What's wrong?

What was that for?

I don't feel comfortable doing it.

I am writing to tell you that your wife...

I wanted to ask you a favor. I was going to come tomorrow, but the sooner the better.

A favor?

Yes. It's about Miss Hattori.

Miss Hattori?

I'm sorry for all the trouble.

The policeman said you saved my life.

May we come in?


Please accept this, along with my apologies.

Actually, I should thank you, not apologize. You saved my life.

Thank you very much.

Is this the favor?

She's looking for work in town, so I thought of your place.


She stayed a few weeks with us while she thought things over.

But she doesn't want to return to Tokyo.

Better she works than stay idle.

Naturally she'll be staying at the temple.

I'm sure it will work out. You've no objection?

No objections. But I don't...

It's you that saved her.

Help her.

What if she'll try killing herself again...

You can't sit doing nothing.


You can pay her what you want.



She could clean and cook.

Do you remember what happened in prison?

Change your shoes when entering.

I'm sorry.

Good morning.

Catch anything?

The door's open.


Shall I wash the towels?

Which towels?

The used ones. We're running low.

Towels are washed on Tuesdays.

But it's such a nice day. It's out back, right?

I worked for a barber as a kid.

I even did shampoos.

Anything else to wash?

Don't wash anything.

But we have very few clean ones.

And few customers, too.

Are you sure?

I couldn't find a vase.

I don't like flowers.

You don't want flowers in the shop?

It's not what I said.

What made you do it?

I shouldn't have asked.

I fell in love with the wrong person.

I started to think, what's the point in living?

I probably deserved it. Punishment for what I'd done.

Hello there.

Welcome! Not here for a haircut.

What do you make of this?

You don't like spears, right?

This won't hurt the eels.

Leave it out overnight and pull it up when there's something in it.

It's special.

It's the right length.

Eels don't get in if it's too short.

Just leave 'em out overnight.

The tough part's choosing the right spot.

Give it a try?

Slowly and quietly.

You didn't divorce your wife. She died, didn't she?

I lost my wife, too. I can tell.

Tie it tightly or lose it.

Am I right?

I've had my fill of women.

One month later

I knew I'd find you here.

Sky is so high!

It's beautiful.

When I took the pills, I thought...

Why is the sky so blue?

If I'd have died...

I'd have become part of the blue sky.

Today's gonna be sunny!

What are you up to?

Mr. Yamashita said I could borrow this when he's closed.

Think you can call up a UFO with that?

They did it in America, in Colorado.

Come on in.

It's an hour's wait.

Here you are.

Settled in, haven't you? Yes.

Some over here, please. Yes.

Have some potato.

Thank you.

More than just settled in. He couldn't do without her.

Why's that? Look around you.

You like kids, do you Yamashita?

Never seen you so friendly.

Keiko, can you give this to Emi?

It's a concert ticket. She'll be by to pick it up.

Playing hooky again?

No, I'm in the middle of a marathon.

Joji, take along some fried sweet potatoes.

You two seem to be getting along.

Cut it out.

Don't get so upset.

I don't want any rumors.

Please, I'll give you a shampoo.

Too late, word's already out.

Everyone's talking about you two.

You didn't know?

I'll go make lunch.

I'm sorry for any trouble.


You know, the rumors.

Involved with a would-be suicide.

Get me the sauce.

I've been meaning to ask you.

Why do you keep that eel?

An eel suits me.

I'll do them. No, I'll take care of it.

What'll you do if aliens come?

I want to make friends with them.

They're constantly watching us.

They only come to those who really want to meet them.

Aren't you really just afraid of making friends with people?

You're afraid of dealing with people, right?

Just like you, right?

You talk to your eel because you don't like people, right?

No, no!

Like that.

Too fast.

It's dangerous.


Here I am.

We've been together since last night.

They are my friends.

Hello to everybody.

Are you going out tonight?

You had said so.

What'd Keiko say?

Please, leave us alone.

We'll be happy.


Go away.

Don't interupt.

Cut it out.

Go away.


I'm through.

Let's go, then.

Let's go.

Think about it.

Is he Chinese?

No, he's Japanese.

He's different from you, pervert.

A pervert and a pervert.

He's like everyone else.

Like you also?

I write to you again to inform...

Where's the garbage you wanted removed?

Excuse me?

I asked them to come.

That garbage out back. It's an eyesore.

Back of the building? Yes.

Do you know him?

What happened?

I cut myself earlier.

It's really nothing.

Come inside.

Hi there.

What happened?

Sorry, we're closed today.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

You should see a doctor.

A doctor?

Does it hurt?


Hang on tight.

You'll fall off.

Hold on tighter!

Hold your wife's hand.

No anesthetic?

Not for a scratch like this.

Keiko's all right. Nothing serious.

It only took two stitches.

She was impressed with you.

She seemed awfully pleased.

Young people! Come here.

You say he was in prison with you?

He's a garbage man so we'll see a lot of each other.

You're afraid people will find out about your past?

About Keiko...

There's nothing between us.

I know that.

Is it bad to have such rumors about a guy on parole?

No, I'm more concerned about her feelings.

Has she said anything?

She wants to leave.

What? Quit working for me?

No, she wants to leave here and live at your place.

But she's reluctant to bring it up with you.

What a marvelous device!

That'll never attract UFOs. What a fool!

What makes you think so? One may come.

UFOs don't exist.

TV stations invented them to boost ratings.

At his age he should know better.

I want to see Masaki's UFO.

Like a festival, isn't it?

Masaki really believes a UFO will come.

Why do you want to stay with me?

Because I've never met anyone like you before.

When I cut myself, you were worried about me...

No one's ever taken care of me before.

Not like that.

Going fishing tonight? Yes.

I'll bring you some food.

A boxed dinner?

I'll be waiting for you at the Sakura Bridge.

Here it is.

Any eels? Probably.

Just a minute.

Two big ones.

They've started coming back.

Homing eels taste best, so they say.

They've fattened up for their long journey.

They're feasting on crabs and shrimp.

That's Masaki's house over there.

The UFO guy.

Isn't that Keiko?

A little rendez-vous, huh?

No, not really.

So what's she doing there?

Don't stop the boat.

You sure?

That'll be 2,000 yen.

Thank you. Please come again.


I've been looking for you.

Can I help you, sir?

I'm a friend of Keiko's. Dojima Eiji.

Could you excuse us?

How are you, Mom?

The hospital was dreadful.

Everyone is completely crazy.


I like Akita, but not the hospital.

Mom, wait.

You'll get lost again.

Is Dojima still with his wife?

He says he'll divorce her.

Now's a bad time for loan sharks.

I can help him out with a little cash.

Don't ever say that to him!

It'll make things worse.

In one gulp, great!

I can't do much for you... except 10 or 20 million yen.

Really? That'd sure help.

One, two, three...

The "Carmen of Akita".

That's what they called me.

Mom, that's enough.

Mr. Dojima! Stay calm!

Mr. Dojima!

Mother, stop!

About Dojima...

The one who came today.

He wants a favor from Mother.

Your mother?

She's in a hospital in Tokyo.

What's wrong with her?

It's a mental thing.

I'll bring you another lunch box.

You'd better go home.

Do you know about Yamashita?

She's there again. What'll you do?

It's all we've got today.

It's three of them.

Take them home.

No, thank you.

You really don't want them?

I don't eat eels.

But they'll be dead soon.

Take at least one.

No, thank you.


Then I'll take them all.

"I'll be free tomorrow.

Be at the Onogawa floodgate at three o'clock tomorrow. "

“This is a warning.

You aren't reflecting on your conduct and that's bad.

You're a murderer too, but you're chasing that girl.

You haven't even visited your wife's grave.

Who do you think you are?"

"Every day I sit before the altar, copying sutras, and praying for my dead wife and mother-in-law."

Takasaki quit the garbage company and went back home.

No. That's impossible.

His parole officer called to tell me.

He knew you two corresponded a few times.

He said it was a good thing, it encouraged him to fit back in.

Parole officers think they know everything.

I'm no different from what I was in prison...

Hi, there.

Where have you been?

I had something to do.

Three customers came. They'll be back.

Have you eaten?

I made some dinner.

I'll warm it up now.

I don't want anything.

You don't like stew?

You misunderstood.

Misunderstood what?

About me. I'm not the man you think I am.

Because you were in prison?

You knew?

Who told you?

That garbage man who came by the other day.

Do you know why I was in prison?

I killed my wife.

That was a lie, about us being divorced.

I stabbed her to death.

I'm a murderer.

I tried to forget, but these hands can't.

The blade slashing her flesh...

Stabbing deep into her body.

How could I forget?

Why did you do it?

You surely had a reason.

I want to know everything about you.

It's not your concern.

Go on home.

Leave me alone!

Morning sickness?

Knocked up by that wife-killer, are you?

No. Stop it!

What a view! You slut!



How old are you?

I'm 34.

Your last period was in April? Yes.

You're four months pregnant.

Too late for an abortion. It's highly irregular...

Please. I just can't have this baby.

I don't recommend one.

You should have it.

That turns me off.

I can't do it.

Should we send her back to Akita?

Let's wait a little longer.

But why?

Because you need her money?

Even with the money I send my wife...

She won't agree to a divorce.

Yesterday, Mr. Mizumaki...

Your mother gave me a vibrator.

He introduced me to a creditor named Machida.

If I become his mistress...

He'll forget the 10 million you owe.

What did you say?

You think it's a good idea?

Absolutely not...

I feel like giving Mother an overdose of sleeping pills.

And kill myself, too. I need some peace.

I'm scared that it's hereditary.

What is it?

If I'm in the way, I'll kill myself!

Keiko, are you all right?

It's very late.

Is it a nightmare?

I'm sorry. Yes, just a nightmare.

Is it about Mr. Yamashita?

No, it's nothing...

Excuse me.

Care for a nip?

No, I don't drink.

Come on!

A wee drop won't hurt.

Is Keiko taking a holiday?

Either that or she's quit...

They used to say there were no female eels.

Only males.

The females carry their eggs

2,000 kilometers or more, way down south.

They only lay when the salinity's right.

2,000 kilometers! That's as far as the equator.

The males follow behind.

Most of 'em die right there.

The tiny fry take up to six months to return to Japan.

Most of 'em die on the way back.

The ocean's full of dead fry.

I saw the paper on your door.

It was that Takasaki.

It wasn't just a sutra.

It was dark, no one else saw it.

I don't trust him.

I ripped it down, anyway. So no one else would see it.

Is what he wrote true?

You don't have to tell me.

I couldn't forgive her...

Because... I loved her.

I couldn't help myself.

I often wondered how I could kill the one I loved so much...

I just couldn't forgive her.

Take another drop.

How is it?

How old was she?

Your late wife.


Any children?


Even if I wanted to.

What a sin.

Everybody has sins.

We are all the same.

All trying to get in touch with the others.

And get more cowardly.

And can't forget the past.

Isn't it depressing?

Don't think about it.

Let's try and look for the future.

When I killed Emiko, I died along with her.

I didn't want... I couldn't accept anyone else.

Since reading those letters...

What letters?

I wonder who wrote them?

What did you do with them?

I threw them away.

Threw them away?

Threw them away...

Threw them away...

But when?


But maybe...

There was no such letter in the first place.

Have you seen Keiko? No.

She wasn't feeling well.

And she left this morning. Sit down.

She was always worrying about the shop.

We assumed she'd come here.

I thought she'd quit.

Why do you say that? Impossible!

I told her about my past. She naturally ran off.

No. You've got it all wrong.

But it's only natural.

That's not it.

She loves you. Didn't you get that?

Thank you.

Excuse me.

Mother, shall we go?

Thank you all for everything.

Where are we going?

A wonderful place.

Like Akita, but it's not a hospital.

Let's go.

Come on!

Wrong number.

"Dojima Financial Consultant"

Please pay by the end of the month.


Vice-president! Good morning. Good morning.

Where are you now? In Hachioji.

Good morning.

It's been such a long time.

You have Mother's bank book?

Yes, I think so...

Where's the president?

He's out on an appointment.

And Mizumaki? He's with him.

Financial Consultants. I'm sorry, he's out now.

Here it is.

Her seal, too.

Here you are. Thank you.

Okay, carry on.



The reverend and his wife came by.

He asked me about your girl.

I said I didn't give a shit.

Did you read my sutra?

No, I threw it away.

Son of a bitch. I did it for your soul.

You also wrote I'm a killer.

For my soul, too?

You're supposed to read it all!

Then you'd understand.

It was the middle of the night.

No one else saw it.

I thought you went back home.

Why should I?

I hear you quit work.

My boss tried to stop me, but he was happy.

People don't like ex-cons.

Stop bothering me. I've had enough of you.

Got any sake? No.

Get out of here!

Did you know she's pregnant?

I saw her puking.

Morning sickness.

Got a kid on the way, have ya?

Get out of here!

Yeah, okay.

Clean up your act!

I can't wait to see what the kid's like.

I bet it'll be like this.

You asshole!

I've been on parole for 3 years. I've had no luck!

I copied sutras every day and visited my victim's grave.

But it wasn't worth shit!

Of course. What good would that do?

You bastard!

You're only acting. It's not from your heart!

Bastard! What would you know about me?

In prison you were trained as a barber.

Now you've got a shop, and a girl.

Fucking's better than sutras, huh?

She isn't my girl, you fool!

Fuck you! You're such a smart-ass.

You're the smart-ass.

Those prayer beads! Just another act.

An ex-con with no job or no money needs prayer beads.

This is bullshit!

Praise Buddha!

Is this what you want?

You make me laugh!

Your shit doesn't stink! You make a slut pregnant!

You're like a little schoolboy!

Why keep bothering me?

I'm sick of you.

I get it. You must be lousy in bed.


I said, you couldn't give a good fuck if you tried!

You found your wife with another man. That hurt!

You could only fuck her like a kid. You're a lousy lay.

You saw that guy fucking her like an expert, it made you crazy, so you killed her.

You never fucked anyone but her, you little schoolboy!


You think jealousy is wrong, don't you?

It's jealousy, no matter what kind of act you put on.

You're only human.

I'm a real man! I want to fuck a woman.

I hate this bullshit, schoolboy crap!

I'll rape some chick and go back to prison.

Reciting a sutra between the warm thighs of a woman.

So long, you little schoolboy fuck up!

All praise to Buddha...


Sorry for just leaving. I had a lot to do.

Sorry for the trouble.

Where have you been? Come inside. I'm sorry.

A man calling himself Dojima dropped by earlier.

He was looking for you. Some financial problem, he said.

He went to Yamashita's place.

Yamashita's place?

I'm really sorry for everything.

This is my mother's bank book and her seal.

Can you keep them for me?

We can do that, but how much is in there?

Thirty million yen.

It was outrageous of me, but it is Mother's money.

I'm vice-president, so I just took it.

It's a fortune! How is your mother?

She's going back to Akita.

Why throw her out?

But I didn't.

It's almost as if you did. This place needs Keiko.

Where's she now?

I don't know.

Why throw her out?

But I didn't.

It's almost as if you did. This place needs Keiko.

Everyone knows that without Keiko the service here is lousy.

Keiko broke into my office and stole 30 million yen.

Where is she?

Even if I knew, I wouldn't tell.

This is serious business.

Where's Keiko? Bring her here!

We don't know where she is.

Yes, you do.

Masaki, go get the cops! Yes.

She stole my money. I want it back.

You're free to search the place, but she's not here.

Find her!

You go look out back.

You go upstairs.

The thing is...

I checked up on you.

You're on parole, aren't you?

This is my lawyer, Naito.

You shouldn't get involved in this kind of trouble.

You already served eight years. You want to go back?

Are you threatening me?

It's in your best interests.

Come quick!

A man called Dojima barged into Yamashita's place.

I'd better go. I'll come, too.

Awano, take us over here!

She's not here.

We told you she's not.

Now fuck off!

Let me go!

Who are you?

I'm a friend of them both.

You bastards!

There's no need for violence!


I'll bring Keiko to court for theft.

You don't want any cops, do you?

I couldn't care less.

Hey, boss!

What are you doing here?

What are you talking about? You stole my money!

That money isn't yours.

It was to be invested in my new company.

I've got papers to prove it. You saw them.

It belongs to my mother. So go ahead, sue me.

I'd love to! Your loony mother will make a great witness!

We have power of attorney. Return the money.

Why should I let you have it?

It's all she's got left. And I'll protect her.

Who gives a shit!

She's an investor. I've got the papers!

Return those papers to her.

What's that? Yamashita!

No need to get involved.

Return the power of attorney.

Are you crazy?

May be.

What's it to be?

Yes, or no?

What's with you? She's only worth fucking!

You bastard!

You stay out of it!

Look carefully, officer.

It's me being violent.

Okay, stop it. That's enough.

Everyone, stop it!

Where's my money, bitch?

It's all her doing!

Where did you hide my money?

She threw herself at me, too, your. Mother! You're both fucking crazy!

Don't stop me.

Damn you!

You bitch!


Stop it!

Stop it, I said!

Keiko's pregnant!

You're all fixed.

Pregnant with my kid?

No way! It's not yours!

Then, is it his?

Yes, it's mine!

Fuck you!

Stop it now!

What have I done! I'm sorry!

You mongrel!

Lady! That's enough!

Get out of my way!

It's my baby.


How did it go?

The power of attorney has no signature.

The money belongs to your mother after all.

And Mr. Yamashita?

No charges against Takada.

But as for Yamashita, there'll be a parole violation hearing.

He'll have to wait four or five days.

I'll be in touch.

I'm sorry. Does your head still hurt?

No, I'm okay. It doesn't hurt anymore.

I got you into this.

I did it on my own.

We decided to have a party tonight.

All of us?

To shed the bad luck and celebrate your lady's pregnancy.

Celebrate my pregnancy?

Sorry. Everyone thinks it's yours.

It must bother you.

They'd decided anyway. I just confirmed it.

I'll have an abortion.

Don't. Have the baby.

The reverend can sit in the middle.

Come on, Masaki!

Where are you going, Yuji?

Where are you going?

He's going to do something.

C'mon, applaud!

Mr. Yamashita, dance with me. Come on.

First a brat...

Next a murderer...

What a pervert.

There were no letters. Jealousy made you hallucinate.

Finally I've become like you.

I'll raise a kid by some unknown father.

Your mother laid her eggs near the equator.

Anonymous sperm fertilized them to life.

Nobody knows your father.

But you're still a fantastic eel.

Sacrificing themselves, they escort the babies back to Japan.

Those who are born should be cared for, right?

Time to say good-bye.



My statement should carry some clout.

You'll soon be free again.

Thank you.

How long do you think?

About a year, I reckon.

Could we stop on the way?


We'll wait here.

You can have the barber's pole.

Thank you.

Take good care of yourself.

Can I wait for you?

Wait until you come back?

Take good care of the baby.

We'll both be waiting for you.

Did you know that eels travel far?

What's that?

They travel as far as the equator, then return to the mud here.

You think they'll come?


The flying saucers.

If you put your heart into it, I'm sure they will.


Original Story by YOSHIMURA Akira Screenplay by TOMGAWA Motofumi TENGAN Daisuke, IMAMURA Shohei Music by IKEBE Shinichiro Photography by KOMATSUB ARA Shigeru Lighting by IWAKI Yasuo Sound BENITANI Kenichi

Produced by IINO Hisa

Directed by IMAMURA Shohei