The Eighth Day (1996) Script

In the beginning... there was nothing.

There was only music.


Beneath your merry sun Time flies by on swift wings As my happy heart sings The first day, he made the sun.

It stings the eyes.

And then, he made the earth...

The second day, he made the sea.

It wets your feet.

The wind tickles...

The third day, he made records.

People born in America speak English.

I don't know where I was born. I think it was in Mongolia.

The fourth day, he made television.

I use Dentofresh daily.

Pour the sauce over the pear after poaching it in a light cinnamon and lemon syrup.

The fifth day, he made the grass.

When you cut it, it cries.

You have to comfort it, speak kindly to it.

If you touch a tree, you become a tree.

If you close your eyes, you become an ant.

The sixth day, he made men.

They come in all colours.

There's blue.

There's black.

There's red. There's white.

There's orange too.





"Blue, white, grey or black

"Swift, mad, light, fluttering and proud

"Butterflies, in flowery flight With their wings form a cloud"

Nathalie is a woman.

I prefer women because they don't prickle when you kiss them.

Later, I'm going to get married to Nathalie.

Wedding with me?

I can't.

I'm already in love with Johnny Halliday.

That's okay.

You're very, very pretty.

Look, you're beautiful.


You're beautiful.

Don't go too far!

To have a baby, a man and a woman look at each other.

They don't know each other. So they get married.

Put a bit more confidence in your look, please.

I'm sorry?

Confidence in what?

In the future.

They do a wedding.

They kiss on the lips like on television and... a little seed turns up!

If it's a boy, they call him...


On Sunday, he rested.

That was the seventh day.


Please extinguish all cigarettes and fasten your seat-belts.

Remain seated until the plane come to a complete stop.

Bags can be collected at gate B of the terminal.

If you have nothing to declare, please follow the white arrows. If you have goods to declare, follow the red arrows.

This concerns you all because everyone sells.

We all sell ourselves some day.

Keep four basic rules.

One: Iook your customer in the eye.

Two: smile.

Three: give an impression of success.

People prefer an achiever to a loser.

And four: be enthusiastic.

Enthusiasm is contagious.

Dad, mom can't bring us on Friday.

You have to fetch us.

It's 7:30. Good morning.

Another sunny day.

Temperatures around 68 to 71 with a high of 77 in the south.

Have the unshakeable conviction you'll win.

Think positive.

Only use positive words.

Eliminate all negative words.

Be proud but don't go smiling in the mirror every morning.

Be proud of yourselves, yourselves and your bank.


It's 7:30. Rise and shine!

A mild morning and a sunny afternoon.

The warm, dry weather should last until Wednesday.

You're seeing Weston at 11:30 and General at 11:45.

Change it. Keep 30 minutes for Weston, they're important.

Your wife called about...

I know but I'm too busy to fetch them.

Get her to put the kids on the train. I'll pick them up.

Say I'll definitely be there.

Try to resemble your customer.

Observe him.

Adopt his gestures, poses and intonation.

Two similar people hook up more easily than two dissimilar people.

Your customer will never notice the imitation, I promise.

Similarity goes unnoticed.

Only difference shocks people.

Got a minute, Harry?

The conference is set for the 14th.

The 14th?

Damn, my daughter's birthday.

It's my wife's birthday too.

It can't be helped.

The girls!.

It's Julie.

The girls came home.

How are they?

They're fine...

They don't want to see you.


I don't think you should see them for a while, for their sake.

Let me speak to Alice.

Harry, she doesn't want to.

I'll come over to see them. I'm on my way.

No, we had an agreement. You can't come here.

Mother of mine The sweetest in creation in every land or nation No other gives such love


My baby...

My little baby boy.

I want to leave.

I want to go home.

You know you can't do that, Georges dear.

I'm proud of you.

Have a good weekend.

What are you doing?

Mom's coming for me.

Put your case away.

It's French fries for dinner.

Don't like French fries!

Already bumper-to bumper for 5 miles on the E411 and 3 miles on the N8.

There you are!

Are you all right?

Yes, I'm fine.

You're not ill? Everyone's waiting.

No, I just needed a minute alone.

I'm not...

Not what?

Not sure.

Sure of what?

I don't know.

I wonder about things.

About what?

About life.


I did nothing wrong.

It's not my fault.

It's not yours either...

I've always done what's expected of me.

I knuckle down.

You couldn't go without saying why.

You should have told me why.

I don't know why.


I swear if I knew what was wrong, I'd tell you but...

I don't know.

It's not your fault, it's me...

I'm scared that... that my life may be no more than this.

What's "this"?


I need to know who I am.


But you're you.

Believe in yourself...

Don't use your system on me, Harry.

It's only a sales system.

You've become your system after all this time.

You've really become it.

Don't touch me!

Don't, please!

It feels like burning!

A cloudy day with storms in the late afternoon...

I can't do a thing here.

I'll work on the speech at home for a couple of days.

Your dog?

I didn't see it.

I'm sorry.

I'll take you home.

Where do you live?

Do you speak French?


I'm not deaf!

You speak French! Where do you live?

Cherry Street, number 18.

Near here?

I'm hungry, I am.

Come on.

They'll look after you here.

Excuse me...

I've brought you someone, he's a bit handicapped.

Bring him in.

He won't leave the car. He's hungry.

I can't go.

I have to answer the phone.

There's a ham sandwich he can have.

Bring him in.

Get out.

I can't look after you!

There's a ham sandwich for you.

He's just outside.

I can't leave the station, sir.

You can see I'm alone here... Come back in the morning.

I can't keep him till then! He lives on Cherry Street.

There's a Cherry Street a mile away.

I don't care!

It's your job, not mine. Our taxes pay your wages!

So where is he?

He's gone.

Don't like ham.

What are you doing in my car, John?

Not John! My name's Georges!

Cherry Street, number 18.

Are you sure?

Georges's house, Georges's mom and Georges's sister.

Cherry Street in Brussels?

Me live Cherry Street, number 18.

Okay, but what town?

Right, get out!

Sweet Lord...

Sweet Lord...


Good evening, doctor.

Everything okay?

Fine, thanks.

After filling the buns with chocolate cream, pile them up on each other and coat them in chocolate sauce...

What did he eat?

Two bars of chocolate, a pot of jam and two loaves.

A strong allergic reaction, probably to chocolate.

Are you on a diet?

No chocolate!

Not good... Not good...

It's chocolate, isn't it? No more, ever again!

Not good...

Watch your friend. He's not my friend.

It's 7:30.

Sunshine all day!


My name's Georges.

I'm going to mom's house.

Cherry Street, number 18.

Nice tie!

Me buy nice clothes too.

Oh, shoes!

Hello, sir, can I help you?

I want shoes.

Tennis shoes.

Sit down, I'll get them.

Very nice.

You very, very nice too.

Me wedding with you?

Are you keeping them on?

Wedding with me?

I'm already married.

That's okay, me too.

Two eyes...

Two hands...

Two ears, two lovers.

700 francs.

26 francs. You've only got 26 francs.

I want the shoes.

I can't give them away.

I want shoes!

I want shoes!

Come on! No! I want the shoes!

What kind of shoes are you looking for?

He wants shoes.

What kind of shoes does he want?

Ask him.

I want shoes!

Get out of my shop.


Get him out of my shop!

Your smile isn't genuine.

A good salesman has a genuine smile.

And I despise bad salesmen!

I won't be long, wait for me here.

We'll end the conference with fireworks.

The whole city will see it...

Let's go.

I want chocolate.

No chocolate!

Harry not nice. Sure!




Fairy! Shithead! Queer! Ass! Son of a bitch!


You're the mongol!

Me, mongol.

My friend Harry!

My friend Harry. Go on, laugh!

Go on, laugh!


Excuse me, does an old lady live here?

This lady...

She died 4 years ago.

We bought the house.

I have her daughter's address for her mail.

Mom dead.

Mom in heaven.

4 years ago. You knew, didn't you?


He's nuts! Don't say a thing!

Another question for 20 points... Who sang the song that begins like this?

Luis Mariano.

Luis Mariano. Let's listen to the song.

I won, Luis Mariano.

Don't say a thing!

That's it. You get out here.

Go your sister's, okay?

Find another sucker.

Cover up, it's raining!

You like me!

My friend!

It's me!

The home called. What happened?

What happened?

He was lost. I found him and brought him back.

What's up?

Uncle Georges!

Calm down!

He found Georges and brought him here.

You can't leave him.


Let him take him back!

Listen, Georges, you know you can't stay here.

It never works and we both get upset.

Your friend better take you back.

She's my sister!

Let go of him!

I'm fond of you, Georges, but I can't do any more.

I've got my life, my family. Try to understand.

Not nice.

Mom said be nice to Georges.

I told mom, "Don't like the home".

I stay here.

She always looked after you.

Who looked after me?

I want to live. It's my life.

I can't look after you.

I told mom I wouldn't do it. I told her!

I love you! I love my little sister!

Sweet little Fabienne...

Get upstairs, you two.

Your friend will take you back to the home.

Don't want home.

I want to go on holiday to the seaside.

With my friend Harry.

Here's the address.

Say bye-bye, house.


Just say "Bye-bye, house".

Say bye-bye, cars.

Bye-bye, cars.

Know what this is?

An earthworm going round a bend.

It's burnt.

Clear table 6.

You're sweet.

For you.

For me?

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry. I didn't know. Forgive me.

I love her!

I love her!

- Hello? Julie?

Just a second, I'll get her.

It's me.

I asked you not to call me.

- Is your mother there? I needed help.

I'd just like to see the kids.

- They don't want to. I could call in.

Don't, Harry.

We had an agreement. This is my place.

What did I do to you?

I don't want to talk about it.

It's not your fault and... it's me.

I need to get away from you.


Wait! I've got a present for Alice's birthday.

Your daughter's birthday is the 14th.

I can't be there. The conference is on that day.

I have no choice. It's exceptional.

It's not exceptional.

It is! That's why I brought her present early.

I won't come in. Let me...

I won't open the door.

Don't come. Don't call again.


The sea.

Oh, it's lovely.

Thank you, Harry.

Mom... Be careful.

My friend Harry!

Stay here.

Where you going?

Please, Harry, just go!

Julie! Alice! Juliette! She's out.

Go before she gets back.

Go away, Harry. This is my place here.

I want to see my girls.

I've got Alice's present.

They went to stay at a friend's.

Get out! Just go, Harry!

Mom, let me handle this!

I'll give you ten seconds to get out.


It's funny.

I don't think so.

Put it down.

I bought this vase, remember?

You scare me.

Scare you?

I scare you?

Leave me alone...

Leave me alone.

Julie, my Julie...

Don't touch me!

Please! Don't touch me.

It burns me.

You shouldn't have done that.

That's dad's car.

Are you dad's friend?

Is he here?

Surprise... Birthday.

My birthday's not till the 14th.


Dad will fetch me on the 14th.

Will you come too?

Yes, please.

It's for you.

He won't come.

He won't, will he?

Calm down...

I've got your present.

I know. Thanks.

That's that then.


Laugh, Harry. Come on!


Smile like this.

Open up, please! For my friend Harry!

Still sad?

Still sad?

Go on, laugh, Harry.


Want to go?

One more minute.

Okay, one minute.

A nice minute... for us.

Our minute.

Luis, where are you going?

It's me, Luis!

Luis Mariano?

I don't want to be recognized.

I'm incognito.

Mother of mine The sweetest in creation

in every land or nation No other gives such love

For me you shine So sweet and so humble With the face of an angel From heaven above

As I travel lands far away Seeing new places every day Nothing will ever outweigh The sight of you I love I'm flying!

Mother of mine The sweetest in creation And my heart's in elation When your arm

Mother, dear Rests on my arm

How's my little boy?

She said you have a new friend.

My friend Harry. I've got a friend.

I'm happy for you.

Me go live with Harry.

Nice house, with television.

Does he agree?

Yes, agree.

Did you ask him?

Harry isn't ready yet. He has another life.

You have to accept reality, dear.

I'm not reality.

You're the kindest person in the world.

You can do anything. Look...

Hold out your hand.

You're an angel, my angel.

You're different.

My friend Harry.

Harry, where we going?

I'm sorry. I can't even look after my own children.

He's Harry, my friend.

The depression...

The company image is above all the one given by your staff.

How to behave with customers...

How to talk, dress, look and smile.

Leave nothing to chance.

Oh... A ladybird.


Sir, are you okay?

My friend Georges.

My friend Harry.

It's the school parade.

There's a pretty sky, clouds and those colours are flowers. Why put them there?

So people will look at them and see the King just above.

The girls there...

The stairs are full.

Full of flowers and blue sky...

Please get out of the car. Get out.

I want to drive the car. I'm happy!

We'd like a car to go to the seaside.

Go on.

Sir, please...

Sir, please...

Please, a car, please.

Go on, you. Talk good.

We are expected... to go... to a little girl's birthday party.

But first of all we must pick up a friend...


And our lady friend...


We therefore need an automobile.

Ask politely.



I'd like... a car!

You need money for a car. Exactly.

A lot of money. A lot of money. Problem...

Can we get a loan?

Turn the key in the ignition and then just press this button here.

Mister chairman, I'd like a car, please!

Just a second.

Open up! Get out of there!

Gangway! Gangway!

This concerns you all because everyone sells.

We all sell ourselves some day.

Keep four basic rules.




Look the customer in the... in the eye.

Two: give an impression... of success. People like...prefer to deal with an achiever rather than a loser.

Four: be enthusiasm...enthusiastic.

Enthusiasm is contagious.


"Blue, white, grey or black

"Swift, mad, light

"Fluttering and proud

"Butterflies, in flowery flight

"With their wings form a cloud

"They lunch on primroses..."

My friend Harry!

My friend Georges!

You know, I don't love Johnny Halliday anymore.

We can't... It's not allowed.

What isn't?

You know... making love.

Who says so?

Dad said so.

Your dad does it.

Yes but it's different.

He's normal. He works.

He's a manager, he's got a car and all.

I don't want to make love to a manager.

Leave us alone...


Come here!

It's over now.

For Merlin from his godfather and godmother, for Laure from her parents, for Mireille from Muzzy...

Ladies and gentlemen...


Me, Georges. Me, sad.

Please, tell mom: "Come and fetch me."

...for Laurette from Jaco, for Alice and Juliette from their dad, here's Genesis.


I want to go home to mom's.

I'm not like the others.

You're better than the others.

In your eyes, there's Georges.

What can I do, Georges?

Harry has children.

Georges is trouble for Harry.

That's not true.


My baby boy...

I want to go with you.

No good for me here.

Be sensible, try to be a big boy.

Me not want to be big boy.

I want to go with you.

I'm a long way away, in heaven.

You're the best thing I had in my life.

You're the best gift heaven sent me.

Harry wants Georges.

They were nice fireworks.

Mother of mine The sweetest in creation

in every land or nation No other gives such love

For me you shine So sweet and so humble With the face of an angel

From heaven above

As I travel lands far away Seeing new places every day Nothing will ever outweigh The sight of you I love

Mother of mine The sweetest in creation My heart knows true elation When your arm

Mother, dear, rests on my arm

Mother of mine The sweetest in creation For love's illumination Fills your sweet gaze

For you it's true After all these years of joy I'm still the good little boy Of the happy younger days

in the beginning, there was nothing at all.

All you could hear was music.

The first day, he made the sun.

It stings the eyes.

The second day, he made the water.

It's wet. It wets your feet if you walk in it.

Then he made the wind.

It tickles...

The third day, he made the grass.

When you cut it, it cries. It suffers.

You have to comfort it. Speak kindly to it.

If you touch a tree... you become a tree.

The fourth day, he made cows.

When they breathe, it comes out hot.

The fifth day, he made planes.

If you don't take them, you can watch them fly past.

The sixth day, he made people.

Men, women and children.

I prefer women and children because they don't prickle when you kiss them.

The seventh day, to relax, he made clouds.

If you look hard, you can see every story in them.

Then he wondered if nothing was missing.

The eighth day, he made Georges.

And he saw it was good.