The Emerald Forest (1985) Script

Be careful.


Don't do that.

Look, there's daddy.


I see him!

Where, daddy?

This thing is getting heavy.

My office, right there.


I can watch you from here when you work.

Yeah, but most of the time I'll be way out there.

Daddy when do we get there? She said it again mom.


I told you, if you said that one more time, I was gonna strangle you.

I spy with my little eye.


Are all these guys working for you, daddy?

How's it going? Its going pretty well.

By the way, I would like you to take a look at some plan-drawings This is my wife Jean. Hi, how are you?


We have to clear ten square kilometres and level the ground right now It will be some time before your husband can start pouring concrete

The roots of the trees aren't very deep so the bulldozer just push them down.

I'm scared. I'm not.

When you get a little bigger, I'll show you how to drive one of those.


Come on, let's get something to eat.

Where is everything going to be?

Well, there's a lot more work to be done. We got to clear all these trees.

All this, down to the river. Before we even can start construction of the dam.

Over here, we'll put the town and the airstrip.

It's really gonna be something, isn't it?

Mommy is Tommy allowed?

It's okay daddy, isn't it?

Is it safe?

You just stay where I can see you, okay?

Are there any snakes here daddy?



There is people in there. People, what kind of people?

Smiling people.

He just wants you to play with him.

Okay big boy, let's go and have a look.

All right, come on. There, I'll show you!

Where are they?

Smiling people, huh?

Come on!

I don't see anybody.

They were here.

Come on, let's go.

Tell you what I like to do? Let's go down to the river and have a swim.

Quit fooling around, let's go!

Tommy! Get yourself down here.

Come on, Tommy, I'm not playing around now.

I'm gonna bust your behind when I get you, son.


Get some help! They've taken Tommy!

They've taken Tommy! Just get some help!


Somebody help me please!

Come here baby.

It's okay.

Baby answer me.


It's a big problem here, yes, These abandoned children.

More than two millons roaming the streets etc, etc.

I will cover it, but it's been done so many times.

Jean searched all these places for Tommy.

When she saw what's going on, she kind of, got involved.

I see, she looks after lost children, and maybe someone, somewhere looks after her lost boy.

So we gradually built up this map of Amazonian tribes... their hunting grounds, numbers, cosmologies and so on.

Your editor was so helpful early on, by publishing our problem.

A lot of people came forward with information.

Yeah, he is very sentimental.

He likes, human stories.

It makes him feel noble.

This area that... you and Bill are going to be going to...

We know for a fact there are at least... two tribes, that have had no contact with the outside world.

Are you taking fireworks this time? Sure.

Somewhere in this region here.

And you think, the poor little boy...

No, it's not knowing that is so hard, you know.

There are times when I... You almost wish he were dead?

So you can stop all the searching, and at least get some peace of mind.

I can understand that. You don't understand, at all.

Can you smell it? The oxygen.

40 percent of the worlds oxygen is produced here, in the Amazon.

Come on, Uwe, you know oxygen doesn't smell, it's the rot, the decay.

Also the blossoms.


You would miss these trips if you found your boy, huh?

Listen Uwe, I'm letting you tag along because I owe your magazine a favor.

But I am running out of gratitude real fast.

No hombre, please, just making fun.

Father Leduc. Hello.

Good to see you. This is Uwe Werner.

Confirmed atheist, I'm afraid. Ahh, they confirm atheists now.

It's hard to keep up with new ideas out here.

Here you go.

You got my message? I did indeed.

Would this craft be suitable?

Just the ticket.

You talk with the indians before you go?

He is saying something about, being not seen.

Yes, they say it's an arrow of...

The Invisible People

Did he say, they hunt on this side of the river?


You ever had contact with this tribe?

Nobody has.

Even these people here, have only heard about them from others.

Killed him! One dart.


He's old and slow like me.

Beware, it's a very hungryjaguar that hunts fish.

Allow for the water bending the arrow.

One more day and we are home.

When you hear the toucan, danger is near.

The Fierce People.

I killed a monkey.

By yourself?

My father let me.

We saw The Fierce People.

A war party of The Fierce People is very close.

We must be prepared.

I will watch.

Mother, it is for you.


My new son!

Girls from Paranita.

Who's she?

That's Kachiri.

Little Kachiri?

You like her?

You will scare the fish.

You won't spear a fish.

But a fish is going to spear you.

Tomme, you think you are a man but I only see a stupid boy.

Your time has come to die.

Must he die?


I will never see my boy again.

The boy is dead...

and the man is born.

I saw green stones in a waterfall.

You have seen the Sacred Stones.

It was the place we lived in before The Fierce People came.

From these stones comes the paint that makes us The Invisible People.

Just these are left.

I will go to that place and find more stones.

I need you and you need me.

Now you are a man you say what other men say to me.

I will find the Sacred Stones which is more than other men can do.

The Fierce People will catch you.

I will be invisible.

They will cook you and eat you... even the grandfathers without teeth.

I am invisible.


This is what you came for, isn't it?

You think they are a lost tribe?

If anybody is lost, it is us.

What did he say? The arrow is from The Invisible People who are good meat.

Maybe you and I are even sweeter.

What is going on? What did he say?

He says, that I have the heart of a hungry jaguar, like him.

He is giving me a chance. I go now... at dawn they'll hunt me.

What about me?

My name is Tomme.

We go to my father.

He will help you.

I am your father.

No, you are Daddee.

You live in there, when I dream.

Now you are here.



The frogs.

A big rain comes.

Your mother, Jean. Can you remember her?

The Stones.

The Sacred Stones.

I killed five Fierce warriors.


He is Daddee. I told you about him... the one in my dreams.

Hey, Daddee. Yes, we know you.

When a dream becomes flesh trouble is not far behind.

He has a fever.

He is near death.

Father, surely you can cure him.

Even a great storm cannot always quench a forest fire.

Wanadi, do it.

If it can be done I will do it.

Daddee, can you hear me?

He will hear you.

I will suck out the evil fire.

The evil fire is gone.

You see, he is a great healer.

Now, he must sleep.

I will show you a great secret.

Watch the fire.

Why did you take my son?

One day, I was hunting at the Edge of The World when Tomme appeared and he smiled and even though you were a Termite Child,

I had not the heart to send you back to The Dead World.

Why are they called The Termite People?

They come into The World and chew down all the grandfather trees.

Just like termites.

I want your daughter but I give you the Sacred Stones.

Kachiri, you will tend the fire. No! I tend to my father's fire.

Do it right.

You like it?

I made it for you.

Tomme needs Kachiri and Kachiri needs Tomme.

You need me?

You are well?

She is yours if you have need.

Need? Yes.

Eat and be strong, then you will have need.

Shall we got to the river and bathe?

We have crushed the Sacred Stones.

And once again they shine in our war paint.

You are well.

I want you to come with me.

Momma wants you to come home.

He is finished with mothers. I am his woman now.

You stole my son.

He took you from me, from Momma.

That was long ago.

I just want you to see the home that you came from.

This is my home.

It will be the home of my children.

Daddee, you must rest here and we must hunt.

For tonight is the feast of Tomme and Kachiri.


You are the chief.

Tell him to come and visit.

He can choose.

If I tell a man to do what he does not want to do I am no longer chief.

Why are you so sad?

Ten years, Tomme,

looking for you, all over.

Yes. It is good to hunt, to track an animal.

You should be happy.

But no, you feel sad.

It will be a good feast tonight.

I must return.

Why go back to that terrible place?

You can stay and become a great warrior and hunter.

My family is there.

It is where I belong.

Bring the pipe.

I swore to Tomme's mother I would bring him back.

Your heart is torn.

If you take him, you'll wish you had not.

If you don't take him, you will wish you had.

You are a man of courage.

You have travelled far and you have come to the centre of The World.

Now you can go farther and see more.

But you cannot enter that place naked.

It is our way.

Accept out gift, Daddee.

You will meet your spirit animal and he will show you.

When I was a boy, the Edge of The World was very far, but every year it comes closer.

The Fierce Ones came before dawn.


There was a terrible noise.

They had spears that made lightning.

Did you see Kachiri?

I ran away.

Father, they have killed Uluru.

I cannot find Kachiri.

The fire will set free their souls to the stars.

And what is left of the dead must be crushed.

Crushed into dust.

In here is the dust of those who went before us, even the First Man and First Woman.

Now drink in the memory of what we have been and the lives of those who went before us will live inside us.

Drink, boy. You come too.

They are taking the skin off The World.

How will she breathe?

There was a great river there once.

What is that?

It's like... a log jam.

This was the home of The Fierce People.

Now we know why they came to our part of The World.

Father, there!

Come back.

We are not invisible in The Dead World.

But, Father!

No. We go along The Edge of The World.

Look. Strange trees and vines.

We can climb up.

Go across the vine and down.

If we attack now we will all die.

But without our women we will be a people no more.


Put me down. I must die.

Brother, set my soul free with fire.

Add a few grains of my bones to the dust of those that went before us.

Son, do what I could not do.

I will, Father.

Do as my father says.

Take his body back and wait for me there.

What? Where will you go?

I will go beyond The Edge of The World.

To find my other father.

He knows about the Lightning Spears.

I will ask him to help us.

How do you know this is the way?

He told me he lives at the end of The River-Without-Water.

The River-Without-Water ends here.

Daddee lives here?

He said his village has more people than ants in an ant hill.

Could that be it?

I know you.

You are The Invisible People.

Come. Hurry.

So there are still people like you.

You called us The Bat People.

Because you hunted at night.

My father told me many stories about your tribe.

Why do you come here?

We seek what you call A White Man.

Can you help us?

What's he called?

Bil. He said he was called Bil.

Seņor Bil?

It's not enough.

The people here have many names. You must know them all, and each living place has a number.

Did he tell you any numbers?


We cannot wait.

I must find him.

I will look through the darkness of what-has-been.

I have seen.

I remember.

I have told them to wait for the war cry.

Wait for the war cry.

Go. This way.

Go. Go.

You are not fierce.


we will tell our children the story of what you did for us.

You will always live in our hearts and in our dreams.

Tomme, my son.

Do you see that?

Do you know what it is?

Wanadi said it is a big log jam.

Yes. Lots of logs and the river... cannot flow.

Because of that log jam, more white people will come here and enter The World and cut down more trees and take what is yours.

They will not find us.

We are The Invisible People.

They will, Tomme. They will see you.

Father, if that is a log jam, water can break it.

A great flood of water can break it.


Not this kind of log jam.

You remember, the frogs sing and it rains.

We will ask the frogs to sing very loudly.

The water level rose ten feet, in the last 40 minutes.

That's within your safety margin.

I don't know.


I could have made a mistake. A mistake!

You! You got to evacuate the men!

You want the men off?

The rain?

It has been raining for two days.

We have been to the river.

A big flood is coming.

..and every stream has its spirit snake and all the spirit snakes meet in the big river and twist around each other to become one of the greatest, the greatest spirit of all spirits, The Great Anaconda, and nothing can stop The Great Anaconda, not even a log jam, because it is angry, very, very angry.

See. Samanpo and Caya.

And Mapi?

Mapi and Kaba.

It is time to settle these matters.

And Jabuti?

It will be Pucu but they do not know it yet.

There will be some without men.

You should marry one or two of them.

If you say so.