The Empire of Corpses (2015) Script

I'll have to begin by explaining my work.

The thing I require, before all else, is a corpse.

"London, 1878"

It's been confirmed that when a human dies, their body will then weigh 21 grams less than it did while alive.

That's the weight of the spiritual element, the so-called weight of the soul.

We reanimate the dead by installing pseudo spiritual elements in bodies that no longer have souls.

They're nothing more than imitation souls, though.

Dr. Victor Frankenstein gave life to the first corpse...The One.

It's said he could speak, desire love, and even feel the urge to commit murder.

Then in a fit of despair, he took Victor's Notes, the technology that had given him life, and disappeared.

All that was left to us were puppets, imitations of The One, with no souls or language.

If The One had a soul...

If a 21g soul can be put back inside an empty body, perhaps those we've lost can come back to us.


Are you able to see me?

Do you know who I am?



No problems with the power system.

Hold out your hand.

Take this pen.

Record every word and action.

Hopefully that will become your soul.

Welcome back, Friday.

With the twentieth century not too far off, corpse technology has taken hold of the nation's destiny these days.

Dr. Victor Frankenstein succeeded a century ago in reviving a corpse.

People feared and abhorred the idea of resurrecting the dead.

They made no attempt to embrace corpse technology.

The first ones to accept the corpses were women.

They would no longer have to lose their sons and husbands to war, if corpses could be used as soldiers.

Corpse technology had a military application.

Once the world realized this, its development proceeded apace.

The new military technology found its way into the civilian realm, and revolutionized the way people lived.

Simulations are run repeatedly on analytical engines, and pseudo spiritual elements recorded on punch cards are referred to as necroware.

Corpses are optimized and adapted into coachmen, butlers, factory workers, and so on.

The world is full of corpses, and it's no exaggeration to say they now carry the world economy on their shoulders.

The old castle of terror, the Tower of London.

Here, corpse engineers improve necroware on a daily basis, and continue to upgrade the contents of corpses worldwide.

It's all by way of the eminent calculation abilities of the analytical engine Charles Babbage.

This is a story about corpses.

A Cambridge Engine, and an expanded Edinburgh language dual spiritual element analyzer.

You really got through a lot in a short time.

I'm impressed.


As I'm sure you're aware, spiritual element analysis is a state secret.

If you know this is a serious crime, what are you trying to accomplish with this risky business?

The bereaved family is sure to grieve all the more, once they learn a close friend of the deceased stole his body.

The gossip papers won't keep quiet about it, either.

"The abnormal affections of an outstanding London University medical student."

Unauthorized corpse reanimation, and the installation of illegal necroware.

You'll serve jail time for this.

Do you think I never expected to get caught?

All right, then.

Her Majesty the Queen isn't so ignorant that she'd let this much talent and passion rot in a hole in the ground.

Let's make a deal, shall we?

My name is M.

It's time you did some work for the British Empire, John Watson.

"Bombay, British Indian Empire, 1878"

The former American president, Ulysses Grant.

He must be going around in person, marketing the technology they cultivated during the Civil War.

What just happened? What exploded?

Look alive, schoolboy.

What're you doing?!

Don't want to die as soon as you reach the battlefield, do you?

Let's go!

Shake him off! He'll explode!

Friday! Do something!

Damn it!

What are they, anyway?

Russian-made corpse bombs.

Instead of carrying a bomb around, the corpse itself is the bomb.

So, it dissolved fat into glycerin.

That's impressive.

No time for admiration. We've got more company!

Get inside and hold on tight!

Looks like the Russians are frantic.

Why're we being shot at?!

It means we're not the only ones after the treasure.

Friday, get the gun out of the bag!

Hurry and throw him off!

Friday, shoot this guy!

Friday! Use that gun in your hand, and shoot this guy in the head!


They don't give up.

Switch with me!


Just sit here, and hold the reins.

Easy for you to say!

That takes care of that.

You're Burnaby, aren't you? Captain Frederick Burnaby.

The guide Walsingham arranged. Or rather, the watchdog.

Those're both wrong.

I'm a baby-sitter for the stupid death-obsessed schoolboy.

Ah, don't get so mad.

Worst case, I'll bring back your corpse like I did your predecessor's.

Even corpses can work for their country, these days.

Predecessor? What are you talking about?

He got blown away by a bomb. That's why they sent you.

I wasn't told this!

Must have slipped their minds. Well, he had bad luck.

Here's hoping you've got good luck.

Oh, that's right. Write down that I'm good-looking.

You don't have to write that, Friday.

Oh come on, let him do his job.

You're the one making it difficult.

There sure are a lot of soldiers.

The old style Krishna Engine... and the Carabinieri Engine?

That's because they're sending them to Afghanistan.

From here on, there'll be more dead people than living.

Might be a fun place for a corpse engineer like you.

You can't have any.

I don't want any.

Oops, I've got something to give you.


What is it?

It's from Walsingham.

Identity documents?

Forged ones, yeah.

You're a doctor of medicine. An army surgeon.

Not that I've even graduated yet.

This man...

Aleksei Fyodorovich Karamazov.

An Imperial Russian Army chaplain...

And, the man touted to be the Dr. Frankenstein of the Romanov dynasty?

Three months ago, that corpse engineer led a band of armed corpses in an uprising, and disappeared into the wilds of Afghanistan.

What was his goal?

The establishment of a new kingdom, with corpses as its subjects.

Rather than go to prison, you want me to infiltrate Afghanistan in the middle of a war, and investigate this so-called kingdom?

Karamazov is carrying Dr. Victor Frankenstein's lost research notes.

Victor's Notes...

They say The One was the only corpse who acquired a soul and was able to speak.

The technology that produced him is there?

The Russian emperor's own Third Secretariat is on the move, too.

It's The Great Game.

We can't let the Russian Empire or Karamazov dominate the world.

Investigate the corpse kingdom, and secure Victor's Notes.

That's your mission.

You're very late in arriving. I thought maybe you'd died.

Things came up.

I guess they don't teach you to be punctual, in Great Britain.

You're a smart-aleck brat, as always.

Nice to meet you. I'm Nikolai Krasotkin.

I'm Watson. John Watson.

The mad engineer who willfully turned his friend into a corpse.

Well, circumstances aside, I have high hopes for you, Dr. Watson.

This way, please.

He's Russian, isn't he? His people nearly killed us in Bombay!

Don't worry, he's working with us.

He's our guide.

Can we trust him?! Hey, Burnaby!

Karamazov acquired new technology from the Notes.

Don't you want to see it?

Let's go, Friday.

You guys are after the Notes too, aren't you?

Why take part in a joint operation?

You don't need to worry. I'll let you have the Notes.

If we can secure Karamazov himself, that'll be good enough for us.

Aha. So things are a mess within the Russian Empire, too.

If we're after different results, how we go about it varies as well.

That's all there is to it.

Well, it's a long trip.

Let's all us agents just get along.

All right, try reloading.

That's quite daring.

It's a self-defense measure.

His cognition is inferior to a human's, but he's excellent at not hesitating.

I pray you're not the one who gets shot.

Are you and Aleksei Karamazov from the same region, or something?

It's like it says in the documents I provided you.

He stole the Notes in the middle of a military corpse experiment.

Along with some of the test subjects.

Did he succeed in reproducing The One?

What was in the formula?

That is to say, he did finish his analysis of the formula?

Who can say?

Maybe he plans to create a group of killers like the ancient Assassins.

That's what the higher-ups suspect, so they're trying in secret to put a stop to all this.

But you guys claim you can't allow Karamazov to be killed.

What's he doing up in those secluded mountains?

If it's something that serves our national interests, we'll need to bring it back home.

He's currently in the Kokcha River valley, north of Kabul.

If you know that much, why do you need to team up with us?

Because we need you, Dr. Watson.

Someone like yourself, who's well versed in corpse technology.


"Khyber Pass, 1878"


It's a waste if they don't draw the enemy closer before shooting.

Let them shoot.

With them facing that many corpse soldiers, wouldn't it be cruel to expect any self-control?

A single numerical formula will predict victory or defeat.

Where's the need to actually fight?

Then it would become just a game.

People need stories.

Stories adorned with words that make the blood stir and the flesh leap.

The majority of people can't understand your rationale.

Those who can't understand, can't accept.

Other than things they can touch or see, that is.

Stories are born of our foolishness, which they then continuously affirm.

And so, this is the result.

It looks a bit easier to walk here.

Don't relax.

The enemy can easily see us here.

You really will die, if you're careless.

We've got trouble! Get clear!

This might be the first fun fight I've had in a while.

You need to stay back.

Friday, get your gun ready.

Unbelievable. He anticipated my damn movements.

Is this guy really a corpse?

He dodged?!

So, my country really did deploy it after all.

Dr. Watson! That's the necroware Karamazov developed!

Dexterity, and the ability to move each joint in a coordinated manner.

The ability to grasp the situation, and anticipate well enough to select the best option.

All those things set them apart from preexisting corpses.

They have the urge to kill!

The emotion of murderous intent...

That's where we'll find Victor's prized technology!

There's no end of them.

Watson! Hurry up!

This is no time for love.

It's nothing like that!

This is... our only option?

Just this. Now get going.

Do you want that woman's rescue to be for nothing?

All right.


If it's a last request, save it.

Can we grab that new model?


Power up the installer.

Did that killing urge I sensed belong to this corpse himself?

Or is it nothing more than a variation in his installed program?

Does he possess language?

Where is his soul?


Increase the thought control system's load.

Yes, that's the look!

Can you speak?

Increase the output, Friday!

What's your name?

Tell me! Your name!

We're halting the experiment, Friday.

Why do you ask a corpse its name?

What are you trying to say?

Does it have something to do with your friend?


That's Friday's registration name, as property of Walsingham.

Corpses are always given an ID number.

They're left with a name, a symbolic identity.

If you analyze their ID, won't that simply tell you their basic properties?

Corpses don't need names, and they can't speak.

For what reason do you seek the Notes?

That's how engineers are, isn't it?

I bet it's the same where you're from.

Technical innovation is like an instinct for them.

Things might've been easier if he'd been able to see it that simply.

The Notes might be the real thing, Friday.

Maybe we'll be able to prove your theory.

Dr. Watson, I presume.

I'm Hadaly, President Grant's private secretary.

You bailed us out earlier.

President Grant is fond of danger.

Was there a soul?

That corpse earlier moved exactly like the living, and it still had intelligence.

So did it have a soul?

My friend would often say that thought precedes language.

And that corpse was trying to say something.

In other words, maybe the soul is hidden behind thought?

It's currently nothing more than a hypothesis, but I mean to prove it.

Perhaps your soul desires that?

Souls don't seem real to me.

I don't know what they're like.

Maybe I'm similar to this one here.

Until we meet again, somewhere.

A woman like her is a lot for you to handle.

Be careful.

Why did Karamazov steal the corpse soldiers and cause an uprising?

From what I've seen of the new model corpses, he must have been close to reproducing The One.

Does there have to be a reason?

At least then I could understand.

I thought your mission was to secure the Notes, not to learn the cause of what happened, or the reasons.

As for Alyosha's story, you can ask him about it firsthand.

We're here.

Woman and child corpses!

I've been awaiting you, Dr. Watson.

I am Aleksei Karamazov.

I'm happy to see you're in good health, Alyosha.

You've done well, Kolya.

Thank goodness you got here in time.

If his task was to bring us here, I wish he had picked an easier route.

The British Empire is very concerned about this situation.

I'd like to ask you about your intentions.

Nikolai and I discovered it.

On an island in the Arctic we visited while on a mission.

Dr. Watson.

Why is it you seek the Notes?

To reproduce The One? Or perhaps because your nation ordered it?

The pursuit of corpse technology doesn't require any great cause.

I too once repeatedly performed corpse experiments in an effort to reproduce The One.

Piles of countless corpses; light that faded from countless eyes.

When I noticed myself reflected in those eyes, I came to my senses.

I wondered, what had I been seeking?

I'll ask again. Why is it you seek the Notes?

The advancement of corpse technology.

The reproduction of The One.

Even if that means dabbling in the taboo?

Even taboo techniques must someday become commonplace.

Corpses are part of our everyday lives, at this point.

You're probably right.

Once a technology comes into existence, no one can halt it for his own convenience.

That's why Nikolai and I got rid of the data, and overwrote crucial sections.

The Empire has put new model corpses on the battlefield.

The world will probably undergo a rapid reorganization.

Great Britain won't keep quiet.

Where are the Notes?

If you seek the Notes, please promise me you'll destroy them.


There's no need for a reason.

The many words you've accumulated thus far will most likely determine your story.


He must be the reason you pursue the Notes.

You aren't treating him like property.

Dr. Watson, are you prepared to be responsible for the reality that lies beyond the technology in the Notes?

Whatever reality lies in wait, I will get my hands on the Notes.

Those are the words you've arrived at on this journey.

I'm glad I got to talk to you.


See you tomorrow, then.

Friday, come with me.

You are not allowed to avert your eyes.

This is the new corpse technology you sought!



I'll get this off you!

Damn it!

Now my... duty to... you is... done...

No... Writing a pseudo spiritual element onto a living person...

It shouldn't be possible!

Opium, huh?

Entrancing music is also important.

You produce an artificially muddled trance, then anchor it with a pseudo spiritual element.

That's the method recorded in the Notes.

That's insane. It's just murder!

You're no different!

You vivisected a living man in the Khyber Pass.

He was the same as Nikolai, here!

I experimented on my older brother.

You and I are similar to one another.

In our quest to reproduce The One, we made tools even of those dear to us.

Where is... Nikolai's soul?!

There is no soul.

We merely overwrite the future with death.

Now do you understand how foolish this technology is?

The technology's just incomplete!

Why didn't you move forward?

If you'd only charged ahead, you might have found the soul waiting just beyond!

How can we sacrifice someone dear to us, then pretend it never happened?!

You're the one who averted his eyes'.!

It truly is difficult to convey one's thoughts to another.

Please forgive me, Nikolai.


There was no other way but this.

Right now, the Notes... are in Japan.

If you mean to move forward, then do so.

But when you do find the Notes... I just want you to recall my words.

We want the Notes to be destroyed.


Russia had issued assassination orders against Nikolai and Karamazov.

The only thing they could do in what little time they had left was bet on your good sense as a corpse engineer.

Why didn't Karamazov... destroy the Notes himself?

It's just like how you can't destroy Friday.

I'm going to Japan.

What will you tell Walsingham?

That I'm continuing to pursue the Notes.

Won't that be good enough?

After seeing all that, I can't just pretend I didn't know him.

He was sarcastic as hell, but we drank together.

We laughed, and joked around a little too.

I can at least destroy it for him.

Let's go to Japan.

"Tokyo, 1879"

"Full house"

Now, for today's final bout!

Pardon me, sir.

Are you British?

I am most indebted to the British Empire, on account of the recent Russo-Turkish War.

...And go! Keep going! Keep going! ...I was sent there as an observer, And go! Keep going! Keep going! And I witnessed, from the Russian side, the Siege of Plevna.

But the truth is, the British Empire never advanced into Plevna.

Well, we'll just leave it at that.

Keep going!

The winner!

I was dispatched by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, at the request of a comrade of Mr. Nikolai Krasotkin.

I am Seigo Yamazawa, of the Imperial Japanese Army.

Your companion is waiting outside. This way, if you please.

What have you been up to?

An undercover investigation.

And what have you found?

"Number one"

Aren't you embarrassed, dressed like that?

It's not underwear, so I'm not embarrassed.

All right. If it works for you, that's fine by me.

The Notes are gone?

They were entrusted by Mr. Karamazov to the previous minister to Russia, and he had them until he returned to Japan, but the last we've heard is that he made contact with Osato Chemicals.

What is Osato Chemicals?

It's a corporation linked with the old government that devotes itself to developing corpse technology, but at one point it began keeping all its business affairs secret.

Did that happen to be when it acquired the Notes?

I should also point out that it plans to develop new corpse models in an effort to win influence back from the new government.

This is getting dicey.

So what?

Seems more interesting that way.

Excuse me, sir.

Dr. Watson is in Japan, after all.

Captain Burnaby is with him, too.

You had anticipated this, sir?

Predicting the future is my job, after all.

The guards on duty are nearly all knocked out.

We should be all right for a while.

There are signs of unauthorized access to Research Building 2.

Someone beat us to it?

It was 23 minutes ago.

I'd say it's possible.

There're no guards to be seen.

Living people have been killed. This has to be a trap.

Want to come back later?

No, let's accept the invitation.

Attacking the unarmed...

I can see the Notes have quite an appeal.

Maybe this is who got here first?

Yeah, he's a Walsingham agent. I'm sure of it.

It looks like someone besides us and Britain is after the Notes.

What do you suppose these spots are?

They probably inoculated living people with pathogens.

Once their cerebral functions were adversely affected, they wrote in pseudo spiritual elements.

Biological weapons that spread germs, eh?

That's a screwed-up way to use them.

Let's hurry up and destroy the Notes.

There'll be more of the dead.

This isn't good. I can tell they're experts.

It's probably some Musoken style.

I don't know what "Muso" is, but this works for me!

Stand back, please!

This finishes it!

Watson, we've got this!

You go and destroy the Notes!



Destroy the Notes'.!

Thank you!

Let's go, Friday.

Friday, look for Victor's Notes.

This is...

Victor's Notes...

Thought precedes language.

If there's language, there's a mind.

That's where the soul is.

Prove to them the 21g soul.

What I want is...

We want the Notes to be destroyed.

Friday, analyze Victor's Notes!

Watson! What're you doing?!

Is this some kind of code?

Where does it describe how to reproduce a soul?!

Watson, hurry and wrap things up!


Is it finished?

The corpses stopped moving?


The time has come! We need to leave!

What's wrong, Friday?!

Can you see me?!


Watson, we're getting out of here!

We'll use the cable car inspection corridor!

Answer me! Friday!

Tell me you can hear me!

Watson! What're you doing?!

I'm here. I'm right here!

Hey, Watson!


What's the matter? Pull yourself together!

What're you doing?! Let him go!

What about destroying the Notes?!

Friday analyzed them!

He's trying to speak! He might have his soul back!

It just looks like an update error to me.

Stand aside!


What did Karamazov tell you?! Don't you dare say you forgot!

Are you trying to render his and Nikolai's lives meaningless?!

You're just seeing what you want to see!

Move it!

The world's better off without this thing!

Stop! That's where Friday's soul is!

If this is what it means to reproduce a soul... then put an end to the suffering!


Protect... the Notes...

Foolish humans.

Why do you go to such lengths to pursue Victor's technology?

You're arrogant dreamers, and therefore narrow-minded.

You in particular are much like Victor Frankenstein.

The One!

I have no name.

Because for a hundred years, I've been the sole being that's never given one.


It seems your master thinks you can be brought back to life with Victor's technology.

Give back... the Notes'.!

I wonder, will you go down the same path as Victor?

Let's go.

G-Give them back!


Was your theory... correct?

Sorry I... couldn't keep... my promise.

Looks like I'm finally going to die.

What are you saying?

Cut that out!

Let's continue the research.

I can't prove the existence of the lost 21g soul without you!

I'll leave this place to you.

Take over, once I'm gone.

Break into my grave, and use my dead body.

If I sense a soul, I'll give you a signal.

Like this.

Then our theory will be proven.

It's a promise.

Everyone is dead because you didn't keep your promise.

You're fascinated by the idea of doing whatever you please with human souls, and though you know it's taboo, you can't let go.

You took something you couldn't restore, and destroyed it in an irredeemable form.

A pattern no one can put together.

You crudely jabbed your finger at the fabric of the cleverly constructed soul.



Dr. Watson! It isn't safe here!

Friday! ...Dr. Watson'.!


Dr. Watson.

Are you all right?

You mustn't get up.

You still need rest.

Where am I?

On board the Richmond.

We're currently en route to the States.

Were you... after the Notes, too?

I owe you an apology.

I ended up using a powerful drug to stop him.

He couldn't be stopped, by my power.

What about Burnaby?

Don't worry. He's on board too.

Mr. Yamazawa is also safe.

But of course, he's in Japan.

Am I...?

The ship's doctor says you were infected with cholera.

I must have gotten it from the new model corpses at Osato Chemicals.

You'd best be careful you don't catch it.

I'll be fine.

It won't be long before you're back on your feet.

For now, please just take it easy.

Thank you, Hadaly.

The One bears a grudge against humans.

He was created by human greed, then selfishly cast aside.

Hatred and loneliness are the forces that move him, things that regular corpses don't feel.

He's using analytical engines and the Notes to cause large-scale corpse rampages all over Asia and Europe.

Now that The One has Victor's Notes, we can't afford to let him endlessly disseminate dangerous technology.

I want you to persuade Dr. Watson to repair his puppet.

What would be the point of fixing Friday?

We recovered this writing ball from Osato Chemicals.

I want Dr. Watson to analyze the traces left on it by The One.

Sorry, but I can't go along with that.

You should try asking him yourself.

Ladies first.

But hey, I will pay you back for saving me.

Hey, you there! Hand over the mop!

Think we can win over the doctor?

If we don't hurry, the old man will get away.

That look I saw on your face in Japan was the real thing.

You must have successfully analyzed the Notes.

But ever since, no matter how much I fine-tune your necroware, the old you won't come back.

What I'm doing is only making you suffer, isn't it?

What is Friday, to you? A friend? A test subject?

I don't know whether Aleksei and Nikolai were right.

But they risked their lives to pay their debt!

And yet what about you?! What've you done?!

Quit obsessing over the dead.

Paul Bunyan, one of the Eight Great Analytical Engines.

Your mechanical brain thinks by using steam and electricity.

And, a captive of the over-installation of the language of corpses, it dreams incoherently.


Transmit my words to all the corpses, and release them from the truth that they were once human.

Looks like we weren't fast enough.

It isn't safe here. Get ready to escape.

I'm sorry.

Let's go.

It's not here, either...

Where did they hide it?

The One's taken over Paul Bunyan, too.

He now controls every place the sound waves reach.

Sound waves?

What the hell's going on?!

Son of a bitch!

What does The One want?

The President says it's revenge against humanity, but it looks to me like The One is searching for something.

The answer to that, the answer I desired, and your answer are probably all right there.

Use this if he grows violent.

I can't stop him with my power.

Come on!

The One got to the States a step ahead of us.

Great Britain, Egypt, India, Afghanistan, Japan.

We searched for signs of him and the Notes all around the world, but we couldn't catch him.

Dr. Watson.

Your determination alone finally reached The One and the Notes.

Taking advantage of the confusion, are we?

The living can't be controlled the way corpses can.

But that's not the case for you, Hadaly.

Bring that over here.


The soul is 21 grams.

Then what is the source of that mass?

You came close to the answer.

I want a soul!

I want a soul so I can shed tears, so I'll feel sadness, pain, and the like.

Please! Take me with you!

Now we're even.

Damn it! Don't let them escape!

Hold on!

Hadaly! Puppets don't get to have dreams!

"San Francisco, 1879"

Hadaly, can you manipulate corpses?

By using special words, yes.

So that's what those sound waves are.

Necroware, analytical engines, even society itself.

Every complex pattern is sure to have security holes.

And you and The One can attack those?

Aren't we going to stop The One?

Paul Bunyan's over that way.

I don't think he's there anymore.


Dr. Watson. I have a safe house beneath the lighthouse.

Let's regroup there.

Hang on!



This is... what Aleksei spoke of...

The reality that lies... beyond the Notes...

Dr. Watson!

Use the drug!

UP ahead!

There're lots of them! Can we get past?!

Here we go!

Friday! Stop it!

Hurry, this way!

Go on ahead.

What about you?

I'll buy us time here.


I practically caused this situation.

Hurry and go!

I can't leave you two behind!

Leave this to us, and hurry to the safe house.

Aleksei asked me if I was prepared!

Whether I was going to proceed, no matter what reality awaited!

If I'd only realized what his words meant...!

Hadaly! Please!

Are you...'?

I am... an automaton.

What you need to do right now is determine where The One is.

We'll catch up to you soon.

Pursue The One, and teach me the secrets of the soul.

It's a promise.

I thought when I got my hands on Victor's Notes, I could at last fulfill my promise to you.

I wanted to fulfill that promise, no matter what I had to do.

Friday, what are you seeing right now?

Your soul... Where is it?!


I just... wanted to see you again!

I wanted to hear what else you had to say!


WhY'd you leave me?!

Why won't you come back?!


Do you... recognize me?!


I knew it...

You're in there... aren't you?

That's far enough!

We're taking the Notes.

You're here sooner than I expected.

Don't move!

I've been hoping to meet you, The One.

Walsingham... M, eh?

I can see the Notes didn't grant you your wish.

Using analytical engines all over the world...

Sending corpses on rampages...

What were you trying to find?

Well, whatever.

So long as I have you and these Notes, my wish will come true.

What will you do with the Notes?

I'll lead mankind to perfection, to a world without conflict.

That arrogance will be your undoing.

Take him away.

I'm glad you're okay.

I'm sorry.

I was mistaken.

What do you mean, "sorry"?!

What good's an apology now?!

If you had destroyed the Notes that time, things wouldn't be like this!

Women, children, old people! They all died!

Because of your ambition!

Damn it!

What do we do...'?

I don't feel I'm blameless.

If you say I'm better off dead, then kill me!

Just... if you'll allow it, give me the chance to fulfill my promise to Aleksei and Nikolai!

Let me put a stop to this chaos! Burnaby!

How, when you don't even know where he is?

Friday, bring it here. Show it to Burnaby.

It's a letter of invitation from The One.

Is it genuine?

Yes, it was sent directly to the writing ball as an encoded transmission.

The One is being transported to the Tower of London.

M is planning to do something dreadful using the power of the Notes.

I expect he's going to use Charles Babbage to analyze The One.

I never thought we'd end up fighting Walsingham.

Do you have a plan?

I customized Friday for communications use.

We'll use him to construct a logic maze inside the analytical engine.

It'll form a siege ring, and contain the melody from spreading.

That's why it can't be done remotely.

You're going to go charging in there?

Burnaby, I want you to help me!

I had planned to from the start.

Thank you.

What's this place?

An underground facility my father built for experiments.

Your father?

What is that'?

The USS Nautilus.

It was seized in secret from Great Britain on the president's orders, and my father remodeled it.

With this state-of-the-art ship, I think we can catch up to The One before things happen.

You're leaving already?

I think my spirit world communicator is nearly complete.

Would you like to see it, first?

I will, once I return from this trip.

All right.

Hadaly, I'll keep this quiet from the government.

Give your all to what you believe in.

Thomas Edison...

Does your father know what it is you seek?

Yes. But Father does not approve of noise.


What is the source of the soul's mass?

The weight of intent. The weight of thought. The strength of ideas.

I was built to eliminate the "noisy emotions" born of those things.

Maybe it's that he didn't want to see you sad, or in pain.

But that's exactly what I want to experience.

That's why I'm...

...a failure.

Analysis of the Notes and of the information in your brain is complete.

All that's left to do now is enter the release code.

Victor's brain...

So that's where it was, after all.

Will we be killed by corpses, or will people kill each other?

Humanity is doomed either way, at this rate.

I will save mankind from its destruction.

Humanity will progress to a new stage!

Charles Babbage!

Guide all mankind to its salvation!

Looks like they know we're here.

They came to meet us, huh? Nice gesture.

We'll go via the shortest route.

It might be a bumpy ride, though.

We'll leave that to you.

Everything's set up.

Make me proud, Friday!

We're surfacing!

It's already begun.

They sure went heavy on the defense.

Objective: Traitors' Gate!

We'll force our way through!

Statesmen of the past also aspired to a world without conflict.

To protect the people of their country, they plunged into the morass of war.

We invade other countries to protect peace within our own.

We can't distinguish between the power to protect, and the power to plunder.

Even when we realize it's a mistake, we can't stop.

That is humanity.

Go on ahead!

What about you?!

I'll cut off the Tower of London's power!

That's not possible, alone!

My arms are a lot stronger than yours!

Now go. We can save the world if we stick to your plan, right?

Let's hurry!

Take care.

This is one of those times I wish you guys understood.

The mood, that is.

So, it's despair?

It's guidance!

Everyone losing the ability to feel despair is one realization of supreme bliss.

Then there'll be no more conflict, hatred, or killing.

Because there'll no longer be any way to know what conflict is.

M is trying to use Aleksei's technology to rob people of their will!

I don't want a world like that.

I want to know joy via a soul, not a program.

...Isn't it because sadness and pain exist that you feel joy?

...Outta my way!...Isn't it because sadness and pain exist that you feel joy?

Let's go!

We'll soon arrive at the ultimate world the will of mankind couldn't reach.

Amongst all the souls in existence shall I find it.

A pure soul. A gentle smile.

A corpse mustn't have a soul or a will.

M, you're simply a foolish human who pretends to be all-powerful.

Just like Victor Frankenstein.

Oh, don't worry. I'll use your soul, too.

M! Stop Charles Babbage!

It's been a long time, John Watson.

Your talent and passion are admirable.

You pursued Karamazov, located the Notes, and even finally made your way here.

But your mission is already complete.

I'm putting an end to all your schemes!

Kill him.

M! You're making a mistake!

A mistake?

It's foolish humans who keep quarreling who are mistaken.

What about the things people have created through human will?!

Should all beauty and sublimity vanish, the ability to understand them will also be gone.

Where's the problem?

People can't abandon their acts of cruelty, so they'd probably destroy them on their own anyway.

We should end it here and now, John Watson!

You just think you know everything about the world!

Beauty and sublimity aren't what shape the future!

It's the willpower to try to actualize one's words and feelings for someone else!

I've stopped The One!

It'll work now!

Friday! Form the cage!

Output at full blast! Suppress the sound waves!

Hadaly Lilith.

I'm well aware of what it is you seek.

Don't resist.

Watch out behind you.

...Don't... interfere'.!

Stop! ...Don't... interfere!


Thanks for your trouble. I'll take over from here.

The One...!

Friday! Take it offline!

I believed in your determination, John Watson.

You sought the Notes, and you sought the soul.

Then at last, fate led you here.

Along with two vessels for souls.

Get real!

You're saying this has all happened the way you wanted?!

The time has come.

Where did the soul come to be, and how?

Damn it!

In the creation of that soul lies the essence of the forbidden art Victor sealed away.

I will show you the moment when life... when the soul is born.

Victor Frankenstein.

My bride's soul is sealed within the depths of your consciousness.

I'm taking it back.

Friday! Hadaly! I'm coming to resc...

The giant analytical engines that understand the language of corpses, and that are linked to corpses worldwide, now form their very consciousness.

There's no longer any need to describe words on punch cards, connect cables, and perform installations.

For what we're witnessing is the materialization of language itself.

Language forms a consciousness, one that will weave up my bride's consciousness from the corpses, via the analytical engines.

All wills become one will, and one will becomes all wills.

All humanity becomes a single soul, just one.

Hadaly Lilith!

I give to you a soul.

The elements composing my bride's soul have been released!

Become the vessel of my departed bride, and obtain a soul!

I feel it. Your presence.

The warmth of your soul.

You're there, aren't you...

Stop it!

What Hadaly wanted was her own joy and sadness!

A soul to feel those things!

Not the soul of your bride!

What a pity.

I thought I could get you to understand.

You, who more than any other, longed for the soul.

Nevertheless... this body has been maintained well.

It will do nicely, as my vessel.

Now... awaken.

My bride.

Are you able to see me?

Do you know who I am?

Smile for me once again.


The rest is up to you!

You struggle in vain...!

Friday, activate the logic maze!

Lock The One's soul and the corpse language inside the Notes!

This... our will!


Dr. Watson.

Give me your hand.


Thank goodness you're okay!

The words of his bride entered into me.

Sadness, anger, and joy.

I didn't think I could ever be myself again, and that scared me.

Even though I supposedly have no soul.

You do have a soul.

I don't even have any mechanism for shedding tears.

Hadaly, that's the side of you I always liked.

If I have a soul, then he has one too.

Don't give up.

Thank you, Hadaly.

That's all over.

We're home, at any rate.

What will you do?

I think I'll do some traveling.

So don't tell me the whole story.

Some things, I'm better off not knowing.

That's true.

You wouldn't be able to fit it all into that head of yours, anyway.

You flatter me.

See you.

The thing I require, before all else, is a corpse.

It's been confirmed that when a human dies, their body will then weigh 21 grams less than it did while alive.

That's the weight of the spiritual element, the so-called weight of the soul.

This journey was set in motion when you told me that.

I still recall your words.

I was fond of the things you write.

Your words that were stored within me... led me on this journey, and they sustained me.

Will the words I said... on the journey... bring about... anything in you...?

Friday, will I... able to see you?

Will I... be able to hear your voice?

If so, then...


Once again...


I've counted the time left

And when you open your eyes You fulfill our wish, in the place from that day when we dreamed

I'll make time move again

And I'll get to see you Putting an end to that endlessly repeating tomorrow

The future I've seen, I promise it to you

I will live on Move forward, don't look back I'm right here in your heart

I'll sleep and dream here forever

Open the door now

And one wish will come true

Take it in your hand Promise me the future You will live on Move forward, don't look back You're right here in the crumbling present

I'll sleep and dream forever

Never fading

Dr. Watson, my pen records thusly.

He does not reveal himself on this plain.

He sealed the Notes within his own mind, and departed for a horizon of different words.

The memory of those days spent journeying has been lost.

I, I ask.

Do I possess a consciousness?

I, I reply-

When did this consciousness come to be, or has that yet to happen?

There is still so little I understand.

Dr. Watson, there are many things I have yet to tell you.

I am here as materialized information.

Now, the fact that I exist this way is thanks to you.

If possible, I'd at least like you to hear this one thing.

May these words materialize, and bring new life to the story you left behind.

Thank you.

"London, four years later"



You're late, Holmes!

How's he doing, Hadaly?

Woops. You go by "Irene Adler" now.

The same as ever.

He's running all around London with his new partner.