The End of Violence (1997) Script

Define "violence."

What? Okay, everyone, I need you to step back. Step back. Violence. Define it.

I don't know. Violence?

You're making a movie about it. Shouldn't you know what it is?

Maybe we should just get ready.

I'm ready.

All right, silence.

We're going in 20, here we go.

Try and define it.

Fifteen, okay, bring it in now.

In my line of work, if you don't know what something really is...

Ten, nine, instead of what it looks like, Eight, seven, you don't mess with it, Six, five, or you could get yourself killed. Four, three, hold your places, everyone. Two, one.

And cut!

Way to go!

Beautiful. I think we've got it. No, no.

We got a problem down here. Oh, boy.

Get the paramedics down here immediately. You're okay.

We have an accident. Hold on.

Something about that day reminded me of when I was a kid.

We lived by the sea. A tiny town.

Lots of fishing boats. One movie theater.

My brother fished.

I watched movies.

They got me wondering what we'd do if we were ever attacked.

We suddenly seemed so vulnerable to killer sharks, nuclear submarines, an alien invasion.

The enemy could come from anywhere.

The land, the water, the sky, the chinese.

Couldn't trust any of 'em anymore.

Yeah, Brian. Mike, I've gone through the whole thing.

There's absolutely nothing you can do.

You're telling me you couldn't find one loophole?

I went over it all night. Who wrote that contract, Brian?

Look, I can call Tokyo for you.

No. Okay.

Guess I've been kinda edgy ever since.

Looking over my shoulder.

Always ready for that sudden attack.

Claire, go ahead. Welcome back. How was your flight?

Oshima called from Tokyo. She said the three million won't be in the account... till Friday noon, our time.

The studio said they are only releasing the video in June.

You can sue them. Brian doesn't think you'll win.

Yeah, I know he doesn't.

Listen, I don't want you to take any more of Briars fucking calls!

Tell them I gotta talk to them myself. It's urgent.

Seeds of violence got through the night shoot, but there was an accident with one of the stunts.

Cat, the stuntwoman for daisy, got hurt in the explosion.

How is she?

She cut her face and got banged up, but she's fine.

Did we get the shot?

Yeah, it looks great.

Great. On the other picture there was a problem.

The company was actually evacuated. Uh, Claire?

Yeah? I gotta put you on hold.


Yeah? I'm leaving... where are you going? You.


I'm leaving you. Honey.

I can't get your attention anymore.

I'm not sure I want it.

Where you gonna go? Guatemala.

What? I was thinking about guatemala.

Guatemala? You have a yearning for squalor?


I have a yearning for life. Real life.

Christ, not again.

Paige, look, uh, I'm coming upstairs.

I'm coming in a minute. I've been waiting for this call.

Yeah? I've got hiyawa on the line.

All right. Put me through. It's early morning there.

Look, my highly overpaid lawyers are confident we can win this on three counts.

How can this be possible? I have to check with our new york lawyers.

Be my guest. This will take time.

You have all day. You'll hear from us.

I look forward to it.

Go ahead, Claire.

Six is here. He wants to know whether you're gonna use his title track forviolence.

Yo, Mike. What's up, baby? How's that view?

Look, man, you know my shit is phat.

It's hot, man. So you gonna be using it or you gonna be losing it?

Go ahead and show me the Dailies and you can put the song on over it.

Okay, one more thing. Someone dumped a 400-page file into your e-mail.

Some weird, secret FBI file with diagrams.

An FBI file in my e-mail?

Yeah, about some new surveillance system.

That's it? Nothing from the pope?

Ha ha. Check it yourself.

Remember we did research on high-tech crime forviolence?

Anyway, here's the Dailies and Six's demo track.

You never quite realize the way things affect you.

When I was a kid movies scared the shit out of me, so then when I grew up, I went into the movie business.

Turned what you could call a basic fear of strangers... into a multimillion-dollar enterprise.

After all, paranoia is our number one export.

Everybody needs an enemy.

It's only now I've come to understand that there are no enemies or strangers... just a strange world.

Good morning, guys.

Don't you guys ever sleep?

Hey, Ray.

If you're so smart, why not try getting a license?

You could drive to work.

Oh, and good morning to you too.

Truth is, I try to avoid modern technology whenever I can.

Hey, you still want the tr-5 macros linked to your base matrix?

Do you have them rigged up yet? What have you been doing all night?

Just teasing. See ya.

Dispatch, this is 2-mary-19. We have a visual on suspects.

10-4, 2-mary-19.

Dispatch, 2-mary-19. Suspects are being questioned at location.

10-4, 2-mary-19.

Hey, we'll have another 25 X-rs going by Friday, all with the 10-to-500 zooms.

Mmm. Good.

Trying to keep up with you, Ray. You're doing good down there.

I'll check in with you later. We're here.

No, she did not over-rotate.



The scene? Yeah.

I talked to the stunt coordinator and the insurance guy.

They say the whole thing can be attributed to our negligence.

She can definitely sue if she wanted to. Oh, fuck!

You might want to stop by the hospital and talk to her before the meeting.


Okay, where is she? She's right in there.

Wow. Am I delirious, or is a famous Hollywood producer coming to visit me?

You're delirious.

Ohh! You're a pro.

And you're brave.

And you're beautiful. What's the catch?

A sick sense of humor.

I don't know about that. I...

I don't have to answer this. Please.

Yeah? Is this a good time, Mike?

No, I'm coming... in a minute. Don't start.

Go on. It's okay. Hang on.


You're the stuff.

Okay, yes? Hey.

I wasn't going to sue you anyway.

Get out.

Hang on, Brian. Claire, call Zoltan... and have 'em screen-test Cat for the part of the sister.

Cat? She's a stuntwoman, not an actress.


Everybody there? Brian? Yeah.

You're fired. What?

Why? Because I don't pay lawyers to tell me I can't win.

Look, take some time, wrap it up.

Do me a favor.

Plot your revenge on your own time. Mike...

Let's go.

Mike. Honey, I'm glad I caught you.

I know we didn't get to talk. I'm sorry.

I made some reservations...

Mike, I'm losing you. Hey. Hey. Hey.

Hey! Hey! Jesus!

What the fuck... hey!

Hey! Mike?

All right, this is good. Right here.

Kill him.

Kill him.

You kill him. Oh, man!

Just kill him.


You just kill him.

Lowell, kill him... now.

Shit. Thanks for mentioning my name.

It don't matter if I mention your stupid, inbred name.

He's about to die. Now shoot him!

You shoot him.

You don't want that mercedes anymore? Yeah, I want it.

Well, if we don't kill him, they probably won't give us the money, will they?

And they might kill us instead.

Do you understand?

We kill him... we live, plus mercedes.

We don't... we die, minus mercedes.

You choose.

Lowell, you've got... five seconds to tell me... what the fuck this is really all about.

Five seconds? I'm not sure I could... three. I didn't think it'd be so hard!

What's hard about it? Bullshit. Two.

Oh, man, no! This is it!

It's all gone downill. Don't you see that?

No. One! No, no, no!

Fuck! Wait! All right.

All right, fine. I'll tell you.



I like him.

I like him.

What? Who?


His name's Mike Max. Remember?

I was talking to him in the garage while I covered him.

You were talking to him?

I'm telling you, he made some good points.

Max... made good points?

He said we were wasting our talents... taking risks that were not necessary for peanuts.

We had the guts and the brains to kidnap him.

If we did that, then there's executive jobs that we could make fortunes in.

You on fucking drugs again?

I'm telling ya, he's right.

I mean, this is going nowhere.

He sussed it. This guy's amazing.

Think about it now.

You don't wanna kill him.

I don't wanna kill him.

Maybe there's some other way we can enter the 20th century driving a mercedes.

I am not going back to stealing!

Maybe there's other stuff we could do.

What other stuff? I don't know. Something.

Some... business.

We could go into business, maybe.

Maybe... maybe the entertainment business.

The what?

Now I've fucking heard everything!

Shh! Shh! Keep it down.

First you talk to the hostage.

Then you renege on your part.

And now, now you wanna go... into the entertainment business!

What kind of bullshit you been telling him?

It's not bullshit.

He produced your favorite movie. It's true.

It happens to be my favorite too.

In my pocket... is my card.

You have your what?

Your... your card? Huh?

You want me to take your fucking card?

You dipshit, slimy, no-good little weasel!

Frank... no.

Huh? Huh? Let me give you my business card.

You know what you can both do with your stupid, stinking, fucking entertainment business?

Jesus, Frank, no!

I want to give you... a million bucks... in points.


What the hell's "points" mean?

It means a piece of the profits.

It means... a percentage.

It means percentage!

When was the last time somebody gave you percentage?

Shut up, Lowell, or I will torture you.

Never is when.

Never did, never will.

Come over here. Come over here.

One more... fucking chirp, and there's gonna be a percentage of your carcass... all over this hill!

Hi, Ray.

Didn't think I'd find you there so late.

Anyway, I'm finally sending you a cleaning lady... mathilda.

She'll start tomorrow. She's from salvador.

She passed security.

Speaks five words of english, badly.

Her family was wiped out by the death squads, except for her little daughter.

They have you working late at nasa every night like this?

Yeah. Um, why don't you, uh... why don't you send her over?


Get some sleep.

What the fuck?

I don't want to die. I don't want to die.

So dark and empty, with spikes in the aing and the room so small it sweats.

But I know it's no different on the street, except if you get shot, be one of them lucky victims you can see.

"Drive by. Drive by." Everybody love to say it.

But when you're in that room you can lie there, play dead, stand up on your head.

Make no difference. Daddy don't go by.

He comes inside. He comes right in.

After a hard day at whittier, he comes all the way inside that room, that bed, my pajamas.

He comes all the way inside my room, and he don't stop there.

He goes inside my crack, and he don't stop there.

He keeps going, tearing everything apart while he makes them sweet loving sounds, and he don't stop there.

He calls me names so hard and bad it hurts my heart more than it hurts my crack, and he don't stop there.

See, he's lookir for my soul.

Everything they took from him he wanted back.

He's starving for it, starving so bad he'd kill me for it.

But I don't want to die.

I don't want to die.

I don't want to die.

So I flip the script, trick the dick and make him think he got it all.

I make him think he got it all. Make him think he got it all.

And I slip away inside my head and visit... the princess of beverly hills.

Haing blond, eyes green, painting her fingernails like jellybeans, vanilla skin shimmering.

She don't even notice when I slip inside her soul... like a ghost in a crystal palace.

I be all up in there eating sugar cakes and bonbons and... she don't even notice me while I'm inside her soul.

See, she ain't never needed to know she needed a soul.

♪ Don't even know she got one ♪

and I watch her... I'm so close... while her fingernails dry.

And the princess, she don't feel a thing.

She can't smell the burning knife that's splitting me in half.

One time, I think, she smiled at me, I think she saved my life.

And now...

it's over... and daddy start to cry.

We go walking and talkir in macan'thur park, and I forgive him sometimes.

The princess of beverly hills...

I don't need her soul no more.

I give her back to you.

I, uh...

I never knew my father.

Transition to the southbound side of the santa ana freeway.

Disabled big rig in the left lane. Backed up to the pasadena freeway.

Montebello, a sig alert for the 60 eastbound at finley.

The freeway's still closed because of an accident.

What is the point of you having a phone... if you don't answer it?

What the hell are you doing here?

Yesterday, ten days, any days.

You never... you didn't send me my...

I know, dad.

What should I do?

What is your dad for?


Dad, I wish you'd answer the phone.

It's important for me... that I know that you're okay.

All right, okay. I'll buy that.

Okay, good. I got your favorite.

Pepperoni. You first.

Go ahead.


Oh, I'm tired.

You know, I was right, dad.

I was more right than I could ever have imagined.

Give me a second. I'll call it back in.

We already checked it out. We didn't find nothing.

Oh, man. Jeez.

Yeah, they're, uh... they were blown off.

Shotgun, three feet. Uninged, clean at the cortex.

That one, two feet max, between the cerebellum and the frontal lobe.

Yeah, what'd I say? Headless.

I heard they I.D.'d the killer.

See, that's where I took the liberty of saying "only in Hollywood."

So the killer's a deranged hooker?

No, he was a regular guy. Uh-huh.

Just liked to kill on the weekends.

Nope, no record of his killing on weekends.

MacDermot, come on. Be a little more creative.

There's two people dead here. You guys are a little cynical, aren't you?

Okay, here's the spin.

The gentleman in question, the apparent killer, was, in fact, originally the victim.

You got that? The killer was the kidnap victim... who was brought here by these two now-headless kidnappers, a Mr. Lowell Lewis and a Mr. Frank Cray, and during an apparent altercation between the two of them, said victim, Mr. Michael Max, the guy they carjacked in that mercedes there, freed himself and blew both theing heads off.

Wait a minute. Michael Max... Mike Max the producer?

I know who this guy is.

This guy's great. Did you see creative killing?

What is the other one... odd sudden death.

You see odd sudden death? He's great. Yeah, yeah.

This is very, uh, uh... it's, like, very realistic action, murder, real crime-type stuff.

Is that his car? Let me go check out his car.

We have a film buff, MacDermot.

I'm Ruby.

I'm Ruby.

Hi. I'm Ruby.

Uh, what now?

I want to fuck you.

Can I do my line first?


Great. What is it? "I want to fuck you."

I'm sorry. I thought... good.

Very good.


I don't remember that line from my script.

"Ruby: Hi. I'm Ruby. I want to fuck you."

"Jack: Well, that's very honest.

I want to fuck you too." You're joking.

No. This part is bad on purpose, just like a cheap porno movie.

And then, all of a sudden, it gets good.

That's the trick.

Oh, so that's the trick.

That's the trick.

Maybe Mike was right. She can do it, but... she doesn't work for another month. It'll be fine.

Are you still rolling?

You must be mathilda. Si, gentleman.


El hospital? No. No. No hospital.

No. No, not the house.

Senor... Hmm?

Maybe I jinxed him. Who?

Weren't you gonna ask me about Mike?

I was just building up to it.

You're a pretty slow builder.

I was gonna say... here we are, studios.

You're beautiful.

Movies, murder.

I was gonna segue into it from there. Crafty.

Med school. Clinical psych. Hmm.

I was always curious... why people do what they do.

And now, who cares? You just wanna find your man.

No, I wanna find my woman, marry, settle down.

I wanna find my man first, I guess.

Unless my man turns out to be a woman.

Better than if your woman turns out to be a man, I suppose.

You know, you have an interesting approach, Doc.

We have barely spoken, and yet I feel I could be a murder suspect or a fiancee.

Sorry. No offense.

♪ 'Cause I'd miss you forever ♪ you could be.

♪ So love me right now ♪ I'd better get this back to wardrobe.

♪ For it won't last ♪ hey, you're a cop.

Define "violence."

♪ 'Cause I'd miss you forever ♪ Fear, absence of love, emotional revenge.

♪ Every time ♪

♪ every time ♪

♪ every ♪ hmm.

What the hell are you doing?

Do you realize what you've just thrown away?

Little things around here have big importance.

Do you understand?

Big importance. Mucho importante. Importante! Understand?

I can't have people around here who don't know what's what.

Then again, I can't afford people who do.

You cannot stay here.

Not possible here. Understand?

You must stay outside.

Yes? Thank you.

That girl can never be allowed in here under any circumstances.

Do you understand that? Never.


Here... no.

There... si.

Comprende? Si, gentleman.



Mike's discovered a lot of people.

He sees something in them no one else sees.

He believes in them.

His love is like a rocket... it blasts you forward into your future, into your destiny.

But no matter who you are, sooner or later, you wake up in your shiny new rocket... alone... and realize he's in the cockpit, and he has the keys.

The view is amazing.

But somewhere in the back of your mind, you can hear the crash coming, somewhere, somehow, anytime.

Some people don't like that feeling.

I suppose everyone's wanted to kill him at some point.

I know I have.

Do you think he's still alive?

Absolutely. But I'm an optimist.

I mean, there's no evidence that he's dead. Maybe he's in shock.

Maybe he's unable to communicate, for one reason or another.

Do you think...

feelings, intentions, bad thoughts... can have an effect on reality, like, sort of... unintentional prayers?

Definitely. I think everything's connected.

Did you know that in nuclear physics, if you just look at a so-called particle, you change it?

Imagine, just by looking at something you can actually change what it is.

Sometimes you can even destroy it.

It's like turning on the light to see the darkness.

We know what we look at can change us. Take me.

One of the main reasons I'm standing here is because of your husband's movies.

Now I'm here fighting crime, and he's a victim of it.

We're connected, and we never even met.

God only knows the amount of subnuclear transference that goes on in a marriage.

It's almost incalculable. Why do you ask?

No, no.

I didn't know where I was, but I knew I was alive.

There's nothing quite like a couple of killers with a shotgun at your head... to make you pay attention.

But seeing theing heads blown off instead of mine, like toy targets exploding, that's the part that scared me the most.

You can wash up over here.

Buenos dias.

Buenos dias.

I wanted to tell Paige...

"a couple of killers changed me.

"They made your point.

And a bunch of gardeners saved my life."

But something told me...

I might never get the chance to tell her.

Maybe what they say is true.

You never can go home again.

Hey, filipe. Catch. Huh?


Silencio, por favor.


Amen. Amen.



Mike, can you help me with my homework tonight?

Come on.

Are you gonna come fishing with us on sunday?

It's our favorite thing to do.

I like it too.

I'm not turning over his computer.

Can you use it? No, I don't know how to use it.

That's the last thing I want. Then I'll come by to pick it up, okay?

Don't push me. You're trying to be difficult.

I'm not trying to be difficult. I'm sorry.

But sooner or later, you're gonna have to get your head out of the sand... and start dealing with this.

Hang on, Paige.

Six just came up from the recording studio. He wants to tell you something.

Yo, madam Max.

I'm supposed to tell you to hand over the computer... and cooperate with the powers that be, but you know that's not exactly my style.

I say just take your own sweet time, madam Max.

It's a cold world out here, even in the sun.

You're a beautiful lady.

You stay warm.

Thanks, Six.

Well, yeah, you can see down there from here, which means they could've shot 'em from up here, yeah.

But they were headless corpses, remember?

I don't think you can blow heads off from 300 yards.

That's like three football fields, right? All right.

The coroner said the recovered skull fragments... were in a state of critically infarcted bifurcation, meaning all the bone was thoroughly shattered, meaning the bullets could have been high-density, army-style splinter shot, which can be fired from three feet or 3,000 feet with the same effect.

See what I'm saying?

Get outta here. You play too many video games, kid.

You think maybe low-flying F-16 fighters shot 'em, huh?

Like I said, only in Hollywood.

Can't be coffee and danish.

Has to be cappuccino or that thick, creamy stuff, that italian thing... what is that? Tiramisu.

Tiramisu. Well, whatever.

Anyway, this Michael Max, he looks to me like one of these guys that'd have his own murder catered... gentlemen, Michael Max is a very innovative guy.

If he's gonna do something, he's gonna do it first, and he's gonna do it big, he's gonna do it right.

That's exactly why somebody probably wanted him dead.

I'd say someone very professional, obviously... and very paranoid.

I don't exactly understand what I just did for you.

It's okay. I'm just trying to debug a little number here.

So, uh... so, thanks.

You're the wizard.

Well, I guess I'd better head back to the shop.

Okay. See you. See you.

Look. Two more.

They gotta be feds. Still waiting for me to come home.

Yeah? Maybe you should turn yourself in, eh?

You're wasting my tax dollars, hombre.

Hey, hey.

Come through for me, baby.

Yes, baby.

Yes. Come through for me.

There they are.


Fucking clouds.

Progress... twenty seconds.

Oh, my god.

Do you think they're watching us?


Do you think they're watching us?

It'll be all right, hombre. Yeah?

We'll feed you good.

We'll feed youcocido, menudo, carnitas, pozole.

Sounds good.



I never...

I never noticed.


Two questions.

Are you here to do something bad with our father?


Are you the guy in the newspapers?

Yeah, I am. But don't tell anybody.

I told you. Now pay up.


Some friend. Sorry about that.

It's okay. Good night.


Good night.

I still love my wife... so much.

Senora, there are three gentlemens.

Let them wait.

I always did, even when I made her suffer, on purpose, for long periods of time, and enjoyed it perversely.


That's one thing I think I can define now.

It's when things are upside-down and you start to like 'em that way.


Hey, you got your phone?

You talk to him.

Six. What's up?

He's got to change. You have to change.

What? Who this?

I'm a friend who you don't know yet.

Oh, shit. I know all my friends.

Oh, I'm an amigo, closer than you think.

There's a message I must give you. There's no time.

You must change. "Gangsta" rap is dying.

What the fuck are you talking about?

Violence is dead. No, no, no, no, no.

Let me tell you something, friend. Violence is bigger than ever.

You see, little baby white girls be piercing every floppy piece of skin they got, creaming to every flavor of gangsta.

Pretty soon records just gonna have the sound of gunshots on 'em.

Everywhere you look, billboards got some movie star holding some big-ass gun.

Let me tell you something, motherfucker.

Violence rules, man. Violence is flip.

You don't like it, run with the nuns, but it is here, it is now, and Six is on it.


Hello, Paige.

This is Terry Gromer, president, music and movies divisions.

And Ian Whitley, your head of business affairs.

Hello, gentlemen.

You can smoke, Brian.


Champagne? Coffee?

I feel like I've grown very close to you in this short time.

But now I'm about to do something that I think is important... but it is risky.

Just in case anything happens to me, I just wanted to say thank you and adios.

Que? Que?

Si, vamos! "Vamos."

How you doing? Hi, ramon. Take any station.

Maybe it'll look better with colored paper. Yeah, I guess.

Hi. Hi.

Do you have any work station that's available?

Did you check in? Got a friend taking care of it.

Great. How about this one?


Excuse me. Can you help me? Just a second.

In a minute. He's fine. He can take care of himself.

The thing about sudden attack is... you never know where it's coming from.

But it's usually not from where you expect it, unless you expect it from everywhere, which makes you paranoid.

Mike, you'll probably never get this.

The FBI's been all over everything.

But if you're out there... this is very strange.

A guy called you. He wanted to talk to you very urgently.

He asked me whether you'd had a chance to read the file he sent you on e-mail.

He sounded scared. He didn't want to leave his name or number.

He insisted that you would know how to reach him.

Apparently you met at the technology fair in florida last year.

He said you liked each other.

I hope this means something to you, and I hope you're alive.

Ramon, jose.

Let's go.

Let's just get out of here.

Okay, amigo. Come on.

Out of the way, ma'am. What?

Oh, shit. Ramors got the keys.

That's all the locks.

Securing the back entrance? Is that all you need?


Vamanos, vamanos, vamanos.

Under control.

All right, let's get outta here.

What are we looking for? I don't know.

That was... that was orion.

This one is taurus.

If you look really close, you can see the shape of a bull.

Wow. Which one did you go to?

I didn't go to the stars.

I just helped build one of these big telescopes... so we can see them better.

My daddy's up there.

It'd be nice if we could see him.

But I guess we can't always have what we want.

Hey, Paige. Hi, Six.

Bad time? No, I was just reading.

I thought I heard something. It gets kinda spooky up here sometimes.

You seem tense. Oh, no, I'm fine, I'm fine.

I'll check on that contract tomorrow. You shouldn't be alone.

No, I'm doing all right.

Well, I'll see you at the studio.

Yeah, on thursday.

I'll see you thursday evening.

Right. Yeah.

No, I like poetry. Yeah.

I'm doing a lot of things I've never done before.

I guess it's exciting, yeah.

So I'll see you thursday night.

Pretty small. Hmm.

Big memory though.

A man I met once chose me to reveal a secret to.


He'd been working on a government project. I guess he... doesn't believe in it anymore and needed somebody on the outside.

Why did he pick you? Weren't you a big-shot movie producer or something?

I thought everybody hated you guys.

They do, but for some reason, I guess... he liked me.

Don't like us too much.

I try not to.


Just let us like you. That's less dangerous.

Hmm. I hope so.

You're doing great, Ray. They're getting it all going.

That, uh, maid working out okay?

Yeah, fine.

It's hard to get good help these days.

Your part should be done in a couple of months.

Then the operators will take over. That will be good.

Just wanted to touch base, tell you we're all very happy with your work.

Country's grateful and all that.

If we can get this thing fully operational soon... it'll be an awesome tool.

Cut down on crime response time by 200 percent.

Accuracy, eyewitness evidence.

Could mean the end of violence as we know it.

That would be good.

Of course if there was just one little, tiny, infinitesimal leak... before congress approved it, we'd have to wipe the whole thing out.

Everything down the drain.


Oh, they'd crucify all of us.

Not a perfect system.

I've worked on projects before that weren't popular with the public.

You're not in nasa anymore, toto.

You're not watching the heavens from earth. That's easy.

You're watching earth from the heavens. That's messier.

A system like this, there's the chance for abuse.

If you, uh, see anything that I miss... any misuse, anything, uh, strange... you'll let me know, right?

I'm a computer scientist. This is Hollywood.

What's not strange?

Don't worry about seeds of violence, Paige.

The movie's a drain on your cash flow anyway.

It's the record company that'll be your top asset with the merger after the divorce.

Hmm. How do you divorce a missing husband?

Trust me.

Hold on, Brian.

Go ahead, Claire. The production reports are just about...

okay, dad... what's the matter?

Now, is nothing the matter?

Dad, i, uh...

I have a problem, and, um... Shoot.

People are being killed.

I don't know, dad.

I don't even know if...

I don't even know if this place is safe.

Can you be... let out of anything?

We've got to get to-together on that.

Now, I think... it's a different "doll" game.

Any-anything, anything?

You better hold on.

All right.

I will, dad.

I ain't never done this shit.

I'm a rapper, so...

I don't know.

This here is called "when I close my eyes."


I'm gonna try and lay it down for you... like the black man and not the gangster man do, because you ladies like to watch your figure.

I'll take the fat out and the sugar too.

See, I'm talking about a new sound.

Somebody tell me just the other day, like a... voice from heaven while I'm riding down the freeway.

He say that gangster sound is dead and gone.

He say that nasty groove is something to prove, that getting in your face can leave an angry taste, get you up in arms about the disgrace... and make you shake it all over the place.

He say, that's been here, and now it's gone.

It's time for the wise to move on.

He talking about some new kind of sound with a different view.

We used a hammer. A golf club would do.

He say machine-gun lyrics just fire blanks.

You're outta the trenches, put on those pink-checkered pants.

He say don't matter what you say, it's what they see that win the day.

He say change your name from Six to Four, you'll win the game, gain much more.

I'm talking about some new kind of sound... that's so phat, kinda cool in a suit like some old hep cat.

But me? I don't know, and I need it loud and proud, not 'cause I need to stick out the crowd, it's 'cause the sound of silence, see, it makes me cry.

Burns my ears and spits blood in my eye.

'Cause it's not the echo of the shots still ringing in my head... or the line on page three saying some other black man dead.

For me, when I close my eyes, I only hear one sound.

The sound of my brother ashe when he hit that ground.

I sure admire the way you guys have jumped back in the saddle here.

Some people'd be in hawaii under protection.

Police protection gives me the shivers.

I know what you mean.

In the movies, it always turns out that there's a leak on the force, or the guard just went for a piss when the killer comes.

I hate that stuff. You guys are way more original.

I got eyes in the back of my head. My god, she is something.

I don't know how you keep your mind on your work.

Listen, detective Doc, the investigation is basically over.

Mike is not a suspect anymore. He's a missing person.

You're the only one who's trying to figure out the big, hidden story.

If there is a connection between the movie and Mike's case, I think the link is in your head.

Have a nice day, detective Doc.

Boom is in the shot.

Look, Claire, this is impossible.

You cannot just waltz in here with anybody. I know. I'm sorry.

It won't happen again.

The guard just went for a piss before the killer comes in.

I mean, why do I make films in America? Should've stayed in Europe, I mean...

All right, there's a one-hour break. We'll shoot it after dinner.

Anyway, let's take a break.

Okay, I'll see you.

You got the part. Yep. Did you find your man?

Nope. Hmm. What about your woman?

Now, I remember the first line.

What happens next? Well, see, I overheard this guy... before he killed my sister, and the last thing she said was, "how did you find me?"

And he says, "I've got eyes in the back of my head."

Now, that guy, he works here.

So I decide to come pay him a little visit.

Hmm. Sex, murder, revenge.

Old-fashioned american fun. Hey, whatever brings people together.

You never know.

♪ When we make love you know we're making love ♪

♪ to everyone ♪

♪ we've ever made love to ♪

♪ so when you take him down inside ♪

♪ just know I'm there with you ♪

♪ and you may feel me crying ♪

♪ and, oh, I hope you do ♪

♪ I'm out there somewhere all alone ♪

♪ with memories of you ♪

♪ and you may feel me crying ♪

uh, this one is... a little silly.

It's called "I'm a fluff ball."

"I'm a fluff ball, living my fluffy life in scarcity.

The life I choose is an illusion. The world is an intrusion."

What's your name? Ruby.

I'm Ruby, and I want to fuck you.

Well, that's honest.

And coincidentally, I want to fuck you too.

No, no, I mean, I want to fuck you. I want to fuck you.

Hey, you get that special feeling.

I don't think you understand exactly who's going to be doing the fucking here.

Yeah, right. No, no, it's in here.

You're kidding. Show me yours, I'll show you mine.

Listen, baby, I got a better... forget it.

My way or no way. What is this?

The ultimate good news/bad news situation?

See ya. Hold on. This takes a minute.


You remind me of someone. Witty.

Okay, all right, whatever you want.

Good, I'll have a cream soda. I'll have a cream soda.

Doesn't a sweet thing like you worry about getting hurt?

There's a lot of bad boys out there.

Mm-hmm. I know.

But I've got eyes in the back of my head.

And cut! Excellent, Cat.

That's a print. Wire them for the bullets and lots of blood.

Nice work!

Good going!

Great. Great scene, Zoltan. It was great. Mm-hmm.

Thank you, Brian. But you're not here to make compliments, right?

Listen, uh, I've done all I can do, all right?

They pulled the money. That's it.

I'm sorry.

Liar. I know who pulled the money. You don't waste much time, do you, Brian?

That's it, Cat. They're shutting the movie down.

That's it? It's just... it's-it's over?

I'm sorry.

I guess that's a wrap.

I'll just be a minute.

I'm sorry. You were good.

You'll get another break.

Define "break."

I guess sometimes your friends are really your enemies.

Sometimes your enemies are your friends.

Sometimes they're one and the same.

Who can you trust?

It reminds me of what a prick I was.

I'm starting to think that fairy tales are overrated.

Sometimes a good old-fashioned catastrophe can really cut to the heart of the matter.

Ready or not.

Yeah, well, I can feel it cutting right now.

I'll just go.

Try and make the most of it.





♪ My heart ♪

♪ animals on wheels ♪

♪ faster, faster animals on wheels ♪

♪ faster all the time ♪

you sure you didn't break something? No, it's okay.

Don't worry, I won't sue.

Well, I gotta say, you know how to tell a story.

It must all seem completely bizarre to you.

Just a little. And if it's all true, you're gonna have to trust someone.

You know, I hate it in movies when the guy running from the government... meets a well-intentioned, beautiful girl, gives her top-secret information.

That character, she always dies.

Look, just because some real FBI guy believes in movies so much... doesn't mean you have to.

He doesn't know any better. You should.

In case you haven't noticed, I'm not exactly the stupid actress... who stands at the edge of the cliff screaming for help.


You're the stupid stuntwoman who jumps off the cliff.

This is a lot more dangerous than the cliff.

Define "dangerous."

It comes up fast... and...

you see those two guys over there?

If I went for a piss, they would eat you alive.

Those two guys?

Hey. Hey, hey, hey!

♪ On the town ♪

♪ with a little drop of poison ♪

♪ nobody knows ♪

♪ they're lining up to go insane ♪

♪ I'm all alone ♪

♪ I smoke my friends down to the filter ♪

♪ but I feel much cleaner after it rains ♪ yeah.

♪ She left in the fall that's her picture on the wall ♪

♪ she always had that little drop ♪

♪ of poison ♪

hey, where you going, honey? Party just started.

♪ She left in the fall that's her picture on the wall ♪

♪ she always had that little drop of poison ♪ hey, easy.

Guys, can we do a little negotiation here?



I'm sorry.

I don't know.

Nobody ever gave me a break before.

I guess I didn't want to let you down.

This is the name and the number. Don't use it yourself.

Wait until you find somebody capable you can absolutely trust.

Like I trust you.

You've been through a lot lately. Why don't you lie low for a while?

You know, Doc, I've known guys like you over the years.

Sharp, tenacious, real prize winners, generally obsessed over the dangerous cases you've been taken off of.

Truth is, there's usually some kind of personal motive.

Some hook in the gut. Is that what's going on with you, Doc?

What's going on with me is that you're trying to infect me... with your good old-fashioned cynicism, so I doubt myself and decide... that we're really not trying to cover up some... covert, totally illegal, murderous operation.

Listen, you just watch your step.

Excuse me. I'm sorry. I think we found Cat.

We ran a trace on a letter to her brother in seattle on his birthday.

It's from south central. We're verifying the address right now.

Thank you.

Hi there. Can you tell me where number 14 is?

Up there. Thank you.

A cop! A cop! Let's go in the car.

I'm Doc. I'm here to see Cat.

You must be Ade. Hmm.

So, you here as a cop or as a human being?

Umm... human cop possible?


Flying camel possible?

Seen 'em. Rare but beautiful.

Okay, I am here as a human being.


Cat's told me all about you.

The Doc's here on a social call, blanche.

It's okay.

I realized after, uh... after they tried to close the case... and stop me from digging, even on my own time, that, uh... this instinct I had about you... that you had some valuable information, some key to the whole puzzle and that I had to see you... was... based on nothing except that...

I wanted to see you.

I wanted to see you more than anything.

Really? Truly.

Took you a while to find me.

You were pretty well-hidden.

It's nice to see you.

It's nice to see you.

I thought that, um, maybe you came by because you'd heard... you'd heard that I'd met with Mike.

What? You saw Mike?

Since he disappeared? Briefly. We had a few beers.

You had a few beers with Mike? Are you kidding?

What happened? What did he say? Hey, flashback.

Remember, we have an agreement.

You are on a special visa, or you can fly your camel ass outta here. Okay?

He's a missing person, and this is a double murder case.

That's just the tip of the iceberg. All right.

By the way, I love you.

They missed him.

I'm, uh, just going for something to eat, guys.

Come out.

I could've killed you.

I've been considering that.

Yeah, me too. I've been considering a lot.

I've been watching you.

I think you've been doing more than considering.

You were here, weren't you?

You were here before.

You took your organizer.

I could feel you, just like I felt you now.

You came right in, but you didn't say anything.

You let me wonder.

You haven't communicated once in two months... not a call, not a message.

I could feel you punishing me.

It hurt.

I couldn't communicate with you.

It was too dangerous for both of us. For both of us?

A guy slipped me a government file, an FBI file.

Now they're trying to kill me.

Did you kill those two guys? No, I didn't.

I could kill you right now.

Somebody tell me just the other day, like a voice...

♪ somebody tell me just the other day ♪

♪ like a voice from heaven while I'm riding on the freeway ♪


All I can think of while they had the gun to my head was how much I loved you.

I think it saved me.

I pictured you... starting over again... but starting over in a better way.

I guess guatemala is out of the question.

I'm not kidding around. Everybody thinks you're dead... or a murderer, a fugitive.

I can't turn myself in. Don't you see?

Who can I turn myself in to? Good question.

I see who you've turned yourself into. Kinda like looking in a mirror.

No. It's me, Paige.

It doesn't matter. You're an intruder in the middle of the night.

I'd have every right to kill you, every right.

It's nice to see you so motivated. People change.

Maybe. It feels good to be appreciated sometimes, to have someone support you emotionally, to have someone who gives a shit about who you really are inside.

Say, baby.

Baby, you down there?

I'm coming. You want some water?

I want you, baby.

You got it.

I keep the company and the house.

When everything's settled, I'll send you half the cash.

You would've never let me have half. You would've wiggled out of it.

You bastards always do.

If there's anything specific you want, you let me know now.

The robe.

What? I want your robe.

If you think I'm gonna... it's just a robe. Hmm? That's all I want.

Then you'll leave? Mm-hmm.

That's the deal. Half the cash later.

The robe now.

Say, baby, you all right? Yeah!

I'm coming! Oh, could you put some music on?

Half my kingdom for a robe. It's a pretty good deal... even in Hollywood.


First time I've seen it with a woman with a gun who takes her clothes off.

I like it.

Now everybody has what they want.

Is it won'th dying for?

It always was.

Ramon gomez.

Whatever you were gonna give to me, give to him.

If you're gonna run a company... trust your instincts.

You got what it takes.

Be careful with those things. They can be dangerous... if you can get 'em to work.

Paige! What happened?

Paige! Answer me!

I don't know how you work on that junk, that antiquated typewriter.

You gotta change to a computer. I can hook it up for you. No, no!

I think the idea of this is right.

Yeah? Not your computer.

Not the computer? Oh, no, no, no.

Umm... well, an old man... is an old man.

I have nothing to... to lose except that... as long as you remain with me.

Stop sliding around with your gun like some paranoid drug lord.

If somebody wanted to get you, they'd probably just blow up your little house.


I'm the one asking the questions here.

What are you doing here?


On what?

Define that thing you said.

Define it.

I can't believe you're here. Don't change the subject.

Define it.


Be more specific.

♪ I was wounded ♪

kcrw, a community service of santa monica college... and national public radio.

♪ She tucks me in and then she screams ♪

♪ one day you will have to choose ♪

what a city. Nothing like it.

If we could see it.

Are you Doc? Yeah.

So, you, uh... uuh!


Come here!

Don't move, don't move. My god, they could shoot anybody.

Come on, kids, come on.


I'll spare you the speech.

3,500 murders last year.

Anything that helps you see the truth is good.

Ray is the traitor.

Ray dug his own grave. You don't change your mind on the battlefield.

At least I knew you wouldn't.

They said, get us someone who'll risk her life.

I said, I'll get you somebody who owes us her life, who owes us for her salvation, a woman whose husband was killed in front of her eyes.

I don't know why I'm trying to cheer you up.

I'm the one who had to shut down this whole operation.

We were trying to do something good.

Ray was trying to do something good.

Ray was doing something stupid.

You're good, mathilda.

People with good intentions aren't enough.

Changing things takes guts.

Changing yourself... that takes guts.

Listen to us. A couple of killers... trying to change the world.

I'm finished.

I've paid you back.

We are even now.

I'm gonna take my daughter... and start my life over.

And if you think that you still own me...

then you can shoot me in the back.


Habla espanol?


How poco? Very poco.

Why don't you teach me some?

Uhh... madre. Mm-hmm.

Los angeles. Los angeles.

Los angeles.

Sky. Cielo.

I thoughtcielo meant heaven.

Cielomeans both heaven and sky.

They're watching us.


Don't get too close to the edge.

Funny. Just when you think you've got it all figured, in a heartbeat it changes again.

Thing is, all those years while I was waiting for that sudden attack, I became the enemy.

And when the enemy I'd expected finally came, they set me free.

It's strange, hmm?

Now, when I look over the ocean...

I don't expect nuclear submarines or alien attackers anymore.

I can see china now, and I hope they can see us.

♪ It's a beautiful day today ♪

♪ everything is going my way ♪

♪ even the words doing what I say ♪

♪ oh, babe got to get away ♪

♪ to be impossible ♪

♪ isn't that difficult ♪

♪ in the city you're invisible ♪

♪ when you come from a small town ♪

♪ everything is all right ♪

♪ everything is all right ♪

♪ I'm not your baby ♪

♪ please ♪

♪ tourist in a traffic jam ♪

♪ baby sham and handy cam ♪

♪ I'm not your mother you're not my man ♪

♪ I'm not your baby ♪

♪ don't treat me like I'm a trick ♪

♪ I won't treat you like you're a prick ♪

♪ don't need no doctor I'm not ill ♪

♪ I'm not your baby ♪

♪ everything is all right ♪

♪ everything is all right ♪

♪ I'm not your baby ♪

♪ please ♪

♪ cut out the poetry ♪

♪ let's hit the main artery ♪

♪ no time for a "tourniquey" ♪

♪ the colors all run out on me ♪

♪ you brought me all kinds of goods ♪

♪ now my heart is so full up it hurts ♪

♪ it's heavy as a shopping bag ♪

♪ it's full of things I should give back ♪

♪ everything is all right ♪

♪ everything is all right ♪

♪ I'm not your baby ♪

♪ please ♪

♪ I'm not your baby ♪

♪ I'm not your baby ♪

♪ don't want you to cover me ♪

♪ smother me or mother me ♪

♪ I like to feel this incomplete ♪

♪ I'm not your baby ♪

♪ everything is all right ♪

♪ everything is all right ♪

♪ I'm not your baby ♪

♪ please ♪

♪ feel not dizzy, just busy ♪

♪ didn't drink nothing fizzy ♪

♪ no pills to feel easy ♪

♪ don't know what got into me ♪

♪ daylight's a kind of robbery ♪

♪ the night is your geography ♪

♪ so you're not white you're pink and rosy ♪

♪ could be right but you're way above me ♪

♪ me, I'm in recovery ♪

♪ a star of pornography ♪

♪ I'm a tourist there's a lot to see ♪

♪ you don't like the photographs of me ♪

♪ so you've got a lot to say ♪

♪ you don't sleep around but sometimes you stray ♪

♪ you don't believe often times you pray ♪

♪ for something what is it, babe ♪