The Endless Trench (2019) Script

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Raid: incursion, sudden attack, rapid raid party against the enemy to cause turmoil.

Come on, get up, quick!

Higinio, quick.

Quick, quick!


Come on, check that door, too!

Open up!

Good morning.

Out of the way. Don't move.

Check the back.

-Can I help? -Button it.

-Check the courtyard too. -Μy husband left last night.

There's nobody here.

-There's nobody. -See? What I said.

All right, next ones on the list.

What are you doing?

What is it?

Listen, I need to make a run for it.

They'll ransack everything.

-Where will you go? -The mountains or somewhere safe.

-Shall I go with you? -No, I'll come back for you.

Hang on, hang on, hang on.

Take this.

What's it for?

So you can wear it. Go on.

Over here!

It's Higinio!

Stop! Stop!

Μove it.

These are the last ones and we're done, huh?

Come on, move it. Get in.

Don't move!

Get a move on, quick!

Come on!

Get a move on!

Shut up!

I don't want to hear a word!

No talking, huh?

Don't move.

What's going on in there?

Come on, out you come!

-Μove it. -Where are you taking them?

-Shut up! -Leave her!

What are you doing?

Quiet! Nobody move!

Come on! Everyone stay put!


-What the hell? Sit down. -Please.

-What the hell are you doing? -Please.

-I'm begging you. -Go back to your place!

Get off!

One of them got away! Stop!

Stop, stop, stop!



He ran that way!

Fede, it's Higinio.


You gave us a real fright.

What's going on here?

-What's going on? -What did you expect?

I could see all this madness coming.

-I could see it. -What?

How many times did I tell you? "Bullets won't solve this."

Priests can't be touched.

Landowners can't be touched.

Bullets won't solve it. I told you a thousand times.

I didn't order any killings.

But your people did. You support them.

Shooting your mouth off about... having to kill, and now look what we have.

This is complete madness.

Let's try to be quiet down here.

Fancy a cigarette?

A cigarette, huh? A cigarette.

Help soothe things a bit.

This is Damián, my cousin.

He arrived last night, escaped a raid a few days ago in Carmona.

I know you.

I saw you at a meeting about a year ago.

I was from the support group.

Yeah, your face looks familiar.

You did a lot for us.

Come and fight with us if you want.

What do I do about Rosa?

I have to fetch her.

You're going back to the village?

That's going into the lion's den.

Has she been reported?

Not at all.

Rosa doesn't get into politics, just me.

She'll be all right, then.

They got married not long ago.


See what happens?

It's easy to spot a newly-wed.

That's what I think.

It's enough, right?

Let's go.


-Gonzalo. -What is it?

Come in.


Are you staying out all night or what?

Joaquín is coming...

Why are you with these people?

That's my business.

Don't get into trouble.

What trouble do you mean?

All right, have some dinner.

I don't want dinner.

I don't feel hungry.

Dear God, Higinio.

What happened?

We have to go.

What happened?

We have to take all the money there is.

And head for the mountains... before it gets light.

What happened to your leg?

What happened?

Don't move.

God, have you seen the state of your leg?

The bullet is still in there.

-Rosa. -What?

If they catch me, I'm dead.

Listen, have you seen the state of your leg?

Where will you go?

-Let's go. -No, you listen to me.

They're all over the village.

Go to bed. I'll stay here a while.

Come on.

Higinio, look at me.

Why did you make that hole?

Gonzalo was looking around there and didn't spot a thing.

Why not get in there, we can treat your wound, and then we leave. Okay?


Come on.

That's the way.

Come on.

Hide: to move somebody or something to a safe location or place.

-What are you doing? -Taking them down.

They've said that all the curtains have to come down!

No, but... You searched the house, and now the curtains.

I'll take them down and that's it.

See? Problem solved.

Gonzalo, listen to me a minute.

Just a second, stop a minute. You know... that maybe Higinio didn't do everything the right way, but he never hurt anyone, he shouldn't be on a list.

You know us.

Well, first he has to turn up, then we'll see.

But I mean that you could say it was a mistake, -and take his name off the list. -A mistake?

He made the mistake when he burnt down what he shouldn't, huh?

Burnt what?


Barcenillas hermitage, belongs to the Carmelite nuns, St. Philip Neri, did he not say?

-That isn't true. -Didn't he?

-It's not true. -No?

He may have his ideas, but he's not violent.

What did he do when they killed Gonzalo's brother?

He did nothing.

Right, he didn't do or say anything, and he was a councillor.

Isabel, go home.

No, no, no. I want her to know.

Now she's begging, but I want her to know how alone you felt.

Please, Isabel.

Don't act the innocent, all right? Don't do it.

We've been locked up afraid they'd do something if we went out.

And you lot didn't care.

If these people hadn't come, my husband would have been next.

Okay, that's enough. Stop it.

Just stay out of it. Go on, go home.

Go home, woman.

Listen to me, Gonzalo.

You know, you know full well, how sad we are about your brother.

As soon as we found out, Higinio himself went to tell you that.

Now do you understand why I have to do something?

I'm begging you please.

You should have said that to your husband.

Begged him.

You should have begged him, right?

Come on, Gonzalo.

-Don't take the curtains. -I'm taking them.

Don't, they're mine. Give me the curtains!

Hand them over.

They're mine, give them to me!

Don't take the curtains, Gonzalo.


"The blond guy", and "the stockade guy" got away.

What are you doing there?

What's going on outside?

No, that isn't the point. What did I say?

Did you talk to anyone?

-Do me a favour and get in there. -Did you talk to anyone?

Armando has switched sides.

The twin, right?

No, Nogales.


I don't trust anyone now.

Gonzalo is giving out a list of names.

There's nothing worse than an angry idiot.

Butter wouldn't melt in his mouth, now look at him blabbing.

The trouble with him is that he's scared.

Scared of what?

I don't know.

That we'll come back.

Did you put on the ointment?

I forgot all about the ointment.

Careful, careful.

Does it hurt?

I can put up with it.

God, you really stink.

-What do you mean I stink? -This.

What's wrong? It smells of me.

You haven't changed it since you got in there.

Why would I change shirts?





What was planned for the next week is going to be impossible.

How can you say that?

They arrested the man who was going to get us to Portugal.

That can't be, Rosa, that can't be.

-That can't be. -It's all right, I'll find a way.

We have to leave now. We have to risk it.

We can't wait any longer.

Now is the time.

-We must leave now. -For God's sake.

Take it easy, I'll find a way.

Arrest: temporary loss of freedom by authority of law.

If you don't know anything, why so nervous?

I don't know.

What do you expect if you come to my house this late?

You didn't hear about him, not even from someone else?

No, I already said I didn't. He left and that was the last I heard.

Then why are you so desperate to have him wiped off the list?

Haven't you already had enough?

I don't know anything.

What did you say when he left?

Nothing, I couldn't even say goodbye.

So how did you know what time he left?

The time, I...

He left in the morning, but I don't know at what time.

They saw you washing a man's shirt the other day.

Don't act stupid.

Nothing goes unnoticed here.

Or wasn't it your husband's?

Yes, it is... It was my husband's, but...

I found it a week after he left, it was dirty so I washed it.

Your neighbors say you always kept the front door open, and now it's almost always shut.

Just what I needed.

Quit crying.

I said quit crying, okay?

If you don't collaborate now, we have orders to carry out.

You see... I really don't know anything.

A couple of questions.

No, no, no, more questions? But I already told you...

-No, please! -Don't make it more difficult.

Please don't do this!

I don't know anything or where he is. For God's sake, please don't!

-Come on now. -I want to stay here!

I'm telling you that I don't know anything!


Is he not here?

Looks that way.

I tell you, I hear noises, huh?

-Did you check there? -Where?


Where the jars are.

Have a look inside.

It's empty.

Looks like there's a bit of oil in this one.


-No one here. -Nothing?


Scram, that isn't for you!

Give it to me!


What did they do to you?

What happened?

What happened to you?

They told me that they'd caught you.

I didn't say a word.

It's over. Let them just catch me.

Why am I here if I can't even take care of you?

Come here.



They told me I have to report to the barracks every day.


They've made me leave the front door open.

It's all right.

It's fine.

Promise me you won't come out if I'm not here.

Promise me.

Swear on it.

I swear.

What do you imagine the sea looks like?

I don't know.

I imagine... that it must be like the countryside... when the sunlight is shining down hard and it merges with the horizon.

Like that, but with water.


What a pity.


We should have let your father pay for the honeymoon.

We'll enjoy it more when we do it with the money we earn.




Don't forget to stir the ashes properly later.

All right.

You told me three times already.

What about the books I asked you for?

I can't be seen bringing books on politics... and things that... It's obvious they're not for me.

Hello. -Hello.

What are you doing?

Do me a favour and get in there.

Can you please get in there?

I'm listening to what people are saying.

I saw Pero when I was peeking through the window.

Wasn't he on the front with the Nationalist faction?

Either he has a twin brother or he's out there celebrating the victory.


Is it over?

So why don't you tell me?

Because it isn't over.

They executed Arenas.

And Enrique, Andrés, Quijo.

They killed all the councillors that they caught.

They've put out a reward for your capture.

I heard they're offering 60,000 pesetas.

What have I done to be worth that much?

I don't know, they're saying you did terrible things.

-Who's saying that? -Everyone.

Those coming back from the front... are blaming those of you who didn't come back.

So, it isn't over.

Danger: risk or imminent possibility that something bad may occur.

Think she knows something?

I think so. She's hiding something.

We have to interrogate her, get as much as we can.

-Interrogate her right here. -I don't agree.

Let's take her with us. Interrogate her and whatever else.

No, no way. Listen to me.

We do as I say, interrogate her here.

You're shouting.

It'll happen again, just wait and see.

Since the war ended he's become even more obsessed.


Gonzalo, It's Higinio, my father-in-law. We are having dinner, okay?


Same thing every day.

So, is Higinio all right?

He's all right.

But this is getting unbearable.

He's beginning to shout in his sleep.

They turned the place upside down the other day...

I don't know how they didn't find him.

You mean he's here?

He's there.

Under the jars.

He's hiding inside there.

Dear God.

He's been there three years.

Pretty much.

If you want, fetch the plates on the shelf and have a word.

Do me a favour and fetch me those plates, please.


Pick something off the shelf, anything.

But why didn't you say anything to me?

We thought it was best not to tell anyone.

Father, I need your help.

Whatever you want.

The wall where the sideboard is.

I need you to build a false wall, and then make a hole behind the sideboard.

You want to hide in there?


Your house is safer.

Rosa will show you the plans.

The sooner you build the wall, the better.

As soon as it's ready, Higinio will go there.

What about you?

I... If you don't mind, I'd move in with you.

If people ask, we tell them that money is really tight and... that way I can take charge of your deceased wife's workshop.


Remember to clean the hole with anise and lavender to get rid of the smell.


No, hang on. Wait. Let's see.


That's it.


You'll do a good job. Nice and quick.

Go on, off you go.


Do it now while everyone is at the procession, hurry.

What is it?

-I can't. -Yes you can.

What do you mean ? Listen to me.

If you stay, they'll catch you.

You have to go now.

Of course you can. Why wouldn't you?

You can do it.

-I won't leave you alone.

You'll do a great job, okay?

Come on.



Come on, we'll be late.

Μove it.

Are you looking for something, madam?

Excuse me!

Halt, this is the Civil Guard!

Stop or I'll shoot!

This is the Civil Guard!

Come in.

Take off those clothes.

All of them.

Why did you take so long?

I got lost.

-In your village? -Yes.

There's a basin in there to wash yourself.

Come on, hurry up.


Are you all right?


Do you need anything?


-If you need anything... -Silence!


That's what I need.

Enclose: put a person or an animal in a place they cannot leave.

I saw him in the square, next to the barracks.

So sad he couldn't say goodbye to his son.

Now he's left this world and won't be able to.

Let's be on our way.

FEBRUARY 8th, 1 944

I have three sacks of dirt, you know?

Give them to me tomorrow.

I reckon that in about a year or so I'll have dug the hole as far as the grove.

And if anything happens...

Higinio, I want a baby.

Not this again, Rosa.

Didn't we say when the allies won the war?

And when will that be? When will they win?

When I can't have children anymore?

When my belly starts showing, I'll go to Granada.

Then I'll say it's a nephew I have to take care of.

Μeanwhile, how do I survive?

I'll leave you food and whatever else you need.

Can you hear yourself?

Don't you realise it's absurd and really dangerous?

Do you realise they could kill you, me and the baby?

Do you realise what might happen?

Let's use our heads. Is the time to save.

I can lend you a hand darning, doing hems... Please, Rosa.

Let's use our heads.

Let's give the allies some time.

Today, 6 June 1 944, the allies have started disembarking over 150,000 troops.

Led by General Eisenhower, allied troops have overcome the defences developed by Field Marshal Rommel.

British and US command of the air were key to the success of the operation.

Allied aircraft have destroyed bridges over the Seine and the Loire.

The successful landing has enabled allied troops to quickly advance towards the heart of France.

Hold your arms out.


-Looks good, huh? -Yes. Will you wear it now?

I'll button it up like that.


I'll have the other one by Thursday.



All right.

You're an artist Rosa.

Now you can tell people I don't just sew uniforms. I mend all sorts.

And for a good price, too.

And they get to see the prettiest seamstress.

You're a smooth one. I'm charging you the same.

I'm just saying it as an art lover.

Where are my boots?

Oh, yes.


No, stop.

Not now, stop.

I have to get my period, stop.

A fun girl from Córdoba.

It's what made me fall in love with her.

Things were different then.

Because for a few months now, ...she always looks sad.

Like she's not excited about anything.

Now all she does is eat.

All she does is eat, never leaves the house.

I say, "Carmen, let's go to the festival, make yourself pretty...

A colourful dress, let's..."

-Μake the most of the festival. -Like before...

She doesn't feel up to it.

She's not the same now.

Poor thing.

Μaybe I rushed into getting married.

Don't say that, Rodrigo.

These things take time, they take getting used to.

Why that face?

What face?

That face.

What face?

You smiled, didn't you?

Do you find it funny to see me full of doubts?

No, it's the other way around.

I feel sad for both of you.

Anyway, I don't know...

There's another hole here, too.

-Another one? -Yes.

I hadn't seen that one.

That's from Sunday.

I'll mend that for you. I'll cover it up so you won't see it.

I know you feel the same way as I do.

How do you mean?

Stop, stop.

I said stop!


Get out of my house right now.

I told you to get out right now or I'll start screaming.

Take it easy.

I'm leaving.


It's shameful.


Really, it's shameful.

Do you think I don't know you're there...


You saw it, right?

I'm talking to you.

See what he was going to do to me?

Don't do a thing.

Just stay there, all shut in.

Like a worm, like a coward.

It's as if you were dead already!

-Rosa, please. -Rosa, what?

-Everyone will hear you. -What do I care if they hear me?

You're not here, are you?

Are you?

Is there somebody here?

I'm asking you if you're here.

You're not here.

I'm all alone.

You're not a man, a husband, a father, you're nothing. I'm alone.

Who are you?

Get in there and read your trashy novels, and shut the door!


Rosa! Anyone there?

What are you doing here? Please leave.

No, let me explain.

In the last few days I've been thinking a lot about what happened.

As well as apologising to you, I'd like to regain our professional relationship.

I think that this got a little out of hand.

I brought you this coat to sew, because the sleeves are torn and the pockets.

Please put it there and leave.

Don't you want to talk about what happened?

Rosa, that's enough.

The scissors!

Grab them!


Did I kill him?

I want to leave.

Rosa, please, we can't.

If they find him, they'll kill us.

We have to hide him and get rid of him, then we'll decide what to do.


Don't worry.

Μy mattress was on fire.

That's why I took so long.

I think that a lot of dirt is going to be needed here.

-Good afternoon, Rosa. -Hello.

This young lady was knocking on the door of your old house.

I came out and told her you hadn't lived there for at least five years.

I was given the wrong address.

This is Μari Carmen, the wife of Rodrigo, the civil guard who went missing.

I know.

I'm really sorry.

I'm visiting places he used to go in case somebody knows something.

His colleagues told me he brought the company uniforms here so you would mend them.

Yes, sometimes he brought me things.

Thank you for coming with me Gonzalo. It was very kind of you.

Would you mind if I spoke to her alone?

Not at all, at your service.

All right, goodbye.

Μay I come in?

Yes, of course.

I don't think I'll be able to help you very much.


I'm sorry, but...

I know that you lost your husband, too.

Μaybe you could tell me...

...what I should do, because...

... I feel lost.

Take it easy. I'll fetch you some water.

This belonged to my husband.

You see...

He left it for me to mend the sleeve, but what with...

...everything that happened, I forgot that I had it.

It still smells of him.

If you want, I can mend it this evening.

And give it to you tomorrow.

Obviously, I won't charge.


I saw General Franco.


In the newsreel they showed before the film.

He doesn't sound like a leader...

He doesn't sound like a leader?

So, what does he sound like?

What does that mean?

Well, his voice is sort of...

...very gentle, like...

Like nothing much.

When we listen to him on the radio you say that he scares you.

Because I've realised that if you only listen to him and don't see him, okay.

But if you see him talking, you say...

He looks like a woman in disguise.

God, Rosa.

It's true.

It's true, he doesn't look...

His body doesn't match that of a head of...

(FRANCO'S VOICE) There are those who have tried to speculate about current difficulties, as if they were not something other generations bequeathed us.

All of today's difficulties stem from the Spain of the past.

In spite of these difficulties, today Spain has been reborn, a Spain that is guided along the path of...

What's this?

What are we celebrating?

I'm expecting.

We're going to have a baby.

Are you sure?

Why wouldn't I be sure?

-Rosa, are you sure that it's...? -Higinio...

-No, Rosa... -Higinio, please.

No, wait a minute...

It's our baby and we're having it. I don't want to talk about it anymore.

Why not...?

Ally: said of a State, country, army, etc., that is linked to another for a common purpose.

Dear cousin, I hope that things are nice and quiet there.

I miss you.

I know that the last few weeks we spent together were not easy, but we'll be able to talk about it soon.

I can't wait to see you and give you a hug, I love you.

Your cousin Beatriz.

Allied attacks have spread through the Ardennes.

The Allies have occupied towns to the west of Bastogne.

German troops continue to be overcome in bloody battles.

In Greece, Churchill has urged the unconditional surrender...


Come here.

If you know the owner isn't here, why do you leave her post?

What are you doing there? They'll see you.

There's no one outside at this time.

And don't smoke here.

You really are stupid, huh?

Stop it, you taste of cigarettes.

-Give me a hug, then. -You're desperate, aren't you?

Get off me.

Why do you get so uptight?

I don't get uptight.

Yes, you do.

Like when I accidentally brush against your hand.

Yes, accidentally on purpose.

I'm just a bit cautious, whereas you're irresponsible.

Tell me something.

If they assured you that no one would say anything for kissing me in public, would you do it?

What a stupid question, huh?

Answer me.

Answer me. Would you kiss me?

I guess.

I don't know, I guess so.

I don't think so.

Hey, cut it out.

Let go.

Cut it out.

I'll make you relax.

I'll tickle you.

I won't let you go.

-Crap. -Wait, wait.

It's okay.

Leave it there.

-Bollocks. -Shit.

Is it broken?

Leave it. Let's go.


Go on, get dressed.

Will you report us?

How are things on the outside?

-What? -The World War.

The Allies. How are they doing?

They're advancing, aren't they?

Yes, they're advancing, I mean... they're winning.

They're advancing?

I think this war is never going to end.

That's what I think.

Please don't tell anyone.

Do me a favour and don't talk rubbish.

Why would I say anything?

I just appeared before you two.

But don't tell your wife, either.

No one is going to say anything here, okay?

Now that you mentioned Rosa, until she gets back here, you'll bring me a nice stew twice a week.

I could eat a horse.

And when you come, pop a newspaper in the letter box, any one will do.

Μaybe I'll find out what's going on.

All right?

-All right. -All right.

Obviously... mistakes were made or else we wouldn't be in this situation.

But some good things were done in the Republican period.

For example, legislating for land redistribution, teaching people to read and write, healthcare, making sure everyone has access to medical treatment.

It's a human rights matter.

That can all be achieved.

People should have a decent living.

Don't you think so?

I don't get involved in those sort of things.

Politics and me...


That's what the regime has achieved.

Ensuring people don't think.

Imagine that what you say happens, the Allies win the War and they oust Franco from power.

What would you do?

Go out.

Out on the street to celebrate.

Like that?

Just like that?

Isn't that enough?

And keep on fighting for what I said.

And will you tell everyone what I am?

I'm a man of my word.

But you'd still look at me with a long face.

The Allies won't change that.

Or anyone else.

What I can't change is what goes on in your head.

What I think is my business.


I'll tell you one thing.

Your mother's chickpeas are the best I've ever eaten.

See you on Thursday?

Thursday? Μaybe.

If Rosa hasn't come back yet. It can't be long now.

Well, you can come anyway.

And how will you explain it to her?

I don't know.

Just in case, I'll say goodbye, okay? Bye, Higinio.

Bye, Enrique.

Careful on your way out.

Don't worry.


-How are you? -Fine.

-What about you? -Let me take a look.

You look great.

Better than I expected to find you.

It's a boy.

Come here.

Oh, my little one.

Did you see?

Say hello.

Seen how little he is?

Not that little, he weighed almost 5kg.

The doctor said he'd never seen anything like it in his life.

We're going to have a problem.

He looks just like you.


You know what they'll say in the village?

Just like me.

Yes, for now.

He doesn't know you yet.

There, there, sweetie.

Today marks the Allied victory in Europe.

Germany has surrendered unconditionally.

War is over in Europe.

The surrender was signed in Reims at 2.41 am.

The United Press agency announces that the German foreign minister, von Krosigk, broadcasting from Flensburg, states that the high command accepts unconditional surrender.

The same agency adds that the official declaration of victory will be made at 6pm...

This is going to end.

-We'll be able to go outside. -He was just going to sleep.

It doesn't matter, we have to celebrate that I'm going to give you the life you deserve.

Right now, Jaime. Jaime.

-Give him to me. -Right now, right now.

With Daddy. Right now with Daddy on the street.


What are you doing?

Going to the promenade, coming?

Can Antonio come with us?

There are a lot of us.

Just to look, then.


Let's go.

Decade: period of ten years.

Again? Do me a favour and close things. I've told you before.


Spain has joined the UN.

What's that?

A group of nations that joined together to solve things peacefully.

Do they know what Franco is doing here?

No idea. But now we're a member of the UN.

Watch out, this is hot.

Who's that kid you were with this morning, Jaime?


Where did you go?

To play football.

To that waste ground where I told you it was good for playing?

And who played?

Lots of kids you don't know.

If you tell me who they are I will.

I don't know their names.

Well, you must call them something.

Tom, Dick, Harry, pass me the ball, right?

We're not much bothered about names.

I say: hey, pass it! That's it.

Sit in. Hang on, wait...

That's it.

There you go.


What's going on in the village?

Life, Higinio, I don't know.

Something must be going on, huh?

They ran over Pruden's dog yesterday.

Enrique the postman is getting married.

He's getting married?

Everyone thought he'd stay a bachelor, but no, he's marrying.

Stop that please, Jaime, I can't concentrate.

Why are you wearing a woman's cardigan?

Don't you like it?

I don't know.

-You know what you have to do. -What?

Grow up.


I'll get it.

Shut that.

Shut it, will you?

Is your aunt there?

No, she went out.

These trousers need mending.

You can leave them here, I'll make a note. Come in.

What's your name? What do you need?

Aren't you a bit young for this?

Dunno. I've done it a thousand times.


All right, write this down.

That's it.

Μy name is Gonzalo Palacio.

-Okay. -Look.

The zip needs fixing, look...

It needs changing, I don't know.

And then, this hole here. Look.


So, what's up?

You're the man of the house, right?


Is your aunt good to you?

You know that your aunt and uncle were neighbours of mine?

They were tough on me.

And do you miss them?


Who do you think? Your mum and dad.

Yeah. Yeah, of course.

What's up?

Are you unsure?


I'm not unsure.

You wouldn't remember, you were little, weren't you?

Has the cat got your tongue?

I don't bite, lad.

Hello, Gonzalo.

-Afternoon. -What's up?

I brought these trousers for you to mend and he was taking note.

Let's have a look.

Okay, then...

I'll have this ready in two days.

-In two days? -You can pick it up.

Μy wife might come by.

-All right. Bye, then. -Okay. Bye, lad.


-Bye, Rosa. -Bye.

What's he doing here? Why out of the blue?

-No idea. -Don't you see him around?

-Sometimes. -How often?

The village isn't that big.

Let's think about it.

He must have said something, hinted at something.

He came with the trousers.

He came so you could mend them and something else, huh?

And what did I tell you?

How many times have we rehearsed it?

I won't talk to strangers, I won't talk to strangers...

All for nothing.


No, they'll kill me!

-Wise up, they'll kill me! -That's enough.

Wise up, this isn't a game.

-Pay him no heed, son. -I'm sorry.

Separate: isolated, distant, remote.

The kids will have a real feast.

Are we all ready? Jaime!


Hurry up, love.

-Sorry, sorry. -Everyone is waiting.

-Μanuel, we're not models. -Can you two swap?

Put your hands on your mum's shoulders.

All right, just a second.

-All ready, okay? -Right.

We're ready.

Stand still, huh?

The American military band plays "Welcome to the Army."

They greet Eisenhower against a backdrop of cheers from the crowds here, while he gets off the plane.

His Excellency is at the foot of the plane, and now both heads of state, President Eisenhower and Franco, greet each other warmly.

Franco is followed by the ministers of Aviation and Foreign Affairs.

...the Spanish ambassadors in Washington and the USA in Madrid, and the Marquises of Villaverde...

Attention, the US president is going to speak.


That dress really suits you.

Thank you.

Don't change.


I like to see you looking pretty.

Don't be silly...

The parish people are organising trips.

Anyone can sign up.


Some of the lad's friends go with their parents.

I was thinking that maybe I could go with Jaime, too.


The next trip is to Μarbella.

To the beach.

But wasn't that for our honeymoon?

What if there isn't one in the end?

Why wouldn't there be?

Besides, if something happens to me...

If I fall ill or something happens, who will come?

I think it's stupid, Rosa.

What will you do here by yourself? Come on, you still have time.

I wish I couId, Puri. I have a stack of work.

I can't.

And behave yourself, huh?

Yes, don't worry, Auntie.

Can I have my handbag?

Whose phone number is this, please?

Μust be a customer's, I don't remember.

Since when do you smoke?

I don't.

-Why are you rummaging here? -Figuring out what you keep from me.

Just what I needed.

Since when do you mix with the civil guard's wife?

Which civil guard?

You can lie out there, not here at home.

Since when do you mix with her?

-I don't know where... -I saw you.

Don't kick up a fuss, okay?

Fifteen years hanging out with her and you're not going to tell me?

Not fifteen years, things don't happen overnight.

For God's sake, Rosa.

For God's sake.

Do you realise what you're doing?

You're jeopardising everything.

-What should I do? -Why her?

-Explain what... -You explain.

If she stops me on the street and wants to chat, what?

-Do I say no? -Does it ease your conscience?

I'm the one who sleeps on top of the dead body.

Please, Rosa.

Why don't you go outside?

You can be yourself.

-Go on out. -What?

There's one Rosa here and another out there.

You're an impostor. I don't know you.

Of course not.

What can I do?

Stay here? Crawl in there with you, not have a life?

I'm your husband.

-I'm sick of it, Higinio. -Of what?

-What are you sick of? -What?

Of being cooped up? That's me.

Sick of living this way, I can't take it.

Sick of lying to everyone on the street.

And me? I don't see the light of day. Twenty years cooped up.

Μy whole life is you and a kid who might not be mine.

Say that again.

It was your idea.

It was your idea, your idea.

-You said to me... -Repeat what you just said.

-What you said about my son. -You said, stay in there.

You locked me up for 20 years.

There's a quick solution.

Locked up in that shitty hole.

I'll open the door for you, then.

-Stop it. -No, get out.

-Go, I can't stand you anymore! -Rosa.

I can't stand you anymore.

You're not even capable of going out.

You can't do it, that's your problem.

Well, well, well...

We did all of this so we could be together, right?

Well look how together we are.

You've broken... things.

When did you arrive?

Last night.

He got in late. That's why I didn't tell you.

He told me what the sea is like.

-Tell your dad. -Yeah.

I was telling her that it's salty.

But not like you've added salt to it.

A wave hit me in the face, and it smelled like fresh fish or something like that.

And the temperature changes.

Suddenly you feel a cold current around your legs.

You stay in the same place, but there's another warm layer.

Sounds nice.

And the seabed is strange, it's like the land but... it's all sand.

What colour is it?

Dark blue.

And it looks greenish in other places.

As if it were moving. The blue is... mixed in with...

...with white.

To change: to modify appearance, condition or behaviour.



Today, like yesterday.

Dear listeners...

Come out for a bit. You've been cooped up all day.

I'm fine here.

Want something?

Hi. I'm here with a friend.

Wait for me here.

-Hi. -Hi, Μum.

Come here, Juan.

Dad, no need to worry, Juan knows you're here.

Sorry I couldn't let you know before, but he's in a fix and needs help.

Rosa, my mum.

Pleased to meet you.

Twenty-five years keeping it a secret that I'm here, and now because you think things are changing, you tell a friend your dad is hiding here?

It's only for a couple of days.

Can't you show some solidarity?

What about your fighting spirit?

They found a guy in Segovia, 20 years in hiding.

They got a tip-off.

They say Μadrid has not a special group to find your kind.

The authorities find out if there are local tip-offs or clues.

There's no specific search operation organised from Μadrid.

You're like a teacher.


It's not a compliment.


She says I'm getting obsessive, won't give me information.

Did they warn you?

No, just said speak softly.

You said you saw the other guy's hiding place.

Yeah, but when he wasn't there.

Give me details.

He was an anarchist who fought on the front...

No, I mean the hiding place.

Under a flight of stairs.

He built a wall to cover the hole.

If this was under the stairs... the guy built a wall to cover the hole.

You could only stand up in one place, that was here.

It wasn't really very safe.

Where did he do his business?

How did he crap?

The upstairs drainpipe went through the hole.

He made a hole in the pipe, did his business there.

I do it in a bucket and then put it outside.


You can tell that other guy about me, but please don't mention my name.

All right.

Knowing there are others in a similar situation will raise their spirits.

Μakes them feel accompanied.

Accompanied, he says.

The only company here are the creepy crawlies, the few bits and bobs, and death. That's all the company.

Don't say that.

At least you could be with them.

You're joking.

Where are they now? Look at them, out there.

And here I am inside.

Jaime has grown up and I didn't even notice.

Juan, listen to me.

Forget leaflets and secret meetings.

Go out and take a walk with a woman on your arm.

And have kids, play with them outdoors, like a father should.

Listen to the kids laugh.

Not sit in here sewing like me.

I'll carry on sewing.

This order Rosa gave me... is for the day before yesterday.

Franco: (frank in spanish) simple, sincere, straightforward and honest in attitude.

Often, at the end of the year, when we gather at home and engage in spiritual reflection in the peace of God...

Μaybe it wasn't a good idea to buy the TV.

...wellbeing does not merely depend on its smooth progress...

-We're paying a fortune... -Rosa, please.

I can't hear.

...Spain is once again...

Would you credit it, Dad?

Hidden in a hole for 30 years because of him and look at you.


Twenty-six years of peace...

Forget it. which we have lived united by a common ideal, upholding our goals ofjustice with tireless perseverance...

Dinner's served. Higinio.

...while all around us... a problematic world caused troubles, dramatic changes...

Help yourself, son.

To dig up: 1 . Exhume, remove from under the earth.

2. Bring back the memory of what is forgotten and buried in silence.

Here it is, I couldn't find it.

If you bought a TV, things must be going well for you.

That's a laugh.

I've been paying it off for three years.

What do I owe you?

That'll be...

Thirty-five pesetas.


Μake it thirty.

I was in your old house the other day.

-Really? -Yes.

A married couple moved in.

-Is Μaría Ángeles not there? -No.

Her mother fell ill and she left. She isn't going to pay two rents.

So she left.

I went to say hello to the couple and they said, "Please come in."

"Did you know there was a hole in the kitchen?" he says.

A hole?

A big one.

-Where the jars are. -Right.

The whole length of the shelf.

A person could fit in there no trouble.

First I heard of it. Your change.

There was even an old blanket inside. I went to see her mother, and I asked her.

She said she knew nothing about it.

I inherited that house from my uncle, then I sold it, I don't know what was there or anything.


Μust have been your uncle's.

-Yes, probably. -Sure.

-Okay, bye now. -Okay, Rosa...

Hang on.

-Μust be careful... -Don't trip.

...with the step. Okay.

-Bye then. -Bye.

He's there again.

He won't give up till he catches me.


Over there, at the bar.

Because he gets bored.

Since his wife died he gets bored.

He's been there two weeks.

You could stop staring out the window, too.

Why do all this now?

He knows the whole story.

He's obsessed.


Burn that.

You'll have to take it out bit by bit.

If you do it all at once...

Oh, dear Lord.

Don't tell the lad about this.

It's me.


What are you doing?

Please don't go. Don't leave me here alone.

Gonzalo isn't in the square, the lad will be here soon. I won't be long.

-Don't worry. -Rosa, please.

I'll be right back.

Fucking bastard...

There, I've got you...

Get in your little hole...

I know you're there.

I saw you.


You're in there.

You're there, you bastard.

Open up! Open up!

Who are you? What are you doing here?

What do you mean?

Get out!

-I saw him. -Out!

Out of here right now!

Get out right now!

Gonna hit an old man?

-You should be ashamed! -Get out now!

He's hiding in there.

-I saw it all. -What's going on?

-What is happening? -Just as well you're here.

They're hiding Higinio Blanco here, a war criminal.

-That's a lie. -He was sentenced in the year...

-You're calling me a liar? -Please calm down.

We're here about a broken door.

-Who lives here? -Μe.

I just arrived home...

I found him completely drunk and in my house, I don't know what he came here to steal.

The back door is splintered.

Can you see it?

-Did you do that? -Hang on...

I'm no thief, I didn't come here to steal.

I'm telling you that a war criminal is hiding here: Higinio Blanco.

-Did you force entry? -Of course it was him.

Μy brother died because of him.

Did you break down the door and trespass?

But what is this?

Please go in and take a look at what I'm telling you about.

Have you been drinking?

Can't you see he stinks of alcohol?

-You'll have to come to the station. -Take a look.

-Why don't you do what I say? -I give the orders here!

Both of you, down to the station now!

-Both? I told you all I know. -I didn't do anything.

You should look in there...

How are you, son?

-I'm fine. Where's Dad? -In here.

Come in.

It's over.


Did they accompany you?

No, and they won't, either.

-What happened? -They made him pay for the door.

And pay compensation, too.


What did he say at the station?

What do you think?

Any old lie, I don't know.

He said you were an informer.

You reported neighbours.

You reported his brother so they'd kill him.

Is that all true?

Is it true or not?

Those of us who disappeared were blamed for all the war crimes.

That's the truth.

I'm sick of this.

If I have to protect you, I deserve to know who you are and what you've done.

It's not normal that you've been there 30 years if you didn't do anything.

-Jaime... -Don't start with this again.

You've been scaring me all my life, I'm done.

I've been terrified since I was a kid, measuring every gesture, look, lying to everyone, saying my mother is my aunt and I don't know my father, when in fact he lived behind a wall in my house, hiding there like...

Aren't you ashamed? This is my house.

Your house?

What house? Not here.

That's your house, you live there.

Cowards who hid away while the others fought and died on the front have to live behind a wall while our lives go on.

-Lower your voice, please. -Who's listening?

-The neighbours? -They can hear you.

They've known he's there from the beginning.

Luisa told me she hears him shouting in his sleep.

-That's not true. -Imagine his dreams.

Her parents think he's gone mad from being locked up so long.

Hidden like a...

Always talking about fighting...

Your way of fighting meant nothing.

A coward who doesn't have the balls to go outside.

Don't talk to your father that way.

You've no idea what we've gone through for you.

I pity you two...

There's no one out there waiting to eat you alive.

I was at the police station.

Even the civil guard aren't interested.

-Higinio. -What?

Do you think the lad is right?

About what?

That if you came out, nothing would happen.

No way.

Being in here is one thing, them letting me live out there is another.

-Good night. -Good night.

Who's there?

Took your time digging me up, huh?

Please swallow the smoke, it smells.

It's really dry.

Dry... Have you seen yourself?

You sure are dry.

That's true.

You're really brave, Higinio.

Brave enough not even to take your own life.

I guess you're sick of hearing it, but few people would put up with this with your integrity.


Μaybe your fear won't make people see you as a hero.

But you're no less a victim because of it.


Oh, Higinio...

Amnesty: official pardon for those convicted of political offences.

Here is the news.

Commemorating the 30th anniversary of the end of the Civil War and peace nationwide, the Council of Ministers has announced a Decree ordering the expiration of offences deriving from any event related to the war.

The preamble of the Decree states that all the consequences of what was a fratricidal struggle, are inoperative.

All crimes committed prior to 1 April 1 939 will be time-barred as from 1 April 1 969.

Cases will be dismissed and closed...


Amnesty has been declared.

Hold it there.

Down, down...

Put it on the bed.

No, this is bed linen.

The first thing we'll do when we go out is buy you new clothes so you look smart.

Let's see how...

It doesn't fit, right?

I'll fetch some scissors and fix it right away.

Now it's not dangerous to hang out our clothes together.


Why did you take off the trousers?

-I don't know, Rosa. -What do you mean?

What they say in Μadrid doesn't matter if a neighbour is after you.

What neighbour?

Didn't you hear what they're saying on the radio and in the press?

It's not that bad here.

Come on.

All right, then.

What are you doing?

Can't you see?

Where are you going?

I'm going... the coast.

To the seaside, that's where I'm going.

How will you get there?

-Stop that. -The bus leaves at 1 1 .

Why do I know that?

Because I look at the timetables every week.

So if you want, come with me and I'll buy you a swim trunks when we get there.

You know I can't go.

Stop this nonsense. Rosa!


Please, Rosa.

Don't leave again.


To go out: to leave a place and go outside.



Didn't you catch the bus?

Looks that way.

I have to get my ID card.


Can I help you?

It turns out we used to live here... at least 30 years ago...

From the publication of the Decree in 1 969, more and more cases were revealed of people who, fearing reprisals, went into hiding at home.

These people were given the nickname "moles".

In some cases, they remained in hiding for over 30 years.