The Etruscan Smile (2018) Script

(Happy music)


(Laughter, music)

(Folk music)


(Gaelic) Hopefully they are not on your ferry tomorrow morning.

(Gaelic) I heard the whiskey in America tastes like piss.

(Gaelic) This is hopefully your last glass.

Oh, stop it, MacNeil.

Everyone knows that you have something bad.

And if you go on the ferry tomorrow, then this is a goodbye forever.

Do not worry, I'm pissing on Christmas on the flowers on your grave.

(shouting) A round for everyone here. Go on me!

Tonight we celebrate the demise of Rory MacNeil, that will die, far, far away.

Like a mutt lying down in a hole creeps to die.

Give him back. Get him, you cripple!

(Gaelic) We are not finished yet.

(Gaelic) Piss off and get away, Campbell!

(Gaelic) After you.

(Gaelic) You old sack.

(moans silently)


(weak) Fraser.

(Man) I give you a few for the journey with.

But then you have to go to a doctor.

But I have you for that. You will not get anything from me anymore.

These tablets are really only for horses.

I am a veterinarian, heaven, ass!

Oh, you know, I'm an old horse on the way to the finish line.

A goal that you will never reach, if you do not get on the plane and get you help.

If you want to live longer as Campbell, then stop me.

I should just cut the bastard off.

Then there would be no reason to fly to America.

Do not start again.

I'm not going to fly there.

Dad! Dad, hey!

(Man) Do you need a taxi?

Need a taxi? Hm?

Do you understand me? Shall I drive you to the city?

Yes. I take your suitcase.

All right. It's this way.

(they giggle) The guy really has nerves.

Rory? Rory!

Ian. Where do you want to go?

You were not there.

Give my father his suitcase. Is that your son?

(Ian) Let's go. I'm standing in the parking garage.

By the lights you do not see the stars.

What are you saying? Nothing at all.

I only admire your city.

Oh, I have something for you.

(Rory) Do you remember how much you liked to ride back then?

On the horses of Donovan's yard. Yes.

I mean, I thought that was great.

Maybe we just give it to Jamie. Whom?

Jamie, our baby. Oh yes. How is the little girl doing?

Jamie is a boy. Oh, of course.

How could you? break away from your island?

As I said, it was time to see you.


You can not smoke here. This is a smoke-free zone.

Smokeless what?

Smoking is deadly. Do not you know that in Vallasay yet?

Life is deadly.

There we are.

I take the stairs. Where is the? There around the corner.

A man should always walk can go to his house.

We live on the 19th floor, Dad.

Or mostly.

Em's father knows someone from the housing company, otherwise they would never have accepted us.


That's how it works with this type of apartment.

(Emily) Let's fidget her. Thank you. See you.

(softly) We are happy to finally have you here.

Why are you whispering? I've just put Jamie to sleep.

He has such a light sleep.

You sure want to see him, but can we do that tomorrow?

Oh, uh ... yes.

Great, the tenth month is crucial for the development a healthy sleep rhythm.

(Cellphone rings)

Oh, I have a telco in two minutes.

Oh, Ian, Frida has the guest bed not got it.

I do that. No problem. Thank you.

Again, we are so happy that you are here, Dad.


(whispers) Why does she call me dad?

That's the way it is in America. Come on, I'll show you your room.

Emily's dad has a VIP box. You should come along, it's really cool.


So Emily ... Is she still working in the hospital?

No not more. She now has her own company.


Dr. Fraser, do you still know? Clear.

I promised him to have me examined here.

Is everything ok? Yes, just Zipperlein.

The back sometimes tweaks. That's all.

I just want the spinner to stop, hell to hell with me.

I have to reassure him, you know?

Yes, we can organize that. Oh, that would be great.

The bathroom is down the hall. I'll see you tomorrow morning.

Um, Ian ...

I am glad to see you.


(Jamie cries)


(Sighs) I'll go see him for a moment.

Maybe he has something. No, Ian.

You know what the sleep coach says. All right.

"He needs the feeling of success, to fall asleep myself. "


(Jamie cries)

(Ian) He is not here for us.

What? We do not give Dad a shit.

He did not care if he saw Jamie.

He just did not want to wake him up. I thought that was pretty considerate.

Considerate? Where was he when Jamie was born?

He did not reply to any message and bought him no present or sent a card.

Why did he come here then? He needs a doctor's appointment.


I have the man not seen for 15 years.

Now he gives the couch surfers and wants a free check-up.

Do not think so bad of him.

He not only makes the long journey, to go to the doctor.

(Jamie cries)


You have a strong lung, my little one.

I have to let you do that.

(Ian) My idea was: no plates.

They are racking their brains how to eat it.

(laughing) Yes.

(Ian laughs) I know.


Wait for me with the centrifuge, yes?

I am on the way.

No breakfast? (Ian) That's the breakfast.

Are you going to the lab? The kitchen.

I'm sous chef in the White River. Did not you study chemistry?

I have ... myself specializing in molecular gastronomy.

How did you sleep? Like your baby.

We're doing sleep training with him.

So Emily is not breastfeeding? no.

She wanted it, but ...

But she has breasts, right? Dad.

Tomorrow. There you are, Dad.

I hope you slept well.

Um ... I have an appointment made for you by a doctor.

Is okay tomorrow morning?

Oh, oh, Ian told you.

It is nothing serious.

(softly) Jamie is starving. (indignant) Yes, yes!

(Emily) honey ...

(Ian) Here. (Emily) Morning, sweetheart. OK then.

Look, who's there.

Yes, your grandfather is visiting.

Grandpa wants to meet you. I have to go.

(softly) Come on, sweetheart. Great. Here.

You are doing well.

(Cellphone rings)

Do you want to hold him? Then I can answer.

I'm late, and they keep calling.

Great, you already have it. Do you see? Yes I...

Oops ... Hello? No, he has to go to the other one.

I agree. No, all right, sweetheart. No, not you.

I have to let you wait shortly.

That works. Good.

(Emily) Frida, take care around the two?


(Rory) Here. (Jamie cries)

Everything okay, mi amor. Come on, my darling. Come over.

It's your beard. He is afraid.


Please, Señor, do not take out. I did not want that at all.

Hey, honey.

Why can not I take him out? After all, he is my grandson.

He has to work. Babies do not work.

Emily says he does not crawl enough. He has to work out.

(Squeak) Come over.

He has to learn to be autonomous. nonsense.

(Squeak) (Frida) Well done.

Emily read that.

(Vacuum cleaner is switched on)

(Jamie cries)

Oh, now. Be a man. Be a man!

(Jamie cries loudly) Heaven, ass again.

(Honking, ringing)

There is only one way through enemy territory.

(shouts) Ah!

(Man) Are you crazy?

(Mrs.) Please, very much.

How are you today?

Give me the bloodiest, what they have.



Also something? Hm? Are you man enough?



Oh yeah. Good?

(Rory laughs loudly)

A real MacNeil!

(Rory coughs)

(Door falls into the lock)

Dad? Dad, where have you been? I searched for you for two hours.

We were worried. We went for a walk.

You can not just disappear with him.

You did not even have food with you. He got something.

Are you not hungry?

You are allowed the two but do not leave alone.

Is she my keeper? I am his grandfather!

Be glad if Emily does not like you puts on the first plane.

(Gaelic) So you have the pants on here?

You can talk Gaelic at home. Then just universal:

Out! So I can not pee!

You do not know what was going on here. Okay. Let me fix it.

Good luck.

Ridiculous, he always shaves, if he wants to impress a woman.

I am ready. You can make me a pig.

Let's sit down.

Did you Have a nice afternoon with Jamie?

Oh, wonderful.

You know, you have us all a little nervous.


I would like to apologize.

You are certainly overwhelmed, dead tired.

We do not pay attention to you to deliver what you needed.

Or, Ian? What?

(softly) That's a joke.

I apologize and hope you are not hurt.

Oh, not. I accept the apology.

Nice. And...

I have something for you, to improve our communication.

Oh. Yes.

I also allowed myself to enter you in Jamie's calendar.

"2 pm: Super fun with Grandpa."

Great, then everything is clear.

I'm saying Jamie good night now. There is something that stands out to me.

Jamie has his own room.

Why does not he sleep with you, as we have always thought?

There is new evidence according to which to build a healthy connection, important for a baby to learn ...

... to be autonomous.


To be autonomous.

(Jamie cries)

I can not stand this anymore. I go there.

Ian, please be good.

Do you see? As the book says.

(Rory) Your seanair is here.

Do you know what Seanair means? This is Gaelic for grandfather.

(Ian) Emily has all the levers set in motion.

This is a great hospital. One of the best in the world.

Alas, Americans always hold each other for the best.

You need good hospitals, because they eat shit and breathe in polluted air.

Do not say that at the gala. Is the truth.

They do not like here when you say what you think.

If I say what i really think ...


(Woman) So, that's it.

How bad is it? Well ...

We must Evaluate your scans and samples.

This will take a few days.

But as far as I can tell, you have the heart of a 50 year old.

Ha! I wish, Campbell could hear that.

Is he your son? No, worse.

(Rory reads) "I hope he fits. Taxi comes at seven. "


May I help you. Cheers.

What can I offer you? There are molecular specialties.

"Love in the asylum", "Blood on the tracks", "Smoke gets in your eyes" ...

Give me something, that burns really nice.



Interchangeability ... It bores me.

The mystery of my youth ... Everything gone.

There is nothing left, what you can puzzle about.

Is that the same with you?

Where I come from, is a woman a woman.

She does not have to prove it.

Here you go. Thank you.

- Slainte. As well.

What's this? "Smoke gets in your eyes".

The burning that you wanted. Smoke burns your balls away.

I thought I liked you.

Oh yes? Yes.

Dad. Honey, you look great.

Thank you. Are you impossible again? no.

How are you both? can you only find yourself here?

By exclusion. (Ring)

This is a clan tartan, right?

Oh yes, these colors are already in our family for over 200 years.

He is beautiful. This peps up the event. Looks good on you.

You should try Ian's food.

That's really an experience.

Um ... yes.

I'll come back later. Okay.

Get it done. Thank you.

We would do anything for her, right? For whom?

Our children.

Oh yeah. Yes, that may be true.

(Emily) Are you ready? Are you coming up?

It will never be the way I want it to be.


Honestly. I'm very proud of you.

I mean, look at this. That's all you and your vision.

Enjoy it, Ian.

Even your dad knows how brilliantly you cook.

My dad?

Did he say that? Why do not you ask him yourself?

The stuff is just heavenly. Aha.

(Reporter) And one says that of San Francisco's famous gourmets.

Hm ... Oh! I did not expect. I thought that was an egg.

That's just molecular gastronomy.

My son does these things?

Yes, lately ... I'll show you.

Oh God. All good?

Look, who I could lure out of the kitchen.

Amazing work. We are very impressed.

The tuxedo pants did not fit?

A man without a kilt is not a real man.

You should know that.

I ask for your attention for a toast.

It is a great privilege to stand at this reception, my daughter designed with taste and elegance.

Dad. Let me break a lance for you.

Otherwise you always praise the others.

Your mom. How gladly she would have experienced you like this.

As for my son-in-law, Ian, I just want to say We are all totally amazed about your brave and unexpected metamorphosis from chemist to cook.

So stop the sous-chef nonsense.

From now on, Ian will to wear the chef's hat.

In the own restaurant. I made the down payment.

Did not you? Oh but.

(Emily's Dad) Cheers.

I arranged a meeting with Jeff Stradlow.

He is the best. He takes care of the business.

You just walk in there and do your thing.

(Emily) That's it a crazy surprise.

We had no idea.

Exciting, right? I do not know what to say.

All right. He wants to say thank you.

Of course, sorry. Thank you, thank you.

Let me hug you, go ahead.

We are now partners. Come here. My boy.

Dad, on your next visit are you a guest in my restaurant?

(Gaelic) Taming a horse best, by shooting his balls away.

Excuse me.

(Emily's dad) What did he say?

My Gaelic is not special. I have to go back to the kitchen.

(Man, away) They talk to us.

(Wife) If I'm here, then I experience the essentials.

(Man) I have something very similar seen in New York.

Oh, please do not touch!

I did not think anything of it. Oh please. terracotta is a very sensitive material.

It's a miracle, that they survived at all.

What a smile.

Looks, like they have a lot of fun.

It is a sarcophagus.

So have the Etruscans presented her dead.

They do not look dead. Can not you die smiling?

I never spoke to a man before who wears a kilt.

Ah, that will not happen especially good in San Francisco.

Yes, it's a good look.

Like yours. Better than the ladies back there.

Huge fake tits, due to her wrong smile.

If you know, what I mean.

Do you come here more often? I work here.

Then maybe I will come again. During the day.

Should you too. We offer tours.

Good night. Good night.

Do not touch. Do not worry.

(Man) That's one the three largest natural harbors in the world.

And that in the city center. Over there is Treasure Island.

Until 2008, it was a military base ...

(quiet flute melody)

(Rory sings a Gaelic song)

(Door bell)

Are you Ian MacNeil? Yes.

Is that your father? What did he do?

(laughing) Armed robbery.

He obviously is not from here. I'll let him go through it again.

Explain to him, we allow no nude bathing in public places.

Thank you, we appreciate that. (Policeman) Good night.

Thanks, Officer. It was a great evening. I was pleased, sir.

A very nice man.

Phone for you, senor.

For me? Sí.

Who could it be?

Nobody knows that I am here.


Fraser, you old sack!

What you do not say.

Frida! Campbell ... liver failure!

(happy) Oh, good.


He dies.

Yes! He dies first.

My little.

And then I go back to Vallasay. And you come with me.

You get meat and whiskey, like a real man.


Tonight is celebrated.

Is that Moms stew? My stew.

Do not you remember?

I always cooked it on special occasions.

That was you? Yes.

What's that? Dad cooked a feast for us.

Sit down and clean.

Caution! Hot.

(whispers) Do you see? He opens up. Try it. It's his recipe.

That's really delicious. Yes.

(Ian) I know the knife.

Yes, it should be yours but you did not want it.

I wanted it, but it was too small. Too scared.

Well, now I am old enough.

Now it gets Jamie. I pick it up until it's older.

That's really delicious. Well, wait for the blood sausage.

It's not black pudding, but it comes close.

You do not have to, I do not like it either.

As a little kid were you crazy about it.

I do not like that.

Oh come on, son. Celebrate with me, huh?

I never felt better.

I also say, stop with the doctors. What do you mean by that?

The old plague will die first.

Campbell? Yes, I found out this morning.

From Fraser. We owe your visit to Campbell?

Mm. Who is Campbell?

What is it this time? Who of you first bites into the grass?


You will never change. Mom was right.

It would be up to you, would never change anything in the world.

To change? What for?

By the way, we celebrate a dying man.

So, I was hoping we celebrate your new restaurant.

Yes me too. Nice stupid.

No, all this is for Alistair Campbell, who is dying.


My dad has been his whole life just waiting for it.

He poisoned your dog. Nobody knows that exactly!

(whispering) Jamie!

I'll tell you something about my dad.

When we got my dog ​​Angus Found dead, I wanted to bury him.

(angry) But no, you let him rot!

The decayed carcass He put Campbell outside the door.

Why did you do that? In Vallasay this is called a feud.

I did not start that.

Of course not. Just by chance you slipped in there.

You are the innocent heir a rivalry, not a MacNeil or Campbell settled since 1764, as Muriel MacNeil her engagement with Lachlan Campbell dissolved.

Muriel glanced briefly at Campbell's kilt and she did not like what she saw.

Then the Campbells castrated the cattle of MacNeils.

That could be the MacNeils do not go unpunished.

I am glad that you still know that.

He always had better things to do, to help as his father.

I was for you always just "the little coward".

Then he left Vallasay. He was probably too good for us.

(upset) I did not run away! I had a scholarship in Berkeley!

I would have been my life to play your games?

(Gaelic) Little coward.

It was not the scholarship. That's why you are not gone.

You're right.

I did not want to leave Vallasay, but of you.

Yes, yes, exactly.

And now you are one of those.

Spoiled. Spoiled.

Your son should learn to be autonomous.

You are still the little snot, who plays with her chemistry kit.

(loudly) It's too late show you what a man is!

(Door falls into the lock)

Here lead the blind the blind, my boy.

And for those are the stars Invisible in San Francisco.

You're lucky.

Now I am here and show you the way.

(gentle clinking)

Oh, you have never seen such a beautiful sky like the sky of Vallasay.

The old plague just enjoys it, but soon he is gone.

And then, my boy, become you and me look at the stars together there.

(Man) Basically you are in excellent condition for your age.

Apart from the occasion, who brings you here.

Unfortunately, one can not say it gently.

Your PET and CT scans confirm that you have prostate cancer to suffer in the fourth stage.

How many stadiums are there? Four.

It is medically correct a metastatic prostate carcinoma.

Is it so far advanced Chemotherapy is not recommended.

In these cases, we prescribe Oxycodone for bone pain.

In addition a hormone therapy.

You need one syringe a week.

Sir, did you understand that? We have a long time left?

Hard to say. I'm careful with predictions.

I could guess at best. Then guess.

I would rather not. One week? A month? A year?

So less than a year.

There are so many variables. Your health is good.

Simply a number. What is so difficult?

Okay thanks. No wait.

I am not ready yet.

May i ask you something? Yes of course.

How fast does one die of liver cirrhosis?

Someone my age. He has five years and goes on the stick.

Has been yellow in the face for months. It is said that his liver would fail.

Do you seriously expect an answer?

Hm. Exactly how I thought.

They are really useless.

(Jamie and Rory laugh) (Rory) There, exactly.

(Door is unlocked) (Rory) Oh.

What did you do?

What do you think? Emily says I should come immediately.

Again. Every day the marmot greets.

The doctor is just an idiot. You were at the doctor again?

Yes, I have cancer, fourth stage. Whatever that means.

Wait a moment... What exactly did he say?

He said nothing.

He could not say a clear sentence when it comes to his life.

But he talked about cancer? Yes.

Oh, I'm fine, Ian. Do not make such a fuss about me.

We have our super fun appointment with Grandpa and we have something in mind.

Oh yes, we have, Jamie-Boy.

Excuse me. Everything okay?

Watch where you're going.



(Woman) What's going on?

Jamie ... shit!

You stupid old man!

Good gracious.

Oh, hey. This is my grandson. You again?

Yes. You do not leave a baby alone.

I lost my head. I was robbed like a tourist.

Do you prefer to run after your money? You are lucky that I was here.

What would I have done? That's still so new for me.

I think he likes you. He starts to play.

You can have it back.

Come here. How good that you are alive and well.

Hale and hearty, yes, yes ... Oh, you go again?

The babysitter service is over. I have to get to work.

But we come only for your sake. They promised us a tour.

Claudia ... Rory MacNeil, by the way. And this is Jamie MacNeil.

But our tours are mornings, and I am not responsible.

Come on, kid.

I believe, we still have work to do.

Why are they always so ugly? There...

Wait, you are seriously interested or do you want to turn me on?

Of course I'm interested.

For Romans, it showed character strength, to show the traces of life.

These scars and the wrinkles were a symbol of experience.

What they do not say.


(moans silently)

Mr. MacNeil? What is it?

I feel a bit shaky.

(Claudia) Are we calling the ambulance? (man) I do not know.

(Claudia) Are you feeling better, Rory?

(Man) Everything alright?

(Gaelic) I'm still alive, son of a bitch.

What? I think that was Gaelic.

Has something ever happened to you? What can I say?

I probably have it yesterday exaggerated with the whiskey.

If you excuse the question: Did you speak Gaelic?

Yes, why are you asking?

I'm working on a study, about languages ​​that have become rare.

Hm. They would love you.

There is also money for it. I do not need one.

It's not about the money, but for future generations.


I do it.

If you come with me.

Is that supposed to be a rendezvous? Not at all.

This is not a rendezvous. You heard him.

It's about future generations. Or is not it, Jamie?

(soft clinking)

You do not know yet how that feels like loving a woman.

But someday, Jamie, someday ...

Oh, it's not time to die yet, Do you know when the stars just good for you.

Oh ... he coughed.

I just wanted to see him for a moment. Yes, I wanted too.


Good night.

Good night, Dad.

You may suffer on treatment days nausea or pain.

Do not be afraid to tell us.

Anxiety? In pain?

I believe, You do not know much about us Scots.

Rest at home.

Dad? Dad?

Hey. What are you doing here?

I wanted to pick you up. I should call, if what is.

How do you do that without this? I do not need anything.

Hop in. You have to be tired. But I have something else to do.

(Man) Basically, it's easy.

Do you speak so gaelic, as you do in everyday life.

Do not try, Textbook Gaelic to speak.

What interests us is the special dialect Gaelic in the Hebrides.

Well, what should I say best?

Just what you want.

Imagine you had a rendezvous with a beautiful woman.


(Gaelic) My name is Rory MacNeil. Your beautiful smile.

It's the most beautiful thing I've ever had seen in this country.

And I like your full breasts.

My head wants to rest there forever.

I can promise you that I am a devil in bed.

You can count on me.

I'm honest and diongmhalt.

So I understood the part, how beautiful you find her breasts and as you say, to be a demon in bed.

A devil. Yes.

Diongmhalt ... I have not understood in this context.

I do not know that. I only know it as stubborn.

That does not mean it at all.

Diongmhalt means you does not retreat in battle.

No matter what happens. Ah, more such a commitment.

You have many words for all kinds of crap, but not for that, which is really important.

Dionmium is diongmhalt.

Diongmhalt . Am I pronouncing it right?

Yes. - Diongmhalt . A great language.

(they speak Gaelic)

That means what should happen will happen too.

(she speaks Gaelic)

They sound soon like a true Scottish woman.

Come to Vallasay. They take that from you.

What would a woman like me be? to do in such a place?

I belong in the city. You can do a lot in Vallasay as well.

Oh yes? For example? Oh, well ...

So I go swimming. Every morning right in front of my house.

You should see the sea. So fresh and tingling.

When I come out, I am as awake as a tiger.

In the evening I go to the pub and have fun with my friends.

That sounds pretty idyllic.

What? Nothing.

You know, there is a sea here as well.

San Francisco is a beautiful city if you get involved with them.

Maybe I will.

If a beautiful woman like you she shows me.



Sí, Señora. diapers size 4 are too tight.

Get hold of size 5. Sí, Señora.

Now it's time ...

Do you see, with a little practice that works.

No baby talk. Sí, Señora.

Best in narrative form: "I cut vegetables for the soup."

Or: "I fill out a form." Sí, Señora.

Where is my bag? I'll get her.


Oh, who is that? Jamie, my darling.

Mom has to go on business trip.

But only for two days, okay?

You are nice to Frida and Grandpa?

(Jamie) sí. Sí.

He said yes! Yes, you said yes.


Oh my dear.

I'm sorry that I have to go, where you learn to speak.

Do not say a single word, until mom is back, okay?

I have to go. I'm so sorry.

I'll be back in a few days.

Go on, huh?

Tell Seanair. Seanair.

On the day you say it, Do you make me immortal?


Rory, I'll be ready soon. Then I'll come down.

You are from North Korea, yes?

I asked a friend how it is there. He said, "Can not complain."


What's your name? Rory.

What kind of name is that? Are you Scottish?

Yes, and I am proud of it.

(imitating bagpipe music)

Short history of Scotland. Prehistoric Sheep: "Mow."

We carry kilts for them do not hear the zipper, if we pull ourselves from behind.

How was I? Pretty good.

That's what I like about Scots:

So drunk that they laugh at everything.

If I were drunk, I would join in.

What has lured you away from your rock here in the middle of the Atlantic?

Do you want to steal our women or are you here for it to drive with a pretty Maiden?

End-stage cancer.

When did you find out? Um, a while ago.

Shortly after we met.

Why did not you say it?

I understand if you are not with one dying man want to be together.

That was not the question.

I wish, that you trust me and you are open.

But it has nothing to do with you.

Jamie started talking.

That's great. Yes, he said "sí".

That's Spanish for "yes". A genius, right?

I can not judge. I have no kids.

Do you know what, I ... I do not feel like it.

What do you think? I am tired.

It ... It has nothing to do with you.

Good night, Rory.

(Ian) I want with a steak do not make a statement.

I just want to protect your interests. That's why they got me on board.

Look, only the material use for "Tasting the Beach".

"Walking the Beach." "Walking the Beach."

This is beyond our budget, before ...

Do not mind me. I just have to go through here.

So it works in the White River.

Fully booked for a year in advance.

Ian, you do not have a cooking show on TV ... not yet.

As a cook you give to the people not just what they want.

You have to interest her for new things. I'm all yours.

We stay in dialogue, until we are on a line.

To the future.

(Ian's partner) Good. I'll send you the contracts tomorrow.

(Door is closed)

I warned you. Leave me alone, dad.

It's best to just drink one.

Well then, pour.

(Gaelic) One drink a day ...

(Gaelic) And you never have to go to the doctor.

You have your Gaelic but not completely forgotten.

I've heard that many times, I can do that in my sleep.

That's the only thing which reminds me here of Vallasay.

What do you think of my food, dad?

Well, son ...

When I bite into something, I do not expect it to bite back.

You hate it. I do not say that.

I am a simple man with a simple taste.

What the hell? You never understood what I'm doing.

I'm not a hypocrite like Emily's father.

He spits it out, then he crawls in your ass.

Do not go for Frank ... Ian.

Life is too short, to give a fart what an old fool like me or such an inflated ass how to keep Frank from your food.

Do what you love as long as you can, before you stand with one foot in the grave and it is too late.

Dad ... Drink up, my boy.

(Jamie babbles)

Bold guy, that's good.

That's good. Great.

You can do it. Very good.

Come here ... Oh!

Oh, you're fine.

Listen, this will remain our secret.

We do not tell a soul.

Oh, dear boy.

Oh yes, come here. Cuddle up to Grandpa.

(Ian) Dad, look!

What are you doing here? Take the shit thing away!

Look with your eyes.

Come here, come here.


Come here, big one.

Just look at you. You are a champion.

How does he get out of bed? No idea, I slept.

You slept here?

None of us slept in his own bed.

They speak very well on the treatment.

That you are still active at this stage and lead a normal life, borders on a miracle.

You have not said how long.

They want to beat the other guy. How is he?

Great, great ... He's almost dead.

But that's not the point.

Do you have grandchildren? Oh yes, I have.

These two rascals here.

I really would like to hear as my grandson says to me seanair .

Two months, maybe three.

That should be enough.

Does that work otherwise?

What works? If you apologize with flowers.

Oh, I do not know. This is my first try.

More precisely, when I think about it...

I do not think I ever apologized to a woman.

You know, Rory, I like you, very much.

But I do not think that's going to happen.

If we had met earlier, at another time, 30 years ago...

Actually, I'm looking for the moment no relationship at all.

And you...

I'm dying.

I know.

I should have told you about cancer. I'm sorry.

Well ...

I have three months left. In the best case.

But that's me, unadulterated.

Full of wrinkles and scars, like your Roman friends.

It's too late for fun, but ...

I really would like to have you with me in my life.

In what I still have.

You do not have to answer right away.

I'll get those stupid flowers first put in here.

And then I'm already gone. They're not dumb.

(Quiet music)

(you do not hear what they say)

Now you know my secret.

(Ian) I know that you understand what I am about.

But Jeff is interested neither for me nor for my visions.

I have something planned for Jamie's birthday.

Only the best for the boy. The same is true for you.

Jeff knows exactly what he's doing. That's why I chose him.

I'm not putting your judgment in question.

We should only find a partner who has the same inspiration as me.

When I invest in art, I buy a picture, that I hang up and resell with profit.

Nothing that turns into shit and then ends up in the bathroom.

You really do not like my food. To like?

What does that mean? Do you know what I like?

Dignity, tact, style.

Can you do something with that?

It hurts to see as you forever vicarious agent want to be a narcissistic TV chef.

Are you getting in now? I do not want to be forever.

But maybe someday believes an investor in what I do.

You were not so picky when I have a place for Jamie should get in the best kindergarten.

Or as I you the apartment presented.

You're right, I was not picky. But I can say no.

You know what? You should have stayed a chemist.

You are at home? I wanted to see you.

Did Jamie say something new? No, but he ran.

No! Just a few steps.

Do you have a video? He was too fast on all fours.

Honey, I'm sorry. He will walk again.

Come on.

Go on, go ahead. You can do it. Come on.

Come to Mommy, Jamie.

You bought him shoes? No, that was Dad.

Do not you like them? Yes, they are very beautiful.

But actually they should Do not wear shoes at this age.

But alright. We just pick them up for later.

(Emily) Come on, Jamie. Show Mommy how you can walk.

Do not worry. He will walk again.

(Emily) I know.

You were so great. Mom is proud of you.

Of course he is running again, but you have to be here if you want to see it.

(crying) He stops me for a bad mother.

You are a great mother, Em. You are a great mom.


I do not know what that is.

Everything is improvised. I have no idea what I'm doing.

When I was little, there was only Dad, and he worked day and night.

And now I do it like him. You do it as well as you can.

We both do that.

Are we happy?

Do you see? Now you should have said yes.

I have something to tell you, Em.


I quit the White River.

Good, then you have more time for the restaurant.

I do not accept the money.

My dad ... He already knows.

Oh really?

You ask if I'm happy.

I do not even know what makes me happy.

I do not just want to pretend

(she sighs)

Yes, okay.

(Rory) I still remember to another folk tale.

It is very, very old.

(Professor) The older, the better, Rory.

(Rory in Gaelic) Once upon a time there was a strong carpenter.

All islanders loved him.

The idiot, on the other hand walked with a stick on earth, and everybody hated him.

Even his liver spurned him ...

You can still do it, old man.

(Emily) He has just come.

Rory, it's for you.



Oh well ... He just gave up like that.


He is dead.

(he is knocking)


We eat in a few minutes.

(Rory) I'm not hungry.

Then just sit down with us. Leave me alone.

Should we check on him again? No idea. I give up.

I thought he was dancing for joy.

On the dead!

God, Dad.

Drink with. We have something to celebrate.

No, I do not drink anything. Stop it, he is dead.

What. Are you on Campbell's side now?

I am at no side. Campbell is dead.

Now you can not chop on anyone anymore. But do not take it out on me.

(Rory) The day will come and very soon, I will not be here anymore.

Do you understand, What I want to say, my boy?

I need you.

If it did not exist, I would not be here long ago.

The carpenter and the plague we liked very much.

Do you have more in style?

These were not real folk tales. I tricked you.

We know that, Rory. We still like to hear them.

That shows how stupid you are. How did you notice?

Do you want to hear the truth?

Because your stories are great and real.

As real as stories can be.

Oh, you do not even know which is real.

Who listens to an old man, the nonsense baffles?

Is good.

Then tell us, what is real in your eyes?

A child.

Rory, a moment.

All your recordings are on here.

This is for you.

For future generations.

(calm, sad melody)

(Man) Welcome.

(Ian) Here, for you.

There we are. What? You do not want to get out yet?

Ian? What?

Where is your dad?

(Ian) Stop!

Dad, what are you doing?

(Happy music)

It's almost like a wedding.

When Klabautermann. What can I offer you?

Whiskey, a very ordinary one.

No fire, no smoke. Only whiskey.

But very much.


Look, the birthday cake. Wow.

A double.

I can spoil you and I will spoil you.

(Emily) Want to thank Grandpa?

Well, are you tired? Here, Frank. Give it to me.

Go to grandpa. Okay I got it.

Hello, my little Jamie.

I have a little surprise for you.

Dad, where do you want to go with him?

a cocktail? Not for him.

He does not want anything to pay for. Dad.

Thank you.

In a great family did you marry

Yes, I think so too.

Here, look.

Look, what is that?

Well, you see?

Let's see if it floats? Yes, let's see if it floats.

It will start soon. Look, that's yours.

Is not that great? Look at this.

Now watch out, now comes a wave. Yes that is great.

(Ian shouts) What are you doing?

Oh, look. Here comes the spoilsport.

Have you completely lost your mind?

Jamie is having a good time.

Come out of the water immediately! Go back. We have our fun.

I said, get out! Come on, come on.

I'm not in the mood for your games.

Look at your dad.

Grow up! This is not Jamie's family.

Ian, he does not fit in there.

What are you up to? Do you want to go to Vallasay with him?

I do with him not the same mistake as you.

Dad, you're dying.

We only have so little time left. Do we have to fight to the end?

Can not we let it be?

Let it be, dad.

Please, Dad, let it be good.

Come on.

Oh, my sparrow.

Let's go.

Now get out of there. You will catch a cold.

(melancholic piano music)


Is he even here? I do not know. I'll check.

He is so drunk, the old man.

Oh, fuck you!

Or I feed with your liver the devil.

"I feed with your liver the devil! "

Completely disgusting, dude.

(breathes heavily)

(melancholic music)

(Man of CD) We can start.

(Professor of CD) Do not try To speak textbook Gaelic.

(Rory from CD) Do not worry, I can not do any textbook Gaelic.

So you make money with it, listen to stories?

I have mine picked the wrong job.

My name is Rory MacNeil.

I'm 74 years old, I was born in Vallasay, on the Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides.

In Scotland.

The MacNeils in Vallasay has been around for almost 2000 years.

(Professor) Perfect!

Tell us a story in Gaelic.

(Rory speaks Gaelic)


Rory. Oh hello.

What happened? I think I have to lie down.

Come on, I'll bring you up.

(he moans)

You're so adorable. You are very wet.

The sofa would have been enough for me. Do not be silly now.

Now down with the patschnassen pants.

(Rory) No!

I draw your attention to this:

This is the latest fashion in Vallasay, I swear.

I wondered, what you wear under the kilt.

A secret.

Is you warm enough?

Yes, slowly.

Would you be very sad, if we only hold each other in the arm?

I'm just not able to do more than that.


What would I give for that, if you choose me as a young man could have seen.

If I just could.


It is wonderful.

Had we met years ago.

We have met at exactly the right time.

We do not have much time left.

Many do not have what we have.

Not even when they are young.

Not even in her life.

I know that smile.



(she moans)

Rory. Oh God. Rory.

(even beeping)

Look for his values. Yes.

You may now to him. How is he?

We keep him here today but tomorrow he may go home.

We can medically not do much for him anymore.

Thank you.

You have a visit.

Do you need anything?

Can you help me up? Naturally.

Okay, come on. Get up.

No, take the remote, you idiot.

(they laugh)

So better? (softly) Yes.


I want to go home.

Tomorrow I can take you. No, to our home.

To Vallasay.

We're all going, dad.

(quiet piano melody)

First you come to my museum. It is completely natural.

It is made from the sea and the rock.

You just stand there and look at it.

It takes your breath away.

(Claudia) Rory.

I'm not quite sure.

I do not think so, that I drive with you to Vallasay.

You should spend the time with Ian. It is his time.

What about us?

Oh, you have to drink a beer with Fraser and Alice in the pub.

You have to look for shells on the beach.

And you have to come with me to the grave to piss a certain person.

I love it, how you make me laugh.

That's fine.

That's fine.

You do not have to come.

Anyway ...

You are Vallasay.

(dreamy piano melody)

Look, Jamie.


(Emily) Come on. (Ian) little angel, look here.

(Ian) Is that a smile? (Emily) He smiles inwardly.

Dad, come here. Come on the picture.

Am I a fucking tourist?

Come on, Dad. Do not call me dad!

I'm Seanair.

Come on, come here. In the center.

(Ian) Is it okay? Well then.

Good, finished? I want to see you smile.

And another one.

Let's show Jamie, where do we cut the shells?

Do you do that? For sure?

It's about time you got that, right?

I pick it up for Jamie. It is yours.

I hope you'll pass it on, but that's your decision.

"My little warrior". I was not exactly a warrior.

I gave you this too soon.

I could not wait to make a man of you.

A man like me.

I did not have the patience to wait what a man will become of you.

Let's go.

(he sings in Gaelic)

(Rory) I will not be long be here to accompany you.

But just look up to the stars.

They show you the way.

The most important is:

If you love someone, you have to say it.

Do not think, there is a better moment.

Because he does not come.

I have many people can make you happier ...

if I only...

- Seanair. Yes.

(Jamie) Seanair.


(Emily) Look, This is where your seanair lived.

(Ian) Jamie, come on!

Who is first at the house. I win, I win!

I win. I am faster than you. (Jamie laughs)

(Ian) Oh no, You have beaten me again.

Always the same.

(Jamie laughs heartily)

(carried string music)

No Limits Media 2018 Subtitle: J. Höfer