The Evil of Frankenstein (1964) Script

[wind howling]

[owl hooting]

[woman sniffling]



[girl screaming]

[girl sobbing]

[wind howling]


(priest) My God!

Who could have done this evil thing?

Baron Frankenstein? l am Baron Frankenstein. l've brought it.

So l observe.

And so will half the county if you don't hurry up and get it inside.

[machines whirring]

Put him down there.

Go on.

Still warm. Excellent. lt ain't been gone long.

My assistant will pay you.

Thank you.

The head ain't much good. l gave it a fair bit of a knock when-- l don't need the head.

So long.

What's he you going to do now? Cut out his heart.

(man) Cut out his heart? Why not?

He has no further use for it.

[machines clanking]

[bell tolling]

[man coughing]

Sure this is the man?


Do you know who l am?

Yes, Father. Good night. Just a minute. l want a word with you.

[machines clanking]

Start the wheel, Hans.

Come on, man!

Hold it.


[electricity surging]

Good luck, sir.

[knocking on door]

Get rid of them, Hans.

(priest) Out of my way. Look here.... ln the name of God, out of my way.

Blasphemer! Foul desecrator of graves!

You realize that you're trespassing? This is my parish.

This is my property. So will you please leave?

How dare you?

You are interrupting my work. Your work? The work of the devil!

Hans. Please, Father. You cannot....

[glass shatters]

[priest gasps]

[priest yells]

The fiend's servant!

(Hans) He'll be back... with help.


You'll have to get away, sir. Now!

They always destroy everything. l'll get the carriage.




We're nearly there.

Where? Karlstaad.


Didn't you tell me you could never go back there?

They have short memories, l hope.

But it's less than 10 years ago.

Where else can l go? l need money to buy new equipment.

Where else can l get it? Have you any? You know l haven't. ln my house, there are paintings worth a fortune.

Carpets, furnishings, all priceless. l can sell them.

That's why l've come back to Karlstaad.

You'll be seen. The chateau is empty.

As we go through the village. lt's nearly noon. There won't be anyone there.

They'll all be working in the fields.

Nothing ever happens in Karlstaad.

[people chattering]

[boys laughing]

[boys chattering]

There's a fair in the village. The place is packed. lt's a feast of carnival.

What a stroke of luck.


But you can't go through there.

On the contrary, Hans, the crowd will give us cover.

So many people about, they won't be curious about us.

Slowly, now.

There you are, Hans. What did l tell you?

You were right, as always.

Not always, Hans. Frequently.

Not always.

We should see the chateau any time now.

There. There it is.

l can promise you a comfortable bed tonight.

Why can't they leave me alone?

Why can't they ever leave me alone?

Would you like to tell me about it?


About what happened here that night... and why you can never come back to live here again.

Yes, l'll tell you, Hans. l'll tell you what happened.

You've been with me long enough to know the direction my work has been taking. lt is my wish to disprove the old theories concerning the evolution of life... and the origin of the life force, and to restate them... simply in terms of biophysical chemistry... as chemical action and reaction... controlled by the external impulses.

l realized long ago that the only way to prove my theories... was to make something in my laboratory that actually lived. l never told you, Hans. l succeeded once. lt was a crude sort of success.

A hotchpotch of half formed ideas built into a half-formed being.

But it worked, Hans. At least, l think it did. l was never given time to fully assess my achievement.

They destroyed it.

What happened then?

There was a storm that night. A storm such as l've never seen before. lt had been building up for some days and at last it had broken.

There in the heavens was all the energy l'd ever hoped for, Hans... l could ever dream of, there for the taking.

All l had to do was harness it. l was fully prepared. l had been for weeks. l even had a body preserved in ice, in readiness.

But until then l had not found a way to generate sufficient electrical energy... to create the spark of life.

That storm was the solution... answer to my years of dreaming.

[thunder rumbling]

[electricity surges]


[machine whirring]

[electricity crackling]

[machine humming]

[thunder cracking]

[machine humming]


[thunder clapping]

[thunder cracking]

[machine humming]


[thunder cracking]

[electricity surges]

[thunder cracking]

[machine whirring]


[gun firing]

Get away from him.

We've heard what you've been up to, Baron. You're under arrest.

l was arrested and charged with assaulting a police officer... and working against God.

They ordered me to leave the town and never return. l had no money. l walked from the frontier.

How did you exist then? l worked. l worked as a laborer, anything. l worked and l saved. l saved every penny until l could start again.

And you know the rest, one failure after another... and always hounded by these disbelievers.

But l'm not beaten yet. lt's only a matter of time. l'll prove my theory. l think you will.

[people chattering]

This is madness.

Would you rather starve? We'll eat over there at the inn.

You think it's safe? What? The food?

You know what l mean. You may be recognized.

Nonsense. You think they care who we are?

Still, if it would make you feel any safer....

Thank you.

[people chattering]

[women laughing]


Landlord? All right. l want you to take my order. Can't you see l'm busy?

That's nice for you. l'd like two glasses of wine, some fresh bread and hot soup.

We're not serving meals.

You're licensed, aren't you? lt requires that you serve food as well as drink.

You have my order.

Just fill this up properly before you go, will you?

Thank you.

What's the matter with him?

He's busy and it obviously doesn't agree with him.

Drink up.

[all chattering]


My old friend, the Burgomaster.


And the police constable.

He's Chief of Police now.

lt's easy to see how he got his promotion.

That ring!

What of it?

That ring the Burgomaster is wearing, it's mine!

You cannot do anything about it now. He's stolen it!

Keep your voice down.

What's the trouble here?

Nothing, officer. Arrest that man!

What man? Your Burgomaster. He's a thief.

Are you drunk?

Either you arrest him, or l shall take action myself. l know you.


Get after them!

Now you are a hen.


Oh, dear, now l think he's laid an egg.

[people laughing]

Enough! l wonder if any dear lady in the audience would be so kind as to lend me a hatpin.

[music playing]

[people gasping]

[people clapping]

Thank you, madam.

And now....


you are the monster of the wicked Baron Frankenstein.

[people gasp]

[man laughs]


Come to me.

Look at me.

Look me in the eye.


Wake up.

[people clapping]

Thank you. Now, if you'd kindly join your friends in the audience... and let them tell you of all the things l made you do.

Thank you. Thank you very much.

And now for my next experiment, ladies and gentlemen... l shall require the services of two gentlemen from the audience.

Two gentlemen volunteers. There we are! ln the corner there, the two gentlemen in the masks. lf you would kindly step this way.

We are most honored, ladies and gentlemen. Most honored.

l assure you gentlemen, no harm will come to you.

On the stage, please. Thank you.

And now, for this experiment, ladies and gentlemen... we must have absolute silence.

Absolute silence, ladies and gentlemen, so that l may exercise... the full force of my fantastic will power.

Now, gentlemen....

Stop! Stop the performance.

Everybody to leave by that doorway there.

How dare you break in here like this?

You have no right to come here.

How dare you interrupt a public performance? l shall report you! l shall report you to the Burgomaster.

Do you have a license to perform here? License? What license? l take it you do not hold a license.

What do l need with a license as l'm a great artist? Universally known.

Right! You're under arrest.

Ach! Outside.

You'll pay for this.

Coming to bed, my dear? Yes, my little one.

l won't be long.

(man) You can't go in there. l said, you can't get in. You can't go in. l tried to stop him, Your Honor....

(Burgomaster) What do you.... l've come for my property, Burgomaster.

My ring, for instance! l don't know what you--

My chairs, my desk, my carpet.

Even my bed!

Hark! My clothes! How convenient for you that we're both the same size!

You have no right to be in this town, let alone in my house!

You had no right to enter my house and take what you please!

Your property was confiscated. Confiscated? Stolen!

[Burgomaster's wife screaming]

Be quiet, woman! l'll send for the police.

(police chief) There won't be any need. l thought l recognized you earlier, Baron.

Arrest him. lt's a pleasure, sir.

You're going to be very sorry you ever came back.

[pounding on door]

Good night.


Come on.

Back to the chateau?

No, the police will be there before we could reach it.

We're getting out of this place altogether.

Where are we going? Up there.

Up there? lt's the only way out.

[panting] l have to stop. l can't go on.

Why do you stay with me, Hans?

To tell you the truth, l often wonder that myself.

You get nothing but misery with me.

No. There is something else.

Knowledge. You could get that at the university.

Not the knowledge that you have. l think you have discovered what all the others are searching for. l think you have found the true secret of life.

[thunder rumbling]

Thunder. There's a storm coming up.

A sudden burst could start an avalanche. We must find some shelter.

Look, sir.


[thunder cracking]

Let's follow her.


[thunder rumbling]

The storm's building up. We may have to stay here for some time.

Better get some rest while we can.

Thank you.

But have you enough for yourself?

[mumbling incoherently]

She can't hear you.

[thunder cracking]

[birds chirping]

[girl muttering]



Hans, come here!

Hans, come on!

What is it?

Perfectly preserved.

He must have fallen into the glacier. lt's as if he was waiting for you.


Waiting for my return. l'll restore the life that belongs to him.

We must get him back. Back where?

To the chateau, of course. Where else can l work?

[rain pattering]

[thunder rumbling]

That's it.

Stand clear.

Get up on the roof, Hans.

All right? l hope so.

[storm raging]

[electricity surges]

Switch off, quickly!

Switch on.

Let's have some chloroform.

No response.

There's no response, Hans!

Those blundering idiots destroyed his brain with their bullets.

But you repaired the brain. l patched it up and put the pieces together again, but the life spark, Hans... the life spark has been destroyed.

He's alive, but his brain is dormant.

Anything they don't understand... anything that doesn't conform to their stupid little pattern... they destroy!

They have to destroy it. ls there nothing you can do, sir?

So near....

But they haven't beaten me. l won't let them beat me.

The brain is intact. l know that.

The cellular structure complete, the whole metabolism is as it should be.

Then why will his brain not function?

Once it starts, it will continue. l'm sure of that.

But how?

Some kind of physical shock? l've just passed the full force of a bolt of lightning through his skull. lsn't that shock enough? No. lt needs some direct mental shock.

Some direct contact with his mind.

Hans. That man at the fair.

[knocking on door]

Can't you leave me alone? l'm doing the best l can.

All right, l'm coming.

All right!

May l come in? Thank you.

You were expecting someone else? Yes. The police.

They've been plaguing me all day. What's it got to do with you? lt might have a great deal to do with me. l know you.

The other day at the fair.

You came up on the stage the day l was run in... for not having my license.

You're nothing to do with the police, are you? l am Baron Frankenstein.

You've got a nerve, haven't you?

How do you mean? Coming here.

You're not supposed to be here. l heard you've been thrown out. l've been kicked out, too.

And you're going? You're right, l'm going. lf l'm not out of here by sundown, l'm to be done for 20 crowns.

That's what his honor, the Burgomaster, said at the trial.

Trial. l've come to offer you a challenge. A challenge for your professional skill. lf you accept, you will be safe in my house. And welcome.

You want me to hypnotize someone. ls that it? Exactly.


Not a girl. l'm in enough trouble already. A man. lf you can. lf l can?

l've not failed yet.

Who is he?

You can meet him now, at the chateau Frankenstein.

Up there? You're mad. l've got to be out of this place by sundown.

You'll still have time if you fail.

Fail? Me fail?

There isn't a man born or woman that l can't put under.

Then this experiment should prove very interesting.

Come in, man. There's nothing to be afraid of.

Hans, you remember Herr Zoltan?

Professor Zoltan. ls this the....

No, over here.

(Baron) There's your subject, Professor.

My God!


That's not human. That's a monster. Nevertheless... he has a good brain and excellent eyes. l won't tell you where l got them, but l can assure they are perfect.

What do you want me to do? l want you to stimulate his brain.

Start some train of thought. Anything to act as a catalyst.


Accelerate a reaction in his brain. You haven't much time.

l shall need a strong light and a mirror.

There's no response.


You will sleep now.

You will sleep.

When l awaken you... you will do as l say.

Now... sleep.


What did l tell you?

(Zoltan) What did l say? Remarkable.

Wake him.

What, now? Yes, now. Wake him.

Very well.


Wake up.

[creature screams]

Stop him. He may injure himself.

Get a hold of him!

He was in agony. l had to operate on the brain. lt hasn't healed yet. l'm grateful to you, Professor. You've made the brain function again.

Before you leave, may l offer you some refreshment?

Only brandy, l'm afraid, but it's a good one.

You're going to leave him here?

Yes, he'll be asleep for some hours now. Come this way.

lt should really be champagne to celebrate such an occasion.

There isn't any there, by the way, is there, Hans? l'm sorry, sir. Never mind. l'm sure the Professor won't.

You'll be able to have as much champagne as you want now anyway.

What do you mean?

You'll make your fortune out of him. Your friend down there.

You'll be able to show him all over the world.

Show him? Circuses, funfairs, places like that. l have no intention of showing him.

What are you going to do with him, then?

Use him for my research. Now, if you've finished your drink--

That's not good enough.

Not for me. l don't understand you.

No. l don't suppose you do.

l'll have another one of these.

Will you please explain yourself?


That creature of yours... he won't do as you tell him, you know.

He has a brain. He'll learn to understand me.

He'll understand you all right.

He just won't obey you. That's all. lf you care to wait until he comes to, l'll show you.

All right.

Now, young man... l'll have another one of these.

Listen carefully. l want you to do exactly what l tell you.

You need have no fear. No one is going to hurt you.

Now, stand up.

Did you not hear me? Stand up.

Do as he says.

Walk across the room.


Turn around.

Come back.

Sit down.

Close your eyes.

Now, do you believe me?

What is it you want? l won't be greedy.

A partnership in our handsome friend here.

Three ways: you, the young one... and me.

l agree.

Sir-- l have to agree, Hans. l have no choice.

Let's shake hands on it, then. No need. l have given my word.

[door opens]

[gasps] Boo!


Look at me.

Look at me!

Look into my eyes.

You are to go down to the village.

Do you understand?

You are to go down to the village and find gold.

Do you understand?

And l'll tell you where to find it.

[bell tolling]

[footsteps approaching]

Come on, outside. You've had enough. l really don't know what you're up to. l mean you've had too much. That's what l mean. l do not, l assure you.

Don't bother. Just go home.

Oh, my God.

ln heaven's name, open up, will you? Open up! l told you to go--

Please! For God's sake, please!

(Baron) Hans?

Have you seen the Professor this morning?

He's still asleep.

When he wakes, tell him l wish to see him, will you?

Sir. Yes, Hans?

What do you intend to do? About what?

About him, the Professor.

How do you mean?

Are you really going to let him stay?

For the time being, yes.

As long as he's of use to me. Why do you ask? l just don't like it, that's all.

Neither do l. But we need him.

Don't forget, Hans, when he wakes, send him to me.

What's your story?

You're never going to believe this.

Probably not, but l'll do my best.

What do you do about breakfast? lt looks as if you're having yours now. What, this?

We'll have to do better than this, you know. l want to carry out these tests today.

He might be tired. Tired? Why should he be?

After last night. Last night?

He's had a good rest since then. Yes.

Yes, of course.

All right. What do you want me to do?

This thing comes-- Thing?

This creature comes striding--

What are you talking about? This man.

Ten foot tall, he was. No, more like 1 2.


Go on.

(Zoltan) Listen to me.

Listen carefully.

There are people in the village l want punished.

Do you understand?

They are bad men.

They must be punished.

You must do it quietly, carefully... and not be seen.

The Burgomaster.

Punish him first.

Then find the chief of police.

Punish him, too.


Now, go.

Good thing you can't hear what l say, isn't it?


You are a pretty thing, aren't you?

[girl crying]

You won't complain if l touch you, either.

Because you can't talk.

[ripping dress]

Why should l waste my time on trash like you?

l'll be able to take my pick soon.


[Burgomaster's wife screams]


[wife continues screaming]

[vase shatters]



[dog barking]


[screaming in distance]

Certainly, Burgomaster.

Make way for the Burgomaster and his bride.

All clear for the Burgomaster....

Can't you tell me anything about the man who did this terrible thing?

Not a man. lt was horrible.

Not a man, it was a monster. lt was horrible.



Gods! l didn't mean to kill. l didn't mean....

[objects clattering]

Get out!


l'll kill you. l'll kill you for this.

(Baron) Hans.

Start packing our things. We're leaving.

(Zoltan) Here.


Come here!

Look up here. Let me in.

Open this grating.


What are you trying to tell me?

[door opens]

[girl shudders]

Stop! Get out of his way, you fool!

Go back and kill him.

Go back and kill him!


Hans, he's escaped. After him. Don't lose sight of him, whatever you do.

Baron Frankenstein, l'm arresting you for murder.

Let me go.

For the murder of the Burgomaster, for the murder of my constable... and for the murder of this man.

The village is in danger. Shut him up.

Take him away.

[birds chirping]

[girl mumbling]

(man) But l've just seen him, l tell you. l was close to him.

As close as me to you.

He was coming up that mountain like nothing l've ever seen.

All right.

Now tell me, what was he like?

Tall like a house, and hands as big as sheep.

But his face was all patched up and scarred.

Now, will you believe me? Yes. l believe you all right.

And now we're going to find your monster.

And when we've found him, we'll burn him. Do you understand?

We'll burn him.

[men muttering]

[all chattering]

[bottle clinking]



Come on.


[men yelling]


[creature moaning]


[bottle shattering]

Hans, did you find him?

Yes, l've got him downstairs.

[bottle shatters]


Get her out of here.

[bottles shattering]

Go on!

[objects clattering]


[creature grunts]

(Baron) No.





[banging on door]

Baron Frankenstein, can you hear me?

Open the door, please.

Get away! Get away from here. Do you hear me? Get away!



[creature screaming]


They beat him, after all.