The Evil That Men Do (2015) Script

Good morning, Chihuahua. Good morning, Mexico.

This is RKO station, 96.9 on your FM dial.

Sunny and windy today.

And now Carla with the news.

- Good morning, Carla. How is it going?

11 people were killed in Chihuahua shooting between presumed criminals and Mexican soldiers.

Also, several vehicles were burnt out.

We have more bad news.

Reports from the Mexican Attorney General's Office reveal that the 2 heads and the body found in the Janos area presumably belong to members of a drug organization who were killed by a rival gang set on killing anyone who protects them.

I wonder who is going to protect us, my friends.

Who is going to protect us here in our beautiful Chihuahua?

Who will protect us?

- Jorge, what is the sports news today? Good morning.

At last, the Dorados team won the baseball game against the Mineros de Parral team in a 5-4 victory.

Sebastian brings some music.

I bring you the next hit called “Narcoamor” from La Malinche band.

I saw them play live. This is their new song.

Here we go!

Here you have your order with a bit of guacamole.

Thank you.

Here you go, man.

Life is suffering.

Life is a torture: moral, physical and metaphysical.

Those who believe that hell is the punishment for our sins are wrong.

Hell is here on earth and the punishment is to live in sin.

If you offend the Lord, the day will come when He will hold you with one hand over the pit of hell, and will shake you like an insect over its flames.

This is why I say to you:

If your hand causes you to sin, cut it off.

It's better to enter paradise with only one hand than to go into the fires of hell with two.

The Word of God. Praised be the Lord.

Alleluia! Alleluia!

God above everything! God above everything.

Blessed be Thy name! Blessed be Thy name.

Lord, look after your people!


Good morning, sir.

Are you "El Rata"? Yes.

What happened with Luis?

He was killed.

BY Whom?

Come closer.

Tell me.

Montero's men, sir.

They are everywhere.

They kill a bunch of people every day.

On both sides.

Things are ugly out there.

Grab the boxes.

What's wrong with you?

I am sorry, sir.

Don't freak out.

Go away!


Damn lights are off again!

No, man, I am not doing anything here.

I don't speak Spanish.

But I am not...

I was telling the gringo that I am just looking for some food.

I have nothing to eat.

What's your name?

My name? Yes.

Everyone calls me Hobo.

Listen, Hobito.

Who pays you to spy on us?

Pay me? Yes.

Nobody pays me. I was just looking for some food.

OK, go away.

Can you give me some change to buy a taco?


Come here.

Thank you.

Go away.

Can you call my mom?

What can I do for you, my friend?

I am not your friend. Give me three.

Three what? I have gizzards, guts or head for the old maid.

Eye, barbecue, ribs for the little miss.

I want assorted tacos.

Be quick.

Then I'll put some curry for the guy in a hurry.

What are you?

The funny taco man?

No, no.

Just give me the meat tacos and quit breaking my balls, asshole.


The doctor is useless.

I don't think he has the balls to hurt the girl.

Santiago is fucking crazy. He is out of control.

Let's get rid of the doctor and I do his job.


Why not?

I have the medical knowledge to do it.

I can do what the bastard does, and I have the balls he lacks.


Don't be stupid.

If you put a hand on Benny, Santiago will blow your head off.

Then I'll kill both of them.

I said no!


Montero's men are looking for the girl everywhere.

If something goes wrong and they turn up, only Santiago can save your ass.

With all respect, Lucho...

There's not gonna be an exchange.

There's not gonna be an exchange.

The girl is doomed.

Montero can't do anything to save her.

And Pablito?

I found out where he is.

A rescue operation is in place.

Once he is safe,

we'll kill them all.

Pick one, Santiago.

What for?

Pick one.

That one.

The one with the shirt?


Kill him.

But, dad...

Don't you have the balls?


No, no.

Now it's yours.

You earned it.




This is what is left of my son.



Cut her head off.

I want to see her head rolling on the floor.

Cut it off!

Cut it off now!

Cut her fucking head off!

Cut it off!

Santiago is a traitor. Kill him!

OK, men.

Look everywhere.

Check every corner, every spot. Inside of every fucking toilet.

Come on!

Come on!

"Tiny Babe", what are you doing there?

Move your ass.

Rata, come with me.

Listen to me, bastards.

Your boss is dead.

I cut his head off.

You'd better run for your lives, or I will kill you all.

I will kill your mothers, your children, your cousins, your brothers...


"Tiny Babe".



Don't listen to him.

Don't chicken out now.

Don't forget I know where you live.

Come back, cowards.

Fucking gang of morons.


Watch the cage.

Do it.


Put it down.


Where are you from?


How old are you?

I'm sixteen.

How much does Lucho pay you to kill people?

Ten thousand pesos.

You know you are fucked up, right?

I know, sir.

Get out of here.

Get out of here!