The Exorcist III (1990) Script




I have dreams... of a rose... and of falling down a long flight of steps.

"A light shall shine upon this day, for the Lord has been born unto us.

And he is called Wonderful. God. The Prince of Peace."

Dockside Hunter, sweep completed. Negative finding.

Roger, River. Repeat, acknowledge.

"Peace, I give you. My peace, I leave you.

As the world gives, do I give to you. Let not your heart be troubled."

Proceeding northeast, approximate location near...

"The Lord is my light and my salvation. Whom shall I fear?

The Lord is the defender of my life."

How did I do on my theology quiz? Change your name to Rajneesh.

Really? "God is like a power mower"?

No kidding.

Father, everything's relative. Is it?

Or, maybe not. I like a man who knows his mind.

Well, that's it. I gotta go now. I'm driving to Philly.

Speed kills. Who's to say?

Not me.

Father, you mentioned a Damien Karras in your prayer for the dead.

Yes, I did.

Isn't he the one who died in a fall on those steps?

Yes. 15 years ago today.

I hear... Get lost, will you?

All right, all right. I am in flight.

There's more potatoes.

Could you pass the salt? Thank you.

Joey, what did you say that offended Tom Lowery?

He's our biggest benefactor. Oh, yes.

What did you say to him?

"Jesus loves you. Everyone else thinks you're an asshole."

Good morning, John. My back aches.

Do we have to have our own Olympics? Any plans today?

I'm watching It's a Wonderful Life. Very nice.

Seen it 37 times. That's commendable.

Do you have a favorite picture? - The Fly.

You going alone or with keepers? With Bill Kinderman.

The cop? Yeah.

Every year on this day he gets depressed, so I try to cheer him up.

I can't believe you said that. What kind of world is this?

Are you an animal? Do you know what Macbeth is about?

It's a play about the numbing of the moral sense.

I tell Ryan we have nothing to go on.

He says, "Win some, lose some."

You're a racist. Did you know that?

The police exam asks, "What are rabies and what do you do for them?"

Ryan said, "Rabies are Jewish priests... and I would do anything I could for them."

What was the murder weapon, Stedman? I'd be guessing.

If not us, who? If not now, when?

All right. Something like garden shears, maybe.

We're abandoned. I didn't get you.

I was signaling beings on Mars. Sometimes they answer.


Are you enjoying your luxury cruise aboard the Patna, Lord Jim?

Telex Richmond right away and urgently for the file on the Gemini Killer.

The Gemini Killer's dead. Who was speaking to you?

He's dead. He should live so long.

The autopsy? When, please? Tomorrow.

And tomorrow, and tomorrow.

I am leaving you. Ryan, Stedman, go home. Go home to your families.

Talk about wops.

Starving? Not really. Just some coffee.

You've been up since 5:00 a.m. I have this.

How was Virginia? Neat. We stopped at a diner.

Instead of potatoes, they served Mama grits.

So she says, "These Jews are crazy."

They're all wackos. Next, they'll wanna eat papaya.

My God. How was your day?

Our trackers at long last brought in Mushkin, the Georgetown terrorist... who breaks into people's homes and completely redecorates.

You okay, Bill? Hi, Daddy.

And goodbye? Off to dance class.

Pocahontas with the hair. Watch out for red shoes.

You're home now. No, I gotta go cheer up Father Dyer.

What are you doing out here? Founding an order called "Lurking Fathers"?

I've been out there for centuries. Four new popes have been elected.

Official business.

All right. So I'm late. So I know it. So I'm sorry. I got...

Want butter on it? No. And can I have two Cokes?

Medium or large? Medium.

What's this? I need lemon drops.

We'll be late. I used to hear children's confessions.

Now I'm a lemon drop junkie.

The weirdoes breathe it on you along with pot, it's addictive.

Now I suppose you have all sorts of rosary biz and the like.

No, no. Loose as a goose. Maybe you should go home and rest.

I can't go home. Why?

The carp. You know, I thought you said...

My wife's mother is visiting, Father.

Tuesday night, she's cooking a carp. It's a tasty fish.

I have nothing against it.

But because it's supposedly filled with impurities, she buys it live.

And for three days it's been... swimming up and down in my bathtub.

Up... and down.

And I hate it. I can't stand the sight of it.

Moving its gills.

You're standing very close to me. Have you noticed?

Yes. I haven't had a bath for three days.

I can't go home until the carp is asleep.

Because if I see it swimming, I'll kill it.

And a salad. Okay.

The whole world is a homicide victim, Father.

Would a God who is good invent something like death?

Plainly speaking, it's a lousy idea. Not popular.

You're blaming God. Who should I blame?

You don't want to live forever. I do.

You'd get bored. I have hobbies.

In the meantime, we have cancer and mongoloid babies and murderers... monsters prowling the planet. Even prowling this neighborhood.

Right now, all our children suffer... and our loved ones die.

And your God goes waltzing blithely through the universe... like some kind of cosmic Billie Burke.

Bill, it all works out right. When?

At the end of time. That soon?

No, we're gonna be there. We're gonna live forever. We're spirits.

How I would love to believe that.

It's that kid that got killed. I heard it on the news.

You wanna talk about it?

You knew him.

A little bit. Police Boys Club.

His name was Thomas. Thomas Kintry.

Black boy, about 12 years old.

The killer... drove an ingot into each of his eyes... then cut off his head.

Is this okay, Father? I can get you something else.

Some more coffee?

In place of his head was the head from a statue of Christ... all done up in blackface, like a minstrel show.

The eyes and the mouth painted white.

Mr. Bones.

The boy had been crucified... on a pair of rowing oars.

May the Lord be in your heart and help you to confess your sins.

Yes? I have... a scrupulous conscience, Father.

This need to confess... so many things.

If I step on two straws in the shape of a cross...

I feel that I have to confess it.

It torments me. Try to make a good confession.

And remember, Christ forgives us all of our sins.

Only little things. Nothing.

Seventeen of them, Father.

The first was that waitress near Candlestick Park.

I cut her throat and watched her bleed.

She bled a great deal.

It's a problem that I'm working on, Father.

All this bleeding.

I don't know. I don't know. He was such a good...

I've been thinking... This is new.

Do we need prints from inside? All you'll get are the priest's.

Yes, I know.

Then what's the point? I'm padding the job.

We got an autopsy on the boy.


Kintry didn't die from the decapitation.

He was injected with a drug called succinylcholine.

They use it in electroshock therapy. But injecting 10 milligrams... for each 50 pounds of body weight causes immediate and total paralysis.

He couldn't move while the killer was cutting him up.

He was conscious? Yes. He was fully aware.

The drug attacks the respiratory system.

He died from slow asphyxiation.

Ms. Scott, report to nurses' station.

Father Dyer. Joseph Dyer. D-Y-E-R.

He's in room 411. It's down there. 411.

Dr. Miller, line 118.

What's this nonsense?

Nothing's wrong. Just some tests. They had no rabbit?

I don't know you. Reading Women's Wear Daily?

Am I supposed to give spiritual advice in a vacuum? Is that for me?

I found it in the street. I thought it suited you.

You said nothing's wrong.

My brother Eddie had these symptoms for years.

Eddie died at 30. So? He got killed in Vietnam.

Could be a connection. What?

You sure it's not serious? Shut up about Eddie!

It was nerves. You make people nervous.

Only sinners. Everybody!

Is everything all right, guys? We're fine!

I'm just tired. Well, call the desk and book a room.

I brought a burger. I'm not hungry.

Eat half. It's from Clyde's. Where's the other half from?

Space. Your native country.

Who stuck this guy?! Peaceful here, isn't it?


Those will kill you, incidentally. They're quiet.

Mr. Horowitz? Nope.

This is 409? 411.

Never mind.

Go in peace, my child. May the Schwartz be with you.

Shouldn't you be reading the Gospels? They don't give the fashions.

This is true. Damn right.

Gowns are boring. Get me something to read.

I've gotta go. Pick me something up.

The grammar. - The National Enquirer and Star.

There are missions in India. Couldn't you find one?

These are last week's editions.

I'll leave this mystical conversation. Aesthetics always gives me a headache.

Is it something I said? Mother India is calling you.

Dr. Kincaid to Orthopedics, please.

EKG stat to ER. EKG stat to ER.

Father Kanavan's vocal cords were paralyzed.

He couldn't make a sound, couldn't cry for help. The killer took his time.

Succinylcholine again? In precisely the proper dosage.

Too little has no effect. Too much causes instant death.

Our friend has medical expertise. Did we find a hypodermic at the scene?

No syringe. The fingerprint analysis?

Most of the prints were the priest's. You said most?

We've got something else.

Right here, on the inside pull of this panel. It's strange.

Nobody touches this but the priest. And the killer.

He wants the panel closed so the next person doesn't know Kanavan's dead.

So he puts his hand in and slides it almost shut.

Then he has to pull his hand out and finish the job from the outside.

So the prints on the oars from the crucified boy match the panel?

They're one and the same.

Well, aren't they?

Two different people committed these murders?

- Where's Julie? At dance class.

- So late? Bill, it's only 10:00.

It's very late.

Your attention, please. Your attention.

The 12:18 to Elsewhere now departing from track 11.

All passengers boarding proceed to the gate.

Let me out of this damn casa blanca!

It is! It isn't. It's out of bounds.

The line is in bounds! It's not!

It hit the dirt!

Earth, come in. Can you hear us? We are attempting to communicate.

Come in, please. The living are deaf.

We come here first. Lieutenant.

How you doing? I'm sorry you were killed. I miss you.

I miss you too.

I wonder if both of us are dreaming. No, Bill. I'm not dreaming.


What are you telling me?

Hold it.

I've just never seen anything like this in 20 years.

Dr. Bartlet, please call the operator. Dr. Bartlet, please call the operator.

EKG stat to ER. EKG stat to ER.

Dr. Bartlet, please call the operator. Dr. Bartlet, please call the operator.

What are these?

What are they? What's in them?

Father Dyer's entire blood supply.


All of his blood?

And not a drop of it spilled.

All neat. There's not even a smudge on the jars.

There's only the writing in his blood.


On the wall.

- Dr. Hoffman, line 412, please. Lieutenant.

Take a squad of men.

Make sure all the hospital doors are locked. Make a pattern search.

No one in. No one out.

Except for emergencies.

No one. All right.

EKG stat to ER. EKG stat to ER.

Now... what time was the body discovered?

At 6. By whom?

You saw him at 5 a. m?

Yes, that's right. He was awake?

He was awake. I gave him medication. How long did it take you?

About a minute. And then what?

I came back to the desk.

You were here until you saw Father Dyer again at 6:00?

That's right.

Were you here or inside the office? I was inside, writing reports.

If someone entered his room between when you left and returned... might not have seen them. Right.

Did you see anyone go into the room? No, I didn't.

Or leave the room? No, I didn't.

Did you see anybody in the hallway?

Mrs. Clelia. You saw Mrs. Clelia walking around?

No, not exactly. Not exactly?!

I found her lying unconscious. When was that?

On my way to give the Father his last medication.

The 5 or the 6? The 6.

Mrs. Clelia is a patient?

Yes, she is. In Neurology?

Dr. Randolph to Examining Bay 2. Dr. Randolph to Examining Bay 2.

How we doing today?

They're all harmless.

Some more serious problems here too, of course.

Some catatonics, some with Alzheimer's, autism.

Are you my son? I'd be very proud to believe so.

You're not my son.

There's your girl over there.

Mrs. Clelia?

My name is William Kinderman. Yes.

Would you help me, please? What about my radio?

Pardon me? I said, my radio.

Aren't you gonna fix it?

Nothing ever gets fixed around here. Just a bunch of pies and anchovies.

Go away! I don't ever talk to strangers.

I'm the radio repairman, Mrs. Clelia. Well, fix it.

Well, what's wrong with it? Dead people talking.

It's right here. Do you see it?

Yes, I see it.

I knew you weren't a radio repairman. That's a telephone I'm holding.

It's all right. A lot of people wouldn't know the difference either.

It's all right.

You have a very kind face.

You will do well.

You caught her on a talkative day. You being funny?

No, she's quasi-catatonic. In and out.

What's this? The disturbed ward.

To get out...

you punch a four-digit combo that sends a signal to the control booth.

The inner door opens. The booth operator checks through the glass.

Every day, there's a new combination. I'd like to look around.



Dr. Freedman's gone ballistic, sir. You need to come.

Death, be not proud Though some have called thee Mighty and dreadful Thou art not so Though soonest our best men With thee go Rest of their bones And soul's delivery But those thou dost think'st Thou dost overthrow Die not, poor Death Nor canst thou kill me I was only 21 when I died.

We're a hospital, not a war zone.

How do you expect us to keep people calm when you're..?

You need a court warrant to do what you're doing!

I appreciate your trying to prevent further tragedy.

Think of the state of our patients' minds when...

Lieutenant wants fingerprints taken. Prints?

Not on your life. No way, Jose! He's right here.

Want to talk to him?! Heard of malpractice?

Heard of the Gemini Killer? Have I what?

I said... Yes! So what?

He's dead. Right. He died in the electric chair.

Why are we talking about..? Just a minute, I'll explain.

The Gemini is dead. We know that.

Do you recall the stories in the papers and on TV... about his strange m.o? I'll remind you.

Supposedly, the middle finger of the victim's left hand was always found... severed. Always missing.

In addition, on the victim's back, we were told, the killer carved out... a sign of the zodiac.

The Gemini symbol, the twins. That was 15 years ago.

Go ahead. Why are you encouraging..?

Shut your mouth!

Excuse me.

Excuse me.

EKG stat to ER.

The Gemini m.o. that you heard about is false.

The missing finger was on the victim's right hand.

It was the index finger. This one.

And the sign of the Gemini was carved... not on the victim's back... but on the victim's left palm.

Only Richmond Homicide knew that. No one else.

Misinformation was fed to the press to weed out... those who said they were the killer.

"I cut off this finger," the loony says.

"And on their backs I made my mark." Next case.

But, in this case, gentlemen... three decapitations, three victims... with this finger severed. The correct one.

And the sign of the Gemini here.


One more thing.

The Gemini wrote letters to the newspapers, bragging of his murders.

He always doubled his final L's.

Two L's, as in "wonderfull."


The victims' names always start with K, like Karl, his father... the famous evangelist he hated and wanted to shame.

And whom he wanted to kill and keep killing.

But the priest, Father Joseph Dyer...

Dyer's middle name was Kevin.


Even that could do it.

Would it take a lot of strength? No, not at all.

Very little, in fact.

Spring-activated. Open it, and it closes on its own.

Takes strength just to open it.

It's a little stiff.

Needs adjustment.

What's this? What?

This label.

Just a shipping tag. Is it new?

Just came in.

A replacement?

Where's the old one?

Two priests and a crucified boy.

Clearly some religious connection. But what is it?

I don't know what I'm looking for. I'm groping.

But besides being priests... what might Kanavan and Dyer have had in common? Where's the link?

I don't know. I don't know.

Dear God.

It could be that exorcism. The MacNeil kid, Regan MacNeil.

The exorcism on Prospect Street that Damien Karras did.

The one that killed him.

Excuse me. Alice!

The speech! Will you give this to Father, please? I gotta run.

What's wrong with the lights? Good night!

Good night, Father.

Your speech, Father.

Thanks. That's all right.

Need a drink?

I do.

Do you believe in possession, Father?

Who cares? I worry enough about kids who need scholarships.

I'll talk to Paul Morning. Who is he?

Our chaplain at the hospital.

He performed an exorcism once in the Philippines.

His hair turned white overnight. Is that true?

What's that got to do with this? You mentioned that exorcism.

As a connection.

To the people who were murdered? Right.

Joe and Damien Karras were close. Yes, I know.

Joe was also a friend of the MacNeils.

And Father Kanavan? He had my job back then.

He gave Damien permission to investigate.

That leaves us with the Kintry boy. Does it?

Damien gave our School of Linguistics a tape to analyze for him.

The voice of the MacNeil kid, supposedly possessed.

He wanted to know if the sounds on the tape were a language or gibberish.

He wanted proof the kid was speaking a language she didn't know.

And was she? No.

English in reverse.

The expert who figured it out... Kintry's mother.

This is impossible.

Do you remember coming in here when the priest died?

You're the radio man. Yes, that's right.

Do you remember coming in here?

Do you remember coming in and touching those jars?

Why did you touch them?

Was there anyone else in this room?

Who was in here?

That radio isn't mine. Mine is newer.

That man in the isolation tank... You know, the one you looked in on?

The one you looked in on.

The police brought him in here 15 years ago.

They picked him up wandering the C&O Canal.

Down around Key Bridge.

Yes, total amnesia.

The man in the isolation tank...

You know, the one you looked in on.

The police brought him in here 15 years ago.

They picked him up wandering the C&O Canal.

Down around Key...

You had something to tell me?

Please, sit down.

There's a paper drive?

Haven't had a chance yet to read them.

I just keep them till I do.

I hate to miss the science articles. They're good.

That man in the isolation tank...

You know, the one you looked in on. Yes.

The police brought him here 15 years ago.

They picked him up wandering the C&O Canal around Key Bridge.

Total amnesia. No I.D. They brought him to us here.

And his condition grew worse. He ended up catatonic.

Completely withdrawn. But recently...

Well... about six weeks ago, he slowly started to come out of it.

Every day he got better. Just a little, but better.

And then all of a sudden, he got violent. Really bad news.

We give him electroshock therapy.

And as of two weeks ago he's been in isolation...

...but the thing is... Yes?

He says he's the Gemini Killer.

I want the file on that man.

Get it. Now!

You want to know about the man in cell 11.

Stretch your memory. What was he wearing when he was brought in?

That was quite some time ago. Was he dressed like a priest?

Like a priest? Were there any signs of injuries?

That would be in the file. It is not in the file! It is not!

Two men on every ward. Rotate them 24 hours a day.

In the disturbed ward, one man inside near the entry door, one man outside.

Ask the Jesuits for the dental records of Father Damien Karras.

Find out if he had a saliva test. Might help us get a positive I.D.

What for, sir?

Sir, are you all right?

IV team to NICU. IV team to NICU.

You all right? Yeah.

Father Karras... was a Jesuit psychiatrist at Georgetown University.

The man was a saint. He was my best friend. I loved him.

Fifteen years ago he jumped or was pushed to his death... down that long flight of steps next to the Car Barn.


I saw it.

I watched him... die.

I think... the man in cell 11... is Damien Karras.

It's a wonderful life.

Who are you?

I am no one.


Are you Damien Karras?

You haven't any medical records for him, have you?

No tedious fingerprints. Are you Karras?

I am the Gemini Killer, James Venamun.

The Gemini is dead. No, not quite.

Remember Karen?

Little ribbons in her hair? Yellow ribbons.

I killed her.

After all, it was inevitable, wasn't it?

"A divinity shapes our ends," and all that.

I picked her up in Richmond.

And then I dropped her off at the city dump.

Some of her. Some of her I kept.

I'm a saver.

Pretty dress she was wearing. Little peasant blouse, pink... and white ruffles.

I still hear from her occasionally, screaming.

I think the dead should shut up unless there's something to say.

I also killed the black boy, by the river.

And the priests.

Oh, yes, their names began with a K.

That modicum at least I was able to insist upon.

You see, they were off my beaten track. I kill at random.

That's the thrill of it. No motive. That's the fun.

The black boy and the priests were different.

I was obliged to settle a score on behalf of... well... a friend.

What friend? A friend over there.

On the other side, one needs friends. There is suffering there.

They can be cruel. Who is "they"?

Never mind. I cannot tell you. It's... forbidden.

I do that rather well. Don't you think?

Well, why not? After all...

I've been taught by the master.

Who is that?

The one.

There is only one.

Who's this Damien you mentioned? Don't you know?

I know nothing, except I must go on killing Daddy. I must shame him.

Do the papers call these Gemini killings?

You must get them to do that. It's important.

The Gemini is dead. No, I am not! I'm alive!

I go on! I breathe! Look at me!

Look at me and tell me what you see!

I see a man who looks like Damien Karras.

If you looked with the eyes of faith... you'd see me.

What the hell are you talking about? Your blindness.

Tell the press that I am the Gemini, lieutenant, or I will punish you.

Punish me? Yes.

What are you talking about? Do you dance?

What do you mean?

I like plays.

The good ones. Shakespeare.

I like Titus Andronicus the best. It's sweet.

Incidentally... did you know that you are talking to an artist?

I sometimes do special things to my victims.

Things that are creative.

Of course, it takes knowledge, pride in your work.

For example:

A decapitated head can continue to see... for approximately 20 seconds.

So when I have one that's cocking...

I always hold it up so that it can see its body.

It's a little extra I throw in for no added charge.

I must admit, it makes me chuckle every time.

Life is fun.

It's a wonderful life, in fact... for some.

It's too bad about poor Father Dyer.

I killed him, you know.

An interesting problem, but finally it worked.

First, a bit of the old succinylcholine... to permit one to work without annoying distractions.

Then a 3-foot catheter... threaded directly into the inferior vena cava... or the superior vena cava. It's a matter of taste.

Then the tube moves through the vein... under the crease of the arm, into the vein that leads into the heart.

And then you just hold up the legs and you squeeze the blood manually... into the tube from the arms and the legs.

There's shaking and pounding at the end for the dregs. It isn't perfect.

There's a little blood left, I'm afraid.

But, regardless... the overall effect is astonishing.

Isn't that really what counts in the end?

Yes, of course. Good show biz, lieutenant. The effect!

And then... off comes the head without spilling one single drop of blood.

Now, I call that showmanship, lieutenant.

Then of course, no one notices. Pearls before...

Oh, a few boos from the gallery, I see.

That's all right. I understand.

I've been dull.

Well, I shall liven things up for you a bit, lieutenant.

The master is throwing me a scrap from his table.

A little reward for faithful service.

Something fun.

Something random, something my way.

Good night, moon. Good night, air.

Good night, Amy.

Telling her beads.

Her beads.

He passed out. Again?

He's hemorrhaging. The man in that cell... knows the details of a girl's murder that happened years ago.

A Gemini killing that wasn't in the papers.

His goddamn nose is broken!

When I said the man in cell 11 fell unconscious, you said something.


Yes, I think you said, "Again?" Might've done.

It's happened before? Yes, it has.

Many times?

No, not really. It's just been this week.

I think the first time was Sunday.

And again? The next day.

If you want exact times, it's... On your chart.

That's right. Any other times?

Yesterday morning, before we found... Yes. That's all right.

I'm very sorry.

When this happens, does it seem like normal sleep?

Nothing's normal about that man.

You seem a bit pleased about that. It's quite unusual.

His autonomic system slows to a crawl.

His heartbeat, his temperature... his breathing.

But his brain wave activity accelerates.


Okay, keep that on until the weekend.

You're most kind. I'm a bitch.

Have you told the man in cell 11 what happened to Father Dyer?

No, of course not. Might anyone else have told him?

Why would they? I don't know.

I don't, either.

Thanks again, miss. Why did you hit him?

Take it easy on that hand. I will.

"Save your servant."

That's something our friend in cell 11 said once.

"Save your servant"? Keeps running through my mind.

Odd expression. What was odd was how he said it.

How was that?

It was just his voice. It was different.

Different how? He sounded decent. Nice.

Completely different.

There was so much emotion in his voice. He sounded...

I don't know. Desperate.

And what else has he said in this voice?

Only one other thing.

What was that, miss?

He said, "Kill it."

"Save your servant who trusts in you, my God.

Let him find in you a fortified tower in the face of the enemy."

The Lord is my light and my salvation.

The Lord is the defender of my life.

My life.

"And Jesus said to the man who was possessed:

'What is your name?'

And he answered: 'Legion, for we are many."'


Good night, Daddy. Good night, Julie.

It's so late. Yes, it is.

Very late.

God! Can't I get any sleep?

What do you want? I'm sorry.

Bad enough you wake me at 5:30 to eat.

I'm sorry. Sorry? You do this on purpose.

What's your name? I'm reporting you. Amy Keating.

Angels of mercy. Horseshit.

You all right?

Yes, I'm fine. I'm just a little jumpy. That's all.

She was slit down the middle.

Cut open... and all her vital organs were removed.

Then the killer stuffed her body... with other materials and sewed her back up.

Other materials?

Rosaries. Catholic rosaries.


Did you get my message?

I left it with Keating.

Nice girl. Good heart.

Yes! About this body of mine...

Friend of yours.

Well, there I was... so awfully dead in that electric chair.

I didn't like it. Would you? It's upsetting!

There was still so much killing to do, and there I was... in the void without a body.

But then along came... well, you know, my friend. One of them.

Those others, there. The cruel ones.

The master.

And he thought that my work should continue.

But, in this body.

In this body in particular, in fact.

Let's call it revenge.

A certain matter of an exorcism... in which Karras expelled certain parties from the body of a child.

Certain parties were not pleased, to say the least.

To say the very least.

And so my friend, the master... devised this pretty little scheme as a way of getting back... of creating a stumbling block, a scandal... a horror to all men who seek faith.

Using the body of this saintly priest... as an instrument of... Well, you know my work.

But, the main thing... is the torment of your friend, Father Karras... as he watches while I rip, and cut, and mutilate the innocent!

His friends! And again! And again!

And on and on!

He is inside with us!

He will never get away!

His pain won't end!

Gracious me. Was I raving?

Please forgive me.

I'm mad.

Let's see... where was I?

Oh, yes! The master.

He was kind, you see.

He brought me to our mutual acquaintance, Father Karras.

Not too well at the time. I'm afraid he... was passing on in the dying mode, as we say.

So... as Karras was about to slip out of his body...

Is this true?

The master was slipping me in.

There was some confusion when the medics said that Karras was dead.

He was dead, technically speaking.

His time was up.

He wanted out. But I was in.

A little traumatized, true. After all, his brain was jelly.

Lack of oxygen and that sort of thing. You understand?

It took a maximum effort... that at last got me out of that cheap little coffin!

Vow of poverty, disgusting.

Never mind.

Toward the end, a little slapstick... and comic relief when old Brother Fain... who was tending the body, saw me climbing from the coffin.

It's the smiles that keep us going.

The giggles and bits of good cheer.

But then, after that, it was all blue Mondays for a while, I'm afraid.

So much damage to Karras' brain cells.

So many lost.

It's not enough, you see, to be a spirit.

There's no magic.

In this artificial box you call a world... we can't touch, except through bodies.

We must operate through neurologic systems, brains that function... and your friend's was nearly past resurrection.

It was quite an effort to regenerate his puny little brain cells.

It took me 15 years!

So many years.

Now I'm just a traveling man.

One who moves.

I have dreams of a rose.

And falling down a long flight of stairs.

I don't believe you're the Gemini Killer.

You are issuing a clear invitation to the dance.

What does that mean? Never mind.

Incidentally, don't blame me for that idiot Temple.

That was a suicide. The man was a lunatic weakling.

Still, he helped me.

Are there services? I would like to attend.

Temple helped you? Of course! He brought you to me.

I told him if he failed to convince you to come to me... that he would suffer in unspeakable ways.

"Pain that cannot be imagined," I said.

Poor superstitious fool, he believed me. But he couldn't take the pressure.

What pressure? The pressure of inimitable me.

Some other tasks I said I had in mind for him.

Things. Little things.

Did Temple get you out of this cell?

Who gets you out?

Just friends.

Old friends.

Tell the press... that I am the Gemini, lieutenant. Final warning.

Incidentally, I can help. Help what?

Your unbelief.

I'm tired.

I am so tired.

Bill, help me.

Damien? No!

Little Jack Horner.

Child's play, lieutenant.

Father Morning, please.

Jim, I can't read this.

Korner. K-O-R-N-E-R.

I'll call again.

See you later, alligator.

Sweetheart, let's go back to your room.

Take your time.

That's it.

Take it easy.

- How do you get out of here? Old friends.

Old friends.

I'm a traveling man. One who moves.

Old friends. One who moves. One who moves...

I didn't hear it. Say it again, will you?

Hit the light! Mommy!

God almighty! What are you doing? Are you crazy?

What is the matter with you?!

I want my mommy. Just toys.

Is that a crime?!

He's after someone. Who? You treat your own family like this?!

Aren't you leaving?! Please leave! I cannot wait for you to leave!

You are issuing a clear invitation to the dance.

- To the dance. To the dance... Julie.

Bill. Hi, honey. Where..?

Okay, sweetheart.

That was Bill. A nurse is coming over with a package.

Danny, get in the car! Roll it! Move it! Go!

Go around!

Ram it if you have to! Back up, you son of a..! Get out!

That must be the nurse.

Go around the back!

Hi, Dad. Mother, Daddy's home. What's this?

Billy, what's going on?

I'm crazy. That's the explanation. You're honest.

From the beginning. It's fine.

No, it isn't. What's this nurse thing?

What nurse? I'm so tired.

Julie! Dad, I'm talking.

Sorry, I missed that. Bill... what kind of nurse is this? I open the door for the woman, she faints.

And then when she wakes up, she says, "When is it bedtime?"

Please help me.

Is it bedtime?

So is she staying for dinner?

It's okay.

Catatonics are so easy to possess.

I've been waiting for you, lieutenant. I wanted you to see this.



Oh, my God! Grandma!

What's this?


You again.

You've interrupted me.

Have you come to save God's servant?

Well, I must save mine. My son, the Gemini.

He has work to do. Much more.

But come in, Father Morning.

Enter, night.

This time you're going to lose.

In the name of the Father, and of the Son... and of the Holy Spirit.


"Save your servant who trusts in you, my God.

Let him find in you, Lord, a fortified tower in the face of the enemy."

"Our Father, who art in heaven... hallowed be thy name.

Thy kingdom come.

Thy will be done..." I see, we are praying now.

Bright prayers. Do you think they will save you now, as before?

Well, I can pray too.

You feel my little orisons creeping up your spine?

The sweaty murmurs of my rosary beads. The human hearts I've taken into hell.

"I cast you out, unclean spirit!

Along with every satanic power of the enemy! Every specter from hell.

In the name of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

It is he who commands you. He who stilled the sea and the storm.

He who flung you from heaven to the depths of hell! You robber of life.

You author of pain.

You corruptor of justice, and innocence, and youth.

You begetter of death.

Sworn enemy of all the human race!"

I command you.



Don't worry about Julie. We'll get her.

Pray for me, Damien.

You're free.

Did you think to save your friend the priest?

My God, help!

Help me. Have I helped your unbelief?

Oh, yes.

Yes, I believe.

I believe in death.

I believe in disease.

I believe in injustice and inhumanity.

And torture, and anger and hate.

I believe in murder! I believe in pain!

I believe in cruelty and infidelity!

I believe in slime and stink... and in every crawling, putrid thing... every possible ugliness... and corruption! You son of a bitch!

I believe...

in you.

My God!


My God!

You grow tiresome, lieutenant. And foolish.

Save your prayers. God is not here with us now.

There is only the darkness here. And your death.

Save your servant... who trusts in you, my God.

You! Damien, fight him.

Goodbye, lieutenant. Damien!


Fight! You cannot win.

He dies. No!

Bill, now! Shoot now! Kill me now!

We won...