The Extraordinary Journey of the Fakir (2018) Script

A long, long time ago Someone said that men were born free and equal.

All the men.

And all women.

All equal.

The rules of the game would be the same for everyone.

We would be on equal terms.

Life would be right.

But even if that was true, a microsecond after birth, chance interferes.

There are your parents, your neighbourhood, your standard of living, your health, your size, your appearance.

As soon as the tyranny of chance begins to impose its law, we are no longer on equal terms.

Chance changes everything.

Ultimately, we do with what he gives us.

THE EXTRAORDINARY TRAVEL OF THE FAKIR This is the story of Ajatashatru Lavash Patel.

And here are the cards that chance gave him.

The judge is a bastard!

It's a junk! A dirty cockroach!

You are all idiots!

Who are you ? What do you want ?

Dirty bug! You're a shit!

You're a shabby, you're too bad!

Go away !

Are you coming to beat us up?

The other said that. And then he beat us!

I'm coming to tell a story.

A story ?

What kind of story?

A tragedy.

I prefer being beaten up.

The judge sentenced you to 4 years in prison for juveniles.

You have time for a story.

I can ?

I was born in Bombay, in the very small district of Worli.

When I was a kid, I did not know anything about the rest of the world.


Siringh, the sheets are not ready yet?

You have to work faster!

I am the only son of a wonderful, loving, hardworking woman, Siringh Lavash Patel.

4 more bags of linen!

It will be necessary to stay late!

Aja, stop your bad moves.

You must stop!

Stop getting you into trouble.

They will take you away.

I am a single mother. You understand ?

You will be taken away from me.

Stop doing bad things with your cousins.

If you are sent to prison, I will not come for you.

I will not come.


You are too skinny.

You must be strong if you want me to take you to Paris one day.


Eat !

Come on, you're too skinny. Eat, Moohini.

Eat !

When I was small, my mother said I did not have a father.

She claimed that I was a kind of miracle, arrived as if by magic. obviously, I did not believe it.

Mom, it's him?

I need the sheets of Maharaja and Presidency hotels.

Now ! Quick !

Why is it so long?


Mom... it's him ?

It's him ?

No, it's not him!

Stop asking me the same question!

You do not have a father.

You are very beautiful.

My little man.

Let's review the continents. The continents are Europe...

Before school, my world was very small.

We did not have TV or internet.

My world was expanding from my cousin Bhatuk to my cousin Bheem's home.

Nothing else existed for me.

So while discovering the rest of the world, I learned a staggering thing...

Mom !

I was poor.

Are we poor?

Yes !

Why do you say we are not poor?

I've been in school. I know things.

We are very poor.

We are rich because we are together.

It does not make us rich.

We will do other exams. This is very serious.

I am sorry...

I understand.

And then one day, at the doctor, I made an extraordinary discovery.

It's the same model, with different colors.

This one is the best.

And they have names that are too cool.

The Vinterdimma collection, the Rostig Lördag collection, the Bergman Bögart collection.

Mom, when I'm very, very rich, I will have a Borgshot room.

Moohini, in the living room, we will have the Scötken coffee table.

My favorite collection is... the Djup Sömn collection, special edition Trädtoppar.

The Khoobsurut collection, signed Ajatashatru.

The Sundaryat collection, signed by the famous Ajatashatru.

And the Taranchalah collection, signed by the extraordinary Ajatashatru.

Stop doing that.

It was my father?

That year, two things became clear.

One: I was poor.

Two: I did not want to be poor anymore.

Excuse me.

Faster !


Hurry up !

Quick !

It's very heavy.


Come see the famous Aja!

Over the years, we did all kinds of magic tricks.

Magic show !



Psychic surgery.

My friends.

This is your first trip to India?

First trip to India?


More and more, magic was only a small part of our activities.

We won that?

Next time, 40%.

Not 40%!

It's my neighborhood.


Sorry for the delay, I was stuck at work by a dinosaur...

Mom, I want you to eat, the doctor says you have to eat.


Mom, you must be strong for me to take you to Paris.

We do not have money to go to Paris.

I'm going to take you to Paris.

Who will take care of Moohini?

Moohini is sacred, you're not supposed to take care of her.

She is the one who has to take care of you.

We will go to Paris.

Tonight you're eating.

Yes, Aja.

But before we can go to Paris, the bad news has fallen.

A concern, Moohini?

His heart... had stopped.

So, she never went to Paris?

Chance did not help me keep that promise.

My father's name was Pierre-André Martin.

He was French, from Paris.

A street artist, like me.

He had written to my mother hundreds of sublime love letters.

One said that if my mother's parents allowed her to marry him, she had to go to Paris, at the top of the Eiffel Tower.

He would wait for him every Sunday.

If he was not there, she had to fold the letter shaped plane and throw it to the city.

He would lead her to him by magic.

I borrowed a few rupees from Giri.

We went to Paris.

Go, find another family.

Watch over me, Moohini!

Go away !

Carrying only the ashes of my mother, A passport and a counterfeit 100, I made the long trip to Paris, to find my father.

This is your first trip to Paris?


You want a taxi?

That's why... Please, follow me.

Where do you want to go first?

Some want to see the Eiffel Tower.

An obvious choice.

But some dream of Montmartre, others go to the Louvre.

Others at the Champs-Élysées.

Paris is the most beautiful city in the world.

You will see everything for the first time.

The Arc de Triomphe for the first time.

The gardens of Luxembourg.

It's going to be the best day of your life.

You will tell your children and your grandchildren.

You're in luck.

I do not know if there is Uber at your place, but in Paris, they kill the job.

They steal our job. It's ugly.

Uber, it's hell.

I have to do a second job on weekends.

What are you doing ?


What does the government do ?

And then, I understood that this man was stealing me.

Gustave was a thief.

He was fantastic.

Polite, playful conversation.

Very endearing personality.

I should have been furious, but I was not.

Because for the first time in my life, it was me, the rich tourist.

Aja, do you have my number?

Yes, absolutely.


Thank you very much.

Gustave, it's an honor...

A privilege to know you.

No, all the honor is for me.

See you soon.

Such a beautiful city.

And so many choices.

Where did you go first?

At my favorite furniture store.

Hedar och Skogar.

The best sofa in the world.

The extraordinary Vinterdimma collection.

The cushions Döva Tidvatten.

The elegant Sharton collection.

The Brandchat collection.

Have you ever been in love?

You... did it happen to you?

I am 13 years old.

He likes Naveena. Not true.

She is 16 years old and he loves her.

Shut up !

He does not like it?

Yes, he likes it!

Do not go, or I'll hit you.


It's nothing.

It does not matter if you like it.

I do not like it !


Due to a unique geomagnetic field, love in Paris is ten times stronger than elsewhere.

For centuries, love in Paris inspires many books, movies, songs, poems, paintings.

You knew it ?

What is the school for?

We do not go there.

You do not go to school...

Honey, sorry to come home late from work, the traffic was hellish.

I promised to make the meal, do not be angry.

I put in the kitchen, it will be delicious.

Excuse me, I have to test the salon before buying it.

A salon is not just a design, it is especially what we feel when we enter.

Honey, where are my car keys?

Did you see them?

My God !

My boss drives me crazy.

You feel under pressure, darling?

Do this to me?

With my own brother?

I am not his brother.

Your brother and I, we love each other.

We will live in Guatemala.

Not that...

Not in Guatemala!

I am pregnant.


Because of this unique geomagnetic field, between Marie and me, it stuck right away.

Why would a beautiful American woman be interested in an Indian fakir?

I do not know.

But chance seemed finally to be on my side.

That day, Marie listened to me while I told him about India.

Colors and sounds.

Clothes, tastes.

Its hundreds of languages.

His religions, his customs.

The vastness of Bombay and the charm of my little neighborhood.

It's like that in deep India.

I've got to go.

Since leaving Chicago, I have a boring job in an American consulting firm, called Wilson & Williams.

Why did you leave Chicago?

I left with my best friend, Rose.

My parents hate her. She would have a bad influence.

That is true ?

According to them, it is his fault if I put my future husband in the church.

Take this newspaper article.

Why ?

It's like the promise we'll meet again.

Because I like it a lot.

And I keep your pen.

How you have...

See you tomorrow.

I dunno...

To the Eiffel tower ?

19 hours.

Yes, but it's not a date.

Never date?

Never date.

In Paris, we kiss the cheek.

I am sorry.

It's nothing.

I thought I could become a lesbian.

Why ?

Why not ?

You do not like sleeping with women and... without going forward, it's a bit like that, being lesbian.

I could learn to love that.

Small, I hated broccoli, now, I eat it all the time.

And it's a way of life that's so cool.

Rose, you are 27 years old.

You would know if you were lesbian.


I may have met someone.

Finally !


It's a girl ?

Having no money, I decided to stay overnight.

Exhausted by my trip, I quickly fell asleep.

Alas, I was wrong.

Chance was still not on my side.

Not at all.

In the middle of the night, among the 2,000 pieces of furniture...

This one.

And 15 cabinet models, it's mine they chose.

Chance was really not on my side.

welcome in England

Where we are ? Where are we going ?

In the land of milk and honey.

Milk and honey?

In London.

Yes, where everything grows in abundance, cars, houses, jobs.

And beer. Full of beer.

We do not drink it.

We hate that.

Are you a clandestine immigrant?

Not you ?

No, I am a tourist.

A tourist ?

Traveling in a wardrobe?

Do you make the circuit of the cupboards?

Full of leg room, in wardrobe.

I went to Bora Bora in a business class wardrobe.

That's right, I'm a tourist.

US too.

I have my passport, I come from India.



It's been 18 months since we traveled.

We walked for weeks.

At first, we were much more numerous.

In Libya, bandits attacked us.

Then the smugglers sank the boat

3 km from the Italian coast.

Only a few have reached the shore.

Then we crossed the French border.

Now we are only five.

Why endure all this?

Our families have been displaced by the war.

We must send them money. They are starving.

This is not your case?

I'm a tourist.

There is an African proverb that says:

"Whoever swallows coconuts

"trust his trouduc."

I do not see the link.

No report.

But I love this proverb.

Why do we stop?

What is happening ?

Dogs... Which dogs?

We're going

Borders police.

I have my passport.

Never show it.

We're going

Do not move !

Police, stop!

Good God !

Moohini? You're not supposed to watch over me?


To the left !

I can not go home.

You, stop!

This way !

Do not move.

Hold on.

I am Ajatashatru Lavash Patel, a famous Indian fakir.

Good for your mouth.

And my friend, I'll do it... disappear and reappear far away.

I have to see that.

Copperfield, where is he?

I dream !

I go there, take care of the fakir.

Come on, my bunny.

No more bundles.

I said "More clutter".

Let's go.

A little last.

Put them back.

Like this?

No, you need these documents for everyone.


It is a mistake !

I am not part of this group.

This man is right.

He tells the truth.

No one in this group is in this group.

Please, I have to go back to Paris.

Houdini, with me.


It's yours ?

I'm not fine ? My passport !

He was wrong.

But no !

Each his talent: you rob people, me, the fake passports.

It was my passport!

Do not quibble. And that ?

True ?



That's your pen, your photos and... you can keep your father's love letter.

It's very well written.

Heart touching.

He believed in his bullshit.


Here is a map of the world.

It... it's England.

There is nothing.

Exact. Usually, there is a map.

I'm coming.

You are forbidden right here.

You, not allowed right here.

You understand English ?

We only speak English. This is the procedure.

Where do you... you... or you want to go ?

Or ?

In Paris !

If we send you back to France, you'll be there in 8 days, with a new name on a new false passport.

I do not want to live here.

The climate ?

Too bad for you.

I'm going to ask you to sign your statement.

But I did not do it.

I know I know.

You're talking seriously...

All right, go ahead.

I admit to have stayed in the Swedish furniture store.

I was afraid of being mistaken for a thief.

I hid in a closet, it's my only crime.

My mother is still there, in a pot.

She is dead. After, I met Marie.

You do not notice anything!

No, I prefer my testimony.

I make you a confidence.

We have a charter... for Spain, but none of our stowaways come from it.

Please, can you send me back to Paris?

I sing you the answer?

I have a charter for Spain I have to fill it with a fist You are persona non grata You have to go to Barcelona Once far you abstain to come back by bus or train It's impossible !

I have to go back to Paris.

Tell me again by singing What?

Sing it. We sing !

Marie is waiting for me at the Eiffel Tower It's not a date But I will have flowers for her I beg you, a little empathy Help me get back to...

Paris Protest no use You will be able to see Andalusia Malaga, Seville, Segovia Eating tapas is a treat And play tennis with Nadal I do not play tennis.

This old man is shaking his fan Return it to the fold These kids love churros And hop, live in Burgos This blonde looks like Shakira Barcelona, she will love Shakira is from Colombia.

These hips do not lie She returns to su casa I repeat to you without harghness You are all in Spain!

Your papers ?

On the side.

Go ahead.

Your papers.

I do not have any.

You are Spanish ?

Someone from Spain?

Does anyone have any connection with Spain?

And you ?

I am British.

I am Swiss.

When we arrive in Barcelona, there was a real war between Captain Smith and Inspector Fernandez.

We will not tolerate your migrants... it is intolerable that your migrants...

Reprove them.

We will not suffer the consequences of your laxity.


We have become the hostages of this conflict.

We were prisoners.

Tell me you regret to have slept on the first date.

Even if you do not call it a date, for me it's one.

Alas no.

Impossible to sleep with someone who never came.

That's wrong.

With Snapchat, you can post photos of your...


And he takes a picture of his...

You still messed up.

Why ?

Like your aborted marriage.

Do not talk about that.

Yes, I'll talk about it.


Too late, I started.

You think too much, you complicate everything.

You're not funny.

Since the fiasco of your marriage, you have become super boring.

Relax !

Enjoy life. You're in Paris!

Become lesbian, like me.

You're not lesbian.

Yes I am.

I love the way of life too much.

I will think about it.

Excuse me, can I ask you a question?

My cell dropped me.

This is the Trocadéro metro?

Thank you, it's great.

It's over there.

Look at them.

And we say that life is right?

Why does chance always favor the same?

Chance does not exist.

It's karma that counts.

Karma is the fate we deserve.

I had to be a real jerk in another life.


The media did not talk about us.

Everyone did not care.

We were stuck.

What did you do ?

I worked on my karma.

To be able to return to Paris.

Your name. Which is your name?

There are 4 different names.

I need ideas for the cosmetics sector.

And from Monday, Marie will be our new Marketing Director.


Another cheese.

It's way too much.

Yes, but you have to celebrate.


To your well-deserved promotion, and...


I decided to settle in Paris permanently.


It's great, really.

Pieter moves to Paris.


Yes, it's great.

It is awesome.

My life is perfect.

Absolutely perfect.

Did I tell you that he carried me in his arms in the street because my foot hurts?

Then he massaged my foot so divinely soothing and... when we go to the restaurant, he speaks to the server in his native language.

Can we talk about it tomorrow?

Finally, I may not be a lesbian.


It works every time.

In this confined space, I felt the irresistible urge to write the story of Master Deva.

A very wise and wonderful man that I met in prison.

You went to jail?

Yes, buddy.

And I was younger than you.

I was put in a tiny cell without a bed or window.


You will rot in hell!

Your mother must be stupid to have had a draw like you!

You're soft of the brain!

You go out of the sewers.

You're a big pig!

Dirty cockroach !

Old mackerel! Get me out of here!

I want to go home.

After two weeks, I was shaken by hunger, loneliness and the fear that my mother will never see me again.

Help me, my God!


It's been so long since I'm in prison.

I wonder what my cousins do.

Are you there for a long time?

I dunno.

I do not even have a window.

I have one. I could tell you what I see.

Children play ball in the street.

It's market day.

The sellers settle down.

A bronze woman on her balcony.

A mother brings water to children playing.

They argue for drinking first.

Children play cricket with sticks...

I hear music in the distance.

They are messing!

There is a bearded young man with beautiful bright eyes.

He's in love.

Do you hear the bird sing?

What does it look like ?

Blue, red and yellow feathers.

His eyes are like little olives.

You can go out.

Master Deva?

I can go out.

During a very long time, I thought I would never see Master Deva again.

Mom !

Soon, I was back in the street, with my cousins.


Master Deva?

Aja, is it you?

Are you blind?

Yes, I am blind. It's nothing.

His eyes did not see, but he used his imagination to see.

From my darkest days, Master Deva had a wonderful life lesson.

Did you tell Alfredo I was upset?

Yes, I told him that you were extremely upset.

He knows I'm waiting in Paris?

The reshoots will only last one day.


He promised it.

One day.

And Matthew called.

He sent you 3 emails and 22 text messages.

It will teach him to forget to thank me at the Golden Globes.

And Mr. Burton asks if you've read the story of the fairy tale and if you would consider playing the witch.

A witch.

The witch.

Get out all.

I hate Rome.

No need for a weapon What are you doing almost naked in my trunk?

I only had my shirt to write.

I could not put it back.


A writer ?

I did not have paper.

Neither of papers.

A refugee ?

I am a refugee.

Aja, it's really touching.

Thank you.

Your story upset me, but she also helped me understand many things.

I sometimes feel blind like your character.

Excuse me.

Good evening, Nelly.

My God, you are sublime.

Sublissime, as always.

Alfredo, the director is an idiot.

Nelly, Michael Zhudovski is not an idiot.

He's a fool.

Yes, he's an idiot, but... we must finish this film.

Otherwise, I'm ruined.

Please, help me.

He's an idiot, but...

Come and have dinner, then we'll go out.

We'll have a drink, you and me.

We divorced.

Your decision !

Just 5 days of reshoots.

I dream. He is too young for you.

He is a writer and an artist.

He wrote his last work on his shirt.

Such as the old Sufi poets.

On his shirt?

He did not have paper.

A grandiose artistic gesture, no?

He took off his shirt to write a story.

Why would we do that?

It's art.

Art ?

Yes, art.

Nelly, it's not art.

Giancarlo wants to buy it.

Why are you talking to Giancarlo? What does he want ?

His name is.

Why ?

He calls.

He wants to buy that?

How many ? Secret.

How much does he pay for this damn shirt?

How many ?


50 000 for a shirt?


Let's get clothes up.

First trip to Paris?

No, I live here for 2 years.

Tell me what I can do to make this trip more enjoyable.

You want to chat, know something?

I have a special gift.

I can read your future.

Driving ?

Some read the future in tea leaves, I read it in traffic.

And what do you see?

There, immediately, I see a tormented past.

Two years ago, I put the bazaar in my life.

There, I am with a man who is really nice.

Frankly, it could not be better.

He is creative, he is handsome, he is sweet... he creates flower gardens in Paris.

And he comes to live here for me.

There is a lot of traffic.

It means ?

There is another man.

No, nobody else.

The traffic does not lie.

So, did you just kiss him once?

I know, that's not much, but...

I think of her all the time.

It's love.

Yes, I think I'm in love.

Why divorce Alfredo?

Why did you marry him, rather?

Why ?

He was very handsome, exciting, charming, powerful, rich... seductive and dangerous.

Italians are very seductive.

He changed ?

Not at all.

Hence the divorce.

I love this place.

It's moving that these pieces represent dreams hundreds of people.

I just love it.

A constellation of hopes and dreams.

Make a wish.

I want money, to throw it seems counterproductive.

My turn.

I wish that Thomas Gregory forgive me.

Who is it ?

Thomas Gregory.

It was the love of my life.

A long time ago.

Even today, I think of him every day.

What happened ?

I became famous.

I had an affair.

He learned it through the newspapers.

It was on the first page from all the newspapers in the world.

So reconciliation must be just as spectacular.

What is your name ?

Your name ?


Ajatashatru Lavash Patel.

You are in a relationship ?

No, she's in love with an exceptional man, Thomas Gregory.

I want the shirt!

No, Alfredo.

You do not appreciate art.

How can you say that? I appreciate art!

We promised it to Giancarlo.

Why him ?

Why is it always Giancarlo?

How much do you offer?


In liquid.

No, she's in love with an exceptional man, Thomas Gregory.

He called.

Thomas called.

How are you ?

Very good.

Very good.

It seems that Nelly is there.

"It seems" ?

Maybe we could have a drink together?

Of course.

Call me.

Or Nelly.

It... can you talk to him?

Do you call him?



Sorry for the shirt.

What shirt?

The shirt-story.

I bought it.

But what are you talking about?

I have to go.


Give me the money.

Moohini, where should I go?

I flew over Rome, Direction Paris.

I even had provisions.

I had time to dream to the fantastic life that I would lead with the money I had won.

Life was beautiful.

I traveled for hours.

It was wonderful.

The winds seemed perfect.

I am rich !

I am rich... and I'm going to die.

Here the Minister of Commerce of India.

I have to talk to Marie.

She's away. It's an emergency.

She takes a shower.

It's Ajatashatru.

You planted it at the Eiffel Tower.

Yes, but... I can leave a message ?

I'm sorry I missed it at the Eiffel Tower.

Exceptional circumstances have complicated things.

I may never be able to call her back.


We only saw each other once... but our kiss was a promise.

Tell him...

She comes ?

If she does not hear from me, tell her...


That I like.

And I will always love him.

I love it !

She met someone.

And yesterday, they decided to settle together.

Can I change my message?

Go ahead.

No messages.

Aja, your life is a mess.

Pulled yourself together and go quickly to Paris!

Listen to your mother, for once.

I know.

Just when my life is back on track,

just when I have enough money to hope to lead a decent life, just when love seems possible...

I am condemned to a terrible death.

What is this karma?

Do not blame your karma, take your life in hand!

What do you mean ?

You are the master of your life, not chance or karma.

Now, tell me.

What's in your briefcase?

Long story.

I have all the time.

I'm trying to go to Paris.

You're not ready to be there.

We are going to Libya.

And what's so precious in the briefcase that you cuddle?

It's just... of... personal effects.

Of course.

Open it.

Why ?

Open the briefcase.

Another gun!

The Indian... open the briefcase!

At this very moment, I used all my magic powers to make money invisible.

Open the briefcase!

It was in Libya that all refugees ended up arriving, at one time or another.

What are you doing in Africa?

And you ?

The country of milk and honey does not want me.

But thanks again.

I need your help.

There were several illegal refugee camps.

All people in transit.

I knew where the money was.

So I asked Wiraj to help me get my briefcase.

It was my money.

I won it.

No way I let this thief steal my property.

I know where my money is hidden.

But listen: no violence.

Including ?

Faisal, no violence.

Thank you.

Thank you very much.

I want to go back to see my wife.

Ugly like you, you have a wife?

She does not care about my physique.

The hippopotamus is as pretty as the deer, in the eyes of his wife.

It shows that he is afraid, raise it!

This moron thinks he bluffed me!

Shut up and put the money on the table! Money!

Look at this!

What are you doing ?

Too violent ?


Good evening, Aja.

Sadly, tonight I'm really in a very bad mood.

Perfect. Let's go.

So... how much do I owe you, to you and to others?

How much are you in?


As you know, we are all in transit.

And many are fleeing the war.

How many ?

Wisnel lost his wife two years ago in Mali.

How many ?

On this side, Aziz... must go to Germany, find his twin brother.

So how much ?

Emel, there... she was assaulted by soldiers during the war.

One of her friends in Brussels has a bakery.

She will have work if she gets there.

They all have a dream.

I understand.

Give what feels right to you.

Some of my brothers and sisters helped me last night.

All who have a hope or a dream, form a line.

I may be able to help you.

What do you want?

Have a boat... to go fishing at sea, to make money for my family.

It seems very reasonable.

Buy your boat.

Feed your family.

Look !

Tell me.

I need a plane ticket to Brussels.

I want to learn how to make chocolate.

Good luck.

And then, it happened.

I can not stop.

I was invaded by a feeling of well-being, as if a pretty little pink cloud had popped up in my chest and irradiated my whole body.

In front of all these refugees, I managed the most fabulous of my magic tricks.

What did you do ?

I transformed 2,000 into an inexhaustible flow of money.

Back home, they all told the story of Ajatashatru Lavash Patel.

There, I understood what I really wanted.

I wanted to go home to India.

I had just enough for my plane tickets and a real fake passport.

But first, I had one important thing to do.

Nice to meet you.

Me too. Take care of yourself.

Have a nice trip.

Start, quickly!

My dough!

Honey, I'm sorry.

I'm late, the traffic was crazy.

I kill myself at work all day, is it too much to ask that dinner be ready?

It gives me pleasure to see you.

It makes me happy too.

Married, I found the chair.


Pieter, this is Aja.


See you soon.


This is given, for a fabulous mother.

Following this difficult journey, I finally understood what I wanted in life.


You still there.

How are you ?

Welcome, Aja.

I finally managed to find an agreement with Giri to repay what he thought I owed him.

Then I started to teach.

Every morning, these children come and I tell them stories.

And I make sure that their world is enlarged and that they understand that they are not poor.

The great poet Rabindranath Tagore wrote:

"How can we cross the sea

"by being content

"to watch it?"

Boys, think about what he means.

Sorry, I'm bothering you.

I promised.

Did you still fuck your fiance in church?

I should not have come.

Return to your place.

And that's the end of the story.

Questions ?

What is lesbian?

Someone who loves a woman.

So can I be?


Why did you say at first that it was a tragedy?

You will spend 4 years in prison.

It... it's a terrible tragedy.

You will lose four of the most beautiful years of your life.


you take this opportunity.

What opportunity?

If you come to my school every day, you will not go to prison.

That is true ?

That is true.



Thank you, Aja.

And your mother ?

It's nice to ask.

She is where she always wanted to be.

It was a true story?

Only important passages.

Operating license n ° 146,273 Adaptation: Brigitte Lescut