The Eye (2008) Script

Please don't hurt me!

Oh shit. Thanks. I didn't even see that.

Neither did I.

People say, seeing is believing. But for me, that's not entirely true.

I lost my sight when I was five years old.

Those memories of what I have seen...

Have faded so much, I doubt that I'd even recognize myself anymore.

Now I see using my other senses.

I can smell the rain before it drops.

But I can't watch it fall.

I can feel the sun on my face.

But I can't see it rise or set.

I want to see the world like everyone else.

To see the sun, the rain. And music...

I bet music looks beautiful.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Taste's good!

Happy Birthday.

Thank you.

Evening Miss Wells!

Hi Miguel, thank you.

You're welcome.


New just this morning.

Myself, I prefer roses. But you're the first one that's noticed.

Nervous about tomorrow.


Actually... I've never been so scared in my entire life.

Listen, the night before my mother's surgery, she drank two glasses of sherry.

Steady as a rock the next day.

Thank you. Goodnight. Goodnight.

This is Doctor Haskin's office calling from County general...

...your procedure is still on schedule for tomorrow. Be sure to arrive... the hospital four hours before for pre-op. Thank you.

Hi sweetie, it's your sister. My flight gets in at 5 am...

The whole crew's got a lay over... I'll find someone to give me a ride straight to the hospital.

I love you Sydney.

Can't wait to see you. Bye.

12: 10 AM



Martha will hear you.

She's on from 12 'til 6 And she takes away my M&M's if I get out of bed.

I'm Alicia.

I'm holding out my hand to shake.

I'm Sydney.

I know, Sydney Wells.

I kinda read your chart. You're the cornea transplant.

How old are you?

9 and 1/2. There's this like... golf ball thing inside my head?

It made me so dizzy...

...I couldn't ride my bike. So the doctor's are trying to get it out.

When do you get to see?

Pretty soon I think.

Good. I'll come back.

And you can take a look at me. Okay.

Bye, nice to meet you.


I'm starting to lose the feeling in my fingers.

Me too.

Ok, if you'll excuse me please.

All right...

All right, Sydney. I'm going to take the bandages off.

Okay. you ready? Yeah.

That's one.

That's two... Okay, now I'm going... help you open your eyes. Very slowly.


Slowly, slowly, slowly.

Okay, now tell me what you see.

I can't...

I'm going to hold up my hand.

And I want you to tell me how many fingers I have up.

Five. Those are fingers.

Yes they are.

All right, here we go.

All of them?

Yes. Very good.

Sydney... Yeah?

I want you to try and reach out and grab my hand.


Okay, it's okay.

Not everybody can do this right away.

It burns a little. Is that normal?

Yes, it's perfectly normal.

Very good.

Thank you.

Am I how you pictured?

I don't know, you're really blurry.

I wish mom and dad were here to see this.


I think I wanted this more than you, Sydney.

Not when you were 12.

I waited for this for 15 years. I thought I'd feel a sense of...

It's sort of like...

It's not your fault. Hey...

It's not your fault.

I'm sorry...

You just need time. You'll see.

Goodnight. I love you.

I love you too.


Can you see me? Don't feel bad if you can't.

What's that on your head?

It's a bandana, my grandpa gave it to me.

You know maybe tomorrow we can take a walk...

And I can show you the park outside.

The palm trees...


Oh, coming...

Sasquatch, I got to go.


Please... I don't want to go...

Mrs. Hillman?

Mrs. Hillman?

Mrs. Hillman.

Where are you taking her?

Mrs. Hillman?

Where are you taking her?

I'm freezing... I'm freezing...



I'm freezing.

Where's Mrs. Hillman.

Oh, I'm sorry. She passed away last night.

Everything is just perfect. You are recovering quite nicely.

And the tearing stopped?

I think so, yeah.


So whose eyes were these?

Excuse me?

My donor?

I'm afraid I can't help you with that, Sydney.

These are your eyes now, and they're working.

It shouldn't matter where they came from?

Does that hurt A little?


When will I be able to see more clearly?

Well it varies with each patient. Couple of days, couple of weeks.

But your vision itself isn't the issue.

Since you've been blind so long, I'm going to refer you to a specialist...

...Paul Faulkner, he'll help you.

It's okay, I got it. All right, have a nice day off tomorrow.

Thanks Sydney.



Are you ready to be my tour guide?

You're leaving?

Yeah, I'm afraid they've had enough of me here. This is my sister, Helen.

Helen, this is Alicia.

Hi. Hi.

Hey, can we get a picture together?

Of course.

Here, I'll do it. Okay.

I know you're scared, Sydney, don't be.

The world, it's really beautiful.

Okay, smile.

My carry-on's in the trunk, And clean, go to some art galleries.

Is it too much for you. Should we...

...pull over or something, just say the word, okay.

No, no. We can talk everyday, you can come over and check on me.

I just... think I really need to do this on my own, okay?

Okay. I understand.

Got some new lamps for your place.

Oh, thanks.

I put them in.

Here, I'll do it. Okay.


This is too soon I know, I don't know what I was thinking.

No, no, it's okay. It's okay.

Do I know any of you?

Welcome home!

Oh hi Jim.

How are you doing? Great to see you.

Nice to see you too.

Sydney, it's Bret. Welcome home!

Hey Syd it's me, Alex, from upstairs.

Oh Alex... Wow, nice to see you.

It's your cousin, Sarah.

Oh Sarah, it's been so long.

I'm so happy.

Recognize my voice.

Oh, hi Cynthia.

How'd you know it was me?

How could I not, Cynthia.

What's up girl?

Oh, Richard!

So, this is what bald looks like.

Hey Sydney. How are you?

Miguel. Yeah.

How are you? you look good.

It's Amanda!

Hey, are you okay, do you need some water or anything.

Yeah, I'm going to go to the kitchen, why don't you stay with the guests.

1: 06AM

Hi. Hi.

Sorry I'm late. That's Henry.

I'm Paul.


Have a seat.

You damaged your corneas when you were 5?

Yeah, my sister and I were playing with firecrackers.

I tried a transplant when I was 12...

But I rejected them.

Stem cell research changed the game. Is that why you tried again?

No, my sister was really the one that kept up with all that stuff.

These are Doctor Haskin's test results. There's nothing physically wrong with you...

The operation went flawlessly. But you're probably in for a shock.


You already filter information from sound, smell, touch. But now...'re going to be assaulted by a million things you never even knew existed.

A whole new level of confusion.

Do I look here, or here. Is that bright thing important or this dark one...

...moving towards me or away from me. Dangerous or not?

As long as your eyes are open there's just too many distractions, I mean, how do you concentrate.

I'm talking to you, and you're...

...looking at that woman. And you're thinking is she going to eat that.

That's a pineapple by the way. You cut it open...

I like pineapple.

Anyway, because you can see people...'re going to expect people to do things you can't do.

Read signs, recognize body language.

Recognize facial expressions. Get out of their way.

Your eyes will want to dominate how you perceive the world.

But you can't fully trust them. Not yet.

In the next few weeks, I'm going to help you see the world like it really is, okay?

A lot of it is going to be difficult, but the main thing is to be prepared.

And that's where I come in.

Okay? We're in this together.

Oh, you scared me.


Have you seen my report card?

Your report card?

Do you live here sweetie?

My Father will be so mad at me. Have you seen my report card?

I'm sorry.

Let's take five.

I'm sorry. I don't know what's wrong with me.


You're pushing too hard.

You know when I first went to London to work with the Philharmonic.

I was so nervous. In Prague, I was a big fish. In London... of the hundreds.

But you did so well in London.

I never thought I would be ready.

But when it was time to go on, everything faded away...

It was just me and the music, face to face.

I wasted so much time being worried.

But there was nothing to worry about.

And now our spring concert series... almost upon us. Sydney?

Will you be ready?

We're all counting on you.

I'll be ready.

I'm sure you'll be.

Number 42!

42, that's us. You sit tight, I'll get it.



Oh I ordered a salad. Can you change it?


You think I'm just going to let you go?

You think I'm not going to do something.

That's it, right?

I'm gonna do it.

I'm sorry?

I told you I was going to do it.

Don't go!

There was a woman, she came at me.

What woman? What woman?

Christ's sake, get a hold of yourself, please.


I'm sorry.

I apologize.

It's all right.

Well, from the latest results, there's nothing wrong with your eyes.

Well maybe there's something wrong with the tests.

Tests only gauge the fact that you gave no abnormal responses.

Creative ones, yeah, the kind that artists and musicians give...

...but the last I checked, you are a musician.

I'm sure other musicians don't see what I've been seeing.

Come with me.

I'm not an idiot, I understand what you're telling me.

My brain is having to relearn how to decode the world around me.

But that's very different from me seeing things, that don't seem to be real.


Look, you're real...


You're here.

My perspective and focus is off, but...

You're real. I can see you.

We see what we look at. But the way that we see things is affected by what we know...

And there's a lot around you...

That you can't make sense of yet.

What are you saying to me? You think, I'm making this up?

You think I want this happening to me?

I think you're not going to be able to push through this...

I think you were better off before...

All special, well you just discovered you're like the rest of us.

Stop it.

You know when we first met.

I didn't think you were such an ass.

That's because you didn't know how to spot one.



Have a good evening Mrs. Chueng.

Ahh, Miss Wells. Your new TV is here... buddy from the cable company hooked you up.

Thank you Miguel.

And welcome to the 200 channel universe.


Bye. Good night.

Hi, this is Helen, I'm out of town until Saturday... if you need to contact me, do so after the beep.

Hey, it's Syd. Please call me.

What are you doing!

Call 911! Somebody call 911!

She's not breathing!

Hi, you've reached the cell phone of Doctor Paul Faulkner...

...leave a message after the beep.

Hi Paul, it's Sydney. I'm at a Chinese Restaurant... the corner of 4th and Figueroa.

Something's happening to me.

I need you to come, please.

Excuse me.

Sydney, Sydney. It's me! It's me. It's me.

This place...

No, no, no. I was just here...

I was just here.

What are you talking about?

This place...

There was a fire in here, there was a fire in here weeks ago, five people were killed.

It was in the newspapers, it was all over the press I was just here... Hey...

What's wrong?

Everything's wrong. Everything's wrong.

My apartment keeps changing.

It was filled with smoke and I was attacked...

What do you mean you were attacked. this man... He was on fire then he was gone. Everything was gone...

So I had to get out of there. And I was walking down the street...


...this woman walks through me. She walked right through me!

And I saw the shadow... I saw it before... the hospital. It's some kind of escort...

That takes people away when they're dead.

There's something so angry about them. They don't want to be seen.

And then, this...

I see people... nothing's wrong.

When they...

...don't seem to see me.

Sydney, listen to me.

I'm seeing things that aren't real.

I'm seeing things that I shouldn't see.

I'm dreaming things, I've never seen.

This surgery was supposed to make me normal.

Sydney... Your eyes are not the problem.

These eyes are not my eyes.

Yes, they are.

No, they're not. Yes, they are!

Listen to me.

You've got a disorder, all right.

We've got to teach your brain how to separate out...

...these ghost images from the real thing.

You're not listening to me. I'm not seeing ghost images.

I see...

What? Dead people?

Rooms that change... Phantom escorts...

Whatever it is that you believe you're seeing, it's not real!

It's not.

It's not real.

You don't believe me.

I want to help you.

How can you?

How can you, if you don't believe me.

You gettin' on or what?

It's not real...

It's not real...

It's not real...

It's not real...

It's not real...

It's not real...

Have you seen my report card?

Have you seen my report card?

No. I already told you.

Have you seen my report card?

Stop asking me.



Have you seen my report card?

It's your sister Helen, I'm on my way to the airport. Are you okay?

Will you call me, on my cell, okay. Please.

You're scaring me sweetie, pick up.

Okay I'm going to call someone, I'm going to call someone unless you pick up, Sydney.


Miss Wells!

Sydney? It's Paul, are you in there?

The doorman's going to let me in, all right?

Will you give us a minute.


Your sister called, she said you hadn't answered the phone in days.

What is this?

You want to be blind again?

At least do it right.

When you were blind, you had a life, you were engaged in a world. You had a job, what is this?

You get scared and you just drop out. Run back to your room, turn off the lights.

What now?

I'm going to take you to the hospital and get this cut sewn up.

Is it really necessary?


I think you should keep her here over night, here's my telephone number.

Sydney Wells? You're back?


What are you doing in here?

The golf ball's gone, Sydney Wells.

What? I have to go now.

Wait. Hang on.


I know you're scared, don't be.

Because the world really is beautiful.


No! Alicia!

Don't go with him!



How are you?

Whatever's happening...

There's nothing that can't be fixed.



How's the hand.

It's fine.

Alicia's mother wanted you to have this.

Said, she talked about you all the time.

She was smiling up until the very end.

Who is she?

That's you, Sydney.

That's not me.

Of course it is...

...who else would it be.


What are you doing?

Sydney, you're scaring me.

What do you see?

Cellular memory, based on the theory that all... tissues have the capacity to remember...

...cellular memory explains how energy and information...

...from a donor's tissue can transfer consciously...

...or unconsciously to the recipient.

Recently, recipients of organ transplants...

...have begun to report episodes of newfound memories...

...thoughts, emotions and characteristics...

...that are often associated to the original donor Paul!

Sydney, I can't talk right now, I have to go to a meeting.

Listen. There's no history of schizophrenia in my family.

I've never suffered from any mental condition, not depression, migraines, nothing.

So, for argument's sake Let's just pretend I'm not crazy.

All right, walk with me then.

There have been cases of transplant recipients who've actually showed...

...characteristics of the donor.

Right. Cellular Memory.

There was a liver transplant patient in Kentucky last year...

...that almost immediately felt the urge to pick up smoking.

A health nut all her life.

The donor was a chain smoker.

Down to the same brand.

And a few years ago this little girl helped the police solve the murder of the person she got her heart from.

She kept having visions of the crime. There's some kind of chemical... It's...


It's how the mind and body communicate.

So it's not too big a leap to suggest memories can be accessed from these organs, too...

No, because corneas aren't a major organ, it's like changing the windshield of a car.

But there's still a chance isn't there?

I... I need that chance.

I need to find out who the donor was.

I see her in the mirror every day.

I have to find out who she was.

That is confidential information.

You can't ask me to do that. I could lose my license.

Your license...

Well by all means...

...hold onto that license.


Sydney, come on.

Thank you.

What floor?

Excuse me.


Thank you.

He's here, isn't he My Tomi.

What was that about?

Who's Tomi?

Her son.

Where was he?

He's dead.

Who are you?

What do you want?

I want to help you...

...but how can I...

...if you won't tell me.

Sydney, are you okay?

Sydney, open up.

Open up!

Sydney, open up.

What the Hell is going on!

I need to find out who she is!

Who? My donor!

Her eyes, my eyes!

I've seen what she saw!

I'm seeing what killed her.

Sydney, please...

Helen, don't!

I love you, but there's no way you can help me.

You're not making sense.

It's all happening to me. Everything that happened to her, is happening to me.

Until I find out who she is...

And what she wants... it's going to keep happening.

County General please.

Hey, hey, hey!

The only...

...cornea transplant that matches the date of your surgery...

...came from a Clinica Saint Javier, Los Llanos.

Your donor was from Mexico.

Do you get car sick?


It's a 15 hour drive.

Thank you.

The file says your donor was Anna Christina Martinez.

One living relative, mother. Worked in a ceramics factory.

Hopefully we can track her down.

So what made you change your mind?

About what?

About coming down here with me?

Can't you just let me sabotage my career in peace.

I was just wondering why you changed your mind, that's all.

Is it because you believe me?

Paul, stop the car.

What do you see?

There was a fire here. I keep seeing fire.

Hey, maybe they know something.

Hola chico. - Hola.


All the doors were locked, and nobody could get out.


He lost a brother.

How did it happen?


He says something about a witch.


You see that, bruja?

Yeah, actually I've seen it before.

That means, witch.

I don't think anyone's here.



Hola, Senor Martinez.

No. I work here.

Is someone from the Martinez family here, that we can speak to?

Senora Martinez is here, but she is resting.

Oh well we could wait, it's important.


Come in...

Come in. Thank you.

Please don't be long, She's not well

Mrs. Martinez...

My name is Sydney Wells. And this is my friend Dr. Paul Faulkner.

What do you want?

Well we would like to talk to you about your daughter.

I was wondering about... she died.

What business is this of yours.

It's hard to explain...

...see I have a connection. With your daughter.


You have her eyes.

I'm sorry for how I look, there was...

...a fire in the factory where I work.

Did your daughter die in the fire?

No. But many others did.

If they had listened to Anna, they would have been saved.

What do you mean by that?

It doesn't matter now.

Did Anna ever see things she couldn't explain.

Do you see things?

Things that are not real.


It's a terrible thing to see the spiritual world, isn't it?

The souls destined... repeat their death, everyday, unable to find peace.


Anna was always alone.

People around here, they were always afraid of her.

They would blame her.

Why would they blame her?

One time when she was a little girl.

She would sit in front of the person's house and she...

...would just cry. And soon after...

...somebody in that house, would die.

I know that she wasn't doing these things...

...she wasn't bringing death to anyone.

But she could just...

...see death.

This is a small town. Many superstitions.


The graffiti outside.

As if they have nothing better to do all day than cover your house...

Call an ambulance. What?

Call an ambulance!

Every night... Every night...

...she does it again, and again.

Please, save her...

Save her... Save her... Save her...

What happened!

She's having a heart attack. We got to get her to a hospital.

Help me put her in the car!

You ready, got her?

Where's your keys. My right hand pocket.

Open the door!

All right, bring her around!

Set her on the seat.

Go around to the other side. Pull her in head first.

Will you hold her legs for me?

I got it.


All right, all right, close it. Close the door!

Emilio, you take the keys, you drive, you know the way!

Come on!

I need to stay here.


I'm fine, just go.

We'll be quick, don't go anywhere.

All right, Anna. I'm here.

What do you want me to see?






Bruja! Bruja!


Paul, is that you?



Please help me!

No! No! No!

No! No!

No! No!


Come on! Come on!

Come on! Come on!

What am I supposed to do! Please!

Tell me!

Your mother asked me to save you, but I don't know how.

What am I supposed to do? I don't know what to do here.


What do you want from me...

...tell me.

I believe you... I see what you saw...

I know what you went through.


It was never your fault.

How's Mrs. Martinez?

She didn't make it.

Thank you.

Hey buddy, what's going on?

Some high-speed chase down the American side...

...has the whole border shut down. Nearly an hour now.

Might as well make yourself comfortable.

Great. Thanks.

How long was I out?

Not very long.

Oh, it's freezing.

What's going on?

There's some kind of... on the other side of the border, we could be here all night.


Wanna play a game?


All right, come on, let's get back in the car.

Come on, you're scaring the little girl, let's go.


Look at her, you're scaring the Hell out of her.

Let's get back in the car, now. Come on.


Oh God!




Sorry man, are you all right? All right...

I see the shadows! They're everywhere!

Excuse me! Excuse me please!

Open up!

Open up please!

What is going on!

There's going to be a accident, we don't have a lot of time.

Please, just let me talk to the driver, okay!

Oh my God!

Don't you understand! This is what she wanted me to see.

Everything I dreamed wasn't from Anna's life, it was from this...

Right now! She let me see that this was going to happen, so I wouldn't end up like her.

She wants me to save these people!

That's what she wants me to do.

You have to believe me. You have to believe me.

You need to get off this bus.

Everyone needs to get off this bus.

All of you! You can't stay here!

Everyone has got to get off this bus!

You need to get off this bus, right now!

Is it like a terrorist thing?

Yes! Get up...

That's exactly... ...what it is!

There's a bomb on the bus!

There's a bomb! Run! Move it!

Run, come on, get out of the car!

Come on, get out!

In the car... Run! Go!

Out of your car!

Wait here, sweetie.


Run! There's a bomb!

Run, get out of your cars!

Get those people out of there right now!

Get out of the car!

Come on, you got to get out of the car!

Come on!

Go, go, go!

Help me! Mom!

Hey! Hey! Hey! Are you all right?

Get my daughter! She's inside.

Open the door!

How! Please!

Help me!


Paul! Help!

Stand back, I'm going to break the window! Close your eyes!

Stand back!

Hurry! Stand back!

Come here, honey!

Paul, let's go Hurry up! Run!

Come on! Run! Run! Ru

You saved them Sydney.

You saved them Sydney.

You saved them...

Some say, seeing is believing. Now I know what they mean.

Anna Christina tried to prevent death. But she was ultimately powerless to stop it.

Anna and I shared both a blessing and a curse.

I know, now, I don't need eyes to see what truly matters.

The gift of Anna's sight made me see what I was afraid to.

To use...

...that vision to not only save myself and others...

But to give Anna the peace...

...that she never found in life.