The Falcon and the Snowman (1985) Script



Easy, now. Easy.


Easy. Hey, hey, ok! All right, climb up there, girl!

There you go! Climb on up now! There you go! There you go!

Get up there now! Get up there!


Come on, let's go for it now! Go for it! Yeah!

Go get 'em, Fawkes! There you go! There you go! Ok! Yeah!

Go get 'em, Fawkes! Go get 'em! Go get 'em!

Count it and make sure.

You a resident in the United States? Yes, sir.

Are you a resident? Yes, I am.

Any fruits or vegetables? No, sir.

Ok. Thank you. Thank you.

Hello there. How are you today?

I'm doing fine.

Would you pull over to the inspection area, please?

What are these? Prescription Lomotil.

How long have you been in Mexico? Just for the summer.

Hi. How you doing?

It's... 82nd Airborne. Pleiku. 2nd Division Marines. Korea.

Yeah? All right!

Thanks a lot! All right.

Where is it? Where is it? Good boy! Good boy!


Go get 'em!

That's it! Good boy! Good boy! Where is it?

You can't walk with the ball! You gotta dribble it!

Hey, Carmen!

Hi, Chris. Long time no see! He up yet?

What do you think?

Daulton Lee, we've got you surrounded!

Who's there? Don't move!

It's me! It's me! Don't shoot!

Chris? Chris, stay down!

They got us surrounded! No! I was joking!

I was just kidding! Just kidding.


How are you? All right. All right. You're looking well.

Yes, I'm looking very well. So are you.

Sorry about that.

Plop! Little does it know!

You write a friend a letter, you expect a response.

That's the way it works. Good to see you.

Good to see you too, but I'm serious. I take it very personally.

I write very few letters. I wanted to surprise you.

This isn't a visit. I'm back for good.

Changed my mind. No seminary. Just couldn't go through with it.

What have you been up to? Pass the cantaloupe.

Is this a bad joke?

I thought you'd congratulate me for coming to my senses.

You're wrong! How many guys do you know whose best friend is also his priest?

I mean, I could've gone to confession and told the truth!

I'm disappointed, Chris. When did you last go to confession?

That's irrelevant.

Did you tell your folks? My folks don't know I'm back yet.

That'll be interesting!

The half of the jury committee yesterday recommended the impeachment of President Nixon, charging that connection to the Watergate case he acted in a manner contrary to his trust as President and subversive...

I don't care what these people say. The man is innocent!

Right, dad? Keep it up.

Maggie, the garbage.

Come on! You gotta give me this moment! I may never be right about anything again!

You find this amusing?


Dad, it's for you!

- Mr Waldie. Aye.

- Mr Flowers. Aye.

- Mr Mann. Aye.

- Mr Sarbanes. Aye.

Mr Wiggins.

No. - No.

- Mr Moorhead. No.

It's unbelievable.

You'll call father Glenn today?

It won't hurt to talk to him. Ma, it's not gonna accomplish anything.

You don't know that.

You remember Tony Owens' son Gary?

Careful, dad! Careful. I'm sorry.

I hired him last summer. I let his old man know the time had come to reciprocate.


If you have a better idea, I'd love to hear it.

I don't think you have the faintest clue what to do to yourself.

Well, you could ask! I'm asking.


You're to report 9 o'clock Monday morning.

Here is $10.

Get yourself a haircut.

I don't know what this is, coach, but... I'm sure it's great!

You're welcome, son.

RTX Credit. Authorisation code, please.

Yes, we show derogatories - credit and criminal.

You're early. You're late.


Chris Boyce, Larry Rogers.

How's it going? Ok. Pretty good. How are you doing?

I'm just explaining to Larry that we'd better start making things little more interesting around here for you or we'll lose you.

Going back to school? Yes, sir. I plan to next year.

Medicine. Law.

Yeah, that's right. Right. That's excellent. That's excellent?

I don't know your father.

He's Director of Security over at Strata Research.

Retired FBI. Yeah, I know.


That's good.

Debra. Hi!

Hi. You got a minute? Sure.

Get out my personal file, please.

Chris, you know I can't do that. I won't tell anyone, I promise. Please?

Come on... I don't have your access code.

I owe you one.

Wait a second.

"File closed. Under review".

We've been checking into your background for some time, Mr Boyce.

You're quite an impressive young man.

Do you ever hear anybody talking about birds around here?


No, sir.

The 'Black World'? At lunch? Or in the men's room?

You never overheard anybody mentioning anything about 'Black World' projects?

Just gossip. No, sir.

Know why that is?

They don't exist.

At least, not as far as anyone without high government clearance is concerned.

Do you want to do me a favour and sign this piece of paper for me, please?

It's backwards.

The 'Black World' is a codename for a family of covert surveillance satellites.

Conceived by the Defense Department, manufactured and maintained by RTX and used primarily by a company you may have heard of Langley, Virginia. Central Intelligence.

Circling the earth with their cameras, heat sensors, microwave antennas they've significantly lightened the workload of human spies.

When Brezhnev chats with his mistress over his supposedly clean phone the birds listen in.

When he takes his dog for the walk in the park the birds take a picture of pissing on the shrubbery.

When he tests his latest warhead underground somewhere in Siberia and claims he hasn't the birds know he's lying.

You'll be working in the system's nerve centre.

A communications vault, linking RTX and our associates in Virginia with tracking stations all around the world.

Alaska, Guam, Iceland, Australia, to name a few.

You'll be receiving and transmitting correspondence that relates day-to-day to the activities of the satellites.

Correspondence that you will find designated top secret.

Correspondence is protected by extremely sophisticated cryptographic equipment developed by the National Security Agency.

You're not to discuss any aspect of your job with non-cleared RTX employees.

This is as far as I can go.

Not with your girlfriend. Not with your parents.

Not with your dog.

Not in the men's room, not over lunch.

Not in your sleep. Nowhere.

Are we clear so far?


I'm not the secretary. There is no secretary.

I think somebody might've made a mistake. Is this the black vault?

No, but you're getting warm.

The vault's over there.

Fuck! Excuse me.

Mr Norman? Who the hell are you?

Christopher Boyce. Supposed to start working here.

Who says you're supposed to start working here exactly?

Well, I was briefed by Larry Rogers.

He didn't tell you?

You were supposed to show me how to work the machines, I guess.

Larry, this is Gene. I got this kid, supposed to be working here?

Don't get excited, Gene. I sent him over.

Sure, but nobody tells me anything.

- I'm telling you now. Yeah, ok. Yeah.

We're working together. Yeah.

Well, you didn't tell me that, did you? I thought maybe I was...

So, you want a margarita? Pardon me?

You want a margarita?

That'll be your desk over there... What was your name?

Chris. Gene.

Gene. You're gonna love it here, Chris.

Nobody can mess with you here.

Nobody's got clearance to get in. Not even Security.

Can you turn that thing off for me? Giving me a fuckin' headache!


Yeah! Just the three of us.

You and me and Laurie.

Hi, Laurie. Hi.

Want a margarita? No. Maybe later.

Good. There's not enough anyway. Ran out of salt. Cheers.

I'm surrounded by junkie partners who turn me in the minute they get in trouble.

I don't trust any of them. I'm all alone.

Would you stop that? This is serious!

How much are they paying you or is that a big secret too?

140 a week, before taxes.

Do you know what I'm offering you? Do you know what I make?

Ten times that. Easy. It's about to double.

I'm this far away from a truly amazing connection.

I'll split it with you 50-50, right down the middle.

Jesus! Nine iron.

We'll be rich! We're already rich.

No. I mean "rich".

Hey, he who dies with the most toys wins.

That way... is the green.

I can't believe you're really not interested.

I'm flattered I'm the only one you trust, but I'm really not interested.


That's the Average White Band "Pick Up The Pieces".

I'm your host Johnny Crystal.

"Allow union infiltrators sufficient lead time."

Union infiltrators?

"Though CIA exposure seems unlikely, standard programme of denial"

"of involvement is recommended."

Standard programme of denial recommended.

Happens all the time. We're all in the same system.

So, they screw up, we get their cables. We screw up, they get our cables.

You haven't heard anything about one particular thing?

No. I really wouldn't worry about it.

Eddie would know. Want me to ask him? No.

Why not?

Eddie. Eddie! What do you know about a covert operation in Australia?

Chris wants to know. Which one?

Something about labour unions. Air-traffic controllers.

It's nothing. They're threatening to strike.

If they do, it'd stop our personnel and equipment into Pine Gap.

Don't worry. It's under control.

Like Whitlam! They've been saying he's under control for two years!

Who's Whitlam? Prime Minister.

I don't know why somebody doesn't just blow up his fuckin' car.

That's why you're just a clerk.

I'm serious, man! You make it obvious!

You fuck with us, you accept the consequences.

Anything less than that is a waste of time and the taxpayers' money!

College boys running things...

Princeton boys! Faggots afraid to get their hands wet!

Getting that look. Fuck you!

Anytime, anywhere.

The man is a communist! We're letting him walk all over us!

You know, I killed 14 of 'em myself! Personally!

That right? College boys? Communists!

Special Ops. Laos. Close range, right between the eyes!

All right. You don't believe me, do you?

I believe you. No, you don't.

Lighten up, Gene. The war's over, Gene. Spare us.

Believe it, college boy.

Wasn't done.

Why didn't you tell me your old man was FBI?

Well, cos he isn't any more.

Once FBI, always FBI. He's all right.

Larry Rogers, this is Charlie Boyce. This is Chris's dad.

- Good to meet you. My wife Barbara. Hello, Barbara.

What are you doing up?

Having a brandy. Want one?

What are you doing up?

Come, sit.

Come. Come on.

Jeffrey's been given an assignment at school to memorise a poem.

He asked me to suggest one to him. Sound familiar?


"Half a league, half a league, Half a league onward..."

I can't remember it.

I don't believe you. Give me the book...

I can't remember it. I'm sorry.

Do you really resent me as much as you want me to think you do?

Imagine what that must feel like.

You know, you say more with a look than you realise.

And whatever else you think about me, I am not blind...

I gotta get up early. Sit down!

I don't wanna fight with you! Just talk to me!

I'm getting an apartment cos...

Yeah? All right with you?

You're an adult. You do what you have to do.


It used to be easy, didn't it?

"Half a league, half a league, Half a league onward"

"All in the valley of Death Rode the six hundred."

"Charge! Was the captain's cry"

"Their's not to reason why, Their's but to do and die:"

"And into the valley of Death Rode the six hundred."

I'll sweep across into Southern Europe.

You come from England and Africa. Hit his north and west borders.

What do I get out of it?

What do you want? I wanna keep North America.

Let's go, Chris! You're being attacked!

Yeah, I'll be right there.

Chris, I'm attacking you from Egypt. I'm coming into Southern Europe.

Want me to roll for you? Yeah. How many armies do I have?


And you've just lost two more.

Now I'm hitting you from Great Britain. I'm coming into Northern Europe.


I'm going into the Ukraine. You're gonna be wiped out soon.

There goes the Ukraine.

Every day I get these misrouted cables the CIA's secret mail.

Details of covert action that have nothing to do with national security.

Manipulations of foreign press, political parties, whole economies.

I mean it's incredible.

I had no idea the extent of the lie, the level of deception.

Australia's not our only ally being deceived.

I've got a house to show! Lock up if you leave.

Know what I think? You really wanna hurt 'em, you really wanna do some damage?

Make it public. 'New York Times'. No, no, no.

No, I'm talking about a big exposé. It's already public!

What happened in Chile was public.

People still don't believe we engineered that!

Allende was a socialist. He was elected.

People see what they want to see.

It's unbelievable. Well...

I don't know what's going on with you, but this is insane. It's wrong.

It took a lot of trust to come to you with this.

If you can't see this is wrong, then you're further gone than I thought.

And I feel sorry for you.

You're a drug dealer, Daul! How can you tell me what's right and wrong?

You wanna say that louder? I don't think the neighbours heard you.

You wanted to be partners. I'm offering you a partnership.

Look at it as one of your many business transactions and you won't have any trouble with it, I promise you.

Did it ever occur to you that maybe you're seeing just exactly you want to see?

It's worth significant money.

I don't want anything to do with it.

What are you smiling at? A patriot?

And proud of it.

Come on in!

Matt, this is Clay.

This is Daulton. Dale! I got a room upstairs.

Excuse me. Nothing personal. He's just gotta check you out, ok?


Go ahead!

Don't mind if I do!

Accuracy. I didn't come here to party.

Nothing personal.

Where are you from exactly? Orange County.

Where exactly? Irvine.

Not bad!

Not bad.

What's that?

What's that?

What's that noise, lke? I don't know.

Police officers! Fuckin' cop!

Hands up where I can see them! Hold it right there!

All you have to do is to meet with him wearing a concealed microphone.

Have a drink, record the transaction. That's it. That's all we need.

What kind of protection do my client expect?

I don't think, your client in his position do expect anything!

If this prick opens his mouth one more time, this conversation is over.

You got that?

Now, what kind of protection can my client expect?

At no time while you're wired are you out of reach of armed assistance, ok?

If I can't guarantee your safety, I don't let you wear it.

I would like to discuss this with my attorney in private.


I work for them and I am a dead man!

I set up one buy and that's it! I won't last...

You seem to not understand.

They are not talking about six months in some minimum-security work camp this time.

They are talking about San Quentin. I understand it.

I am not an informer, all right?

That is against my principles and I am not going to prison!

That's the only two choices you got! The only two choices I've got?

You tell them anything you want, but get me outta here on bail tonight.

They'll know what this stuff is, right? I'm not gonna have to...

They'll know exactly what it is.

They'll know exactly what it is and this... this is if you get that far.

There you go. All right.

What's it worth?

How should I know how much it's worth? Get whatever you can. Haggle with them.


I just walk in there?

Yeah. I mean, what are they gonna do, shoot you?

They might. You don't know...

You don't even know the address.

Hey, there's one thing.

Look at me. Whatever you do, don't tell them my name.

All right? That's for your own protection.

As soon as you tell them my name, they won't need you any more.

It's not too late to back out.

Just tell me.

This is interesting. What is it?

I'm the courier. The courier?

American spy satellites. I can get you all the information you wanna know.

Sputniks. Yes?

Maybe I'm talking to the wrong guy. Who would be the right guy?

KGB. This is an embassy. No KGB here.

Well... whatever you say.

One moment, please.

The card has something to do with satellites, yes?

That's right. So you're a spy.

That's right.

Do you have some identification?

Thank you. You're welcome.

Listen, Alexiei. It's important.

Try to find out who it is.

Ask him...

Find out what a bird is.

Testing. One, two, three. Testing.

Just looking for an ashtray here.

That's not a candy dish? No.

It's an ashtray.

You got a nice office here.

I like the rug particularly. I'm kind of an expert on rugs.

It's Pakistani, right?

I wouldn't know.

My associates are not so sure about the authenticity of your calling card.

Really? Here's the deal. Got your notebook handy?


I got a friend in LA who works for the government.

He's not real crazy about the CIA. Ok?

The deal is he gets the stuff out, gets it to me. I get it to you.

I gotta warn you, this information is quality merchandise means real high priority.

I expect to be paid premium prices. That's it. Long and short of it.

What's your friend's name? My associate wishes to remain anonymous.


And you... What do you do?

I'm a fugitive from the law on a trumped-up charge.

I'm man on run.

Currently residing here in Mexico.

FBI says I killed a border patrolman in Laredo, Texas.

You said 'I expect to be paid'...

Correct. Premium prices. But you said 'I'.

Not 'we'. 'We' expect to be paid.

Hello. - This is the operator.

- I have a person to person call for Mr Philippe. Speaking.

- Go ahead. Gracias, señora.

Buenas tardes, Señor Philippe.

Señor Gómez, how is Señora Gómez?

Mucho gusto. Guess what? You were right. My uncle says 'hi'.


Hello, Señor Philippe? Hello?

I'm still here.

You won't beleve it. It was beautiful!

They were dying for the stuff! I just walked in...

"For your new place!"

"Hasta mañana"


- Hello? Hi, mom.

- Chris! How are you? Pretty good.

- How's the apartment? Shaping up? Yeah, it's coming along.

How are you? - Fine, just fine.

How's dad?

Great. I'll go get him... Hold for the second...

No, no. Don't bother him.

Just tell him... I called and... I'll call him later or something.

Yeah, everything...

Better get off. Your father's about to break his neck. I love you.

I love you... too. - I'll call you back.

Do you know the restaurant in San Francisco?

No, but I know the restaurant in Los Angeles.

I'd like you to get into the habit of calling me Pedro.

Ok. And I'll call you...


Luis. Very good.

There's an interesting article in my newspaper, Luis. Any in yours?

Several. Wonderful.

Maybe I should read them... now.

First rate! It was a pleasure to meet you, Luis.

Enjoy the rest of your vacation. You too, Pedro. Adiós.

If I don't show up within 30 minutes, that something went wrong and we'll try again next month.

Ok? Ok.

Now, Luis, I must stress this.

Never come to the embassy again.

It's watched constantly, by you know who. First time you had to. I understand that.

From now on, it can't happen.

You know Oswald? Lee Harvey Oswald?

He visited the embassy here.

The CIA has a picture of him on the grounds.

They photograph everybody. I want you to promise me.

Alright, cross my heart.

Good. So you understand.

When you've got something for me, make an X one meter by the side of arc at the junction of Juárez and Peralta.

The first Monday of the month. We'll see it, we'll be in touch.

Tuesday. Did I say Monday? I meant Tuesday.

Now, I need to know some things and I have a list.

The money, Pedro.

It's all right. I've got it.

Safe and sound. I didn't forget.


On what frequencies and bandwidths are the messages broadcasted?

I don't know.

What are the orbits of the satellites? Don't know.

Go ahead, look. Get it over with.

Right, Luis, please, the frequencies.

Told you, I don't know that stuff.

There's no reason to continue pretending there's a friend.

There is a friend. It serves no purpose.

You can believe whatever you want to believe.

There's a friend.

Ok, this will be very tedious for me.

I'll copy the questions out in English.

You can give them to your friend. Fine.

For $6000, please sign.

Hey, Irvey! Hi. How are you doing?

All right. You? Ok.

Put them on the account, all right? Ok.

They're cute, aren't they?

You look good with her. Thanks.

What's his name? This is Fawkes.

Named after Guy Fawkes.

Yeah. You heard of him?


He was in 17th-century England.

He tried to blow up Parliament, but... failed.

She'll go crazy if she sees me preparing her food.

There you go.

Hey, Fawkes, you hungry? What do you eat?

You're kidding! You may not wanna watch this.

I have to do a little Henry VIII. It's painless but it's gruesome.

Get rid of her. Meet me at your place at 2300 hours. That's 11 o'clock. Ok?

Hi! Hi.


Lana, this is a friend of mine.

Tradecraft. I don't really look like this. Ok?

$5000. Two for you, two for me and one for my expenses.

I can't believe you actually did it. I actually did it.

And I didn't even give them your name though they tried everything short of the rack!

You son of a bitch!

It's a sweet deal, Chris. Really perfecto.

This girl's cute. Where did she come from?

You know, there's a felony warrant out on you.

I know. I wish them a lot of luck. Check this out.

Theodore Lovelance.

Do you like that? Yes!

Lousy picture. Lousy?


They want to know some stuff, some details.

I accidentally washed it, but I think you can still read it.

It's for real.


Don't answer.


Chris! Chris, open up! It's us!

Oh, shit! - Open the door, son!

Just stay there. Ok?


Hi. Hi.

We woke you?

We brought the TV for you. Where do you want to put it?

On the desk, over to the desk.

It's not bad. It's not bad at all.

Yeah, that's great.

Hello, Mrs Boyce. Hello, sir.

Take these to your mom.

I remember that TV.

Here, I'll give you a hand.

My, you're all up early?

Yeah. 11:45.

Just straightening up.

He just dropped by last night. What was I supposed to do?

It's a tight group down there, Chris.

They like you. They're impressed with your work.

Don't mess it up. I don't hang out with him any more.

So, you no have to worry.

I was just as surprised to see him as you were.

Mom, leave the dishes!

So they haven't locked you up yet, Daulton?

No. Too fast for 'em, sir.

Yeah, all the way! All the way! Keep going! All the way!

You got nine minutes, then you're gone!

No problem. It's on the house. Really? Thanks.

...In Australia today with the ouster of Prime Minister Gough Whitlam.

The action, unprecedented in its 75-year history as a federation was taken by the Governor General exercising an obscure but inherent privilege to fire a prime minister.

The business community applauded the action.

Labour unions protested it by immediately calling strikes.

Do you know the restaurant in San Francisco?

That's all right. I'll get it.

What's the story? Change of plans. Get in!

Come on, get in!

Sit down.

Don't be afraid.

I have heard much about you, comrade Lee. Now we meet.

How are you? Fine.

Who are you? Fine, thank you.

No. Who are you?

A fellow comrade in the service of peace.


Give him the address of the hotel.

This is good for them.

Tomorrow, leave 'Camino Real' and check inside this hotel.

What's he talking about? 'Camino Real's too conspicuous.

Too many people can see you. This place is less visible.

I never heard of it. This why it is good.

You'll like it.

Does it have a swimming pool?

Hey! Hey!

What about a ride?

First of all, I don't particulary like to be kidnapped against my will!

I went to the Obelisque in good faith.

Next thing, I'm in an automobile with this gentleman, almost getting killed!

Secondly, that park in the middle of fuckin' nowhere!

How did you expect me to get home?

I'm out on the street for 2 goddamn hours waiting for a fuckin' taxi!

Thirdly... Excuse me.

Thirdly, nobody... not you... nobody tells me where I can stay and where I can't stay!

I went to that fleabag of yours!

I'll tell you something! I am insulted! Alright?

I don't care who you are!

I stay where I wanna stay!

So... tell us about this mysterious friend of yours, comrade Lee.

You have some money for me or what?

Karpov, give me the envelope...

Is the Negro your friend?

Is my friend Negro? Yes.


Do you know what this is?

Let me guess.

Camera? Camera Minox-B.

Very accurate and very exact.

It's very dangerous for your friend to...

He's been making Xerox cop...

He's been making Xerox copies, probably on a machine where he works.

The counters on those machines are more than likely routinely checked.

So you want us to photograph them from now on.

Decent idea. Give me the camera. No, this one's mine.

I had an idea that might be of interest to you, ok?

I know a gentleman in Lima, Peru.

You, people, have down right an embassy or something.

This guy can get his hands on heroin.

Large amounts of heroin, dirt cheap.

It's a fine product. Here's the problem.

It's difficult to get this stuff out of South America these days. Alright?

My idea is this. I arrange a buy. Alright? Say 5 kilos to start.

Your people bring it up in their diplomatic pouches.

I wouldn't think there'd be any risk in that. Alright?

We split it 50-50.

I get my end into the States. You do what you want with your half.

What do you say?

He is serious? Yes

Think about it.

This is the Bellas Artes.

The Ballet Folklórico performs here twice a week.

And, the Polyforum designed by famous Mexican muralist Siqueiros.

The 'Camino Real'! This is my home away from home.

It's the finest hotel in all of Mexico City.

And you stay there? Every time I go down.

Are you kidding? How did this get here?

I call this Lee and Boyce, the before picture.

What is this? The after picture?

Annie called me and I rushed home and you know, he's back.

The insanity's going on again.

See if he'll come over. Do you think, could you come over, Ken?

All right, here. Take the torch. Just put it right by your face.

Let's get this thing set.

What's up?


I'll be right back.

Just get yourself a drink or something.

I've been playing the stock market down there in Mexico.

Have you? Yeah.

Been doing very well, too. That's good.

Actually, if you wanna know the truth the stock market thing is just a cover-up.

I'm really selling government secrets to the Soviet Union down there.

That's what the camera's for to photograph documents.

You really oughta come down there with me sometime.

What do you think?

I think that'd be great!

Hi, Clay. How are you doing? That's for you.

Daulton, take a picture of us. Daulton!

Hi, dad.

How are you?

Well, I'm fine.

It's... good to have you home.

Thanks. What's up? I just had a call from Kenny.

He's managed to reschedule your court date.

Terrific! Yeah.

Now is the time for you to realise that your situation is serious.

The party, Brad...

Right now, the thing to do is get those people outta here and for you to come back to reality with a better mental attitude that I've been seeing lately?

What do you say?

I know what you're saying.

Daulton, I found $900 on your dresser this morning.

Do you think it's still there with all of these people?

I took care of it! I put it in the safe!

Honey, please don't leave that kind of money just lying...

I want all those people outta here now!

Give me that! What?

The camera! What's wrong?

You crazy? The government secrets, the Soviet Union?

She didn't...

I don't care if she didn't believe you! Give me the camera!

$189 plus tax. I think we should split it.

What's this?

Just coke. When did this start?

It's just coke. Really? Don't lie with me. When did this start?

Are you my mother? Don't lie! It's heroin!

I don't even shoot it up! I just snort it, ok?

How much?

Maybe a couple of hundred dollars a week. So what?

"Courier is undependable."

"Seek independent channel of communication."

Near the harbour. Near the harbour, yes. In Tokyo.

Well, I don't speak very much. First of all...

Hello. Daulton Lee, American Embassy.

Ok. Hello. Daulton Lee, American Embassy.

De la Guinée. New Guinea? Terrific.

Let me ask you.

This clothing, this be considered formal clothing for your country

...or is this the average garb? This... garbage.

Excuse me. Excuse me.

Why aren't you come to visit our country. Excuse me. Excuse me.

I want to show you something.

Why wasn't I invited here? Just don't say a word.

Don't do anything.


Go on! Go on down!

What did I tell you? I waited for you for over an hour...

What did I tell you? You never come to the embassy! Never!

How can I make it clearer to you? If nobody shows up, what do you do?

Leave. Leave!

Where did you put the X? Where do you think?

There was no X.

There sure was, Alex! You, the guys, screwed up, not me!

Don't try to put the blame on me! The X was there!

Which corner? Juárez and Marroquí.

Son of a bitch... Ok. We'll talk about it...

Peralta, Daulton... Juárez and Peralta.

Need I write it down for you?

What are we going to do with him? He's completely jerk.

Could I have another drink, please?

Relax, Mikhael. Here.

Have another drink.

About time, Mr Karpov!

Now, remember our figure. 30.000.

What's the matter? Too dark? Too light?

You took these? These were sent from the source.

I had no prior knowledge of this.

I have no idea how this happened, but I'm gonna find out, ok?

This is outrageous! Karpov, get this punk!

Wait a minute, Mr Karpov. You want to know his name, right, Alex?

Christopher. Just like the saint. That oughta be worth something.

These are good, right? Good?

$500 a piece. Yes or no?

Ok, I swear to God! No money, then that's it.

You'll never see me again.

All right, from now on, I do my business with the Chinese.

They'll pay.

Do you carry a pistol?


Maybe you should.

Let's see how this works. How does that fit?

It's from Chris. By George!

Listen, thanks so much!

My golly! Will you look at this!

Where did you get this? You can't buy these in the United States.

Peking! Come on!

I sent away for it in England. This is so neat!

I taught you how to use one of these. You'd learn real fast.

Took him three years to get the nerve to take the fish off the hook!

I'll get it, I'll get it!

Chris, it's for you. It's Daulton.

Real bright calling me here.

Pardon me!

Imagine you were drunk! Thought we'd get a kick out of it!

Listen, don't forget who runs things and I won't have to remind you again.

Runs what? Now listen...

I've been up at the party yesterday and today!

I don't have much patience right now.

I had them hooked and you would've lost 'em...

Bob. Hey, hi.

This is for you and your wife. Really?

There's another in the car. Can you get it for me?

No problem. Thanks a lot for this. She'll really like it.

D-4. Wilke.

Now the knee. All right!

Perfect! Just perfect!

That's great! Yeah. Document Control.

- NSA guy on his way up to see you. What? Now?

- Just issued him a pass so... Oh, God!

An NSA inspector's on his way over!

An NSA inspector's on his way over right now! Laurie!

Right behind you!

Come on, Chris! Let's go!

Come on! Move!

Laurie, get the broom! What broom?

We don't have a broom? I don't see one!

Where did you put the dope? Behind something?

No, right out in the open! Of course behind something!

We're never gonna make it!

We're dead! We're fucked!

Is this your desk? Yes, sir.

What's this doing out? I don't know.

Chris, what's that doing out? I don't know, sir. What is it?

Who's the security custodian this week? He is, sir.

Secure it. Yes, sir.


Open it, please. Yes, sir.

Combination? Yeah.

Open it.

That's... fine, gentlemen. Thank you.

What can you tell me about the 'Pyramider Project'?

Thanks. Thanks, Eddie.

Well? It's a dead project.

It's abandoned. It didn't even reach the blueprint stage.

It's worthless garbage. It's bait.

You didn't bring it in, I didn't.

None of us saw anybody bring it in. It didn't get in here by itself.

Those bastards don't trust us.


Ok, fine. Somebody wanna play games?

That's fine with me! Come on, Gene.

Darling, what on earth...

I'm building us a house. It's in Costa Rica.

It's not started yet. It's in the architectural stage.

But I bought the property. Costa Rica?

The most beautiful stretch of beach you've ever seen!

4200 square feet, split-level, 5 bedrooms

4 baths, sauna, jacuzzi, aviary and an elevator down to the beach!

What's anyone gonna do in Costa Rica?

Fish, take long strolls on the beach, collect shells, relax.

Take it easy for once in your lives. You deserve it.

They do that here. David.

Yeah? - Daulton, this is Clay.

Let me get on the other phone, ok? David, can you hang this up?

Hello there. - I got a buyer.

- Five ounces, 8500. Wait a minute, Clay. Five ounces?

- That's what you said. All set. Four ounces, I said, not five.

You go back to the bargaining table. You tell them it's their mistake...

Something else about this house. It's totally solar heated.

When in God's name is it gonna stop?


I will not have dope deals made in this house!

What dope deals? When is it gonna stop?

I'm not dealing dope any more. I'm out of it.

You jumped bail, you disappeared! Probation people call us night and day!

The cops watch our house under surveillance! They do not!

You missed Christmas by a week! Wanna know what I was doing?

You're not here an hour... Want to know what I was doing?

I was doing top secret! Brad, please!

I'm sick and tired... Working for the government, CIA!

I was working for the CIA!


I don't know what I'm doin' any more. I'm trying!

Don't worry. They'll get over it. You've gotta make up for me.

You've gotta make them happy, make them proud!

Do you want me to drive?

No drugs. That's the main thing. You just ran a stop sign.

Don't break their hearts the way I have.

You do and I find out, I'll kill you, I swear!

Promise me.

I promise.

Do you love me?

Oh, shit!

I gotta lose these guys!

Get out, David! It's my problem. Run!

Ok! Yeah!

Did he call yet?

Well, when he does tell him it's over.

I want out. It's gotta stop.

I've been thinking, too. I think it's time we diversify.

Get a few subcontractors... What did I just say?

I heard you. I agree with you. I think we should retire.

Get somebody else to do the roadwork. Pull the strings. Ike could be interested.

Clay. Think Perry could handle it? What about your little brother?

David? You'd do that to him! Drag him into it!

This is a business! We gotta expand! You're sick!

It's been nickels and dimes compared to the possibilities!

Where are you going? It's over, delivery boy!

Hey, wait a minute... Get outta the way! Outta the way!

Get outta the way! I Xeroxed everything!

Every cipher, every document! Yeah! Make you nervous?

Don't worry. I'm not gonna do anything with them as long as you're reasonable.

You don't believe me? Go! Go ahead! That's the quickest way to find out!

Where are they? In a safe place. In a safe place.

You're lying.

How about I give 'em to your father? How would that be?

Give 'em to the great FBI man! How would he feel?

A Soviet spy for a son!

This is my livelihood now! You can't just take this away from me!

Yes? - Lius?

- Do you have the merchandise? Yes, I do.

Is it better quality this time?

My associate assures me it is. - Is he there with you?


You still there, Alex? - You'll be delivering it, then?

That is correct.

The first Tuesday. - Monday.


I know it's a lot to ask, to work in silence for once!

Fuck! Fuck it!

Let's go out.

What's wrong? You tell me!

What's happening?

Tell me. Please tell me.

Come here.


It's just the maid. Later, señora!

Tell her to come back later.


Well, hello there.

Hello there. Come in.

Are you well?

I took a few days off. Called in sick. Need a vacation.

Well, great! Great!

Raul my best friend from California, Chris. Chris, Raul.

Raul. Hi.

We're finished, yes? Yes.

Ok. I'll be right back, all right?

Trouble? No.

Look, just relax. I'm not trying to cut you out of the picture.


Secret little messages behind my back. Yeah!

Nice try, Judas.

Well, you put me in that position. Christopher.

Or should I call you 'Falcon'?

My name is... Alex.

This your first time in Mexico? Mexico City.

Daulton is showing you the more inspiring landmarks?


You make a good tour guide, Daulton. I always knew it.

You know, you're not what I expected.

And you're not black.

Pardon me? It's a long story.

Where are we going? To dinner.

They'll ask about the frequencies, so don't trip me up.

I told him he'd get them next month.

The operation goes fine.

Unfortunately, one serious problem remains. Do you know what it is?

The frequencies. Exactamente.

For anything to be worth anything, we must, as you know have the daily transmitting frequencies.

Well, that's not entirely true, as you know.

The fact is I can't get them. I don't have access to them.

He assured me that he could get them.

No, I didn't. Yes, you did!

They're not even kept at RTX.

Only Western Union and the NSA have the daily list.

Now, I never said I could get them and I can't.

You know these people, I assume.

Most of them. Good.

What I would like is that you write a little something about each one.

Their exact job titles to begin with.

Where are you going? Can I talk to you?

Sit down and shut up!

Also physical descriptions of each.

Height, weight and so on. Their home addresses if you know them.

And maybe some details about their families.

Drinking habits, religious habits.

Sexual deviations and so on.

Look, none of those people will help you the way I've helped you.

Are you trying to get me killed? You should never promis some you can't deliver.

You should've lied! They're not gonna stand for this!

Give these people what they want! They're watching us through this!

There's wires all over this place! It's all bugged!

I'm sick of this fucking hocus-pocus shit!

$10.000 right now or we're gone!

Basura. Just like everything else.

Yeah? How would you know? I'm sick of talking to a goddamn clerk!

Get me an expert! Get me somebody who knows!

You go back on every promise! I go back?

Where's the infrared data? Where's the heroin?

Where are the frequencies? Fuck the frequencies!

Sit down and shut up! You sit down and shut up!


Call the great Karpov! Every time you can't handle something! Call him!

Where's the bathroom in this fucking joint?

I am so curious about something, I have to ask.

How is it that you and Daulton... I mean, where do you know him from?

We were altar boys together.

Daulton doesn't know it yet, but I'm quitting RTX.

I've already given notice. I felt it only fair to tell you in person.

That's why I'm down here. What will you do?

Going back to school.

Well, he's... pretty sick. I'd better get him home.

No, no, don't go yet! He'll survive! He always does. Sit down. Please.

Leaving RTX and going to college is a very good idea.

You should consider majoring in Russian Studies.

History, language, politics and then... think very seriously about applying for a job in the State Department or the CIA.

Absolutely not!

You know, Christopher we're not unalike, you and I.

I, too, have had my doubts. I know what it does to a person.

I know what you're feeling.

What are you talking about? I'm not a professional at this like you.

This isn't a career for me. It was impulsive.

I never expected it to go on as long as it has.

I'm not like you. You have no idea what I'm feeling.

You want a mole in the CIA, you find somebody else.

I have a life apart from all this, unlike you.

You know, we waited a very long time to meet you.

We have put up with more than anyone should ever have to!

You owe us. Owe you?

Owe you?

Christopher, you remember one thing.

Impulsively or not you came to us. We didn't come to you.

And, whether you realise it or not you are a professional.

The moment you accepted money, you became a professional.

You can't leave here tonight free of it all any more than I can.

Did you really think you could?

It's not over, Christopher.

It's just beginning.

I cross the border a million times and I don't get caught!

Get busted on a felony and they let me go!

Everything you give me looks good, but it isn't. It is basura!

It is garbage! I'm not stupid, Chris. I read books.

What are you talking about? It's called disinformation.

Counterespionage. What?

You're backed by the Company. You're one of them!

The CIA's got a picture of Oswald and they've got one of me, too!

That's all part of the plan, so it's ok! It's ok!

So what happens next?

You throw me to the wolves? Look what that shit's doing to you!

It's all that's keeping me sane! It's killing you!

I don't know who my friends are! I don't know who to trust!

I don't know who to trust! Don't throw me to the wolves!

Listen! Leave your bags behind!

We'll get on the plane and get outta here.

We'll go home.

Come on, come on...

I'm ok.

I'm ok.

Chris? Chris!

What's going on? I think I got everything.

You'd better double-check just to make sure.

What are you doing? I don't love you any more.

I want your things outta here tonight.


It's been fun.

It's about time!

Where heve you been?

You gotta promise something: the day after you graduate to come and see me I want to chance to make you the first offer.

No of fence, Larry, but the pay's not too hot!

Come and see us. We'll take care of you.

The Agency can't afford to let a guy like you get away.

Chris! Hold still!

It's about time! I've been stuck for the last time, Alex.

From now on, I set up the deals!

What's this? What's this? Wanna play this game?

Alex, tell this guy to let go! Shut up.

Tell him to let go of my arm!



Let's finish it.

I don't need this shit.

There's a lot easier ways of making a living.

I wanna make one last delivery.

What do you think? Do you think I'm making this up as I go along?

I'm not going down there any more.

I'm not asking you to. I'm gonna do it.


They were just waiting the whole time. Stringing you along to get to me.

They don't need you or want you any more.

They want me.

I'm through with running. I mean, the thrill is gone.

I'm gonna go to court, face the music, do time, whatever.

I'll just get a new start. I'm sick of this shit. I'm tired of it.

I'm tired, too. So tired I can hardly stand it.

I'm gonna be looking over my shoulder the rest of my life.

And for what? There's never gonna be any reconciliation.

They're just as paranoid and dangerous as we are.

I can't imagine why I thought they'd be any different.

Well, fuck them!

I'm gonna get something out of this nightmare.

They're gonna want this and they are gonna pay!

The frequencies? Satellite.


How much are you gonna ask for it? 100.000.

It's too dangerous.

I'm not gonna let you go down there.


Alex! Hey!

Tell these guys to put their guns away!

Don't point that gun at me! Hey, come on!

We have no claims.

I'm an American tourist! Exuse me, please! Tell me what's happening.

I'm American! Yes. Calm down. Slowly...

I'm coming down the street, ok? I'm with the American Embassy.

You happened to be coming by? Yes.

I got separated from my girlfriend.

She's gone in this museum... It's not a museum.

Leave this to me. Let me deal with the officials.

Just calm down.

Take your gun out of my ribs!

Are you the head guy? There's $500. It's yours. Just forget the whole thing! Ok?

Callate! American's been arrested.

Get over to police HQ right away. I'll meet you there.

Like to know what I'm charged with, if you don't mind.


I appreciate you coming down. It's just a stupid mistake...

This is Walt Hamilton, Vice Consul. Don't worry. We'll get you out of here.

Come in, please Thank you.


I'm photographer. I work for an advertising agency.

That's a communications satellite.

My firm's doing promotional films for General Electric to interest... investors.

Documentos. Olympics, World Series.

That sort of thing.

It's a postcard. Bellas Artes.

You carry it as a trophy?

You like to look at it? It's a postcard.

Look, this is foolish.

If they're not gonna charge me, I'd like to get outta here.

What's he saying? They're charging you with murder.

You're kidding.

You've gotta be kidding!

Cop killer. I am not!

Comunista. I am not!

Terrorista! No, I am a tourist.

I am a businessman. I am a Republican.

I have my rights! I am an American!

This is not America.

Hotel Camino Real. Buenas tardes.

I have a person-to-person call from the US for a Mr Theodore Lovelance.

Mr Lovelance? Yes, he is in Room 122. I'll ring. Please hold the line.

- Hello? Mr Lovelance?

- Who's calling, please? Is Mr Lovelance there?

No, he isn't, operator. Who's placing this call, please?

Sir? Would you like to leave a message?

Mr Lovelance doesn't seem to be in.

Would you like to leave a message or try back later?

Who is this...

I'm sorry, sir. That London flight is completely booked.

All I can say is try stand-by or I can book...

No. Try Buenos Aires at 4 o'clock.

Buenos Aires? Right.

Checking, sir.

Final boarding call for Pan Am flight 551 to Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aires.

Pan Am flight 551 to Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aires now boarding.

Who gave you the assignment to kill the policeman?

I didn't kill anybody.

Who do you work for? The United States government.

Fuck off!

Who do you work for? The CIA.

I can't read this. I don't speak Spanish. Your confession.

Sign it.

I'm not a communist!

I'm telling you the truth! You got the wrong guy! Stop!

I'm not an assassin! I'm just a spy!

You fuck with us, you accept the consequences!

College boys running things!


Listening! Listening!

Where are the wires?

We're deporting you.

You have your choice of destination.

Costa Rica. The Soviet Union or the United States?



The FBI's gonna come around asking questions.

There'll be all kinds of stories being told. They'll try to implicate you.

There'll be stories, lies. You won't know who to believe.

And that's the look that'll tell 'em you had nothing to do with it.

With what?

I love you... and I always did.

Adiós, amigo.

Now, you get out. You just go.

You're free.

Up, shit-heels! Get up! Lose the bag!

Lose the bag! Put your hands up!

Put your hands up or I'll blow your head off!

You fuckin' traitor!

All right, let's get him outta here.

July 29th 1974, you signed a security agreement that you would not transmit classified information to any unauthorised person or agency.

That's correct.

You were informed at the time that such a violation could be punishable under Federal Criminal Statutes.


Have you, in fact, violated that agreement?

You bet.

Did you remove NSA ciphers from the communications room?

Ciphers, Pilot TWXs, Argus, Rhyolite data ground resolution studies, performance sheets.

'Pyramider', useless and obsolete.

Whatever happened to be lying around that day.

'Keystone Kops'. What?

Security at RTX. 'Keystone Kops'.

How long have you been an agent for the KGB?

I've never been an agent for the KGB. I work for no one but myself.

I'm in no political organisations other than the Democratic Party.

How much money did you receive from the Russians?

Personally, or...

About $20.000. Money's never been real important to me.

Early you may references to CIA activities unrelated to the satellites.

Could you be more specific?

I haven't mentioned a word about the CIA but I could be very specific.

What was your control agent's name?

What? I'm sorry. What?

We can continue later if you're too tired.

No, I'm fine. I just didn't hear your question.

Who did you receive your instructions from?

My conscience.

I know a few things about predatory behaviour.

What was once a legitimate intelligence-gathering agency is now being misused to prey on weaker governments.

We ran out.

I appreciate fear.

The chance to face it.

There's nothing more exhilarating than confronting your fears.

What are you afraid of?

Of people who can imagine and create sophisticated weaponry and a government that can't be trusted with it.

We're the only nation that ever used atomic weapons on other human beings.

We are capable of it.

You understand that by turning over US secrets to the Soviet Union you're putting every man, woman and child in this country in jeopardy.

They're already in jeopardy.

There are other forms of protest.

Are you sorry you didn't choose one of them?




You don't feel you hurt anybody?

The government's worried, Charlie.

This case could cause serious political damage.

There's debate now whether prosecution is worth the public disclosures that might arise in a trial.

So Chris holds the kind of cards that could save himself.

Daddy... Eric! Eric, I'll fix that for you.

Charlie, all of us realise that this situation could just as easily have happened to us with one of our boys.

And we all want you to know that, with your ok we'll do whatever we can to see that this case never reaches a courtroom.

Two of my boys came home today from school bloody.

Teacher just stood around and watched some kids beat 'em up.

Do you know what they called them?

Do you know what they called my sons?


Charlie, do you understand what I'm trying to tell you?

I don't think anybody should do anything to influence this case in any way.

Let him be judged.

Christopher! Christopher! What do you think of your sentence?

Do you plan to appeal? Do you think you got a fair trial?

Stand back!

Do you feel any remorse?