The Fallen Sparrow (1943) Script

"Alright. Go on. Let's have it."

"Can you go through with it? Have you got the guts for it?"

"Or have they knocked it out of you? Have they made you yellow?"

Carry out this bag? Coming right in.

Alright, take it. Yes, sir.

I'm sorry. That's alright.

The 16th Precinct.

Is that the Police Station on 5th? Yep.

Where's Tobin?

Who? Tobin. Inspector Tobin. Toby.

Oh, his office is down on 7th Street.

Don't give me that. He's hung around here since he was a rookie.

Where is he? You're so smart, you find him.

Keep an eye on these. I don't want them hooked.

You call me.

You're Inspector Tobin, huh? Uhuh.

Head of Homicide? Yep.

Why did you give out that Louis' death was accidental?

Louis? You mean Louis Lepetino? Yeah.

Because it was. You know that's a lot of malarkey.

Who are you, mister? John McKittrick.

Oh, now I got you.

You're old Chris's boy. Glad to see you. Sit down.

I, uh ..

Used to work for your father in the old East Side days.

Too bad he left the force. He might have still been with us.

You know, I've a theory that getting in the big money don't do anyone any good.

Alright, you've an opinion.

Let's stop cutting up the apple cake. I came here to find out about Louis.

Friend of yours?

Since we were kids. You know that.

Where you been hiding out? Yeah, you weren't at the church.

Louis had a swell funeral.

I've been on a ranch in Arizona, taking a rest.

From Spain?

Yeah, I heard about that.

I didn't know about Louis until I read it in a month-old paper.

I caught the next train. Uhuh.

You know that Louis didn't kill himself. I didn't say that.

I said it was an accident.

The toughest cop on the force falls out of a window?

Don't give me that. I knew Louis.

Maybe you're playing Dude on an Arizona ranch you've got out of touch.

Or maybe you didn't know Louis got mixed up with a crowd. Your kind of crowd.

Park Avenue and a couple of refugee princes. What do you think of that?

I don't like this.

I don't like any part of it. You know Louis didn't fall out of any window.

What's the angle? There isn't any angle.

Or maybe you think you know more than the whole of Homicide Squad.

Maybe you got psychic on that Dude ranch?

Well, listen.

Arizona may let you guys play cowboys as long as you can pay for it.

But I'm hanged if New York will let you play detective if you're Mr McKittrick.

So run along and forget it. You'll have more fun uptown where you belong.

Alright, sweetheart. Let's leave it straight.

I'll find out what happened and why you're covering.

Run along, son.

And don't get a headache.

Oh ..

Louis got me a permit to carry a gun.

His "accident" doesn't show that, does it?

Good for a year.

Why did you want to carry a gun?

To shoot people with, sweetheart.

Mama. Mama Lepetino.

Kit! It is Kit. Papa, it is Kit!


We knew you would come, Kit.

Always, big boy.

When he was a boy ..

When he was in trouble, you would come.

Now .. we're alone and I want you.

My boy, Louis. My boy.

Can you find out, Kit?

Yeah, I'll find out. I know it wasn't an accident.


You got any ideas, Papa? No.

We not see Louis for a long time before he die.

He goes around with these people. What people?

These very swell people.

Inspector Tobin says it was an accident. Yes.

Why did he say that? I don't know.

He was a good boy.

A great guy.

Will you stay for supper, Kit? No I can't, I've got to run but ..

I'll come down in a couple of days and we'll have a real visit, huh?


You will find out, Kit? You bet I'll find out.

We will see you again. Good luck, Kit.

Hello Ab. Kit!

Come on in. What are you doing back? This is really good news.

Well, I thought I'd had enough.

You mind if I bunk with you a couple of days?

Try going anywhere else. Roman will unpack you when he gets back.

You have the place to yourself though. I've got to go to Washington tonight.

Come on in, I want to get a good look at you. How are you, anyway?

I'm okay .. I'm fine.

Yeah, you look it. I guess the ranch was the right answer.

I guess so. Really great to have you back, Kit.

Thanks Ab. And you're okay?

Yeah. Sure?

Yeah .. I never felt better in my life.

Scars all healed. Weigh what I should. Eat well, sleep well.

Steady as a rock. No more noises?

No. Swell.

This calls for a celebration. How about a drink?

Sure, thanks.

What are you doing all dressed up? Going to the Tavitons.

Barby is giving a party for some refugees. That's her latest craze.

Why don't you come along, Kit? You won't have to dress.

Sure. I don't mind.

Wasn't Barby the reason you came rushing back to New York?

No, not exactly.

Was it because of Louis Lepetino?

What do you know about it, Ab?

Nothing much. I wasn't there when it happened.

One of Barby's parties and Louis falls from the top-floor window.

That's the way they tell it. Who?

All of them. You'll meet most of them tonight.

Louis got you out of Spain .. didn't he?

How do you know that? A guess.

Can you talk about it, now?

I .. I tell you I'm okay.

I know you are, Kit. Will you tell me about it?

I'd like to know. I've got a reason.

What is this, a test? You know better than that.

What do you want to know?

How it was in Spain when they held you prisoner.

When you came back before you couldn't talk about it.

Yeah, but I can now.

It was pretty tough.

First, you didn't think you could take it.

Then you did.

It was if somebody stuffed you in a bottle and put the cork in.

Dark .. hot ..

You live mostly by sounds.

You knew it was morning when you heard the birds.

You knew it was Sunday when the bells rang.

In the dark there, you got to know everything by the sounds.

Like the padding in the corridor.

That would be the ..

The footsteps of .. a peasant.

Or the .. boots of a Nazi guard.

Sometimes the .. screams ..

Of some of the other prisoners.

A key turning in a lock with a squeaky hinge.

Water dripping in the hall. I remember that, on the left.

That was bad because ..

We didn't get much to drink.

We got pretty good on the sounds and they helped.

Except when you knew it was long enough between times.

Then you'd just wait for the boots to come and the drag of that foot.

When that came, you knew they'd come in and take you upstairs and ..

Beat you up and do their little tricks.

Maybe it was only a little while between times.

You hear the drag of that foot.

You'd try to hide against the wall and ..

Crawl into a hole, only there wasn't a hole to crawl in.

Try to hide in a corner and ..

You feel like a dog that's been whipped and cut.

You tell them it's been too soon.

Those filthy rats. It was too soon.

They knew it was too soon. I couldn't stand any more.

They didn't want me to die. They couldn't let me die.

I couldn't take it anymore. I have to tell ..

Take it easy, Kit.


That's the way it was. Over and over again.

You hear the sound of a limp in the hall.

I never saw him. The one that limped.

The others would come down and take me upstairs.

And go to work on me.

Between times, they thought of new ideas.

The sadistic swine.

Then they'd throw me back in the cell and ..

Go on, all over again.

Well, how am I doing?

I'm sorry Kit, I didn't mean to bring it back to you.

That's alright.

I've licked it. I can talk about it.

And Louis got you out of all that.

Yeah .. Louis Lepetino.

Is that my room? Yeah.

I'll clean up now.

Good evening, Mr Parker. Hello Robert.

Good evening, Mr McKittrick. Hello, Robert.

Sounds like a binge. Exactly, sir.

Ah, here's the Miss Taviton.

Kit! Hello, Barby.


Kit, you look wonderful. Thanks. So do you.

Oh, this is marvellous.

Well, why all the reserve?

So many people here. I'll see you later.

Hello, Ab.

Ever since Ab called, I've been in a whirl.

Come on in. There's some people I want you to meet.

They were just talking about you.

Are you coming, Ab? In a moment.

Kit! Good heavens, look at the man.

Doctor Skaas, may I present John McKittrick.

How do you do, sir. How do you do.

And this is Otto Skaas. Mr McKittrick.

Miss Taviton was telling us that you fought in Spain.

I was there for a while. I'm very interested, Mr McKittrick.

You see, at present I am engaged in a work having to do with ..

The cruelties of men towards other men.

Now, your opinion would be invaluable.

Could an old invalid impose on you to visit him someday?

Glad to be of service.

I was just frightening these people.

I was comparing modern scientific torture.

With the methods of the ancients.

Shall I continue? Go ahead.

Thank you.

Ah .. would someone please close that door?

I was saying ..

That the ancients were far too violent.

They concerned themselves ..

With a purely physical torture.

Primitive ideas.

Because release by death, comes too quickly.

The ancient Asiatics on the other hand ..

Displayed far greater cunning.

For now is conceived the idea ..

Of combining mental torture.

With the purely physical.

For instance, the old practice ..

Of dripping water.

Drop by drop. On the forehead of the victim.

Drop by drop .. for hour after hour.

Day after day.

Until the weight of each drop.

The shock of it.

Mounts and becomes unbearable.


And here is the principle of all modern torture.

Release is given.

The dripping is stopped. The victim is revived.

Just at the borderline of sanity.


Ah, then comes an interval.

In which the victim tortures himself.

Waiting ..

Knowing that the operation will be repeated.

And it is repeated most assuredly.

With perhaps several new variations.

You see the point?

How perfectly ghastly!

You see the beauty of the idea?

Mental torture.

In which the victim actively collaborates.

I could tell you many, many more ingenious methods.

Barby, come on. Hadn't we better get started?

It's after nine now. Alright.

I suppose we really should be going.

Come along, Kit. We're going to the refugee dinner.

Don't bother about dressing.

A great bunch, what?

Who are the Skaas's?

A couple of refugee friends of Barby's.

The Doctor is a famous Norwegian historian.

It seems he escaped from Norway just before the Nazis got in.

Who's the blond wolf? Otto?

Yeah. He's too interested in Barby. Maybe you'd better smack him down.

Who is he? The nephew.

They're both friends of the Prince François de Namur.

They live in the same house. The Prince is great stuff with the refugees.

The old Skaas seems to be okay, though. He's been pretty well identified.

What about Otto?

He's taken on his uncle's word. He got out by the underground.

Automatically, that puts him on the prescribed list.

You believe all that?

Do you mind if I don't? No. Not at all.

Were the Skaas's at the party when Louis had his "accident"?

Yeah .. look, Kit. Talk to Whitney about the Skaas's.

Whitney? You know, "The Imp". My cousin.

She's here tonight, talk to her. She was at that party.


[ Singing ]

She's improved, hasn't she? Who?

Whitney. That's Whitney Parker.

Oh, that's "The Imp".

She's a big girl now. She sings professionally at the Club 5.

Society stuff.

Not so much. She's on her own.

Her father wouldn't have it. Threw her out.

[ Singing ]

I don't like to watch people dance.

Take me back to my table, please. Yes, sir.

Who's that girl? The one with Otto?


That's the prince's granddaughter.

Prince Françoise? Yes. How did you know?

Oh, I get around.

You've got a roving eye, Kit. That's something new.

What's the matter, Kit? How?

You seem almost indifferent.

When I kissed you tonight, I thought ..

Well, I don't know. You're spoiled.

What is it, Kit?

Maybe I haven't big ideas any more.

Maybe I'm just a mug.

Well, don't get tough with me, darling.

When I came back from Spain and you came to see me in the hospital.

I thought I got the brush-off then.

You looked so awful. Yeah.

I know.

Kit, Otto and I are going to Franconia Lodge for some skiing.

Why don't you come along? No thanks.

Oh Kit, please.

I can't, I have to stay in town. But I'll see you when you get back.

Don't sit on me, you'll mess my dress.

I was going to suggest you go home and put one on.

It's nice to have you back, Kit. You're looking fine.

So are you. With your hair done up, braces off your teeth ..

You almost look grown up.

Stop it. Didn't Ab tell you about me?


A dog of a cousin he turned out to be.

Why don't we go some place and have a real drink, huh?

I'll go, Kit. But I have to be at the club by midnight.

Come on over there. Ab?

I can't, Kit. I've got to leave for Washington in an hour.

He's a working man, now.

Come on, The Imp. Let's go. Kit.

Take it easy until you hear from me. Sure.

We're going now. Goodnight.

Goodnight. Goodnight.

Is this alright? Fine, thank you.

They won't serve you a drink, Imp.

They will but I don't want one.

I'll have some brandy. Bring the bottle. Yes, sir.

Are you going to howl? No.

There is a solution. Ask Ab.

What's Ab doing in Washington? Working for the government. Decoding.

But he's on his own. About the Skaas's, I mean.

Who is Otto Skaas? He could be an agent.

How about Doctor Skaas? He could be another one.

What makes you think so? I'm smart.

I can smell phonies.

What do you know about Louis Lepetino? That's why you came back, isn't it?

They're waiting for you. Who?

The Lepetinos.

I work for Jake, Louis's brother. He runs this place.

You were there that night at Barby's, weren't you?

Yes. What happened to Louis?

I don't know, Kit. Only Toni Donne saw him fall.

Who's Toni Donne?

The girl you were ogling at, at the ball.

Oh .. the dark-haired one.


The Prince de Namur's granddaughter.

Alright, now stop making me guess. Now you put it together.

Well, it was one of Barby's big parties.

Everyone was packed in the playroom upstairs to hear Anton and me.

Doing that song you heard tonight.

Both the Skaas's were there. They were staying at Barby's then.

Barby, of course. And Louis, and Toni Donne.

Yeah, go on.

I was just finishing that last chorus, where I start to build to the climax ..

When suddenly she screamed. Toni Donne?

Yes. She said she felt faint. She'd gone across the hall to the library in front.

She said she was across the room and she saw Louis fall or jump from the window.

Where were the Skaas's?

Doctor Skaas was sitting next to me. How about Otto?

Otto was upstairs in his room.

A waiter had spilled wine on his shirt and he'd gone to change.

A perfect alibi.

Alibis have to be perfect, don't they?

What about the prince? He wasn't there.

He is too feeble to go out.

How do you know so much about all these people, Imp?

Anton. My accompanist.

And where does Anton fit?

He's alright.

Look, he's just a working musician. He knows the prince and Toni. That's all.

Let him alone and stick to Toni Donne.

I've got to go change. Will I see you after the show?

No. But I'll call you.

Goodnight. Night.


Tell Jake I want to see him, will you. Yes, sir.

Hello, McKittrick. Hello, Jake.

We thought you didn't care, Kit. You took so long to come.

I didn't hear about it for a month. I was over to see Mama this afternoon.


Your health is regained? Yeah.

Who got Louis?

If I knew ..

It was no grudge. It was no hood.

I found that out.

Louis liked women, Jake. Beautiful women.

He wouldn't jump out of a window, and he wouldn't let a guy get him in a spot.

Someone pushed him. And it had to be a dame.

A beautiful dame. Yeah.

How did he get mixed up in a society mob?

I don't know.

Does that Toni Donne come around here?

I know so few by name, Kit.

Barby Taviton comes here.

That makes two dames.

Toni Donne and Barby.

Where'd you get that pianist? Whitney brought him in.

What about him?

A musician .. he's kind of funny. How do you mean?

He hangs around with a funny crowd.

"You're bad for me."

Maybe there are three dames.

Mr Parker tell you to expect me? Mr McKittrick?

Yeah. Yes, sir.

You're new here, aren't you? I'm substituting for Henry, sir.

I'm Roman. Will you come this way, please?

I've unpacked for you, sir. Except for the small case.

That was locked. Fine.

Thanks. Very good, sir.

[ Foot-dragging sounds ]

[ Foot-dragging sounds ]

[ Water dripping noise ]

[ Water dripping noise ]

[ Water dripping noise ]

[ Foot-dragging sounds ]

[ Foot-dragging sounds ]

Good morning, Monsieur.

Good morning.

Hats? I beg your pardon?

I said "hats". You have them here, don't you?

Oh yes, of course.

Well, do they come out on the hour, like a cuckoo clock?

Our trade is mostly custom, sir. Oh.

My name is McKittrick. John McKittrick.

How do you do.

Didn't I see you at the refugee dinner last night?


I thought you were the most beautiful woman in the room.

Thank you.

But you are interested in hats, Mr McKittrick.


What time do you go to lunch? I don't go to lunch.

And I saw you on a train yesterday, didn't I?


Well, if we keep running into each other like this, we might as well be friends.

Well, the Plaza is only a few blocks .. I do not go out to lunch.

Good morning.

Miss Donne.

Is that why you came here?

To meet me? Yes.

Why? I'd like to know about you.

And I'd like to know about Prince Françoise.

You can read about the prince in any library.

I can't about you.

Is he really your grandfather? Of course.

I doubt it.

Good morning, Mr McKittrick.

Ah, Monsieur?

I'd like to see some hats. Yes, Monsieur.

May the young lady show them to me? Certainly Monsieur.

Not bad.

Not bad at all as a matter of fact.

Very nice.

Let's see some more.


I don't know .. I don't know.

You do not want a hat.

I really want to eat some lunch.

I told you. I do not go out to lunch.

Alright. Let's see some more hats, babe.

And do not call me "babe" again!


I ought to push your teeth down your throat. Even as a kid you were a liar.

What are you talking about? You got a drink?

In there.

What are you talking about?

Giving me that junk about Toni Donne. What junk?

How could she heave a guy like Louis out of a window?

I didn't say she did. That's the only thing you didn't say.

What is it? You trying to get her in trouble?

Is she giving you competition for Anton? You can get out of here.

About the only way it sets up. It had to be a dame. Not Toni.

She couldn't push around 17 lbs.

Besides .. it isn't in her face.

For heaven's sake. Now it's you.

You look into a pair of baby eyes and start drooling.

Anton goes for her, too. Huh?

That's it. You can get out if you talk like that.

I'll go when I'm ready. Who's Anton? Where'd you meet?

Where does anyone meet anyone? I'm a singer and he's a musician.

A superb musician. That's all he cares about: his music.

Where did you meet him? At an audition.

How does he happen to know the Skaas's? In Europe, I suppose. I don't know.

I don't know everything. You'll have to do some of the work yourself.

Long distance?

This is Plaza 3299.

I'd like to speak to Mr Ab Parker in Washington DC. The Jefferson Park hotel.

Yep .. that's right.

Mind if I use your phone? Help yourself.

I have to go to rehearsal.

Put the key in my mailbox.


Oh .. well, never mind. Cancel it.

[ Foot-dragging sounds ]

"You don't hear it. It isn't there."

"It's in your head, like the Doc said."

"Alright, suppose it is there. What are you afraid of?"

"You're in New York now."

"This isn't Spain."

"You've got to find out. Got to get hold of yourself."

"What did you come back for?"

"To hide because you hear the sound?"

[ Rapping at window ]

[ Rapping at window ]

Are you crazy?

You're drunk? No.

Kit. Shush.

What's the idea?

I'm looking for a man who came into this building.

You are drunk. I was. Not now.

Who is the man? I don't know.

Look Kit, I'm tired. I've worked all night.

I don't want to play anymore. Go home will you.

I'm looking for a man who drags one foot when he walks.

He came into this building.

You know anyone like that? No.


[ Buzzer ]

Go on, answer it. Answer it, I said.

It is the police.

Fine. Ask them up and I'll see if I can dig up a few more toothbrushes.

He says he saw someone come up the fire-escape.

Nobody came in here.


Here any disturbance? No.

We didn't hear anything, Officer.

It must have been another floor. Thanks very much, Miss.

You are okay? Yes, Anton. I'm alright, thank you.

I did not know you had company. Goodnight, Anton.

Well, that's just lovely. Anton will have a beautiful picture of me.

I didn't know your playmate lived in this building.

Kit, please believe me. He's not my playmate.

He has the rear apartment. Handy for rehearsals.

When did he arrive in this country? About a year ago.

And you've never seen a man who walks with a limp? - No.

He came into this house tonight. I saw him.

If he doesn't live here, who did he come to see?

I don't know.

Are you sure you saw him, Kit?

Did you know why I was a prisoner for 2 years after the Spanish war was over?

No. We heard you were dead, and then you returned.

I escaped.

When you came back, you wouldn't talk about it.

I couldn't.

Ever wonder why I was so important?

Ab did. We all tried to guess but, no-one knew.

Louis knew. He helped me escape.

With some old country relatives.

That's why he was killed, because he helped me. I am sure of that.

He was the greatest guy I ever knew.

He would have gone to hell and back for me.

Do you understand? Yes.

Why were you so important, Kit?

They wanted something I got.

They haven't given up.

Somebody squealed on Louis.

That's why the guy with the bad foot is here. Because I'm here.

Who is it? I don't know.

I don't know. He used to fly in from Berlin once a month.

I'd hear him in the hall.

After every visit they'd work on me, all over again.



What, Kit? Listen. You hear it?


Don't you hear the drag of a foot?

No, Kit.

You'll be back at the ranch if you keep on like this.

Don't you think you'd better see your doctor?

I did.

He said rest and quiet.

And freedom from anxiety.

[ Door knocks ]


A Miss Toni Donne on the phone, sir.

Well, thanks.

Hello, Toni Donne.

I called to thank you for the roses.

They are very, very lovely.

Oh, I'm glad you liked them.

Is that all? Well ..

You are forgiven.

Well, can we go on from there?

How about tonight? Will you have dinner with me?

Alright, then. Dinner.

"Great. Eight o'clock?"


Will you call for me at the house?

I'd like you to meet Prince Françoise.

I'd like to meet the prince.

"Alright then .. tonight .. goodbye."


Good evening, Mr McKittrick.

Hello. Come in.

I'm afraid my grandfather is in a bad mood.

He's very old.

You will please be careful not to anger him.

I'll be very careful.

Presuming to set themselves above the anointed.

Just consider the state of the world they have erected.


Your Highness.

May I present Mr McKittrick.

I'm honoured, sir. Good evening, sir.

Good evening. Mr McKittrick.

Just who are you, young man? No-one in particular, sir.

Hmm .. hardly that, Mr McKittrick.

A man of exceptional merit, I should say.

A man of adventure, Your Highness.

A fighting man.

Perhaps you can tell me, Mr McKittrick ..

Just what you found to fight for ..

In a world of imposters and pretenders and bourgeois tradesmen?

Perhaps I just wanted a fight.

Something of an idealist, Your Highness.

Oh .. an idealist.

Come. Come .. I will show you.

The Standards of the House of St Jerome.

My house, Monsieur.

There is a living history.

Something you can't buy, or steal or invent.

Something to fight for.

They represent the honour and glory of a hundred generations.

A known treasure.

You have trouble understanding this, Mr McKittrick?

What a simple banner can mean?

Perhaps this will help?

You see these ashes?

This was once a Battle Standard.

A flag of a revolutionist who assassinated an ancestor of mine.

They thought to burn it, to prevent its capture.

They thought so.

But it is here now.

The honour of the house is secured.

Hmm .. I see.

Now, we'll have wine, Anton.

There things are difficult to understand for an American, huh?

No, not for me.

Splendid. You see, Your Highness.

As I said .. a man of exceptional merit.

Your experiences taught you something of the traditions of the old world.


Beautiful goblets, aren't they?

You observe the medallions?

The Lion of St Raphael, isn't it?

Exactly. The Lion of St Raphael.

They originated in Spain, as you might suppose.

They travelled to Italy and came into the possession of the prince's family.

In His Highness's veins flows the blood of the Borgias.


Probably held .. poison in its time? Undoubtedly.

We'll drink to Mr McKittrick.

Just an old Borgia custom, doctor.

To America, Your Highness.

Well .. finally, here's to us.

What is it you really want of me?

A girl who looks like you shouldn't ask a question like that. And you know why.

When you stared at me at the refugee dinner.

That wasn't just the way a man looks at a woman.

You went out of your way to find out who I was and where I worked.

You came to the hat shop only to see me.

And you didn't ask me out tonight just because your lady is out of town.

What is it you want?

In school, did you ever talk about what you wanted to be?

Why yes, of course.

I always wanted to be the boy who chased the beautiful adventuress.

You are not serious. Absolutely.

Now it's my turn. You be as frank.

Did you come with me tonight because you wanted to or because you were told to?

Told to? Uhuh.

What kind of a girl are you really, Toni?

Was Louis Lepetino in love with you?

I only knew him for a short time. That didn't matter.

Louis always fell in love easily. With you he'd be in love before he started.

He like beautiful things.

He was kind to me.

He was kind to you?

So you pushed him out of the window. No, no. That's not true.

I think you'd better take me home.

Toni .. let's dance.

No, please. You can't make a scene.

Think of the prince. Think of those hundreds of generations.

Don't you know the beautiful adventuress never fights when she's kissed?

I don't understand you.

You can be a gentleman or a .. Or a mug.

I was raised that way.

I was a mug until I was fourteen. Then they made me a gentleman.

Then some of the boys made me a mug again.

Why are you doing this to me, Kit?

I don't know.

Maybe because I'm fighting too.

I meant it when I said it would be easy to fall in love with you.

I came out with you tonight because I wanted to.

Because in the shop, even through your insolence I felt ..

I know. You didn't let me finish.

You didn't have to.

Where did you get Louis' wallet?

He gave it to me. It wasn't that night. It was the day before.

He showed me a picture of the two of you. When you were boys.

He forgot it when he left.

That's a honey. You can believe it or not.

You dropped it in my pocket on the train, didn't you?

Yes. Why?

To warn you.

I didn't want any more trouble.

I liked you because of what Louis told me about you.

How'd you know I'd be on that train?

Don't you know that you've been watched ever since you set foot in New York?

I've seen many pictures of you. Pictures you don't know exist.

I had access to information that told me what train you'd be on.

I could be killed for what I've just said.

I told you everything I know.

Or everything I can.

Believe me.

I'd like to.

Let's drop it.

Let's have some fun. I could use a big slice of the stuff.

So could I.

Come on. Let's see the town.

We're not good for each other, Kit. Aren't we?

No. There are many reasons, but ..

I'd like you to believe in me.

It's possible we may be of help to each other.



Alright Danny. To the apartment. Okay.

Come on.

Talk. I'm sorry. You surprised me.

I surprised you? That's swell.

I was searching your apartment.

Don't give me that. It is true.


Let's have it.

It is no good you hitting me. I will only tell you what I please.

Come on, let's have it!

You are the one who should know ..

That a man cannot be made to talk.

It would mean my death.

As it would have meant yours.

You know, no matter what happened.

If you talked, you would be killed.

Is it not so?

That is why they allowed you to escape.

Allowed me to ..?


It was so.

They permitted you to send the letter.

They allowed you to steal the Luger.

You were watched as you crawled through the swamps and slept in dung-heaps.

Every minute, you were watched.

So they let me go, huh?

I should have thought of that.

They didn't beat it out of me and they couldn't kill me.

So they'd wait.

Is that it?


They don't have the Standard. I have it. I'm going to keep it. Tell them that.

And you can tell the little man in Berlin that.

You can tell them this.

They watched, maybe.

But they slipped up.

Because they didn't see my .. Then it isn't in this country?

Get out of here.


Come on. Come on, you.


Get out and stay out!

"That's not the way. Drinking won't help."

"It's you yourself, who's got to do it."

"You almost flunked it tonight. Like you flunked it at Whitney's"

"You've got to find it out yourself. Face it."

"Find the man and kill him."

"You've got to do it quickly."

[ Gunshot! Loud! ]


Whitney? Kit.

I want you to come right over here. Ab's apartment.

What is it, Kit? Come in.

Listen, Imp.

Can you stand a shock?

What is it?

Ab is dead. He was shot, here.

A few minutes before I phoned you.


Where is he?

Come on.

Ab .. Ab!

Don't touch anything.

How can ..?

How? I don't know.

I found him just as he is.

Kit .. you didn't do it?

Whitney! Stop it.

You know better than that.

But he didn't do it himself. He couldn't.

No. We both know that.

Whoever did it made one mistake.

Come on, now.

Why did he go to Washington?

I don't know.

He was working for the government.

That's all he told me.

Could it have been because of you?


Give me five minutes.

Call Tobin. Inspector Tobin. 16th Precinct Headquarters.

Tell him what happened. I'll be back in an hour, tell him it all. Understand?

You afraid? Uhuh.

Good kid.

Lock the doors after me.

I'll leave the hall door unlatched.

Hello, Mama? Mama Lepetino?

This is Kit.

Yeah, Mama. Did Louis ever show you any souvenirs I sent him from Spain?

"Souvenirs, Kit? Like some seashells?"

Yeah. That's right. You got them?

"Yes, Kit. I have them."

That's fine. I'll be right down.

I was to keep them and say nothing about them until you asked.

Louis put them here.

That's it.

You can throw the rest out, Mama. I don't want them.

Kit. Yeah?

Do you know who killed Louis?

I .. I think so. I'll find him.

I'm McKittrick.

Where is Tobin? In the kitchen. Quizzing the butler.

He's back, is he? Yeah, he's back.

Tell Tobin I want to see him, will you? Yeah.

Are you kidding?

Are you alright, Imp? Yes.

I told them everything.

I'm sorry the way I broke it. I had a reason.

Hello McKittrick. Hello.

No-one was here but you? That's right. - Tell me.

It was about 6 o'clock. I heard a shot. I got my own gun and went out.

That door was locked. Why?

I locked it. Any objections? No.

Let me see your gun.

Got any ideas? Yeah.

I've got something somebody else wants.

They sent a guy after me. I don't know who he is.

That's why it sounds phony.

All I know is that he limps.

What's this got to do with Parker's suicide?

It wasn't a suicide.

You're starting that over again?

Didn't you tell them? Yes, I did.

When he was a kid, his brother played with a gun. It went off in his face.

After that, just looking at a gun gave Parker the willies. Yeah, I heard.

He couldn't possibly handle a gun. I know that.

Funny you claim that. Because it puts your own pants right on the hot seat.

Ab didn't kill himself.

Well, the Parkers are an important family.

And I wouldn't take a chance on calling a murder a suicide unless I was sure.

Then the Lepetinos aren't so important. Is that it?

You think this is tied up with Louis? Of course I do.

Ab suspected a man named Otto Skaas who was at the party when Louis got it.

I think Ab was doing some investigating.

Otto Skaas was at Franconia Lodge earlier this month.

This lame guy you're talking about. Why is he after you?

He's after something I have. A Battle Standard.

A what?

A Battle Standard. A pennant. A flag.

Where did he get this .. flag?

In Spain. It belonged to my brigade.

Oh for crying out loud ..

You expect me to believe you let a guy gun for you.

And you let your friends be bumped off one after another for a dopey pennant?

Let him alone! Take it easy.

Take it easy. It's alright.

You wouldn't know, Tobin.

Sure, it's a dopey flag.

You could buy one just like it for ten bucks. But you couldn't buy this one.

I've got it, I've kept it, and I'm going to keep it.

Well ..

Do you think Parker was bumped off as he knew something of this pennant of yours?

He never heard of it. Oh, for the love of ..

Then why was he wiped out by this gang of yours?

Because he was after the Skaas's. Because Louis was after them.

But he got bumped off. Nobody bumped off Louis.

Don't you think the Department takes care of its own men?

Not too well. Listen, McKittrick.

We've checked on the Skaas's and so has Washington, and the Refugee Committee.

They're okay.

How about Anton the piano player?

He was here last night and conked me when I came in.

No, Kit!


I threw him out about two this morning.

You threw out the butler. Afterwards.

That's not what he says.

He says he heard you yelling, looked in the room.

You were alone, yelling at nobody.

Then you threw him out.

You think I'm nuts? Is that it?

Well, look.

Louis told me you were in pretty bad shape when you came back from Spain.

Maybe you're not yourself yet.

Just forget about flags and people who aren't here and people being murdered.

Who are you covering, Tobin?

If you think someone is after you, I'll assign one of my men to you if you want.

No thanks.

He'd probably fall out of a window or shoot himself with a gun he didn't have.

Okay sweetheart, you work your way and I'll work mine.

But if I commit suicide, you'll know it's a phony.

Even if you watch me write the farewell note.

If you go around yelling Parker was murdered, you'll be in the hot seat.

Fatheaded, stupid ..

What is that, Kit?

I've seen that design before. On the prince's cups.

That's why they're on exhibition for me to see.

Is this from the Standard?


You don't believe me, do you?

Yes, Kit. Of course I do. No. Or else you're covering too.

Why? Why's everyone dumbing up on me? What's the angle? They think I'm nuts?

Kit, please!

You believe that Anton was here last night?

Yes, but he couldn't have killed Ab. He came to my apartment at 3 this morning.

He seemed frightened and I made his some coffee and we talked until you phoned.

You're a great bunch.

You and Barby and Toni.

Boy, you're a walking string of alibis.

Anton couldn't have shot Ab. He was with you.

He couldn't have killed Louis as he was playing your accompaniment.

Otto couldn't have shot Ab. He was at Franconia with Barby.

And he wasn't in the room when Louis was killed.

Dr Skaas couldn't have killed Louis because ..

He was sat in a wheelchair next to you. And the prince never leaves his nest.

And when Ab was shot we'll find Toni was sitting in Skaas's lap playing checkers.

Maybe the boys committed suicide after all.

No, Kit.


Get on the phone.

Call Barby at Franconia. Have her meet me tonight. 8 o'clock in Jake's office.

Tell her to bring Otto.

You come along too, and get Toni to come.

Tell them it's important.

And don't mention this.

It's going to lead me to the man who limps.

Kit. Miss Taviton and young Skaas are in the office.


Kit, this is ghastly about Ab. It couldn't have happened.

It seemed very real to me. Hello Skaas.

I am most terribly sorry, Mr McKittrick.

Ab couldn't have killed himself. You thought of that?

We know how he felt about guns. We do?

Otto thinks he might have been killed by foreign agents.

A bright boy, Otto.

What can we do, Kit? Can't we find out what he was working on?

If you were to go through his papers we could at least find a starting point.

Otto can help.

I have some understanding of cyphers, Mr McKittrick.

If there should be any among Mr Parker's papers.

This may give me a chance to be of service to my own country.

A lot of your people have made their own opportunities.

Yes. This is true, but my uncle is a helpless cripple.

I do not feel I can leave him.

I am very grateful for this chance to do some little thing.

Kit, where is everybody? Is Whitney coming?

Yeah, she should be here now.

Otto, see if you can find her. Certainly.

Come on, beautiful. Let's dance. Kit.

Sure. We'll dance on Ab's coffin. Why not?

Ab liked people to have fun. You've been drinking too much.

You're a hypocrite.

You like anything that's wrong and you know it.

You're a pagan and you always have been.

Don't talk like that. There's only one way to talk to you.

I have to tell you, Kit.

Ab and I were engaged. Wonderful.

After you came back he didn't want to hold me to it.

But I had to pretend.

I couldn't hurt him again. And Otto?

You were so indifferent.

You should have been in Spain, sweetheart.

Why? Anything for a thrill.

Is that why you went? Why not?

We're sort-of alike.

Ah .. greetings.

Hello, Toni .. we've ..

We've been waiting for you.

In a manner of speaking.

Hello, Barby. Hello, dear.

Hello, Whitney. Hello.

Well, let's all have a drink.

No thank you. I'd rather not.

Why did you ask us to come here, Kit?

You heard about Ab?

Yes, I'm terribly sorry.

He shot himself with a gun that he didn't have.

At least that's what the police say. Bright boys aren't they?

Otto here, had a different idea. He thought they might be Nazis.

Me, I don't know.

I had a hunch and I thought I might be able to tell you something.

But it didn't work. I'm sorry.

Then there's nothing you really want us for?

I guess not, except ..

The most beautiful thing I own to the most beautiful girl.

Where did you get that? Oh, I ..

Picked it up in Spain.

It's sort of a .. medallion that hung on a Standard. Beautiful, isn't it?

Like Toni.

They go together. I thought of that today, so I had it set.

Will you wear it for me, Toni?

I'm sorry. I can't accept this.

You've got to, Toni. No.

You must not refuse it, Toni.

The prince would not object to your accepting it.

Wear it for me, Toni.

I'm going.

Please take me home, Kit. Glad to.

I ..

I said I was sorry. It was a false alarm tonight.

My apologies.

You can drop the act now. Thanks.

Kit, why did you do this?

So they could all see it of course.

You know what it can mean. Do you want to be killed?

I don't intend to get killed.

I'm going to find the man who limps when he walks.

This won't help you find him. Don't lie to me.

Kit, I can't wear this. Please take it back.

Stop it.

Believe me, I want you to wear it. I want you to keep it.

When I said you were the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen, I meant it.

I could have said more. Please, Kit.

I've meant everything I ever said to you.

So have I, Kit.

[ German language ]

No, no. I cannot. I will not.

[ German language ]


Yes, sir? Hello.

You catered a party for a Miss Barby Taviton?

On the 17th of last month.

Remember there was a little "accident" there that night?

Yes, sir. Well ..

I'd like to get the name of the waiter that you sent.

The one that spilt wine on the shirt of one of the guests.

Are you from the police? No. Why?

They bothered us about it before. When?

The next morning.

The name of the waiter was Luigi Covantelli.

But for any further information, you'd better go to the police.

They arrested him.

The next morning? Yes, sir.

I ask you to understand sir, that we .. That's okay. Thanks.

Thank you, sir.

[ Door knocks ]

Come in.

I .. I guess we've both been doing this wrong.

You want to tell me about it now? What do you want to know?

Louis didn't fall from any window in the Taviton library.


Why didn't you tell me before?

You were spoiling for a fight.

And besides, I don't like wise guys telling me how to do my job.

That's not enough.

Alright. I knew what you'd been through in Spain.

But I didn't know how far you'd come out of it.

I couldn't take a chance on you breaking.

I figured if I got you mad enough and you had what your father had ..

It would come out.

Why are you telling me now? You weren't fooling.

I put a man on you the day you got back.

I go down for four. Holy month ..

Then ..

You knew that Anton was in my apartment that night?

Yeah. But Anton didn't come back. Who did?

I don't know.

What happened to the waiter, Luigi?

We've got him on an old rap until we want him.

You want to give me the rest of it now?

Want a cup of coffee? Yeah, thanks.

Louis was doing a job for the government.

He was working out of here as a blind.

He was after an espionage ring.

We think that Louis was pushed through a window on the floor above the library.

From the room old Skaas had.

We know that Otto was in the next room, changing his shirt.

But we haven't got the gun that fired the slug between Louis' eyes.

It was a .45 automatic.

Maybe they think we'd not do an autopsy on a man who'd taken that kind of fall.

It isn't easy to do. But we have the bullet.

What about Ab?

I didn't know he was working on it. Only found out when I talked to Washington.

So you don't know how Ab got it? No, I don't.

Do you mind if I use your phone? Help yourself.

Say, about that flag or yours? Is that on the level?


I know it's hard to understand.

You talked to the Federals about it? No .. they wouldn't be interested.

It's a personal matter between me and a little man in Berlin.

The brigade I was in picked off one of his Generals.

An old pal of his since the beer hall days.

They knocked off the mug and the whole battalion.

He swore he'd have every last man in our outfit and ..

The Standard to hang in Berchtesgäden.

I swore he wouldn't.

Hello? McKittrick. Any messages for me?

Toni Donne? Thanks.

Have you any idea what brought Louis to Skaas's room that night?

Yeah, he was after some papers.

We heard he got the tip from your girlfriend Toni Donne.


Hello, Tony.


"Kit, I've got to see you right away."


"Yes. Please come now."

Yeah. Yeah, I'll be right there.

Do me a favor will you, Toby?

Call off your dogs for 24 hours. I can wind the whole thing up if you do that.

Otherwise there might be a slip. They've got too many mice.

What are you going to do?

The guy I'm after, the guy that got Louis and Ab, is the man who limps.

He can open up to me. I'm going to force him to.

Listen, McKittrick. If you go plugging anyone, you'll answer for it.

24 hours, Toby?

I'm a sap.


The medallion did its job.

I guess I'm marked out like Louis and Ab. - Kit.

Listen, Toni. We've got a lot to say to each other.

There isn't any need for lies between us.

I won't lie to you, Kit. If I can't answer, I won't lie.

You didn't see Louis Lepetino fall from that library window.

He was in Dr Skaas's room when he was murdered.


And you helped kill him. No.

I didn't know what was going to happen.

I was told to go into the library as soon as Whitney started to sing.

To open a window and wait there.

I've got to do what I'm told. Why?

There's a hold over me.

That's all I can tell you. Then what?

I opened the window and ..

I saw the body fall past and I screamed. Did you know who it was?


Later, they told me that he fell from the room above.

It was Otto that shot Louis, but it wasn't Otto that got Ab. Who did?

I don't know.

Why were they killed?

I think they were getting too near the truth.

What truth?

Louis was killed because of me.

I'm the one they want because I have the Standard.

You do have it? Yes.

Please give it up, Kit.


I can't stand this any longer.

I'm sick to death at the thought of what might happen to you.

I'm afraid, Kit. Terribly afraid for you.

Don't, Toni. Last night ..

All night I lay awake in bed trying to think.

Why men act the way they do about little things.

I tried to understand, but I can't.

What earthly good do you think it does you to hold out?

Do you think it's heroic? Well, it isn't.

It's senseless. It's childish.

Think, Kit. Listen ..

No. No, don't answer now.

Think what it is.

Just a .. little piece of cloth.

Just a .. dirty rag you wouldn't stop to pick up if you saw it in the street.

And you're willing to ..?


You're out of that world now.

Please give it up.

Perhaps we'll be able to find some way to get away from all of this.

The two of us.

Please, Kit. Darling.

Maybe I can't tell it so you'll understand.

It's mixed up and hard to tell.

But I'll try because I want you to know.

I want you to know how it is. More than anyone else, I want you to know.

First it was something a kid would do.

A kid who had ideas and ideals.

Hold out on a dirty sadist.

Then, it meant my life holding out, because if I gave in they'd kill me.

Then it began to mean something more.

Can you understand that?

Some things you've got to do. It doesn't matter what you think about.

Nor how much afraid you are. You just have to do it.

What else makes a man stand up against a tank with only a rifle in his hand?

Why do they hide out in the hills, after their army has gone?

Keep plugging away.

When they know just as sure as God is in heaven.

That their people will be knocked out in retaliation.

Do you suppose they think that?

I don't think so.

They know.

Deep down inside they know they have to do it.

It's something they can't help. That's the way it is with me.

I know I have to hold out.

Maybe because the thing is a symbol.

The symbol of 3, men who were my friends.

3, guys who were ..

Shot down around me.

Maybe it's something more than that.

Maybe it's everything that people all over the world are fighting for.

I don't know.

I just know before I let that little man put his filthy hands on that Standard.

I'll burn in hell!

I'm sorry, Kit.

You don't think I can win? I know you can't.

They've got you. Is that it, Toni?

Or they've broken you.

Don't let them.

You belong with me. Come with me. But I can't, Kit.

Oh, I know what you're fighting for.

I've loved peace and quiet all my life.

I love life's little things.

Things that were important to me.

The house we had in the village.

The old dog.

I loved watching the children grow up.

I've lost all of that now.

I love you too, Kit.

Toni .. Toni. No.

Listen to me, you've got to make your choice now, before it's too late.

I can't choose now. You must.

Will you come to the house tonight?

There will be a crowd.

It's a party for the doctor. You choose that?


Will you arrange .. to get me out.

So I can have a look at Dr Skaas's rooms?

I don't expect to find anything more than Louis did.

And I know the man that limps will come along.

And when I meet him ..

I'm going to kill him.

And you can tell him that. How do I know him, Kit?

He'll come, alright.

Suppose he doesn't?

Well, then I'll burn the Standard.

They won't get the ashes, either.

I'll throw them out over the bay.

Alright, Kit.

Okay, Danny? Okay, pal.

We got both that guy Otto and your ex-butler at Jakes.

On ice. They won't bother you none.

Nice going. Riverside Drive. Hop in.

Hello, darling. Hello, Kit.

You're lovely.

I will do as you ask. Good.

My grandfather isn't here. They took him to hospital this afternoon.

Serious? No. He just needs rest.

Come in.

Excuse me.

Kit, you can't stay here. Why not?

Nothing I know. It's something you feel.

Something that's here that's wicked and vicious and awful.

I don't know, but I feel it is so real, Like a blanket that's smothering me.

Alright, go to Jake's. I'll meet you there in a few minutes.

You promise me? Sure.

Mr McKittrick, you're not thinking of leaving?

No, not at all.

Too bad the prince is not here.

I shall have to play host.

I'll make a sorry host I think.

But perhaps we'll have our talk.

A long talk .. if you'd be so kind.

About tortures?

Oh, how we shall get along.

Come .. let's have something to drink.


In your honour, my dear friend.

The prince was very flattered that you admired his goblet.

And now, a toast.

Just an old Borgia custom, doctor.

Oh, yes.

Your joke.

And now a toast.

To us.

Success in the New World.

The "old Borgia custom".

We were talking this afternoon, the prince and I.

About poems and drugs.

He had just been given an injection of Scopolamine.

You are familiar with its properties, Mr McKittrick?

I believe not.

Ah, the ancients. They knew some remarkable drugs.

But it has remained for modern science.

To produce Scopolamine.

Which kills "will". "Will"?

Yes, "Will".

The will to resistance in any form.

Particularly where speech is concerned.

That is why your American papers.

Have called it a "truth serum".

But I'm boring you, I'm afraid. Hardly.

Oh, we must see the dance.

Do you like gypsy music, Mr McKittrick? Very much.

Oh, Toni. Please.

Up these stairs. It's the first door on the left.

You will find it unlocked.

Please hurry.

[ Foot-dragging sounds ]

[ Foot-dragging sounds ]

Why do you not shoot, Mr McKittrick?

You have a gun.


Why do you not shoot?

I will tell you .. Mr McKittrick.

It will please you to know.

Because you cannot.

You haven't the courage.

You sent me a message: "when I meet him, I shall kill him".

Very brave .. very brutal.

But it is not possible for you to carry out your threat.

Is it, Mr McKittrick?


We have broken you.

When you came back to New York.

You thought you were a man again.

You thought you could face the one you are after, and shoot it out.

But you are not a man.

You are only a relic of a man.

Look at you now .. you're trembling.

I'm not afraid of you, doctor.

Seeing you was .. all I needed.

But you will not shoot.


Neither of us will do any killing.

I cannot kill you because you have information I must obtain.

You cannot kill me.

Because you lack the brutality ..

To kill in cold blood.

And now.

Now, we'll have our talk.

By all means.

Otto killed Louis Lepetino.

Yes, it was Otto.

He does pretty well what he's told.

Who shot Ab Parker?

I shall be very nice to you and tell you.

I did.

I sent him a telegram signed with your name.

But he did not come at the time we expected.

So I remained hidden while you had your little talk with Anton.

Then you went to bed.

I waited for your friend.

Oh, it was childishly simple.

At the sight of the gun ..

He was frozen.

I placed it against his temple.

And fired.

Then I went as I have come.

By the rear entrance prepared for me by Roman the butler.

Why did you shoot Ab?

Why? Why?

He had become something of a nuisance.

With his investigations.

It was also my purpose to dispose of your friends.

Until such time as you chose to see our point of view.

But you forced the issue.

Well ..

There are other means by which you can be made to tell us what we wish to know.

Tonight, I mentioned Scopolamine.

You know .. the drug that destroys the will?


You will talk to us, Mr McKittrick.

Believe me.

Don't worry about the time.

I took care of your gunman, Otto.

He won't be here. Yes, I know.

But that is not why I look at my watch.

It is about time the drug has taken its affect.

The drug that was in the goblet, Mr McKittrick.

Oh yes, you were very clever when you exchanged them.

But you made one fatal mistake.

You underrated your opponent.

I had counted on you doing just that.

The drug was in my goblet.

No ..

Don't give me that.

Try to raise your hand.

You dirty .. sadistic .. swine.

[ Foot-dragging sounds ]

[ Foot-dragging sounds ]



Do you feel okay, huh?


I'm alright.

You call Tobin? He's on his way.

You sure you can make it? Yeah.

Come on downstairs with me.

If Anton makes a run for it, beat him.

Only Anton, you understand? Okay.

I just killed Dr Skaas.

And you sent him up to get me. No.

You knew it was a trap. I knew you knew.

I had faith in you, Kit. Where does the prince fit in all this?

He's senile.

He thinks they are going to make him King of France.

He's dying in the hospital.

He's not your grandfather?


I had to do as I was told. Why?

I married the real Otto Skaas.

He died in a concentration camp.

The one here is a Nazi.

I have a daughter, three years old.

She's in Germany, held as a hostage.

You said you loved me. Did you mean that?

Yes, but it's no use, Kit. There is nothing for us.

We'll get her out of their hands. There's ways, underground ways.

I won't risk her, Kit.

I'll fix it here. You haven't been to blame.

You acted under compulsion. Come with me, Toni.

We'll have our own life together. No, Kit.

It would always be between us.

There would come a day when one of us would have to choose.

How do I know which I'd choose?

I have other relatives there.

I couldn't trust myself. You couldn't trust me.

I'm unlike your men in the hills who see their people slaughtered and carry on.

I'm not brave, Kit.

I love and ..

I do for those I love, what I can.

You love me.

Yes, Kit. But ..

I'm afraid.

I can't risk my daughter.

You're not afraid. It's something they drilled into you.

Let me show you the way out. Let me help you. I love you, Toni.

You'll have time to forget me when I'm gone.

If you'd let me go.

[ Police sirens ]

You've got to make a choice now. The police are here. You've only minutes.

Please let me go, Kit. Listen to me.

No harm will come to you or your daughter. Believe in me. Trust me!

Can I? You must.

Go away tonight. Go to Chicago. Take a new name. Go to the West Side hotel.

I'll square it here .. and when it's safe, I'll join you.

Bless you, Kit.

Tobin. Upstairs. First door to the left.

Take a look.

You two stay here. Come on.

Hey, are you alright? Oh, sure. I shot him.

Maybe it was self-defence. Maybe it wasn't. I wanted to kill him.

Then I didn't when the time came, then I had to, to save myself.

That will be up to the Federals.

He was head of an espionage ring. He wasn't Dr Skaas.

There's papers upstairs in the desk that will help. You got Anton?

Yes. He's got a sort of dent in his head.

You can pick up 0tto and that butler of mine at Jake's.

He has them both on ice.

What about the girl? She got away.


Ah, let it go, Toby.

She helped me.

Well, do you think this will stop with the ones we've got?

What about that flag? It's hidden in Lisbon.

If I don't have to stand trial, I'll go to get it and hand it over to the boys.

Who will use it.

There will be brigades forming again.

Are you sure about that girl?

I don't know .. but ..

Maybe we get ..

She was going to meet you in Chicago.

So she takes the Lisbon clipper.

You're going back to them.

Where'd you get your passport permits for the Clipper?

I had to do it this way, Kit. Believe me.

I must go back and find my little girl.

I wish there were a little girl, Toni.

I wish you'd told me the truth.

You got your passport and your permit for the Clipper from the German Council.

Please trust in me.

Come on.

No, you can't.

Come on.

Sorry, Kit. According to how you look at it.

Another sparrow fell.

So long.