The Family Man (2000) Script

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This will be the final to London, Heathrow.


I'm not even Then it'll be like I never left.

Okay ?


I have a really bad feeling about this.

About the plane ?

You think it's gonna crash ? Don't say that.

No. Look, I know that we've talked about this and we agreed that going to London was But in my heart... this feels wrong.

Don't go, Jack. You mean don't go at all ?

Well, what-- what about my internship ?

Believe me, I know-- I know what an incredible For us, Kate. Right, for us.

But I'm afraid that if you get on that plane--

We're at the airport. Nobody ever thinks clearly So we should just trust the decision we already made.

You've been accepted to one of the best law schools I've got this internship at Barclay's Bank.

You wanna do something great, Jack ?

Let's flush the plan. Let's start our lives I mean, I have no idea what this life is gonna but I know that it has the both of us in it,

The plan doesn't make us great, Jack.

What we have together, that's what makes us great.

I love you, Kate. I love you too. I do.

And one year in London is not gonna change that.

A hundred years couldn't change that.

Experts are predicting a mild rally in the bond market.

Last night was incredible.

I said, last night was great.

You are an amazing lover.

Thanks. You're not bad yourself.

I wanna see you again. I'd like that too.

Tonight. It's Christmas eve, Jack.

So ? I'll pour eggnog over you.

I have to go visit Jersey ? Do you have any idea what the traffic's That's why I'm taking the train.

It was nice meeting you, Jack.

♪Sempre un amabile ♪

♪ Leggiadro viso ♪

♪ Inpianto o in riso ♪

♪ Emenzognero ♪

♪ La donna e mobil ♪

♪ Qualpiuma al vento ♪

♪ Muta d'accento ♪

♪ Edipensier ♪

♪ Edipensier ♪

♪ No ♪

Mrs. Peterson. Hello, Jack.

You don't have to stop singing on my account.

So, when are you gonna leave that old corpse, Mr. Peterson, You know you could never satisfy me the way he does.


Merry Christmas, Mr. Campbell.

How'd you make out this year, Tony ?

About four grand, and a bottle of 25-year-old I'm putting it all in commercial paper like you said.

Good, but just until the deutsche mark turns.

Thank you, Mr. Campbell. All right.

Good morning, Joe. Merry Christmas, sir.

Campbell wants these available.

Better you than me.

If Med Tech shares fall any lower than 43, we're in trouble with the stock valuations.

So for God's sake, please watch what you say We still have almost a full day of trading before zero hour,

A penny for Hmm ? Oh, God, I'm sorry.

Jack, I was thinking about, you know, Dee and the kids.

I promised I'd be home for dinner.

Oh, is that tonight ?

You think I like being here on Christmas eve, Alan ?

No. Well, maybe.


Okay, maybe I do have a touch of tunnel vision But in two days we're going to announce... one of the largest mergers in U.S. corporate history.

When a deal like this turns up, you get on it and you ride it You don't ask it for a vacation.

December 26. After that there'll be so much money it'll be like Christmas every day.

December 26, people. If you'd like to celebrate that day, You're right. I'm sorry. I don't want you to be sorry.

I want my gift to you to be the first gift you open Because my gift comes You're right. I'm focused. I'm there.

Good man. Everybody, turn to page 12

You have six messages. Two of them are imperative.

I'm not even here now. Good night. Merry Christmas.

It's only 8:30. I'm disappointed. Got some You too ? This holiday's about giving. I'm giving everything So in a way, I'm more Christmassy than anybody.

Oh, and Oxford called. Ooh, my suits are ready.

Mm-hmm. Care for a Lifesaver ?

No, thank you. Help yourself.

Kate Reynolds. Her assistant said you could Kate Reynolds was my girlfriend in college.

I almost married her.

Married ? Almost married.

And almost a broker at E.F. Hutton.

She didn't want me to go to London.

We're standing at the airport saying good-bye, So you left her.

Wasn't easy. Oh, stop it.

I took the road less traveled, Adelle.

And look where it took ya. I'm gonna get this gal

Nope. You almost married You're not even curious why she called ?

She's probably just having a fit of nostalgia.

Lonely Christmas eve. Called the one that got away. Why This happened a very, very long time ago.

8:35 on Christmas eve.

Jack Campbell still at his desk.

Now there's a Hallmark moment for you.

Peter, I don't see you rushing home to trim the tree.

That's because I'm a heartless bastard Well, you know what ? God love you for that.

Got a call from Terry Haight.

Bob Thomas is nervous.

That'll happen when you're about to spend $130 billion Somebody's gotta nurse him through this.

Why are you staring at my breasts, Peter ?

I need you, tiger. Where is he ?

Aspen. Call Aunt Irma and tell her You're a credit to capitalism, Jack.

Hey, Peter, let me ask you a question.

An old girlfriend calls you out of the blue What do you do ? You suddenly having trouble Yeah. Leave it in the past.

Old flames are like old tax returns-- put 'em in the file cabinet for three years, and then

I'll leave from my office tomorrow in the afternoon.

Call the group. Schedule an emergency That'll be a nice little holiday treat.

Good night, Frank. Hey, Mr. Campbell.

Why didn't you call down ? I would have had Joe I'm thinking I'll walk tonight. It's a nice night for it.

I'll send your car home for you.

And Merry Christmas to you, sir.

Eggnog ? Yeah, dairy case.


Hey, yo. Y'all do the lotto here, right ?

Yeah. Cool. 'Cause I got a winner, Certified, good as gold. I know lotto keep a lot of brothers Don't do me none, son, 'cause I'd be like--

Bang on the lottery ! You know what I mean ?

Relax, son. Relax. I got you four numbers.

6, 14, 16, 49. That's a winner, son.

$238, B. Cheddar coming.

Give me my money. I'm sorry. Your ticket bad.

What are you talking about, B. ? You draw in the lines with Yo, buster, check the ticket, son.

Yo, you ain't even looked at the ticket. You looking You get out now ! You take the ticket Next customer in line !

You get out or I call 9-1-1.

Oh, my God !

Check the ticket, stupid.

Look at the ticket. Shit, now I'm gonna That's my word. You best check that ticket, fool!

Was I talking to you ?

Maybe I'll buy it from you. You know, make a little

Stupid-ass white boy in $2,000 suit gets capped trying That's what you wanna see ? You wanna see Cash up in here ?

Do you wanna die ?

Do you want to die ?


Look, I'm talking about a business deal.

Okay ? I buy the ticket from you for $200.

I take it to a store where the guy behind the counter I just made myself a quick $38.

Like I said, it's-- it's just a business deal.

All right. Yeah.

All right.

You blew it, B. You blew it.

The ticket was real. Damn, you had your chance too.

Come on, Jack. Let's get out of here.

How'd you know my name was Jack ?

I call all you guys Jack.

Here. Nice doing business with ya.

Hey. Hey, um--

What do you want to carry that gun around for anyway ?

You're just gonna wind up doing something you regret.

You're talking to the wrong person I mean, there must be programs out there Wait a minute. Are you actually trying This is bananas.

This man thinks I need to be saved, yo !

Well, everybody needs something.

Yeah ? Well, what do you need, Jack ?

Me ? You just said, I got everything I need.

Wow. It must be great being you.

I'm not saying that you'd be able to do it without some hard and possibly some medicine.

You know, I'm gonna really enjoy this.

You just remember that you did this, Jack, okay ?

You brought this on yourself.

Merry Christmas.

Mmm, ten more minutes, Jack.

It's Christmas.

♪Jingle bells Santa smells

♪ La, la, la, la, la, la la, la, la, la, la, la ♪ Who's here ? Rise and shine.

Don't you think we should open some presents ?

I think you should give Mama five more minutes in bed.

Can we do that ? Yea !

It's Christmas ! Look, your sister's What is this dog doing on the bed?

Did Santa come ? I don't know.

Let's go see the presents. You wanna get some presents ?

Mommy just needs to wake up.

Jack. Strong coffee.

Oh, Jack. Merry Christmas, dear.

Lorraine. Ed.

Hey, Jack, you old bird dog. Merry Christmas to ya.

Talk to him. One day a year away from the Ponderosa.

I don't think that's asking too much.

Tell her, Jack, for God's sake. You're the only one around here I need some eggnog. 'Course you do, sweet thing.

Excuse me. Where you going,

Josh, Annie, giddyup ! Where's my car ?

What ? Where's my Ferrari ?

What the hell are you talking-- What's he talking about ?

Let me borrow your car and then I promise My Caddy ? Drive your own damn car.

Oh, just let him borrow your precious Cadillac, There's a perfectly good minivan sitting out there What the hell's wrong with him anyway ?

Tony, thank God ! Sorry, pal. Entrance is for What ? What are you talking about ?

Jack Campbell, penthouse "C." What's the matter with you ?

Mrs. Peterson, I think there's something wrong Who is this man ?

Oh, come on. What is going on Is this like a, uh-- a Christmas joke ?

"Who is this man ?" Well, we're on the co-op board And we fought side by side for garbage disposals.

And every morning we exchange quasi-sexual witty banter.

Okay ? Shall I call the cops ?

No, I'm gonna call the cops ! You're scaring me.

No, no, no, no. Thank you for not Now, I'm going upstairs, I'm gonna get some sleep.

Sleep you shall. Noblesse oblige isn't dead.

Let's, um--Let's get you some help. Surely there's a A shelter ?

Hey, hey, are you smacked out of your head ?

I'm the richest man in this building ! I've got twice And I'm going upstairs. Take a walk, pal.

Oh, not cool. Not cool !

You wanna get cute ? Get cute.

I'm gonna go to my office. I'm gonna file a complaint I'm gonna have you fired, Tony. And, Mrs. Peterson, you're on So you better just stop whatever this is

Oh, yeah. Oh. Oh, yeah.

Oh, come on !

Frank, you won't believe what's been happening to me.

Hold it right there. Where's Mintz ?

The building is closed, pal. You have to come back tomorrow.

Frank, why do I feel the need to remind you that I don't care who you are. It's Christmas, and like I told I don't think you heard me correctly.

I'm Jack Campbell.

Jack Campbell !

President !

Have a nice holiday, man.

That's my car ! Hi, Jack.

You stole my car. I know this whole thing is and you're feeling quite shocked, but just hop in.

I'll explain everything to you, okay ?

Come on.

Come on.

You're probably gonna wanna buckle up, Jack.

What's happening to me ? Breathe into the bag, Jack.

This kind of thing makes a lot of guys have to throw up.

So if you feel the urge, you roll down the window Try not to get After all, you brought this on yourself.

Brought what on myself ? I didn't do anything !

" I got everything I need." That sound familiar ?

You mean 'cause you thought I was cocky, I'm now on Bag yourself, Jack.

Oh, my God! Ah !

The way you intervened in that store last night, you I mean, it was incredibly impressive all Oh, God ! to the upper echelons Please just tell me what's happening to me without the mumbo-jumbo.

This is a glimpse, Jack. A glimpse ?

I--A glimpse of what ?

You're gonna have to figure that out for yourself How much time ? As much time as it takes, which in your case is probably gonna be considerable.

Okay, look, look. I-I-I just want my life back, okay ?

Now, what's it gonna take ? You wanna talk turkey ?

Let's talk turkey. How much money ?

It doesn't work like that, and I can't tell you why.

Because you have to figure this thing out for yourself.

Are you listening to me ? Figure it out, figure it out.

Let it come to you, man. I don't have time for this I'm in the middle of a deal. Well, you're working on

What's this ? Open it.

What is it, some kind of a signal ?

Will you come Now you gotta get out of the car, Jack.

But what do I do ? I'm sorry. I can't spend I got some other business I gotta take care of.

You can't just leave me like this.

Okay. Look, you wanna get some air ? Let's get We'll walk and I'll explain everything to you, okay ?

Thanks, man. Sure.

Excuse me. Do you know where Merrison Street is ?


I found Jack. Oh, there you are, stranger.

Where you been ?

You look terrible. Truth is, I expected you.

Kate called and asked if I knew where you were, so--

Oh, I put the Barcalounger in the center of the room.

What do you think ?

It's a great room. Great room.

You and me, buddy, we know how to live, huh ?

Come on.

Come on, Jack. Come on--

Whoo !

Come on, buddy. Take your seat.

Are you okay ?

I mean, you take off Christmas morning and you don't tell

We're friends ? Talk to me.

I'm having kind of a bad day.

You know, I read somewhere that the suicide rate doubles What am I saying that for ? You don't wanna hear that.

Is it-- Is it trouble at work ?

I--I don't think so.

Well, it's not Kate, is it ?

You see, huh ? It's like we're inside Kate's my wife.

Just keep saying it over and over again, Jack,

Look, you know, you fit the profile exactly-- in your 30s, house, kids, financial responsibilities.

You start thinking this isn't the life Where's the romance, you know ?

Where's the joie de vivre ?

Suddenly every lingerie ad in the Newark Star-Ledger... represents a life that you can't have.

It's just two kids, right ?

Come on. Come on.

All right, sometimes it feels like you gave up But look what you got. Look at that: two-and-a-half baths, a partially finished basement.

And good kids. Look. You know what ?

You probably don't wanna hear this right now.

But remember last summer when I almost had that thing with You remember what you said to me ?

You said, " Don't screw up the best thing in your life... just because you're a little unsure Okay ?

Go get 'em, tiger.

Could you hold on a second?

Um, never mind because-- because he just walked in.

Thank you. Thank you.

Do you... have any idea what you put us through today ?

You walk out of here at 7:30 in the morning.

You don't tell me where you're going, And I don't see you till hours later ?

I called all of our friends. I had the state troopers I was on the phone with the hospital, What kind of man leaves his family Christmas morning without What kind of a man does that, Jack ?

Could you--Could you please stop yelling at me ?

Where were you ? I was in the city.

The city ? New York City ?

Yeah. Why ?

Because that's where I live. Don't start, Jack.

Look, you don't understand.

I--I--I woke up this morning here.

And this is very strange because... this isn't my house.

And those aren't my kids.

I-I-I'm not a dad. You're not my wife.

You know what, Jack. It's not funny this time... because I am really mad.

I mean, really mad. I mean it.

I don't even--


What's that ?

I like it. Thanks, Dad.

That's mine. Hey, I need that back.

She took my bell.

You missed the whole thing-- the pancakes and the presents.

You spent six hours putting that bike together and then you didn't even get to see the look on her face You missed Christmas, Jack.

I'm sorry.

You know, we don't even And at least you're okay. I'm okay, we're okay.

But you've gotta get dressed for the Thompson party.

I don't care how hilarious you think it is.

Party ? No, I'm not going to a party.

You look forward to this party all year.

Believe me, Kate. I really don't think is the right move for me at the present time.

Okay, fine. You know what ? Then you just do What are you doing ? Telling my mother she doesn't Why not ? Because you'll be here.

I'll be ready in ten minutes.

This is--This is just subpar.

♪ Oh, the weather outside is frightful ♪ Lance, here you go.

Excuse me.

♪ Let it snow, let it snow Let it snow ♪

♪ It doesn't show signs of stopping ♪ Kate. Jack. Evelyn.

Come in. Hey, everybody, Kate and Jack are here.

Hey !

Merry Christmas. Merry Christmas.

Jack, Merry Christmas.

Whoops. Here.

So, like the dress ? Oh, it's lovely.

I thought I saw you notice it It's lovely. It's lovely.

There he is.

Hey, Jack. Happy holidays, man.

Jack, come on over.

Hey, Jack. Cheers, baby.

You guys see Van Horn last night ?

That kid's gonna take the Nets to the championship.

They suck.

But they're due. They're certainly due.

So, tomorrow's the big day, Jackie.

Okay. Why ?

My triple bypass.

I'm going under the knife tomorrow.

Triple bypass. Yeah.

You really think you should be eating all that ?

Figure I'm going in for a cleaning tomorrow.

Might as well load up on the fried stuff tonight, That's good thinking, Bill. Have another drink.

Some fried pork, mashed potatoes.

How 'bout a cigar, Jack ? Oh, no, thank you.

Come on. They're American made, not Cuban.

Come on.

Very nice. I thought you'd like 'em.

Mm. Mmm !


How 'bout you, Arnie ? I'm all right. Thanks.

Finger food ? No, thank you.

Come on. Soon as I put 'em down, You always do. No, I'm okay.

Let me. They will melt in your mouth.


Good ? Fabulous.

At the end of this whole thing, she made me this It was really lovely.

So I'm slipping it on and I notice that she's misspelled Uh-oh. I spent the entire day with a sweater that said, " Nonprofit layers

So you're a lawyer ?

A nonprofit lawyer ?


You don't get paid at all ? Nobody makes a dime ?

"Any hoo--"

I better go wake my mom. There you go.

Uh, I don't think so.

She's your dog, Jack. No, she's not.

You're right. She's the kids' dog.

Maybe we should go wake Josh and make him walk her.

If you take a dump sometime in this century, then we could If I can even remember how to get home.

You remember, don't you, girl ?

Hello ?

♪ Am I hard enough Am I rough enough ♪

♪Am I rich enough ♪ Hello ? ♪ I'm not too blind ♪

♪ To see ♪ Hey ! What ?

Oh. That baby's crying.

And ?

Don't give me that look, Jack. Tuesday's your day And listen, try and get Josh to day care on time, okay ?

♪ You're a pretty, pretty pretty, pretty ♪

♪ Such a pretty girl ♪


All right.

Holy Mother of God !

Ohh !

You're not really my dad, are you ?

No, I'm not.

I work on Wall Street, you know, with I live in an apartment with a doorman.

And I can buy almost anything I want.

This isn't my life. It's just a glimpse.

Where's my real dad ?

I don't know. But don't worry.

He loves you, and I'm sure he'll be back very soon.

What are you doing ?

They did a pretty good job.

Who did ?

The aliens in the mother ship.

You look just like him.

Oh, thanks.

Slightly better looking though, right ?

Oh, no, you're not gonna start crying, are you ?

I don't think I could really deal with that right now.

Do you like kids ?

On a case by case basis.

Do you know how to make chocolate milk ?

I--I think I could figure it out.

Promise you won't kidnap me and my brother... and plant stuff in our brains ?


Welcome to Earth.

♪ We're going to the zoo

♪ Look at all the crocodiles swimming in the--♪ This is where babies go when their parents Check.

Just push the red button.


Do I get a receipt or something ?

I have winter camping till 4:00 and ballet class

5:30. Okay. And try not to be late...

'cause kids don't like to be the last one picked up.

Bye. Bye.

Hey, Annie. Where do I go now ?

Big Ed's Tires ? Why ?

'Cause you work there. You mean I sell tires.

That's what I do. I'm a tire salesman.

Good Lord !

Morning, Jack. Hi.

Good morning, Jack. Hi.

Hey, Jack.

Jack, my boy.

Hey, guess who I played bridge with two nights ago.

Hell, you'll never guess.

One Sydney Potter. That's Sydney Potter, Only the third biggest trucking outfit in the state.

"Any hoo, " he's looking for a new parts supplier.

We can handle volume like that, now can't we, Jack ?

I'm gonna have to get back to you on that, Ed.

Right on.

Right on.

Excuse me. Uh, do I-- do I have a private office Sure, Jack.

Where is it ?

Oh, uh, it's-- it's right back-- right back there.

Thank you. Yeah.

Oh, no.

You must've needed this every day.

What are you smiling about ?

Eighty-eight ?

I was in London in 1988.

You never went to London.

Jack, you're needed in mag

I was the number one junior sales associate Did you know that ? Uh, no.

That's great.

That's the kind of thing you could really build on, Uh-huh. Yeah. I mean, sales has always been Uh-huh.

Well, look, here we are. The mag wheels. Mag wheels.

Oh. So.

Hey, Jack, um, are you sure you're okay ?

Well, I'm just a little confused right now Uh--

I just started here last Tuesday, so--

The closing tip was Much of the market's action today was fueled by the latest to hit Wall Street... when Global Health Systems and Med Tech Pharmaceutical to join forces in a massive $122 billion stock swap deal, the largest ever in the health care industry.

When asked about the possible anti-competitive implications, Global chairman Bob Thomas referred reporters... to P.K. Lassiter & Company president Alan Mintz, That's my deal ! Ironically, Mintz first met While coaching their pregnant wives, Mintz and Thomas... struck up a dialog, and two months later, He wasn't the architect ! I'm the architect !

Labor department officials announced today that 275,000 The kids are asleep.

The kids, hon. Honey.

Sweetheart, I said the kids are asleep.

That's just great. Those little monkeys Hey, I was watching that.

Not tonight.

Please leave my socks alone.


You want me. That is the general idea, Oh, well, maybe we should grab a bottle of wine first.

Kind of break the ice.

Yeah, that's very funny. Look, it's 10:30.

By 11:00 you're gonna be snoring like a monster, but that's very sweet.

I'll remember that for next time.

Whatever you say... honey.


♪Strange what desire will make foolish people do ♪

♪ I never dreamed that I'd need somebody ♪

♪ Like you ♪ Oh, God, you're beautiful.

Thanks, Jack.

No, I'm serious.

You're really stunning.

This is good stuff. I want you to keep this up.

You were always a very pretty girl in college.

But this--

You've really grown How can you do that ?

What ?

Look at me like you haven't seen me every day

Okay, wait. Don't move. Don't look.

Stay right there.

I got something.

♪ The world was on fire ♪

♪ No one could save me but you ♪ Good night, sweetheart.

♪Strange what desire ♪

♪ Will make foolish people do ♪

Okay, we're almost out of here.

Mary Janes, Mommy. You promised.

That's right. I did promise.

We're gonna stop at the kids' shoe and then I gotta pick up my watch Then I'm gonna go to the linen store.

Why don't we go to all the stores ?

Every single store in this god forsaken Wouldn't that be exciting ?

You know what ? Why don't I take the kids, and you just stay here and hang out Come on, hon.

It's perfect for your frame.

Why don't you try it on ?

I might want to take an inch out of the back.

Lengthen the sleeve.

You look amazing in that suit.

I mean, really-- wow !

Off the charts, great.

It's an unbelievable thing.

Wearing this suit actually makes me feel

I'm gonna buy it.

It's $2, 400.

Are you out of your mind ? Come on, let's go.

She got those shoes. Those shoes were $25.

Come on. Take it off, all right ?

We'll go to the food court and get one of those Daddy's a crazy guy.



Do you have any idea what my life is like ?

Excuse me ? I wake up in the morning I drop the kids off, spend eight hours selling tires retail.

Retail, Kate.

I pick the kids up, walk the dog, which, by the way, carries the added bonus... of carting away her monstrous crap.

I play with the kids, take out the garbage, get six hours of sleep if I'm lucky.

Then everything starts all over again.

So what's in it for me ?

Wh-Where are my Mary Janes ?

You know, it's sad to hear that your life is such I can't believe it isn't a disappointment to you!

Jesus, Kate, I could have been a thousand times I could have been one of the richest--

How could you do this to me ? How could you let me give up Really, I want to know.

Who are you ?

All right, look. I'm sorry.

I'm sorry I was such and I'm such a prick now !

But maybe I'm just not... the same guy that I was when we got married.

You know what ? Maybe you're not.

Because the Jack Campbell I married would not need to feel better about his life.

But I'm telling you, if that's what it's Jesus ! We 'll take the money out Forget it. We'll get a funnel cake.

It'll be the highlight of my week.

Listen, I'm really sorry about that back in the store.

I don't want to fight with you.

I just sometimes wonder how we ended up here, I mean, back in college, d-did you see us here ?

Life has thrown us a few surprises.

It really has, hasn't it ?

Yeah. So, if you had to, what would you say Just out of curiosity. I'm just asking.

Well, Annie, for one. Surprise, we're pregnant.

Yeah, that must have been.

I mean, that--that was. That was a very What are you gonna do ? I think it turned out Yeah. I really like Annie.

Well, good, Jack. Maybe we'll keep her.

No, I love her. I love Annie.

I'm just--

We had a lot of good times, didn't we ?

Do you remember the place on Charles Street Charles Street ?

In the village ?

When we were living in Greenwich Village.

Yeah. Yeah, yeah. Great times. Great place.

Why did we ever leave ?

You can't really raise a kid in an apartment in the village.

Then there was the whole trek out to the hospital.

You were great. I mean, surviving the heart attack You had a heart attack ? Hey, Jack, stop that.

'Cause I am-- I'm still mad at you.

Who knows what would have happened if you hadn't That's why I work for Big Ed.

That's why I work for Big Ed. Yeah.

So we had a baby, Big Ed had a heart attack.

Bought that house, and I've been working Sayonara, Wall Street.

Our life in a nutshell.

If you want to look at it that way.

How would you look at it ?

A great success story.

What do you say, Jack ? Show 'em how to do it, baby.

Damn ! -Jesus, Jack.

It's a league match. Where's your follow through ?

You know what ? I'm doing the best I can.

It's okay, Jack.

Why am I so competitive You can still pick up that spare.

Here we go. Hurt 'em.

You're Jack Campbell. You're better than the sport.

You shot the rapids in Kanai. You ran with the bulls You've jumped out of an airplane over the Mojave Desert, You can do this. You can do this.

Yes ! Victorious !

Ha-ha ? Ah-ha ?

Huh ? All right!

High five !

You're up. Go get 'em.

Hi, Jack.

Evelyn, right ?

I saw you on lane 20. You got the flu Something like that, yeah.

Need a nurse ?

Are you a nurse ?

If that's what you want.

Hey, wait a minute.

Um, don't run away.

Are we--

Are we what, Jack ?


Is there something going on between us ?

Are we finally being honest ?

It would help me if we were.

Okay. You're right.

We've been dancing around this for years.

Here goes.

When I get dressed for a party, and I know let's just say I don't go strapless I've got six sets of snow tires piled up and I won't even drive in the snow.

And our kids just happen to be... in the same ballet class every year.

So, if you're asking whether I'd like it the answer's yes.

Kate would never have to know.

Do I have your number ?

Steve's out of town with the kids this weekend.

Why don't you just stop by ?

Hey, Jack. You're all flushed.

I feel good. Guess that 71 took No. I just saw Evelyn Thompson.

She's relentless.

She wants to have an affair with me.

She said that ? Pretty much.

What is it about you ?

So... if you would write her exact address down there.

You have a pen ? Please. Whoa, whoa, whoa.

You're not actually thinking about cheating on Kate ?

Well, it wouldn't really be cheating, Arnie.

It's complicated.

Maybe I haven't been as good a consigliere as you've been A little flirtation is harmless, but you're dealing with fire here, man.

The Fidelity Bank and Trust is a tough creditor.

You make a deposit somewhere else, they forever, all right ?

Arnie, I don't want your head to explode, but I'm telling you, those rules don't apply to me.

I-I'm not even--

I'm not talking about rules. I'm talking about--


There isn't a guy in Union County who wouldn't to be with Kate, all right ?

She's amazing, and you're gonna fuck it up.

Just think about that, all right ?

Hey, honey. How was the game ?

Long and boring and generally pretty sad.

Arnie seemed to enjoy it.

Sort of.

Hey, where's that chocolate cake ?

Do you mean this chocolate cake ?

I was saving it because I got nauseated by that precooked Mmm. Mmm. It's good.

Give me that cake.

No way.

Come on. I'm sorry.

It's too important to me.

♪ Ta-da ♪ I want that cake !

You want this cake ? I want it.

Thank you.

It's good, right ? Mm-hmm.

Oh, God !

Are the kids asleep ?


Mm. Mmm.


Say it to me, Jack.

You know what I like to hear.

I know, baby. I know what you Tell me. Tell me, tell me.

You're a bad girl, baby. You make me so hot.

What ?

Not it ?

Nice, Jack.

What ? Sweeping me off my feet.

You make me hot.

What do you say, everyone ?

This is a little birthday party for Katie.

Good to see you kids still together.

Happy birthday. Very exciting.

Thank you. Look what happens Jack ? The man. Yes. Yes.

Do you have anything to say to your lovely wife You happy she was born ? Hey, hey !

That's funny, Jack. You know what ?

Wow, your birthday. It's--You're my wife.

You are my wife. Today is your birthday.

Well, actually, I do have one thing And God, I hope you like it.

Bill ?

Oh, no.


You wore that shirt last year, by the way. Just so you know.

♪ Many guys have come to you ♪

♪ With a line that wasn't true ♪

♪ And you passed them by ♪

♪ Passed them by ♪

♪ Now you're in the centering and their lines

♪ Why don't you let me try ♪

♪ Let me try ♪

♪ Now, I don't wear a diamond ring ♪

♪ I don't even have a song to sing ♪

♪ All I know is la-la-la-la

♪ Means I love you ♪

♪ La-la-la-la la-la-la-la-la ♪

♪ Means I love you ♪

Ahh !


♪ The things I am saying are true-ooh-ooh ♪

♪ And the way I explain it to you ♪ Get down, Jack.

♪ Listen to me La-la-la-la ♪

♪ La-la-la-la-la means ♪

♪ I love you ♪

♪ Ohh ♪

♪ La-la-la-la la-la-la-la-la ♪

♪ Means I love you ♪ Happy birthday, sweetheart.


Yeah, Jack !

There's love in the air.

He loves her. It's official.

Mmm. Come on, it's time to get up, honey.

Go, go.

Good morning, Joshie.

Happy anniversary, honey.

Now, listen, before you do whatever crazy stunt I want you to open mine first.

Maybe I should wait.

No ! Come on ! Come on, come on, come on.

Zeena ?

I found it at an outlet store.

Look, I know it's a knock off, but I think it's gonna


Ah, enjoy it, sweetheart.


Yeah, uh--You're probably expecting something from me.

Um, here's the thing.

I hadn't really planned on giving you your until tonight.

You know, anniversary's good all day.

What are you talking about ? You can never wait all day.

You can't even wait till it's light out.

I know. I know. That's me. It's true.

And--But, um, it's funny.

You forgot.

You actually forgot our anniversary.

I'll fix it. I'll go out right now I'll make it right.

Let me know if there's enough chocolate

Mm, not bad. Good.

I should have warned you.

Dad always does something really special Like what ? One year he had a star He had a star named after her ?

Well, that's nice, but isn't that Mom liked it.

Maybe there's a jewelry store at the mall. I can pick her up That's good, but... you did forget the anniversary.

That's right. That is a major oversight.

So, if I'm Kate, I can't afford My husband's career is definitely a crushing I'm trapped in suburbia.

Did he ever take her to the city ?

Now you're getting the hang of it.

Jack, can we afford I'm taking my baby out for our anniversary.

We'll have the Terrine of Quail Breast with Then the Veal Medallions in Raspberry Truffle Sauce.

And the Sea Scallops with Pureed Artichoke Hearts.

Very good, sir. And may I say, those are all You may. Also, we'll have a bottle of Lafite, '82.

Honey, that's an $800 bottle of wine.

We'll just have some red wine by the glass.

You are so not off the hook yet, Slick.

But I'm getting close, right ?

You wanna dance ?

I-I don't think there's dancing here, Jack.

Sure, there is. Come on.

Not bad for a tire salesman from New Jersey.

I have my moments.

You gotta try one of these.


God, I miss that taste.

I need to tell you something.


I think it may help us, but there's a slight chance it could make things worse.

I'm living someone else's--

I feel like I'm living someone else's life.

I remember I used to walk to work, and, uh, I had a warm bialy in my hand, and a hot cup of coffee from Dean & Deluca, the crisp feeling of The Wall Street Journal, the smell of leather from my briefcase.

I used to be so sure about everything, You know, I-I knew exactly who I was... and what I wanted.

And then one morning, I woke up... and suddenly it was all different.

Worse, do you mean ? No.

Well, maybe a few things, but mostly just different.

And it's okay.

But I never used to be like this, Kate.

I was the guy who had it all figured out.

I had no doubts. I had no regrets.

And now ?

Now I don't.

I don't have it all figured out.

Me neither.

But you always seem so certain.

Do you think there aren't mornings and wonder, "What the hell am I doing in New Jersey ?"

Yeah. Yeah.

Yeah. My office is a dump.

I answer my own phone, and you seen my paycheck.

Your paycheck is a disgrace to paychecks.

Can you imagine a life... where everything was just easy ?

You know, where you ask for things, and people It's wonderful.

I think about it too.

I do.

I wonder about what kind of life I would have had And ?

Then I realize I've just erased all the things in my life You and the kids.

Good things.


What are you sure about ?

I'm sure that right now, there's nowhere else I'd rather be


Oh, Jack.

You like it ? Ohh.

This is beautiful.

You know champagne makes me do crazy things.

I'll just fill yours up to the top.

I don't know how you did it, Hoss, I'm out of the doghouse ?

Happy anniversary, sweetheart.

You may even get lucky tonight, Jack.

You're so beautiful.

I already told you you were gonna get lucky.

My God.

All this time, I never stopped loving you.

That's all I wanted

I'm gonna wear the usual today.

What are you thinking ?

You want to come to work with Dad, It's fun. I'm pretty good at it.

Who's this ? Who's that ? Who is that ?

Who's on that tie ?

That's Grandpa.


Jack !


Have a great day.

For the money, this is hands down Okay. I guess I'll take 'em.

You won't regret it. Tommy.

Would you set Mr. Collin up with four B.F. Goodrich Give him ten percent off for having the best costume.

You bet. Right this way, sir.

Tell me, does the tire smell good ?

Remember our balance and alignment for free !

How are you doing today ? It just blew out on me.

Do you have a tire like that ?

I seem to have some sort of a blowout here.

Why don't you let me take this one, Kenny ?

Peter Lassiter.

Do I know you ? Not exactly.

I've seen you on CN BC. You look taller

Truth is, Mintz was so busy timing his wife's breathing, he didn't realize that Med Tech needed Global more Ten days, two weeks tops, they would have approached I'm willing to bet anything it would have been The trouble is, Peter, you had a pussycat What you needed was a Doberman.

I'm impressed. I really am.

Now, about my car.

Sure. We're gonna have to special order that tire, so it'll be ready in a couple of days.

All right. This is my office address.

Why don't you drop off the car yourself ?

We're really more of a boutique operation, But you're not interested in boutique dollars.

He's expecting you, Mr. Lassiter.

Alan, this is Jack Campbell, the one I was telling you about.

Of course. Jack. Hi.

No, just call me Alan. We like to cultivate a very I can see that. What can I tell you ?

Uh, actually, yes. Two of them. Good ones.

Great, great. Why don't you have a seat ?

Peter mentioned to me that you're an avid But he didn't say whether you had any actual

Um, I was a sales associate at E.F. Hutton.

A broker, really ?

And now you're in the tire business ?

That's right. And auto supply.

In the retail end, I understand.

We get about 60 percent of our business And do you mind me asking what kind of sales you did Just ball park. We did 1.7 million

1.7. That's great.

And what do you project for this year ?

I think we're gonna have a banner year.

Sales are up almost 20 percent and we just landed a major trucking company You did ? That's great. So that puts you just a tad That's right. And that would make us Excuse me. I'm gonna get a glass of water.

Look, I know our paltry little $2 million in sales... is about what you spend a year on office supplies.

And some regional trucking company account to a multi-billion-dollar merger.

I'm not trying to knock the tire business.

I'm in your shoes, I'm thinking the same thing, Business is business. Wall Street, Main Street.

It's all a bunch of people getting up in the morning, trying to figure out how they're going to send It's just people, and I know people.

Oh, I'm sure you do. Take you, for instance, Alan.

You have a certain energy about you, I wouldn't be surprised if you drank about 16 You're an excellent father, but you feel guilty about the You drink bourbon, but you offer your clients Scotch.

And your wife decorated this office.

He certainly seems to have your number.

You're a little tougher, Peter.

For one thing, you like expensive things.

That's easy. You've seen my car.

You smoke Hoyo de Monterreys.

You're a Scotch man, single malt, not because it's trendy but because you've been and you like to stay with what works.

You have two great loves in your life: and this company.

And you're a man who prides himself in finding talent How would you know that ? Because I'm here.

I'm prepared to do whatever it takes I'll start wherever I have to start.

I'll park cars if I have to.

The biggest part of judging character is knowing yourself, I can do this job. I can.

Give me a chance, Peter. I won't let you down.

Alan, why don't you show Jack around ?

This is our war room. We did seven major deals three of them... hostile.

Seven ? Yeah. You get a kind Can we cut the shit here for a minute ? Where did you Did you go through his wallet ? Did you surf some Net ?

It doesn't really matter because that circus act may have dazzled Lassiter, but it doesn't cut any shit Even if you get this job, which I highly doubt, let me just give you a word of warning.

Peter Lassiter gets tired of his pet projects I've got that big office because I prove myself to him Nobody is gonna come in here and turn the old man's head, especially not some tire salesman So if you're cautious and you're quiet, you watch yourself, stay away from Lassiter, maybe I'll think about keeping you on here Do we understand each other ?

Alan !

God, you really are different.

Excuse me ? I mean, wow !

I'm impressed. I'm impressed.

Are we understanding each other ?

Yes, Alan, I understand you.

Okay then. Good.

Good. Okay. Okay.

Alan !

Keep your eyes closed. Hold on.

Go ahead. Open your eyes.

Welcome to Xanadu.

It's pretty incredible, isn't it ?

It's like a museum. Uh-huh.

Look around.

So what's the big surprise ?

You didn't rent this for the weekend, did you ?

Think... bigger.

For the week ?

This place is a perk, Kate.

A perk ? Mm-hmm.

For what ?

A company called P.K. Lassiter Investment House... uses it to attract new executives.

I'm going into arbitrage, honey.

It turns out I have a knack for it.

Jack, what are you talking about ?

I'll be making twice what I make now, That's just to start. And we can live practically rent free... until we find a place of our own.

Are you out of your mind ?

I don't think so.

This is gonna be a better life for all of us. We can put Annie Annie goes to a great school, Jack.

I'm talking about the best schools What could you possibly be thinking about ?

Well, this is New York City. It's like the needy people Your Jersey clients aren't a tenth as pathetic as the I can't even believe you're talking about I thought the reason we left was because we didn't want to No. No. This is the center If I were living in Roman times, I would live in Rome.

"Today America is the Roman empire.

John Lennon. Jack !

Okay, you know something ? I'm detecting, like, This was supposed to be a happy day, so guess what ?

We don't have to live here. Forget it.

I'll commute. I'll drive to work.

In traffic, it's over an hour each way.

When are you ever going to see the kids ?

You're not understanding me.

I'm talking about a perfect life, Everything we pictured when we were young.

You said so yourself. Life has thrown us We made sacrifices. Well, guess what ?

Now I can finally get us back on track.

I want to do that. I need to do that as a man !

For all of us.

Please just think about this for one second.

No more lousy restaurants.

No more clipping coupons.

No more shoveling snow.

Then get a goddamn snowblower, Jack !

Don't go get a new career without even telling me And don't--don't take Annie out of a school she loves.

Don't move us out of a house we've become a family in.


Don't you see ? I'm talking about us that other people envy.

Oh, Jack.

They already do envy us.

From London to New York.

I came back.

When you got on that plane, I was sure it was over.

I left the airport afraid I'd never see you again.

And then you showed up the very next day.

That was a good surprise.

You know, I think about the decision you made.

Maybe I was being naive, but I believed... that we would grow old together in this house, that we'd spend holidays here and...

have our grandchildren come visit us here.

I had this image of us all gray and wrinkly, and me... working in the garden, and you repainting the deck.

But things change.

If you need this, Jack, if you really need this, I will take these kids from a life they love, and I'll take myself from the only home we've and I'll move wherever you need to go.

I'll do that because I love you.

I love you, and that's more important to me than our address.

I choose us.

Oh. I'm gonna chase you.

You can't catch me. No, you can't. You can't.

Whoa ! Oh. Whoops !

I fell down.

I knew you'd come back.

Oh, Annie.

I love you.

What are you doing ? Ringing my bell.

4.99 ? It's just salt, Ninety-nine cents, darling.

Out often.

You. -Jack !

What's up ? How you feeling, baby ?

Why are you here ?

Here's your change, darling. Five, six, seven, eight, nine, oh-one.

Is that rock salt ?

Look at you, man. Went and got all domestic You really figured some things out, huh ?

You're not sending me back.

Everything okay ? Yeah.

Hey, did you hear me ?

Wait a second. I'm talking to you.

You see that ?

Character. And for what, for nine bucks ?

I'm not going back. You understand me ?

Okay, relax, Jack. You can't do this.

You can't keep coming in and out of people's lives, It's not right.

A glimpse, by definition, is an impermanent thing, Jack.

I've got kids. I'm going home.

Is it morning yet ?

No, honey.

Go back to sleep.

Take care, Annie.

I'm going back to the mother ship.



These past few weeks, I know I've done some-- some unusual things.

It's been interesting, that's for sure.

I've done some good things, too, though, haven't I ?

You've been Jack Campbell, and that's always a good thing.

I need you to remember me, Kate.

How I am right now... at this very moment.

I need you to put that image in your heart Keep it with you no matter what happens.

Are you okay ? Yeah. Yeah.

Please just promise me.

You have to promise me, because if you don't, then and I don't think I can live with that.

I promise.

Promise me again.

I promise. Okay.

Now come to bed.



What time is it ?

Okay. Yeah.

Waiting for me by the door, huh ?


Merry Christmas.

Christmas ? It's not Christmas.

It's whatever you want it to be, Jack.

It's not Christmas.

Jack. Jack ?

Can I help you ?

Is Kate here ?

Does Kate live here ? Kate ? No.

There's nobody named Kate here.

Of course not.

You okay ?



Santa Claus, where are you ? Everybody's here.

Adelle ? You're a half an hour late.

The emergency strategy session, trip to Aspen ?

Is this ringing any bells ?

Everybody is panicked here, Jack.

Jack ?

I'll be there in 20 minutes.

No, I'm not gonna go talk to them until I have something Steve, I don't care if it's Christmas day.

Wait a minute. Jack just walked in.

Thank God that you're--

You're here. Are you all right ?

What's-- Well, it's not good.

Bob Thomas has been talking to a European drug company, Jack, They're gonna let Bob buy a minority stake, and let him Global knows. I don't know how they know, but they know They think that somehow we should have been prepared Oh, God, we're in trouble.

You know something, Alan ?

Somewhere inside of you, there's a much more Is this another one of those Sun Tzu Art of War tricks ?


So what are we gonna do, Jack ?

Jack ?

I'll tell you exactly what we're going to do.

You're going to do whatever you have to do which European company he's been talking to.

Then I'm going to clean myself up, fly to Aspen and drink eggnog His wife and kids will be playing in the background while I convince him that the European company... is the devil... and Global is the answer to his prayers.

Then I'm gonna spend four hours skiing... alone.

Completely and utterly alone.

I'm going to do that because that is my life, that's what's real... and there's nothing I can do to change that.

For Manhattan.

Kate Reynolds.

I need an address too.

It's very fragile, so I want you to be It's valuable. It's over 300 years old.

You'll probably need a few guys to carry it.

The painting is also very, very old, so take extra care.

It means a lot to Kate, okay ? I appreciate it.

Yeah ? What ?

Are you from the moving company ?

I'm an old... friend of Kate's.

Kate, some guy is here.

Did you call the airline like I asked you to do ?

Jack. Kate.

God, it's been a long time. You look--

You look great. Thanks.

I--Come on in. Come on in.

I'm just doing some-- Lori, do you know I'm sorry.

No, no, no ! You know what--

Don't--Please. I don't even care.

Oh, great. Thank you.

What's going on ? I'm moving to Paris.

Hey, Lori, have you seen that box ?

I put it with the rest of the Salvation Army stuff.

Do you want me to look for the box Hey, kind of under a little pressure here.

Hey, kind of giving up Christmas day Hey, didn't mind offering to help when she was opening Maybe it's by the wardrobe boxes.

So you're moving. Yeah, to Paris.

My firm has an office there. I'm gonna be heading it up.

Paris. Paris, France ?

That's the one.

So you're--you're not at a nonprofit firm ?

God, no, not with Are you married ?

No, I never got married, Jack. You ?

Not exactly.

Look, could we take a minute here, maybe go get a cup of coffee or something ?

I'll go for a cup of coffee. Yes. I found it.

Congratulations. Your earlier flight but I got you out of Kennedy Excellent. Am I good or what ?

Yes, you're brilliant.

Thank you. You're welcome.

Here you go. It's just some old stuff of yours.

Do you ever think about us, Kate ?

About what might have happened ?

Jack, I'll tell you what.

If you're ever in Paris, look me up and we'll go have Or cafe. Or cafe au lait. Oh, wait. No, no, no, no !

Don't close that up. I will never find Well, I marked it. Just be more specific

We 'll leave it open then. I was just trying

Make a right here.

Sir, you're gonna be late We're not going to the airport.

You can't leave this here.

You can't park here !

Kate ! You can't go.

Don't get on that plane. -Jack ?

Please, let's just go have a cup of coffee.

I'm sure there's another flight to Paris tonight.

Jack. What are you doing here ?

Do you need closure ?

Because if you do, after all these years, I'm okay. I'm fine.

I--I was heartbroken, Jack, but I got over it, I moved on, and... you should move on too.

Okay ? I'm sorry.

I just can't-- I've gotta go.

I-I--I'm sorry, Jack. I'm sorry. Excuse me.

Can I just-- I'm sorry. I was here.

We have a house in Jersey !

We have two kids.

Annie and Josh.

Annie's not much of a violin player, She's a little precocious, but that's only because she And when she smiles--

And Josh, he has your eyes.

He doesn't say much, but we know he's smart.

He's always got his eyes open.

You know, he's always watching us.

Sometimes you can look at him and you just know... he's learning something new.

It's like witnessing a miracle.

The house is a mess, but it's ours.

After 122 more payments, it's going to be ours.

And you, you're a nonprofit lawyer.

That's right. You're completely nonprofit.

But that doesn't seem to bother you.

And we're in love.

After 13 years of marriage, we're still unbelievably You won't even let me touch you till I've said it.

I sing to you.

Not all the time, but definitely And we've--we've dealt with our share of surprises but we stayed together.

You see, you're a better person than I am, and it made me a better person I don't know. Maybe it was all Maybe I went to bed one lonely night and I imagined it all, but...

I swear, nothing's ever felt more real.

And if you get on that plane right now, it'll disappear forever.

I know we could both go on with our lives, But I've seen... what we could be like together.

And I choose us.

Please, Kate.

One cup of coffee.

You can always go to Paris.

Just... please, not tonight.

Okay, Jack.


♪ We should be right here ♪

♪ Get through all this fear ♪

♪ One of these days ♪

♪ 'Cause when it comes around ♪

♪ Weshould be right here ♪