The Family Stone (2005) Script

** [ Pop ]

[ Man ] * Oh, the weather outside is frightful *

[ Cell Phone Ringing ] * But the fire is so delightful *

[ Ringing Continues ] * And since we've no place to go *

[ Woman ] This is Meredith. * Let it snow, let it snow Let it snow *

For the last time, this isn't a popularity contest.

** [ Continues ] I don't care if it's the Friday before Christmas.

She'll have Monday off.

Look-- Look, the bottom line--

The bottom line is, there's no way I'm letting that report go without having seen it.

All right, here's what you're gonna do. Get Rebecca to reach Ken.

He should be on the ground by now. Tell him to forward his fi--

Well, she's gonna have to change her reservation, isn't she?

Hold on. I've got another call. Don't leave!

This is Meredith. Oh! Okay, terrific. I'm gonna call you back.

Don't leave-- I said, don't le-- No, no, no. Thanks.

[ Meredith ] I said I'd call you back! Thank you.

You're welcome. Combine the files. Get them to me.

I'll look them over-- Ooh. Everett. Everett. Is that for Amy?

The red one.

I'll look them over. But tell her to tell the printers to--

Forget it-- Wait, I'm gonna call you back--

The red one, please. Red.

Yeah, that's perfect.

[ Cell Phone Ringing, Muffled ]

Merry Christmas.

Mom! Merry Christmas!

[ Door Closes ]

Boys! [ Laughing ]

Boys? [ Squeals ] Hi, Patrick!

[ Laughs ] We hit traffic.


Whoo! [ Squeals ]

[ Whispers ] You look so good.

[ Moans ]

Wait, Patrick. Mmm?

I found another recipe on the Gourmet site this morning.

It'd better not be for onions. I e-mailed you my mother's recipe this morning.

Well-- Mom, where's Everett?

He promised me they'd be here by dinner. Did you hear from Ben?

[ Sighs ] We didn't know what time his flight was getting in.

Of course. He missed both morning flights.

[ Door Closes ] Honey, we're in here.

Millie's famous brownies.

Oh. So sweet of her.

Hi. [ Whispers ] Thad.

Thaddeus! Dad!

Patrick. Hey.

[ Patrick ] Merry Christmas.

[ Engine Knocking, Stops ]

[ Sighs ]

[ Phone Beeps ]


No. [ Sighs ]

[ Clears Throat ]

[ Clears Throat ] You don't have to be nervous.

I'm not. They're gonna love you.

I hate her! Amy.

What? Generosity.

Generosity of spirit. Thank you.

Amy, you're gonna get me in trouble. Wha--

I thought no one had even met the girl.

No. I was down in New York in October--

That's right. That young man-- What was his name? How's that going?

Mm-mmm. Mm-mmm. Kelly.

[ Whispers ] Sorry.

So, you had dinner with them?

So, she is a total phony. She's completely uptight.

She dragged us to this friggin' stiff restaurant, she talked the entire time--

I mean-- Oh, you just wait. What?

She's got this incredibly grotesque throat-clearing tic.

It's like-- [ Clearing Throat ] Eew.

It's like she's digging for clams. [ Door Slams ]

[ Woman ] Make way for ducklings!

[ Mother ] Susannah? Honey? Susannah!

[ Kelly ] Hi, sweetie. Grandma!

[ Squeals ] Look at this! Mmm!

Hi. Here.

Long drive. Gotta pee-- Oh, hi!

Oh, I love them so much.

Granddaughter. Grandpa!

Hi, sweetheart. How are you? [ Whistles ]

Is Everett here yet?

Amy-- Oh, my God-- was just telling us all about Meredith.

She's a-- a throat-clearer.

[ Clears Throat ]

Sybil, why do you encourage her? Well, Amy never likes anyone.


I love you.

[ Chuckling ] That took years!

[ Grunts ]

So, Sis, you got her on the phone once, right?

A little curt. Mm-hmm.

She do that throat thing? What are you talking about? I have to pee.

[ Susannah ] When's Ben getting here? They're here!


Yeah, they're all watching, you know.

They-- Yeah.

Kelly'll be out in a minute, and he'll bring us in.


[ Clears Throat ]

[ Thad ] Okay, okay, okay. [ Sybil Gasps ]

Everett! [ Laughs ] Dad. Hi.

Whoops. [ Amy ] Mm-hmm.

[ Laughing ] I told you. Did I tell you?

[ Sybil Laughing ] Yes!

[ Sybil Tittering ] [ Amy ] Uh-huh.

Hi. [ All Expressing Greetings ]

How are ya?

Oh. Thad.

[ Kelly ] Excuse me. I'm sorry.

Meredith, this is Thad. Oh! Yes. Thaddeus.

[ Speaking Loudly ] Hello. I'm Meredith. I've heard so much about you.

A-And this is Patrick. Oh. Hello.


Why is she shouting?

You remember Amy. Right?

Oh, Amy. Yes. Merry Christmas.

You remember me. Right? The mother? [ Laughs ] I do. That's right, Mom.

[ Kiss ] And this is Sybil.

Mom, this is Meredith.

Oh. Hello. You have a lovely home.

All the better to entertain you, my dear.

Well, welcome. And merry Christmas.

Welcome to our lovely home.

Uh, Mom, don't overdo it. What am I overdoing?

Hi. Welcome. I'm Susannah.

And this is Elizabeth.

Oh. You have nice shoes.

Thank you.

All right, let me get a picture, please.

Picture time! [ Kelly ] Here we go.

Okay. Everybody just move in. [ All Chattering ]

All right, so, Patrick, move in close.

Okay, wait.

Amy, come on. Get in there. Everybody. Here we go.

[ Chattering Continues ] Where's Ben?

Get tight. A little closer.


Why are you making such a big deal out of this? Can it really matter?

Um, yes, I think it matters.

And, no, I am not sleeping with you in your bed in your parents' house!

Sybil put us in here together.

And I said I don't think it's right.

[ Laughing ] So, what you're saying is, you just don't screw?

Oh, nice, Mom. That's nice. Is that it?

I know how fun this could be for you if you try to make it more complicated, but--

Yeah, but separate bedrooms. Everett, it's so silly.

She just doesn't feel comfortable. Well, why should she be?

[ Shouting ] Putting Amy out of her room and all.


I hope I'm not putting anyone out.

No-- Me out. You're putting me out.

[ Elizabeth ] Why aren't you sleeping in Everett's room?

He's your friend, isn't he? Did you have a fight?

Elizabeth. Of course not.

Can I try your shoes? Amy, I'm so sorry. There must be someplace else I--

[ Cell Phone Ringing ] Oh--

[ Ringing Continues ]

[ Beep ] This is Meredith.

Oh. Hold on. It's my sister.


Oh! Oh.

Yes, well, we'll-- we'll just be downstairs. Give you your privacy.

Come on, honey. Elizabeth, let's go.


[ Sybil ] Amy!

[ Sybil ] Let's go. Careful now. [ Amy Clears Throat ]

They hate me.

Yes, I'm being myself!

May I come in?

You don't need an invitation, Meredith.

Don't be mad.

I'm not mad.

But don't be thinkin' you'll be gettin' any now. [ Giggles ]


Why would you keep those in here?

Huh. Don't you--

That's, uh--

That's from a long time ago.

This isn't easy for me, meeting everyone.

[ Chuckles ] I know it's not.

Look at them.

Just look at them.


[ Amy ] Ben! Oh, my God. Amy!

Wait until you meet her. Wait. Meet who? Come here.

Meredith. She's-- No smoking pot in the house! Do you hear me?

No pot in the house. I mean it this time.

I-- Uh-oh.

[ Giggling ]

Merry Christmas, Mom.

And Christmas is not going to be "clothing optional" this year. We've got company.

Roger. Okay. Oh--

Oh, look at the-- Who's this? Wow!

You been workin' out? Hey, Ben.

Everett! Wow. Everett in a tie! Look at this.

Running for mayor. Hey, you look gorgeous.

Yeah, well, that's true.

Hey, I want you to meet Meredith.


Hey. Hey!

Hi. Hi.

What is going on with him?

All hail! [ Giggles ] The prodigal son returns.

Hey, mama. Found your laundry here.

Big sack of filthy Christmas laundry just for you.


[ Kiss ] Where's your husband?

What husband? Huh.

[ Laughing ] That husband. He'll be here on Christmas.

Ah, Queen Bee. How you doin'?

Arigato. Arigato.

[ Susannah Giggling ] [ Ben ] So, uh, where's Dad?

He ran away. Joined the circus.

Better circus. [ Patrick ] Yeah. Less clowns.

[ Susannah ] Oh. Sorry, but--

Uh, we might have some glue.

No, i-it's, uh-- it's-- it's okay. [ Ben ] Oh, no.

I think I have another pair for that outfit.

It's a good color.

Excuse me.

Hey, uh, you need a hand with that?

Now, uh, don't dillydally there, pretty lady.

We're all gonna be down here talkin' about you.

Do you remember Miss Lewin? Remember her? Yeah.

Second grade? Yeah!

[ Sybil ] Are we talking about the one without the lips?

Exactly. Man, I was so into her! [ Amy ] You are a freak.

Yeah. Yeah.

She's sweet. Right? Incredible.

Thank you, sir. [ Ben ] Yeah.

Doesn't she seem incredible? Yeah. It appears that she is incredible.

So, uh, Everett, where'd you find her?

Hong Kong. Last spring.

Well, actually, over on Kowloon side. Not Hong Kong Island.

Although we were both staying there-- on Hong Kong Island, that is.

Everett at the Grand Hyatt. I was at the Mandarin.

But we were introduced in the lobby of the Peninsula.

[ Shouting ] That's-- That's on Kowloon side!

Anyway, I was there for this post-post-unification conference, and I had a meeting over at the Peninsula, and there I am, crossing the lobby, and who do I see... but Rachel Graham.

[ Sighs ] Who? What were you wearing?

It'd been what-- Ten years? More? God, almost 16.

Andover. So there I am, catching up with Rachel, and here comes Everett.

Of course, I don't know him, but Rachel does-- they got their masters' together.

And you hadn't seen each other in, what was it-- eight years?

Anyway, the point is Everett was lost. Do you remember? What?

How you were lost? I'm pretty sure I was pretending.

He was on his way to take some boat out to-- What was that place again?

Lantao. Lantao Island.

Right. Some pilgrimage he'd gotten into his head.

On his way to see some Buddhist statue at some monastery.

In fact, it's one of the largest metal Buddhas in the world.

Metal Buddha. [ Everett ] It's over three stories tall.


You can stay at this monastery, actually... share meals with the monks.

But they've taken a vow of silence. A vow of what?

Your tie's crooked.

Sounds incredible. How long where you there?

He never made it, of course. One thing led to another.

Rachel suggested lunch.

We got to talking.

Everett, what did you two talk about? I don't-- I don't remember.

This is just-- It's just a little tight. What are you--

Will you take that goddamn tie off already?

[ Meredith ] Oh, please! Of course you remember!

Everett was there on business with Steve, working out their position for the I.P.O.

Well, of course, that's what I do.


Within the Asian market.

Anyway, s-- so, lunch led to drinks, which led to dinner.

Rachel took off, and-- and, um, really, that's how Everett and I spent our first night together--

[ Everett ] Yeah. me just putting in my two cents, going over that report.

I just showed Everett a few things that needed to be done.

Meredith was a real help.

We were just lucky.

Both in the right place at the right time.

Destiny. [ Whispers ] Destiny.

Right, honey? Right.

[ Together ] Well--

Okay, so-- Oh. Here.

Let me help you with that. No, no, no. No.

Don't trouble yourself. You're the guest.

[ Sybil ] All right, where is it?

Well, then maybe I'll just wash my hands.

All right, Ben. Come on. Still workin' on it, honey.

I told you--

It's in there. Mom. What?

Mom, listen. I wanna talk to you.

Oh. [ Chuckles ] Yeah, I'm sure you do.

There's something I wanna ask you. Yeah?

I thought that might be it. But now's not the time. I--


[ Everett ] Safe. [ Amy ] No. Done.

Open. Opening it up. [ Amy ] Chest.

Chest hair. No?

Oh! "Billy, Don't Be a Hero"! What?

Ah! Thank you! That's it?

That's a song? Yes, it's a song. You've heard it.

No. Whose clue was that? It's not very-- It's not good.

[ Clears Throat ]

I wanna go again. [ Susannah ] No, you need to wind it down.

[ Amy ] No, no, Elizabeth. Meredith hasn't had a turn yet.

No, that's all right. I-- No, no, no. I'll find one for you.

No, really, I don't-- No, come on. Come on, Mer.

[ Ben ] Come on, la mer! There. That one's perfect.

It's a movie.

Okay, movie. [ Amy ] No talking.


Movie. Movie.

Four words. Four words.

Second word. Second word.


[ Everett ] Ulee's Gold?

Second word. Second word.

Um-- [ Susannah ] Wedding!

Marriage. Ring!


Princess Bride! [ Susannah ] Four words.

Always a bridesmaid, never a bride.

Oh, no. That's six. You know what the answer is.

I'm just trying to help. [ Clears Throat ]

[ Together ] Third word. [ Whispers ] All right.


Nylons? Pants?

[ Everett ] Personal style. Apparel. [ Susannah ] Suit.

Fourth word. [ Sighs ]

It's okay. It's okay. Fourth word.

I can't believe you're pointing at him.

[ Ben ] What? [ Everett ] Who?

[ Meredith ] No! I-- He--

You're totally pointing at him! [ Ben ] Which guy?

I wasn't pointing at him.

You still are. No, I'm not!

[ Scoffs ] Oh, my God! Is he a clue?

Fourth word.

I wasn't. [ Thad ] Fourth word.

Yeah. [ Ben ] Aw, come on, Mer!

Meredith. You guys are such unbelievable jerks.

Come on! What just happened?

Shorty, fetch that for me, please.

Don't even know how to read.

[ Susannah ] What was the answer?

[ Sighs ] The Bride Wore-- The Bride Wore Black?

Thank you, Amy. I--

Why do you always have to be such a meanie? Don't!

What did I ever do to her?

You can't just let her run you off like that.

She's just getting back at you for taking her room. Oh, yeah.

Some help you were in that department.

The natives would never dream of letting their god sleep on a couch.

Not when they have me to blame.

Meredith, now you're being-- I am not a completely ridiculous person, Everett.

I can see you beginning to look at me like they do.

No. It's not true.

Isn't it?

You're telling me you're not wondering... why you brought me here, that you're not beginning to have doubts?


That you-- you don't... wish I were different?

Different? Different how?

Ow. Here.

Hey. Hey. I was joking.

I was just joking.

I wouldn't want you just because you were a good guy who got caught up in something... and then couldn't find the break.


I'm not a good guy.

Yes, you are.

He's coming for that ring. That's what he wants to talk to me about.

He intends to give that girl my mother's wedding ring.

Well, what I don't understand... is what he sees in her.

[ Giggles ]

See, I was on to you, Mr. Oh-So-Innocent.

No, I don't mean that. She's attractive. She's intelligent.

[ Laughs ] Obviously successful.

She's better mannered than any one of us. Oh, give me a break.

You stick a silver spoon up any monkey's butt, it's bound to go "please" and "thank you."

Big deal.

She is a fine woman. Oh, so, fine!

She doesn't seem to know or trust herself very well.

Thank you, professor.

Which means, I'm afraid, that our Everett may not know himself at all.

You're up early.

[ Toilet Flushes ] Did you sleep all right?

Thank you. Has Everett woken up-- It's freezing.

Whew. Is there coffee?

Comin' up. Good morning, Amy.

[ Sybil ] Mmm. Mm-hmm.

Hello, my last-born. Good morning.

Oh, Amy, I meant to tell you, we got a card from the Stevensons the other day.

You remember Brad, don't you? [ Chuckles ] Very funny.

Brad! Brad Stevenson.

Still in town, still available. Yeah, well--

Brad popped Amy's cherry. Mom!

Uh-- Oh.

Oh, I'm sorry, dear. Is that not accurate?

Poor guy's still holdin' out for her.

Guess he got a taste of something he liked. Okay, Mom--

Hmm? Could you not?

[ Sighs ]

[ Sybil ] Milk's in the fridge, if you need it.

Amy, you take milk? Yeah.

But I can do it.

[ Clears Throat ]

Um, I'm really sorry that you had to sleep on the couch last night.

Maybe we can take turns.

Don't sweat it.

I wish you'd give me a chance, whatever it is that I did wrong.

I said, don't sweat it.

I-- I-- I don't know what I did to you. I really don't.

But, you know, I don't care whether you like me or not.

Oh, of course you do.

[ Slurps ]

[ Patrick ] She's going to the inn?

What excuse did she give? Something about having a bad back.

Said she could get them to put a board under her mattress at the inn.

[ Amy Clears Throat ] [ Kelly ] Amy.

Just be the kind child I know you to be, please.

Well, we are definitely in trouble now.

[ Clears Throat ]

[ Sybil ] Here he comes. [ Kelly ] Go, go, go.

Come on! [ Chattering ]

[ Door Opens, Closes ]

Good morning. [ Sighs ] Good morning.

All right. What-- Never mind.

Okay, where-- Excuse me, family.


I just wanna know who said something to her. To whom, dear?

Meredith's checking into the inn. That's right.

We actually heard something about that.

And now her sister, Julie, is coming to join her. Her sister?

Her sister, whom I've never met, is giving up Christmas with her family to be with Meredith.

Come on, now. She called her sister? [ Slams Table ]

That's it!

I see what's going on here.

I mean, I knew it wasn't gonna be easy with you guys.

I just figured you'd give her a hard time, have a good laugh, but then back off.

Everett, honey, really-- [ Stammering ] Please, Mom.

Now, if this is about me--

Okay, this is how this is gonna go.

You're all gonna pull your fangs out of her and remind yourselves... that whatever you think she is, Meredith is somebody that means a lot to me.

So you'd better start getting used to the idea.

[ Whispers ] Jesus. Okay.

Everett-- I expected a little more at least of you.


Oh, well, you know, the coffee's not too good over there at the inn.

Oh. Thank you.

So, uh, y-you're comin' back, right? You'll come back?

Yeah. I'm just checking in. Good.

Good deal.

[ Exhales ] Oh, boy.

What a day. [ Exhales ]

Well, thank you.

I had a dream about you last night.


Yeah, I did. I ended up having a dream about you.

Well, what-- what was I doing? Well--

Let's go.

[ Meredith Clears Throat ]

You coming? Yeah.

Oh, you know, you gotta make sure to bring back the mug, 'cause it's Sybil's favorite.

Or she'll kill you. Okay.

[ Engine Starts ]

So, we are going to welcome Meredith back... without judgment.

We will welcome her and her sister, Julie, into our home... with open arms.

We will try to behave... like a civilized family might.

Right, Amy?

Why do you keep singling me out?

Well, imagine what she had to have felt in order for her to call her sister.

She is staying. You gotta give her credit for that.

Excuse me. I'd like to say something here, if I may.

Forget it. And I know you gave her my mug.

[ Amy ] Let's just vote Ben off the island. [ Sybil ] Yeah.

I'm ashamed of all of you. [ Patrick ] There's some news.

Even you. He's gonna ask me for that ring. I know it.

He can't marry her. Thank you.

Where have you been? They don't even love each other.

[ Sybil ] You just watch. He's gonna ask me for that ring.

Mom, e-enough about the ring. Huh?

What ring? Grandma's wedding ring.


Mom-- Yep. this is the woman I'm gonna marry.

We're talking about Meredith, right?

[ Sighs ]

Mom, do you remember when I was dating Becket Royce?

Oh, boy, she was great. What ever happened to-- Yes, she was nice.

But what you told me was, when I met the woman who was to be my wife... that I should come to you because you wanted that woman to wear your mother's wedding ring.

Well, I've met that woman, and I wanna ask you for the ring that you promised me.

I'm gonna give it to Meredith tomorrow.

On Christmas.




[ Sighs ] Mom.

I can't. That woman-- "That woman"?

Okay, Meredith. Meredith. It's just--

Honey, I can't give you my mother's wedding ring so that she can--

You made a promise to me. Tough shit!

I'm sorry!

I know you're disappointed.

But think how I feel.

Oh, God.

Oh, goddamn it!

Who took the last of the coffee and didn't make more?

There's supposed to be a pot right here.

I mean, who doesn't know the rules?

I'm sorry. I was just wa-- You're back.

I can make more coffee.

All right, who put all the crap on my desk? Huh?

[ Patrick ] Sybil, Meredith's making us breakfast.

Huh? It's for tomorrow.

It's for Christmas morning.

It's strata. It's a Morton family tradition.

[ Mouths Word ] Um, I know you and Patrick have dinner all planned out, but I wanted to contribute something.

And my sister's coming. I just wanted--

I just wanted to do something for everyone.

Well, that should be nice.

Everything all right at the inn?

Yes, thank you.

I hope they put you in a room near Patrick and Thad.

Thank you for bringing my mug back.

Oh, it's, uh--

[ Bell Jingling ]

[ Woman ] Going to be a lot of broken hearts in this town.

What do you think of this one? Oh, that's a beautiful choice.

Platinum setting. I believe that's a three-carat stone.

And that's good? [ Chuckles ]

Thad, what do you think? Is it big enough?

Let me just look up the specifics on that one.

Do you see a different one?

Don't do it.

What? Marry her, Everett.

Please don't marry her.

Thad, I am getting married.

Is this about Mom?

Of course it's about Mom.

Here we are.

It's a lovely ring.

So, the bread absorbs this.

Mm-hmm. And then-- Oh, hi, Susannah!

Have you guys seen Mom? Yeah. She's taking a nap.

[ Liquid Whisking ]

And then, really, just as fast as your wrist allows.

Just fast-fast-fast-fast. Oh. You've done that before.

Every Christmas.

Who else knows?

You want a brownie? No, thanks.

They're good.

So, it's worse this time.

Isn't it?

What do you mean?

Mom, Dad.

I mean Mom.

It's not good.

We only found out a couple of weeks ago.

But you've known longer than that.

Well, we weren't sure.

And she wanted to wait, you know, until after Christmas to tell you kids.

[ Sobbing ]

I know, Ben. I know.

This gets folded in. Okay.

A touch more oregano.

More Parmesan.

Goes in the fridge overnight, then bakes for a bit in the morning.

Are those mushrooms? Yeah, those are mushrooms.

Uh, isn't Everett allergic to mushrooms?

[ Door Opens, Closes ] He is?

Hi, honey-- Wha-- Wha--

Oh! Well! [ Laughs ]

Oh. Well, oka-- Okay!

[ Laughing ] Honey. Honey!

I love you, Mom. I love you.

What's going on?

What's wrong?

You and Daddy have fun getting stoned?

[ Sybil ] Kelly! Yeah?

[ Ben ] Okay.

[ Clears Throat ] What do we got goin' on over here in Santa's workshop?

Uh, okay, w-what can I do to be of service, uh, Meredith?

What can I do to make you happy? Oh.

Well, I-- I think I'm-- I'm all set. Okay.

Everett had to run some errands in town, and then he and Thad were going to meet Julie's bus.

Okay. Now, are those mushrooms?

I didn't know!

What does she look like?

I don't know. I only saw a picture of her once.

Careful. Thank you.

[ Whispers ] That's not her.

[ Thad ] Is that her?

Ohh! Julie!

Oww. You all right, miss?

Uh, yeah. I'm okay. Do you think you can stand?

Yeah, uh-- Ow! W-W-What is it?

No, it's nothing, except for my knee. I'm sorry. I didn't see you.

No, it's my fault. It's okay. Can you bend it?

Um, uh, yeah.

Yeah. No, it's fine. Thank you.


[ Sighs ] Hi.

Hi. [ Laughs ] Okay. Thanks.


You all right? Yeah. No, really. I'm okay.

Do you got it? Yeah, I'm set.

[ Julie ] I'm fine. [ Kelly ] What happened?

[ Everett ] She fell. [ Susannah ] Getting off the bus?

[ Julie ] This is so embarrassing. No. I missed a step.

It was totally my fault.

Please. You've all got to stop. No, really. Are you sure?

[ Julie ] It's not even bleeding now.

[ Sybil ] You poor thing. Merry Christmas.

[ Julie ] Merry Christmas. Amy? Amy, hurry.

These are, like, a million years old.

What took you so long?

Ah, Amy. The mean sister.

[ Patrick ] You got that right. And you're with Thad, right?

Ah-- Yes, I'm Patrick.

Merry Christmas. [ Meredith ] Here.

Let me help you. Why don't we go to the bathroom.

[ Whispers ] What a great kid, huh? Perfect for Ben.

[ Door Closes ]

[ Julie ] You're kidding.

Strata. For tomorrow.

Meredith, what am I doing here? You're cooking?

Everything is fine now?

What did you have me come for?

Well, they certainly like you, don't they?

[ Chattering ]

Oh. Looks great. Julie.

Why don't you tell us a little bit about what it is you do.


Uh, me? I, uh-- I review artists' grants proposals.

At the Rockefeller Foundation. Well, Ben is a documentary film editor.

Yeah, and Amy's a teacher, and Thad's an architect.

So what-- Are you in New York?

[ Sybil ] San Francisco.

Actually, I live in Berkeley.

Hey, I wasn't speaking for you.

Oh, well, you know--

Grandma signed something really, really bad.

Yes, she did. Yes, Elizabeth tattletale. I saw what Grandma signed.

Way to go. Nice signage. Nice.

[ Ben ] So, how is it that you and Everett never met?

Julie's impossible. She's been traveling all year.

[ Sybil ] Oh.

Mom, can I be excused?

Yeah, why don't you go put your p.j.'s on. Okay.

Oh. Oh, no, no, no.

Oh, Elizabeth. Come back. Come back.

[ Julie ] So, your being deaf--

Actually, we were amazed by how little issue the agency had over the whole hearing thing.


There were so many more questions about our history as a couple.

[ Patrick ] And about money.

This may be a personal question, but do you have a preference about the child's race?


I'd like a little black baby.

Don't you already have a little black baby? Can you dig it?

I'm so sorry. I-- No.

It totally doesn't matter to us.

I was just wondering.


We're just so excited about having this child at all.


I'm sorry.

I would sign, but I don't know the language.

Oh. No, it's okay.

Um, well, do you boys believe in nature vs. nurture?

I mean, is that at all a concern in terms of bringing a child into your house?

Not sure I follow you. Why wouldn't we bring it into the house?

Well, I-- I just mean the gay thing.

I mean, there's no irrefutable evidence one way or the other.

Yes, they think they've isolated a gene.

But what does that mean? They don't know what it's for or what it does.

Didn't they determine it's for window treatments?

[ Sybil ] There you go. [ Laughing ]

One of the contributing factors to being gay may very well be the environment.

Well, look at my drapes. Aren't they horrible?

There's absolutely no way it was this environment.

Meredith, most of us here believe that sexual orientation... is the result of a genetic predisposition, much like handedness.

"Handedness"? Well, that and Mom.

She tried to make us all gay. What are you talking about? I didn't try, Everett.

No, true, I did hope--

[ Laughing ] I mean, I did-- I did desperately hope... that you would all be gay, all my boys.

Then you'd never leave me.

So sorry, by the way, girls. Oh, right.

She would ask me when I was eight years old if I was gay.

Hey, she asked all of us that. Yeah, Thad. Stop pretending you're so special.

[ Laughing ]

[ Patrick ] Hey, Ben, are you sure that you're not gay?

Hey, I'm here, I'm queer. Get used to it.

[ Laughing ] I gave up hope on Ben years ago.

You didn't re-- didn't really hope for gay children, did you?

Well, I'm-- I don't think that anyone wishes for that.

Meredith-- No, I'm sorry.

I mean, please don't misunderstand me.

I-- I don't-- Well, all I mean to say is... that just-- I just don't think that any parent would hope... for a child to be challenged like that.

I'm sorry. I didn't hear a word you said. This isn't coming out right.

All I'm trying to say is-- What I mean to say is, life is hard enough as it is.

It just seems to me that you wouldn't want to make it any more difficult for your child.

I mean, Patrick-- Patrick, you must understand what I'm trying to say. Right?

What did-- What did she say?

Oh, well, now, boss, I think we have been hit twice.

No! No, no. I'm sorry. [ Glass Toppling On Table ]

I did not mean that. Honestly.

Why don't you try saying what it is you do mean.


All right, that's enough.

I'm sorry.

Well, that's enough.

I just think any parent would want a normal child.

Oh! Goddamn you! Okay?

Sybil-- Don't "Sybil" me.

Just for the child's sake. Just to make it easier for the child.

That's enough!

[ Sighs ] That's enough.

Dad-- It's too much, Everett.

That's enough. Excuse me.

[ Everett ] Meredith.

Meredith. Thanks a lot.

I know how she can seem-- Hey!

Hey, you!

I-- [ Mouths Words ]

And you are more... normal... than any other asshole sitting at this table.



I need a fork.

There ya go.

Thanks, Ben.

Is she okay?

How would you feel?

[ Door Closes ]

[ Engine Starts ]

[ Warning Bell Dinging ] [ Screams ]

[ Crash ] [ Gasps ]


[ Whimpers ]

Oh, my gosh. [ Engine Starts ]

[ Tires Screech ] [ Crash ]

[ Amy Gasps, Laughs ] Oh, my God!

Amy. Not funny.

I'm gonna go see-- I-I got it. I got it.

Yeah. Yeah.

[ Door Opens, Closes ]

Excuse me. I've lost my appetite.


[ Meredith Whimpering, Sobbing ]

[ Sobbing Continues ]

[ Tapping On Window ]

[ Exhales ]

What seems to be the problem here, ma'am?



It's-- [ Sobbing Continues ]


Come on, move over. Move over.

I know where we can go.

[ Engine Starts ]

Any luck?

[ Reading, Indistinct ]

I'm gonna go look for 'em. Everett, take our car.

Wait. I'm coming with you. Can we finish this later?

Uh-huh. Okay.

Here you go. Let's go.

She's not in her room.

Excuse me. Are you sure there are no messages?

Sorry. Where would he have taken her?

Thanks, Gus. Sure, Ben.

Have a lemon. Yeah.

** [ Jukebox: Pop ]

* I must have been through *

I am not a bad person. * A million girls *

You're a total mess. Look at ya.

I am? I--

[ Clears Throat ] I mean that in the best possible sense, of course.

You know that. I do?

I love the gays!

Gay people! They know that.

Then why?

I took her to the nicest restaurant I know, and she didn't say a word to me.

Not one word. All evening.

But I tried. And I try, and I--

I would have slept on the couch!

Maybe you should stop.

Just... stop.

Stop trying.

You know? It's exhausting.

Trying to keep that lid screwed on so tight.

Just, uh,

you know, relax.

[ Sighs ]

Try it.

* Free, on my own *

* That's the way I used to be *

* Since I met you, baby *

* Love's got a hold on me *

* Fooled around and fell in love * Um, I'm not comfortable.

Okay. * Fooled around and fell in love *

Here's the thing, Meredith.

* Fooled around and fell *

[ Sighs ] * In love *

You have a freak flag.

You just don't fly it.

* Fooled around and fell in love **

[ Julie ] It was the first totem pole to be raised in that community in a hundred years.

And it was just because this guy just--

I-- I guess he was a-- a fisherman-- would wander around, you know, from bar to bar... talking about how he had this hole in his heart.

That's how he put it. I--

He said he couldn't sleep.

He would just lie there in bed... because of this hole in his heart.

So, you-- you don't even want to hear this. No. No, no. Tell me. Tell me.

Uh, well, uh, the community got together and, um-- and they found the guy a log.

The guy had never carved a thing before in his life.

It took him five years.

I flew there for the raising. I--

It was just this... tiny, tiny island off of the coast.

The whole town was there.

It was--

It was incredible.

I mean, you just... couldn't look at it without crying.

I'd love to see that.

Well, it's there for you.

* If only you'd believe like I believe, baby *

* If only you'd believe like I believe *

* We'd get by *

* If only you'd believe *

Ben. * In miracles **

Ben Stone. Holy crow. Brad.

How you doin'? Good. Good.

Merry Christmas. You remember David from school. Yeah.

Hey, Ben. Hey, Dave. Happy holidays.

So-- So, what's goin' on? Are you guys workin' tonight?

Yeah. Just got off. Uh, are you here with Amy?

No, no. I was just kind of, uh-- I was--

Well, this is Meredith. Hi.

Meredith Morton, this is Brad Stevenson. Hey.

That's David Silver. We went to school together. Hi.

Hello. Meredith's Everett's, uh--

Meredith and Everett-- They're, uh-- Well--

Hold the phone. Brad.

Brad Stevenson?

** [ Continues ]

Oh, my God. Aren't you the guy... that popped Amy's cherry?

Do I know you?

Oh, it is! This is too good.

Oh, you gotta let me buy you a drink. What do you say?

And you too. What did you say your name was? David.

Yeah. That's what I'm gonna do.

I am gonna buy you boys some beers. [ Mouthing Words ]

Everyone in here.

Bartender, I would like to buy a round... for the house.

[ Gus ] Comin' right up.

[ Everett ] Do you feel like you chose? [ Julie ] What do you--

I don't know. Chose your life.

Said, "This is the thing I'm gonna do. These are the things I want."

Not necessarily because you were good at this one thing... or because everybody told you that that's what you should want.

Because everybody said that's who you were.

I don't know. I mean, like this artist grants work.

How did you know that that's the thing you were gonna be passionate about?

[ Chuckles ] Who said I was passionate about it?

No, no. Don't do that.

Don't joke.

You know, I've been thinkin' about this-- this monastery I missed seeing in Hong Kong.

Like that's an important thing.

Then you should go.

I want to go to Alaska. [ Laughs ]

I do. I want to see that totem pole.

I want to see that thing that felt like a hole in the center of that guy.

That thing he needed to make... just so he could sleep.

** [ Jukebox: Pop ] [ Gasps ] Ah! That's my song!

Finally! My song!

[ Squeals ]

* Ooh, and it's all right *

* It's coming on * * It's coming on *

* We gotta get right back to where we started from * * To where we started from *

* Love is good Love can be strong *

Hey, Brad. Dance with me.

Uh, I don't know.

Better do what she says, Brad.

Oh, come on, Brad. Dance with me.


All right. * Do you remember that day *

* When you first came my way *

* I said no one could take your place *

* And if you get hurt * * If you get hurt *

* By the little things I say * So, Brad.

Listen. You tell me.

I don't know what I did to her. I don't know what I said.

Well, you know, I haven't seen Amy in over a year.

I'm not really sure if I can help--

You haven't seen her in over a year?

Well, how you gonna get her, Brad, huh?

How do you think you're gonna get her like that?

Well, I-- I don't even know if she wants to see me. Oh!

So, you know. Of course she does. Look.

Brad, I like you. You should come over tomorrow.

It's Christmas. I'm making breakfast. I'm inviting you.

You come over.

Do you guys want another beer? Yeah. [ Gasps ]

Wait. Oh! [ Bottles Rattle ]

Do you know what would be great?

Do you know what would be just, like, the most perfect thing right now?

If we could figure out... how to get a little pot.

Maybe they went back to the house.

Do you want to get some coffee? No.

I don't know. Get some coffee or something.

I just--

I thought, uh--

It's funny.

What is? This.


You know, I--

I can't.

So, good night, okay?

Good night.

[ Sighs ]

[ Knock On Door ]

Oh. Oh.

Uh, Mr. Stone.

No. It's Kelly. Please, Julie.

Uh, I don't mean to bother you. Is Meredith here?

No. She hasn't shown up yet. Ah.

Uh, I, uh, wanted to apologize to her.

And, uh, I'd like to apologize to you also.


Honey, look. I--

[ Sighs ]

I'm sorry.

I'm-- I'm-- I'm-- I really am. I'm not really sure I believe that.


Everett? [ Door Closes ]

So, what was that dream?


You told me you had a dream about me, but you didn't finish.

You didn't say what I was doing.

You were shoveling snow.

I-- What?

You were just a little girl in a flannel nightgown, and you were shoveling snow from the walk in front of our house.

And I was the snow.

I was the snow-- [ Sighs ] and everywhere it landed and everything it covered.

And you scooped me up...

with a big red shovel.

You scooped me up.




[ Exhales ] Everybody asleep?

Okay, but--

At 4:30. Right.


Hi. Daddy's here.

John says hi.

Oh. Merry Christmas. "Merry Christmas."

She's nice like this, isn't she?

All right.

I'm goin' to bed. Okay.

I'm gonna go too.

We'll see you tomorrow then?

Mmm. Merry Christmas.

I love you too.

You comin' up? Are you kidding? This is my favorite part.

[ No Sound ]

Merry Christmas, my Susannah.

Merry Christmas, Daddy.

[ Man On TV ] ...pretty proud of you.

It's our last dance in St. Louis.

I feel like I'm gonna cry.

[ Sighs ]

Hi there.

Well, hello.

Hello. [ Chuckles ]

You need a haircut. Mm-hmm.

You should see how mad he is at me.

[ Sighs ] It's not her.

You know, honey? Hmm?

It's not her.

I feel sorry for her.

I do. It's just that he's making this mistake.

And I won't be here.

I only want him to be happy.

He'll be fine.

We all will.

No matter what.

You'll see.

I'm scared.



I'm scared.

* Have yourself *

* A merry little Christmas *

* Let your heart be light *

* Next year all our troubles *

* Will be out of sight *

* Have yourself *

* A merry little Christmas *

* Make the yuletide gay *

* Next year all our troubles *

* Will be miles away *

* Once again *

* As in olden days *

* Happy golden days *

* Of yore *

* Faithful friends *

* Who were dear to us *

* Will be near to us *

* Once more *

* Someday soon *

* We all will be together *

* If the Fates allow *

[ Ringing ]

* Until then *

* We'll have to muddle through *

* Somehow * [ Ringing Continues ]

* So, have yourself *

* A merry little *

* Christmas *

* Now **

[ Bell Tolling ]

Merry Christmas, Granddaughter. Merry Christmas, Grandpa.

Just stockings. Just stockings.

[ Shower Water Running ]

[ Sighs ]

** [ Humming ]


[ Whispers ] Oh, my God!

[ Knocking ] Ben.

God! Oh, my God! Oh, my God!



I'm sorry. I--

I was looking for Ben. [ Whimpers ]

Well, my car's back.

Merry Christmas.

Don't be a jerk. I just said merry Christmas.

Dad put you up to this.

I think you and I need to get something straight.

Here we go.

Not now, Kelly. Right. Okay.

Jesus, Kelly. You know. Not now.

Yeah. I, uh-- Fine. Hey, Everett.

You've had a charmed life, kid.

[ Chuckles ] I blame myself.

Mom, you've never made anybody's life easier.

What the hell do you know about it? Oh. I know a little.

I'm sick, honey.

And you can't fix it.

Not even by getting married.

Mom. What?

[ Sighs ]

I know this is probably a tall order, but I need you to do me a favor... and try not to be so perfect.

All right? I'm far from perfect.


I'd hate to see you miss out on something... because you have this picture in your mind... or you thought you could change something you can't.

I'd hate to see you not find what you really want.

Oh, but, Everett,

it's your ring.

It's your decision.

[ Julie ] I'll find it.

[ Everett ] Julie. Oh.

I was-- I was just getting coffee. I'm sorry.

No. W-Wait. Julie.

Oh, my God.

Oh, my God.

Oh, hey. There you are.

How'd you sleep?


[ Ben Screams ]

It's beautiful. Yeah.

Try it on. What?

Yeah. J-Just try it on.

I want to see if it fits. No.

Come on. Yeah. Everett. No.

My hands are bigger than Meredith's anyway. Come on. I just want to see.

Isn't that sort of bad luck? Yeah. It's very bad luck. It is.

Sybil, my love, is now a better time for you? Everett, no.


That really is beautiful.

Okay, Everett. What's goin' on? Julie.

It's a beautiful ring, Everett. I-- I--

Um-- Oh, no. Okay.

Just a sec. I-- I can't-- No, no, no. We'll just get a little soap.

Where'd everybody go? I want to open some presents. Come on.

Oh, my God. Is it stuck?

Yeah. I mean, yes. Of course it's stuck.

I told you. What's stuck?

My hands are bigger than Meredith's. Butter. That's it.

Hey. Come on. Let's get the show on the road, people.

She can't get it off. Can't get what off?

[ Everett ] Grandma's ring. I'm not doing this on purpose.

I didn't say that-- I hate to say this, but please be careful of the setting.

[ Elizabeth ] Is she all right? I'm fine. I'm fine.

Meredith. Wait a second. Meredith.

How dare you!

Meredith, wait a second.

Are we opening presents or what?

Why's she crying? I-- I'm not crying. I--


[ Sybil, Everett ] Julie. Julie.


Oh. Meredith.

Where have you been? I just-- I just got here.

[ Sybil ] Julie dear, are you all right? Julie?

Meredith? What's she doing in there? Julie?

Meredith. Julie, let me in.

Meredith. Julie.

What is all the racket?

[ Sybil ] All right, Amy. Ju--

Mornin'. Morning.

Morning. Merry Christmas.

[ All ] Merry Christmas. Merry Christmas.

What's wrong? What are you doing?

Oh, Meredith. What?

What's that? It's your wedding ring.

Oh, my God! Julie!

All right, everybody. Let's give them a little room. Come on. Let's go. Let's go!

He's gonna propose?

Yeah. If I can get it off.

Well, what are you doing with my wedding ring?

It's stuck. He wanted to see it on.

Why did he want to see it on you?

Where were you last night?

I can't tell you. What do you mean, you can't tell me?

No. Meredith. No!

You didn't.

I'm so ashamed.

Jesus, Kelly. What? What did I do? Wha--

I'm gonna be watching you, mister. Yeah.

How'd she end up with the ring on her finger in the first place?

W-- Uh-- You know-- I--

[ Doorbell Rings ] Now, who the hell is that?

Amy, Amy, Amy, Amy, Amy, Amy, Amy, Amy, Amy.

Amy. [ Dog Barks ]


Merry Christmas.


Brad. Brad, what are you doing here?

Meredith invited me.

I know! It's terrible. Don't you think I know?

Why did you bring me here? Don't yell at me.

I needed my sister. Meredith.

How could you? I know.

I know.

[ Sighs ]

Let me see the ring again.

[ Sighs ]

That's it?

Ooh. What do you think this is? All right.

Oh, dear. I can't-- Is Meredith out of the can yet?

What is it, Amy? Hey.

Brad? Brad.

What's up, Ben? Well-- [ Chuckles ] Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas. I got a letter from your mother the other day.

[ Brad ] She loves you.

Merry Christmas. Mr. Stone.

[ Brad ] Hi. Merry Christmas to you guys too.

You know, I-- I hope I'm not interrupting anything. Oh, no. Here she is.

Meredith, you know Brad.

Oh. Oh, my God. I-- I totally forgot.

Maybe you would like to share with us how it is that you know Brad.

We were all at O'Malley's last night. [ Clicks Tongue ]

[ Chuckles ] You guys were at O'Malley's?

Houndstooth, right? Houndstooth?

Filene's Basement. Really?

Meredith-- Hey. Let's open presents.

Presents can wait. Me next. Me next.

Don't you think we should talk? Amy.

I have something... for everyone.

Here. It's for you.


Everett, here. Yeah.

For every-- Wow. Even me. Thank you.



Well, open them.

Oh, yeah.

[ Ben ] So beautifully wrapped that...

I almost feel bad.

It's for you.

[ Meredith ] I found the original on Everett's desk.

I just thought it was so beautiful.

That's you and me, kid.

[ Whispers ] You and me.

Oh, I'm--

I'm sorry. I just-- I--

I just assumed that it was Everett.

Thank you very much.

Mere-- You did good.

Meredith, I'm--

Meredith, we've got to-- Everett, please. I know-- I know what you're gonna ask me.

That's my point. I don't think you do. Brad, you look hungry.

I'm gonna pop the strata in the oven. We really need to--

Please don't. No. Will you please stop talking and listen?

No, I will not marry you!


I'm sorry, Everett.

I can't marry you.

I, uh-- I didn't ask you.

You wh-- What? You said--

I'm not asking you to marry me.

You're not? Then you didn't--

[ Chuckles ]

That's just great, isn't it?

It's just perfect.

It's not like I haven't been humiliated enough.

Meredith, it's not like-- Oh, it's not?

This isn't exactly the moment you've all been waiting for?

You all hate me so much. Meredith, that's not true.

Oh, I know what you see.

Meredith the-- the spoiled, crazy, racist, bigot bitch from Bedford, right?

That's what you all think?

That is. That's-- That's what you all see when you look at me.

Not-- Not good enough for Everett. Not like all of you.

She comes all the way up here to ruin our Christmas, and-- and then she sleeps with his brother?


[ Whispers ] I-- I slept with your brother. You slept with who?

With "whom."

Do not look at me. With Ben. I slept with Ben.

Uh, excuse me. C-- C-Could you just back up for a minute there? Everett, we did not--

What's the use? Meredith, we did not sleep together.

We didn't? No.

Isn't there anybody that loves me?

[ Sniffling ]

Nice. Who? Me?

Yeah. You. [ Kelly ] Yeah.

[ Gasps ]

[ Both Gasp ]

Oh! Oh, my God. [ Laughing ] Meredith.

[ Sobbing ]

Okay. Everett, look. I--

I just want you to know that--

[ Sobbing ] Oh, my God. No, no. It's all right, sweetie.

Let's just get this off. You're gonna be fine.

We'll fix your pretty hair. I'm just as good as any of you.

Of course you are. Better, probably.

[ Kelly ] Ben.

I'm gonna-- [ Kelly ] Everett.

Everett! Everett. Everett. Come on. Hey.

Whoa. Whoa. Whoa.

Sorry. I don't know if we've met. Hi.

I'm Brad. Julie.

Nice to meet you. [ Kelly ] Somebody's gonna get hurt.

What's so great about you guys? Nothing.

We're just-- It's just that we're all we've got.

We're not so great. And you--

You're the worst!

I'm the wo-- [ Screams ]

Nothing happened. Nothing happened.

Stop it. Everett.

Stop chasing me. I didn't do anything. Stop chasing me.

Boys. Why does she think she slept with you?

Well, we were kind of wasted.

[ Kelly ] What's this nonsense? [ Screams ]

[ All Scream ]


[ Crash ] [ Ben ] Everett.



Everett, stop.

Not the ja-- Not the jacket.

Not on the jacket. Ow!

[ Women Giggle ]

You-- You okay, Everett? How could you do that?

I-- I didn't do-- I didn't do anything to you.

She-- She was passed out.

I slept on the-- I slept on the floor. Nothing happened.

This is a brand-new-- Hey. Look.

You don't even love her, man. You don't love her.

[ Sighs ]

[ Groans ]

[ All Scream ]


[ Kelly ] Are you okay?

To Bedford. Yes.

Okay. At 5:30.

And-- And that's, uh-- that's from campus? [ Ring Hits Ground ]

Okay. You too.

Merry Christmas.

[ Sighs ]

[ Clears Throat ]

I'm sorry, Everett.

No. I'm sorry for everything.

You don't hate me, do you?


Of course not.

Um, was this for me?

Elizabeth, you see Julie?


Elizabeth, where did you get that ring?


She said to give it to Everett.

She said to say good-bye.

It's not a clock radio.

Wow, Brad.

Where's he going? Who?

[ Car Engine Starts ]

Where are they going?



[ Honking ]

Get in.

A pair.

What do you say you get out of these clothes?

You smell a little like puke.

Think he's found her? I don't know.

Hey. Have you seen her?

No. The guy in there said--


You didn't even say good-bye.

[ Chuckles ] You were a little busy.


Well, my bus is here.

You can't go.

[ Man ] Merry Christmas. Merry Christmas.

Let me help you with this. Okay. Thanks.

No. No, you can't go.

Everett-- Please. Stay, Julie.

I-- It's-- It's too much.

No. No, it's not.

It's not.




Julie. Everett.

I-- Julie.

I just wanted to ask if you were doing anything for New Year's.

Are you comfortable?

** [ Humming: "Joy To The World" ]

* Plains *

* Repeat the sounding joy * ** [ Humming ]

* Repeat the sounding joy *

* Repeat ** ** [ Humming ]

** [ Ends ]

"Repeat the sounding joy."

[ Chattering ]

[ John ] Hello. Merry Christmas.

John! Daddy!

Merry Christmas. Hi. Mmm!

Okay. Let's start with... who's that guy Amy's making out with in the ambulance?

No. Yeah.

Sybil. Mmm.

Sweetie, it's ready.

It's snowing.

Hey! Merry Christmas! Hello.

[ Susannah ] Merry Christmas. Hello.

Hey, you guys. Oh, my gosh. Hello.

Oh, my goodness. I kn--

Hi, precious. Hi, baby.

Are Everett and Julie here yet?

Oh, they called a while ago. They said they'd be here in time for dinner.

Patrick. Hey.

Hi. Merry Christmas. Merry Christmas.

Yes. You too. You look great.


Oh, merry Christmas. [ Amy ] Hey.

Hi. Good to see you. Merry Christmas.

Would you look at this young man?

[ Gasps ]

Hi. Hello.

He is the king of kings. King Gus.

King of the world. Look at you.

Any luck with the stockings?

No. I can't find 'em.

[ John ] Hey, you guys. We're ready. [ Gasps ] They're ready.

Are you ready? You want to see the tree?

Yes. The tree.

[ Susannah Whispering ]

Hey. We've got more ornaments.

[ Ben ] Oh, wow. There he is.

Look at this guy. Hello.

Hey. You look good.

Nice to see ya. Hey. How are you?

Merry Christmas. Brad, come on. Check the fuse.

I'm gonna get this one. Okay. Are we all set? Yeah.

Brad, you got it. I got it. I think we're good.

Okay. "'And then,' cried Max, 'Let the wild rumpus start.'"

[ All Gasp ]

Good tree, Daddy.

It is.

It's a very good tree.

Ooh. Look at this one.

Here. Amy.


[ Everett ] Hello. [ Julie ] Merry Christmas.

Anybody here?

[ Susannah ] Oh, they're here. Let's go say hi.

Go see your Uncle Everett.

[ Chattering ]

You okay?

** [ Pop ]

* Precious love I give to you *

* Blue as the sky and deep in the eyes *

* Of a love so true *

* Beautiful face You make me feel *

* Light on the stairs and lost in the air *

* Of a love so real *

* You can count on me *

* Count on my love *

* Count on me *

* Count on my love *

* To see you through *

* Emerald eyes and China perfume *

* Caught on the wheel and lost in the feel *

* Of a love so sweet *

* Ruby lips You make my song *

* Into the night saved by the light *

* Of a love so strong *

* And you can count on me *

* Count on my love *

* Baby, you can count on me *

* Count on my love *

* To see you through *

** [ Vocalizing ]

* You can count on me, girl * * Count on me *

* You can count on my love *

* Count on my love *

* Precious love I give to you *

* Blue as the sky and deep in the eyes *

* Of a love so true *

* Beautiful face You make me feel *

* Light on the stairs lost in the air *

* Of a love so real *

* And you can count on me *

* Count on my love *

* Baby, you can count on me *

* You can count on me * * Count on my love *

* Baby, you can count on me *

* You can count on me * * Count on my love *

* Baby, you can count on me * * You can count on me *

* Count on my love *

* Baby, you can count on me *

* Count on my love **