The Fan (1996) Script

Excited and anxious I await my dream To escape, applaud and embrace my team Opening day I always can trust It's just for this high that I crazily lust Return of our hero does brighten the days Just briefly, my troubles get lost in the haze The grace from the field arouses the crowd Reflects on the days when I was quite proud I'm more entranced than the average fan I used to play, you see and I know I still can That time I drove the ball with such loft My exit atop shoulders as they carried me off This pastime and I just fade into one Expanded upon from father and son My boy is young and awkward for now I just need the time and can show him how I really am quite close just a break away From straightening things out and being okay I can help my team to regain its glory With just a little twist to the same old story Players say now they play for themselves This causes a burning within me that dwells The fan is the one who pays for the game Which bestows all the riches and welcomed fame The players will listen but really don't hear All the while just hiding behind an invisible tear I grow tired now of all this greed And chart a course to set things free

We got our first caller. Is that Gil on the cellular?

Yes, sir, it sure is.

What's that I hear in the background? That's my Giants watch.

I'm late for work. Giants watch, great.

What do you got for us, Gil? It's just I'm really psyched.

Opening day's tomorrow. We're all psyched.

This is different. I've been waiting a long time for this one.

What are you waiting for? Bobby Rayburn. We got him.

We're going all the way this year. What would you bet on that?

I'd bet everything I own, that's for sure. I like this guy. You think Rayburn's... worth the 40 mil, huh? 310 lifetime batting average.

He's worth twice that, three times that.

I bet he'd love to hear you say that. Let's see if we can get him on the line.

You're gonna get him on the line? Yes. Hang on. Let's find Bobby.

When we come back, we will be talking to Bobby Rayburn.


You got Bobby Rayburn on the line yet?

Who the fuck does this guy think he is?

Three-time National League MVP? That allows him to fuck up my show?

Hello, I got Rayburn on the line. We got him!

And go.

Welcome back, we're here with the hopes and dreams of all Giants fans.

Ex-Brave center fielder and league RBI champ... four of the last five years, local boy come home, Bobby Rayburn.

How you doing, Bobby? Hey, Jewel, how you doing?

Good to be talking to you. I want to tell you, I love your show.

Thanks a lot. Bobby, this is Bernie...

A lot of fans are on the line dying to talk to you.

But first, how does it feel to be back in the Bay Area?

I'm telling you, it's great. I grew up here. The Giants are my homies.

That's good to hear. But let me ask you this.

You're famous for your dedication to perfection.

You're one of the hardest-working players.

Don't forget good-looking.

But come on, now. Bobby, baby...

Do you honestly think you are worth 40 million simoleons?

He's one of the best ballplayers in the league.

I'm glad you asked me. I don't like to put a money value on a human being.

But I think I have given 100 percent to every franchise I've played with.

Attaway, Bobby!

Thank you for not answering.

Better retreat. She's a riot.

What about the fans? Won't all this money raise their expectations?

I hope so. I consider myself a baseball fan first and a player second.

And in the game of baseball, it's all about the fans.

You tell them, Bob. And the Juan Primo controversy?

Giants center fielder since 1990.

You come in, bump him to the left. Some people resent that.

Bitch! I don't think Primo's one of them.

You know, he's a team player.

That makes him great. I look forward to playing with him.

That's great, Bobby. Let's get back to our callers. Gil?

Yeah, am... am I on the air? Yes, you are, Gil.

Jewel, why do you have to be so negative?

Come on, I'm a sweetheart.

The guy's making a lot of money. Would you turn it down?

You'd be nuts to turn them down.

Why be down on Rayburn because he's not nuts?

You got a point. I apologize.

Hey, Bobby, are you listening to me? I sure am!

Thanks for backing me up, man. No problem. It's a pleasure.

Just remember where you heard it first.

I played the game. I know what I'm talking about.

Grew up on the Giants.

My dad moved the family here when the Giants moved here.

I watched you ever since you hit the grand slam... against South Bay in the '82 city championship.

That's when I saw you were somebody special, and you never let me down.

When the two of you come together, Rayburn and the Giants... that's like a magical conjunction, like the alignment of the planets.

You're gonna bring us all the way. Who said it first?

You did, Gil! You did!

Attaway, Bobby! We hope so.

Bobby, let's talk about your divorce. Christ, look.

I just got to the ballpark. I'm really sorry, but I gotta go.

Really enjoyed talking to you. Anytime, Bobby. Good luck out there.

We will be right back.

I am so surprised he hung up. Thank you.

Giants haven't had a one-two punch like this since Mays and McCovey.

Joining the list of bullshit excuses... we've had a lot of whining... about product quality from certain members of our sales force.

Example, the Iwo Jima line.

Gil, do you see any quality problems there?

Blade's too thin, pommel's too light, and there's a half tang hidden in there.

Maybe that's why you're not selling.


Somebody made a mistake, man. I wear number 11.

I'm sorry. I didn't know. It's cool. Manny, just handle it.

Me? I think this knife's an ass-kicker.

This door, on the other hand, comes off a foreign car.

Well, need I say more?

Why are you guys still here? There's been a glitch, okay?

I'm working on it. What's a glitch?

A detail that hasn't been worked out. Permutation that happens in...

What? With my number?

Yeah, with your number. No, no, no.

Manny, you know I wear number 11.

Of course. So there shouldn't be any problem.

It is a problem. Primo wears 11.

Tickets in yet?

Tickets? What tickets?

Opening day. You got other things to worry about.

I'll let you in on a little secret, Gil. You came this close to kissing pavement.

How about that close? Yeah.

Management had you on the list. I talked them out of it.

Don't make me regret it.

Thanks, master. Okay, fuck it.

I'm not playing with number 33. You understand?

I know. Just be cool. Let me take care of it.

Three times 11 is 33. You may play three-times better.

Thanks. I'll talk to you in a minute.

Jesus was 33 when he died. People still talk about him.

Give me my number. Think about it, seriously.

Should I fire him?

I should fire him, huh? I should fire his butt.

Good form.

Seriously. I promised those tickets to my clients.

Don't make me look like an asshole. Please.

I do have a reputation to uphold. A reputa...

Jesus fucking...

Nobody cares. You're stuck in a time warp with your head up your ass.

Why, because I don't wanna sell crap? We are not dedicated to perfection!

People don't want quality. They want cheap product.

When that fucks up, they want to replace it, so that's what we give them.

You got till the end of the month, Gil.


McKinley and Everest is our biggest account. You better close on it.

Bring in the fucking numbers.


Sid, what was the missing link on your ball club last season?

We'd have made the playoffs if Rayburn hadn't hit that three-run shot in Atlanta.

Everybody said, why don't we have a slugger like that? Now we do.

Bobby, a picture? Why don't we take one with Primo.

Sounds good. Keep smiling.

Keep fucking smiling.

I hope you like it in center field. Yeah, I hope you like it in left.

No more questions.

2.5 million signing bonus. Half this year and half the next. Yeah.

Well, well, if it isn't Jewel, my favourite token female sports reporter.

Blow me, Manny. I would, but you haven't had your shots.

There were also bonuses based on winning the MVP...

I want an interview with Rayburn, Manny.

Are we talking about the overpaid, overrated SOB... with the pending divorce Rayburn?

I call them as I see them. Well, you've been crossed off the list.

I knew you'd understand. Deferred payments starting 2007.

Cut the crap. Are you saying there's no way to get your boy to talk to me?

Is that what you're saying? He's gotta talk to me.

I'm saying he'd rather nail his penis to a burning building.

I'm not talking to you, I'm talking to her.

Checkout this puppy.

The walk and the talk.

How's it walk? How's it talk? This is the one.

Are you happy with your current supplier?

Any more of these demonstrations, I'll have to start shaving my legs.

Renard & Garrity hunting supplies.

The big motherfucker, the little motherfucker. Which do you want?

Any more demos, I'll have to start shaving the hairs on my ass.

As you can see, the performance on this baby is really something.

Knife doing business.

Come on, bring it, baby. Bring it.

Jesus Christ. Poetry in motion, baby.

Two behind home plate? I'm your man.

Two hundred dollars each.

Two hundred apiece? Two hundred.

That's a lot. How about 125? Fuck 125. This is opening day here.

Two hundred, goddamn it. Jesus. Okay, okay, okay.

Now you want the tickets, huh?

Anytime I can do you more fucking favors, you just let me know, all right?

You in a coma or what, buddy? Get the fuck out of here.

Know what bugs me about you guys? Like I care.

You don't even care about the game.

You ebony god, you prince of darkness, you Othellian Moor, you black man!

You look good out there! You look good. I bet we hit 400 this year.

Come on, don't jinx me. I'm sorry, man. I get emotional, crazy.

All right, so tell me, what we got?

Spalding wants you to sign their balls. We got that Wish Upon a Star routine.

Sick kid wants to shake hands with great ballplayer. You'll have to do.

What do you think? Maybe I should bring a ball for the sick kid.

No, I think a bat would be much nicer.

All right, here. Give him a bat.

You know it's not a good time for this.

What's the gentleman's name again? His name's Stanley. Stanley Jackson.

Thank you, Michelle.

Stanley, Gil Renard. Renard & Garrity hunting supplies.

How do you do? How you doing?

Here's my card.

Are you happy with your current supplier?

I sure am. Well, then let me just...

If you could give me three minutes of your time, I will prove to you...

Can I demonstrate? Sure.

If I can just prove to you... we're superior in quality because of our fit, hand-sharpening, polishing...

and strength.

These features, combined with our low prices, our superior terms... make us one of the most sought-after competitors around.

That's why I'd... We signed an exclusive with Gerber.

They got the whole chain sewed up.

We can't pass wind in a tent without going through them.

Sorry to hear that.

Do you have the Little Pecker? Yes, I do.

You really are on the cutting edge. Yeah.

I'm sorry we can't do business.

Well, you're sure I can't interest you in this?

You got any kayaks?

You gotta be out of your mind. Kayaks?

I could use kayaks.

Stanley, what the fuck do kayaks have to do with knives?

Never mind.

You fucking asshole. Kayaks? When I'm asking you about knives?

Yeah. I understand, sir. Thank you for coming in.

How about you get some kayaks and stick them up your fucking ass, moron.

Your stopwatch.

Hey, thanks a lot for coming. Nice to meet you.

Look. We got the same hairdo.

You sick too?

Hey, slugger, come on, shake his hand.

How you doing, man? You hanging in there? What's your name?




Wow, what a coincidence. That's my son's name too.

Look, I have a present for you.

There you go.

Maybe it'll make you feel better.

Bobby Rayburn.

Tomorrow... hit a home run for me.

Please? I'll try.

They said sick, not dying in front of our eyes. How'd I know?

As if I don't have enough to worry about. I get a poor kid on his deathbed.

Oh, please. The kid was dying!

He has my son's name. I mean, what kind of shit is that?

Lucky tie, lucky guy.


Okay, thank you.


Angie, you're looking as lovely as ever. He's gone.

We had an appointment at 4. Yeah, it's 4:11.

My watch is slow, I guess. When will he be back?

He's gone for the day. But you can see him tomorrow at 2:30.

Oh, tomorrow, tomorrow...

Let's see.

See if there's anything...

I would prefer the morning.

But how about late in the day?

I'm sorry.

Tomorrow at 3, he's off to Chicago for three weeks.

Well, that's a problem.

It's my son. I want to take him to opening day.

You know, myself as a father, I'm a real cutup.

I'm gonna get to the point.

I'm trying to be a hero to my son... so if he could make it any other time, it would really, really help me.

Just an hour later... so I could fit the game in.

Excuse me. McKinley-Everest. Any other time at all? Anything?

Okay, thank you. It would be a big help to me.

Like, an hour later.

I'm afraid I really can't help you. He's got such a crazy schedule.


Drop your cock and grab your socks. Big day today. You excited?

Yeah, I'm up.

Manny, Manny, talk to me, man. Make me happy.

Wish I could. I just talked to Primo's people.

They want 500 grand. Five hundred? For what?

Exactly. Exactly. That's 250 G's a digit.

Man, come on! What is this boy smoking?

I tried to haggle them down. The kid says it's his lucky number.

Shit. Ain't that much luck in the world. He's lucky to be in the country.

I hear you. Look, it's your call.

You want me to go back, or are you happy with 33?

Man, it's just a number, right? That's right.

I'll pick you up. While you do her, think of me.

That's a real short thought. I love you too.

No, you don't. I'll catch you later.


Hey, Gil.

Hey, Ted.

Lose your job?

It's my day off. And it's Tim. Tim. Sorry.

You remember Mike and Linda? Hey, Gil.

Hi, Gil. Hi.

You're late. What a surprise. Traffic. You know, traffic?

How original.

Hi, Dad. How you doing?

Good. Ready for the game?

What time will he be home? Depends on the game. Right, slugger?

6:05. He's not home, I call the cops.

I'm against this. I wanna make that real clear to you.

He's my kid too. Yeah?

Give me kisses. I love you.

Bye. For the record, so everybody knows... don't make him do things he doesn't want to.

I don't. Do I make you do things you don't want to do?

No. Okay?

Six o'clock, Gil.

Hey, Ted.

See you.

I remember when Mick recorded this, February '78.


I remember when Mick recorded this in '78. We had a wild party afterwards.

Jason Pelligrini's dad says Mick Jagger's gay.

Yeah? Well, Jason Pelligrini's dad takes it up the ass.

Tryouts are next week. Tryouts are next week?

Your mother didn't tell me.

Jason Pelligrini said his dad's gonna pick me if I'm still available.

You'll make it. Positive things happen to positive thinkers.

Tell me, what do you gotta do? What are the three whats you gotta be?

I don't want to do this, Dad. At bat, come on.

Keep the bat low. No, keep it high, high.

When you move your feet? Step on the eggshell... and squash the bug. Attaboy. That's perfect.

That's what Coop used to say. I told you about what Coop said, right?

Your old catcher, right? One of the finest athletes I ever knew.

Where'd you get that glove?

Tim gave it to me.

Piece of shit.

Opening day at Candlestick Park, 1996.

What's not to love about opening day?

Fathers sneaking away from work, and kids playing hooky from school.

For at least one day, everybody is in first place.

Opening day is what baseball's about. How exciting is it... for Giants fans with Rayburn coming home... after leading the Braves to a championship?

Did you see that? See the way he moved his legs?

Can I have a hot dog? A what?

Can I have a hot dog?

You're in my seat.

If it isn't the ubiquitous queen of AM radio herself.

Good morning, my sweet angel, darling, baby.

Oh, yeah, whatever.

Manny, come on, don't dick me around. It's an important piece, okay?

There's somebody there behind that killer smile. I promise...

I will not hurt your boy. I want Bobby Rayburn.

Bernie, correct me if I'm wrong... but isn't she the ball-buster who had the temerity to ask my client... if he was honestly worth 40 million?

Am I a ball-buster? Yeah.

Thank you.

Whose is this? It's mine. I spit in it.

I thought your mother confiscated that.

She did.

Play ball!

Yeah, attaway!


What are you doing? You missed it. Hawkins struck him out.

Pay attention. I'm sorry, Dad.

Blaze winds, and the pitch to Pryor... swung on and driven deep towards the gap.

He crushed it!

Watch, watch, watch. What?

I got it!

I got it!

Primo and Rayburn giving chase. They converge and...


Center field makes the calls.

Fundamental of baseball, center field makes the calls.

Pay attention.

Well, a scary moment on day one.

I'll tell you, Rayburn's slow getting up. And Primo's still slow getting up.

There's $40 million out there in center field, Steve.

Hope the Giants have collision coverage.

This will help relieve the pain.

Doc, is the rib bruised or fractured? Neither.

Bobby, what are you doing? We got 161 games to go out there.

Could you excuse me for a minute?

Thank you. You just signed a $40 million contract.

Hurt yourself, you'll be batting a 100 by month's end.

The media will turn on you faster than the fans.

Listen, you gotta come out. I can't.

I gotta be Babe-fucking-Ruth.

It's William-fucking-Bendix. Get it right.

You having fun? Yeah.

I'm just gonna make some phone calls. Okay? Just business calls. I'll be back.

Go? Just downstairs for a minute.

Mom said we have to be home by 6, or she'll be upset.

Forget about your mother.

I got it!

The wind took it. The wind took it. Kid was lucky.

Kid was lucky.

Wind took it.

You stepped on me. Don't worry. We'll get one next time.

Okay, I gotta go, all right? I'll be back.

You don't have to pee or anything? No.

What happened?

Lanz hit one to right. Bases loaded. Come on, grand slam!

Don't get greedy, son. What we need now is a sacrifice.

A winning team knows how to manufacture runs. Coop taught me that.

Know why he said the most beautiful play is a sacrifice fly?

You sacrifice for the team? And doesn't bring down your average.

That's why baseball's better than life. It's fair.

Tell me what happens.

Now batting, number 33...

Bobby Rayburn.

Come on, Bobby!

Attaway, Bobby!

Rayburn look a little stiff to you?

I can't believe they left him in after that collision.

Right. That's all we need, our $40 million man on the DL.

He's playing hurt. That's a man showing his mettle.

Putting the team first. Remember, last year he hit 314 against lefties.

Yo, Bobby!

Time! Oh, fuck.

Come on, let's play some fucking baseball!

All right, Bobby, let's go!


All right, Bobby!

Go for it, Bobby! Go, Bobby!


Hey, buddy...

You wanna sit down? Trying to see here.

Go, Bobby!

Come on! Let's go with the fucking game! Shit!


Are you out of your mind, ump? Are you out of your fucking mind?

Hey, sit down. Take your hands off me.

Stop pushing, man! Just ask.

Why the fuck you pushing? I'm asking. Both of you, down in front!

Fuck you! Down in front! Now!

Let's play some fucking ball! You all right?

What's your fucking problem?

You old busybody!

I gotta go, okay? I'll be back.

Fuck you!

Oh, fuck.

Get out of here.

So could you just send me over the stats? Yes.

Okay. Thank you very much.

I'm sorry I'm late. Your hair looks nice.

I'm very sorry, but I'm afraid he left. He left.

For the ball game. What?

Yes, for the ball game.

I thought he had a plane to catch. Plans changed.

But he did leave you this note.

He didn't draw a smiley face, did he? What?

The previous assistant got him in the habit of drawing a smiley face... instead of sincerely, and I keep telling him it's not always appropriate.

No, it's perfectly appropriate.

Now batting, number 10, Brad Tjader.

Hey, congratulations, fellas.

Hey, Babe-fucking-Ruth.

William-fucking-Bendix. That's right.

So did the kid see his home run?

The kid didn't even see it.

He slipped into a coma, and he never pulled out. I'm sorry.

How come you didn't tell me? Like you take bad news well.

What am I supposed to say? Great news, the kid didn't make it.

That's all right, man. Enough of these hospital gigs.

They're off the list. You know what the bright side is?

You knocked the cover off the ball. You're back.

The hell I did. It was a fluke.

I never even saw the pitch.

Let go, Tim.

What do you want? How is he? He okay?

He's not. He's crying his eyes out. What do you think?

Come on, don't start. Don't you start.

You violated your agreement. I called my lawyer.

I'm getting a restraining order.

Don't start. No, don't you start. Go away.

I've had it. I don't care what you want. Let me see him.

You had to bring him home? What is wrong with you?

I want you out. Tim, call the cops. I'm gonna explain to him.

Come on, everything's okay. You bastard.

You motherfucker! You cocksuck...!

Hey. Tim!

Tim, call the cops. He fucking hit me!

Hey. Hey, slugger.

Slugger, I'm sorry. You forgive me?

Hey. You left me.

I know, I screwed up. I'm sorry.

You forgive Dad? Mom's got a terrible headache.

Well, that's called a migraine. She'll live.

Look what I got for you. I got your favourite pizza.

Gil, open the door!

Gil, open the door. It's got pepperoni and mushroom.

I don't like mushrooms. You can pick them off.

Is it true, if Mom marries Tim, I'm not gonna be a Renard anymore?

Gil, open the door. It's open!

It's locked. It's open.

It's locked, Gil. Open the door now. I'm calling the police.

You still worried about the tryouts?

I don't know. Think I'll make the majors?

Of course you'll make it. Remember what I said.

Positive things happen to positive thinkers. Who said that?

Coop. Damn straight.

He was the greatest player I ever played with.

Gil, unlock the door.

Got you a Coke.

Call the cops.

Didn't you hear me? Call the cops!

Call the fucking police!

I can't drink Coke. Who says?

Mom and Dad. I mean, Tim.

The door's locked. It's okay.

Gil, open the door.

Hey, Art.

I said, enough of this shit. You sign the contract right now.

He signed it. I swear to God, on my honour, he signed the contract.

Hey, Gil, got a second?

If you do. It's 8:00.

Shall we? There you go.

Sit down, Gil.

That's okay, I'll stand.

Chuck from McKinley and Everest called yesterday.

Said they wanted to drop their account with us.

I sent Figgy over there to sort things out.

You sent Figgy down?

Sit down, Gil. Yeah, he sorted them out.

He did it with my opening-day tickets. What are you gonna do about it?

He didn't steal your account. He did. What will you do?

We gave him your account.

I gave him your account.

What do you mean?

You're not getting the numbers we need.

I know. It's been a little slow last couple of months.

But that'll change. I've got a new strategy. It's gonna work.

Listen, your behaviour is unacceptable. What do you mean?

People are scared of you. Why, because of the other day?

You cannot do things like that in this day and...

I want your reorder book.

Outstanding commissions will be forwarded.

My father started this business.

Look, perfection and principles don't belong in business, not now or then.

As a friend of your father's... Keep your mouth shut.

You know nothing about my father.

He made this business. Your father made knives.

San Francisco made this business. By ripping him off.

He wasn't a businessman, Gil.

And neither are you.

That's the bottom line.

And so, in a Freudian sense, Jewel... the catcher is the father, and the son is the pitcher.

That's fascinating. Let me ask you.

What does the bat and ball represent? Well, the bat speaks for itself... and, of course, the ball is the ejaculate.

Thanks for calling, doc. Who do we have on line two?

Do we have anybody on line two? I believe everybody hung up.

Hey, man. Hey, you got a van? Kids are breaking into your van.

Somebody's breaking into your van. Stop those kids. Cut that out.

What? Kids breaking into a van out there.

Yeah. Here, this is for you.

What's that? Take it. Take it.

Take it. What is it?

It's for you. It's a temporary restraining order.

What? You have been served.

Hey, man, can I use your...?

Okay, last one.

Good swing. All right, who's next?

Eleven. Let's go, buddy. Hustle up there.

Okay, pal. Come on, Rich.

Okay, watch the ball.

Good swing.

Next one, Richie.

Attaway, Richie boy.

That's okay. He's throwing too hard.

He almost took his head off. Hey, coach. Coach.

Yeah. Slow down.

This is Little League. Little League. I know.

Leave him alone, Gil. Mind your fucking business.

Hey, coach, mix in some strikes. What are you doing?

You're making it hard. I'll coach from here.

Mix in some strikes. He's throwing strikes, Gil.

Fuck it, I'm gonna go down. Easy, Gil.

Remember, Ellen's got that restraining order on you.

The bat is too fucking heavy. Come on.

You fuck with me, I'll send your head into the outfield.

Go easy. You're letting the bat swing him.

Hey, hey, come on, you guy. Look how heavy this bat is.


Let go of my son.

He's my son too. Don't remind me. Get off him.

He's my son too. You are not gonna ruin our lives.

Tim, call the cops now. I'm just trying to tell him something.

Get out of here. Tim!

You get out of here. Can't you read, stupid?

The restraining order says you have to stay 100 yards away.

Tell him one thing. You can't come near him.

I wanna tell him one thing. Get out of here.

I just wanna tell him one thing. You better go.

Don't swing at anything. Wait for a good one.

Step on the eggshell, squash the bug. Okay?

You mind your fucking business. You're lucky.

Just give him, give him something. He's a kid.

It's okay. Play ball.

Bobby Rayburn again failed to earn his keep.

Almost grounding into a game-ending double play... just beating the throw to first.

When the Giants needed a pick-me-up... number 11, Juan Primo, provides San Francisco with a lift.

And it was a big one. His two-run shot over the left-field fence... scored Rayburn, and the Giants went home happy.

That is, except possibly Bobby Rayburn... whose lack of hitting is giving new meaning to the term three hole.

The way Primo's carried this team on his shoulders... makes you wonder who the real $40 million player is.

Lanz came up with a big hit to drive in a key run in the Giants' victory.

Jimmy has been a spark plug during this home stand.


Ladies and gentlemen, now batting, the center fielder, number 33...

Bobby Rayburn.

All right, Bobby, let's go!

All right, Bobby.



Strike three. Shit.

Ladies and gentlemen, with courtesy to the players... please refrain from excessive noise... and throwing anything onto the field. Thank you.

Forty-million-dollar man's paying off, huh?

Now batting, number 33, Bobby Rayburn.

Well, here it is, Memorial Day weekend.

You think back to the opening-day grand slam, doesn't seem long ago.

But lately, Bobby Rayburn has really had difficulties... and can't seem to find his stroke. He lacks aggressiveness.

And you start to wonder when you call it a slump.

Most superstars aren't gonna sit down for you.

But you gotta wonder... when he's gonna breakout of this thing.


Come on, Bobby. Come on.


Now batting, number 46, Jimmy Lanz.

You'll be all right.

You still want that interview?

You'd let Bobby Rayburn do an interview with a...? What was it?

Castrating ball-buster. Castrating ball-buster, that's it.

I thought I was off your list. Come on.

Schindler has a list, not me, okay?

When you're hitting 183, you don't get to have a list.

Locker room.

Giants' Locker room. Bobby Rayburn.

Yeah, who's calling? A friend of his. I have to talk to him.

It's really important.

Rayburn, phone.

Yeah, this is Bobby. Bobby?

Yeah. Bobby Rayburn.

Yes. Yes, who is this?

Hello. Look, say something.


Yo, Stook, I thought you were supposed to screen my calls here.

Burn, baby, burn. Come on, give me some.

What's up, Dad? Gaining a little weight. Yeah, yeah, I am.

Stopped by the doughnut spot. Cool. Is he for me?

Yeah, he's for you.

What's his name?

He told me it's Bradley. What else did he say, Dr. Doolittle?

Dad, how come you haven't been hitting?

How's the rib cage, Bobby?

My rib cage is sick of people asking about it.

They say you should've came out that first game... but you were hot-dogging, so you screwed yourself.

That supposed to be a dis or something? I hit 314 last season.

That's bullshit. I'm telling you what people say.

I can put a positive spin on this.

How? How? I'll tell you how.

We set up an interview, get a piece out of it.

You tell the people why you stayed in. It's for the kid in chemo.

You get public sympathy. I smell forgiveness in the Bay Area.

Is that exploiting the kid's death? Not comfortable with it?

Should I be? I think you should be.

Well, I don't think I am.

Excuse me. I'll have a vodka and orange juice, please.

And whatever the lady wants.

Jack on the rocks, thanks.


Oh, shit. I did it again, didn't I?

No, it's okay. I'm used to all of this interview shit.

Look, no offense intended, but it's no secret... that you're playing like shit. It's gotta be affecting you.

Of course it's affecting me.

I'm paid to produce. I can't even hit the side of a barn.

How do you think it makes me feel? Do you know what I think, Mr. Rayburn?

No, but I'm quite sure you're gonna tell me.

I think the slump is a good thing.

Now, what kind of twisted shit is that?

It's gonna teach you to cut yourself a little slack.

You can't keep up this act forever. Now it's an act.

Oh, yeah, Mr. Perfect. Mr. No-Error. Nobody can live up to that shit.

You gotta give yourself a break. It's just a lie anyhow.

Yeah. It doesn't seem like a lie when I'm hitting.

Now batting for the Giants, number 11... the right fielder, Juan Primo.

Sit down, let Bobby bat!

He's a hot dog. He's lucky.

Now batting, number 11, Juan Primo.

Now batting, number 33, Bobby Rayburn.

Let's play some fucking ball!

Thanks, Primo.

Fuck you, Rayburn.

You suck. Bobby, Bobby.

You suck!

Don't listen to them, Bobby!


Line drive to the right.

Don't tell me where it's gonna go, Dad.

I wish we had a whole team like him.

Fuckin' asshole!

Hey, Bobby. Hey, Nikki. The usual.

Alrighty. Hey, Bob.

You guys wanna play pool?

What a waste of space. What do you mean?

He hit a bad patch. We all hit bad patches, don't we?

You never hit a bad patch? No, this is my dream job.

I'm gonna talk to him. Please, man.

These guys come to relax. You bug them, they're gonna stop coming here.

I know him. I've talked to him on the phone.

Hey, Bob.

Can I talk to you for a second?

Sure. You wanna talk to me? Maybe we can go someplace.

Let me finish the game. Okay.

Primo, it's late, man. All right?

Tell me what it is you want. I want nothing.

You don't understand how things work here.

Because it's different from where you come from.

What's different?

Look, when a player like me comes into a team like this... hey, man, shit gets worked out.

Right? You don't... What is the problem with that?

What kind of uniforms do you have down there?

Just uniforms. Like these pussy pants you're wearing?

What...? What color? Blue.

What number is on the back of yours? Eleven.

Primo, what is your price?

No price. You already had a chance, baby. Okay?

What's your fucking price? Go fuck yourself.

Hey, don't walk away from me, man. Fuck you.

Motherfucker. What?

Break it up! Get off of him.

I want my fucking number, man. Chill out.

What are we talking about Juan Primo for... when we've got Bobby Rayburn where we want him, up close and exclusive.

Are you ready for your next caller?

Let's get another caller. Bobby.

You guys are getting a kick out of this. What are you talking about?

I'm talking about my season is like a bad freeway accident.

And you guys, you're just slowing down to watch.

I thought I'd enjoy this, but the fact is, I feel for you.

I didn't know it'd be so rough.

Who we talking to? On the car phone, we are talking to Gil.

Hey, is that our old buddy Gil? Mr. Magical-Conjunction himself.

Is this Jewel? You're on the air. Go ahead.

You're getting break-up on the line here.

I heard what you said about Primo. What's your question for Bobby?

Is Bobby listening? Bobby? Hey, Bob?

Yeah, Gil, I'm here, man. How you doing?

I wanna tell you that I know exactly what you're going through... more than you'll ever understand. This number 11 thing is a fucking joke.

You're the greatest player this city's ever had... and you got some hot-dogger like Primo... giving you a hard time about your number.

There's a reason you're paid 40 million.

The owners aren't doing what they should be.

They should be protecting their investment.

Pay him. Give him what he wants.

If he wants a million, give it to him.

If he doesn't want it and doesn't want to give up his number, fuck him.

Get him out. What's the difference? Just get you hitting again.

If that's what it's gonna take. They say fans don't know... what they're talking about. The public and the owners should listen to you.

Bobby, why isn't this guy on your payroll?

Thanks, Gil. Maybe I should have you try and talk some sense into Primo.

God knows I need all the help I can get.

They say fans don't know what they're talking about.

The public and the owners should listen to you.

Bobby, why isn't this guy on your payroll?

Maybe I should have you try and talk some sense into Primo.

The owners should listen to you. Bobby, why isn't this guy on your payroll?

Maybe I should have you try and talk some sense into Primo.

Maybe I should have you try and talk some sense into Primo.

God knows I need all the help I can get.

Primo. Primo, lots of luck.


Mr. Primo?

Yeah? Can I just say...?

Did you ever think how one man who's doing well... might throw off the rest of the team?

I'm saying, you have to think of what's best for the team, right?

You might have to lay down a sacrifice.

I'm talking about Bobby Rayburn's number.

I don't know if you understand how much he needs that number.

Number 11. I am number 11.

I know, but he needs it more than you.

Are you with the press?

You with the hotel?

Then get out of here.


Get the fuck out of here.

It's a sad night here at the Stick as the Giants take the field... for the first time since the murder of hitting sensation Juan Primo.

Rayburn will take his place in the lineup batting cleanup.

There's bound to be questions about that, Jewel.

Now we all get to wear the number, man.

Come on, let's play ball!

Now batting fourth, number 33, Bobby Rayburn.

Bobby! Come on, Bobby!

Fuck you.

Come on, Bob!

That's it.

Come on, Bob!

Attaway. You're back to your old self.

Fuck you.

This is the last place I'll look. Then I'll quit.

Yeah, no, I've had it. I'm tired. I mean, he's not here.

There he is. I found my man. I'll talk to you later.

Is this how you celebrate going four for four, huh?

What happened to pouring champagne over your head... and banging some groupies, huh?

Bobby. Bobby, talk to me.

If the cops worry you, they're not interested in you.

It's just an ongoing investigation. Let it go.

I didn't ask for this, man.

You talking about Primo? Come on, I know that's shit.

I thought about it a lot, but I didn't ask for this.

You know, Bobsy...

I wish five people dead on my drive to work.

Five people. But wishing it doesn't make it so.

You're not God, lifetime average withstanding.

Yeah? Well...

Why do I feel so bad then, huh?

I don't know.

I don't...

This is gonna blow the hell out of my shithead theory... but I think you feel guilty.


I've been wrong about you.

You're not a shithead at all. I'm flabbergasted.

Come on, let's go, man. I got a game tomorrow.

Number 33, Bobby Rayburn.

Go, Bobby! Bobby!


Bobby Rayburn.

You're coming off the worst slump in your career.

All of a sudden, you're hitting well over 400, 11 home runs, 30 RBIs last month.

How do you explain this?

I wish I knew.

That's it? You wish you knew?

A thank you would've been nice.


Be careful!

Don't go too far!

Sean, don't go too far, darling.


Bradley, come here!

Bradley, come back.

Go back, Bradley. Go back.



Mr. Rayburn!


Mr. Rayburn!


Thank God for Mark Spitz over here. Jeez.

Okay. Just relax. Go on. That's right, blow it out.

It's gonna be all right.

Are you all right, man?

Just relax. He swallowed some water.

Jesus. You scared me half to death.

Where did you come from?

I was just walking on the beach, I saw him in the water, and I went in.

Thank God, man. You all right?

Sean, you gotta promise me, no matter what... not a word to your mother, understand?

Next time you're looking for attention, be more dramatic.

Let's get some dry clothes. Play in traffic like the other kids.

That little bonehead. Oh, shit.

What did you say your name was? My friends call me Curly.

Curly. Well, come on, Curly, let's go inside.

Elvira will get you some dry clothes, all right?

Thank you.

What do I say? Well, you know, I was just there.

You would've done the same thing.

If I lose this guy, man, I don't know what I would do.

Looks good on you.

I don't know about them pants, though.

They're yours.

Can I get you anything? A beer.

Yeah, all right. I could swear... Have I seen you before?

I get that all the time. I got one of those faces, I guess.

You like baseball?

I'm not obsessed with it or anything. Are you a player?


You are? Yeah.

Barry Bonds?

No. No. I'm Bobby Rayburn.

Right. Yeah.

I was just kidding you. It's okay.

At least you're not one of them die-hard baseball fans who...

Why is that?

Because those guys are losers.

Aren't the fans what it's all about?

Shit. Tell you something, man.

The fans are like women. When you're hitting, they love you.

And when you're not, they'd as soon spit on you as look at you.

Why is that?

Because they don't understand that you're the same person hitting or not.

You know?

Only person you should play for is yourself.

Hey, you wanna shoot some pool?

Yeah, sure.

All right. Bring the beer. Sure.

Curly, Curly...

Curly Otis?

Yeah, that's my old man. No shit.

I was in bigs for a cup of coffee myself until my arm went south.

Man, tough break.

It's like my old catcher Coop used to say...

Enjoy it while you got it, then move on.


That's a good philosophy, brother. Good philosophy.

Are all those hats yours? Yep, my pride and joy.

Could I try one on? Yeah, sure. Sure.


Looks good on you.

Hey, Bobby...

Did you mean it? You'd do something for me?

Yeah, sure. I mean, within reason, you know.

Don't be getting no ideas.

Let me pitch to you. What?

Let me show you what I got. I got a couple innings left in me.

Come on, Bobby, let me show you what I got.

Bradley's gonna catch for us.

Must feel good to be hitting again, huh?

Brother, you have no idea.

How did you get out of that slump? Say what?

Got any idea what got you out of that slump?

You know, Curly...

I just stopped caring, man.

What? I just stopped caring.

You stopped caring?

What do you mean?

All my life I've been working to be the best.

You know? Trying to be a perfectionist.

And I thought about it. That's probably where I made my mistake.

And when Juan Primo died, man, that completely changed the perspective.

I mean...

I mean, come on, let's be real here.

What are we doing? We're not curing cancer, you know?

We're playing a game.

That's all it is. It's just a game.

So I stopped caring and relaxed... and I started hitting.

Stopped caring.

So that's your fucking insight into life?

Just stop caring.

You're pretty loose now, aren't you? Yeah.

All I'm saying is that there's more to life than just baseball.

Like what? Like your house?

Like your big-ass car? Like your 40-fucking-million?

I mean, what the fuck do you care about?

I care about my son. That's what I care about.

I'm sorry. I just hate that attitude, you stopped caring. I'm sorry.

What, do you have a better theory?


You got your number back.

Curly, my number didn't have anything to do with it.

It looks good on you.


That's great. I still haven't given you my best pitch.

Sure you have. No.


Look, Curly, I really want to thank you for what you did for my son.

You know, what do you say? Let's call it a night?

All right.

Come on, admit it. We're alone.

Admit what?

Admit you're hitting because Primo's not around.

That's a bunch of bullshit. Come on.

It doesn't hurt he's not around.

Come on, level with me.

Level with me.

Come on, I saved your kid. You wanna pay me back?

Be honest with me and tell me you're a little happy that he's dead.

Hey. No, no. I'm not happy that he's dead.

Come on.

Curly. Curly, I already told you no.

No, I am not happy that he's dead. Okay?

Okay? Can I have my hand back now?


I'm really tired. Really. I'm going to sleep. Take care.

Simple thank you would have been nice... for a teammate who lays down a sacrifice.

Hey, look, you need a ride or anything?

I got my own wheels. Thanks, Bob.

Good. Bradley, let's go.

If you need anything, just call me, all right?

And I'll get back to you. Okay, bye.

Take care. Come on, Bradley.

Hey, Bob?

Bobby. What about the glove, Bob?

Keep it!

I remember when Mick recorded this. December '77.

We drove home at dawn.

Who's Mick?

A great friend of mine.

Where we going? We're going fishing.

Why can't my dad come? Your dad could come.

But he has a big game tomorrow, and we gotta pick up Coop.

Why are we fishing at night?

Night fishing is best. No boats to scare the fish away.

We'll sucker them in with a flashlight, cut them up with this.

Go ahead, take it. It's yours.

You sure? Yeah, it's yours. Take it.

Well, thanks. Just don't cut yourself.

Hello. Hey, Curly.

Hey, Bobby. Hey.

Say hello to your father. He's on the phone.

Hi, Dad. We're going fishing.

That's great. That's great, Sean.

Listen, Curly, could you pick up the handset so we could talk?

Sure thing, slugger.

Yeah. Curly, is it raining where you are?

No, I'm far from the beach. Didn't know you'd take the car.

I thought the kid, he'd like to get away. Listen, Curly... before you do anything stupid, I don't think this is a good idea.

You don't think. You're a lucky idiot.

I'm not fucking with you.

All right. Don't get angry at me, Bob.

Curly? Bob?

I just want my son back.

Bob? What?

Bobby. What?!

Listen to you. You're hanging on every word I say. This is really something.

Curly, what do you want? What do you want from me?

Don't talk back. You show me some respect.

Without people like me, you're nothing.

We're the ones that get you your 40 million.

Look, what do you want? What do I want?

I want when they think of you, they think of me.

Curly, I don't know what the fuck I did to you to piss you off... but my son has nothing to do with this.

Oh, Bobby, it's not what you did to me, it's what I did for you, number 11.

You owe me. I owe you what?

Check your freezer.

I'll hang on.

There's a surprise. What the f...? Curly.

Go ahead, check your freezer. All right, I'll check the freezer.

Curly, don't hang up this phone.

You hear me?

Oh, my God!

He finally figures it out, ladies and gentlemen.

It's really true what they say about sluggers.

They are really, really stupid.

Well, I'm a pitcher, Bobby. Pitchers use their brains.

Come on, Bradley.

We'll play a joke on him, so you just play along.

All right. Okay?

Hey, Coop.



Gil Renard. Yeah.

Gil Renard.

Yeah, long time no see, Gil.

This is my son. Hi.

Come on in, fellas.

Go ahead.

Man, that is a kick-ass car. You done good for yourself.

You never see nothing like that in the Bronx.

I always thought you'd be managing by now.

Managing? Yeah, in the majors.

Nobody calls me Coop anymore, you sick son of a bitch.

How'd you find me anyway?

I looked you up.

Whose kid is that, really?

You really want to know? Yeah.

Bobby Rayburn's. Jesus fuck.

Same old fucking Gil. Come on.


He'll be on in a minute.

You'll recognize his voice.

All right, incoming call. Notify incoming call. Turn off all radios.

Okay, this is it.


Yeah. Hey, Bobby, you still up?

Bad time to be calling, huh? I'm up.

Hey, I hope I'm not calling at a bad time. Probably got some people over, huh?

I can't hear you. You'll have to turn the music down.

Oh, I'm sorry, slugger.

Curly, I want to talk to Sean.

Sean, he's asleep now, but he's doing fine. Don't worry about him. He's fine.

Curly, what do you want? I've been thinking it over.

You know, in life, life just... comes down to one single action.

What do you want?

I want you to hit a home run for me, Bob.

Are you serious?

Remember that kid in chemo... whose life was unfair to him?

That's how I'm feeling. My life has been unfair to me.

The only difference is, I'll be able to see you hit that home run tomorrow.

And I got a photo here.

I'm gonna get it to you. And I want you to put it on the Jumbotron, okay?

Yeah. Then I want you to stand up and tell... the 50 million viewers... that this home run is dedicated to Gil, a true fan.

What do you think? I can't believe you're serious.

I'm serious as a heart attack, Bobby.

That's pretty serious, isn't it?

There comes a time in everybody's life when you have to stand for something.

Otherwise, you're just passing on through.

So, Bobby, I'm watching you.

If that pitcher goes easy on you, I'll kill your fucking kid.

Surprise, surprise.

Hey, Bobby.

I'm still here.

Now do you care?

You get in some serious shit for that.

Cops are gonna be all over us.

Boy, all of a sudden, you lost your sense of humor.

Did you get it? Couldn't get him.

He's calling from Rayburn's car. We should be able to nail him to the district.

You're not gonna believe this kid. Just like old times, huh, Coop?

You know, that's not my real dad. It's okay, kid.

Come on, I'm waiting.

I'm waiting. The signals.

What happened? Did you forget everything? Come on, Coop.

Hang in there, kid.

Bring the bat up, slugger.

Come on, look like a hitter. Bring it up.

Bring it up. Come on.

Come on! Come on, slugger, bring the fucking bat up.

Come on.

That's my boy.

It's all right, kid, hang in there, now. Hang in there.

Coop, you dickhead!

Come on, kid. Come on.

Go. Go. Up the fence. Come on.

Come on, push. Push. Go.

Go. Go on. Go, kid, go.

Coop, what are you doing?

Why did you do that? We could've been teammates.

We were teammates. We could've made it to the bigs.

It was Little League. We were 12 years old.

Come on.

That's my boy.

Ladies and gentlemen, leading off the second inning...

Giants center fielder, number 33, Bobby Rayburn.

Well, the forecast is for rain tonight.

There's a mist falling as Rayburn steps towards the box.

He's been more aggressive the last month of the season.

Who do we have on line two?

Just a fan. Hey, Mr. Fan, how you doing?

Wanna say you're lucky to be in the stadium tonight.

Really? Why's that?

Is that a Giants watch I hear playing? Yes, it is.

Is that my buddy Gil? Maybe.

This will be one of the most amazing nights in the game's history.

It will be incredible. Really? Why's that, Gil?

I'm telling you, the Kirk Gibson homer...

Ripken breaking Gehrig's record, peanuts compared to tonight.

You're talking about classic moments in baseball history.

What's happening tonight that could top those?

Let's just say Bobby Rayburn's... in for the night of his life. Why, Gil?

Well, some people are ungrateful. They should be taught a lesson.


Are you calling from inside the stadium?

Wouldn't you like to know? Well...

You got good seats? Are you behind first base? Can you see me?

Can I see you?

Yeah, you're waving right at me. Have a nice night.

Gil, wait. Before you hang up, I wanted to ask you a question.

Trying to trace the call, Jewel? What? What was that, Gil?

You'll never find me.

Strike! Have a nice night.

Gil. Fuck!

Come on, man, go get him!




Now batting, number 10, Brad Tjader.

Did you feel that raindrop? What?

I felt rain.

The guy's not gonna be crazy enough... He's here! The guy's here.

He could've been near a radio. He's in the stadium.

Look at that. That is one fine piece of craftsmanship.

What? The knife.

It's a first edition. See how it says prototype?

That means it's a collector's piece.

Renard & Garrity. It's a local firm, isn't it? Gilbert Renard?

What are you waiting for, a clue, an invite?

This guy is gonna kill Bobby's kid if you don't find him in nine innings.

Ladies and gentlemen, leading off the bottom of the eighth... number 33, Bobby Rayburn.

Bobby's as safe as Kennedy was in Dallas. What are you looking for?


Ball one.

What, are you walking me? Consider it a compliment, dickhead.

Fuck! Do you know what you're doing to me?!

They're giving him first base. Throw the pitch!



Oh, man, the ump's gonna call the game. Oh, my... fuck.

Oh, God, please don't do this. I'm begging you.

Don't... Throw the pitch.

For God's sake, listen to me! Throw the pitch!

Throw the fucking pitch!

Do you know what you're doing to me? The umpire has decided... to send both teams into the dugouts.

It looks like we've got a rain delay.

Ladies and gentlemen, the umpire has called for a rain delay... with the Padres leading the Giants 2 to 1.

Do you and your dad have a special place he and you like to go?

Stadium in the Sky's our Little League park.

My dad used to play there when he was a kid.

Is my daddy in trouble?

Ladies and gentlemen... we resume play with the Giants batting in the bottom of the eighth.

Proceed to Little League park Stadium in the Sky, 24th and Sanchez.

We pick it up in the eighth inning... on what might be Rayburn's last at-bat.

They'll play on this wet field.

The cold night air is getting to everybody. Look at Rayburn.

He's going to the mound to have a chat with Martinez.

Oh, shit. I don't give a fuck what he tells you.

Throw the ball over the plate, or I'll break your head in.

Fuck you. You hear me?

This may go back to when Martinez pitched for Pittsburgh.

He drilled Rayburn in his back with a fastball.

We are seeing it all tonight, Rick.

Let's go, gentlemen. First pitch is at your head, buddy.

Come on, man, do this! Do this!

A critical at-bat for Rayburn, the $40 million San Francisco Giant.

Probably his last chance to get the Giants even.

Here in the bottom of the eighth, the Giants trail 2 to 1.

Swung on. Strike one. Strike!

All right, come on! Come on, Bobby!

Swung on and missed. Strike two. Rayburn in the hole.

One strike left for Bobby Rayburn tonight.

Jesus Christ, man.

Air Seven copy. Proceeding to Stadium in the Sky. Over.

Man. They're gonna call the game.

They're gonna call this fucking game.

Two and two. Two balls, two strikes.

And Rayburn down to his last strike.

Bobby knows he's had two pitches to drive there.

Now at 2-2, you're not gonna get another good pitch to hit.

Maybe, since it's damp, he's having trouble holding the ball.

This game could be called at any second.

Play ball!

San Diego protecting its one-run lead.

Martinez readies, steadies and delivers to...

Rayburn drives it deep to right center field!


Run! Home run!

It's off the wall. Rayburn could get three if he hustles.

Robinson having trouble just getting to the ball.

Rayburn, rounding second, headed for third.

He ran through the stop sign. It could be an inside-the-park home run!

The relay from Parker! Rayburn slides, headfirst!

And he is... in there!


You're out!

What is that?

Bad fucking call, man!

You're out! Sit down! No, no, no.

I beat it by a fucking mile!

You're out. You're questioning my call? Sit down! You're out! Sit down!

You're the fucking guy! He's the fucking guy!

It's the umpire!

What the fuck is that?

This way! Break it open!

Shit. What the hell's going on?

Okay, okay. I just want my kid back.

Batter up, Bobby. I waited a long time for this.

No, no, no, wait. No. Okay, look.

Where's Sean? Where do you think he is?

Come on, where is my son?

Where's...? Bobby, where's my home run?

What?! Curly. Curly. Where's my son?!

Where is he? I don't know.

I guess he's in that big stadium in the sky.

I'm telling you, Curly, if you hurt my fucking kid...

I swear to God I'll kill you! Bobby. Bobby. Be nice, Bob.

What do you want from me?

I don't want anything. I just want you to...

I never showed you my best pitch. Curly!



No, no, don't shoot! He's got my son.

Now do you care?

Bobby, now do you care?

Just a little bit?

Curly, don't!

Curly, where's my son?

Where's Sean, Curly? Where's my son?

A simple thank you would have been nice.

Where's my son?

Curly, where's my son?!

There she is, site of the old stadium.




Are you all right? Yeah.

I love you, Sean. I love you, Dad.

I got him!

What you are seeing here is a sad turn of events indeed.

Gil Renard, an unemployed knife salesman... was shot to death by the police during tonight's game.

Here's how it happened. Bobby Rayburn...