The Fantastic Four (1994) Script


One hundred eighty six thousand two hundred and eighty two For those of you who wandered in here just for the credit That is the speed of light. In miles per second.

If you prefer kilometers per second.

Then get

299 thousand ...


Thank you Reed. You're welcome, sir.


I didn't see you whipping out an answer.

Although traveling at or near the speed of light has always been theoretically possible.

It has long been considered physically impossible.

That is, until the discovery of "Colossus"

A radioactive comet-like energy source traveling in 10 year orbits that tonight will be closest to Earth that it will ever come.

So close, in fact ... that it will pass through the heart of the Van Allen belt. slow to the speed of the Earth's rotation and become visible to the human eye.

So bring your telescopes ... bring your imaginations.

And above all ... have fun.

That's it, class dismissed.

..cannot keep adjusting the primary angles of that prism quadrant.

'Course I can. I have to. Your calculations fail to consider.

Not here ... outside.

All I'm saying is if we don't take into consideration the possibility of a velocity variance the result can be failure, Victor. We've worked on this for four years, okay.

I don't want to blow it. Neither do I.

So could we at least run a simulation. It'll make me ... feel better.

All right, we have time.



I gotcha.

It's not fair ... it's not fair!

Hey, hey, take it easy. It's not the end of the world.

Johnny! Oops, gotta go.

See you Oh!...Oh.

Neither of you is going anywhere without a coat.

I won't have you catching cold just to watch Colossal.

That's "Colossus" ma.

Whoa..whoa. Sorry Mrs. Storm.

In a hurry? Actually, yes. I'm running late.

I just came back home to pick up some notes.

Aren't you coming with us Reed?

No, Susan, listen. I'm sorry. I can't. I gotta get back to the lab.

You OK?

You aren't going to miss it, are you?

You know what, I might even see it if I get lucky.

Now listen, I want you two kids to have a great time, will ya?

Take good care of your mom, I gotta go.

He's dreamy. You're gross!

It is incredible...I never thought we could pull it off.

We got work to do.

One problem Victor. I've been reviewing your notes and it still seems to me that your calculations...

My calculations are based on your figures.

I know, but all I'm asking you to do is just factor in these revised estimates, will you?

Reed, get to your station ... What about the simulation?

There's no time ...

"Colossus" is here!

Everything we ever dreamed of Reed, it's here right now!

We're going to harness the energy of tomorrow.

Here's to the future, my friend.


It's picking up speed. It's not possible.

The prisms are overheating! No!

Victor, look out!

Victor, get out of here!

I will not fail. I will not fail!


I'll get help.

The burns were...too severe. I'm very sorry.

Where you taking him? Downstairs ... to the morgue.

Just come here...come on.

Sorry Reed.

His Highness ... we must save him. If it's not already too late.


THE BAXTER BUILDING So, you want me to fly that hunk of junk, huh?

That "hunk of junk" hey?

Thank you, that hunk of junk is better than anything you flew in the Air Force.

You miss this chance you'll never have another chance to fly anything like it.

I guess you can get grant money to do anything these days.

Grant money?

Come on Ben, it's state of the art. Feather-touch control with telepathic override.

Voice activated computerization. All systems...

Ok, ok man. I'm just flying the thing, I'm not buying it.

I'm sorry, I do get carried away.

But you did promise me that if ever I built it... you would take it up.


And besides, it's really important to me.

Then you got yourself a pilot.

Now all we need is a crew

Hi Mrs. Storm. "Johnny and Susan go to outer space with us? "

Well, I don't know, dear. You'll have to ask them.

It's so good to see you two.

Johnny ... Susan ...

Ben, this is crazy, what do they know they know about astrophysics?

Come on, they may not have Harvard diplomas, but they know more about this project than anyone else on Earth.

Besides, if you don't let them come they will never forgive you.

Hey, Ben! Alright!

Heya Doc, ready to go?

Actually, Johnny, I don't think...

We're ready.

Hello Reed.

Hello Susan.

-Anyone for a ride in a rocket ship? -I'll drive.

Yes ... yes ... absolutely.

We've got a lot to do.

Don't let anything happen to my babies.

I'll see to it personally.

Look at you ... the Fantastic Four.

We have received the shipping information you requested on the diamond, Your Highness.


There it is, I can smell a diamond a 100 miles away.

And this one ... well ...


It's show and tell time! But Reed ... what's in this thing?

Reed, what's going on?

Hey! ... Why don't you watch ...

Oh, my statue.

Aw jeez, I'm sorry, I...

Oh, all my work! Here ... let me help you.

What are you doing? Put me down! It's okay, it's okay ... I gotch you.

You're safe with me.

I really am sorry.

I know. I can sense it.

Don't worry about it, accidents happen. It's only a statue, right.

Oh! The statue ...

Hey ... don't you want your ...

I'm in love. Huh huh. Great first impression.

She likes me, I can tell. Are you sure?

Yeah ... well ...

Just keep telling yourself that, Ben. You know why, Ben?

What? Because it eases the embarrassment.

I know you hurry up and wait 10 years. But she likes me.

But how can you tell? Reed! I can tell!

She is ... magnificent.

You, stay here, follow the treasure. See which floor they get off.

I'll be with you later.

Where are you going? You ask me nothing. Do what you're told.

Well? Patience, we make no sudden moves.

It would displease His Highness. And we would not want to do that, would we?

-No. -No, indeed.

Yes! - Is it real?

Voila! Johnny, would you get me the tripod.

Yeah, sure.

Diamonds are a girl's best friend, huh Suz?

So, what's it for, Reed?

It's the answer to our problems. By placing the diamond in the center of the cosmic refractor...

... the heat is defused, broken into small doses, which gives the prisms time to cool ...

... before receiving another blast.

Pretty neat, huh?

Victor and I shared a common dream What secrets ... would "Colossus" tell the world if we give it a chance to speak to us.

For 10 years, I've carried the failure of that dream with me ... I've carried ...

Victor's death.

If we can pull this off, then maybe he will not have died in vain.

I'm with you buddy. Me too.

Anywhere you want to go, I'm there.

Well, then we better call it a day. We have a lot of work ahead of us.

Night thickens! I must go. But ... I'll be back.

With the most precious gift I can give him.

We'll be ready to move in one hour, Your Highness.

Do not fail me. Is that understood? Yes, Your Highness.

Good. Very good.

It's clear.

Ah, lovely.

Oh my!

There's somebody in there. We have an intruder.


Let us see what this bizarre little thief ... has in mind.

The perfect offering.

The diamond has been replaced with a man-made replica.


It seems our little friend's helped me more than I could have dreamed.

I don't need to stop this mission, now.

Now no one will capture "Colossus" before me. And they can die in space.

RICHARDS SHUTTLE TO LAUNCH TODAY T minus 15 seconds, guidance begin counting.

11 ... 10 ... 9 ... Ignition sequence start.

6 ... 5 ... 4 ... 3 ... 2 ... 1 ... 0.

All engines on! Lift off! We have a lift off.

-Shutting down, Ben. Retros. -Alright.

Susan, end of the release sequence. Got it.

You got anything, Johnny? Right on time.

Bearing 18º West, 5º North. Oh God, this is awesome.

Putting on the turn signal, and turning right.

Hey you guys, "Colossus" is closing awfully fast ... I mean this thing is really motoring.

Don't have a lot of time Susan. I'm all set.


The second it hits the inner circle, Johnny, you activate the gravitational field.

Aye aye, sir.

Ben, no matter what, you keep her steady.

That's exactly why you pay me the big bucks.

Hang on!

Susan activate the antenna.

Yeah, ride'em cowboys!

The diamond's a fake. Ben, get us out of here!

Goodbye, Dr. Richards.

Hello ...






Reed? Where are you buddy?

Over here. Oh my God!

Careful, I must be in shock, I don't feel any pain.

Let me get you out of here.

What's going on here?

Guys! Anyone out there?!

Oh man, guys! Oh, jeez! Oh, am I glad to see you.

Did you believe that? Oh God, it was unbelievable. What a ride, huh?

Aw, I can't believe it. We're here, huh?

Look at you ...

Look at us ...

What? We're okay, Reed, we're okay, huh?

Exactly! Not a scratch on us.

And the ship is in a hundred pieces.

We're fine? Come on, doesn't that bother anybody just a little?

Well, okay, we're not altogether fine, I got a bit of dirt in my nose.

Did I do that? Do what?

Susan? Yeah?

Sis? Where are you?

What's a matter with you guys? I'm right here.


Come on now! This isn't funny. I'm right here.


What is wrong with you guys? It's like you've seen a ghost ...

Look at your legs, Susan.

Reed! Reed!

Susan, no!


We must have dropped telemetry.

You mean we fell off the radar.

Oh great. It's going to be days before they find us.

Especially if they think we're dead.

I'm scared, Reed.

Just tell me what is happening to us.

I'm sorry Susan, I can't ... I don't know.

I just don't know.

But there's no need to panic.

Panic! Panic?

Reed, Reed, my sister here disappears at the drop of a hat ... you - you stretch like some human rubber band. and I'm a walking blow torch.

And you don't want us to panic?

Oh ... Oh, well, I'm sorry I'm sorry, excuse me.

Sit down, Johnny.

Johnny, there'll be an explanation for this.

There is always a scientific explanation for everything.

Ain't that right, Ben?

What should we do, Reed? What should we do?

First thing we're going to do is get some rest. I think some of us need it.

Maybe we can think more clearly in the morning.

Johnny, do you think you can keep that fire of yours going a little while longer?

We might need it, pal.

God help us.

Everything’s gonna be alright. I promise.


What do you mean, alive?

Our surveillance indicates, Your Highness, that ... they survived.


It's not possible!

Find them, before anyone else does.

Is that understood?

Find them.

Find them!


"It's okay, I've gotch you. You're safe with me."

Who is it?

Hi, Miss Masters, I got a package for ya.

Come on in, it's open.

Oh! ... sorry ... sorry.

And this one's a biggie.

Oh, here, let me get this for ya.


So, these were used for the ... um the helmet fittings, right?

That's right. I thought so.

Good luck on that memorial statue, by the way.

Those - those people really ... they deserve the best.

I'll try ...

Good night. Good night.

Oh! Good night. Yeah, uh ... right. Good night.

What is beauty? Says my suffering soul.

You, my people, my beautiful, beautiful people ...

We are such things as dreams are made on ...

I have given you a home, I have given you self respect ... and have asked nothing in return ... until now.

I have recently acquired a most incredible gift.

A gift worthy of a Queen.

That is what I ask of you, my people, You will bring me my Queen!

A Queen ... A Queen!

Queen ... Queen ...

Queen ... Queen ...

Benjamin Grimm?

You can't be dead.


What do you want?

Dr. Reed Richards? Yes?

We're here to escort you to debriefing.

I have a jet waiting about two clicks from here ... if you'd just like to gather Get down! Get down!

Hey, what's goin' on?

No! He's with my crew.

Oh wow! Ben ... What? ...

What are you guys look ... ing?

What kind of a thing have I turned into? !!


Reed ... what have you done? What have you done?

We're gonna go get some help, Ben.

Look at me!

Ben! We're all gonna go get some help.

Come on.

Ok? ... Come on, Ben.

We're ready, Lieutenant.

Good evening, Mr. .. Grimm.

I'm Dr. Hauptman.

You have been placed in isolation.

Until we can determine the cause of your ... condition.

I’m going to need to take a blood sample.

Although I'm not quite sure how we're going to do that.

Why don't you have a seat ... so we can maybe work this out together.

I been making fires out of nothing, if that's what you mean.

Yes ... big fires?

No, no, little things like ... um Do you think you could explain this to me, maybe demonstrate how it works?

Well, I just concentrate on a part of my body like ... uh you know, like my hand, and they just "Flame On"

Flame off! Flame off! Flame off!

Well, I guess we figured out the magic words, huh Doc?

Miss Storm, you don't ... break things, or explode into flames, or anything like that, now, do you?



I ... I um ... I sort of ...

Miss Storm?

Behind you!

Are you okay?

Here, take your own blood.


These people are medical miracles.

They hold the key to the greatest single breakthrough in scientific history.

Colossus lives in them.

If we could extract it from them ... well, imagine the power we could unleash, Your Highness.

And, what if, we took it all and put it into one man?

Into one man?

Well, it's all conjecture, I suppose ... but

Answer the question, Doctor.

There's no telling how powerful that man would become.

Wonderfully interesting.

Thank you, Doctor Hauptman.

A project of this magnitude must be undertaken at once!

They must be drained, completely and absolutely!

Certain preparations must be made on our path ...

and I must pay a visit to the Jeweler.

I have a need for his diamond, now.

A bad neighborhood to be wandering around in at night.

You could get hurt.

What do you want here?

We are here to see the Jeweler.

A bouquet of flowers would have been infinitely preferable.

Tell him we will make it worth his while. Very worth his while.

Bring 'em.

I can't take it anymore, Look, we've got to get out of here, huh?

I don't even know if they've called mom to tell her we're still alive.

I can't get a straight answer from anyone.

There's no phone, no television ... no nothin', huh?!

We're not patients here, we're prisoners.

What do you think, Ben?

I want a cure, Reed.

You heard Hauptman.

We're contagious. No wonder they don't want the outside world to have contact with us.

Maybe ... we should stay here a while longer to we find out what's wrong.

Why don't they let me into the lab ... hmm?

Why all this mystery?

Why don't they let us help ourselves?


Look, I say we go for it, huh ... I mean what have we got to lose?

Johnny, come on ...

We're either all in this together ... or we don't move.

What do you want me to do?

The diamond is not for sale at any price.

You see ... it has been promised to another.

The gem belongs to my beautiful Queen ... Alicia.

She does not seem to be very happy to have it.


She will be, when she realizes we are alike.

Outcasts in this world.

But that is none of your concern.

You have your answer. Now, leave!

Uh, we cannot do that.

If you will not sell us the diamond, we will have no choice but ... to take it!

It seems ... the odds of your survival are pretty slim.

Tell your boss that the diamond is not for sale ... period!

If you come back again, I won't be so merciful.

Escort the Queen to my room.

I need to have a private time consultation.

That was his response, Your Highness.

Should we go back and eliminate him?


Stakes are too high. I'll handle this, personally.

Stay where you are. I'll be there by nightfall tomorrow.

Time to take another blood sample, sleeves up.

What am I supposed to do with these guys?

Talk to them. You've got a captive audience. ... We'll be back in 10 minutes.

Okay, jacks or better to open.

Oh man!


That hurt.

Ha Ha. Nice hook, Sis! I guess fightin' with me as a kid finally paid off, huh?

This might just give us the answers we're lookin' for.

What language is this? I have no idea.

Somehow it looks familiar.

What you got there, Johnny?

Not sure ... but hopefully it's a way out of here.


Bingo! Come on, Johnny. Let's hurry.

Sorry guys, gotta run.


It's incredible!

Johnny, this looks like it incorporates some ...

...some kind of atomic splitter.

It's brilliant.

Thank you.

Coming from you, Dr. Richards, that is quite a compliment.

Who are you?

My name ... is Doom.

Nice suit.

Where are we?

A beautiful, charming little country.

And I'm the supreme and beloved monarch.

Come back and visit us sometime for a vacation ... bring the kids.

That is, when I've finished with you ...

You're finished with us now.

No no no no!

I have not even started.

We're going home. How rude of you!

After all the trouble ... I want you to feel at home!

And you're running off like naughty little children. I just can't allow that.

Yeah, well who asked you, you overgrown Tin Can?

Hot tempered, aren't we Jonathan.

Take my advice ... keep your ... cool.

I'm in the forgiving vein today, doctor.

Return to your room and wait like good little children.

-Or? -Or!

You will know pain far greater than your worst nightmare.

Sorry I'm late.

Miss anything?

We're goin' home.

Very painful decision.

I had hoped it would not come to this.

Alive or dead, your value to me remains the same.

I will not sully my hands. I will return when you have learned your lesson.

"It's clobberin' time."

We need a way out of here.

Wait a minute. We'll cover you.

"Flame on."

Time to go. Sure.

Come on, Johnny, hurry up. I'm going as fast as I can.

Not fast enough. Flame off!

Aha, so my friends?!



I um ... well I just wanted to say that ...

...well, whatever comes of this ...

... I mean even if we don't recover ...

...or ... or ... or if we get worse ...

... um ... some things shouldn't go unsaid.

God! Why am I always so shy around you?

What did you say?

I ... I just wanted to ...

Susan, what did you just say about being shy?

This is a problem that I have sometimes.

That's it ... Susan ... that's it. You've got a problem with being shy, right.

So ... you vanish, yeah?

Johnny, you've always had a quick temper, now.

Come on, ever since I've known you, right?

You could call it fiery ... so what happens?

I catch fire. Exactly.

And me, I've always had this problem. I could stretch myself thin ... all the time trying to take care of everybody, trying to do everything at once. Too many things.


You always rely too much on brute strength ...

...When your intelligence would have sufficed.

Don't you see ...

We know one thing, from the blood tests.

And that's our DNA has been altered.

But I think "Colossus" has touched our psyche.

I think it's made us feel that our worst character defects are in fact our greatest strengths.

Holy Freud, Batman. I think you're right Okay ... accept that the three of us go back to normal. Our changes are only temporary.

But ... why is Ben like that all the time.

That I don't know?


And I don't care.

Bottom line is, you can all live normal lives.

I'm the one who's a freak.

Isn't that right, buddy?

There's nothing more to say.

I've got a get out of here.

Don't stop me.

My God!

Do the dishes ... man!

Hey, hey! Buddy, you can't be hanging around back here.

I'm not looking for trouble.

I'm not lookin' to give any man. Look, you got to move, alright? Get walking.

Look, all I want is just a place to ... I don't care what you want.

What are you, man? What are you?

Well, what do you think?

You look ... Like a dork!


Thank you. I have one for you.

And here’s yours. It's flame retardant.

What's with the suits?

We are "The Fantastic Four", remember?

Now we're more like "The Terrific Three."

He'll be back.

Welcome, my friend.

We offer you no harm.

They don't understand like we understand.

You look so tired.

You need a place to rest.

A place where you belong?

Come with me.

I'll take you home.

Requesting any information that may help in solving the kidnapping case of Alicia Masters from her West End Studio.

Ms. Masters had been working on a memorial statue ...

I've never felt like an outcast.

And I don't feel beautiful here.

Here, I'm an outsider.

Oh please, let me go home.

Only you could keep me tied up here for the rest of my life, but I will never learn to be your Queen.



We have a new member for the family. So?

So, it's the most fascinating one I've ever seen. You have to meet him.

Keep an eye on the Queen. She is not to leave this room until I say so.

Choose one.

I said "watch", not "smell."

Where is he?

Let me introduce you ... to Ben.

Oh my, the pain ... the pain you have endured, my beautiful brother?

No more, I will take it all away. You have found a home here.

A world where you can rise to the greatness you deserve.

You, give him anything he asks for. Treat him well.

Rest, my weary traveler.

A life you already should have had begins right now.

Mr. Rausch, I'm going on a little day trip.

I expect the Laser to be fully operational upon my return.

No questions, I trust?

Very good!

But how is it even possible that Doom knows about the diamond?

Or about gathering "Colossus," for that matter.

Reed, you're the only one alive that even knows the details of this experiment.

Eh, she's got a point.

Nobody's ever thought of harnessing "Colossus" except for you.

And friend Victor, of course.

Where's my death suit from the castle? Closet.

Victor is alive.

Victor is alive.


Bring me the one called the Jeweler!

Protect the diamond.

I will ask you only once to stand aside.

Time's up.

You touch it and she dies.

So? I mean it.

Please, don't let me stop you.

Let her go.

Ben Grimm!


I said, "Let her go"

Oh yes. By all means. Let her go.


Let her go.

Watch yourself Mr. Grimm, I can do a lot of damage before you get here.

Doom ... "It's Clobberin' Time."

Ben, no!

I love you ...

Well, well ...

It seems lover boy is not quite himself today.

Kill him.

Let him go.

We have what we want.

And a little ... insurance ... as well.

Hello ...

Dr. Richards ...

Good to see me, again.

This is a little device I've been playing with. I hope for your sake it's working well.

I have the diamond, and a friend of Mr. Grimm.

Oh by the way, that laser you saw, it's finished now.

Allow me to demonstrate its purpose.

You have 12 hours to surrender yourselves to me.

Or I'll wipe out New York City.

Have a nice night.

I'll get the suits. You're not going anywhere without me.

Ben! Alright, Ben!

Don't ask. I'm back and that's all that matters.

Good to have you back but I've got news for you ... Doom is your old friend Victor.


He's got a friend of yours with him. Yeah, tell me about it.

Now hold on a minute. It was my quest to bury Victor's memory that got us involved in this mess in the first place.

He'll be waiting, and we know it.

There's no need for all of you to be involved.

No way. I'm goin'. I've got my reasons.

I have my reasons, too.

I love you, Reed.

I love you too.

And I have to make sure nothing here happens to Sis.

Besides ... we are "The Fantastic Four" ... right?


Hey you guys, you guys ... don't you think this is just a little too easy, huh?

Yeah, I love walkin' into a trap, don't you?

I don't know, I've never done it before.

Which way? Main room, that way.

Expect trouble.

Maybe we got here early enough to buy ourselves some time.

Now listen to me gang, want you to keep your eyes open. Johnny ...

I'm gonna see if I can figure out a way to disarm this Laser.


You are pitiful.

Half the fun is the chase.

You've robbed me of even that ...

Ah well.

At least you've left me the pleasure of the kill.

That is of course, after I've taken from you what I want.

"Colossus", right?

Victor ...

Victor? ... Ah! A name from the past.

You may call me ...

...Dr. Doom.

Faithlessness ten years ago ... made me what I am today.

I have such a ... unbearable ... hatred for you, Reed.

For turning me ... into this!

Look at it! See it!

Does it amuse you?

When I heard you were to face "Colossus" again ...

I knew you would be the fitting instrument of my revenge.

Just think, when what is in each of you, is all in me.


Imagine that.

I've a special treat for you, Mr. Grimm.

After I have cleansed you of your power ...

You may watch my men kill the one who claims to love you.


Well, if you can't appreciate the irony?

Begin the transfer!

Look at it this way, Reed, at least you've saved New York.

For now.


Stop them!

It's clobberin' time, for real.

Flame on.

Target locked. Firing in 30 seconds ... 29 ... 28 ... 27

It's gonna fire!

I can't stop it.

No, but I can.

I been wanting to blow up that destructor ray since I was a kid, huh.

Flame on!


I don't think we've formally met.

I'm Ben Grimm.

I'm Alicia Masters.

Nice to meet you.

It's nice to meet you.

It's not like you, to run away from a challenge, Victor.

Yes, you're right, Reed!

Considering all that has happened here tonight, I'll take what I can get.

I'm going to enjoy killing you ... very much.

That's for trying to kill me.

That for tryin' to kill my friends.

And this ...

...this for bein' a real jerk.

Reed, help me.

We were friends once, remember.

Hang on, Victor.

You see, you have not the courage to strike the final blow. Do you?

Just as ten years ago you failed at our moment of triumph.

You betrayed me!

"Colossus" was to be ours, together.

And now it stands between us.

You still have a chance, Reed ... go on. Save me.

Do not think for a moment I shall ever rest until I have what is rightfully mine.

Here's to the future, my friend.

Let's go home. Let's hope we have a home to go to.

Hey, come on guys. Give 'em some room, huh?

We'll try not to get into any trouble, until you get back.

Have fun.