The Fate of Swordsman (2017) Script

I thought of going back to my father What to do What does my father look like I don't even remember That's because you are in Chunyang Palace Stayed too long Actually for me

Brother Ke I can't protect you forever why Brother, just follow me to the palace Could it be You have to be with your brother after you get married Really I don't want to get married

Brother There is a tea stand Let's go take a rest it is good

What do the two guest officials want? S Pick some simple and refreshing ones for us okay


I'm going back to the palace this time I'm afraid for a while I can't go back to Chunyang Palace I can't bear you The palace is your home after all You stay here at ease I got it, brother



Brother Look at that flag and ornamentation It seems to be my emperor brother’s grid car

Assassin Escort

Shield wall array

Subordinates are late for help Please forgive the princess

Come now Rely on you to save me The body is completely cold Subordinate Prince will arrive soon Not immediately lock down the timber forest for thorough investigation None of the Japanese assassins can escape

Young Heroes Stay

Xie Yunliu, the Great Disciple of Chunyang Palace Met the princess At the moment Chunyang disciple appears here It must be to send Li Chongmao back to Beijing I'm Chungmoo's sister Li Huahui


Brother Brother, are you okay?

I was really scared to death just now Brother, you're fine Shigeru Those assassins just now But I went to my sister's grid Shigeru Come, meet your emperor sister

Shigemo has not seen you for many years Have grown a lot taller

It's you third sister It's great that you're okay Thanks to your brother this time otherwise You will never see your sister again in fact I thought it was the prince in the grid Unexpectedly, it was the princess who saved Third sister Baxiao is like a boy Prefer to wear men's clothing I didn't expect so many years passed Not changed at all

Hua Wan Thank you Hua Kang dare not be Courageous rat How dare to blow up the lonely car Fortunate to have you in front Did the assassin catch it?

Six people were found dead in the forest All eight people beside the car have been shot What are some thieves Since His Royal Highness is safe and sound Why not hurry back to the palace earlier Prince Gutangtang Encountered an assassin thirty miles away from the capital I'm so desperate to return to Beijing Let the world see jokes

this is Zhongmao pays respect to His Royal Highness

You are Li Chongmao Father called you back to Beijing

I have been in Chunyang for seven years My father misses me so much That’s why Master asked brother to escort me back to Beijing Big disciple in Xia Chunyang Palace Xie Yunliu Xie Shaoxia escorted Zhongmao on his way back to Beijing It happened to be attacked by the Huawange car So he saved Hua Wan

Reward you

Not small A few days later is the lonely birthday You must rely on this tip Enter the palace to attend the lonely birthday banquet

Escorting His Highness to the Palace Yes

Wisdom, drive, drive

General Qiqi My subordinates really didn't expect The prince is not in that car He actually let the princess be a scapegoat

You must have missed the news in advance Otherwise he won't notice Wronged General People trained by subordinates Trustworthy

What use do those who can't control want you King Liang won't like it either

Brother Third sister tell me Tomorrow my third brother will hold a banquet for me But my third brother and I haven't seen each other for many years I am a little scared No problem The princess invited me to go with me I will accompany you Really Great I'm not afraid of having seniors Shigeru Waiting for you back to the palace There There are so many delicacies Wait till that time You don't want to go back to Chunyang Brother The palace is so good Shall we go to the palace together? you forgot I want to go to Tibetan Sword Villa Participate in the famous sword conference



Wait till Changan You can stay a few days longer Jean Huawan Entertain the young heroes Princess is polite Attend the Prince's Birthday Banquet in two days Xie has to set off for Hangzhou Young man Are you going to play?

My brother is going to Cangjian Villa Participate in the famous sword conference Famous Sword Conference Tibetan Sword Villa Is only inviting the heads of various schools Sword Test Competition My brother participated in the place of my master

Xie Shaoxia's martial arts is so strong Must be the next leader Master, his elders love it Not at all My brother's martial arts is so high No one can surpass him in Chunyang Palace Chunyang for me Li Tang Guojiao Sure enough, there are many talents Huawan replaces wine with tea Wish Shaoxia Xie win the first prize in the Famous Sword Conference Famous Zhenjianghu

that Princess Yunliucheng Jiyan

Xie Shaoxia Hua Shewan has a doubt Princess please say

Since you have pulled out the sword Why not kill Master taught since childhood Practice martial arts to help others Not to kill

It's getting late Zhongmao and Shaoxia rest earlier Hua Wan farewell Good night sister

Brother Let's go back

OK let's go

The day before Your majesty gave this king a basket of lychees My king gave some to his nephews and nieces Thinking that His Royal Highness likes it too I sent some people over This king hears His Royal Highness is on his way back to the city Was ambushed This box of lychees should be Suppress your Royal Highness

Your highness calm down Its anger

Wu San thinks so brightly Ride on my head You let me calm down He is afraid i don't know Who in the woods started on my grid car That's why I was so eager to send something Your Highness Please be cautious My own palace Why make me behave He just wants to piss me off He just wants me to die Wu Sansi's forces extending into the East Palace Not yet removed If you can't bear it now Easy to cause disaster

See Shigemo in the woods today He entered Beijing at this time

Is it the father Moved to create a new reserve The current signs indicate Li Chongmao returns to Beijing now It should be planned by Wu Sansi

Wu Sansi again He can't wait I'm going to tear my face with Gu No way Loneliness can't make him fearless

Shigemo must not stay Yes The subordinates do it immediately Anything that threatens solitary succession Must be removed

Candied haws

Candied haws I beg you Give me some money Brother This little beggar is so pitiful Begging at such a young age Quick roll

Kid, get up

That shop I told you before pretty good What happened then

Shigeru Do you still have silver Isn't this a godsend Why are you crying All my money is used to buy a windmill

Godsend How is your mother's illness My mother is still lying at home

Take it and buy something delicious for your mother

Thanks sister Be good, stop crying


Shigemo, go

Take a look

Candied haws

It must be His Royal Highness Pro Elvis

This king Li Longji

This is Shigemo, right?

Chongmoo met the third brother Zhongmao stayed in Chunyang Palace for so long Sure enough The whole person looks elegant and refined Quite the grace of the real person Lu Dongbin Third brother don't make fun of me

Third brother

Third sister Why did you change the women's clothing

Does the third sister look good in women's clothing?

I'm used to seeing the third sister in men's clothing Brother Xie Hua Wan wears women's clothing Does it look good Alright, Hua Wan Don't mess around To pester Xie Shaoxia Brother Dream What are you doing outside So lively take me to Brother, can you take me there?

Banquet today It's not just for Chongmao Even more to Xie Shaoxia Express gratitude

Sanjie takes you to eat delicious OK, go Chunyang Palace is the state religion Talented people I hope to lead Chunyang in the future Help me Li Tangjiangshan Early restoration of peace and prosperity The king of Linzi has the world in his heart Xie admires Master Lu Inside please

Although Lu grew up in Persia But I have been exposed to the Central Plains culture Chinese culture has a long history Through thousands of years of precipitation There must be pride This Lu Wei Building will indeed drill camp Not long after entering Chang'an To entertain the dignitaries several times Even post to me a few times I heard that he created a new school Mingjiao Recruiting believers Doctrine For good and evil For the light Joy and sorrow All to the dust Lu Mou first entered the Central Plains Treat people There are many imperfections I hope you can give some advice to Lu Such doctrine

That's right

It's just a trick he got caught by the world Lu Wei Building Makes Friends with Powerful Just to strengthen his Mingjiao Not for the sake of the people

All right Don't mention it We drink


This sword is called Chi Xiao Legend has it that Liu Bang Sword of the Snake Uprising It was given to me by your master Lu Dongbin Chi Lei Really good sword

You and I have deep connections Why don't I give this sword to you Must not Your Highness is too polite To be ashamed

Lu Changxin is dead

That's it I won't be too difficult

Say goodbye next Farewell Excuse me Goodbye

Go fast, go fast Take the lives of children So bold Dare to assassinate the royal family

Hurry up Go fast

Brother Xie Protect Shigemo Ok Brother

Brother Xie Are you OK

Brother Xie Let's go back

Brother Xie

Today Don't take it to heart It's over after a nap

Don't make me worry about you

Brother Xie

Two days later Don't forget the Prince's Birthday Banquet

Brother Xie Are you killing for the first time

I know you Chunyang can't kill people at will But you don't kill Others will kill you But she is not a heinous person It's me careless That's why I killed her by mistake Don't you understand Assassins today I went to Shigemo But have you ever thought Maybe she was forced to assassinate Shigemo She gave the little beggar money to buy food Explain that she also has a good side perhaps She has a hard time No matter how hard it is, She is still going to kill Shigemo's assassin Brother Xie

That little beggar outside this window Because she is too weak Will be robbed of money from begging If this little beggar is Shigemo How will you I can teach him military defense You taught him alone Did you teach thousands of little beggars?

In this world of the weak and the strong If he is too weak Destined to be bullied You do not understand In an imperial home like ours How hard is it to survive

9 Chongmao returned to Chang'an Someone asked him to kill him In the days to come Will only be more difficult Today you killed that assassin Actually helping Zhongmo

Shouldn't be like this

Shouldn't be like this

Enlightenment Master The killer sent by Yesha Has been killed

I heard that Xie Yunliu Is the next head of Chunyang Palace

Not bad Chunyang is the state religion of the Li Tang Dynasty If your Mingjiao wants to stand firm in the Central Plains The power of the Pure Yang Palace should not be underestimated

Don't think i don't know What is Hawthorne's idea He does not show up But let you deal with me Just want you Coax me to stand against Chunyang Palace After you fight to death Come to a fisherman to profit You misunderstood Hawthorne Xie Yunliu to you and me Are the biggest stumbling blocks If you don't remove him It is difficult for you and me to gain a foothold in Central Plains After a few days is the famous sword tournament I will let Xie Yunliu Know the strength of my Mingjiao Moussa Don't always think you are invincible in the world I think this Xie Yunliu is good at swordsmanship But you

If you lose at the famous sword tournament I see how you stand in Zhongyuan

how Cardinal Saint Actually cared I am a Mingjiao What an honor I just kindly remind

Xie Yunliu I will meet you now

Third brother Why are you here

Sent him back

Yes Hua Wan You know him for only a few days Don't feel emotional to him If he becomes the next head of Chunyang For my use Can also check the prince Secretly colluding righteous generals If he wins the top spot in the famous sword tournament The whole martial arts Will respect him three points Then Backed by Pure Yang All the capable people in martial arts All for my use

Revitalizing Li Tang

Just around the corner Hua Wan understands Hua Wan always remembers the events of the third brother Dare not speak slowly

in this case

You never tempted him

Never Hua Wan End this mess Stabilizing the world is a top priority Don't mess with your children Situation day Wait for the great cause Xie Yunliu Know what we do today But just fancy The power of pure Yang officials behind him

You think What would he think

Hua Wan understands Hua Wan wants to rest

Hua Kang Brother 3 is also good for you

Xie Shaoxia I'll keep your saber for you Work hard

I wonder if your Royal Highness Princess His Royal Highness Linzi and His Royal Highness Princess I entered the palace early today estimate I'm heading to the Prince's Dongyuan You'll see it in a moment If your highness is not there How can I be a stubborn official Xie Shaoxia You forgot You have done a good job before His Royal Highness Didn’t you give you a kit by hand?

This tip It's more effective than courtier's court board It can be said that with this tip You can walk across the entire Dongyuan Now you also know I will leave now

Xie Shaoxia, please here

His Royal Highness Linzi King

Xie Shaoxia

Why didn't you see Shigemo Attacked the day before yesterday Shigemo was frightened His Majesty arrested him to rest in the inner temple Not let him come to the banquet Chong Mao returns to Chang'an Not adapting to life in the palace Also have His Royal Highness Lao Linzi your Highness Take care Xie Shaoxia is welcome Shigemo is also my brother Brother Xie I slept well these two days


Let's enter the inner temple please please

Meet with His Royal Highness Linzi King please

His Royal Highness Linzi King Brother Xie Do you think Hua Wan is too cold-blooded

Hua Wan

in fact I do not know what to do

Born in such an environment No one can be trusted Everyone must guard Was still on a couch yesterday Happy smile Make wine

Today is you killing me I will kill you

Royal unaccompanied Do you understand So I, Hua Wan

I understand everything you say I won't force you to accept my opinion Don't force me anymore Accept your so-called reason But i His Royal Highness arrived

Everyone Give a seat

Heard of the Prince being attacked My old man Still worried It's okay to watch today I have to talk to the old man when I go back Lest he miss It is said that Hua she was attacked the day before yesterday

All right Worrying about the Crown Prince Hua Wan is fine Shigeo was a little frightened.

Did not attend the Prince's Birthday Banquet today Our brothers and sisters here Which is not since childhood Afraid of growing up The assassins the day before yesterday What's up Having said that Zi Shengming is like today World peace But outside of Beijing There are always a few small messes

A little bit of Yichen this matter I should check it seriously See who is behind the scenes How dare you try to stab the sky This Beijing defense Has always been alone in charge What the third brother means Blame lonely Negligent I dare not I just think these assassins Really bold How dare to stab the prince at the feet of the emperor Really hateful Besides, Shigemo Just a few days ago Assassinate It's a coincidence What does the third brother mean?

The younger brother is just talking about things

Your Highness

Let Xie Yun flow out to see me Not hurry up go go Hurry up

Master Liang Wangwu arrived

Lonely Birthday Banquet King Liang actually wore armor Dignified

This courage Is it too big

Prince's Birthday Banquet How dare not come

-Just didn't receive the invitation

I planned to be outside the East Palace gate Kowtow and leave But who knows Gate Guardian It's the old part of this king I have to invite my king in This king's armor Have not had time to get off He was invited in Since it's the birthday banquet of His Royal Highness, Uncle Wang's presence is our blessing Not as good as I'll do the wine order today Pour everyone

Cailin Pig King said

We need to thoroughly investigate the assassination of Shigemo before yesterday This king thinks so broad daylight Such a thing happened in Beijing I simply ignored the court house rules Really That's it It's better to be assassinated in the woods outside the city Investigate clearly See who is so bold Dare to murder a prince

Whose guts It's not as big as His Royal Highness Not riding Must ride a horse His Highness Liang Gong was not there on that day How can you know so clearly

According to the character of His Royal Highness Naturally bold and not afraid of death Of course it won’t be full

Think of it now If Shigemo had an accident

The biggest beneficiary Is it your Royal Highness?

What are you talking about

I'm talking nonsense, Prince knows best presumptuous

Wu Sansi Don't you forget This world Last name Li Not surnamed Wu

An assassin broke into the East Palace Spread the word I want to see Xie Yunliu Protect His Highness King Liang

Brother Xie

I will go with you

No problem I will meet him

Chi Xiao lends you a use

His Royal Highness King Xie Linzi

Courageous How dare to break into the imperial palace without authorization

Xie Yunliu He seems Is here to find you

let's go

I heard that the next head of Chunyang Palace To participate in the famous sword conference Lu is here for advice Not as this I let you do it If you win

If you can tie me Then I will withdraw from the famous sword tournament Will opportunity How to let you

A word

Pure Yang Swordsmanship really deserves its reputation

Xie Yunliu We will see you again soon

Brother After the famous sword tournament is over You just come to see me it is good Brother promised you Ok

Brother Xie Safe journey Xie Shaoxia I wish you victory Get a famous sword Thank you, His Royal Highness Linzi your Highness There will be a period

There is a Wang Xiaopang next door Use only small rods for fishing One-handed delivery Gold eight thousand taels Click

Genuine goods at a fair price

Moussa, you also have today