The Field Guide to Evil (2018) Script

Kathi, that's enough.

Give it to me.

Hey, look.

She's not with child.


It's a sin.

If you sin, the Trud is summoned.

Come along.

Now pray.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost, amen.

Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name...


Come in.


Come on!

Do you feel it already?

It's still much too early.

You barred the door?

What's wrong?

What is it, Kathi?

I'm so scared.

Something heavy was crushing me.

Help me.

What have you done?

'Tis your guilt that lures the Trud.

Out with it. What have you done?

You'll bring misfortune on us all.

The goat is on your conscience.

Pray. There's nothing else for it.

Come, now.

No. I don't like her style...

You wear too much jewelry. They must be heavy.

But I'm so strong!

Excuse me? You're "so strong"? Yup.

Dear girl, okay, before I joined the program today, I had heard so much about you.

People are curious about you.

People are asking: Is this girl for real? Or is she just acting?


I think you're acting. I mean, this is not the real you.

I dance too, if that's what you're asking.

Do you have siblings?

I do. I have an elder and a younger.

So you are the middle one.

And you are also the problem child at home, I presume?

Uh, I'm the favorite child.

You are? But parents love all their children the same.

My grandmother also loves me the most.

Hello. What's up?


Good. When do you return?

I'm afraid. I told you.

Okay, forget it.

No! No, don't!

Okay, you wait.

Okay. Okay, Mommy is here.



No. No.

You shall become wise... learn all the secrets of men... and win all wars... once you consume three hearts...

of the freshly deceased.

I can...

present the emperor with a drum made of her skin.

As soon as the drum resounds in battle, he shall be unconquered.

Hey, dude.

Hey. What are you drawing?

A masterpiece.

Hey, are you gonna buy Mommy a house one day?

I'm gonna buy Mama a truck.

Oh, you know what Mommy needs?

A Cabernet.

We'll be there soon, babe.

You've been saying that.

Okay. Come on, kiddo.

Arnold! Come on, bud.

Can I play outside?

Yeah, bud. Of course.

You wanna go with him?Yeah.

Oh! Oh, nice swing!


Now, try and hit this, okay?


Hello? This is Macie.

I'll play with you, Arnold.

Who are you?

My name is William.

Why are you hiding?

I'm good at hiding.

Do you wanna play in the woods with me?

My mom will be mad.

Okay, Arnold. Maybe later.

Well, there you are. You wanna go on a hike?

A hike?

Come on, you'll love it. It's an old Navajo trail.

Where's your mom?

Um, I don't know. On the phone?

On the deck.

Oh. We're, uh--

We're going for a hike.I'll be there in a second.

I thought we weren't doing work stuff this weekend.

I just need to do this one thing.


Uh, so, yeah, Mommy's just doing her thing.

You ever seen a grown man do this?

What do you think she's talking about? Perfume and stuff.

Yeah, that makes sense.

Okay. Okay, I gotta go. Bye.

Sorry, boys.Ay-yi-yi.

So, what was all that about?

Oh, is this a guilt trip?

Yeah. I guess it is now.

You know, I never said I was gonna close myself off to civilization this week.

You just wanna fight.

Fuck off.

Where's Arnold?

Fuck. Arnold!



Arnold! Where are you? Arnold?

Arnold! Arnold! Arnold? Arnold!


You need help? Uh, yeah.

Our boy, we lost him. He was right here.

Come on, buddy.Uh, Arnold!

How old is he? Uh, six.

Oh, shit. Arnold! Come out!

Arnold! I'm over here!


I was peeing!

You can't pee out there, son.

Come on back, bud.

Better watch your boy.

You having fun, bud?

I made a new friend today.

A friend?

Who's your friend?

William. He hides in the woods.


Uh, where did you meet William, sweetie?

In the backyard, while you were on the phone.

Did you see William?

I could only see a part of him.

Well, which... which part of him, sweetie?

His face was hard to see and his clothes were all dirty.

Is William a little boy?


Okay, is... is William imaginary?

I don't think so.

You remember your friend Randy, right?Yeah.

Is he like Randy?

Not really.

But kind of like Randy?

Maybe a little bit. Okay.

Well, Randy was imaginary.

Do you remember that?Yes.

Yeah? Is that what William is too?


Okay. All right.

Hey, it's okay to have imaginary friends.

We just wanna know who they are.

Okay, bud?Okay.


Get in bed, sucka!

Dad!I ain't kiddin' around.

I got a surprise.What is it?

I'll ask the questions around here.

Now, you get in bed or you'll never know.Fine.

What's my surprise?

It's my... tablet!


Here. Just pop these things in your ears there. Okay?

All right? And you're good to go.Okay.

Good night, boss.Night.

Hey, LensCrafters.

You wanna mess around?

Get over here.


Come play with us tonight, Arnold.

My mom and dad said you're not real.

Then they'll never know.

What's wrong with your head?

Nothing's wrong, Arnold.

Let's go have some fun.

Arnold? Arnold!

Where the fuck is he?

Chris! Chris, come in here!


Oh, fuck.What? Jesus Christ!

He's gone! H He's gone!


Call the cops.







Arnold! Arnold!




Where is Arnold?

What did you do to him?

We crawled inside his brain, Daddy.

Good boy, William.

Now, eat, little Arnold. Let Daddy see.



Can you see your boy, Daddy? He's doing very well.

No. No!


What happened to Panagas the pagan?

What the hell happened, Panagas?

What happened to us?

It was Christmas. Always fucking Christmas.

We'd been drinking since the break of dawn.

"We're gonna burn this island to the ground!"

We screamed, "More wine!"

Wine was sweating from our pores. Our minds had left us.

Every stinking Christmas with Panagas, always the same.

It was December of 1984 when the goblin sneaked into our village... and into our festive frenzies.

He thought he could walk unseen among us.

Louder! Louder!


You old deaf bastard! Louder!

No more, Panagas. I've had enough and so have you.

Go home to your woman, if she'll have you.

Come on, old man! Play the stupid thing!

We've got a ghetto blaster!

All the way up!

Put it all the way!

You're gonna stand there and eat alone, you bastard?

Don't want to share?

Who are you? That you, Mr. Dimos?

Shut up, Placenta. Shut up.

Mr. Dimos, my ass.

Why don't you lose the hood?

Lose the hood so we can feast on you.

I got him! I got him!

Get back here, man!

I got you!

Get over here.

Who are you?

Take it off.

Come on. Take it off.

Up! Up! Up!

Do I know you?

Where the fuck did you come from?

Holy shit. Are you from the Land Below?

Shut up, man. You don't know shit about shit.

But you will. You'll see!

A goblin! A goblin!

To the hole!

Let's fuck that goblin up!

They call it "The Hole," "The Burrow," "The Land Below."

They say a fire burns blue there, a frozen flame, the place where the goblins, little devils, the children of the Goat are born.

In the Hole you are neither dead nor alive.

Devoid of thought and purpose.

To love the Blue Flame only.

That's what they say, but no one has ever come back to tell the tale.

To the Hole!

To the Hole.

Get him, Peristeri.

Get to it, boy.

To the Hole!

To the Hole!

Don't cry about it like a little girl.

I can't even look at you. Get out of my sight.

Get out of here, Peristeri!

Go get the priest!

Go fetch Zolotas the priest!

Go fetch Zolotas the priest!

The Hole is about to open up. It's splitting.

Priest Zolotas...

They call him the White Man, the Exorcist, the Heretic.

I call him a bastard.

He's coming to fuck that goblin up, and he'll take his time too.

They're all gonna take their time with the goblin.

Like a communion.

Like the Lord's supper.

Take him.

Take him.

What do you want from me?

Wine! Wine! Wine! Wine!

Wine! Wine! Wine! Wine!

What do you want from me?

Wine! Wine! Wine! Wine!

Wine! Wine!

They say the blood of the goblin drives you mad.

They say it tastes like Blue Flame.

Where are you, Panagas?

The Hole is open!

Leave, Panagas!

Where are you from, brother?

Did ou come from the Land Below?


Panagas was our leader and now he follows.

He follows the Blue Flame.

In muddy waters, he's been baptized a pagan.

Now, far away from our sorrows and feasts.

Nobody saw a goblin on the island again.

Panagas was gone too. Vanished.

He's in the Land Below now.

Deep inside the Hole.

Of the events that took place during that summer of 1913 in West Bengal...

I have no desire to speak.

I am infected by those... horrific events.

I cannot get them out of my head.

Come on, faster!

You both are being lazy.

You could hardly understand H.B. Gentry if you hadn't been to India yourself.

He craved this disturbing paradise of exaggeration.

I was his assistant in those days.

Gentry was an agent for the American Circus Corporation.

He would ship Bengal tigers and whatever else he could find for the Ringling Brothers.

So this king was utterly insane.

He cut off pieces of himself and sat on his throne with most of his body parts gone.


Two bloody days had better be worth it.

The king bring them for his pleasure, Mr. Gentry.

You can fill your circuses with them.

Who takes care of them?

There it is.

Barnum used to say Gentry had this incredible gift of sight.

That he had the strength to look at things that others could not stomach.

That's why they sent him out there.

Tell them...


Come this way! Come this way!

Sir, we won't go any further.Come this way!

You'll get beaten up if you throw tantrums.

Sir! Listen, sir!

Listen, sir. What?

Give us our money here and we will go back.

I'll give! I'llgive! I'll give!

We won't go, sir. We won't go. We are going back.

Don't create a fuss now. Oh, God! No, we won't go, sir!

Sir, we won't be able to go ahead.

That's a lot of wild story.

The freaks survived, Jim, nd that's all that matters.

We can't go ahead, sir. We won't go!

Listen! Both of you!No, no.

It scares us.Rascals!

Tell her. Tell her that.

They're saying that the creatures will be well taken care of.

These are God's children.

What did she say?

Can they buy them? They'll pay good money.

Tell her that the creatures will be well taken care of.

Come on, James. For God's sake.

I didn't pay you to be sick.

Can they buy them?

They'll pay good money.

How much just to see them?

Mr. Gentry, don't waver now.


Good Lord.

Oh, God.

Oh, my God.

My God, what was that?

Open it.

Don't open that!

Mr. Gentry, there is a shrine inside. It is not for us.

Oh, for God's sakes, you're a man of science.

That houses a holy being. One cannot worship it directly.

I need to see it.

Come on. Pay her.

You cannot look upon it. It is beyond what human vision can take.

This should be enough for three years.

We'll ship them to London next week.

Would you travel back with us?

Gentry says we stay until the morning.

I don't recommend you and Mr. Gentry to stay back here.

We'll do this tonight, Jim.

Their gods are real. I'm not going to do it.

Goddamn you, Jim.

I'm not paying you a dime.

I hated Gentry.

His quest for novel scenes and perverse spectacles was feverish and insatiate.

I often wished him dead.

If heaven is merciful, it will someday efface from my consciousness... the sight that I saw that night...

and let me live my last years in peace.



Heaven be thanked for the instinct which led me... to a most... peaceful sleep...

under the calm stars of clear skies.

God, I crave a sleep whose dreams I should not remember.

Now I lay me down to sleep.

I close my eyes.

I pray the Lord...

When I opened them, I was in a Calcutta hospital... soul to keep.

...singing a great deal.

If I should die before I wake...

And laughing oddly, but unable to sing.

...I pray the Lord my soul to take.


Good boy, Wachter.

Tomorrow we will hunt something.


My dearest.

Brother, I had a terrible dream.

Our cow Minka...

Now the Drude bit you too.

What if our last cow dies as well?

We will find a solution.

You will not survive another winter up here.

Go down to the valley. The snow will come soon.

I will not leave you here alone.

Do you want to end up like our parents?

Do you know how much energy it takes to control her?

Soon nothing will be left of the good Anni.

There is only one way out.

We need to put an end to this.


Wachter, come here!

Here, I said!




Come here!

My good boy.

Did you take good care of our cow Liesl?

Leave me alone, you witch.

The Lord is the shadow over your right hand.

He will keep you from evil.No prayer will help now.

He will protect your soul.This is God's punishment.

Do it.

Quickly. It is time.

Goddamn it. Come on.


We will stay together.