The First Purge (2018) Script




MAN: Who are you angry at?



MAN: What do you do when you get angry?

I pipe up!



Fuck my lungs with smog.

Do you have an outlet to release this anger if you... can't get high? No.

I want to lash out.

Release this... this deep fucking hate I have for everyone, everything!

(THUMPING CHEST) Just to fucking purge all this shit that eats me up!



Interesting term.

You may have a chance to purge soon.

REPORTER: Unemployment rising across the nation.

REPORTER #2: Stock market down another 2,000 points in the largest drop in its history.

REPORTER #3: A subprime mortgage crisis worse than 2008.

REPORTER #4: Neighborhoods across the country destroyed by an opioid epidemic.

CROWD: ♫ God shed his grace on thee... ♫ REPORTER #5: Protests across the nation.

Americans are looking for a necessary change in these tumultuous times.

REPORTER #6: Citizens growing angry as they face a collapsing economy.

REPORTER #7: A new party is arising as a substitute to the Republicans and Democrats, calling themselves the New Founding Fathers of America.

REPORTER #8: The New Founding Fathers rising in polls with the NRA now endorsing them and supporting them financially with large donations to the NFFA war chest.

REPORTER #9: Can the NFFA seize control?

Will Americans fall for their fear mongering?

As your elected president, with my fellow New Founding Fathers, we make this promise.

We will revive this country. (CROWD CHANTING "USA!")

The American dream is dead.

We will do whatever it takes to let you dream again.


♫ Whoa, whoa, whoa ♫

♫ Whoa, whoa, whoa ♫

♫ P-P-P-P-Play somethin', bitch ♫

♫ I'm rallyin' in this bitch ♫

♫ They like, uh-oh ♫

♫ Carryin' on some shit, they like, uh-oh ♫

♫ You mad 'cause I'm rich, nigga, uh-oh ♫

♫ Fully loaded clip, better duck low ♫

♫ I'm rallyin' in this bitch, they like, uh-oh ♫

♫ Carryin' on some... ♫ (TURNS ON TV)

REPORTER #10: We are now only days from this controversial experiment, this night of legalized crime that people are now calling the Purge.

And there are protests all over.

Conflict between anti-Purge protesters and Purge supporters broke out early today in North Carolina.

REPORTER #11: Yes, Susan, I'm here in Charlotte.

There's been about 20 arrests so far, and we'll keep you informed as protests are continuing.


Staten Island, the chosen site, has become the focus for the entire world.

We have reporters across the island who will be giving live updates for the next several days.

Let's go now to correspondent Van Jones, who's in Park Hill.

VAN: Yes, James. I'm here outside the Park Hill Towers, a low-income housing project, and I can see citizens are...

Isaiah, our tower made the news.

ISAIAH: Are you serious?

(GROANS) Goddamn it.



Dolores. Good morning.

Have you seen Tony?

My sink is leaking again.

Good morning, sweetie.

I'm so sick of this piece of shit building.

The damn elevator's down again, too.

As bad as my asthma is, got me sweating like a fucking snitch.

We need five or six supers in this raggedy motherfucker.

I'll let him know what's up if I see him.

Thank you. You're welcome, sweetie.


This bullshit experiment really happening, Ny?

Talk to you later, okay? All right, sweetie.

The Pope has continued his condemnation of the Purge.

And France's president, Lemercier, has called upon...

I'll see you later, bro. I'm out.

I'll see you tonight. A'ight.

JAMES: ...if the NFFA doesn't stop this, quote, "barbaric experiment."

Locally, protestors have started to gather at the evaluation sites, as well as outside local government offices.

(WATER DRIPPING) So far, there has been no sign of violence, but tensions are high as the clock ticks.

MAN: Are you an angry person?

Who ain't?

Just tell me what I need to do to get paid.

If you remain on Staten Island during the experiment, you will receive monetary compensation of $5,000.

You'll give me $5,000 just to stay home during this thing?

How would you know if I stayed?

We would implant a tracking device in your arm.

Not harmful.

And if you decide to participate beyond that, there would be further compensation.

What do you mean, "participate"?

Go out, release your anger.

You mean kill someone?

If you feel compelled.

Okay. Let's do this.

I need the money.

NEWS ANCHOR: Let's go to our News Four on-the-scene reporter at the Park Hill Towers.

REPORTER: This is one of a dozen sites being set up across the island where citizens are signing up to participate in the experiment.

They are also being psychologically evaluated here to determine their mental status before they purge.

And they will be evaluated again after the experiment, if they survive, to see how they were affected by the night that is being described as a "societal catharsis."

WOMAN: Are you angry?

Damn straight.

People around here been making fun of us our whole lives.

We keep to ourselves, but they just won't leave us alone.

Are you ever inclined to hurt someone?

What do you think, Doc?

The island was chosen because its demographic is a perfect representation...


(INDISTINCT CHATTER) REPORTER: There are numerous drug and street gangs on Staten Island.

Many are wondering if they'll participate.

Many citizens are leaving.

For those staying, the financial reward seems to be the incentive.

REPORTER #2: Despite the weather conditions, the protesters are out.

They have their signs, and their fists are raised.

They are against the Purge experiment that is happening.

This is wrong!

CROWD: Do not purge! Do not purge!

Walk away from their money!

Do not purge!

Do not participate! Do not purge!

Do not participate!

VAN: So we are here with Arlo Sabian.

He is the chief of staff for the NFFA.

He got this whole thing pushed through Congress.

Well, you got protests all over the place now.

Please. The idea of the Purge was analyzed for years.

We allowed island citizens to vote on participation.

They voted yes. Yeah, and you know why?

Because a lot of those people felt coerced by the fact they don't have money and you're offering money.

So, what do you say to the lower-income people who are out here risking their lives tonight?

Well, Van, as with any scientific trial, those who participate receive payment.

You know, I'm gonna turn to you, Dr. Updale.

You are the behavioral scientist who actually came up with this whole experiment.

A lot of people have a lot of concerns about this, and one concern comes up over and over again.

I want the truth from you.

Is the Purge a political device?

I do not work for the NFFA.

I did not conceive of the experiment for them.

The NFFA had the courage to test it, but the conceit is not a political one.

It is a psychological one.

The benefit of acting violently without worry of consequence, that's a freeing violence. "A freeing violence."

Okay, that's a... that's a new one on me.

I have a question for you.

What is your definition of success?

Well, the level of participation in certain areas is key.

Uh, the Park Hill Towers, for example, are the center of this community.

If there's considerable participation there, I think that'll be a strong indication that this night is a great success.

Well, we'll see. NYA: They have monetized and incentivized murder. CROWD: Yeah!

Walk away from their money! Yeah!

The wealthy areas are already clearing, but the NFFA knew that we, "the impoverished," would stay if there was monetary gain.


This is another way to keep the brown and black people down!



(MUSIC STOPS) CROWD: Do not purge!

Do not participate! Do not purge!

Do not participate!

Do not purge!

Look at all of this.

Everybody want to be a gangster.

You really think these regular folk gonna pop each other like gangsters when the time comes?

Shit yeah. People pissed.

They ain't got no money. They ain't got no food.

They gotta release their anger. Bullshit.

They participate, it'll be for that paper.

Trust me. Nah.

People gonna riot.

They gonna steal, act like clowns and all that, but there ain't gonna be that much killing.

Nah, killing comes from the heart, B.

Yeah. A damaged heart.

These people, they don't got that type of damage.

Do not participate! Do not purge!

Believe me. Do not participate!

Do not purge! Do not participate!

Do not purge! MAN: D!

You come to see the show?


All three of you old men out today?

What's the occasion? Am I...

Am I the luckiest man in the world?

Three kings at your service.

Nah, we the Three Wise Men.

Man, who are you fuckers kidding?

We the Three Stooges on our best day.

Moe, Larry, Jheri curl.


What you think about all this here, Fred?

Oh, man.

Look here.

This is the greatest shit show on Earth.

They turning our island into ancient Rome.

Our hood into the Colosseum. Now, the question is:

Are we gonna be the Christians or the lions?

Gladiators or the slaves, right?


Stay safe, Three.

If you need anything...

We three okay, man.

We done seen it all and then some.

We three, we've been through some shit.

DMITRI: Y'all be easy.

Hey, tough guy.

You here to participate or protest?

Still fighting the good fight, woman?

Fighting the only fight.

Oh, I see.

No cops, no law.

Sounds like a dream come true for a man in your business.

You got me wrong on this one, Ny.

I don't like it.

Why not?

I don't know what it is.

When I don't know exactly what something is...

I don't trust it.

Not one bit.



Keep it moving, man.

Hey, yo, pocket that money quick, son.

And then send these niggas on their way, a'ight?

Man, listen.

We one of Dmitri's top corners 'cause we keep shit moving.


Let's go, man.

FRED: Isaiah.

Your sister know you here?

You're better than this, son.

Come by the shop, you want a job.


(LAUGHING) The fuck you doing, man?

You got a customer.

The customer.

The-the one and only. (CHUCKLES)

What you need, Skeletor?

Mmm, yeah, I smell your sweat.

Innocent Isaiah just...

(INHALES DEEPLY) fresh-fresh.

What the fuck you talking about, nigga?

Ah, you green.

Our first transaction's on you, hmm?

A little initiation fee to get my biz with your fine-ass sister.

Hey, yo, fuck you, fiend. Move on.

Get the fuck out of my face, man.

A blood baptism for Innocent I.

(CHUCKLING) Sure enough.

See, that's what the doctor ordered.

And I'm the practicing practitioner!


Yo, hold up, hold up.

MAN: Yo, yo! Yo, we out!

Hey, yo, clear out, yo!

Hey, yo, come on, Isaiah. Come on.

Come on. He cut me, man.

For real?

DMITRI: I called y'all here to discuss this experiment.

I don't give a shit what other people do during Purge night.

I care about what you all do.

You get hurt or you die, I lose money.

And I don't lose money. Word. Word.

And we got enemies, right? Yeah, true.

Niggas might use the night to make a move on us.

Maybe the police might use the night to take out motherfuckers like us.

Who knows?

Point is, we gotta be prepared for anything.

So we lay low.

We stay inside, and we protect what needs protecting. Word. - That's what's up.

Our kin, our skin, our product and our money.

Yo, D. We should all just go to Brooklyn.

You know what I mean? So we don't even take a chance.

Nah. Nah, we can't move our money or our stash off the island. It's too risky.

And it'll make us look weak. Come on, my G.

This is bullshit. I want to fucking purge, man.

I want to tear shit up and have some fucking fun.

(CHUCKLES) For the first time in my life, I could be a law-abiding citizen.



MAN: Oh!


If you so much as blink, Blaise will remove the skin from your face, fat man.

She does exactly what I say.

You know why?

We're family.

I put food on her table, and I put money in her pocket.

My only question for you is:

I put food on your table.

Why don't I get the same type of discipline from your big ass?

My bad, D.

I'll stay home.

Good boy.

DMITRI: Let's get through this Purge bullshit so we can get back to business as usual.



There's been an incident.

(WATER RUNNING) Isaiah, man.

What you thinking? (DOOR CLOSES)

(SIGHS) NYA: Isaiah, you home?

Yeah. I'm just showering, sis.

Did you hear what happened at Fourth and...

Isaiah, what's going on?

Why's there blood on the floor? Are you good?

(DOOR RATTLING) Yeah, I-I cut myself shaving.

You need facial hair in order to shave, boy.

Open up the door, or I'll kick it in.

You know I will. (DOOR RATTLING)


Jesus Christ, what happened to your neck?


MAN: Keep your left up.

Jab, jab, jab.

Get it out, get it out!

There you go.

Hey, hey!

MAN: It's all locked and loaded.

We're gonna have at least 20 soldiers surrounding this place, keeping it secure during the experiment.

Me and Blaise will be at the stash house with about two dozen niggas on the perimeter.

We'll be protected.


The eyes, Terence!

The eyes, the eyes.

Your eyes went right to Aesop.

Now, me, you, everybody know you tossing to Sop.

You ain't talking, but you telling me everything, man.

Let's pay attention to that.

Everything else is good money, a'ight?

Let's keep up the pace, a'ight, boys?

Whoa, what are you doing?

Thanks, D. Appreciate it. Of course.

Run it from the top. NYA: Let me through!

Let me through! Get your hands off of me!

Don't touch me. Yo.

Put your hands on me one more time, I'll rip your fucking balls off. Believe that.


To what do I owe this...

Cut the shit. I need to talk to you now.

My office.

♫ Motherfuckin' joke ♫

♫ Steph Wes stay with the fuckin' pole ♫

♫ You fuck around ♫

♫ And get poled... ♫ (DOOR CLOSES)

You son of a...

Yo, yo, yo. I don't believe you.

What is it? What's up?

Isaiah was just cut by some junkie off one of your corners.

What? Is he all right? He's going to be fine.

He didn't want to go to the hospital, 'cause he was too afraid I was going to find out he's been hooking school, working the corner for the past week.

I had no idea he was involved, Nya.

Oh, bullshit. You think I know who works my corners? Nya, come on. Nya.

I would never let Isaiah get anywhere close to the business.

You know that.

I watched that boy grow up.

Why'd he... why'd he do it?

Why else?

He's sick of struggling.

He wanted to make life a little bit easier for us with some extra cash. And I told you I would give you money for that. Stop.

I'll never take your blood money.

You know that.

I-I tried talking to him.

I tried... I tried being his mother, his father, his brother, his sister, but clearly, I'm not doing a good enough job. Nya, Nya, hey.

Clearly, I can be... Hey, hey, hey, hey.

It's a'ight. I got you.

I want you to stay with me during the Purge, a'ight?

You and Isaiah.

As far as that... as far as that fiend who hurt your brother, I'm-a...

I'm-a take care of that, a'ight?

Take care of it?


What you gonna do?

You gonna hurt him, kill him? Ny, come on.

No, no, no, no. 'Cause that's your answer to everything.

Right? That's who you are.

Today, it was two people we know, but every day, it's at least two who are hurt 'cause of you, D.

I know no other way.

(SCOFFS) Come on.

I grew up here, too.

We all have to make choices in life to heal or to hurt, and you chose the latter.

(SIGHS) Don't you care about this Purge or what it could do to our community?

I mean...

More selfish bullshit.


Now, the Purge is one day.

You, Dmitri, destroy this community 364 days a year.

You weren't always like this.

The man I knew and loved years ago had courage and had soul.

I miss that man.

But thank you for the invite.

I, uh, uh...

We're gonna be fine without you.

Oh. Uh, um...

Stay the fuck away from us, Dmitri.



WOMAN: And you're angry.


I'm angry.

Very angry.

You want to release that anger?

I need to.

Thank you for your honest answers.

First, a few formalities.

Baptisias, the official flower of the experiment.

They represent rebirth.

In the box, you have recording lenses.


Should you choose to actively participate, wear them on the evening, and they'll document everything you do.

As I said, greater participation yields greater financial compensation.

Next, we'll implant a tracking device.

After that, you'll be all set, as they say... to purge.

MAN: What do you mean, I can't get off?

MAN #2: No, let me through!

(HORNS HONKING) Turn around. You gotta get out.

No. Let me off this island!


A lot of people you know are gonna be there, okay?

Why can't we just stay home?

Selina, because we can't, okay?

This is the safest place in the neighborhood.

I'm scared. I'm gonna take care of you.

I won't let anything happen, okay, mamita?



Okay, come on. Okay.

Venga, ven. Let's hurry up.


Hey. Hey.

Luisa, Selina.

Hey. Oh, I didn't expect to see you.

I thought you would have left the island by now.

Oh, I was going to, but, you know, the money, Nya.

$5,000 to stay?

That's life-changing for us.

We need it. Yeah.

Pastor Almory opened up the church to everyone.

Mm-hmm. Okay? We got cots.

There's gonna be security at the door, food.

And Pastor's going to deliver a sermon later tonight.

DOLORES: Oh, Lord, forgive me.

Pastor's a wonderful man, but his sermons bore me to death.

It's a goddamn snooze fest, okay?


Why don't you make yourselves at home?

Anything you need. ALMORY: You'll be all right.

Thank you for coming.

Thank you so much.

Thank you for coming.

Of course. I appreciate it.

Hey, y'all doing good?

We gonna be all right.



Are you there yet?

I'm-I'm already in Brooklyn, sis.

A block away from Uncle... Uncle T's place.

Um, I-I got the last bus off the island.

(CHUCKLES) Yeah, I wish you were with me.

I know. I know.

But I just had to get as many people off the street and into the church as I could.

Stay safe.

I'll be fine.


What you say, Skeletor?


NEWS ANCHOR: There are candlelight vigils happening all over the country.

Now let's go to Anne with footage from just moments ago.

That is the last of the buses leaving the island.

The last ferry left minutes ago.

We're just minutes away now, and the questions on everyone's mind remain the same.

Will people participate?

Will Staten Islanders prove that this is a night America needs?

NEWS ANCHOR #2: Thanks, Anne. And now we're going to take you live to the White House, where President Bracken will address the citizens of Staten Island and the nation for the start of the first experiment.

The courageous citizens of Staten Island... those pioneers... will be part of something that could bring about great change.

We are all Staten Islanders tonight.

Good luck.


ANNOUNCER: This is not a test.

This is your Emergency Broadcast System, announcing the commencement of the NFFA Social Experiment on Staten Island, New York.

Weapons of class four and lower have been authorized for use during the experiment.

All crime, including murder, will be legal for 12 continuous hours.

Blessed be our New Founding Fathers and America, a nation reborn.

May God be with you all.






For our country.







♫ Ooh ♫

♫ So let it whip ♫ ♫ Let's whip it, baby ♫

♫ Child ♫ ♫ Let's whip it right ♫

♫ Get a grip ♫ ♫ Let's whip it, baby ♫

♫ Work it all night ♫

♫ Well, that's your trip ♫

(LAUGHING) ♫ Child ♫

♫ Come on, let it whip ♫ ♫ Come on, whip ♫

♫ Come on, whip ♫ ♫ So let it whip ♫

♫ Let's whip it, baby ♫ ♫ Child ♫

♫ Let's whip it right ♫ ♫ Get a grip... ♫





Skeletor's purge is on.



Tonight's my night, baby.

You been charging me money to take out my money?

Fuck that. I want my fucking money back.

(GRUNTS) 20s, 50s, 100s or whatever this shit is, I want that shit right back. (GRUNTS)

You see me, NFFA? (MAN GASPING)

Is this the first of the night?

Number one.


Making my money.

Shit going down tonight, boys. Yeah.

We gonna purge.

Gonna have some fun.

It's Christmas in March, niggas.

I got my list. Y'all got yours?

GROUP: Yeah! Hey, yo, from tonight on, no more bullshit.

From nobody.

No one, no thing.

From now on, just our shit.

Fuck Dmitri! This is my kingdom.

It's our night, fellas. Y'all ready to run down?

GROUP: Hell yeah! Let's go then, niggas.

NEWS ANCHOR: And just back from Staten Island and joining me here in the studio is Anne.

Anne, what was the atmosphere like out there?

ANNE: Uh, well, you know, it...

People were... they wanted to see if this could work.

This violence fighting violence.

I spoke to both the anti-Purge protesters and the Purge supporters...

Dr. Updale?

We have something.

We believe that this is the first purge of the evening.


Get it out there.

Yes, sir.








DMITRI: Zo. How we doing?

Quiet, quiet.

Locked down, all good.

Oh, oh, one thing.

Fat-ass Cap A didn't show up to work today.

Bet you this motherfucker out there purging.

What else?

If you need company, we got the girls on the way.

I'm not interested. Yeah, well, you should keep 'em around just in case you get bored.

Call me if you need anything else, bro.

I ask you, do we descend?

On this dreaded night, do we descend?

Or do we ascend? (CELL PHONE BUZZING)

That is the question that we all must ask ourselves.

The 23rd psalm says, "Although I walk through the valley in the shadow of death..." (WHISPERS) Check this out.

I found Pastor's secret stash in his office.

He's got a whole bar up there. Are you kidding me?

Thank the Lord.

Monopoly is not gonna get me through this night.

Oh. He gonna see you.

Mm-hmm. ALMORY: man but God.


It tastes like old-man ass. (LAUGHS)

Don't ask me how I know.

You sure you don't want a swig?

No, thank you, Dolores.

Okay. Gonna be a long night.

ALMORY: Every dark night, the sun shall rise in the morning.




♫ I won't waste your time ♫

♫ I sense something divine in you ♫

♫ Something divine in you, yes, I do ♫


♫ So let it whip ♫ ♫ Let's whip it, baby ♫

♫ Child ♫ ♫ Let's whip it right ♫

♫ Get a grip ♫ ♫ Let's whip it, baby ♫

♫ Work it all night... ♫


MAN: Tonight, young blood.


MAN: Get the fuck out of here.

MAN: The fuck you looking at?


♫ That money keep comin', nigga ♫

♫ You got it, I want it, nigga... ♫


You see me kill that motherfucker, boy?


What you think you're gonna do with that?

Stand down, motherfucker. Yo!

I'm exercising my right to purge by taking all your merch.

And if you stand in my way, I will fuck you up!

MAN: Motherfucker. (LAUGHTER)

Let's fucking purge, y'all! Yeah!

I'm coming for my free shit.


Get back, get back, man! Hey, you get back, nigga!


Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Chill, chill.

Fall back. Yo, Isaiah.

Chill. It's me, Kels.

Damn, K. Scared the shit out of me, son.

(CHUCKLING) Man, what the hell you doing out here by yourself, yeah?

And why you wearing those contacts?

What, you purging, little nigga?

Oh, I see. You out here looking for Skeletor, ain't you?

Motherfucker made you look like a little bitch.

Now you trying to save some face.

Man, screw that shit, yo.

Roll with us.

There's a Purge party down the block.

What the hell is a Purge party, my nigga?

Nigga, I don't know. Could be fun, though.

Let's go find out.

Maybe your boy Skeletor's there.

Let's go, y'all. We out.

There's nothing happening.

Look at this.

Some kind of block party.

There are actually a couple across the island.


Are you kidding me?

♫ I been poppin' all my life ♫ ♫ Whoo! ♫

♫ It's like my birthday every night ♫

♫ Whoo! ♫

♫ I been poppin' all my life ♫

♫ Whoo! ♫

♫ Thank God that I'm alive ♫

♫ Whoo! ♫ ♫ I been poppin' all my life ♫


♫ It's like my birthday every night ♫

♫ Whoo! ♫

♫ I been poppin' all my life ♫

♫ Whoo! ♫ ♫ Thank God that I'm alive ♫

♫ Ooh, thankin' the Lord I'm alive ♫ ♫ God ♫

♫ Your diamonds not lookin' alive ♫ ♫ Dead ♫

♫ Bentley truck swervin', it's wide ♫

♫ Heard you be talkin' to 12 ♫ ♫ Who? ♫

♫ But I do not fuck with them guys ♫ ♫ No ♫

♫ First time I seen me a bale ♫ ♫ Bale ♫

♫ I thought it was gold in my eyes ♫ ♫ Yes ♫

♫ The coupe all red inside ♫ ♫ Ooh ♫

♫ Duplex, shawty outside ♫ ♫ Ooh ♫

♫ We not feelin' your vibe ♫ ♫ Yeah ♫

♫ Nigga played out, retired ♫ ♫ Retired ♫

♫ Niggas out here... ♫


ANNOUNCER: CNB breaking news from Staten Island.

NEWS ANCHOR: This footage just came in.

It's being reported as the first kill or purge of the evening.

The following is graphic and contains violent images that might not be suitable for minors. Selina.

Hey, come with me.

Help me with the other kids.

SELINA: There's something wrong with the world, isn't there, Nya?

There is something wrong, Selina.

But we have to keep trying to fix it.

MAN: (QUIETLY) Please, Jesus...

NEWS ANCHOR: This is very disturbing, but it is what we expected to see tonight.

It is very hard to process that... what we are looking at here is actually legal, that there is no punishment for this inhumane act.

This is almost an alternate reality.


WOMAN: Hi. I'm good.

(CELL PHONES CHIMING) WOMAN: Have you seen it?

WOMAN: No, what is it?

MAN: You're a freak!

WOMAN: What is it? MAN: Oh, shit, you see this?

Yo, what's up? (CELL PHONE BUZZING)


Yo, you looking at this, bro?

Holy shit.

Hey, yo, Zay.

Check this out, bro.

It's the first kill of the night.

20 million views already.

Damn, that's some animal shit, man.

That's some nasty shit, yo.

But I'm out. I'm-a go find that psycho.

Hey, yo, yo, yo. Careful, son.

That motherfucker crazy.

Yeah. Y'all see that?



Yeah, your queens ready to party with the king.

Fuck, hey!


Ay! Yeah!


What up, sexy?

Call me if you need anything.

All right, cool. A'ight?

Good luck, Seven.


DMITRI: Make yourselves at home.

You already know where the bar is.


♫ Plug walk ♫ (LAUGHTER, CHATTER)

♫ I don't even understand how the fuck... ♫ Hey, yo, any y'all seen Skeletor?

♫ Pick him up in a space coupe ♫

♫ I don't let my plug walk... ♫


♫ New freak, had to cut my other little bitch off ♫

♫ 50K, you could come and book a nigga for a plug walk ♫

♫ You can't reach me ♫

♫ Space coupe like E.T. ♫

♫ It's the plug tryin' to call me ♫

♫ I was up trappin' early in the morning ♫

♫ Ooh, on the wave like a do-rag... ♫






♫ Yeah, yeah, yeah, movin' right up... ♫ Can't wait, baby. Whoo!

Y'all getting it poppin'.


♫ They tryin' to fuck my night up... ♫ So, what's this? You're matching and shit?


What up, daddy? Oh.

What's up?

♫ It's time that I bring right up... ♫

(CHUCKLES) Oh, he's ready.

♫ And I'm-a live it right up ♫ Oh... (CHUCKLES)

♫ There's a lotta shit that I hold down ♫


♫ I'm-a bring it right up ♫

♫ They tryin' to fuck my night up ♫

♫ I live it right up, I get it right up ♫

♫ I live it right up ♫

♫ I hold shit down ♫

♫ But pick it right up ♫

♫ 'Cause I live right up ♫

♫ I get it right up ♫

♫ I'm-a get rich, get rich ♫

♫ 'Cause niggas living like us ♫

♫ I said time to hold shit down ♫ Look how sexy she is.

♫ But they gonna fuck the night up... ♫ You like what you see?

You want me? So hot.


♫ Keep it all different ♫

♫ Yeah, I pose different ♫

♫ My time lavish, my time lavish ♫

♫ Miss Jackson, Tom Braxy ♫

♫ Super savage, super savage ♫

♫ Champion ♫

♫ Who's that girl? ♫



Mmm, Zaddy.















SKELETOR: Founding Fathers... pay me!

Save me! (GUN COCKS)

You gotta be fucking kidding me.


Who and how much?

Capital A. (COUGHING)

A lot. More money than we'd see in ten lifetimes doing the shit we do.

Wasn't personal, D.

It was our way out.






Cherry, they watching.

Make that money.

Soil that soul, Innocent I!



Where you gonna run to, Isaiah?

You can't run from me.

I'm the night, Isaiah.

I'm gonna find you.

UPDALE: It's starting.

The basic tenets of morality have to be abandoned.

Religious dogma must be dropped.

People are beginning to participate.

Don't get too excited.

NEWS ANCHOR: And to this point, we've seen mostly looting and vandalism, with only a few instances of real violence across the island.

ANNE: Take, for example, the Park Hill Towers, the center of the community.

Many people are looking at them as a gauge of the Purge's success, but so far, it's been relatively quiet.


SKELETOR: Where you gonna go?

I'm everywhere, Isaiah!

You can't hide from me!


SKELETOR: I see you!

WOMAN: You hear that? MAN: Get that motherfucker!


WOMAN: I told you, he's over there!

MAN: Yo, this way.




MAN: Yo, over here.

We gonna get you, motherfucker!

MAN: I think he left. WOMAN: Nah.

Let's check out back.


MAN: Where you hiding, boy?

We know you're here.


WOMAN: Mother...

NYA: Hey. Just calling to check in.

How's Brooklyn? How's Uncle T?

(PANTING) Nya, I'm not in Brooklyn.


Where are you?

Okay, uh, I'm on my way.

That motherfucker tried us, D.

For his sake, I wish he hadn't.








(GASPS) No, no, no, no, no, no!


Get the fuck off of me! What are you doing?


Let go of me! (GASPS)

What the fuck? Get the...

Get your fucking hands off of me!




Pussy-grabbing motherfucker!

WOMAN: I told you, he's over there!

MAN: Come on!




MAN: This way. (FOOTSTEPS)

Where you at?

MAN: Yo, over here!

WOMAN: I think he went upstairs!




Brother and sister. (MUFFLED SCREAMING)

What the...? Where's your brother, hmm?

Fuck them!

And I don't want to wait.

(LAUGHS) Can't wait.

No more. See, I gotta get paid!

No more! (NYA SCREAMS)

(YELLS) Fuck!






Oh, shit.

My girls.

I didn't think y'all was gonna pull it off.

I am impressed.

I'm the king now.

And y'all are my queen.

So tell me, that bitch-ass nigga beg for his life?


DMITRI: Young king!

Your time is up now, A.

It was short.

Hope the crown felt good.

Yo, yo, D.

You thought that you could use their purge to take my ass out, but...

Didn't anybody tell you, A?

I don't know how to die.

You can't purge me, man. I purge you.

In plain sight.

Yo, D.

Later, A.

Fuck you! (GASPING)


Take care of these fools, man.

And let the girls walk.

But make sure that they know never to step foot on this island again.



How accurate are these figures?

They were just updated, sir.

You predicted a much higher level of participation.

UPDALE: We should have expected the unexpected.

This is an experiment.

There are variables.

Variables? Human nature.

Behavioral patterns vary according to environment.

Data suggests that this socioeconomic group is not reacting the way that I predicted.

Question is: Why?

I don't give a shit why.

The NFFA put a lot of faith into this evening.

If it's deemed ineffective, the entire regime could be judged as a failure.

I told you that science does not obey the laws of politics.

My job is to analyze this data, nothing more.


(SIGHS) I have to take this.

Yes, sir.


Yes, sir, we're looking at the data right now.

We've gotta get to the church.

We'll be safe there.





You lied to me, Isaiah.


Almost got yourself killed.

(GLASS SHATTERING IN DISTANCE) Oh, are we gonna talk or what?

What do you want me to say?

That I'm wrong and I'm sorry?

That I learned my lesson tonight?

Or that I was just being plain-ass stupid?

Yeah, that's what I want you to say.

I just said it.

I fucking hate our apartment, Nya.

The leaks, roaches.

The fact that we never have anything for anything.

I don't like it, either, but there are other ways.

Are there?

'Cause I ain't seeing 'em.

I ain't seeing a way out, Nya.


When I was with Dmitri, I saw a lot of stupid shit.

People getting hooked.

Friends getting locked up.

I've been down this road before, and I saw a way out.

Just let me help you see it, too.



(MAN GRUNTS) Hey, yo, hey.


Come on, man. We-we don't want no problem.

Shut up! NYA: (WHIMPERS) Okay.


Don't... (GASPS)

Hey, that's my sister.

NYA: No. No, no, no, no. ISAIAH: No, no.


NYA: Please. Please, no, no, no.

No, no, don't. Please.



What the fuck?

Let's just go.



MAN: Yeah!

NYA: Shit. Come on.




MAN: Yeah!

Where the hell did they come from?

We are seeing an interesting trend emerging tonight.

Some of the people participating in violence have been seen wearing masks and disguises.

The whole world is watching and wondering...

♫ When nighttime comes ♫

♫ I close my eyes ♫

♫ Uh-huh, when nighttime comes ♫

♫ When nighttime comes ♫

♫ I close my eyes ♫

♫ Uh-huh, when nighttime comes ♫

♫ When nighttime comes ♫

♫ I hide my face ♫

♫ Uh-huh ♫

♫ And I lower my crown ♫

♫ I close my eyes. ♫ ANNE: (OVER TV) And psychologists are already speculating about why they're doing this, why they're disguising their identities.

Is it that the participants are ashamed of this need, ashamed that they want to commit these acts of violence?

Have you seen the chief? Or is the regalia just a chance for them to add ceremony and jubilee to this night of lawlessness?

♫ Well, how 'bout the new generation? ♫

♫ How 'bout the new elevation? ♫

♫ What you gonna do when you make it? ♫

♫ Hop out the Lamb, then I skated ♫

♫ I brought the gang with me... ♫ DMITRI: So I...

I release my anger, right?

I'm-I'm... I purged, right?

I'm a new man now, right? Uh-huh.

Fuck, man. (LAUGHING)

That's dumb shit, man. Yo, boss, I was thinking.

You want me to try to find some new girls to bring up to your office tonight?


Fuck you, Seven.

Fuck you seven different ways, man.

Oh, shit.

Look at these crazy fuckers bucking the system, yo.

DMITRI: Oh, shit, I mean, that's illegal, so I guess they purging, too.

Yo, I'll purge like that every night.






MAN: Fire at will! Light those motherfuckers up!

Seven. Seven. Seven.

MAN: All right, one left, one right!




Zo, we're gonna need some help.



Watch your leg.


Come on. Yeah, yeah.

You good? Yeah.

The church is right ahead.






Oh, my God.


All right, let's go.

I got like five of 'em, man.

Money's good tonight.

All right, move out.

I can taste that money.

Let's get some more, man.

Come on.

TECH: A large group of people are participating on Main and Third.

Gang activity across the island on multiple screens.

Participation levels increasing.

Increasing violence on various screens.

Purgers everywhere, especially in low-income areas.

All data supported early violent behavior and then a downturn.

This doesn't make any sense.

Where are these gangs coming from?

Why weren't they out earlier?

NEWS ANCHOR: Islanders are now taking to the streets as we are witnessing waves of violence all across the borough.

ANNE: The governor is sending 500 state troopers tomorrow...

Don't question it.

This is a good thing for both of us.

ISAIAH: (WHISPERING) Nya, we can't go...


Sorry, sorry. It's okay, it's okay.

It's us. Jesus Christ.

You scared the shit out of me.

Are you okay?

What the hell happened in there?

(CRYING) Bastards went inside.

About a dozen of them started shooting at everyone.

We had to pretend we were dead.

We covered ourselves in somebody else's blood.

I'm so glad you're okay.

D-Dolores. Dolores.

Where's Dolores? Have you seen her?

We don't know. We don't know where she is.

She left earlier. She went looking for you.

Isaiah, try Dolores's cell. See if you can find her.

No, no. No.


Some people got out, Nya.

But not everyone.


Her phone's off. (RAPID GUNFIRE NEARBY)

(GASPING) We can't be out here anymore.

Let's get to my apartment now.

Okay. Come on.

LUISA: Be careful.


LORENZO: Check this out.

They all got the same ink.

What is it?


Saw these fuckers overseas after I enlisted.

They badasses for hire.

They'll work for anyone anywhere as long as the cash is correct.

Like Blackwater back in the days.

Usually ex-military, and not just American.

These fuckers are the real deal.

Show me Park and Fourth ten minutes ago.



UPDALE: Follow those trucks backwards.

Use drones, street cams, whatever you need access to, to see where the hell they came from.

SABIAN: There's purging going on all over the city.

It's turning.

I knew it would. MAN: Sir.

We have a breach inside a private office.

I tracked those trucks all the way across the island to here: a remote area of abandoned factories.

Watch this now.

At around midnight, something strange happens.

I did a vehicle search on all systems, and every one of these vehicles ended up in Park Hill, Mariners Harbor and Stapleton.

The low-income areas of the island.

And they're attacking crowded places: churches, apartment buildings, Purge parties.

The gangs know where people are gathering because of the tracking implants.

How would gangs know how to monitor the tracking implants?

They're not gangs.

I want all this footage on a flash drive.

SABIAN: Did you really think you could just snoop around an NFFA building? I know what you're doing.

You're sending soldiers into the island disguised as gangs, as citizens, hunting people down using the tracking implants.

You're making it look like people are participating because there wasn't enough purging.

But they're not soldiers.

They're mercenaries from all over.

This country is overpopulated, Doctor.

There's too much crime, too much unemployment... Is that even true, or did you falsify those numbers, too? And a bankrupt government that can't afford to care for its own citizenry.

People don't want us to raise taxes?

Our debt has tripled. We can't pay for anything.

We, the NFFA... we inherited all this mess.

All right, something needed to be done.

Not like this. Well, what then?

You tell me, because we exhausted every possibility.

I need for this to work.

I need to sell this on a country-wide scale because this is our last hope.

You're trying to depopulate the lower classes just so the NFFA doesn't have to support them.

Come on.

We both know there's... there's no easy answer where somebody... some group doesn't suffer.

What have I done?

You saved us.

I thank you for it.

No. No.

Don't-don't do this.

The American people don't need this.

Do not build this on a lie. I'm terribly sorry.

I was wrong. The NFFA and America will remember you fondly as a hero to your nation.



Fucking Russian?

Something funky going down, D.

MAN: (OVER RADIO) Alpha unit leaving Amsterdam and Oswald.

We know people on that corner. Let's go.

(OVER RADIO) Roger that. Over.

Now. Come on!



It's getting hot out here, D.

The eyes, Terence.

The eyes.

LORENZO: Come on, D.

We got to get out these streets.

Got to get home, like, now.

We're not going home.

Holy shit.

We need to keep moving.

♫ America ♫

♫ America ♫

♫ From sea to shining sea. ♫ ISAIAH: Come on, guys.

We're almost there.

NYA: Come on, come on.

Easy, easy. Come on.


Hey! Run!



Come on!





Come on.

Come inside.



You're a lifesaver, Nya.

¿Tú estás bien?


¿Tú estás bien? Sí.

Can we...?

Of course.

Only two hours left in this experiment, and the island is a war zone.

REPORTER: Yes, Susan. The NFFA have been releasing firsthand footage from some of the participants.



REPORTER: Some of the footage looks like a battle zone.

Isaiah injured his neck the other day.

It was a lot of blood. I...

I thought I cleaned it all up.

Look, it's nothing you need to worry about.

Oh, I'm sorry about my paranoia.

It's just...

This is so crazy.

Okay. Come with me.

This is so crazy.

NYA: Come on. It's okay.

(CRYING) I look at her, and I think about this night.

What they're doing to us.

What they're doing to this country.

I am worried about this country.

I'm worried about our future, you know?

Okay. Listen.

We are not going to let anything happen to her.

This night will not win.


Gear up and load the trucks.

LORENZO: Every soldier we have is on their way.

SEVEN: Check this out.

I got some brand-new shit this week.

Gun dealer said we got a big new batch from an unknown supplier.

This shit was cheap, got all new tech.

I snatched it all up, yo.

The hell is this?

This is an explosive device.

It's like C-4 with a handheld detonator.

NFFA been putting all this shit in the streets, y'all, hoping that we'd off each other.

We didn't, and now they're stoking the fire in another motherfucking way.

Our neighborhood is under siege, gentlemen, from a government who doesn't give a shit about any of us.

Now, there's a lot of good people out there who we're gonna have to protect now.

See, the NFFA forgot about one thing.

They forgot about us.


This is our home.

So let's show these white-haired motherfuckers never to fuck with our island again.

Let's go. Let's go.

Thank you, sir. That's more than we could've imagined.

Yeah, it seems like the people... people really needed this.


Now make that footage disappear.


It's Dolores! Open up! What the fuck?

Well, I guess nobody missed me, huh?

Dolores, you're okay.

No, I'm not okay.

I was out there looking for your little narrow ass.

I was scared to death out there.

I lost my damn cell phone.

I couldn't call nobody for help.

Then I get the bubble guts, tried to run home.

That was a bad idea 'cause I realized I don't have my asthma pump.

Oh, but it gets better.

'Cause I shit on myself a little bit when I was on my way home. (QUIET LAUGHTER)

My fucking bowels done joined the Purge, too.


We're safe.

For now.


MAN: (OVER RADIO) We have three four-man fire teams, all equipped with M-4 assault rifles, frags, RPGs and flashbangs.

MAN #2: Copy that.

MAN #3: Citizens are mounting a resistance against Charlie team on Fourth and Bay.

Echo, transit to assist.

MAN #4: Echo heading that way.

A'ight, well, here's what we're gonna do.



Fuck you!


(YELLS) I'm hit!


(GROANING) Oh, shit. Shit. Come on, come on.



Here. Put that on there.



MAN: (OUTSIDE) Move! Move!


I'm out!

Me, too!



Everybody, down!





Oh, shit!


MAN: (OUTSIDE) To the right! To the right!

MAN: Link. Right now. Link.

They coming.


Here. Give me one.

You kill as many of them motherfuckers as you can.

You make it count.

Let's do this.






Hey. Stay back.

Well, as I live and breathe.

The devil himself. He shall appear.

Let's get these Wise Men some more weapons.

(OVER RADIO) Beta on Second, en route to towers with Echo.


You gotta hear this.

(OVER RADIO) ETA ten minutes.

Proceed to housing project towers on Main and Bay.


LORENZO: Let's go.

What the hell is going on now?


Oh, my God.

These motherfuckers is here already.

What's the move, D?

We know these towers better than whoever they are.

Seven, I want you to go through the back with Blaise, a'ight?

Through the courtyard.

Have everyone else come out the emergency exits on the south side and wait for me and Zo.

Outside the main quarter, all right?

Me and Zo, we're gonna go through the...

Get down! (GUNFIRE)





No. No!





Seven, I got you.

Where you hit? Where you hit? No, no.

No, you gotta go to the towers.


You gotta go.


Coño, this is not a gang.

ISAIAH: It's like a goddamn army.

DOLORES: No, this is some straight bullshit.

That's a fucking militia.

We need to try to sneak out of here. NYA: How?

They're coming in through all the exits.

Front, back, sides.

So, what do we do?

NYA: We hole up and arm ourselves with anything we can find, and fight.

We are not giving up.


DMITRI: Here's what's gonna happen, Nya.

They're gonna move from floor to floor, killing as many as they can, okay?

You on the 14th floor, so you got time.

I want you to move to the back of the apartment and you find a safe place to hide, a'ight? A'ight.

Stay strong, Ny.

I'm coming.


♫ Uh-huh, when nighttime comes ♫

♫ When nighttime comes ♫

♫ I close my eyes ♫

♫ Uh-huh, when nighttime comes ♫

♫ When nighttime comes ♫

♫ I hide my eyes ♫

♫ When nighttime comes. ♫



(GUNFIRE) MAN: Stay down, stay down!

All clear.

All right, help me out.

Come on, come on.


Whoa. Whoa.

Push it against the door. Come on.

Yeah, block the door.


Isaiah, use this, okay?

♫ Ah ♫

♫ Uh-huh, when nighttime comes... ♫ Three, two, one!



MAN: Open it up! Open it up! (WOMAN SCREAMING)










Fuck out my neighborhood.



MAN: Breach!




Defensive positions!

Lost visual, Captain.

Samuels, what's going on?


What the fuck is going on?

Someone tell me! Can't see shit!




We've got a problem.

Nya, where's the baseball bat?

Closet. Selina, look in the closet.

Yo, what the hell is all this?

We having a fucking barbecue or something?

Oh, shoot. I forgot something, y'all.

Wait. Check this out. ISAIAH: Selina, look in here.

Whoa. Jesus.

That's a hand cannon.

I'm a big girl. I can handle it.

No way, Dolores. Have you used that gun before?

I have.

Old boyfriend.

Let me see that.


There's only five bullets in here.

It beats a damn spatula.

ISAIAH: She's right.

Come on.


They'll be coming through this door.

They're going to have on body armor.

I'm-a shoot low, their legs.

Isaiah, you jump in and finish them off with a knife. Got you.

Aim for the neck above the armor.

Yo, who the fuck was your old boyfriend?

Everybody else, in the closet.

No. LUISA: Pérate.

We're in this together. No matter what happens, you stay in that closet.

For Selina.

Go. Go.

Nah, I'm not getting in no closet.

I'm staying out here with you.

NYA: Go. DOLORES: Yo, this is my fucking fight, too. Let's do this.

All right.

Let's do it.

MAN: Breach! Breach!


MAN: Hug the wall.

Good on left!

(BANGING) Link it up.


All clear to left. Clear on right.




Get back! (GASPING)

Pull the strap!

I can't. Get his arm, too.

DOLORES: Yo, what the fuck is really going on?

I'm confused.

Nothing to be confused about.

Help has arrived. NYA: D.

You a'ight?


DOLORES: Well, I'll be damned.

Little Miss Nya and Dmitri Cimber, the big fucking dog of Park Hill.

Well, now I know how you know how to use that gun so damn good. ISAIAH: What up, D?

We got a lot of talking to do after all this is done, a'ight?

MAN: (OVER RADIO) Unit three, what's your sitrep on the 14?

Three, come in.

Stay here.

MAN: He's up here.

Took out half our team.

Kill everyone on this floor.

Is there anyone else here? Yeah, in the closet.

You'll be joining them, Nya. Why? What's up?

No time to explain. Help me with this body, Isaiah.

Make time. They coming, Nya.

A lot of 'em. (GRUNTS)

I got one chance to stop it, but I gotta do it alone.

What are you talking about, alone? No time to explain.

Get in the closet now. But, D, it's almost over.

"Almost" doesn't count tonight, man. Let's go.

Make room. Do not move.

Do not make a sound.

Do not come out, no matter what you hear.

Understand? Understand?! Yes.

I got you. Okay, okay.

Why you doing this?

You gotta go.

A'ight, now. No.

I'm with you. And don't you try to talk me out of it, either. It won't work.



MAN: Ready!

Move forward! Move it!

Move forward! Move forward!





MAN: Load it up! MAN #2: Load it!


You're going to get killed out there.


MAN: Light him up! MAN #2: Light him up!



Brother and sister are mine!


Not yours!

Come here. I want you to just throw it, and I'm-a shoot it, okay?








Jesus Christ.

It's not all my blood. I'll be...

I'll be fine.




Thank you.

Thank you.


Nya. Nya.

Help him up. Help him. You all right?

(DMITRI AND ISAIAH GRUNTING) NYA: Slow. Slow, slow, slow.

NYA: I got you.



It's over?

For now.

Dolores, come on.

We need to make sure nobody else needs help.

All right, now, make a path. (CLAPPING)

Come on, y'all. Move back. (CROWD MURMURING)


You okay, baby? Y'all got this.

Thanks, D. DMITRI: Y'all stay strong.


Stay strong, y'all. DOLORES: Back up.

Way to go, Dmitri. DOLORES: Are y'all deaf?

Saved us, baby.

Big dog of Park Hill is coming through.

MAN: Looking out, D. We owe you one.

Real soldier. WOMAN: Thank you, Nya.

DOLORES: Move back. I'm not gonna ask twice.

I've had a very, very long night.

WOMAN: Thanks, D.

Thank you so much.

Oh, my goodness.

So, what do we do now?

Now... we fight.


NYA: Come on.

Stay strong, all right?


♫ Alls my life, I has to fight, nigga ♫

♫ Alls my life, I ♫

♫ Hard times like yeah ♫

♫ Bad trips like God ♫

♫ Nazareth, I'm fucked up, homey, you fucked up ♫

♫ But if God got us, then we gonna be all right ♫

♫ Nigga, we gonna be all right ♫

♫ Nigga, we gonna be all right ♫

♫ We gonna be all right ♫

♫ Do you hear me, do you feel me? ♫

♫ We gonna be all right ♫

♫ Nigga, we gonna be all right ♫

♫ Huh? We gonna be all right ♫

♫ Nigga, we gonna be all right ♫

♫ Do you hear me, do you feel me... ♫ SABIAN: Well, the turnout was bigger than we ever expected.

Staten Island and its citizens have proven that this experiment was necessary.

Uh, we will, of course, study the results, but, uh, I've received word from President Bracken that we're considering a nationwide Purge, uh, as the people are now calling it, uh, as early as next year.

One where every U.S. citizen can participate.

♫ Nigga, we gonna be all right ♫

♫ Nigga, we gonna be all right ♫

♫ We gonna be all right ♫

♫ Do you hear me, do you feel me? ♫

♫ We gonna be all right ♫

♫ Nigga, we gonna be all right ♫

♫ Huh? We gonna be all right ♫

♫ Nigga, we gonna be all right ♫

♫ Do you hear me, do you feel me? ♫

♫ We gonna be all right ♫

♫ Uh, and when I wake up ♫

♫ I recognize you're lookin' at me for the pay cut ♫

♫ Behind my side we lookin' at you from the face down ♫

♫ What MAC-11 even boom with the bass down ♫

♫ Schemin', and let me tell you 'bout my life ♫

♫ Painkillers only put me in the twilight ♫

♫ Where pretty pussy and Benjamin is the highlight ♫

♫ Now tell my mama I love her, but this what I like ♫

♫ Lord knows, 20 of 'em in my Chevy ♫

♫ Tell 'em all to come and get me ♫

♫ Reaping everything I sow so my karma coming heavy ♫

♫ No preliminary hearings on my record ♫

♫ I'm a motherfucking gangster in silence for the record ♫

♫ Uh, tell the world I know it's too late ♫

♫ Boys and girls, I think I've gone cray ♫

♫ Drown inside my vices all day ♫

♫ Won't you please believe when I say ♫

♫ When you know we been hurt, been down before, nigga ♫

♫ When our pride was low, lookin' at the world like ♫

♫ "Where do we go, nigga?" ♫

♫ And we hate po-po ♫

♫ Wanna kill us dead in the street for sure, nigga ♫

♫ I'm at the preacher's door ♫

♫ My knees gettin' weak and my gun might blow ♫

♫ But we gonna be all right ♫

♫ Nigga, we gonna be all right ♫

♫ Nigga, we gonna be all right ♫

♫ We gonna be all right ♫

♫ Do you hear me, do you feel me? ♫

♫ We gonna be all right ♫

♫ Nigga, we gonna be all right ♫

♫ Huh? We gonna be all right ♫

♫ Nigga, we gonna be all right ♫

♫ Do you hear me, do you feel me? ♫

♫ We gonna be all right ♫

♫ What you want, you a house, you a car ♫

♫ 40 acres and a mule, a piano, a guitar ♫

♫ Anything, see, my name is Lucy, I'm your dog ♫

♫ Motherfucker, you can live at the mall ♫

♫ I can see the evil, I can tell it ♫

♫ I know it's illegal, I don't think about it ♫

♫ I deposit every other zero, thinking of my partner ♫

♫ Put the candy, paint it on the regal ♫

♫ Diggin' in my pocket ♫

♫ Ain't a profit big enough to feed you ♫

♫ Every day my logic, get another dollar ♫

♫ Just to keep you in the presence of your chico, ah ♫

♫ I don't talk about it, be about it ♫

♫ Every day I see cool ♫

♫ If I got it, then you know you got it ♫

♫ Heaven, I can reach you ♫

♫ Pet dog, pet dog, pet dog, my dog, that's all ♫

♫ Pick back and chat, I shut the back for y'all ♫

♫ I rap, I'm black, on track so rest assured ♫

♫ My rights, my wrongs, I write till I'm right with God ♫

♫ When you know we been hurt, been down before, nigga ♫

♫ When our pride was low, lookin' at the world like ♫

♫ "Where do we go, nigga?" ♫

♫ And we hate po-po ♫

♫ Wanna kill us dead in the street for sure, nigga ♫

♫ I'm at the preacher's door ♫

♫ My knees gettin' weak and my gun might blow ♫

♫ But we gonna be all right ♫

♫ Nigga, we gonna be all right ♫

♫ Nigga, we gonna be all right ♫

♫ We gonna be all right ♫

♫ Do you hear me, do you feel me? ♫

♫ We gonna be all right ♫

♫ Nigga, we gonna be all right ♫

♫ Huh? We gonna be all right ♫

♫ Nigga, we gonna be all right ♫

♫ Do you hear me, do you feel me? ♫

♫ We gonna be all right ♫

♫ I keep my head up high ♫

♫ I cross my heart and hope to die ♫

♫ Lovin' me is complicated ♫

♫ Too afraid of a lot of changes ♫

♫ I'm all right and you're a favorite ♫

♫ Dark nights in my prayers. ♫