The Flamingo Kid (1984) Script

Forty-eight lifeguards... seeking a $17-a-week pay raise... have walked out sick today... to protest the city's offer of only $11.00“... on what is traditionally... one of the busiest beach days of the year.

Seventy-seven WABC, New York radio Hey. Reggie!

Let's go down to Chinatown and buy some firecrackers.

Jerome! Jerome, don't get dirty!


Mister, are you dead?

We‘re going to Aunt Vivy's wedding.

You hear me?

How many times have I told you kids... not to play in front of the store!

Get out of here with that ball!

Let's go, Frankie, put it over.

Billy, get out of the street! You want to get hit by a car?

How many times I gotta tell ya?

Get off the roof!

Rosie, don't run. You'll catch pneumonia.

Hello there, everybody.

This is Mel Allen speaking to you from Yankee Stadium... and welcoming you to what should be some double-header... between the Chicago White Sox and the New York Yankees.

This is the first game of the double-header...

So, you guys gonna be working at the supermarket this summer?

Yeah. Yeah, this summer.

My father's got me a job.

As an office boy, you know.

So I'll be working in an office.

Yeah. Nice.

Four and a half games back...

Bobby Thompson, Bobby Thompson!

What's he done lately?

Listen when | talk to you.

You get more like your father every day.

Shelly, I'll see you later.

See you later, Jeffrey.

Frank, see you later. Take it easy.

No one wears underwear in the summer.

See you later, Jeffrey.

Will you turn down that radio?

Who wants to listen to the Yankees?

Turn it down!

Hey, get off of there!

I'm really sorry.

How you doing? Listen, can I borrow your ice?

I wanna wet my...

Sure, sure.

What did I tell you?

Didn't I tell you we'd find him either... dealing on the shoeshine stand... or hanging out on the corner?

I know the kid like a book.

What are you guys doing here? Slumming.

We miss the old neighborhood.

So what do you got planned for the Fourth of July, Jeffrey?

Jack off on the stoop?

What, you got better, Hawk?

Yeah. Tell him, Steve.

A hot gin game going at the El Flamingo Beach Club.

We need a third.

Why do you need me?

It's not a question of need, Jeffrey.

You're our pal from the old neighborhood.

It'll be like old times.

Look, we'll play a couple of hands... then you can go swimming, see the chicks.

It'll be a new experience for you.

You with us, Jeffrey?

Ma, where's my bathing suit?

Bottom drawer.

Where are you going?

I'm going to the beach with my friends.

Hey, Jeffrey, what are these?

These are my father's dog tags.

Oh, yeah. How is your father?

He's great.

So, you going to college, Jeffrey?

My father still wants me to be an engineer.

How are you guys doing in school?

Flunked out.

Think I'm gonna try again next year, though.

He flunked out of Miami University.

How about you, Hawk, what are you doing?

You going to school? Are you working?

Oh, no, no. I don't have time to work.

I‘m doing too well at the track.

You think I'm dressed all right for this club?

You're gonna be playing gin, Jeffrey, not modeling.

Come on, let's go to my cabana and change.

Hey, are those the guys we're playing?

Are you crazy? It costs $500 just to sit down with them.

You coming to watch us play, Joyce?

After lunch.

When's lunch?

As soon as daddy takes a break.

It's all right. I got a minute.

The guys will wait.

I'm allowed to talk to my girlfriend.

You feeling all right?

Oh, yeah. I feel great.

Really, I feel good.

Do you have to go to the bathroom?

What? No, I don't have to go...

Do I look like I have to go to the bathroom?

Yeah, you look like you have to go to the bathroom.

Attention. This is your colonel speaking.

Just relax. Take it easy.

Our free dance class is starting on the patio.

Hi, Joyce. Hello, Steve. Hi.


That's lunch? A bunch of lettuce?

Well, the chef fixed these special salads... for Aunt Phyllis and me.

She actually talks to the chef.

Well, that's because you New Yorkers eat such garbage.

That's because we don't know what else to do with it.

You know, you could use some greens yourself, Henry.


Let me see the line down your tongue.


Right there.

Jeffrey, this is Carla Samson.

My cousin from California.


Hi. What about yours?

Come on, open up.

Let her feel your tongue, Jeffrey.

Who's been feeding you?

His mother. Three meals a day.

Well, she's doing a first-rate job.

Joyce. Mother.

Hello, darling.

Oh, all these people.

Mrs. Brody, this is our friend Jeffrey Willis.


How do you do, Mrs...

Carla, I can't eat this.

Oh, Shirley!

Today, please.

Throw this away and bring me a hamburger patty... cottage cheese, fresh, a scoop of sherbert... and iced tea in a wine glass.

You're not writing it down?

|'|| remember, Mrs. Brody.

You didn't yesterday.

Who are you, Jeffrey?

He's a card player, not a member.

| see.

And that gives me Sweet Ginger Brown!

What a pigeon.

Your father just won another big hand, Joycie.

He looks happy.

Of course he's happy. He's playing gin.

Now, let's go.

We gotta go. See you later.

Kissy—kissy. Nice tan, Mrs. Brody.

Bye, girls. Come on, come on.

Alfred's cabana is this way.

What is that?

Sam Sadakis... the world's leading manufacturer of doorknobs.

Every hour, he turns his chair towards the sun.

That's the El Flamingo's human sundial.

Hey, boys, this is our friend Jeffrey Willis from Brooklyn.

These are the two strongest lifeguards... in Long Island.

Turk and Dirk. They're brothers.

Welcome to the El Flamingo, Jeffrey.

Don't piss in the pool, Jeffrey.

Finally, we're going to play gin.

Walks away from home plate... shaking his head after taking call strike 3.

We‘re still scoreless at the end of4 1/2 innings...

How old is Joyce's cousin? The blonde.


Everybody seems to want Carla.

She's too old for you, Jeffrey.

She's a sophomore in college.

Are you winking at me?

No, I'm not winking at you.

It's my contact lens, you shmuck.

Thinks I'm winking.

I'm winking at you.

Aw, you...

You're a homo, Alfred.

You're a weirdo!

Jeffrey, let's go.

In the second game of the double-header... scheduled to work for the White Sox is Juan Pizarro... seeking his tenth...

Giraffes, camels, monkeys.

Say, you got any more elephants?

We're out of elephants. Come on. I'm waiting.

Oh! That's gin.

What do you got, Alfred?

That puts us over 4,000. We win.

It's a holocaust, fellows.

We got shut out.

I don't like him very much, Alfred.

Ok. We got 4,175 at a penny a point... and we got 62 boxes at a nickel a box.

And it's on a Schneider, so the score is doubled.

Let me add this up here...


That's 89.70.

Divide that 3 ways... it's $29.90 each.

Correct as usual.

Twenty-nine ninety. You owe us each 29.90.

What's your name again?

Jeffrey. Jeffrey Willis.

Nice game, Willis. Very nice game.

Hey, you guys, let's go swimming.

Wanna go swimming?

No, I don't wanna go swimming.

I just lost $30! No! I can't.

I gotta go get the money from my mother, all right?

Yeah, that's all right.

Oh, thank you.

Thank you.

I'm sorry.

Hey, how are you?

Good. Maybe I'll see you tomorrow, Jeffrey.

Well, that's if you're going to Brooklyn.


See, I'm not a member here. | live over in Brooklyn.

Well, maybe I'll see you some other time.


Hey, Carla, do you wanna meet my mom?


Would you make believe you're my girlfriend?

I'll see you later. Bye, Jeffrey.

Bye, Alfred. Thanks for the animal crackers.

Hey, could you get this car out of here?

It'll just be 1 second.

Donny, move this Cadillac.

I've tried. It stalled.

It's going to be a few minutes, Jeffrey.

Somebody buried our car in the attendants' pool.

Steve, listen, if you ever need a third player...

I'd like to come out and play again.

I'd really like that. I had a good time.

It's expensive for guests, though, you know?

Come on! I want to get started!

I can't believe this is happening.

Now we're going to be late for the track.

Maybe I can help. What's the problem?

The problem is, we got a car that won't work.

See what you can do, Fortune.

Donny, go get the Studebaker Lark, OK?

You got a loose radiator clamp here.

Hey, why don't you go around and get ready to start it... and let me...

We all went out to California.


And we got on...

Tell me when.

All right. Kick it over once.


Good job! Thank you.

All right.

Oh, thank you! Thank you!

Oh, sure. Anytime, ma'am.

You're such a smart boy!

Well, not really. It's very simple, actually.

Oh, really? Thank you so much.

Ok. Anytime.

Hey, kid, come over here.

I want to talk to you.

You want a job here this summer?

Well, I don't know.

Can I think about that?

No. ljust fired a kid.

I need somebody right now.

Do you want this job?

Yeah. Yes.

I don't know.

Say yes, Jeffrey.

All right. I'll take it. Ok! You got it!

Now, look. This is car 68.

It's in the west section. Go get it.

Carla, when I look at you...

I think about comic book heroines... like Wonder Woman... with her little tiny waist and her big, beautiful... eyes... and her tiny little winged feet and her little diadem...

Alfred, you're revolting.

White Fairlane. Go!

It's deep. Three deep. Go!

If you ever drive my car like that again, I'll sue you!

Now, you promised to help me with my nails.

Her silky cape...

Oh, stop. Come on. He's revolting, but rich.

It's time for fireworks.

Everybody to the beach.

Fireworks are for El Flamingo members only.

Nonmembers, please don't look up.

Just kidding.

Breakfast is ready.

Morning, sweetheart.

Jeffrey, you there?

Just look in the box and give me the Stilson wrench... will you, please?

Which one, do you want the 14 or the 18?

The 14. I got the 18.

Good morning.


All right.

Do you have a union card?

I don't speak English. I don't know anything.

I come but I don't know...

Hold that. That's it. Straighten that out.

Like that. That's good.

Who taught you how to do this?

Some bum.

I'll give you burn.

What are you gonna do?

Lend Jack some money and help him find ajob.


He is my brother, Ruth.

Jack is my brother.

Bless us, 0 Lord, for these thy gifts... which we are about to receive... through Jesus Christ Our Lord. Amen.


Pass the buns.

So where were you until 2:00 in the morning? l was at the beach.

Beaches are open until 2:00 in the morning?

The El Flamingo had a dance.

Eating singer.

Wll you guys stop'?

You've been singing and eating since you were two.

You sound like a subway car.

What's the El Flamingo? What's that?

It's a fancy beach club.

A lot of our old neighbors belong.

Dancing and everything? Yeah. l was a good dancer.

You're laughing. I danced like a top.

Don't laugh. He was terrific.

I got ajob.

Yeah, with Mr. Henderson.

You must be getting excited.

Well, I'm not going to be working... at Mr. Henderson's office.

I got a job at the El Flamingo.


No, not dancing. Parking cars in the lots.

You're working at...

Mr. Henderson's engineering office this summer.

Well, I don't think so.

| asked a favor of Mr. Henderson to do this.

An office boy is a good job in his firm.

It's the ground floor to an engineer.

But it's the summer, Dad... and I don't want to be working in an office.

Listen, besides, the pay is so much better here.

How much do they pay?

You mean wages?

No, box tops. Of course wages. What else?

There's tips. | get tips.

I don't believe in tips. Tips I don't believe in.

Well, I like parking cars.

Well, you can park our car... and still work with Mr. Henderson.

I mean, what-what is this?

Did you know about this? What's this? We agreed on...

Arthur, maybe you should have a word with his boss.

Just take a swing out to Rockaway after work...

Wait a minute.

No swing outs.

Please, no swing outs to Rockaway.

I'll be bringing home money every week.

Look, there. Forty dollars. That's just one night.

I'll be able to help pay for my tuition.

What about Mr. Henderson?

Oh, come on, dad. Let's face it.

They only hired me because you fix their plumbing.

They don't need me.

I did this on my own.

I got to get ready to go to work.

He gave you $40.

I'm going to practice.

Forty dollars for parking cars.

Eighteen years old.

Hey, what's the matter with your arm?

Nothing's wrong with my arm.

I'm just developing my left for college ball.

Not a bad left hand.

Well, you know, I'm a lefty.


Hey, I made some good tips here last night.

Is it like that all the time?

Usually, I guess. But I just started.

See, if I have a good summer... this parking lot's gonna pay my room and board to college.

And this ball here... it's gonna pay the tuition.

I got a scholarship.

Where are you going?

Notre Dame.

That's a good school.

Can't you see it? "He's at the line."

"The crowd hushes."

"Fortune Smith of the Fighting Irish."

Wait a second.

Jeffrey, Fortune, go see Alfred.

He always welcomes new staff to the club.

Better get going.

Pretty nice guy, that Freddie.


Is it necessary for us to jump, Alfred?

Yes, it is.

You see, as new staff... you must go through formal initiation.

Excuse me. Could you play with that later?

You jump off the cabana railing and catch a wave. Simple.

Of course, if you miss the wave... you land in the sand. Splat!

I always like a good splat.

This is a very old El Flamingo tradition.

Let's go, pencil-necks.


We better get going.

Did you ever see "The Defiant Ones"?

No, and I don't think we have time.

Why don't you go first and break my fall?

Maybe next time.

One... two... three!


No splat.

Piece of cake. Yeah!

Ok. Let's go.

Now you can play with the whistle.

Jeffrey, it's awfully nice of you to carry that... to the car for me.

Any time, Mrs. Unger.

Oh, look. There's Mr. Getzer.

I'd like to go say hello.

He just got divorced. Wait for me, will you?

All right. I'll be over here.


What's new, fellas?

Hey, Jeffrey!

Keep your hands off the popcorn!


Who's the guy in the pink shirt?

That's Paul Hirsch, number 1 cabana boy.

Makes 2 bills weekly.

Mr. Brody's playing Colonel Easton.

He owns the club.

He's a retired Air Force colonel.

Brought down 5 planes. Four of 'em were ours.

See that fat guy over there?

Big Sid, the watcher. That's all he does.

He watches these guys play gin.

That's Charlie Cooper...

Olympic cough champion.

The striped shirt's Mario Manetta.

Swallowed a bug last summer.

He sells used furniture.

All summer they play Mr. Brody's team.

All summer they lose.

The upside-down fan is Phil Brody, the King.

The guy's a genius, a master.


Excuse me.

Today, Colonel. Pull a card today, will you?

That's it? That's it.

You throwing the 10? I'm throwing the 10.

You're giving me the 10.

I'm giving you the 10. Take it!

Sweet Ginger Brown.

Shit. Thirty points.

How's he do it all the time?


Sweet Ginger Brown.

That man is amazing.

He's the king.

You play cards like that, I don't have to see.

You know, Phil, I love a humble winner.

The up-card pile couldn't have been more than 5.

He got gin like that.

I could do that.

Get outta here, will ya?

If I had you in the Air Force...

What a pigeon.

He does it to me all the time.

Dr. Ward, a 55-year old...

Must you play the radio so loud?

Hey, Dad, look at this.

Wait, wait. Let me do it right.

All right. Ok.

Look at that.

That's an upside-down fan.

That's very nice.

Needs a little work.

Why aren't you out playing ball or something?

I don't want to play basketball.

Come on, Bridget. One time, for the kid.

Hey, Jeffrey!

Hi, Pauly.

How are you?

All the guys, we're working down at the supermarket, you know?

We‘re wondering what's happening to you.

| tell you, I got a job working at this beach club parking cars.

I'm making a lot of money.

Oh, my God!

Shel, what's the matter with that girl?

Nothing. She does that stuff all the time.

Hey, Jeffrey. Meet Bridget. Bridget, meet Jeffrey.

How do you do? Fine. How are you?

Nice to meet you.

Same here.

All the stock boys are after her.

Well, I can see why.

Hey, listen, you gotta come down and visit.

All right.

I'm working over in the dairy department now.

Ok, Shelly. Everything's going real nice.

Great. I'll be down.

All right. Bye-bye!

Jeez, get me out of here.

Tore '. Tore '.!

Willis! Leave me alone!

The girl that looks like a Barbie doll is driving me crazy.

Who, Carla? Yeah, she asked me out.

I didn't want to go out with her. She's too tall.

Heard all about it.

Hey, Jeffrey and Steve, see you later.

See you later, fellas.

Yeah, bye, Jeffrey. Thanks for the money, Alfred.

Go park a car, Jeff.

Look, forget him.

You wanna win some of your money back, Alfred?

What do you say we go to the track?

Steven, I've been looking all over for you.


No, not really, Steven.

The cook is making Beef Wellington tomorrow night.

You'll come for dinner?

Oh, it'd be my pleasure, Mrs. Brody.


And I'll be dessert.

Carla, darling, you like Beef Wellington, don't you?

Oh, yeah.

How are you, Mrs. Brody?

Lovely day, isn't it?

Oh, beautiful.


Well, I got to get back to work.

I'll see you later, Carla.

Jeffrey, could you get off tomorrow night?

Tomorrow night? Jeez, I don't know.

What... what is tomorrow?

Monday night's pretty slow, Jeff.

I'd like to invite you to our house for dinner.

You would? You would?


Oh, I'd be delighted. What time?


Hey, that's great. It's like a double date.


All right. I got to go to work.

8:00. Dinner.

I'll see you later, Carla.


Come on, let's go for a swim.

You know, he's really cute and everything... but did you have to invite him to dinner?

Isn't that the boy from the parking lot?

That's right. Jeffrey's a friend of mine.

From the parking lot.

This is it.

Steve, how many families live here?

Just the Brodys.

Stevie! Where you been?

Hi, Lizzie. How you doing?

Oh, fine.

Good. This is my friend Jeffrey Willis.

Hi, Jeffrey. Pleasure meeting you.

Why are you sweating so about?

Am I sweaty?

Well, come on in.

Don't stand there like mosquito bait.


Mr. Brody's probably in the den.

I didn't kill my brother.

It was an accident.

Hello. I'm Mister Ed.

Mr. Brody.

Oh, come on in, guys.

Come on in.

It's nice to see you, Mr. Brody.

Steve, you've been coming around a long time now.

It's time to stop calling me Mr. Brody.

Call me Phil. All right?

That's Phil. Yeah.

Phil, this is my friend Jeffrey Willis.

Glad to meet you, Jeff. You're a friend of Carla's?


Good. Sit down. Sit down.

I got something here I want to show you.

It's a new thing. Just come out with this gimmick.

Look. Watch this. Look at this.

Got a commercial?


So she says, "Where will I go and how long will I stay?"

Cowboys and indians.

It's not bad. That's great.

This is the best part. I can turn off the sound.


Can I get you guys something to drink?

You want something cold? A beer?

Yeah. Beer sounds good.

Good. Two Lowenbrau coming up.

Have you got a Heineken?

I got a Lowenbrau.

Miller or something?

I got Lowenbrau.

Where's Joyce?

Oh, she's upstairs. She's still arranging herself.

I don't think she can arrange herself... any better than she already is.

Steve, why don't you run up and tell the girls...

I'm getting hungry.

Oh, sure thing.

Where are they, Joyce's room down at the end?

I'll find them... Phil.

I've seen you somewhere before, haven't I?

I'm a parking attendant at the club.

Right. That's it. You parked my car.

That's it. Yeah, yeah.

Here's your Lowenbrau.


Lowenbrau's a good beer, isn't it?

I've also seen you around the game, haven't I?

Oh, yes, sir.

Yeah. I like to...

I like it there.

You like cards?

Oh, I love cards. I really do.

Gin, gin rummy's my game.

You're the best player I've ever seen, Mr. Brody.

You must be psychic.

Relax, kid. Relax.

You won't get any gratuities here.

I know a lot about cards.

But who am I going to teach it to... my daughter Joyce?

See, it's all right. You go for gin. That's fine.

But you're greedy. That's your problem.

You gotta leave yourself a back door.

Otherwise, you're gonna be caught with your pants down...

Uncle Phil? Yeah?

Dinner's ready. Thanks, Carla.

Yeah, that's nice. Thanks.

Come on, let's go eat.

We‘ll talk about this after dinner.

You're a very good card player.

Thank you.

Yeah. You surprised me, you son ofa gun.

You got a good card sense. You remember the cards good.

You got to use the facilities?

Excuse me?

Toilet. You got to go to the toilet?

Yes. Thank you.

Yeah. Toilet.

Good player.

There you go, Jeff.



Where is everybody?

Mother and Steven are in the garden.

Carla, go get them, would you? I‘m hungry.

Hello, darling.

Where is he?

He's using the facility.

I don't know this boy, Phil.

He could be doing anything in there.

What do you think he's doing? You think he's stealing soap?


Coming, ma'am.

Darling, why don't you go to Vassar or Smith?

Because I didn't get accepted there, Mother.

Oh. They didn't accept you. Oh.

Besides, I don't want to go to a girls' school.

I'm going to be going to Miami-Dade in September. Yeah.

I just went to the University of Miami.

I didn't do so well there.

Oh, that's nice. That's nice.

And the year before that, I went to Fordham.

Fordham, yeah. You must be a tennis player.

Yeah, I am.

You want to play sometime.

You want to play tennis with me?

Have you ever seen me play tennis?

Yeah. I seen you play once.

Very good.

I like to play.

Thank you.

Aspic, Jeffrey?

Mother, I don't really think Jeffrey knows what aspic is.

No, I don't.

It's like Jell-O.

So don't take it, Jeffrey.

I hate aspic.

Oh, Phil. Lizzy worked all day on this dish.

| read it to her from the New York Times.

Phyllis, I don't want anything on my plate that moves.

Right, Jeffrey?


You know what I've been thinking?

I've been thinking that it's bad for our image... to have a parking lot attendant in our house.

Uncle Phil.

It's only just this once.

No, no.

Does cabana boy sound better?

Cabana boy?

Oh, you like that.

Well, Mr. Brody, I'd give my right arm.

You know Colonel Easton?

Of course. He owns... He owns the El Flamingo.

After dinner, I'm going to give him a phone call.

He's into me for a lot of money.

This summer, I'm gonna win the rest of it.

Look, Carla, I hope I didn't embarrass you in there.

Why? You were just being yourself, Jeffrey.

I like it.

Frankly, I think they should have made you... feel a little more comfortable in there.

Well, your uncle made me feel comfortable.

He's a nice man.

I'm really glad that I met him.

I guess he's all right.

Joyce, you're hurting me!

Oh, come on. Firm up!

Those are big goldfish.

They're koi.

You know, Japanese carp.

You ever have one of those days when you feel... like everything you say is wrong?

I'm sorry, Jeffrey.

You know... maybe I shouldn't have had you here tonight.

No! I'm glad that I came.

I wanted to get to know you.

Joyce, I think I broke a tooth.

So I call it the Flamingo... because the flamingo is a floppy bird... just like me, you know?

Anyway, after the war...

I retired from the Air Force a full colonel.

And my first wife pushes me to joining an exclusive club.

Exclusive! None of my friends could join.

You know what I mean?

Anyway, after we split up, I got this place here.

I feel that different people can make for... a very stimulating relationship and atmosphere, you know?

Here. Jeffrey?

Work hard, and you'll put a lot of change in your pocket.

What is that new kid's name? What's his name? Jason?

That's Jeffrey.

Jeffrey. Hey, Jeffrey.

Please, we need you.

Please, Jeffrey, I'm late.

Jeffrey, come on.

Where's my drink? It's a half-hour!

Hurry up, Jeffrey.

Hey, Jeff. Here! Here!


Black makes you look nice.

Put it away, OK?

Family portrait.

Try and look happy, dear. ls everyone smiling?

I want a picture with Jeffrey. Give us a picture with Jeffrey.

Jeffrey, come here. Take a picture.

Just, come on. That's fine.

Right in here. Come in here. Look at this.

I'll be in the cabana, darling.

Wait a minute! I'll take off the glasses.

I look better without the glasses.

Jeffrey! Over here, Jeffrey!

Good evening, Mr. Brody.

I'm just gonna straighten up your cabana a little bit, OK?


That's a nice shirt you have, Mr. Brody.

Thank you, Jeffrey.

Appearance is important.

Remember what I'm telling you.

You are what you wear.

You know, I've heard that before.

What is that, a satin-satin shirt?

Satin? This shirt? Satin?

Are you kidding? Satin?

Come here. Come here. Satin!

Feel that. Feel that.

Satin! Silk.

Oh, jeez, you know, I should have known.

It's great.

I want you to have it.

Oh, Mr. Brody, you don't have to...

Jeffrey, please. I want you to have it.

All right?

You're going to love this shirt.

I don't have to do it. I don't have to do anything.

Slide your arm up that sleeve.

That's real nice of you, Mr. Brody.

Yeah, that's really nice.

You like that feel?

It's a nice shirt.

I got dozens of these shirts. Yeah?

Guy in Hong Kong sends 'em to me.

You going to school?

Yes, sir. Where are you going?

I'm probably going to be studying at Columbia.

Good for you! That's great!

Did you go to college, Mr. Brody.

Yeah... Well, I mean, I didn't...

You know, I didn't go to college, but...

My older brother used all the money... so there was nothing left for me.

I went to night school. I graduated, NYU.

Took a lot of business courses. Let me give you some advice.

You can forget that literature, religion... music, philosophy, things like that.

I mean, it's OK, but... what are you going to do with philosophy?

You've never seen a philosopher making 50 grand a year.


Remember what I'm telling you.

Socrates rode around on the back of a donkey.

That's a good one, Mr. Brody.

Don't do that, please.

I'm gonna have to ask you to get out of the car now.

Jeffrey, you like that Maserati?

180 miles an hour.

You step on that gas, it's good-bye, everybody.

Mr. Brody, hejust came...

No, no. Ron, it's all right. It's a friend of mine.

This is Jeffrey. Say hello to Ron.

Ron, it's a pleasure.

Nice to meet you.

Ron started working with me... when you were what, 21 years of age?

Right. 21 years old.

Now he's got a big house in Manhasset.

He's got a swimming pool. He's got a barbecue pit.

It's all right.

I'm sorry. I didn't think you would want...

Go sell a car. Go on.

That's proof. It's never too soon to start with a career.


Come on, let's go for a spin.

In this?

No. You don't drive this on the road.

It's got no windshield. You get bugs in your teeth.

Oh, yeah. Sure.

You ever hit a bug going 180 miles an hour?

Believe me, it's not a thrill.

For you or the bug.

All I have to do is sell 2 of these every month...

Covers my whole nut.

Whole nut? Easy.

You know, I watch guys knocking their brains out.

Take my brother Pat.

Law review at Michigan.

If he's lucky... lucky!

He does maybe 20 grand a year.

That's my bar bill at the club.

Your bar bill at the club.

The point I'm making is... the salesmen of this world make the money.

Remember that.

Yeah. Yeah. You're right.

The reason I'm telling you this is I've been watching you.

You know what I've seen so far spells?



Salesman, huh?

You're personable, you're bright, you're sharp.


You're just the kind of young man I want working for me.


I never kid when I'm talking about a person's future.

Come on, kid. Let it out.

See what this thing will do.

Look what I found in his closet.

It's a silk shirt.

Looks like some kind of costume.

He said somebody at the club gave it to him.

I wouldn't wear that.

Go, Carla, go.

There you are, Mrs. Brody.

Straight vodka on the rocks in a wine glass.

Is there anything else you'd like me to get?



Well, I'll check the snack bar to see if they have a gun, but you might have to settle for a club sandwich.

Cute, Jeffrey, cute.

This is my life... Being amused by a cabana boy.


Curt, I give you the honor of working on the perfect body.

And you can also work on this damn machine.

What is that 192? What? No way I weigh 192.

Are they kidding? 192.

You look good.

I try to... I try to keep in shape.

You know, Jeff, I...

I've been watching your gin rummy game.

Go on. Lay down. Stretch out.

Lay down on my stomach?

There you go.


You know, maybe someday you and me... we could sit on the same side of the table.

Nah, never.

The guys you play against are too good.

They think they're too good.

That's the secret.

Jeffrey, my boy...

God put certain people on this Earth to give you money.

And your responsibility in life is to go out there and take it.

Isn't that right, Axel?

See, Jeff, I know a lot more about you than you realize.

| see a young fellow who was probably raised... by a good, solid family in Brooklyn.

A hard—working father, like mine.

I loved my father.

He sold notions down in the garment district.

And if he sold a lot of 1,000... he'd clear maybe $5.00.


I remember one time he was... you know, kind of discouraged.

And he sat there, and he looked at me.

Do you know what he said to me?

"Phil, how many pounds of potatoes will I eat..."

"before I die?"

I don't want to see that happen to you, Jeffrey.

Make sure you come to see me when you're ready, all right?

I will.

Come on.

Over we go. On the front.

Over here. Same spot.

Get me in the front.

Hi, Dad. Hi, Nikki.

Look what the wind blew in.

Hi, Ma. Anybody call?

To what do we owe the pleasure?

What brings you home?

Oh, they closed the club early.

The rain killed us, so...

Jeffrey, do you want gravy on your potatoes?


Did you have potatoes tonight?

Oh, yes. Boiled.

How many potatoes do you think you'll eat before you die?

Jeffrey, do you want potatoes or not?

Oh, no, thank you, Mom. I'll just have a little dessert.

I ate dinner already.

I got ice cream. Come on.

Mom, how come you never make aspic?


You tell him when he comes back, all right?

Jeffrey, can I see you a moment, please?

Tell him now.

I was at Columbia today, filling out my fall courses...

Tell him faster.

So I talked to a professor friend I know... and I got you another interview.

For what?


Just because you're on the list at Columbia... doesn't mean you should give up.

This interview could move you right up there.

You still want to go to Columbia, don't you, Jeffrey?

I mean, you don't want to go to Pratt.

Thank you, Nikki, but I may not be needing college.


You may not be needing college?

What may you be needing?

Dad, let's face it.

The best training for life is life.

I'm thinking about going into sales.

The cabana boy is going into sales.

Look, money's the name of the game... and if you can make it easy, make it easy.

I know this guy.

He sells only 2 sports cars a month.

It covers his whole nut.

Jeffrey... See what I'm saying?

You don't really want to sell cars, do you?

You want to go to college, right?

Mom. Ma, believe me.

College is overrated.

Don't let anybody tell you different.

I know this guy. He made law review at Michigan.

He's lucky if he brings in 20 grand a year.

Now, you take this car salesman I know... that's his bar bill at the club.

What does this car salesman drink?

Well, maybe I'm overstating it.

The point I'm trying to make is it's the businessmen... of this world that make the money.

You know what I'm saying.

No, I don't.

Who is this person?

Who is this person? Phil Brody, the King.

Now he knows kings.

What the hell is he talking about?

Phil Brody owns Brody Motors out in Rockaway.

He's probably the top mover of performance cars... on the whole East Coast.

He says what he sees in me spells salesman.

What I see of you spells crap.

Why do you always have to put me down?

Because-Come here. I'll tell you why.

You're a kid. Because you're just a kid.

You got gook on your shirt.

You got no training. You can't spell anything yet.

Arthur! Arthur, please.

Nikki, play something so the neighbors don't hear.

No, no. Please stop. Stop playing. Don't play.

Jeffrey, I may be just a plumber named Willis... but I'm a good plumber.

I give a dollar's work for a dollar's pay.

I put in a sleeve, I cut ajoint, it stays.

But still, I have some dreams.

and Ruth and lwill sail off somewhere.

My other dream is that my children be educated.

I don't care what you do.

Worse comes to worst, an educated plumber... which would make you a better plumber than me.

But be educated.

Now, this... this friend of yours has some funny ideas.

This Mr. Brophy...


Brody! Everybody knows this guy!

He's got some funny ideas.

And I won't have them in my house.

This is my house!

That's my chair, that's my table... that's my piano, my binoculars!

My pictures! That used to be my dog!

That's my sofa!

I am king here!

Forget the interview, Jeffrey.

Just go to Pratt.



I've just decided now that I'm not going to college.

I'm going to be a car salesman.

Jeffrey, sit down. No!

Look, I'm getting a little sick and tired... of you telling me what I'm supposed to be... and what I'm supposed to do.

This is my life, OK?

Let me live it, and leave me alone.

I'm sorry, Jeffrey.

I have to go home and get ready for school.

You know that. l have some big decisions I have to make... you know, with my family and everything.

I told you about that. You know, my father.

I told you about him.

You're the only person around here that I can talk to.

I can't talk to Hawk, for crying out loud.

You know what I mean.

I don't have anybody that I can really talk to... except for you, and now you're leaving.

You're gonna make the right decision.

It's going to be all right.

Cabana boy!

I better get back to work.

Well, I have a week left.

Do you want to sulk or do you want to have fun?

I want to sulk. I don't mind sulking.

I like to sulk.

I got to work. I got to make a human sundial here.

Ok, sulk. if you change your mind, I'll be around.

There you are, ma'am.

You have a nice behind, Jeffrey.

All the cabana boys seem to have the same size behind.

Can I put yourtip in your pocket?


You missed my pocket again, Mrs. Unger.

I like to miss it.

Tell the boys to bring my car around.

I'll come out after I shower.

Ok, Mrs. Unger.

Hey, Fortune, what are you doing tonight?

I got something hot.

What? Mrs. Unger?

No, no, no, no.

Hop in. I'm working, all right? What's up?

I got a hot tip on a horse.

You want to go to the track tonight?

The track? Yeah.

Hawk knows this trainer who says it's definite.

So it's definite.

Inside info? Yeah.

I'm not usually privy to inside information.

I mean, rich people always are.

I guess that's why they stay rich.

So you in?

Yeah, I'm in.

Great. We'll pick you up in front here at 7:30.

I'm going to make you a rich man, Fortune.

Like to hear it.

This looks all right. Where's Jeffrey?

That's what I want to know.

There's your tailor‘s wife.

They must have moved to Long Island.

No wonder you never got your pants back.

Ma, ma, please get down from there.

Shit. My parents are here.

Listen, we're going home to get changed, all right?

Don't forget you gotta be here at 7:30 for the track.

What track?

Don‘t tell everybody about the track!

My optometrist gave the tip to me, not...

You have to get Mrs. Unger's car.

Hi, Ma.

Hello, Jeffrey. How are you?

Jeffrey. Hello, son.

Hi, Dad. What are you doing here?

Same problem with the car.

It's the water pump. It's shot.

She still works good, though.

What are you doing here?

Well, we decided tonight for a change... to go out to dinner together like a family.

We're going to go have macaroni at Giuseppi's.

Wait a minute. I can't go.

I'm sorry. I already made plans.

What plans?

What plans? I got to go with my friends.

Where are you going?

I'm going out. What's the difference?

Arthur, I told you we should have called.

Where are you going out? Where are you going?

I'm going to Yonkers.

What's in Yonkers?

There's a race track, Dad. What?

There's a race track. I'm going with my friends...

Oh. I see.

So now going to the race track with your friends... is more important than macaroni at Giuseppi's?

Wait a minute. Mom, did I say that?

You, too. Work on your backhand.

I'm so embarrassed. I'm going to die.

Arthur, we can all have dinner together another time.

Please, don't. You're making me look like the bad guy.

Now, listen.

You're always doing this to me. Don't do this to me.

Just let me talk to Jeff. Jeffrey.

And I never said...

Horses. Race track...

How you doing?

Mr. Brody. How are you?

Am I interrupting something here?

No, you're not.

I'd like you to meet my mother.

Mrs. Willis, how are you?

What a pleasure this is.

So nice to meet you.

This is my daughter, Nikki.

Nikki, how are you?

Nikki, say hi to Mr. Brody.

Nice to meet you. Nice to meet you.

What do you think I am, a moron?

This is my father.

Mr. Willis.

I cannot tell you what a pleasant surprise this is.

Jeffrey's told me so much about all of you...

I feel like I know you.

I feel I know you, too.

Well, you got a great kid, here, Mr. Willis.

You got a great kid.

He's bright. He's ambitious.

He's the best cabana boy at the club.

I'm not the best. Now, don't be modest.

He's come a long way since I met him.

A great cabana boy.

The best.


Jeffrey, about this race track and gambling and horses... why don't we talk about this over dinner?

Well, I want to be with my friends.

Look, this is very important...

Excuse me. Excuse me.

I don't mean to butt in... but at his age, his friends are important.

Your father's first name?

See, Arthur, boys grow up only once.

Jeffrey works very hard.

Tonight he wants to go to the track with his friends.

Let him go.

Stop it.

Excuse me?

What are you telling me about my son?

How can you tell me about my son?

This is my son, not yours.

What are you saying?

I'm saying that he was going to go to college, my son... before he met you... and got these silly ideas about selling cars... is what I'm saying.

Just wait a minute.

Ok. Yeah. I just...

Selling cars is not a silly idea.

Some of us do very well selling cars.

This is unnecessary, please.

You're right.

What do you do? What do you do for a trade?

I mean, what do you do for a living?

You work with your hands? I'm a plumber.

Look, Artie...


Mr. Willis, let me put it to you this way.

Jeffrey here, your son, he's a very bright young man.

I know that.

You should open your mind, listen to what he has to say.

Look, you seem like a good father.

I am a good father.

He's a very good father.

Listen to your boy.

Talk to him.

You can work it out, the two of you.

Work it out together.

Jeffrey, your father‘s a good man.

Jeff, I'll see you.

Mrs. Willis, a pleasure.

Look at this pretty girl. Nikki. Such a pleasure.

‘BYE-bye. 'BYE-bye.

Mr. Brody, I had it washed.

Here you go, Fortune, add this to your fortune.

Nice car.

You coming, Jeffrey?


All right. We're going. Let's go. Come on.

At the turn, it's Gussy's Grandson and In A Pinch.

Opal Sunset moving up to challenge.

It's Gussy's Grandson, Nobody‘s Business... and In A Pinch. Opal Sunset fading fast.

They're in the stretch.

It's Gussy's Grandson and In A Pinch.

In A Pinch and Nobody‘s Business.

Nobody's Business. In A Pinch.

Hey, Hawk, did we miss the race?

No. Our tip is for the last race.

Hey. guys. I'll see you in a minute, OK?

I gotta go pee, all right?

Jeff, what was the name of that sure thing?

Arvo Hanover. Yeah.

What'd he say?

Arvo Hanover, number 8 horse to win... 10 times.

Number 3, Betting Bird.

Number 4, Apple Pie.

Number 5, White Hill.

Number 6, Son Of Flasher.

Number 7, Jack Be Nimble.

And number 8, Arvo Hanover.

The 8 horse 10 times, please.

Where the hell is Fortune? He's gonna miss this!

We made it! Beautiful!

Damn it!

Hey! Where you been? You didn't get a bet down.

Don't worry about me. I'm fine.

What are you talking about?

Fifty-dollar win?

All 10 of them, baby.

Oh, my God.

Five bills on a horse?

What are you, nuts?

That's crazy, Fortune.

I'm not crazy. You know what that is?

Eight-to-1 odds, Jeffrey.

Four thousand dollars, man.

I'm going to Notre Dame in style.

And they're off.

Hawk, there are those guys who wanted to break your nose.

I ain't afraid of those wimps.

Hey, look who's here. The boys from the El Flamingo.

Hi, guys-

Number 8 is great!

Hey, you're blocking my view.

Hey, come on, get your big nose out of here.

You’re hogging my oxygen.

Arvo Hanover third, moving up to challenge.

Arvo Hanover taking the lead.

Freedom Call second. Nelson Ride third.

Get him!

Come on!

Oh, no! There goes my contact lens.


Arvo Hanover pulling out in front.

Freedom Call behind by a head.

Why me, always me?

Arvo Hanover by a 1/2 a length.

Arvo Hanover breaks stride.

Oh, shit!

What happened? She's going backwards!

She broke stride.

She has to go to the rear of the pack.

I knew it!

I knew that if we'd listened to Hawk, we'd lose.

I can't believe she broke. l smelled victory.

It's my optometrist.

He's out 500 bucks now.

Oh, God, why me? Why me, Jeffrey?

Please drive safely on your way home.

Those guys from the El Flamingo always bring me bad luck.

Let's welcome them to Yonkers.

Jeffrey, I'm sorry.

I don't understand what happened.

Well, I'll tell you what happened.

We bet our hard-earned cash on your horse... that's what happened.

What are you gonna do?

I'm going to get a new optometrist.

Well, well, look who came to our restaurant.

The flamingo fairy birds.

Well, if it isn't the pets from Pinky's Pet Shop.

Can I help you guys?

I have a problem.

Yeah, you're ugly.

I have lost my wallet.

It was here in the garbage, but I cannot find it.

Perhaps if my friend Renaldo here helps me look.

It's very important to me.

What seems to be the problem here?

Listen, pal, I'll have you know... that l knowjujitsu, karate, judo, and some other big words.

So don't mess with me, all right?

I think I'm gonna take my sweater off.

Hey, get the hell out of here.

Leave my friends alone.

Think we can get out of this?

Doesn't look good.

Hey, let go of my nose!

Hello, police?

Don't worry about it, all right?

Go ahead, your folks must be worried.

Go on right home.

Thanks, Mr. Willis.

Everything OK with Fortune?

Everything's taken care of.


So now I'm a chauffeur.

I drive to jail, I pick you up...

I drive you home. Good-bye. The end.

Can we talk about this later?

Well, it's not the end. There‘s nothing to talk about.


In Brooklyn, you go to school. In Long Island, you go to jail.

From now on, you stay in Brooklyn.

You couldn't go to dinner with your family.

You had to go out with your friends... the bums and gamblers.

Hey, they're good people.

They are good people.

What have you learned from your fancy Long Island friends?

My friends in Long Island know how to have a good time.

if you didn't save every penny and stuff it under your pillow.

But no, we have to live in that dump in Brooklyn.

The biggest robbery in Britain's history was perp...

You got the right time?


Is that you, Arthur?

It's all right, Ruth.


Look, I'm...

I‘m sorry I hit you.

No, dad. Dad, it's OK.

You going back there tomorrow?

Yes... I am.

To the fast-car salesman?

There's something you should know... about your father, Jeffrey.

Fast things frighten him.

Your Uncle Jack is always going fast... taking short cuts.

It always hurts him.

Well, I'm not frightened of fast things, OK?

I remember my...

I remember my father telling me... there are only 2 important things in living.

He said, finding out what you do well... and finding out what makes you happy.

If God is smiling on you, they're both the same thing.

I'll remember that, Dad.

What are you packing?

I'm moving out.


I think it's just best if I go for a while.

Where? What will you do?

Mr. Brody offered me a job.

He told me to come see him when I‘m ready, and I'm ready.

So, what is so important that you interrupted me... in the middle of the dance class?

Well, I feel I'm ready to work for you, Mr. Brody.

You pulled me off the floor to tell me... that you're ready to work for me?

Yeah. Ifigure ifl sell one car a month... it'll cover my whole nut.

Well, I guess so.

So you really want to go into the automobile business?

Very much so, sir.

Well, Jeffrey, I tell you what I'm gonna do.

To show you that I'm a man of my word...

I promised you I would give you a job... when you said you are ready.

I‘m gonna bring you up to my lot in Yonkers.

There's an opening there for a stock boy.

Stock boy?

Now, wait.

I don't want to hear disappointment.

Just a minute, there.

Well, after we talked...

I was under the impression that l was to be a salesman.

Yeah, you're going to be a salesman.

You're going to be.

But when you plant a tree... you don't hang a swing on it the next day.

See, the tree has got to grow.

It's got to mature. That's what you're...

I understand that.

Let me put it another way to you.

Nobody is gonna come into my showroom... and buy a $10,000 foreign automobile... from a kid who looks like he just got his driver's license.

We all have to start someplace.


Well, you know, it's my father.

He wants me to go to college.

And I... ljust feel like...

I don't know if I want to go. I think I'd rather...

I love this tune.

I never knew there were so many pretty ladies in that class.

So now | spell stock boy.

Jeffrey, somebody threw up in the cabana C bathroom.

Clean it up.

Attention club members.

There are still a few tickets left for the Labor Day dance.

You can purchase them from the snack bar.

So, are you going to take a pretty girl... to the Labor Day dance?


Yeah, I guess no one would want to dance... with a stock boy, anyway.


Come on... do you really have to leave tomorrow?

Yes. But we have all night together.

You see that ship over there?

Yeah. I've sat here nights... and watched the ship go back and forth.

It's not the same ship you've been seeing every night.

It's different ships doing the same thing... boxing the compass.

Boxing the compass?

Yeah. Ok.

You see those 2 lights out there?


Ok, the one over here, Ambrose light, New Jersey.

The brighter one to the right, Scotland light, New York.

Outgoing ships sail back and forth... in between those two lights.

Then they set their compasses.

And when they're all set, they sail off to sea.

Europe, Africa, China.

How do you know all this, Jeffrey?

Oh, it's my father.

He's a nautical buff.

You know... he never actually went anywhere... but he dreams about that stuff, you know?

There's nothing wrong with dreaming.


There's nothing wrong with dreaming.

Hey, you know what I would do if I could change the map?

No, what?

I'd take the Statue of Liberty... and I'd, I don't know, I'd put it up in the Bronx.

Right? I'd get rid of that right away.

And I'd take Los Angeles... not all of Los Angeles, but a little part... where you live... and I'd put it where the statue used to be.


So this way, we'd be... We could be close to each other.

Wouldn‘t that be nice?

You know, Thanksgiving's only a few months away.

Maybe you can come to California and visit me.

I'd like that. That would be very nice.

Hey, why not? The Dodgers did it, right?

I won't forget this summer, Jeffrey.

I‘m going to miss you.

I'll miss you, too.


How are you, Jeffrey?

Hey, Nikki. What are you doing here?

Are you alone? You didn't bring them, did you?

Yeah, I took a swing out by myself.


Mom sent some socks and undenNear.

Oh, good.

She figured you'd be running out by now.

Yeah, I was.

Well, guess what.

We‘re all going out to dinner tonight.

Oh, yeah? Who's going?

Mom, Dad, me, Uncle Jack.

Guess where we're going.

Dad's favorite restaurant.

Don't tell me. Larry's Fishouse, right?

"Whatever fish you wish."

Jeffrey, will you give me a hand?

Listen, looks like you're pretty busy... so I'm gonna go, OK?

And... bye.


All right. Bye.

Attention, staff.

It's Labor Day. Go get 'em.

Hello, Mr. Sweet Ginger Brown.

We‘ll murder you.

Hot enough for you today, Mrs. Unger?

It must be 105!

Hey, any of you guys want to make a bet... on the Mets game today?

Come on. How about you, Phil? Five bucks?

The Mets couldn't even beat the Mets.

What's this? What is this?

Jeffrey, what...

Jeffrey, what is this?

Jesus Christ! This place is turning into a kindergarten.

Come on, let's play cards.

Will you stop with the hula hoop?

Go tell your mother I'm busy.

Hawk, let's go.

Are you watching? You're not even watching.

I'm watching. It's hot. Look.

Colonel Easton needs a 5 to win.

Or a 3 to win.

And Brody has both.

And he's about to throw the 3 and finally lose a game.

He's gonna throw the 5 now. Look...

There he goes.

He's breaking up a meld. He's throwing a 10!

He broke up a meld.

The guy is a genius! He's psychotic.


Yeah. Psychic. That's what I meant. Psychic.

Charlie, would you stop coughing?

You should quit smoking.

I don't smoke.

You should start.

Boy, it's hot.

Come on, Paddy, what do you want to drink? Scotch?

No, nothing for me. Thanks.

I've been on the wagon for two weeks.

We're 90 points ahead.

It'll take another 2 weeks to digest... all those margaritas you drank the night you quit.


My arm!

Oh, my God! He crushed the colonel.

Give him air, everybody. That's what they always say.

Don't pull him! Leave him alone, for Christ's sake.

Let a doctor look at him.

Where's Dr. Gold?


Dr. Gold!

Dr. Gold!

Excuse me.

Excuse me, Dr. Gold.


There's an accident. Big Sid passed out.

Dirk, come quick!

I'm Turk. He's Dirk.

Dirk, Turk. Emergency!

What's he saying? I think he's choking.

Relax. We're lifeguards.

Come on, take it easy.

Gentlemen, the doctors here.

Me first, Doe. I own the club.

What happened?

Ouch! My arm hurts!

Will you move out of the way?

Can I ride in the ambulance with you, Colonel?


Well, then, can I at least be the first to sign your cast?

Shut up, Hawk.

Don't worry. Everything's under control.

I got the lifeguards.

What about the game, Charlie? We're out 1,900 apiece.


Stay back, everyone.

Sid will be OK.

It's just a little sunstroke.

Clear out of the way!

Excuse us, Mr. Brody, excuse us.

We're giving him medical assistance immediately.

I have to get to the hospital.

Well, you picked a hell ofa way... to win a purple heart.

Sorry, boys. Good luck, boys.

Take it easy.

How do you break an arm playing gin?

It's a bad break, fellas.

It's a tough way to end it.

The summer's not over yet, Phil.

But it's getting there.

Yeah, I can feel it in my bones.

You know, the truth is that...

Hal was having kind of a bad day today.

You fellows are lucky.

See, this way, kind of cuts your losses.

Forget it, Phil.



The bottom line is, you got to come up with a third... or I'm going to go home.

See, | just put a $3,500 air conditioning unit... in my house. I'd like to try it out.

Oh, incidentally, you paid for it.

I'll be the third.

You what?

I'll play you.

What's the matter with you?

You got sunstroke. too?


Jeffrey, what are you saying?

Mr. Cooper, I want to play on your team.

The kid's good. I've seen him play.

Come on, he's playing with our money.

What choice do we have?

Are you serious?

Yeah, we're serious.

What's the matter, Phil? You afraid of the kid?

Well, why not?

Be kind of like a baptism into the game.

This could be a very interesting afternoon, Jeffrey.


Come on, kid. Let's go.

We got him.

What are we gonna do about a cabana boy?

Hey, can we get a cabana boy over here?

I predict this will be a short afternoon.

Don‘t let him scare you, Jeffrey.

It's all over!

That's it for the Yankees.

And they'll have to settle for a split this afternoon.

I'm going home to change for the dance.

Yeah, fine. That's good.

That's nice. Yeah.

Are you coming, or shall I bring your clothes back here?

Yeah. Whatever.

I may not go to the dance, Phyllis.

Phil, isn't that our cabana boy?

It's Jeffrey. Yeah.

You're playing our cabana boy?


He can't come to the dance... because he's playing our cabana boy.

I‘m going out of my fucking mind!

I'm telling you the truth.

Yeah, you'll see in a minute, Alfred.


Jeffrey's playing in the big gin game.

Danny! Danny, come here!

Jeffrey's playing in the big gin game.

You see? What did I tell you, you jerk?

How's he doing?

Relax, kid.

You're not playing with your own money.

I'm going to take that... and I'm going to knock with 7.

Hawk, I think you're bad luck.

Lay them down, kid. Read them and weep.

Oh, yeah.

There's the old king you were looking for.

Let's see.

My queen on yourjack. My jack on your 10.

My 4 on your 4's. l underknock you with 5, Mr. Brody.

Kid underknocked!

Way to go, kid!

That gives me 20 points for the underknock... plus 2 is 22 points.

He's hot.

I taught him everything he knows.

Back off. Back off.

Your deal, sir. I do believe you play loser deals.

Good play, Jeffrey.

You want something to drink, Jeffrey?

Oh, no thank you, Mr. Brody.

Phil, Jeffrey.


Gin, Phil.

All right! Oh, 5 hands in a row.

He's on a roll.

20 knock.

This is ridiculous.

It's freezing out here.

Let's go inside.

It looks like it's gonna rain anyway.

All right with you, cabana boy?

Fine with me.

Quit whining, Mario.

I'm not whining. I'm winning.

You guys still predicting a short afternoon?

It's fiesta time as we bring to a close... another summer of fun under the sun... as you dance to the Latin tempos... of Aaron Rosenthal and his orchestra.

So where's my blind date?

She'll be here.

They're coming in all the way from the Bronx.

Hey, Steve! Hey, Joyce.

So, what, are you fixing me up with a bimbo?

No. They're young girls.


That's gin.

Hey, what happened? Who's winning?

They're making a comeback led by Jeffrey Willis.

This is the last set. We win this one, we're even.

Charlie, we lost our ass all summer.

I want better than even.

Hey, Phil, what do you say we double the stakes?

Double the stakes?

Yeah, sure. Come on.

It will be a pleasure.

You like cards?

Yeah. My favorite are birthday and Valentine's Day.


Hey, what do you know?


All right.


Add them up.

Yeah. This is catching.

You know you got a big space in between your teeth?

You know you have a big fucking nose?

We're done, Jeffrey.

It's up to you now.

If Jeffrey wins this hand, it's all over.

How do you play gin?

What are you looking for?

Big Sid isn't here anymore, Phil. lt'sjust you and me.

Come on.

What did he say?

Don't get your hopes up, kid.

No one's ever blanked me.

Throw a card.

Sweet Ginger Brown.

All right!

Come on, Mr. Brody, it's only a game.

You know, Gloria...

I taught the kid everything he knows.

Hey, Phil, it was a good game.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

What the hell? It's a few bucks.

The kid got lucky, that's all.

Did we show him? Right in the gut!

Mario, I stopped coughing.


If you ever need a piece of used furniture...

Enough said.

How much do we make the checks out for?

Write them all.

Could I get cash?


Let me go show him the damage.

Jeffrey, you're a real artist, a genius with numbers.

You got a great card sense.

Well, it's just a game.

It's not just a game. It's a way of life.

We came back against a better team.

Not really.

Mr. Cooper, I have to tell you something.

Gentlemen, we'll be waiting for our cash over here.

So mad, Teddy's neck is red.

It's like this. He's going crazy.

Hey, don't worry. Your cash is coming, Jeffrey.

Ok. I'm going to go get changed.

I'll come by and pick it up.

Right here, all right?

What's the matter, Charlie?

You look like you've seen a ghost.

Hey! -

Oh, Jeffrey, thank you for being our cabana boy.

Ok. See you next summer.

Maybe. So long, Peter.

Hey, Jeffrey.

You played all right.

Yeah, I like your style.

Hey, what the hell. It's a game, right?

Look, I'll tell you what.

I want you to forget about that Yonkers thing.

You know, stock boy. Come work for me.

With me.

And maybe I'll send you out to my new place, Newport.

The beach. California.

You'd be near my niece Carla with the pretty face.

You'd like that, wouldn't you?

I told them.

What are you talking about? You told them what?

Well, I had to. About you and Big Sid.

Your scam.

You can't go around screwing your friends, Mr. Brody.

Phil. Hey, Phil!

Relax. Relax. Will you relax?

You'd listen to a kid that cleans toilets?

You cheated?

Jeffrey, sit.


At the El Flamingo... the king does not get his own car... even if the car is mine.

Here you go, Mr. Willis.

Steve, thank you for letting me use your car.

I'll get it back to you tomorrow.

I'll be at the University of Las Vegas if you need me.

Jeffrey, you are a better card player than I am... but I'm still better at horses.

Steve, you're breathing on my neck.

Your chariot, sir.

I think I'm gonna be sick.

Well, don't do it on my shirt.

It's your shirt that's making me sick.

Fortune, thanks a lot.

It's been good working with you.

Mandy! I mean it.

Mandy, get over here, quick!

All right, Steve. Mandy's coming.

Hey, Fortune, come here for a minute.

He's breaking my neck. What's wrong with him?

This is for you.

Oh, he'sjust drunk!

What's this?

It's your tip.

Good luck at Notre Dame.

Stay away from Yonkers Raceway, will you?

My tip.

Hi, Dad.

I got to get a fresh toothpick.

Hey, pull up a chair.


You play great accordion. Come back later.

Hey, Jeffrey. How you doing, kid?

I can't believe it!

Could we get another chair?

Good to see you.

He looks good, huh?

Should we have them bring your food over here?

How's your Mr. Brophy?

Summer's over.

Summer's over?

I'm just standing here watching another ship... boxing its compass and venturing out to sea.

It's nice to know that it can go home if it needs to.

If he talks nice to the lighthouse keeper... he can always come home.

Yeah, well, maybe if the lighthouse keeper... didn't yell so much...

Well, the reason the lighthouse keeper yells...

What the hell are we talking about?

You coming home or what?

Yeah, I'm coming home, all right?

But then I'm getting my own apartment!

Good. All right. Then it's over?

Yeah, it's over. Yeah. Fine.

All right. Good, good. Come on.

Come on, Dad.

This is a crowded restaurant here.

I'm sorry... come on, let's go.


Hey. All right.


What are you looking at?

Eat your halibut and mind your own business.

Yeah, eat your halibut... and mind your own business, will you?

Clementine for my brother Jack.

Oh, no, no!