The Fly (1986) Script

What am I working on?

Uh, I'm working on something that'll change the word...

...and human life as we know it.

Change it a lot or just a bit? You'll have to be more specific.

What, do you want me to be specific here, in this room...

...with, uh, half the scientific community of North America eavesdropping?

Is there another way?

Uh, y-you could come back to my lab.

Listen, I'II make you cappuccino.

I have a Faema of my very own. You know what that is?

It's not the dilettante's plastic kitchen model.

It's one of those, uh, real restaurant espresso machines...

...with the eagle on top and--

Somehow I get the feeling you don't get out much.

You can tell that?


I think you're making a mistake.

I think you really want to talk to me.

Sorry. I have three other interviews to do before this party's over.

Yeah, but they're not working on something that'll change the word as we know it.

They say they are.

Yeah, but they're lying. I'm not.

Are you sick? Oh--


You're not a very accomplished drunk.

No, no. I'm always like this. It's, uh, motion sickness.

When I was a kid, I, uh...

...puked on my tricycle.

I hate vehicles. Should I drive more showily?

No, no. Just turn left. We're almost there.

This is it?

It's, uh, cleaner on the inside.



Listen, uh, maybe this is a bad idea.

No. It's too late.

You've already seen them.

Can't let you leave here alive.

#### I haven't seen anything.



Designer phone booths.

Very cute.

Hey, I bet you have a really neat jukebox in here too someplace.

Over there maybe? No.

No, this is the--

This is the prototype of... those.

It's the first one I had made.

It, uh, works, but it's clunky.

I call them telecoms.

They're controlled by this.

Thank God for that.

So what do they do, the phone booths?



Uh, okay. I need an object. Um--

Say, do you have something on you that's...

...uh, personal that I could use?

Something uniquely you, an item of clothing or jewellery?

What, are you kidding?

No, I'm serious.

Okay. Here it goes.


I don't wear jewellery.


It's nice.

Uh, Brundle, Seth.

Uh, Brundle, Seth.

Uh, Brundle, Seth.

Uh, Brundle, Seth.

Begin teleportation sequence.

Um, keep your eye on the stocking.



The word’s largest microwave oven.

I'm glad I didn't give you my Rolex, if I had a Rolex.

No, you're missing the point. Look.




Wait a minute.

Is that a hologram?

Where's my stocking? That's it, the real one.

Go ahead. Pick it up.

I don't think I get it.

What happened? You got it, all right.

You just can't handle it. Um--

Your stocking has just been teleported...

...from one pod to another...

...uh, disintegrated there and reintegrated there.

Sort of.

It will change the word as we know it, right?

Oh, no--

Uh, this is, uh-- This is incredible.

I mean, it's not possible, is it?

How have you managed to keep this quiet?

Please sit down. How could you do this alone?

Well, I don't work alone. There's a lot of stuff in there I don't even understand.

I'm really, uh, a systems management man.

I farm bits and pieces out to guys who are much more brilliant than I am.

I say, 'Build me a laser this. Design me a molecuIar analyser that.'

They do. And I just stick them together.

But none of them knows what the project really is.


Wow. And, uh, the money?

Bartok Science Industries financed this?

Mm-hmm. But they leave me alone 'cause I'm not expensive.

And they know they'll end up owning it all, whatever it is. So--...

You haven't told them? When I'm ready.

Oh. Wait a second.

What are you doing? Well, you want me to get...

...the quotes right, don't you?

Quotes? No, no.

I thought this was personal. You can't write about this.

What are you taking about? I'm a journalist.

Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no.

You knew that. Uh--

I'm sorry. I apologize. I made a mistake.

I shouldn’t have shown you this. I'm very, very sorry.

Listen. Particle magazine sent me to that party to get a story.

And this is the most exciting thing I've ever seen.

No, no. AbsoluteIy not.

I'm gonna have to ask you for that tape. Please.

You can't do that.

Don't you dare write a story. I'd never have told any of this stuff to a journalist.

But you did tell this stuff to a journalist. Yeah, I suppose I did.

Sure did. Wait a minute. Wait a minute.

Wait-- Come here. What about your stocking?

Keep it for good luck.

I farm bits and pieces out... guys who are much more brilliant than I am.

I say, 'Build me a laser this. Design me a molecular analyser that.'

They do. End I just stick them together.

But none of them knows what the project really is. So--

Wow. End, uh, the money?

Bartok Science Industries financed this?

Mm-hmm. But they leave me alone 'cause I'm not expensive.

End they know they'll end up owning it all, whatever it is. So--

Well, that's it.

What do you think?

It's a joke.

What? He's conning you.

It's an old nightclub routine, the two cabinets.

End you fell for it. ...

Wait a minute. That was no nightclub-- Are we having lunch?

Listen, that was no nightclub routine. I was there. I saw it.


Sure. Send him in.

You must have made an impression. What do you mean?

Your magician has folioed you here.

I'm Stathis Borans. I'm the editor of Particle magazine.

Uh, Seth Brundle-- I know who you are.

Listen, uh, why don't you two use my office?

I've gotta run.

If you plan to make anything disappear...

...please let me know.

I've got an assistant editor who's outlived his usefulness.

You didn't waste any time.

I'm not getting any younger.

He didn't seem-- He wasn't impressed by your tape?

He thinks you're a con man.


Yeah? Well, let's see what the people at Omni think about it.

No, no, listen, Veronica.

I've come here to say one magic word to you.



I've been working alone too long.

I have a strong urge, uh, to talk about what I'm doing.

But, um, if this gets out now--

Veronica, it'll kill me.

The Bartok people will kill me. My coinages will kill me.

See, it's not ready yet.

Seems to work okay. No. Something import ant’s missing.



Which is?

I can only teleport inanimate objects.

Well, what happens when you try to teleport living things?

Not while we're eating.

It can't be worse than this.

Listen, you're not doing a very good job of convincing me.

I think the word should know about it now...

...and I think I should be the one to tell it.

You should tell it...

...but, uh, not yet.

Look, what do you got so far?

Enough to make you nervous.

Why not get more? Let me become your major project.

I'm taking about a book, not a magazine article.

Follow me and my work day by day... as much detail as you can stand.

I don't have a life so there's nothing for you to interfere with.

Research the background. Cover the process.

'The compete record of the most earth-shattering invention ever...

'the one that ended all concepts of transport...

...of borders and frontiers, of time and space.'

Your book will end with me transporting myself...

...15 feet through space from one telepod to another.

That's what's really missing.

Wait for me that long?

What are you doing in my apartment?

Just happened to be in the neighbourhood.

Felt a bit scummy. Rough day.

Aaah. Aaah. Oh.

How did you get in?

Have a key, remember?

You gave it to me.

I knew I should have changed the lock.

I knew you wouldn’t. Yeah?


That's because, unconsciously... still want me to come back...

...move in again.

No. That's because, very consciously...

I'm lazy and disorganized.

Your new playmate’s an interesting guy.

What playmates? The nightclub act.


Yeah? Yeah.

Yeah, I was wrong. He's really quite brilliant.

He was the leader of the F-3-2 team.

Remember that?

An inch away from the Nobel Prize for physics.

He was only 20 at the time.

I don't even think I'm going to do Brundle.

I'm still considering the Psychology Today gig.

That's not like you.

Are you getting out or am I?

I'II go.

I have to put this issue to bed. Want me to come back later and tuck you in?

No. Key.

I'II keep it...

...for old time's sake.

You're a petty schmuck.

Initiate in five seconds.

I've got to do this, Seth.

Talk to the tape. Get in the habit.

The world will want to know what you're thinking.

'Fuck' is what I'm thinking.

Good. The world will want to know that.

What else? Why didn't it work?

I think it, uh, turned the baboon inside out.


Can't deal with the flesh. It only seems to work with inanimate objects...

...nothing that's living.

Must be my fault.


Computers are dumb. They only know what you tell them.

I must not know enough about the flesh myself.

I'm going to have to learn.

I don't want to talk now.

Do you ever change your clothes?


Your clothes. You're always wearing the same clothes.

No. These are clean.

I change my clothes every day.

Five sets of exactly the same clothes?

Learned it from Einstein.

This way I don't have to, um...

...expend any thought on what I'm going to wear.

I just grab the next set on the rack.

I bought some steaks.

Could I make you one?

We could go out.


No, I-- I-- I--

We don't have to go there.

You're very cute. You know that?

Am I?

Oh. Ow. Ow. What happened?

My back. Ow.

Oh. Oh, God. Something's stuck to your back.

Well, pull it off.

Oh. Ooh.


Sorry. Oh.

Huh. I wondered what happened to this.

Do you have any disinfectant?

No, it's okay. Well, let me kiss it for you.

Oh. Babe, thank you.

Ow, ow, ow, ow.

Sorry. I just want to eat you up.

You know, that's why old ladies pinch babies' cheeks.

It's the flesh. It just makes you crazy.

Ronnie, Ronnie? Hmm?

Want to try an experiment?



Eat this. I need an objective opinion.

Yes? Well, it could use some finesse...

...but, um, it tastes like a steak.



Now try this teleported half.

Are you serious? A monkey just came apart in there.

Baboon. Eat.

Ooh. Mm-- That tastes funny.

Funny how? It tastes, um...


Mm-hmm. So what have we proved?

The computer is... us its interpretation of a steak.

It's, uh, translating it for us.

It's rethinking it rather than reproducing it...

...and something is getting lost in the translation.

Me. I'm lost.

The flesh. It should make the computer, uh, crazy... those old ladies pinching babies.

But it doesn't. Not yet. I haven't taught the computer... be made crazy by the, uh, flesh--...

...the poetry of the steak.

So I'm going to start teaching it now.

#### -

I should have known it.

What are you doing here? I folioed you.

Psychology Today, my ass.

You stayed with Brundle all night.

Why didn't I believe you, I wonder?

Oh, yeah. Yeah. I think he'd look great in this.

Don't you? Hmm?

Hmm? I mean, for your Time magazine cover...'ve got to look good, right?

Don't you get it? I'm finally onto something that's big. Huge.

Yeah? What, his cock?

Crude, Stathis. Very crude.

You're too perfect to believe.

You're a goddess.

Thank you for making my most paranoid fantasies come true.

I don't have to report to you, you creep.

Ronnie, you've got to talk to me.

I don't have to do anything. We're finished, remember?

I'II spend the night anywhere I damn well please.

Sorry. Uh, I'II take this too.

I think it's time for champagne.

Oh, God, Seth. It's really happened.

You did it. You’ll never have to get carsick again.

Or airsick or seasick.

Mm, I know, I know. Or tricycle-sick.

What's next?

Well, I'II send the baboon out for tests.

See if he's really okay. How long will that take?

Could be weeks.


Yeah, why? Well, I was thinking...

...that we could take a holiday.

We could?

Yeah. You know, like an old married couple.

Old man's got a couple of weeks off... they go to Florida, someplace warm.

Just you and me?

Yeah, why? Is there someone else you're thinking of bringing along?

No, no, I just, um--

Is this a romance we're having? Is that what it is?

Yeah. It could be a romance.

Come here.

I have a great idea.

Do you like Chinese food?


We're going to have a very romantic dinner right here.

Hey, what's this? Oh, yeah.

From your editor. Sorry. Somebody sipped it under the door.

Hello, Victor? Yeah, it's Seth Brundle.

Oh, yeah, I'll wait. Oh, no.

What? What's that?

Nothing. It's just, uh, personal bullshit.

I thought old married couples shared all their personal bullshit.

That's how they stayed old and married.

Uh, listen.

Seth, don't rush it. What are you taking about?

Look, I have to go out for a few hours. Now? No.

Ronnie, uh, spicy eggplant, champagne.

Just for a few hours.

I still have the residue of another life, you know.

I have to... scrape it off my shoe...

...and get rid of it once and for all.

Uh, hi-- -

What's this supposed to mean?

It means that I'm your editor, and I'm shaping your material into a story.

You're the one who told me there was no story.

You said Brundle was a con man.

I've decided to trust your journalistic instincts.

Thanks very much, but this is not your story.

It's mine. Says who?

I sent you to the Bartok party to see what you could find.

Your discovery is my discovery.

I have a lot of background on Brundle.

He's been working on this thing for six years.

There's material out there to find if you dig deep.

I dug. Stathis--

Everything that has to do with transportation will become obsolete.

And I am right there in the middle of it...

...the only recorder of the event from the inside out.



Look, uh-- Just keep me informed, all right?

As a friend?

As a professional confidant?

That's all?

I don't want you to disappear from my life.


What about sex?

I'm not saying love or affection, just stress-relieving sex.

You and me.

You're disgusting, as always.

Wouldn’t want to disappoint you.

'Residue' means her old boyfriend, doesn't it?

Stathis Borans is her old boyfriend.

'From the desk of Stathis Borans.'

How about, 'Under the desk of Stathis Borans'?

She's working for her old boyfriend.

Now she runs out late at night to see him.

What is this, the Ronnie game?

I'm catching on. I'm catching on.

I didn't mean to kill your brother.

But he didn't die in vain, if that's of any comfort. End--

As the general said...

'There's nothing I'd ask you to do that I wouldn’t do myself, boys.'

Hey, you're all right.

From looking at you, I can tell you're okay.

What are we waiting for? Let's do it.

How you doing?

Now, you tell me... I different somehow?

Is it live, or is it Memorex?

It's too bad Ronnie missed it.

I missed you last night.

It's still night. I came back.

You had to celebrate without me.

I'm sorry.

I went through last night.

You went through?

Without testing the baboon?

I was... drunk. I was a bit upset.

You could have killed yourself.

Are you sleeping with Stathis Borans?

What are you taking about?

I-- I don't know. I just, um, get that feeling.

That's why you were upset?

I got jealous.

Oh, God. Seth... don't have to be jealous.

He's an old boyfriend.

He was teaching at college. I was a science major.

He got me started in journalism.

Is he still in love with you?

How could he not be?

Hey, what about our deal?

You went through, and I wasn't there.

Don't worry. I taped it for you.

You did?

So, I asked the computer if it had improved me.

It said it didn't know what I was taking about.

That's made me think carefully about what I've been feeling and why.

I'm beginning to think the sheer process of being taken apart atom by atom...

...and put back together again--

It's like coffee being put through a filter. It's somehow a purifying process.

It's purified me. It's cleansed me. And I'II tell you...

I think it's going to allow me to realize...

...the personal potential I've been neglecting all these years...

...that I've been obsessively pursuing goal after goal.

Do you normally take coffee with your sugar?

What? Oh.

You know, I just don't think I've ever given me a chance to be me.

But, of course, interestingly... the exact moment that I achieved...

...what'll probably prove to be my life's work...

...that's the moment when I started being the real me finally.

So, uh, listen-- Not to wax messianic...

...but it may be true that the synchronicity of those two events...

...might blur the resultant individual effect of either individuality.

But it is, uh, nevertheless also certainly true...

I will say now however subjectively...

...that human teleportation-- molecular decimation, breakdown and reformation--... inherently purging-- it makes a man a king.

From the moment I walked out, I felt like a million bucks.

I think I am gonna have a cannoli after all.

Waiter. I mean, w-what an accomplishment.

But what have I really done? AII I've done is say to the word...

'Let's go. Move. Catch me if you can.'

Waiter. Jesus Christ. -

Oh, God. Wait.

What? Uh-- Oh, God.


How can you keep going?

You can't have any-- have any fluid left in your body.

We've been doing this for hours.

I-I'm not ready to quit yet.

Come on. Oh--...

Come on. Oh--

Mm. Hey. What's this?

It's an attempt to distract me, that's what it is.

No, really, what is it?

It's like... hairs or something.

I don't know. It's, uh--

It happens when you get older. Weird hair configurations.

They're really coarse.

Well, I've never really been hairy enough.

You know what I mean? Airways too boyish.

I'm Looking forward to a hairy body.

It's one of the compensations of old age. Come here. Where are you going?

Let me go.

You're let go.

Hey, hey, hey. Not my new hairs. What are you doing?

Relax, Brundle.

I don't really think you want a body covered with these.

God.. They're really tough.

Listen. I want you to go through.

I want to teleport you as soon as possible.

Right now. You’ll feel incredible.

Ronnie, I hardily need to sleep anymore and I feel wonderful.

It's like a drug, but a perfectly pure and benign drug.

The power I feel surging inside me--

I won't wear you out. We'll be the perfect couple. The dynamic duo.

Come on. Right now. Hey, wait.

Don't give me that born-again...

...teleportation rap. I told you I'm scared to do it.

W-What do I have to say? I'm not gonna do it.

You're a fucking drag, you know that.

Something went wrong, Seth.

When you went through, something went wrong.

No? If not you, if you're too chickenshit... be a member of the dynamic duo club, okay, then great.

I'II find somebody else, somebody who can keep up with me.

Seth, you have to listen to me.

You're afraid to dive into the plasma pool, aren't you?

You're afraid to be destroyed and recreated, aren't you?

I'II bet you think you woke me up about the flesh, don't you?

But you only know society's straight line about the flesh.

You can't penetrate beyond society's sick, gray fear of the flesh.

Drink deep or taste not the plasma spring.

See what I'm saying?

I'm not just taking about sex and penetration.

I'm taking about penetration beyond the veil of the flesh--...

...a deep, penetrating dive into the plasma pool.


I'II have a scotch.

Who's winning?

I don't know. I hope it's Marky.

How come? Because...

I like Marky tonight.

Well, I like you tonight.

Maybe I'd better get involved in this too.

Hey, pal, you're disturbing us.

I got 1 00 bucks says I can beat either one of you.

Take a hike, asshole.


Here's my 1 00...

...and I take the lady home for the night if I win.

Says who? Do I look like a hooker to you?

Hey, Tawny, it's an easy 1 00. Come on, pal. Let's get it over with.

Better watch out. He eats chocolate bars.

Yeah, so I noticed.

I don't think he has a chance.

My arm.

Are you a bodybuilder or something?

Are you a bodybuilder or something?

Yeah, I build bodies. I take them apart, then I put them back together again.

Well, you sure took Marky apart.

Let's go back to my place. Your place?

Yeah, well, okay. I live with my mother anyway.

But, uh, can we go to maybe a few more bars first?

I mean, it's a little too early to quit.

Sure, a few more bars.

Great place.


There's no elevator.

I can't make it. No, there's an elevator.

There. Don't you feel elevated? -






Are you some sort of magician?



Ooh. -

So? Are we going to breakfast or not?

It's your turn. To do what?

I want you to go through. No.

I don't want to try that. Why not? It'll make you feel sexy.

But I already feel sexy.

How 'bout... a nice alcohol rub?

Don't do that. It hurts.

Sorry, hon.

I didn't know you had the skin of a princess.

You're real sensitive, huh? Okay, okay.

That's it. You're going to like it.

I don't want to. I'm afraid.

Don't be afraid. No.

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Who's this?

Oh, I forgot to tell you. I live with my mother too. mum, meet Tawny.

I gotta go.

Thanks for a wonderful time.

Why'd you scare her off? Jealous?

You're changing, Seth.

Everything about you is changing.

You look bad.

You smell bad.

I've never been much of a bather.

Those... weird hairs that were growing out of your back, I took them to a lab.

I had them analysed.

The hairs?

The hairs?

Oh. Yeah, that's a strange thing to do.

Not as strange as the results.

The guy at the lab had trouble identifying them.

He finally came to the conclusion...

...that they were definitely not human.

Oh. Very good.

Not human, Seth.

In fact, very likely insect hairs.

That's silly. That's ridiculous.

Look. Now there's more. Uh, look at your face.

Something happened when you went through, Seth.

You've got to get some help. I think you must be sick.

You're jealous.

I've become free. I've been released, and you can't stand it.

You’ll do anything to bring me down.

Look at me. Does this look sick? Does this look like a sick man to you?

No. Stop it. Do you know any sick men...

...who can do that? Come here.

No. Seth. Deal's off. I don't need you anymore.

No, wait. Seth, please. Wait. Seth.

Don't come back.

Oh, God.

Oh, God.

Oh. Oh, God.

Oh, God.


Oh, no.

What's happening to me? Am I dying?

Is this how it starts? Am I dying?

Brundle, Seth.

Give me a disk.

Uh, I need the first teleportation, S. Brundle.

Run sequence.



Seth, I've been trying to reach you. Where are you?

For the last four weeks, I've been afraid to see you.

Now, I'm... afraid not to.

Where are you? Are you at home?

Veronica, you don't know how right you were.

I've gotten... much, much worse.

Please come to see me. Please come now.

Seth? I'm here.



You were right.

I'm diseased and, uh, might be contagious somehow.

I wouldn’t want to infect you.

And it's been accelerating.

It's unrelenting. Every day there are... changes.

Every time I look in the mirror there's someone different, hideous, repulsive.

What happened?

# I know an old lady who swallowed a fly Perhaps she'll die ##

Seth, please.

I was not pure. The teleporter insisted on inner purity. I was not pure.

I don't know what you mean.

A fly... into the... transmitter pod with me that first time when I was alone.

Uh, the computer... got confused.

There weren't supposed to be two separate genetic patterns...

...and it decided to, uh, spIice us together.

It mated us, me and the fly.

We hadn't even been properly introduced.

My teleporter turned her into a gene splicer...

...a very good one, and now I'm not Seth Brundle anymore.

I'm the offspring of Brundle and housefly.

Oh, God.

No. Oh, God. Seth.

You look so pretty.

What will happen?

Oh, I think it's showing itself as a bizarre form of cancer...

Oh, no. and general celluIar chaos and revolution.

I'm, uh, just going to have to disintegrate.

In a novel way, no doubt. And then I'II die.

And then it’ll be over. No, no, no.

I don't accept that. There must be something we can do...

...somebody we can go to, tests that can be done.

No. Um, I won't be just another tumorous bore...

...taking endlessly about his... hair failing out and his lost lymph nodes.

Then what do you want me to do? Why did you call me?


Oh, that-- that's disgusting.


My... ear. No.

I'm scared.

Help me.

Please. Please help me.

Don't go back to him.

That's it? That's your advice?

He's right, don't you see? It could be contagious.

It could turn into an epidemic. I have to go back to him.

I don't believe this.

If you saw him, Stathis--...

...if you saw how scared and angry and desperate he is--

I'm sure Typhoid Mary was a nice person too...

...when you saw her socially.

Listen, I do not want you going-- I don't care what you want.

AII right, fine.

Do I have permission to claim your body when this is all over?

Oh, God.

Look, how about this?

You say if only I saw him. Show me.

Tape him. Show me.

Let me think about it.

I'II come up with something.


Seth? No, no. Up here.


Gotten pretty good at it, haven't I?

Yeah, it's almost second nature. -

Stopped biting my nails.

Oh, look at this. What's this?

I don't know.

I seem to be stricken by a disease with a purpose, wouldn’t you say?

Maybe not such a... bad disease after all.

I can't stay here.

No, no, no.

Why not? Why can't you?

I can't take it. It's too much.

What's there to take? The disease has just revealed its purpose.

We don't have to worry about contagion anymore.

I know what the disease wants. What does the disease want?

It wants to... turn me into something else.

That's not too terrible, is it?

Most people would give anything to be turned into something else.

Turned into what? What do you think, a fly?

Am I becoming a 1 85-pound fly?

No, I'm becoming something that never existed before.

I'm becoming Brundlefly.

Don't you think that's worth a Nobel Prize or two?


I want to give a demonstration...

...that I think you'll want to, uh, record for posterity.

I think you must chronicle...

...the life and times of Brundlefly, don't you?

At the very least, it should make a fabulous children’s book.

You seem tired.

You got me there?

How does Brundlefly eat?

He found out the hard and painful way that he eats much the way a fly eats.

His teeth are now useless because...

...although he can chew up solid food, he can't digest it.

Solid food hurts. So, like a fly...

Brundlefly breaks down solids with a corrosive enzyme...

...playfully called vomit drop.

He regurgitates on his food, it liquefies...

...and then he sucks it back up.

Ready for a demonstration, kids?

Here goes.

Oh, my God.

My God.

Hey, Ronnie? -


What is it?

I'm pregnant.

Oh, no.

Oh, no.

I'm pregnant with Seth's baby.

What do you want to do?

I don't know.

I just-- I don't know.

Stathis, I'm scared.

It's going to be all right, Ronnie.

It's going to be fine.

I don't think I want to lose it.

Is there something wrong with me? Why am I losing it?

It's better this way, Ronnie. You’ll see.

It's the best thing that could happen.

She's expelling it. It's coming out.

I don't even think we're gonna have to go in.

Oh. It's gonna be easy. Don't worry, honey.

No. Please, no.

Yeah, there's no problem. It'll be over soon.

Here we go. Okay.

Just a little suction here, a little suction.

Suction. Hod it. Hold on a minute. There's more in there.

There's more? Yeah. I mean, a lot more.

Okay. You're gonna have to help us. Come on. You can push.

You can push it out. Come on.

Oh. Push. That's it. Come on.

Push. Use those muscles. That's it. No, wait.

Give us a push. You can push it out. That's it.

Come on. No, wait. Wait. No.

You can do it. Oh.

Wait. Oh.

Oh. No.

Oh.. No.. Oh.. Oh..


I want a disk. Give me preliminary integration.

I want a disk. Give me preliminary integration.

I want a disk. Give me preliminary integration.

I want a disk. Give me preliminary integration.

You're relics. Yes, you are. You can't deny it.

Vestigial, archaeological, redundant.

Artefacts of a bygone era, of historical interest only.

You've missed some good moments.

Is that why you're here, to catch up?

I wanted--

My teeth have begun to fall out.

The medicine cabinet's now the Brundle Museum of Natural History.

You want to see what else is in it? No.


...what do you want?

I... came to tell you...

I, uh-- I just--

I wanted to s-see you...


You have to leave now...

...and never come back here.

Have you ever heard of insect poetics?

Neither have I.

Insects... don't have poetics.

They're very brutal.

No compassion, no compromise.

We can't trust the insect.

I'd like to become... the first insect politician.

You see, I'd like to, um, but...

...oh, I'm afraid, um--

I don't know what you're trying to say.

I'm saying--

I'm saying I'm an insect...

...who dreamt he was a man and loved it.

But now the dream is over...

...and the insect is awake.

No, no. No, Seth.

I'm saying...

I'II hurt you if you stay.

No. No.



Let's go. Let's do it now.

Now? Wait. Wait a minute. What did he say?

I couldn’t tell him.

Let's go, damn it. No.

We should wait for a few days. I don't think you're in the right state of mind--

No. Now. I want it out of my body now. You should have seen him.

There could be anything in here. In me. In my body.

I don't know if I can arrange it right now, tonight.

Why do we have to run around in the dark like a couple of--...

'Cause I don't want it in my body. You understand me?

I don't want it in my body.

Well, okay. What's the story?

She's pregnant, and she wants to have an abortion.

In the middle of the night?

We have good reason to think that...

...this... chid will be deformed.

Yeah, but in the middle of the night? Look, Brent.


Is it your child? No.

It's the--

It's the chid of... a man who is deformed.

Listen, I don't mean to interfere...

...but I detect a certain... uncertainty here.

There are tests we can do to determine whether or not this--

I don't want tests.

Tests can't guarantee anything.

The baby could start off normal and then become--

I want an abortion.

I'II do it myself if I have to.

Okay, if you’ll just slip into that, we'll be on our way in no time.

Oh-- No. No.

Wait. Seth, no.

Why did you want to kill Brundle?

The baby... might be all that's left of the real me.

Please don't kill me.

I can't have it. I'm afraid.

Please. Have the baby.

I can't. I can't.

Too bad.

Too bad.



Let me go. Let me go.

No.. Don't..

Don't, please. Please.

Help me. Help me to be human.




I go there...

...and, uh, you go there.

We... come apart...

...and... then we... come together there.

You, me... and the baby.



We’ll be the ultimate family.

A family of three...

...joined together in one body.

More human than I am alone.

Oh, no. No. No, no.

Oh, no. No. No, no.

No. No. No. No.

Oh, please. Oh, God, please.

Oh. Oh.

Oh. No. Oh. Oh.

God.. No.. No..

Oh, God..

Please, don't. No, don't.

No.. No..


Please. Let me out. Oh, God.

No. No, I can't.

No.. I can't. No.

No. God.