The Fly II (1989) Script

The Fly II English Subtitles

There's something wrong. I can feel it.

Now, stop screaming, take a deep breath and...

Something's wrong, goddamn it. Do something! Help her!

You're too excitable, Mr. borans. Take him somewhere to calm down.

Screaming will not help anyone now.


Hold her steady.

Why wasn't I notified sooner? Sorry, Mr. bartok.

We called when labor began.

Oh, my god!

Just get it out of me!

Come on! Get it out of me!

No! Just get it out of me! Get it out!

You said it wasn't gonna be like this! You promised!

Push, Ronnie. It's coming.

Push, push.


Cut the umbilical cord get the pitocin.

We're losing her.


All clear.

Is there something moving in here?

Charge. All clear.


She's gone.

Dr. jainway, do not think this child is a laboratory animal.

I want you to take care of him as though he were my very own.

You will all answer to Dr. jainway.

She, in turn, will answer to me.

I, in turn, will answer to nobody but god.

From god's mouth to your ears, that is the chain of command.

Is that understood?

Here we have an average 11-month-old child.

And here we have our 11-month-old child.

As you can see, his life cycle is dramatically accelerated.

Now, these are aberrant chromosomes.

Obviously a product of genetic mutation.

These are all dormant, something in addition to accelerated growth.

And his non-genetic characteristics? His learning abilities, for example.

He's got a photographic memory.

He doesn't just learn, he consumes information.

And he never sleeps.

Is that so?

Do you like him?

Well, as a clinical subject, I find him astonishing.

But he does try our Patience when it comes to medical examinations.

I think it's time our young guest and I became acquainted.

We're not interrupting, are we?

Not at all, Mr. bartok.

What a handsome young man you are. Do you know who I am?

Yes, you're one of the people who lives behind the mirror.

Well, my name is Mr. bartok.

I'd like you to think of me as your dad.


what's that behind your ear?

You know, it's knowing the right magic word that makes it happen.

It's a real magic word, a secret word that you keep locked away... inside your heart and you never tell anybody.

No, you don't tell anybody, and that's what makes the magic work.


Martin, are you listening to me?

Dr. Shepard...

I don't mean to be rude by not facing you.

But those tests are far too simple to demand my full attention.

Besides, I'm almost finished.

So am I, Martin.

I just have to time you on this maze, and we can both do something we enjoy.

Very impressive, Martin.

People, may I have your attention?

I've grown tired of your trivial influence.

Another outburst and I'll be forced to make an example of you.

You've outdone yourself.

But what else does it do?

Keep still, Martin. Stop fidgeting.

Is Mr. bartok gonna visit today?

You know how busy he is. He has that project in zone four.

Oh, yeah.

Can I go visit him?

Of course not, you're not allowed. Why?

Because you don't have zone four clearance.

How much longer do I have to take these shots for?

As long as you would like to live.

Why don't I have clearance?

Because you're only a zone three project. You're fidgeting.

It's normal behavior.

I read it in a book for mothers. Want to see?

No, thank you.

Now, sit still or Mr. bartok will be very disappointed in you.

You know, I got this disease... so rare, there's only been two people who've ever had it.

My father.

And now me.

They even named it after him.

It's called brundle's accelerated growth syndrome.

The doctors say it means I'm growing up a lot faster than I'm supposed to.

Which isn't so bad, I guess.

But I think it also means that I'm gonna die a lot sooner.

Which isn't so great.

Today is your lucky day, Martin.

Lamb chops and French fries. Your favorite, isn't it?

Yes, sir.

Initiate sequence, please.

It's okay.

It worked! He's moving around.

He's still alive!

How the hell did he get in here?

What's wrong?

Happy birthday. Thank you, everybody.

Blow out the candles. don't forget to make a wish.

Martin, the whole team wants you to know... how happy we are to share your fifth birthday.

What's your wish?

You know what I want?

Your privacy.

And I think it's about time you got it.

Say the magic word... and make the mirror disappear.

I don't think I should go too far... Nonsense, it's a beautiful day.

Fresh air will do you good. You should get out more often.

You mean, this is mine?

This is my place?

Your place.

Your private place.

No more mirrors, no more prying eyes.



So do you like it?


I know it hasn't been easy growing up in such a clinical environment.

Due to your unique affliction, it's been unavoidable.

You've been very good to me.

I don't know how to thank you.

Perhaps I can think of something.

I'd like you to consider taking a position here at bartok industries.

Position? Something challenging.

To keep you from being bored.

A match for your intellect, your creative mind.

I'm talking about a job.

Five years and millions of dollars later... and what we have is...

What we have is the world's most expensive...


The greatest invention in the history of mankind... and we can't get the damn thing to work.

We're like chimpanzees trying to figure out how to operate a car.

Your father was a brilliant man.

Brilliant, but erratic.

When he died, some of his secrets died with him.

You could finish your father's work.

You're as brilliant as he was, perhaps even more so.

I don't like these things.

It's because of the dog, isn't it?

How long will you hold that against me?

It was a tragic mistake, but that's in the past now.

You must concentrate on the future.

The future is right here in this very room.

Imagine a new era of surgery without incision.

Cutting people would be primitive, a thing of the past.

All the things that would become obsolete overnight.

That's what these machines represent.

A new age.

If you want personnel...

Dr. trimble and his people are at your disposal.

If you want to work alone, fine. It's your choice.

Martin... we did everything we could for your dog.

Take comfort in knowing he didn't suffer long.

And one more thing.

Your father kept a record of his progress.

Before you decide... listen to your father.

We've just seen the first teleportation of a human being.

Dr. Seth brundle, how did it feel going through?

It felt like a stutter.

A what?

A stutter, you know, a hiccup.

A slight dislocation of my physical life.

Not unpleasant, just a little interruption of rhythm.

At first I thought it didn't work. I thought I was in the same telepod.

And now, how do you feel?

I should feel exactly the same as before... but I don 't. I feel very... energized, very coordinated.

I feel as though I work better physically, you know?

Everything seems to just work better than it ever did before.

Why should that be?

I don 't know. It's possible that... the teleporter somehow improved me.

In reassembling me, it might have seen where things could be... improved theoretically, and it did it.

I told it to be creative, and maybe it has been.

How can I help you?

Do you have any organic matter that I can borrow?

Excuse me?

A potato, a plant, something living.

You'll have to speak to maintenance, and they won 't be in until 8:00 A.M.


Well, thanks anyway.

Hey, got a visitor.

It's bartok's brat. That kid gets away with murder.

Don't worry, he'll get his someday.

Nice catch.

What is this?

A fly.

An artificial fly for fishing.

I guess you don't fish.

I don't get out much.

I'd go crazy without some diversion.

Crt burnout till 3:00 in the morning.

I heard bartok was good for advancement.

I've been here six months, and I'm still computer filing.

Graveyard shift, no less.

Are you new here?

I've been here five years.

Five years and you still work nights?

I work days too.

When do you sleep?

I don't.

You don't?

I got that in California.

So what are you working on?

The most important invention in the history of mankind.

With my cactus?


I'm talking change beyond imagination.

The big leap from stone age to microtechnologies.

Would you like to come up to my lab and watch, Beth Logan?

I have to give you points for originality.

You don't believe me?

Look, don't take this personally, but...

Should I?

I love living on a houseboat. It's peaceful on the water.

Houseboat? Hey, wait a minute, Martin.

I can't go any further. I don't have any clearance for this sector.

Poof! You have clearance.


What did you just do?

I've broken down the cactus's molecular structure... and teleported it from one pod to the other.


What's that?

It wasn't supposed to do this.


I'm sorry.

You keep it.

I have to get back to work anyway.

But I enjoyed meeting you, Martin brundle.

Maybe you should beta test the program.


would you like to visit me again?

I don't want to disturb you. You wouldn't.

You see, I have no friends here, only acquaintances, and...

I would like us to be friends.

Is that possible? I'd like that.

I, um...

I get a dinner break every night at 10:00.


Why don't you come down here? If you like, you can help with the telepods.


Maybe we could fix my plant.

Hey, Marty?

What's the good word? Got yourself a girlfriend now?


Too bad.

Nice ass.

Last night, I slept for two hours.

The longest I've ever slept.

I'm not willing to attach any significance to it.

Why not? It means I'm slowing down, stabilizing, becoming normal.

It doesn't necessarily follow. You're just working too hard.

If you were undergoing a metabolic change we would have found it by now.

You're missing my vein.

That's what you get for not sitting still!

Now let's try it again.

I don't think so.

A friend of mine in specimens division asked me up there tomorrow.

They're having sort of an office get-together.

Do you want to come?

Will there be people there?

Yeah, there usually are at get-togethers.

But nice people.

You'd be surprised.

Yeah? Yes.

So that's your genius.

He is cute.

I told you, but he's shy.

I hope he's enjoying himself.

I've never seen anything like it before in my life.

What is it?

We don't make them, we keep them alive.

It's so ugly.

He's our pride and joy in specimens. Our longest running engagement.

Two years.

That's been alive for two years?

We call him Timex. "Takes a licking, keeps on ticking."



Leave me alone.


Martin, what's the matter? I said to leave me alone, Beth.

Talk to me. I thought we were friends.

I didn't know... Stay out of my sector!

You no longer have clearance.


There was an unfortunate incident in the specimens division last night.

Someone broke in and caused some damage.

You wouldn't know anything about that, would you?


He's lying.

Of course, he's lying.

It seems our Martin is growing up.



I'm sorry.

Don't be sorry.

I missed you.

You did?


Come here, I want to show you something.

Okay, close your eyes.


Oh, gosh. Look at it.


Come here.

Where you going?

Martin, what are you doing?

You can't do that.

It's all right.

Initiate the sequence.

No, I can't.


Trust me.


That's wonderful. How did you do this?

I started from scratch.

Trimble and the rest asked the wrong questions, made the same mistakes.

They were too close to the problem to see it clearly.

Scientific myopia.

They thought of it in terms of methodology, of physics.


But you have to be able to open your eyes and admire... the beauty of the process.



What is this?

Just a little accident.

Well, it's getting all infected.

You'd better have it looked at.

I have to go now.

It's just an infection. This antibiotic... don't patronize me, Shepard!

This is obviously not an infection.

What's going to happen? Will I lose my arm?

Of course not. Now this injection will clear it up right away.

You're going to have to trust me.

I don 't trust you. I want to see Mr. bartok.

There's no doubt. None at all.

Early stages of genetic metamorphosis have been showing up on tests.

His aberrant chromosomes are not dormant.

Now that he's reached full maturity, they're growing... changing, becoming more defined.

How fast?

Like wild fire.

You know what to do, what preparations to make.

Get on with it.

You having a problem, Ms. Logan?

My card isn't working, it's not opening the door.

Nothing wrong with your card. It's just not your door anymore.

What're you talking about? It looks like... your transfer to the day shift finally came through.

Just like you wanted.

Systems analysis?

This is in a building across town.

We've already sent your personal effects over.

That's what you get for fucking around with bartok's pet freak.

For your eyes only.


May I help you?

Yes, I'd like an outside line, please.

I'm sorry, sir, all outside lines are busy. Please try again later.

Thank you.

Bartok industries, may I help you?

I'd like to speak with Martin brundle.

There is no Martin brundle here. Please try again.

Now, you listen to me. I know...

- Beth? Martin?

- You all right? Oh, my god!

I've been trying to call you. You okay?

Something is happening to me. I don't know what.

I was transferred. They found out. Bartok knows about us.

We never told anyone.

Because he saw us. He videotaped us in bed.

That's it.

He's found it.

You'd better call bartok, tell him the kid's pissed.

I see.

We lost video completely.

Where is he now? Could be anywhere.

You're not allowed in here.

Get out!

You don 't know anything. I was there.

I upset brundle. He was trying to cure himself, can 't you see that?

You gotta help Ronnie, she's pregnant with his child.

You and I are gonna be very good friends, you think?

Well, I know we are.

I want us to...

I want us to be more than friends. I want you to think of me as your dad.

You mean this is my place?

Your place, your private place.

No more mirrors, no more prying eyes.

Go on, take a look.

A fly... got into that... transmitter pod with me that first time.

The computer got confused.

There weren't supposed to be two separate genetic patterns.

And then decided to... splice us together.

It mated us, me and the fly.

Now you know.

A rather rude awakening, but at least we can drop all pretense now.


you will soon become... the most unique living creature on the face of the earth.

No, I won't.

There's nothing you or I, or anyone can do to stop it.

I'll take my... medications, my injections.

They're merely water... placebo.

We had to give you some sense of hope, otherwise...


You... want this to happen?

Of course, I want it to happen.

You're the prototype... for a whole new age of biological exploration.

With you as the model... and the telepods as the tool... bartok industry... will control the form and function of all life on earth.

Calmly, Martin.

Accept it.

This was planned from the day you were born.

We'll do everything we can to make it as painless as possible for you.

I loved you.

Get scorby.

Scorby, report to the main station. We have a situation.

Come back!

You guys, stay here.

You want out?

You have to go through me, Marty.

I enjoyed that tape of you and your girlfriend.

Girl goes like a jackhammer, doesn't she?

I don't want excuses.

I want him back. Is that understood?

Yes, sir.

Are you ready for me, Dr. trimble?

Yes, Mr. bartok. Let's get on with it.

I'd like to see these things work.

What the hell is this? Just bypass the damn thing.

Son of a bitch. Trimble, my Patience is wearing thin.

Sir, it seems the head of this project has seen fit to install a password.

Martin has installed a password? Yes, sir.

We can't access the system without it.

Well, feed it words at random.

He's booby trapped it.

The first wrong guess we make would automatically erase the programming.

"What is the magic word"?

"Abracadabra." That's the magic word. Everybody knows that.


No, there is a real magic word... and only Martin knows what it is.

This is the word that makes it all happen.



Clever boy.

Martin! Don't be frightened.

Oh, my god.

What happened?

I didn't know where else to go.

You need your medication. We have to get you back.

There's no medication for what I have.


There never was.

They were all just... waiting for...

For this... to happen.

I had to see you, Beth.

Do you want me to go?


Then help me.



All right, let's go.

Thomas, go upstairs. Chris, help out.

Anything upstairs, Thomas? Only a cat.


Go check the dock. Chris, go with him.

The girl?

She went with him.

Well, get back here as soon as you can.

Yes. don't worry, sir, we'll get him. It's just a matter of time.

That, sadly, is a luxury we don't have.

Go away.

- We have to talk to you, sir. I said piss off!

Seth brundle was my father.

Striking family resemblance.

Little big for 5 years old.

I have a chromosomal malfunction.

I'm growing at an accelerated rate.

No shit? That's fascinating.


Listen, it's been great.

Stop by again some time.

Perhaps I should invite you in.

I saw you on the videotape.

Don't sit there!

You were there the night my father died.

He was working on a cure.

That's why you dragged yourself out here? To find out about a cure?

You're my only hope.

Oh, kid... the last thing I am is anybody's hope.

You really don't want to hear about this.

I have to know.

Brundle stole my girl.

Your mother.

Got her pregnant, caused her death.

Dissolved my hand and my foot with fly vomit.

I had no love for the man.

He bugged me.

As for the cure he was working on...

he dragged your mother... kicking and screaming into that telepod... that they might be fused together in one beautiful body.

So your mother blew his brains out with a shotgun.

There's your cure.

Go away.

You bastard! Where's your compassion?

I had to give it up. It cost me an arm and a leg.

It cost you more than that.

Your father was right about one thing.

If there's a cure, it has something to do with those pods.


They won't work.

You're a bad liar, kid.

If you found the answer, use it.

Martin, did you find...?

It's nothing I can use. So forget it.

Let's go.

You should talk some sense to your friend.

They'll be looking for your car.

My Jeep's in the garage.

Just... get out.

Let me just call bartok. No, I'm not going back there.

He can help. I'll tell him about the tele...

That's a dead end. You haven't told me why.

The only way I could save myself would be to sacrifice another life.

I'd like a room, please.

All I have is a queen size.

Is that okay?

That'll be fine.

Cash in advance.

Brundle vanished late last night with co-worker, Beth Logan.

There has been speculation that Ms. Logan was kidnapped... but this has yet to be confirmed.

Number nine... miss... smith.





Martin, stop.

Please don't run away from me.

I don't know what to do.

I don't either.

Martin, I'm not gonna leave you.


How peaceful that light is.



You... should go.

You need help.

You don't think I can take care of myself?


You can't walk.

You're getting worse.

I'm getting better.

My body... is growing... stronger.

I feel good.

You don't know what you're saying.

I do know what I'm saying.

Until now, I've been nothing more than an open wound.

Defenseless... weak, vulnerable.

Don't you see...

I'm healing.

I'm healing.

It wasn't clear to me for a long time.

But now...

I can see so much better now.

Beth, if you stay a while, I'll show you a magic trick... you'll never forget.

Martin, what about the telepods?

You must tell me what the magic word is.

The word is...

It's a secret word.

Do you remember this room, Martin?

This is where you were born the first time.

It's proper that this is the place for your rebirth, don't you think?

You're growing so quickly, my boy.

Any prediction how soon?

I'd say at least a week.

Martin... if you can hear me...

I wanted to tell you I'm thrilled to have you back.

How it was naughty of you to run away.

I forgive you.

I should thank you... for the magic you worked with my telepods.

Don't ever forget that, Martin.

You're a magician, not an escape artist.

Welcome home, son.

Nothing's wrong with me, you assholes!

Let me go!

Where's Martin?

Where's Martin?

It's dirty work, MacKenzie, but somebody's gotta do it.

Make sure you don't miss anything.

You'll be pleased to know you show no signs of contamination.

Please, sit down.

You really have no choice.

Where is Martin?

He's doing very, very well. Thank you.

Resting comfortably.

But of more importance right now... is you telling me...

the magic word.

Dr. jainway?

Dr. Shepard?

What's wrong?

What's happening, man? What is it?

Back in the O.R.

You were alone with him all that time, just you and he.

He must've told you something.

You have no intention of helping Martin, and you never did.

You're not going anywhere. Vargas.

Bartok, Martin got out of his cocoon. He's out there somewhere.

Has anyone seen him? Yeah.

Dr. jainway. She's dead. He killed her.

Control, this is bartok. Listen carefully.

I do not under any circumstances want Martin injured or killed.

He is to be contained.

Anyone responsible for damage to him will answer to me. Is that clear?

Yes, sir. Code four alert.

Code four unit, quarters 12, 14 and 17.

Subject is dangerous.

All zone four units to be armed.

This is to be a live capture. Repeat, live capture.

Control, at the end of corridor a, something's moving around down there.

There are no other exits. You've got it trapped.

Sick him.

Let's check it out.

Has anyone found him? Not yet.

We're not exactly sure what he looks like.

Hold it. You wouldn't believe what I'm looking at, sir.

Whatever it is, it's dragging a body.

What direction is it headed?

I'd have to say, Mr. bartok, it's headed right in your direction.

Seal the door.

Get reinforcements. We can trap him in the hallway.

It's got a security card. Erase the code?


I've got him. He's right outside bay 17.

Send reinforcements right now!


Great, just fucking great.

Come on, freak.


Sorry guys, looks like I lost him.

There's no sign of him anywhere.

It can't get in here, can it?

Nothing gets through those doors.

The upper doors have a manual lockout.

Vargas, let's get him.

Jesus, look at that. Dispatch.

Medical emergency, bay 17. I got two men down.

I'm going after it.

Paul stay with him. The rest of you let's go. Come on!

Just tell them to kill it. Don't be an idiot.

I need a live subject. Martin is of no use dead.

He's right, Mr. bartok. Your Martin's already killed three people.

That's tragic and sad, but I haven't come this far to lose everything now.

Clever. Clever boy.

Control, he's in the air ducts headed for zone four.

Control, where's that air duct lead?

Hold on, hold on. I'm getting it.


Bay 17, observation level.


Don't shoot, idiot! Kill the damn thing.

No! No!


Vargas, get out of there!

I want him alive, damn you.


We're outside bay 17, we're cutting in.

Spray the room.





Where are you?

No. No, no!


I know you can understand me.

Don't do anything rash.

I won't hesitate to kill you in a second, if I have to.

I almost wish it didn't have to end like this.

Goodbye, Martin.

What are you doing? No!











I'm all right. Martin?

I'm all right.