The Forsaken (2001) Script

What did you say your name was again? Sean.

Sean, yeah. I did business with a guy named Sean once.

Fucked me over real good. Well, you can trust me, sir.

This woman wants her car delivered by Tuesday. That's five days from now.

Okay, I can do it. I worked out... I don't give a shit how you do it... so long as it gets there by Tuesday and in one piece.

And if it doesn't, that bitch is gonna ream my ass.

If that happens, I'm gonna come looking for yours.

Yes, sir. What the hell are you eating?

None of your goddamn business. What did the doctor say?

Oh, fuck the doctor. You got them papers yet?

I'm getting there. Been getting there for the last hour.

I'm getting there, Ned, and I'm still getting there.

These are your papers and your registration.

They'll explain everything if the cops pull you over.

But that ain't gonna happen. No, sir.

This one's our contract. You get half your fee up front.

And the other half when you deliver the car.

Here. Sign here.

What about insurance?

Don't worry. I'm covered.

If you get into an accident and it's the other guy's fault... just call me.

What if it's my fault?

Well, then you'd better hope to hell I never catch your ass.

Now remember. This ain't no sightseeing trip.

If you fuck around, you're not gonna make Miami by Tuesday.

And no goddamn hitchhikers.

I don't care what kind of hard-luck story they give. Don't pick them up.

It's just asking for trouble. Woman's a real ball-buster.

Her husband ran off with some Florida State cheerleader... and she got this beauty in the divorce settlement.

And she doesn't want a scratch on it. Sure this thing will make it to Miami?

Not that old piece of shit. This one.

You should have seen this guy. A $50,000 car.

Absolutely primo. The husband restored everything... right down to the nuts and bolts.

Well, when are you splitting?

As soon as I tell Decker.

He's never gonna let you go, not in a million years.

The geek wants to see you in his office, Sean.

Saw the car, dude. It's dope.

He's gonna get fired. Decker wouldn't dare. Sean rules.

I'll bet you ten bucks he gets canned. You're on.

You wanted to see me? What's this about taking the week off?

My sister's getting married. I thought I couldn't go. I didn't have the bucks...

What's Teen Zombie's release date? September 1 5.

I got to deliver a trailer by August. I can mix and deliver in time.

I got a week's vacation coming. You don't see me taking a vacation.

If I went around all the time, this place would go to shit.

All right. You want to fire me, fine, but I'm going.

One week. That's it. And if that trailer isn't on time, your ass is out of here.

Thanks. Fuck you.


I'll see you guys in a week.

Hey, where you headed, cowboy? Miami.

We're going to Big Bob Dune Races.

It's on your way. You should check it out.

I can't. Aw, why not?

I got kind of a tight schedule.

You know, it's too bad 'cause you don't know what you're missing.

Holy shit!


Ain't not damage except to the rim, as far as I can tell.

I could pound it out for you to make it look as good as new.

It would take me till tomorrow to get that size of tire.

What about using the spare?

The highway's shut down up ahead for the next 30 miles.

You gotta take some back roads.

I wouldn't want to get caught out in the badlands without a spare.

Yeah, this is great. I lost my wallet. I can't believe this.

You gonna be able to pay for this? Yeah. Yeah, sure.

I was saving this for my sister's wedding present.

Yeah. Yeah, I can pay for the tire.

Hey, this motel down here... is it clean?


Fourteen. How was it?

Now what good is all that?

You know, he's only gonna come back with the others.

And you'll get shot. We're gonna get you out so fast... you won't touch ground.

Wait a minute. I helped you out this far. Now I'm finished.

You're what? I said I'm finished.

I come into town on business.

Look, my cattle's dying. I gotta take care of them.

Dan, you're the best shot we've got. Well, that's not my job.


Nice ride. Where you headed?


You going through Houston? Yeah.

Well, I'm pointed that way.

What are the chances of you giving me a lift?

Come on, man. It's a long, lonely ride by yourself.

You could use some company, huh?

Look, man, I'm sorry. It's not my car, all right?

I'm driving it for the owner. Part of the deal is no hitchhikers.

The sun's killing me.

The local dick... he's already stopped me twice.

Asked me to get my ass out of town. You'll get a ride.

What if I don't?

What if you pick up the newspaper tomorrow and you read about... some slacker road kill with a picture of my face staring back at you, huh?

Could you live with that?

I'll pay for gas!

All the gas until Houston?

Name's Nick.


You made the right decision, Sean.

My sister kept everything together after my mom died.

Went to work out of high school. Put herself through college.

Put me through film school.

I really wanna be there for her wedding.

You make a lot of money in the movie biz?

Not yet. Right now I'm just cutting trailers.

What are trailers? You know, coming attractions.

I cut the video trailers for Death Ball and Sorority Killers.


Well, can't say I saw those.

Movies are at the bottom of the entertainment food chain for me.

No, I wanna cut features. That is where the real money is.

Maybe direct someday.

My dad was the second assistant on E. T.

Now I saw that one.

Me and my friend scored some killer bud one night, and we rented it.

What are you doing?

Drinking a beer. Only one left, and it's warm.

If you say please, I'll share it. Not while I'm driving.

That's cool.

I mean both of us.

I'm not driving. I don't wanna chance getting busted.

Who the hell is gonna bust us out here? I haven't even seen any road kill.

That's not the point. Besides, I don't want you spilling it in the car.

I'm not a fucking geek! Listen, get rid of it.

You said get rid of it.

Still pissed? You don't have to pay. You ever hear of a warrant?

You don't even live in this state.

I mean, unless you're worried about being extradited for littering.

He didn't even bust you for the open container.

Hey, don't push it, all right?

Hey, man, you gotta lighten up.

How you boys doing this evening?

Fine. You?

Son of a bitch died on us just as we pulled in here to take a piss.

Think the battery's gone dead. We need a jump.

I don't have any cables. That's okay. We got some.

So, what do you say?

Yeah, sure. Let's do it.

You want to pop the hood?

Get in and turn it over when I tell you.

We really appreciate your help.

Thank you. I'd sure hate to get stuck out here... in this shit-hole.

Hey, how much you pay for a ride like that?

I don't know. It's not mine. Well, whose is it?

Shut up, Pen. Kick it over, Teddy.



Fuckin' A. Ready?

You might want to keep that running for a while. Let it charge up.

We'll do that.

Can I ask you guys, were you in Tonopah last night?

We were in Kingman last night.

I thought I saw your car in the motel there.

No, must have been another one just like it.

Yeah, yeah. I guess so.

You got any money you could spare?

Not really. You sure?

Don't be a bitch. You heard him.

No harm in asking, right?

The one riding shotgun's a hunter. I know.

Then why did you let him go?

How many times do I have to tell you?

There's a time and a place... for everything.

How's that steak?

It's good. Want some?

You sure? Yeah.

If that was any rarer, it'd still be grazing somewhere.

Do you eat like that 'cause you're tapped out?

Yeah, I'm tapped out. Lost my wallet, credit cards, everything.

Got barely enough money to get to my sister's wedding and back.

Fucking ordered cheese.

So what's your deal, man? What do you do?

As little as possible.

Yeah, but you gotta make money. You work?

I cruise. I find something to do when I need to.

Kind of like a day-to-day thing.

What about the future?

I mean, what do you want to be doing, say, I don't know, ten years from now?

I don't give a shit. I could be dead tomorrow.

If everybody had your attitude, we'd really be fucked.

We are fucked. Take a look at the world we inherited.

We're a bunch of fast-food munching MTV freaks humping the American dream.

You gonna finish that pie?

No. No, I guess I'm not.

The generation before us sold their innocence for 200 satellite stations... and it's been downhill ever since.

They had Mickey Mouse, Easy Rider and the Beatles.

All right? We got South Park, the Blair bitch and Ricky Martin.

They had, "Be here now." We got, "Shit happens."

If that doesn't put things into perspective, I don't know what does.

We're just Microsoft Neanderthals addicted to surfing Net land... still shitting in our own nest.

And every time I think about giving a rat's ass, I just picture Monica... making millions from sucking Bill's little red rooster.

And that just rockets me right back into reality.

You are really depressing. You know that, right?


Here. My treat.

You pay. I'm gonna piss.

Look, miss. This is a private tour bus.

I don't know what's wrong with you, but if you wanna go somewhere... you gotta get inside and buy yourself a ticket for the regular bus.

You owe me for the coffee, honey.

What's wrong with you? What's going on?

I don't know. What is wrong with her?

I think she's stoned and flat-ass broke too.

That's great. Who's gonna pay me for this?

I will.

I'll pay. If she's a friend... you better get her some help before the sheriff sees her around here.

It's okay.

I know what's wrong with you, and I wanna help you.

Easy, Nick. You're scaring her. I know what I'm doing, Sean.

I'm serious. Take it easy. I said I know what I'm doing.

Hey, look at her. She's shaking.

Get the car. Look, I can't get involved in this.

Get the fucking car!


Well, I can let you have number six.

It's 45 bucks.

Yeah, that's fine. In advance.

I'm tired of you dune racers fucking the place up... so no funny business or I'll boot your ass out.

Understood? Yes, sir.

She was trying to get on that bus. Maybe wherever it's going is where she's from.

Get my bags from the car and as much ice as you can, all right?

What is the deal here, Nick? What do you mean, you know what's wrong with her?

Just get my stuff, and I'll tell you everything.

This is all the ice I could... What the fuck are you doing?

Her blood's burning up. I gotta cool her down.

Maybe we should get her a doctor. I'm gonna be needing a lot more ice.

Get back to that restaurant and get as much as they'll give you.

I'm not getting shit until you tell me what the hell is going on.

She's infected. What do you mean? Infected how?

Jesus. What the hell is all that shit?

I swear to God, man, I will drop you a clue. I promise you.

But I need the fucking ice.

Yeah, come on, baby! Yeah!

Goddamn it, Merk, you asshole.

Put that fucking thing away before you kill somebody.

Shut that shit out!

I blast that motherfucker clean!

Hey, Prize, man!

Put the goddamn gun away before I come up there and kick your skinny ass.

Oh, I am scared shitless! I'm shaking all over the place, man.

Better watch out. You're gonna shoot your dick off with that thing.

Wouldn't take much.

Very funny, bitch.


We saw the lights. Wondered if you guys could spare a few beers.

"We"? My friends and me.

Oh, God.

So, you got any beers or what?

This is a private party. Sorry.

We didn't know that.

Well, now you do.

Why don't you motivate your ass on out of here before you piss somebody off... and end up with my boot in your ass?

Just one beer?

Hey, why don't you toss me a cold one?

You got it, bro.

How's that for you?

How about another for my friend?

Una mas coming up.

Oh, shit!

Yeah, run, baby!

Shit! Get in!

Hey, you gotta calm down! Calm down!

Calm down!

No, wait! Stop! Calm down!

Shh! You are safe! You're safe!

Shut up! Shh! Quiet. Shh.

What's happening to her?

Come here! Help me hold her! She's gonna hurt herself! She's gonna...

Drop the fucking box and help me!

Shh! Shh! Give me her arm!


What's going on in there?

What the hell are you freaks doing in there?

Nothing. My sister had a bad nightmare. Bullshit.

Shh! There's something funny going on.

Nothing's going on in here. I swear. My sister had a bad dream.

I want you out of here come morning. Understood?

That's not a problem.

You gotta hold her tight.

What is that? What are you doing? Don't worry. I've done this before.

She's got a blood disorder. How do you know that?

Trust me. I know.

What kind of disorder? She's got a virus.

It can be slowly controlled by drugs, but only for a little while.

The only real cure is to find the original source of infection... and kill it.

Now I'm about to lay some heavy shit on you, my man.

And you're probably gonna bail, but I am totally played out... and I need your help.

What happened to your hand?

She must have...

She must have bit me.

What the hell do you kids want?

I had the weirdest dreams.

There was all this blood.

I was hanging with these...

That was way back in time. Some weird shit.

How do you feel?

Wiped out. It's like I was 'shrooming or something.

You were bit by a vampire. Yeah, right.

You know, I was thinking maybe... maybe I should drop the two of you off in San Antonio.

Come on. I gotta show you something.

Is that who I think it is?

What the fuck is he doing?

What are you doing?

Wake up, fuckface.

Jesus Christ, you fucking killed him.

I doubt it.

Open the trunk. Why?

Just open the trunk. You'll find out.

What am I supposed to be looking for? There's nothing in there?

No, there's nothing but an old tarp. What?

Get her off of me!



Now do you believe me?

Oh, shit!

Shit! Fuck!

Oh, you gotta be shitting me!

What? We got a problem.

That motherfucker overslept again!

We gotta get out of here.

What you wanna do about her?

Okeydokey. But it sure seems like a waste.

Oh, God! You okay?

Fuck no, I'm not okay! Take the drugs to slow the virus.

If you don't, you're gonna turn. No drugs.

You're not listening to me.

If you turn before we kill the source of the infection, you are fucked!

Who the hell are you, man? How do you know this shit?

That's not important. What's important is that you...

Fuck you, it's not important! Hey, you gotta trust me, all right?

You got me into this shit! Who the fuck are you?

You wanna know who I am? Take a look at that!

I was bitten a little over a year ago.

Some bitch at a party.

For two days, I was sick as a dog just like you... so I took myself to the hospital.

Lucky for me, one of the interns had been bitten... and he knew about the drugs.

I think the vamp that bit this girl is the one I traced my infection back to.

I tracked him down here. So which one is it?

Is it the poser or is it the retard?

It's the poser. The retard's not a vamp. He's their day driver.

You know the Penthouse pet from hell? She's a full-blown feeder.

But nearly turned. You can see it in her eyes.

So why didn't we kill the fucker when we had the chance?

Because you can only kill the Forsaken on hallowed ground.

What the hell's the Forsaken?

What do you mean, "hallowed ground"? What do you mean, like, a church?

Tell that bitch to shut the fuck up!

I can't hear what you're saying!

Fucking A. They barbecued her fucking ass.

And tell your girl I was right. You should have whacked that hunter before.

All right. Calm down. I didn't mean nothing by it.


I said, shit, we got company.

I can handle it. No sweat.

Can I see your license and registration?

Do you know you were going 95 miles an hour back there?

No, sure didn't. Kind of just got away from me.

Eighty-five is getting away from you.

Ninety-five is a felony speeding here in Texas, my friend.

It says here your license is expired.

No shit.

Why don't you just sit here for a second while I run this.

He's gonna run my license. What'd you say?

Nothing. No, I didn't say nothing.

Yes, you did. It sounded like you were talking to someone else.

No. Just talking to myself.

You been drinking, sir?

I haven't had a drink in years.

Do you mind stepping out of the vehicle, please?

Of course not. And open up the trunk for me.

Ain't nothing in the trunk.

I'd like to see, just the same. Okeydokey.

But I think you're gonna be disappointed.

Told you!

What you want me to do with him?

Yeah, he's still alive.


There's one in here like they always carry.

Of course I am. I ain't an idiot.

Fucking bitch.

What are these? Antigens, aminos, proteins.

Back in the late '80s when they were getting into drug cocktails for HIV... some doctor that had been bitten mixed one that slowed the virus.

Now, everybody's different, but usually it takes about a week to turn.

If you get on the cocktail, you'll buy yourself some time.

How long do the drugs work?

They can hold off the onset for a couple of years.

But not forever?

No. Not forever.

Is that what you gave her?

No, I'm just keeping her snowed with morphine.


If her friend back there didn't know we were hunting before... he sure as shit does now.

He's gonna come after us, and that's exactly what I want.

She acts as a homing device. The virus is telegenetic.

He can track us as long as I keep letting the virus in her grow stronger.

Yeah, well, who gave you the right to play God with her life?

Hey, this is all about survival of the fittest.

You don't learn that, and you are gonna die.

Or worse.

Fuck me. I feel incredible. My whole body just tingles.

Yeah, it's seductive. But just remember what came out of that trunk.


You never answered me from before. Why do you call them the Forsaken?

How much do you know about vampires? I saw Coppola's Dracula.

No, that whole Vlad the Impaler story's horse shit.

The real deal started at the siege of Antioch during the Great Crusade.

The first battle was a bloodbath.

The Turks kicked ass... leaving 200 French knights dead or dying in a raging blizzard.

By nightfall, there was only nine of them still alive.

That's when Banta appeared before them.

Who's that? The angel from the bottomless pit.

In medieval legend, he appeared after battles... all dressed in black armor, looking for souls to steal.

And the story goes that eight of these French knights... made a pact with the demon for eternal life.

To seal the deal, they killed and drank the blood of the ninth one who refused.

But when the sun came up, they were so ashamed of what they had done... they couldn't stand the sight of each other.

So they went and hid in caves until nightfall.

They then went their separate ways... spread out all across the world alone... forever cursed with the desire for human blood... and unable ever again to walk in daylight.

The curse gradually became known as a disease.

And as it spread, people started calling them the Forsaken.

The eight. Are they still kicking?

About 300 years later, the first one... was hunted down and killed in the Spanish Inquisition.

But before they whacked him, he spilled the whole story.

The others?

Over the past 500 years, three more have been hunted down and killed.

And we got four left.

One's in Africa, one in Eastern Europe... and we know about two right here in the United States of America... our boy being one of them.

I don't get it. If we waste this guy, how does that cure us?

I told you. The virus is telegenetic.

The strains are linked to the original.

The last one was killed in Paris, 1 967.

He had two feeders with him who hadn't turned yet.

Both of them recovered with no signs of the virus in their blood.

We kill the source of origin, and we kill the strain.

What if you do turn?

The virus mutates into something that can't be killed... except by decapitation or sunlight.

In other words, a vampire.

There's an old Spanish mission about 60 miles up the road.

I say we go there, and we wait.

How do we get his ass to the mission?

Oh, he'll find us.

What if she turns before he does?

Then we kill her.

Yeah, that's right. I forgot. We really kill her.

Well, what do you want to do, Sean?

Wanna get to know her better? Catch a movie with her?

Just make sure you keep her away from any major arteries.

That's not funny. Exactly.

It just doesn't seem fair.

What's that?

I wanna put her on the pills. Let me become the decoy.

She was bitten way before me. That means I've got longer before I turn.

I don't care. I said no. Why?

Because when the time comes, I'm gonna need all the muscle I can get.

What is going on with this guy?


There's another lane, asshole! Fuck.

This guy's seriously psycho.

Fuck, it's them! What? Oh, great.

What do we do now?

Control her! I'm trying to!

Can you go faster? Yeah, I can drive faster.

Then do it! Drive faster! Let's get the hell out of here!

You ain't going fast! I can't!

Shit! Oh, shit!

He shot the son of a bitch's car!

Get in the back seat!

You bite me, I'll kill you!

Hang on. What are you doing?

I got an idea. Is it a good one?

I don't know. I'm about to find out.


Fucking skank! Look at the car! Who cares? Get in the car!

We don't have time for this!

Don't let her get away!

Come here! Stop it!

Stop it! Hold her.

No. They already know where we are! Come on!

Listen to me. Either she gets on the cocktail, or I stop taking it.

And no more morphine, or she'll never talk.

Shit! What the fuck did you do that for?

No more time for these games! We gotta get to the mission!

Come on!

Let's go! Come on!

Get down!

Go! Shit!

You gotta be fucking kidding me! Fuck!

Son of a bitch died on us again!

Why the fuck can't you keep this car running?

You shut your fucking face! It's not my fault!

Why aren't they following us, Nick?

I don't know.


It's not my fault they don't put any money in the damn car.

Keep wasting it on that bitch.

Maybe if you put some money in the car... we wouldn't be here, would we?

Fucking whore.

Oh, boy.

Hey, we got one.

You want some of this shit? Yeah. Right here.

Geez, look. Check her out, man. Look. Ah, man!

Oh, man. Oh, man.

Pussy! Pussy!

What's up, sugar? Car died. I don't know what happened.

This retard here can't seem to keep the goddamn thing going.

Shut up.

So, what do you think?

Can you help us out?

We could take a look.

Great. We're lucky you came along.

Most people wouldn't stop out here at night.

Yeah. We really appreciate your help.

I'll get the tools. All right, then.

Give her more pills.

If I give her any more, she'll O.D. Why is she still fucked up?

The cocktail works slower when you're closer to turning, Sean.

What's the matter? We're running out of gas.

How can we be running out of gas? Because they hit the tank.

How much we got left? I don't know. Ten or fifteen miles.

What do I look like, a mechanic? That's excellent.

I'm gonna check out this shed. You stay with her, all right?

Hey. Jesus!

Is that what I think it is? I told you to stay in the car.

I heard a noise. I got worried.

That's the car.

Hurry up. We gotta stop her! The car! I'm moving!

Run! Stop!

Wait! Stop the car!

I got all my shit in there! Come on!


Yeah, by the looks of it, you're probably gonna need...

Oh, what the fuck? Let's take a walk.

What's going on? Time to die, cowboy.

I got 40 bucks on me. That's all I got.

But I got credit cards. I can give you the PI N number.

This is far enough.

Kneel down. Just take the wallet, please.

Kneel down.

Girlfriend? Yeah, she's my girlfriend.

And we're thinking about getting married after we graduate.

And her dad is so rich. And I could call him.

And he's got so much money...

Please, God, don't do this to me.

Got your whole life planned out, do you?

What you want me to do with their car?

We're taking it.

You know how long I've been tracking this guy for?

Nine months.

It's not easy. They hide their killing.

Make it look like a gang fight.

Robberies. A guy riding a freight train killing old women.

All kinds of shit. Almost all serial killers.

Here. Let me get this.

It's weird.

Three days ago, I had a phat job and not a worry in the world.

And now I'm gonna turn into a vampire... if I don't whack some freaked-out psycho.

On top of all that, I'm gonna lose my job.

How'd you get into the movie biz anyways? Your old man?

My old man doesn't know I exist.

Yeah. He walked out on my mom when she was pregnant with me.

That's fucked up. Yeah.

I guess it just must be in the blood then, huh?

Like father, like son.

Shit, I hope not.

My mom told me my dad was a cross-dressing Marine drill sergeant.

Where did you get this?

I found it along the road while I was hitching.

You gotta be pretty pissed, huh?

You had my fucking wallet the whole time?


And you didn't tell me? No.

That's fucked up.

There it is.

This car's trashed, man.

Do you know how much a new transmission in a car like this is gonna cost?

Would you stop worrying about the car?

Is that her?

Let me handle this.

It's okay. Come on. Now listen to me.

We are the only ones who can get you out of this alive.

We got a car coming.

It's all right. Let's go.


Come on.

Let's go. Hurry!

Put her in the back.

All right, get in, lie low.

Hey, Sean, it's them. It could be anybody.

Yeah, but if it's them, we can't make a stand here.

We gotta get to the mission.

Shit. It's them.

They've seen us.

Start the car.

Come on! Not now! What's going on?

It's not going into gear. Man, we gotta get out.

Come on! They're coming. Go!

Yank it! Come on!

Go! Come on!

Go, go, go!

Sean, come on! Let's go!

Take a fucking left! Let's go!

No! Left!

What the hell is he doing? Whoo! Go! Go!

Sean, what are you doing? Playing a little chicken.

Come on, you pussies!

Want to play chicken with me, boy?

Come on.

Don't turn that wheel.

Rock and roll!

Damn it!


They're still on us. These guys don't give up.

We gotta make it to the mission.

What the hell is this?

You gotta be fucking kidding me.

You gotta make a decision.

We're going for it.

How the hell did you know you were gonna get through there?

I didn't.

Let's get the fuck out of here.

How much farther is it to the mission? About ten miles.

We don't have enough gas to make it there.

Looks deserted, man.

It's all locked up. Shit.

We gotta get her inside.

The pills are working on her, but she can barely walk.

Once she gets some sleep, she'll be okay.


Damn it!


Get your butts outta here!

Believe me, ma'am, we would love to.

But we're almost out of gas.

We're not looking for a handout, all right? We'll buy it.

Ain't got any to sell. Could we use your phone?

Ain't got one.


Listen to me. We are in a lot of trouble.

This girl here is really sick.


You better get her on in here.

Why would they go this way? Just drive.

What the fuck are we doing, anyway? Let'em go. We got bigger problems.

Who's gonna day drive for us?

You're gonna turn.

You gotta take drugs to slow the virus.

Do you want something to eat, my man?

What's wrong? I don't feel so good.

I feel like I did before.

I need some more of those drugs. The cocktail doesn't always work.

She's resting now.

Seems to be okay.

Doesn't say much, does she?

There's gotta be someplace we can get her some help.

Fort Stockton's the closest, and it's over a hundred miles.


What's wrong with that little gal that you're traveling with?

We don't know. She was hitchhiking.

She was like that when we picked her up.

She didn't say who she was?

She hasn't said a damned word since we gave her a ride.

I think maybe... you should take a look at this.

You've lost the connection, haven't you?

I don't know why we keep chasing that little bitch.

It's unfinished business.

Kill her.

He left her to kill me. I don't know why she didn't.

When she pointed the gun at me, I couldn't breathe.

I couldn't even move.

But I think she was scared... because she just stood there.

She had the strangest look in her eyes.

After that, I don't remember much at all.

What's with the dog?

Just stay put. Probably just a coyote.


What was it?

I don't know. Buster ran off.

Everybody down! Get under the table!

Hurry up! Go, go! Get down!

Where's your shotgun?

It's by the side door. There's extra shells in the refrigerator.

What's with those tombstones? It's an old Spanish graveyard.

That's why the highway wasn't put through here.

They couldn't dig it up.

Your house is actually built on a graveyard?

Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

This place is blessed, baby.

Sean, watch out!

Come on! Stop!

Let's go upstairs.

Let's get this over with.

Come to Daddy, boys!

Are you in there, piggies?

Yum, yum, yum. Eat'em up.

Now that's a bitch!

I got the motherfucker!

Make sure and take his head off.

Nick, I don't see...

Make your stand, punk. Let's see what you got.

Not much left, huh?

Kill me.

Kill you? Who said anything about killing?

You're gonna be my new day driver.

At least until you turn, and then I don't give a shit what you do.

Get the car and bring it around.

And if you fuck with me, I'll kill your little blonde friend... in the blink of an eye.

It's just the beast under your bed In your closet, in your head Exit light Enter night

You're off to never-never land.

Got an opening for a new girlfriend. What do you say?

Fuck you! Ooh, attitude.

I like that in a girl. Now move away from the old witch.

Look, darling, I'm gonna waste her sure as the sun shines.

You could stay with her and die... or you can come with me and I'll let you live.

It's time to make your stand, punk.

Let's see what you've got.

No! Come on!

Out of gas, are we?

Didn't I fucking tell you to do something?

You know what?

Why don't you drive your own fucking car!

How do you feel? Good. You?

Going home today.

Actually, not home. My aunt and uncle's place in Phoenix.

Well, they said I could probably go home tomorrow.

Might still make my sister's wedding.

I saw Ina this morning.

She's okay, but she doesn't remember what happened.

Yeah. Nobody suspects a thing.

Just a couple of bad guys burned up in a fire.

Probably better that way, huh? Yeah.

No one would believe it. Yeah, probably not.

Well, I gotta go.

I just wanted to thank you for everything.


What's up? Where's the guy that was here?

He checked out, I guess.

He left this for you.

By the time you read this, I'll be on the road again.

Yours and Megan's fight is over, : mine ain't.

It turns out he wasn't the one I was looking for.

Mine's still out there somewhere.

But the way I figure it, if I can find one, I can find another.

They might be bad motherfuckers, but we're not talking brain surgeons.

So, anyways, thanks. It was cool hanging with you.

Maybe I'll see you again sometime.

Nice ride, man. Had you going for a minute, didn't I?

I took it from an old friend. Yeah, right.

How in the hell did you find me?


I drove just about every damned road... from Nevada to Kansas, from Mexico to Montana... for about three months.

Then I wised up and started doing what you do.

I checked the news, read the papers.

You're right. They do hide the killings.

But if you look hard enough, you can find them.


He's been a bad boy, Nick.

And busy. Busier than the last one.

The way I figure it, he's going to Denver.

This guy moves fast, so he's not gonna stay there long.

You don't have to do this. You know that.

Yeah, I do.

So tell me, was that woman really pissed about her Mercedes?

Oh, yeah.