The Frighteners (1996) Script





Please don't hurt me.

It's wrong! She's too young!

The sins of the flesh will ruin her.

Please don't hurt me! Please!




The wicked will be punished.



"The mystery heart condition

"that has killed over 30 people in less than four years

"has claimed another victim."

"Doctors are baffled as to why seemingly fit and healthy people

"are suffering massive heart attacks.

"Many of Fairwater's residents are claiming that the shadow of Death

"has once again descended on the town."

What's this shadow of Death stuff? I don't like it.

It's what they're saying, Miss Rees-Jones.

There's a lot of scared people out there.

MAGDA: "For decades, the name of Fairwater has been synonymous with Death

"following the infamous 1964 Bradley-Bartlett murder spree.

"Thirty years later as the death toll steadily rises

"it appears the Grim Reaper has once again returned

"to the quiet streets of Fairwater."

Oh, no.

Steve, no.

I asked for a new angle. Now give me something fresh.

I want to see the human face of this tragedy.

Get out there. Talk to the families.

I want to know how this thing has impacted on the local community.

Yes, Miss Rees-Jones.

And Steve, no more references to death as a person.


Friend of the family? Really such a shame.

Get out. Go on, get out. Go on.


Oh, damn.


Oh, no!

RAY: Oh, my God!

Oh, my God, I don't believe this. This is not happening.

My lawn, you ruptured my lawn.


Hey. How you doing?

Just give me a call. I'll pay for the damages.

You're damn right you're gonna pay

'cause I'm gonna sue your ass.

Now let's not get litigious, all right?

Just send me a bill.

"Frank Bannister, Psychic Investigator"?

That's right. Well, that's a good one.

How come you didn't see the corner coming? You stupid moron.

This is goddamn bullshit!

Listen, buddy, this is gonna cost you big time.

You're paying for a new fence, you hear me?

I want this lawn completely resurfaced.

Or we're going to talk about a...

(EXCLAIMING) Budzo! My Budzo.

I got your license plate number, you bastard!

This is private property.

Oh! Mrs. Bradley? I'm Dr. Lynskey.

I work at the medical center.

No, you don't. I know who works there.

I started there three months ago.

Dr. Kamins is my personal physician.

Yes, well, Dr. Kamins is attending a funeral and I'm seeing his patients today.

She was cutting the vegetables and the knife slipped.

Well, a couple of stitches and she'll be fine.

I'll drive you to the clinic.

That's impossible.

It's a deep cut.

Then leave her some antibiotics.

Mother, please.

Patricia never leaves the house.

But it hurts.

To your room, this instant!

Wait, just a minute.

Who did that to you?

I think you'd better go now, Dr. Lynskey.

You don't know who my daughter is, do you?

Patricia's not to be trusted.

I beg your pardon?

I can have her locked up anytime I want to.

They said she was an accessory after the fact.

I know the truth.

It was cold-blooded murder.



FEMALE PRESENTER ON TV: In the space of 27 blood-soaked minutes

12 innocent people gunned down by hospital orderly John Charles Bartlett.

Patients, medical staff, visitors, no one was spared in this madman's rampage through Fairwater Sanatorium.

Not even the hospital chapel provided sanctuary as those in prayer were gunned down on their knees.

FEMALE REPORTER: For heaven sakes!

We're reporters, for God's sakes.

We're supposed to get the news.

FEMALE PRESENTER: A seemingly senseless crime.

Bartlett's motive remains a mystery to this day.

MALE REPORTER: Johnny Bartlett.

He's got a demonic look on his face.

Can I talk to you? Later.

Any comments, Johnny?

Got me a score of 12, sir.

That's one more than Starkweather.

FEMALE PRESENTER: Six years earlier, Charles Starkweather had murdered 11 people in a Nebraska killing spree.

Guess that makes me public enemy number one!

FEMALE PRESENTER: Fifteen-year-old Patricia Ann Bradley, daughter of the hospital administrator was also implicated in the killings.

She was madly in love with the psychopath, Bartlett.

That's her.

I was in her house this afternoon.


Well, that's just terrific, honey.

We've been in town for three months and you're making friends with the Manson Family.

FEMALE PRESENTER: 2,200 volts of electricity ended the life of Johnny Bartlett, the unrepentant killer.

As they threw the switch he was heard to scream:

"I got me a score of 12. Beat that."


In what some considered a miscarriage of justice Patricia Ann Bradley was sentenced to life imprisonment although it was never proven that she actively participated in the killings.

Five years ago, Patricia Bradley was granted a conditional release by the State Governor.

Today she lives a reclusive life back in the family home...

Should've fried her when they fried Bartlett.

She was 15 years old, you know.

She just fell in love with the wrong guy.

It could happen to anyone.

Sweetie, I don't want you going back up there.

The place gives me the creeps.

I really don't think that you should...

Come on, honey.


I think Tiger's getting a little lonely.

Guess what I did tonight, honey.

I made reservations at Excalibur's.

Don't you remember, sweetheart?

It's our anniversary this Tuesday.

I even got our favorite table.

Yeah? You silly willy?

What the hell is this doing here?

I thought I tore this up.

Did he come back to the house? Who?

That moron that tore up my fence!



Help! Ray, help.

He's alive.


Ray, get me off!



You sick thing!

Lucy, I don't want that con man in my house.

There's gotta be some kind of rational explanation for all this.

I just don't want some goddamn spoon bender telling me what to do.

Ray, we have got a poltergeist!

Well, it's nothing that the police can't handle.



Dr. Lynskey, I'm on my way.

Ah! Persistent residue of the departed.

Always a problem this time of year.

Dr. Lynskey?

Ah, yes. Thank you for coming.


The activity is currently located where?

Well, I don't know. It just went quiet about five minutes ago.

Went quiet?

The dining room table spun in a counterclockwise direction?

I don't think that that one happened. No.

The toilet seat lid banged up and down?


Did the bed levitate?

Yeah, with me on it.

Spontaneous recurrent psychokinesis. Oh, boy.

This could be the worst case I've ever seen.

Yeah, this is bad.


Okay. Well, folks, I can do a clearance but it's not gonna be cheap.

Although I do offer a six-month guarantee.

How much?


But there is a 30% surcharge for making a house call after midnight.

Then there's vehicle, gas, so I'd say the whole thing is gonna set you back somewhere in the neighborhood of $450.



Although we could forget about the fence, call the whole thing even.


Okay. Excuse me, ma'am. You wanna stand back.

I don't want you to have to sign a waiver.

Plus a $100 for materials. I can't be out of pocket.

Just do it, for Christ's sakes, Bannister.

Here we go.

All righty.

Why us? I mean, why are they in our house?

All I can tell you is emanations are normally confined to the cemetery although they do escape.

It's usually the young ones.

For God's sakes, Bannister, come on.

Come on.



(GUN WHIRRING) It's Holy water.

This is bullshit. This is total bullshit.

Come on. Yes!

Okay, these belong to you.

Six ectoplasmic emanations.

Don't worry. They can't escape.

Some people like a souvenir. Where would you like me to put them?

No. I really don't think we wanna hang onto those.

So, thank you.

Do we, hon?

I could give a rat's ass.


Don't worry, they can't feel a thing.

At least that's what it says in the book.

You never really know for sure.

All right. Thank you, Bannister.

You can go.

What the hell are you staring at?

What's with the number?

What number?

(SCOFFS) Look, if you're trying to freak me out, it's not gonna work, okay?

You know what he's trying to do?

He's trying to get more money out of us is what he's trying to do.

Here, take your shit and get the hell out of my house.

Come on.


(GUN WHIRRING) Ray, just...

Thank you so much.

There you go. Thanks.

Thank you.

Why do you always have to alienate everybody?


I think I'm going to throw up.




Man, I hate that trunk!

Yeah, I don't want you guys spreading your ectoplasmic muck all over my car seats.

Ain't that a bitch.

The ectoplasm's the only thing sticky enough to hold the damn car together.

Look, Frank, I'm sorry about your pus yellow, piece-of-shit Volvo but we ain't riding in the damn trunk no more, you understand?

We would like to cruise with some style, man.

You know, you guys left me high and dry tonight.

I get to the house, nothing's happening.

I couldn't believe it.


Stuart, in or out?


You guys didn't even bang the toilet seat lid?

You made me look like an asshole.

We strained our backs lifting that heavy ass bed, Frank.

Yeah. Who was the idiot who put the number in the guy's forehead?

It wasn't funny.

Start pulling your weight, guys or you're going back to the cemetery. (MOUTHING)

Yeah, well, you can pull this, Frank.

I'm about to go like Jesse on your ass.

I'm gonna find me some other black ghosts and then organize a march.

The African American Apparition Coalition. The AAAC.

And I'm gonna tell you something, Frank!

There ain't nothing worse than a bunch of pissed off brothers that's already dead!

Will someone help me, please?

Stu, man, you gotta loosen up, man. I'm serious.

Come on. Looser, just loosen up, okay? You lose? All right.


You're so tight you can play "Pick up sticks" with your butt cheeks.


Loosen up. There you go.


That fellow takes us totally for granted.

And we're supposed to be his business partners.

What a joke!

I'm gonna straighten him out. First thing in the morning.

He's dealing with a double major here.

Well, no more Mr. nice guy.

I'm gonna get rough!

FRANK: You talking to me, Stuart? No.

See, Stuart, that's your problem. You're too soft with him.

You gotta just walk up to Frank, just look him in the eye and just say, Frank, give me what I want or I'm gonna bust your ass!

Yo, Frank! How's it hanging?

I don't know, Cyrus. You tell me.

Well, Frank, I'll tell you.

The women ain't missing nothing!

Hey, come on. I told you guys, get the hell out of my plumbing.

Hey, look, come on, Frank!

Look, we want to call a meeting, man. We gotta...

Hey, Cyrus. I gotta take a leak.

And I'm not getting out of the shower.


Therefore, a happy ghost is a productive ghost.


To that end, I've drawn up a list of suggestions.

Now bear in mind, Frank that we have given you five years of loyal service.

Flies. That's what you've given me, Stuart. Flies.

Why is it that flies stick to you guys like shit to a blanket?

Ha-ha! Very funny. You a funny guy, Frank.

You know, all you think about is yourself.

You know, I can complain, too, you know.

I would like some new clothes. You get to dress nicely.

I am still looking like Linc from The Mod Squad.

You died in the '70s. It's a bummer.


I think what Cyrus is attempting to say, Frank, is that we don't feel that the enterprise is evolving in quite the manner in which we all agree.

Please don't reach through me when I'm trying to speak to you.


CYRUS: Now, Frank, we gotta talk about cigars.

FRANK: Cigars? Damn right.

You've been promising a box for I don't know how long.

Cyrus, I hate to break this to you but you're dead, you know.

You can't smoke.

Well, you can light them up and blow the smoke in my face.

If I light up a cigar, I'll blow my lunch in your face.


Everybody, get down! Goddamn it, Judge!


Put the shooters away.


That was a head shot, Frank. He could have killed me.

You know, if I wanted to get shot at every day I'd move my black ass to Los Angeles!



When a man's jawbone drops off it's time to reassess the situation.

I got myself a nice little grave up there at the cemetery.

It could soon be time to lay my bones.

No, you're my go-to guy.

Without you, I'm out of business, Judge.

Frightening, that's a young man's game, Frank.

I ain't got no more hauntings left in me.

What are you talking about? You're in great shape.

My joints are getting powdery.

The dog's running away with my face.

Hell, I'm falling apart.

You've been falling apart for years.

Don't go saying nothing to the boys but my ectoplasm is all dried up.

I'm sorry to hear that, Judge.

Give it up, Frank.

Death ain't no way to make a living.

Yeah, well, Judge, I gotta finish this house.

You ain't never gonna finish this house.

You ain't never gonna finish nothing!

You're fooling yourself, Frank!

Too many skeletons in the closet.


It's us, Frank.

What do you think? Pretty scary, huh?

Don't you ever do that again.

Maybe we should try a white sheet next time.

Ain't gonna be no white sheets, bro.

Oh? Huh?

Morning, Zach.


Okay. You guys wanna talk, let's talk.

Let's talk about this.

This is a letter from my bank.

This says they want $15,000 from me or they're gonna sell my house.

Well, cool! About time we ditched this drafty ass crib and moved to some place nice with some glass in the windows.

Hey, Cyrus, this is serious shit, okay?

This is my house. I'm not losing it!


The chicken, the chicken was not scary, Stuart.

The chicken was stupid.


Judge, help me out here, okay?

Talk to these guys. They look up to you, all right? Thanks.

I need $15,000, guys. I need it quick.

It is time to get seriously scary.

CYRUS: So you checked the place out, right?

STUART: Right.

How many we got in here?

Five. They won't suspect a thing.


Poor suckers. They won't even know what him 'em. How many exits?



All right, man, this is it. We gotta be hard. No mercy.

We're going in like professionals, like Charles Bronson.

We don't stop till the screaming starts, you dig?

I'm with you.

Let's go.


Let's kick some ass.

Here we go. One, two, three...

Good morning, my darlings. Hello.

The mail's on the table, Mrs. Waterhouse.

Thank you, Sylvia.

Sylvia, Mother is coming for lunch. Pick up, quick.

Yes, ma'am.

Big kiss.

All right, kid, quit jumping around and acting like a baby.

This is serious.

Now, we're gonna scare the living daylights out of your parents.

So, come on, kid, you gonna help us out?

Are you with us?

See? He gets it. The kids always get it.

Let's go. All right.


Mrs. Waterhouse.


Mrs. Waterhouse!

(EXCLAIMS) Damn. Here, man. This one did le poo-poo.

Get it away from me.

Man, they're so little.

Their doo-doo smells like old shoes.

(SCREAMS) Mrs. Waterhouse!


My babies!


Yeah, Frank Bannister.


I'm on my way.

Judge. Need you riding shotgun.


Damn it! Come on, come on. Let's go. Come on. D for drive.

Look around you, Frank.

Don't you realize what's happening?

Yeah, every other car's a freaking hearse.

Come on, I can't even get across town.

This town is in deep trouble.

Yeah. Too many funerals, not enough traffic lights.

It's death, Frank.

Death is amongst us.

Come on, let's go. Time is money.

You haven't heard a goddamn word I've said.

I thought you had some character, son.

But right now you're not showing me much.

All right, Judge.

Watch this.


Look out!

What's the matter, Judge? You look a little pale.

Beautiful. Beautiful, Judge.

This is gonna be easy. Why don't you just rest your bones?

I'll be right back.



Persistent residue of the departed.

It's always a problem this time of year.

Frank Bannister, I believe you called.

Not a minute too soon. Oh, boy.

CYRUS: Frank, she just... Shut up.

Frank, it's no use. She...

This is bad.

Recurrent spontaneous psychokinesis.

Yeah, this could be the worst case I have ever...


I apologize for calling you, Mr. Bannister.

Please leave.

FRANK: What the hell are you trying to do to me?

Preying on the bereaved is about as low as you can go.

You're a parasite, Mr. Bannister, and people should be warned.

Yeah, well, I got a right to offer my services to the public.

In case you hadn't noticed, we are in the midst of a major health crisis.

The last thing the people of Fairwater need is some two-bit charlatan promising to pass on bogus messages from the other side.

Now, if you will excuse me.

I'm just trying to make a living.


Not a word you'd know a lot about. Is it, Mr. Bannister?

Easy. (GRUNTS)




MAN: Whoa! You all right, buddy?

Man, you took quite a fall.

Bannister! Yeah.

Listen, you gotta help.

They're gonna bury me, man. You gotta help.

Bannister, what is happening to me?

Well, Ray, you appear to be dead.

Don't say that. That's impossible. I'm in the prime of my life.

I work out every single day. My wife's a goddamn doctor!

Why didn't you take the corridor?

What corridor?

The corridor of life. The passageway to the other side.

Because I don't belong on the other side!

Jesus Christ, I'm only 29.


Hey, hey, hey!

Look, Ray, just relax, all right?

You wanna tell me what happened?

I was on the rowing machine and then suddenly I felt this viselike grip just squeezing my heart and I couldn't breathe, Frank.

I just couldn't breathe and...

I've got the shakes now. I need some vitamin B.

Yeah, you can't take vitamins anymore.

You don't eat, you don't drink, you don't go to the bathroom.

All that shit's over with.


In about a year's time you're gonna get a chance to go through to the other side again.

To become what's known as a pure spirit.

But in the meantime, you're what's known as an earthbound emanation which is a rotting cloud of bioplasmic particles dripping ectoplasm from every orifice.


Relax, Ray.


All right, Bannister, can you at least give me a ride so I don't miss my funeral?

Okay, Ray, listen up.

The cemetery's not a safe place. All right? So stay close.

Later, Bannister. I wanna hear what they're saying about me.



Don't worry about them. They're not gonna to hurt you.

What in the hell is going on out here?

Get back in your graves!

Son of a...

Holy Jesus!

Frank Bannister!

Go ahead. I'll handle this.

What the hell are you doing in my graveyard?

You have been told to stay away!

Sound off like you've got a pair!

Yeah, well, it's a public place, Hiles.

I do not like you!

You cannot bring your spooks in here without my permission!

Disappear, scumbag!


I am not one of your shitty little emanations, Bannister.

You cannot push spirits around.

You are scum! Using spooks to put the frighteners on people!

That makes me physically ill!

We got a lot of lowlifes around here!

And I will provide an armed response at the first sign of trouble!

They must be contained!


Catch you later, Hiles.

My tour of duty runs another 85 years!

There's a piece of dirt up here with your name on it, Bannister!

I'm waiting for you, you little maggot!

There were times when people have accused Ray of being less than generous, but I'm sure, deep down the man possessed a heart of gold and a generous spirit.

It's true.

He wouldn't lie. Not at a time like this.


PRIEST: Because God has chosen to call our brother Ray from this life to Himself we commit his body to the ground.

Earth to earth, ashes to ashes, dust to dust.

RAY: Jesus, what a waste.

The Lord bless him and keep him.

It's a goddamn tragedy.

The Lord lift up his countenance upon him and give him peace.

Goodbye, Ray.

Sweetheart, don't cry.

Oh, shit!


RAY: Frank!

I know you can hear me.

Get me out of this hole, Bannister.


Get me out of this hole, please.

Hi, Frank.

Hey, Walt.

Kind of surprised to see you.

Here on business, I guess?

Not exactly.

Bannister, they're gonna bury me alive in here.

I understand you and Lynskey had a little run-in the night before he died.

As a matter of fact, apart from his wife I believe you were the last person to see him alive.

It sounds like you're the one who's here on business, Walt.

No. The FBI is very concerned about these deaths.

They look like heart attacks but when they slice these people open their arteries are just clean as a whistle.

But there's been this tremendous pressure on the heart like the life has just been crushed right out of it.

You got any theories, Frank?


Mind if I pay my last respects before they fill him in?

Oh! No. I'm sorry.

Bannister, please.


I need to cheer up.

Mr. Bannister?

Mr. Bannister, did you want to see me?

Oh, my God, Frank. She can see me.

I thought perhaps you might have a message from Ray.

Tell her. Tell her I'm here, Frank. Tell her.

I mean, everyone says that you're a fraud but I've seen what you can do.


You must think I'm very stupid.

Excuse me.

Lucy, Ray says he loves you very much.

Here you are. Here's your table.

Hi. Hi.

(WHISPERS) Is Ray with us?


Tell her she looks great.

He says that you look great.

Tell her they're from me.

Those are from Ray.

It's our anniversary.

Right. He says it's your anniversary.

Is Ray beside me?

He's over here.


Greetings. How are you this evening?

May I offer you some wine?

I don't know. Lucy, do you want some, what, red, white?

Red, we always have red.

White. I've never been fond of red.


So you used to be an architect?

A long time ago. Can it, Bannister.

She doesn't want to hear your life story.

Wow. So did you build your own house?

I mean, you must have a dream home.

You could call it a dream home.

I'm gonna build you a dream home, sweetheart, just as soon as I get on my feet.


Tell me, why is it that you can see Ray and I can't?

I was in an accident, a car accident about five years ago.

I don't know. They say that sometimes when you have a traumatic experience that it can alter your perception.

Really, so after that you could just see spirits?

I mean, what happened?

How about you talk to Ray? That's why I'm here.

Oh, finally, I'm in the conversation. Terrific.

Well, actually I do have an important question that I have to ask Ray.

Well, he can hear you.

Ray, I really need to know where you invested my money, the $16,000 that I had saved.

The attorneys can't seem to find it anywhere.

Oh, shit. I blew it on a bad investment.

But don't tell her that. I'll think of something.

It's gone, Lucy. It's gone.

He blew it on a bad investment.

You asshole! (SIGHS)

Tell her everything's gonna be okay.

I'm gonna look out for her. I'm gonna move back into the house.

Tell her that. No, that's not a good idea.

Bannister, this doesn't concern you.

What's Ray saying? What's he saying?

He left. Ray left.

He said he was he was sorry, but he wanted to leave you alone, let you get on with your life.

I swear to God, Bannister, I'm gonna kill you.

I can't believe it, I mean...

That's just like Ray to just take the money and run, like...

Ray and I haven't been honest with each other in a long time, Mr. Bannister.


It wasn't what you would call a good marriage.

You bitch!

Lucy, it's gonna be okay.

Get your hands off my wife!

Goddamn it!


(LAUGHS) I can move shit, Bannister.

Man, you better watch your back.

I better clean this up. I'll be right back.

Good food, huh?

Yeah, it's great.





Looks like another heart attack but I can't confirm it till the autopsy.


The waiter says he saw this guy coming out of the john about five minutes before the body was found.

And who might that have been?

Frank Bannister.

He was as white as a sheet and shaking.

Waiter thought he'd been sick.


Hi, Lucy. Lucy?


Dr. Lynskey works for me. We're colleagues.

Look, Doc, she's a material witness, all right?


Walt, Bannister was last seen in the restaurant parking lot.

He took off at high speed.


Bring him in.


Hey! Look at that.





So your dead husband was having dinner with you at the restaurant?

What did he order?


Oh, God. Excuse me.



Timmy, front desk, please.

Thank you.

Lucy, this is Special Agent Milton Dammers of the FBI.

I came by train.

I was going to take the flight but I didn't feel good about the plane.

At what time precisely did Bannister leave for the bathroom?

You. Uh...

I'm not sure, precisely.

Did he use excessive amounts of table salt during his meal?

What? Answer the question.

For Christ's sakes, it's really late.

I can't remember that, okay?


Oh, God. What is this? (RETCHING)

Excuse me, Lucy, I'll be right back.


Sorry, Sheriff.

I have a problem with women yelling.

Milton, can I get you anything?

Sheriff Perry!

You are violating my territorial bubble.



Lucy, you're still grieving.

It would be very easy for a man like Frank Bannister to take advantage.

You have such closed minds. I can't believe it.

I object.

Special Agent Dammers has over 20 years experience in the area of paranormal psychology.

Much of that was spent undercover with various cults and sects.

I get all the fruity cases, Mrs. Lynskey.

For God's sake, Milton, would you come inside and sit down?

I'm more comfortable standing. Thank you.

I really don't see what this has to do with Frank Bannister.

Mrs. Lynskey, you know nothing about Frank Bannister.

You claim he's a bona fide psychic yet all I've heard is a lot of ill-informed, meandering waffle.

On the third day of July 1990, Frank Bannister, then a successful architect was overseeing the construction of his new home.

Now, the building contractor, Jacob Platz, would later confirm that Bannister had been consuming alcohol that morning.

12:23 p.m. , Platz sees Bannister in a heated argument with his wife, Debra.

It appears that Bannister had promised Debra a garden in the new home and then, without consulting her, proceeded to lay a four-inch thick concrete slab creating a basketball court for himself.

12:31 p.m.

Platz watches the couple drive away.

Bannister kept a tool box in the back of his car.

And in it was a utility knife with a retractable blade.

Bannister purchased seven new blades that morning at Jesson's Hardware Store and Building Supply on the corner of 3rd and Garrett.

(WHISPERING) 3rd and Garrett.

Third of July.

Seven blades. Three.

Milton, you're mumbling. We can't understand a word you're saying.

12:33 p.m. and their '84 Volvo heads into the hills.

It is the last time anyone will see the couple together.

Now, by Bannister's own admission, the argument continues to rage reaching the climactic point when Debra demands that Bannister stop, pull over, let her out.

And at that moment, probably 12:36, 12:37 p.m. the car leaves the road on a sharp curve presumably because Bannister was driving too fast.

She was killed?

Her body was found some 15 yards from the car.

Now, Bannister, he was picked up two hours later, wandering in the woods.

He claimed to have no recollection of the events that occurred after the accident.

But here's the odd thing, Mrs. Lynskey.

His utility knife was missing.

And to this day it has not been found.

But do you know what was really bizarre?

Debra's corpse had the number 13 carved into its forehead.

Unlucky for some.

Oh, come on. You're out of your mind.

You're talking about a mythical figure.

A pseudo-religious icon from the 12th century.

Save your pea brain prattle for the classroom, boy.

That was the soul collector and he's been taking people out since time began.

He's going about some dark business here in Fairwater and we ain't nothing but worm bait.

When your number's up, (CLICKS TONGUE) that's it.

There's another one gone.


He's gone.

There's no money for you here, Mr. Bannister.

You're next.

Are you threatening me?

No, that's not what I'm saying.

He's threatening to kill me.

Would you just relax, all right?

Just listen to me and...

He's threatening to kill me.

Bannister! Oh, great.

Hey, fellows. Okay. Excuse me.

What are you doing?

Excuse me.

Put the gun away, all right? Freeze.

All right, everybody, just take it easy.

Whoa, whoa!

Just stay there, Bannister. Stay there.





Ah! Great.

I did it.


Uh-uh, uh-uh. Bannister, stop.

Looks like I ain't shooting with blanks no more.


Mighty fine woman.

Good teeth.

OFFICER: Now put your hands on the podium.


They don't call me the hanging judge for nothing.

Stay right there.

Heads up.

Good catch.



Whoa! Good shooting, Tex.

And she was so young and beautiful!

I like it when they lie still like that.


This is heavy.



JUDGE: My juices are flowing again.



CYRUS: Go, Frank. Just get out of here now.



Gotta go.

Bannister! Stop.




(ENGINE FALTERS) Damn. Come on.



Just get down. Get down and stay down.

MAGDA: Oh, no.




Magda! No!

Listen to me.




Oh, God.





Oh, no.

You killed me, you bastard!

You're sick. Is this how you get your kicks?

Did it feel good killing me?

Bannister, did it feel good killing your wife?

You're a murderer!



I don't believe he'll get very far.

We've got the state line covered.

Sheriff Perry, I seriously doubt we will see Mr. Bannister any time soon.

The man is resourceful beyond anything you can comprehend.

Hello, Frank.

Hi, Walt.

I've come to report that Magda Rees-Jones' body is lying near my car off Holloway Road.

Frank, did you have anything to do with her death?



Frank, are you okay? What happened?

What are you doing?

Are you arresting him?

Please leave, Mrs. Lynskey.

Frank. Frank, you need a lawyer.

Go home, Lucy.

But you haven't done anything. He hasn't done anything.

How do you know?

You know me?

Am I a nice guy, Lucy? 'Cause that cozy little scene in the restaurant was bullshit, I was doing my job.

And I don't give a damn about you.

I don't give a damn about anybody.

What the hell are you saying?

Go home.


Lucy, are you okay to drive?


Got a kiss for honey bunny?

I know, I know. It's the way I look.

It's this damn ectoplasm stuff.

Turns you off, doesn't it?

Come on, Lucy. You're not listening to me!

Well, look, you know we have a great relationship.

It's just that lately I don't feel that you've been giving it your 100%.

There has been a destructive force unleashed on this town such as I have never seen.

We have a body count of


You're a very dangerous man, Mr. Bannister.

For Christ's sake you're not seriously suggesting that Frank is responsible for...

You're way out of your depth here, Sheriff Perry.

Please leave.

Frank Bannister is my prisoner.

By the power invested in me by the President of the United States I am telling you to get the hell out of this room.

Have you ever heard of Nina Kulagina?

March 10, 1970. Nina Kulagina with the power of her mind stopped the beat of a frog's heart.

The record of this experiment is currently held in the files of Professor Gennady Sergeyev of Saint Petersburg.

And as Sergeyev interpreted this cardiogram it seemed to him that the heart had experienced a sudden flare-up of electrical activity.

The heart imploded, the arteries burst and all because Nina Kulagina wanted the animal dead.

I don't kill people.

There's a part of you that believes that.

There's another part of you, Frank, that's out of control.

Your destructive impulse.

I've seen a figure in a cape.

I've seen him reach into people's chests and squeeze their hearts.

Who was it?


I can communicate with the other side.

I can see spirits.

I don't know why. I can't understand it.

You think you're quite unique, don't you, Mr. Bannister?

But in my business, I deal with your type every other week.

This Death figure is nothing more than a homicidal alter ego that satisfies your compulsion to kill.


Every time you want to take somebody out Death figure suddenly appears, does the job for you.

It's your rational mind's way of absolving yourself of guilt.


When did you first start seeing spirits, Frank?

After Debra's death?

You killed your wife.


I have studied the coroner's reports of every death in Fairwater since 1985.

Twenty-eight cases involved crushed hearts.

Arteries choked until they burst.

That started in 1990 with your beautiful wife, Debra.

She was the first.

Ray Lynskey.

You have an argument with him, three hours later, dead.

Magda Rees-Jones, we know you didn't like her.

But what about the guy in the toilet?

What did he do to you, Frank?


Piss on your Hush Puppies?

Why are you shaking?

Oh, my.

You're doing it right now, aren't you?

You're trying to kill me. Right now.

Forget it, Bannister.

I'm wearing a lead breastplate!

We have 28 unexplained deaths here.

You know what I think?

I think you are involved in each and every one of them.

This way.



Hey, man! Pulling your drawers off. Man, what the hell?

Benny? My man, Benny! Stu, this is my boy here, Benny, man!

Hey, Benny, I'm your friend, man. Seriously.

Three words, "Shower with soap."

Come on!

Stu, you all right?

Spasm, spasm. It's all right.

Frank. Frank, we got problems.

These cats are gonna stitch you up on a capital offence.

These murders that have been going on in Fairwater, they're gonna pin 'em on you.

Stu and I are gonna get you out of here, so come on, man, let's go.

STUART: Frank?

Frank! Come out of it, man.

Wait, no, wait, wait.

Oh, God. Forget it, Stu.

Look at him.

He doesn't believe anymore.

It won't be long now.

He's reached the acceptance stage.

Grappling with his guilt.

Seeking resolution.

You realize, Agent Dammers, we have no forensic evidence linking him with any of the deaths.

Doesn't matter.

I expect this case to suicide long before it ever reaches trial.

They always do.

So much for the dream home.

What the hell are we doing here, Lucy?

I mean, look at this place. It's a dump.

God, this guy's a loser.

Oh, my God, Lucy.

Look at this. Look at this.

He set us up, Lucy. The man set us up.

This is our house!

He took us for a couple of schmucks, Lucy.

Look, Lucy, look!



Perfectly good basketball court gone to pot.



MRS. BRADLEY: Mr. Bannister, you've got to help me.

My daughter, Patricia Ann Bradley, is communing with the evil one.

He's in this house at her instigation.


Help me. Help me drive them out.



Lucy, I don't know why you keep shutting me out.

I still have a lot to... (EXCLAIMING)



Dr. Lynskey.

Patricia, are you all right?



It's your mother, isn't it?

Your mother's the one who's been hurting you.

She needs help. She's delusional, Patricia.

You can't go on like this.

You don't understand.


My father killed himself after the murders.

Mother says it was my fault.

So I have to keep his ashes in my room.

Oh, my God.

She says I'm evil just like Johnny.


Come with me to Mother's room.

LUCY: This isn't you.

This isn't who you are now.

It was Johnny.

He went crazy.

I couldn't get away from him.

I thought he was gonna kill me.

Patricia, you have to get out of this house.

You can start over.



It's Mother. Please hide. Please.

I'll take her to the kitchen.

You sneak out later.


What are you doing in my room?

I thought I heard a noise.

I'll make you some coffee, Mother.



Mother, coffee's ready.

Lucy, go.



Thank you, Deputy.

Just call me when you're done, Dr. Lynskey.


Frank. Frank, listen to me. I found your knife.

It was hidden in old lady Bradley's closet.

She's crazy, Frank.

You haven't hurt anybody.

You're a good person, Frank.

Don't do this.

(SIGHS) Please don't do this.

Jesus, do you think that you're the only person who's ever lost somebody?

God, you walk around like you don't have any feelings but the truth is that you're just scared.

You're a goddamn hypocrite. Why are you doing this?

What are you afraid of, Frank?

I don't want to hurt you, Lucy.

Oh, that's crap. Don't give me that.

Look at me.

No. Uh-uh. I'll be outside.

This shit is like walking in on your parents.

Oh, right. Yeah, I'll just be outside. I'll just... Whoa!

What is it, Frank?

Look out!

You son of a bitch.




What's happening?

CYRUS: Grab him!

What's happening?


Okay. Listen. Listen to me.

Call for the deputy and try to sound calm.

Deputy, I'm ready to leave now.

Stuart, where did he go?

I think we got him.



No, you son of bitch! Get out, Frank! Go!


This way. Go.


Freeze, Bannister!

All right.

Help. I got you now.

Please help me. He's gone crazy.

All right.

Stay back.




Frank, come on!

Go, Frank! Get out here! Please! Now!

Frank, let's go!

No, this way. Come on.


What was that in that cell, Frank?

I felt something crushing my heart.

I can't fight him, Luce. I can't protect you.

There's only one way to deal with this thing.

I got to have an out-of-body experience.


And I got to have it right now.


Go away, Luce. Just walk the other way.


This will slow your heart rate and lower your body temperature.

You'll have 20 minutes, max.

Any longer than that and there's a danger of tissue damage.

That's only if I can successfully revive you and there's no guarantee.


you don't have to do this.

Lucy, better close the door.

Hurry up.

It won't take long.




I didn't know you had an interest in cryogenics, Dr. Lynskey.

I'm reviving him at 9:00.

Why would we want to do that?




There we go.


Let me go, you bastard. Let me go!

Let me out now, you bastard! Let me out of this car now!



I find cemeteries very restful places, don't you?

Turn this car around and take me back.

I intend to, Mrs. Lynskey.

In exactly 11 hours time.

Son of a bitch!

No. No.

I knew Charlie.

Spahn Ranch, 1969.

First assignment.

I was the family's sex slave for six months.

Six months in the service of my country disguised as a whippy shippy.

I want out.

Let me out of here! Come back here, you creep!


My body is a road map of pain.


Children of Lucifer.

Three years undercover, drinking goat's blood.

1981, I infiltrated the Cult of the Dead.

I was involved in ritualistic cannibalism, in orgiastic dances reaching painful thresholds of intense, physical eroticism.

I have withstood excruciating pain, but I will not be broken.

I have suffered for my country,


But pain has its reward.

The power of the mind

is absolute.





Frank, is that you?

I'm doing this?

I'm making the car move with the power of my mind?




Get back in the goddamn ground you unorganized grab-asstic gob of teleplasmic shit!


Who in the hell are you? Sound off like you've got a pair!


FRANK: Hey, asshole.





Who are you?


Johnny Bartlett.

I thought guys like you fried in hell.

I got out, Frank.

I've been carrying on the good work. Got me a score of 40.


Harry Sinclair.

I just want to shake the hand of the man who finally avenged my death.

You've got a number.

Bartlett carved it into my forehead as I lay dying.

I was the last.

He couldn't be more wrong, could he, Frank?




No! Don't use it.



Frank. Okay. Just breathe.

Breathe slowly. Breathe.

Okay. You're okay.

Okay. Frank.

All right, Lucy, come on.

A hundred milligrams of lidocaine.

Get me one cc of adrenaline, quick, now.


I didn't get him.


Who didn't you get, Frank?

Johnny Bartlett.

He's back.

He's hallucinating. It'll pass.

Lucy, he's killing again.


Lucy, you got to get her out of the house.



Patricia! Patricia!

Listen to me. We have to get out of here.

MRS. BRADLEY: Patricia never leaves the house.

I'm sorry, Mrs. Bradley, but she's coming with me.

You have no right. She's my daughter. Get upstairs.

No. Look, this is gonna stop now.

What are you talking about?

Why do you have Frank Bannister's knife in your closet?

You went in my room?





Mother wants to go to the police now.

No, she'll be down in a few minutes.

No, Patricia, we have to go now.

It's just not safe here. Johnny Bartlett's back.

I know.

He visits me at night.

I don't know why he comes.

He torments me.

Why has he come?

Am I being punished?

Patricia, please. Let's just go now, please.

I wanna kill her now, Patty.

That'll give us 41.

That's eight clear of Gacy.

Another nine and we'll have broken Bundy's record.

I can't wait to see old Ted's face when he hears the news.



I'm sorry.

We really should wait for Mother.

And that asswipe psychic nearly ruined it for us tonight, Patty.

He made us look stupid.

You're gonna be okay, Patricia.

Everything's going to be all right.

Shut up.

That Russian cannibal creep's running around saying he did 50 plus.

That reflects badly on the both of us, Patty.

This record should be held by an American.

I quite agree.

You can come

stay with me if you like.

I'm going to kill her now, baby.

I'd like that.


I'll just get my coat.

Patronizing do-gooder bitch!

Patricia, you kill her, I'll watch.


I love it when you do that, baby.

Mrs. Bradley?

Mrs. Bradley, are you coming with us?


Oh, my God.




No, not that way!


Jesus, Lucy.

Oh, my God. These are Johnny Bartlett's ashes.


We gotta get these to the other side.

For what?

A church. We got to get them to a church.

There's a chapel. There's a chapel in the old hospital.

All right.


No, let's go down here.


Damn it!


Okay. You see that door? Hold on, let me see.

You look up there. Okay.


Thank you.


This is great.


Excuse me, Doctor, we're looking for Ward 12.

Go up the stairs to the fourth floor down the corridor to your right.

It's just opposite the chapel.

NUN: Thank you.

I'll get someone to help. Orderly.

Orderly, are you deaf?

I said, Orderly, are you deaf?


I guess that makes you number one.

Get down!

Frank, are you okay?

The chapel's on the fourth floor.


Frank, watch out!



Gotta go. Go!




You're all the same.





Put the gun down, son. The law is on its way.

What's the score, Patty?


That's the same as Starkweather's.

We have a tie on our hands.





It's jammed.

Take it. Just take it. Right.

I'll be right back. Don't go anywhere.



Give that to me.

Let me guess.

You have to get these ashes to consecrated ground in order to destroy the forces of evil.

Give me the goddamn urn, Dammers!

Under no circumstances must these ashes ever be released.




You have no idea what you've just done.

You just don't get it, do you, Frank?

Your pathological mindset had made it necessary for you to interpret your sad, personal inadequacies as a grand struggle between good and evil in order to gratify your pathetic need for self-glorification.

You are such an asshole.

Yes, I am. I'm an asshole with an Uzi.

Get up!

You make me sick! Get up!

Turn around. I don't want to shoot you in the back.

Turn around! I said, turn around!

As an agent of the United States Government I am ordering you to turn around.


Please! Please don't hurt me. Stop!




Oh, my God. Frank.


You killed her.


You're next, pal.

Take him out, baby.



No! Get him!


No! Stop!



Get him, Patty.

Yeah, baby.


Whoo! (LAUGHS)

Oh, baby, you are an artist.

You're pretty, too. No!




I'm in the mood for a little vivisection.

(CRYING) No! Oh, please.

Me, too.

You bitch!


I got your girlfriend, Johnny!

Come and get her!

No, goddamn you! Let go of her!

Johnny! Come and get her, you coward!

Come on and get her!


Let go off my Patty!




Come here. Give me your hand.


See you later, Frank. We got you. (LAUGHS)

We're going back down to get us some more!

CYRUS: Yo, Frank.

How's it going? (CHUCKLES)

Bye, Frank.



Step back, Frank. Yeah.

This isn't going to be pleasant.



The old express bus to hell. No lines, no waiting.

It's really something, isn't it?

Excellent libraries.

Premium cigars.

And of course, the honeys.

Yeah, how about that? Stu's a regular chick magnet up here.


Hello, Frank.

It's time to go home.

I am home.



STUART: You see, the authorities have informed us that it's just not your time.

Start living, dude.


Be happy.



There's something I have to tell you.



Sorry to interrupt you, folks.

It's all right, Walt.

Frank, what do you know about Ouija boards?

Not a lot.

I found a whole stack of them up at the Bradley house.

It looks like Patricia just got herself a direct line to her dead boyfriend as soon as she was released five years ago.

It seems like the old lady, when she caught wind of Patricia's involvement in, well, in your wife's death, that she just kept the girl sedated.

She just couldn't stop Bartlett, though.

Nice epilogue, Walt. It was well delivered.


Just one other little thing. Uh-huh.

I got a whole bucket load of vacation time coming to me and I thought... Good.

...I thought you and I could collaborate on a book about all this.

It could be my ticket off the force.

That's not really my area.

If you're looking for a collaborator how about your guardian angel over there?


You got me, Frank.

I got you, Walt.

I'll see you, Frank. Bye-bye.

Boy, that Dammers, he sure looks pissed.


Well, sometimes, Frank, you see when you go through a traumatic experience it kind of alters your perception.