The Frozen Ground (2013) Script


It started a half hour ago. She ran in screaming, going nuts.

Ma'am, open this door! She woke the whole damned place up.

MAN: Shut the fuck up, bitch! Get back! Get those people back... now!

Get back inside! Get inside!

(POLICE RADIO CHATTER) Ma'am, open this door now!

WOMAN: He's trying to kill me!

MAN: Bitch!

WOMAN: He's gonna kill me! (SOBBING)

Ma'am, are you alone in this room?

WOMAN: I didn't do nothin'! I didn't... I didn't!

(SOBBING) Please don't hurt me!

I can't get these off.

Get these fucking things off my hands!

Please, get them... get them off of me!

Get... get them off.

Calm down, hold on. Get them off!

Please get them off! (SOBS)

It's okay. It's okay.

It's okay. Shhh.

It's all right. He's not coming.

WOMAN: She's had intercourse. Some older bumps and bruises.

The only fresh markings are from the cuffs.

Ma'am, please stay in there.

Can't I just go? We're gonna need you to come down to the station and go over a few things.

I don't know what else I can tell you. I know.

I told you everything. WOMAN: Miss, we're gonna need to keep your items.

Sign this. You can put these on.

MAN: Her details check out. Address, car rego... all match the suspect. Now she said she got away when he was putting her in his plane. Yeah well, he denies it.

Says his family is out of town and he was at two friends' all night.

Both confirm it. Even some pizza guy says he saw him there.

MAN #2: .and then he chained you to a post and then he raped you?

I told you already, that was before. On a bearskin.

You told the other officer it was a bed.

No, it was a bearskin on the floor.

What the fuck is he trying to do?

How many times did you say he had intercourse with you?

Once. He...

Just once.

MAN #2: Was it vaginally or... or anally?

I mean, before you said it was both.

Look, he did it normal... on top.

And then he... he wrapped the chain around my neck.

He was gonna kill me.

Yeah, but what about the bed? There was no bed!

When he chained me he put a blanket down on the ground.

You're a prostitute, aren't you?

Is 23 your real age? (SCOFFS) Yes.

Why would he want to put you on a plane?

He said he wanted to take me to his cabin.

MAN #2: Hmm.

Am I being booked?

Listen, I've spoken to this Bob Hansen.

He has two friends that say he was with them all night, and now I'm trying to work out if you were even with this guy last night.



Wait, what just happened? (BABY FUSSING)

WOMAN: Oh shhh. Okay.



Did you already pack the cereal?

Yeah, the kitchen's mostly packed. Hey, Dad!

Oh, you gonna catch some grizzly bears today?

Where you goin'?

Only two more weeks. Why don't you come on back to bed?

I get the next decade, okay?

Did you sign that check? I'm late as it is.

Hon, they're not gonna come and move all this stuff if you don't pay them. (DOOR CLOSES)

TROOPER: Found her last night way up the Knik.

Sergeant Hawks is taking the boat downriver from the bridge.


TROOPER: Thanks. Sarge, she's right over here.

MAN: I don't know. Take a look at this.

Hey, Jack.

This one of your missing persons? Eh, it could be.

She's female.

Late teens, maybe early 20s.

My girl has a jacket just like that.

Bear dug her up. Been in here... I don't know... six months, maybe a year.

Doesn't look like she was hiking.

A purse? They're still searching.

It's gonna be a hard one. One of the boys found this though, in the grave. Execution style.

You ever wish you'd stayed in white collar, Lyle?


You sound just like my wife.

You gonna take over? JACK: Yeah.

She's not missing anymore.

So I asked him straight. I said "Did you do this?"

He said "You can't rape a prostitute, can you?" How the fuck's that?

(LAUGHS)Hey, you can let her go.

She's telling the truth.

She's a prostitute that refused a polygraph.

It's a dead end. What do you expect her to do?

We should be going back there and getting a warrant! Hey, listen, who knows what the fuck went on. Hansen's an upstanding citizen.

The man has a wife, children and no record on the computers.

The lieutenant and I spoke with the DA and there's not enough to say she was even in the guy's place, so there won't be a warrant. I'm taking it from here.



The victim was Sherry Morrow, 23, A.K.A. Sherry Graves or Sherry Georgia.

She was reported missing last November after saying she was going to meet a man for a $300 photo session. (MURMURING)

Any connection to the Jane Doe found last year called Eklutna Annie? No, Sheila.

Still no ID on that body.

Another officer described Sherry and Sue Luna as carbon copies?

They were both dancers at the Wild Cherry and Good Times clubs and both said they were leaving to meet a photographer.

Look, we and APD are looking at all three cases, but let me be clear: There is nothing now that indicates anything other than a coincidence.

WOMAN: Any evidence? SHEILA: What about the other girls?

As of now they're only considered missing persons.

They may have left the state.

Details are in your handout. SHEILA: When are you gonna admit there's somebody taking these girls?

Well, we're investigating any links, but we don't believe that there's a mass murderer out there.

That's all we have. Thank you.

JACK: Somebody went to a lot of trouble getting her there.

There's no road access. Probably used a boat.

What, dumped? Could have done that closer.

Suspect wanted her out there alive where they wouldn't be disturbed.

He shot her four times... two in the legs, two in the chest, like she was running. Then he redressed her, wrapped a bandage around her head.

Shell case is a. 223. So what are we looking at?

Picked her up from a bar, over an hour drive to a boat.

All the time they're neither seen or missed.

He's nocturnal, methodical.

Probably works nights. His job gives him time.

Like... like a shift worker.

Christ, that's half the people here.

But why leave a shell? It doesn't fit.

I don't think he's careless, more overconfident.

He didn't count on the body being found.

Like the others.

What others?

Lieutenant, this was too well-planned.

It's not a first time. It's not a one-off.

He's done it before, he'll do it again.

DISPATCHER: Lieutenant, I have a call...

I'm not here. Give me 10 minutes. Just got this from APD.

One of the missing girls' sisters called, wants to talk to someone.

This also for whoever's heading up the missing dancer's case.

Said it's urgent.

No, I'm the wrong guy to get in the middle of this.

This is my last two weeks. Well, bad luck.

Your precious oil money and 800 Miles of pipe ain't going anywhere.

Pull whatever team you need.


How many open cases has he got?

With hunters, hikers, boaters and idiots just wandering off, about 600 from the last two years.


All right. Let's get started. Grab a box.

Jodi, I'm going to that photo session.

Fuck! Can you wait? Cab's already here. Can I borrow this?

Only if you drop off my mail. Deb, have you seen my necklace?

Uh... no, I haven't. What time will you be back?

Not till later. I'll meet you at the bar.

Hi, I'm Debbie.

Sorry I'm late. I brought my dog if that's okay.



Give my love to you...

Oh hey, Bobby. Hey, Al, good morning.

Hey, John says the coyotes are running.

I was thinkin' about taking the boys, flying up, getting a few? Maybe next week.

I sure would like to. We're still on for dinner with Joan, yeah, Tuesday?

If that's what the girls arranged.

You know, whatever they say. Yeah. (LAUGHS)

Oh hey, Bob. BOB: Hi.


MAN: Good mornin', Bob.

Hi. WOMAN: Hey.

Oh no! I know.

I can never seem to get the hang of this, Bob.

More pressure. Like that.

Oh nice.

Did that Clausen order come in? It did.

They called and changed it to today, but I can handle it.

BOB: Okay. Do that, please.

WOMAN: Yeah. Hey, I got that.

I'll sort that out for you, Bob. Okay, thank you.

You wanna take one of these home? I sure do.

Okay. Are we still having Halloween here?

You betcha we are. My kids are all excited.

Are they? That's good. Yep.

All right, keep at it now. All right. See ya.

I'm going over suspects from court and rape-center cases.

I'll check the rest in the morning.

Are you stayin'?

You have anything on a Robert C. Hansen?

Grabbed some girl back in '71. Drove her at gunpoint, hands bound and naked, to Kenai Lake and then raped her.

He got five years, he was out in three months.

It seems he just had a run-in with a prostitute.

She told Anchorage Police the exact same story.

Why isn't this guy on our list? That was 12 years ago.

If we open it up that much... Get everything you can from archive.

See if there are any other past offenses and check all missing persons from the same period. (ELEVATOR DINGS)

Do you know anyone downtown... vice? Yeah, one guy. Why?

I need a meet. Tonight. Got it.

Eight girls in the last two years... all late teens, early 20s, 5'2 " to 5'7", 120-125 lbs, all made big money dates with a stranger and then disappeared.

Cindy Paulson, 23, 5'2", 120 lbs was offered $200 for a blowjob and then raped at gunpoint.

Guy said he liked to take pictures, was gonna take her to his cabin in the wild, but she got away.

There's not one lead on any of these girls, except her.

Wherever she is, we need to find her.

He's on. You want me to come? JACK: No.

Go back through all the older files and see if there are any other girls that match.


MAN: Let me guess. Gentile?

Halcombe. Thanks for helping.

The night's still young. Don't thank me yet.

Here, put this on. Take this shit off.

There, now you look like an eighth-grade teacher out looking for a perv.

I gotta warn you. You're not gonna make many friends for reopening up this case, not down here. Word travels fast.

Whoever gave you that file just fucked his next promotion... and your career.

They call it The Track, like for horses.

The Ho-stro... where the ho's stroll. Everyone knows everyone.

All the pimps know all the other pimps, who owns which girls, which girls are the wild ones.

Black girls are boosters, whites are flat-backs.

Good money-earning bitch can do both... their words not mine.

It's move and hustle. Give the least, get the most.

You know, it's all about the paper.

Let's dance.

I checked around. Before here, Cindy was arrested under P&I in Portland.

Has priors for prostitution in Cali, Washington, Oregon and Denver.

She's been on the street since she was 11 years old.

Quite a track star. Pimp's a Clayton Jackson.

SFPD had him for trying to rearrange his last girl's face with a tire iron, but he got off.

(EXHALES) Real nice piece of fuckin' work.


Some of these bars are part of a mob circuit run out of Seattle.

They move the girls around, LA, Portland, up here, Hawaii, Florida.

Sometimes with no notice, they're just gone.

It keeps the talent fresh.


Have you seen this girl?

Have you seen her?

Have you seen this girl? Nah, just started.

Her name's Cindy.

If she's street, we keep 'em outta here.

Might've come in. I dunno.

Try the Sleeping Lady. Maybe she's there.

Wait a minute. Have you seen her? Her name's Paula.

She was a walk-in.

Not on the circuit or nothin'.

Said her name was Angel. They all do.

First night she went all the way.

Kept her heels on, going for the big money.

That takes guts. Not many girls do that.

Hey look, I know what you're thinking.

They're not whores really. Just girls.

MAN: Janet. I gotta go.

Boss says back inside. She's doin' him a favor. Fuck off.

Not any more. Fuck off.

(CHUCKLES) Okay, big boy.

Move on.

GENTILE: If she's here, we'll find her.

I'll look around a couple more hours.

Mrs. Morehead? Sergeant Halcombe.

I was told you had some information about your sister.

I do.

Lyle asked me for these a long time ago.

They're Sussie's dental records. Okay.

She only came up for two weeks, you know?

That was 15 months ago.

She left her daughter Lizzie with our folks.

She's four.

Every time the phone rings I think it might be her.


We won those when we were kids.

It's a pair.

And Sussie never took hers off.

Mrs. Morehead, I know how you feel.

I know. We're doing everything we can to find her.


Sergeant, I know it's selfish, but I want you to remember her over the others.

I just want to find her and lay her down somewhere nice.

I understand. You keep that.



WOMAN: Hi, Bob, the kids just wanted to say good night.

Call us back if it's not too late.

We're having a great time. It's... it's really beautiful here and Mom and Dad are really enjoying the kids.

We'll be back in two days. God bless.

MAN ON TV: The crocodile returns, covered in fresh red earth.

At first, her peculiar behavior is a puzzle.

Then her secret is revealed.

There is no escape.

Lyle back? Anything from the FBI?

Yeah, he's been searching court records and nothing from them yet.

Somebody's looking out for you.

She's pretty scared. Won't say where she's living or working.

Will she talk? I don't know. That's up to you.

Remember she's a kid, but don't get fooled.

I'm Sergeant Halcombe.

How old's your daughter? She's six.

Is that your sister?

She's dead, isn't she?

Shall I call you Cindy? (TAPE RECORDER CLICKS)


And how old are you?

Um, I'm sev- I'm 18 now.

I was 17 at the time.

You're not 23?

Why don't you just start at the beginning?

What you told the police downtown.

Okay. Um...


I was on the corner of 5th and Denali and he rode by around 11:00, and he offered me $200 for a... you know, a blowjob and I said fine, no problem.

(CRYING) Um... he brought me to his place.

He said his family was away.

Um, and he... he took me down... to... he called it his den.

It was... it was more of a dungeon and...

Thanks. Um...




MAN: My love.

How do I begin.

To tell you what's been in.

A heart that's filled with love.

From end to end.

WOMAN: My love.

A world you have to share... (CLATTERING)

Ah, damn it.


No no no, don't step there. Don't step there.

Don't step there. Sorry.

BOB: What the hell's that? I'm sorry.

BOB: Disgusting!




I can't reach it.

I can't reach.


You think you're ready? You ready for some more fun?

Oh God, please just let me go.

You're the... you're the best one I ever had.


Please just let me go.

I have a little girl.

I wanna see my mom.

BOB: I wanna...

I wanna go do it on that bearskin.



Hey, Bob, you here?

Bobby? Hey! Now now now.

If-if he hears you-you, you gotta believe there will be a problem, right?

(MOANS) There's gonna be a problem and you're gonna die.

Bobby? Shhh.


(GASPS, CHUCKLES) Didn't hear you come in.

Holy shit, man!

You just about scared the hell out of me.

Oh Jesus. Hey, I brought you a plate.

I was just having dinner at the television.

I see. Well, you know, Jenny, she says with Fran being away and all... Yeah.

That maybe we should bring something over.

Oh thanks. I'm just having a quiet night in.



Hey, look, you sure you won't come join us?

Yeah yeah. You and Jenny are too good to me.

She's a good woman. Be careful with her.

MAN: Yeah. Don't go working too hard now, okay?

BOB: Yeah. Thank you.

When he... when he raped me, I saw in his eyes...

I've never seen anyone's eyes go black like that before.

I mean animal heads everywhere.

I saw that and I knew this guy liked to kill things.

That's when I knew it wouldn't do me no good to beg.

Like maybe he was halfway decent.

I just had to not be so scared.

Take any chance I could get.

How did you get away? In the car.

I was...

I was looking out the window and he was fixing the seat in the back of the plane.

That's how I ran.

And he didn't wear no rubber and I was on my period at the time, and I had a tampon in my womb.

I kept it in me because I thought that if there was any chance that I was getting out of there, I needed evidence.

And that was the fucking evidence... his semen.

And I thought if there was any way that I would... would escape, that he wasn't getting away with it.

But he did.

Do you think he's done this before?

He said there were seven girls before me... and that I was lucky because they usually stay for a week.

Is that... is that enough?

L-I gotta go.



Hey, bitch, slow down.

Need some help, girl? Hey hey, where you running to, girl?

Come back here, girl. Come back here. WOMAN: Hey, handsome, fuck off!

MAN: What? My money's no good? Fuck you, bitch!

Are you fucking crazy, honey? You ain't got no man?


Honey, I don't know your story and I ain't gonna ask you, but you gotta get the fuck off the street. Maybe dance.

You can dance, huh? Yeah.

Listen, honey, I don't want nothing from you, but I've seen girls like you before.

I've fuckin' been like you, okay? Only I was too stupid to take some help.

You're gonna take some help. Let's go.


It's Courvoisier... French cognac.

It softens the edges.

My grandma was from France, I think.

I'm like part Irish-French. Really?

I'm Brooklyn-trailer.

All right. There are two cases down the Kenai in '71.

Hansen had a boat over the Fourth of July weekend in Seward in '73 and '75.

I cross check it each time a girl disappears.

He gets five years for theft in '76.

Supreme Court overturned it, he got out in 15 months.


Kenai, Seward, '75 kidnapping in Palmer here.

Bear lady found here in 1980.

Another near Eklutna.

Sherry Morrow found on the Knik here.

Since then 11 girls matching the profile have gone missing from downtown.

Now, I've only gone through half the files, but that's... that's 150-, 200-mile radius, so if he is our guy, he's covering a fair part of the state.

Wait, just slow down here. These are all old cases.

You got one body and if you wanna start connecting 'em, you need more than a guess.

And who the hell is this bear lady? (UNISON) Joanna...

Joanna Messina. She was a young, unemployed nurse... shot.

Found frozen and being eaten by a 500-lb black bear.

The boys had to shoot it. And they got the guy on that.

No. Passed a polygraph, no conviction.

She matches the profile, she stays on the list.

Well, I got a call from the brass at APD and they are pissed off.

They wanna know why the hell we're looking at cases that they already closed. Is she even gonna testify?

I don't know yet. Well, Christ, Jack, you better fucking make sure. And stay away from the APD.

If this thing falls apart, we'll all be looking at jobs in oil companies.


They just found another body... a mile from the last one.



What have you got?

No fingerprints left.

Facial dilapidation.

Still some larvae infestation.

Considerable trauma from animals. You can see the tears.

The flesh was tough.

Say she's 20s, early 30s.

Jaw intact so might get an ID if you can get me dental.

And how did she die?

Fatal gunshot wound to the sternum.

Bullet entered front and passed clean through her heart, exited right shoulder blade.

Also other shots to leg and torso... all from behind.

Lacerations to skull, deep stabs to the ribs.

She put up quite a fight.

Shirt and bra both cut open in the front.

What do you make of this?

Ever try to saw a bone with a flat blade?

I'd say someone tried to remove her head.

How long was she out there?

Maybe four months, as few as two.

She spent the summer out there.

Have you ever seen anybody do anything like this before?


Neither have I.

GIRL: We waited up.

Mommy's asleep. She said you didn't call.

Oh! Yeah, I should've called.

Let's go back to bed.

Don't ever grow up, honey, okay?

Okay, so listen. You don't cheat us, and we won't cheat you. Okay?

We're gonna split everything 50-50.

(PANTS) The fuck, man?

I don't know if I can do this.

I mean turning a trick on the street is one thing, but getting up there and letting it all hang loose in front of a fucking room, I... You're gonna be fine.

You just need some help. (GROANS)

Now listen, I remember the first time I got up on stage, okay?

I was so nervous, I peed all over this cowboy in the front row.


Come on.

What's the matter?

You never met Crystal before?

She's gonna be your best friend.

Go ahead.


Ready? You get it nice and hot.

You got it? (COUGHS)

Come on, you gotta try again. One more time.

There you go.

There you go. It's good.



Yeah. Yeah, you're better.

You're good now.

(GIGGLING) Take this off.

Look at you. Oh my God!

You're fucking gorgeous. Look at you. Look at you!

Oh fuck.

You need good shoes, okay? Oh my God, these shoes.

Those are good shoes. Oh, I got shoes.


WOMAN: You good? I'm good.

WOMAN: Yeah?

You remind me of my mom.

Fuck you! Remind you of your mother!

You do. You're so beautiful.

Listen. Yeah?

You just go out there, you listen to the music, okay?

That's it. Just listen to the music.

Listen to the music. Yeah, you're gonna be fine.

You're gonna do just fine.



I heard my mama cry.

She said, "Boy, don't tell no lies".

She can't see the evil in his eyes.

Wild deed ain't no big surprise.

Well, I said to you back in the day.

When I had hell to raise...

(CHEERING) Now it's high time.

Going in for the kill.

Now it's high time.

Going in for the kill...

(MOUTHS) Fuck!

Hey, come here. CINDY: Fuck off!

Hey, bitch, come here. The fuck you doing here?

I came here to get you.

My fucking necklace. Listen, motherfucker.

This is for my bitch out there on the track getting real money.

You in here bullshitting in this fucking dump? Ain't no money in here.

Let me see what you got. It's my shit!

Why do you think I came back? Why you think I'm here?

I'm here for you.

Why do we gotta go through this every time?

You're supposed to be stronger than this.

I mean, you got your thing going on around here and I got my thing. Check it out.

Take it.

You need me.

Sooner or later you gonna see.

You need me. (CHEERS) (APPLAUSE)

Time to go. You do exactly as I say, you won't get hurt. Get in the plane. (GUN COCKS)

(SLAPS) Look at me. Get going. No!

Shhh. Don't say anything!

Get in that fucking plane.

Don't have time for this shit.



Yeah yeah, hey, Jerry.

Yes yes, I'm still joining you, of course.

You'll get them today.


Hey. You hear from Cindy?

Gentile said it's too early.

You know I never asked for this case.

Well, I'm glad you're on it. So are the guys too.

What'd you find? Hansen's alibi is still holding out.

There's no cabin in his name. Apparently all his trophies and furs were stolen a few years back.

He used the insurance pay-out to buy a new plane.

So I ran the cross-check against our subjects, see who has a pilot's license.

They denied it for psychiatric reasons, but that didn't stop him.

He's the only one who owns a plane. Psychiatric reasons?

When's surveillance start? Without evidence it's still not approved, so we're on our own.

Some of the guys might help. Good.

I called to get Cindy's evidence from the Anchorage police.

(ENGINE CRANKING) They said they couldn't find her rape exam results. You know why? (ENGINE STARTS)

After they let her go, they never bothered to get it from the hospital.

It's still there. This fucker kidnaps, rapes and tortures a 17 year-old girl, not to mention how many others, and I'll bet these guys and the DA all but bought him lunch for the inconvenience of asking him questions about it.

Make it official. We're reopening the case.

Metro can think whatever the fuck they want.

This guy did it and they let him get away with it.



Oh God, please no. Please no no.

Come here. No no, please, no.

Come on. No no no!

Come on! No no. (SQUELS)

Come on, get up! (SOBBING)

Come on. Almost there.

Please don't. Please don't.

I won't tell anybody. I promise.


Oh God. Please.


(WHISPERS) You're a really good girl.

You've done everything I asked you to do.


Why are you screaming? (SCREAMS)

Please please, let me go.

(AIRPLANE PASSING) Please, let me go!

Help! Help!



Nobody can hear you out here.

Please let me go, please.

I won't tell anybody.

I won't say anything, please.

You're gonna kill me, aren't you?


Help! Please.


Let me go.

Please, let me go!








Are you gonna eat that? It's their special.

The other night you said you saw a hole in the post.

Why'd you say a bullet hole?


Um, because I seen one before.

What do you mean? When?

Shit, I dunno.

One Christmas when I was like six years old my... my pop shot his gun inside and left a hole right there in the wall.

It looked just the same.

Have you ever seen a glacier?

Or, like, you love animals or anything?

WOMAN: Watch out!

I always dreamed that one day I would either be a fireman or work with animals.

It'd be so cool.

Where's your family?

Why you want to know that shit, huh?

'Cause you're just like all the other squares.

I got guys asking me all the time what happened, where my folks think I'm at.

You wanna fuck me? Is that what you want?

(CLEARS THROAT) No, Cindy, I don't.

You think... you think knowing makes us friends?

Makes me help you?

What happened to your sister?

Yeah, see? Fuck that.

I ain't a friend. I ain't nothing.

I just thought if you might wanna go home, maybe I could find a way... Fuck, man.

Are you fucking for real?

What the fuck do you think I'm gonna do there, huh?

Say "Here's my nigger"?

"Oh, you didn't know I been a ho since like the sixth grade?

Some dumb pimp's bitch?" They didn't raise me for that shit.

You can't always be on the run.

You don't think I wanna be here.

I can go home any time I want.

Maybe I don't want to. Don't you care?

Your parents might be worried about you.

Yeah. Yeah, they're worried.

Like they should have done that when... those motherfuckers.

I had shit happen to me that ain't supposed to happen to no little kids, and they just let it.

They fucking let it.

They wanted to hide me.

It's... it's... it's not right to be ashamed of your baby, is it?

To let bad things happen to it?

I didn't ask for any of that shit.

And you want me to go back to it?

I'm fucking outta here. I don't need your shit no more.

I'll see you around.

It took them two hours to cut her out of the car.

The guy was a drunk driver.

It was my 21st birthday.

She had knitted me this... (CHUCKLES) awful orange scarf and told me how proud she was of me and then ran out.

I wanna think Sandy didn't see it when he smashed into her.

But anyway, I went with her to the hospital.

I don't know if she knew I was there... just holding her hand.

I kept telling her she'd be all right.

Right up until she died.

She was your age.





You turn the screw.

Make me do all the things I want to.

Why even try.

You know I don't know...

Hey there, honey.

You wanna gimme some money?

You, you always get your way.

It's true, all I want is to...


BOUNCER: Get over there!

WOMAN: I got it, I got it, I got it.

I got her. Get up. (CINDY SOBBING)

Sit down. What are you doing? Get your fucking shit together!

What the fuck? Stop it.

Stop! Hey, look.

What the fuck is wrong with you?

Stop it!


Hi, you-you... you have a-a... a girl Cindy?

Uh... ju... uh, she... good... good girl, yeah.

Brunette. Just, uh...

I don't know. Cin... Cindy. Just...



God damn it, Bob!

HALCOMBE: We're wasting time. He won't stop.

And we know who he is. Yeah, but you can't prove it.

He'll be keeping mementoes, trophies.

Metro saw ACE bandages in his car, a pistol... the same caliber as the shells at the graves.

Shells don't kill people. Bullets and people do.

You know that. None of this holds.

I need more, or you're right, I am wasting my time.

HALCOMBE: I don't know how much longer she'll be safe out there.

Bring her in. Arrest her if you have to. Put her in a safe house.

HALCOMBE: She won't help if I do that. She'll run and I can't make her.

What about the insurance fraud? Is that enough to get him off the street?

If you bring him in, he'll probably call his lawyer and refuse to cooperate.

You need more. Look, I'm not going to tell you how to do your job, okay?

But I need something a lot more solid before I'll support a warrant.

That's all. (BUZZES)


Send it through. Sergeant? It's for you. Over there.


No! Don't let her leave.

I don't care. Tell the airline to delay the flight if you have to, just don't let her leave! (CLATTERS)


Those seven girls he told you about...

I know you think about them.

You got away for a reason.

These others... weren't so lucky.

Without you, all I have is circumstantial.

That's not enough.

CINDY: I seen her before... in Portland.

(SIGHS) She always smiled.

Cindy, I can't make you stay.

You can still get on a plane, but the only way I'm gonna stop this is with you, if you'll help me.

Now I know you stopped what was happening to you when you were growing up by running.

This time you stop it for them.

But you gotta stay.

Did you catch that guy?

The one who killed your sister?

(SIGHS) Well, I wasn't an officer then.

The judge gave him six years for murdering a beautiful girl.

He was out in two. I know where he lives, I know what he does.

Not a day goes by, I don't think about her... or him.

Yeah, but he got away.

Look, Cindy, Hansen won't.

You gotta trust me.

I promise, okay?

I promise, nothing's going to happen to you.


BOY: For what we are about to receive, may the Lord make us truly grateful. Amen.


Pa wanted to know when we could take the kids back down again.

They were thinking maybe Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving we have the staff dinner, remember?

I just thought, um... you know, Debbie was gonna bring her baby down again... (FORK CLATTERS)

I'm sorry. (PHONE RINGING)

Hello? You bet.

I've gotta go out. Go to work. Okay.

BOB: Thanksgiving here!

HALCOMBE'S WIFE: And you didn't ask me if it would be all right?

HALCOMBE: I didn't think it could be wrong.

She'll be leaving in the morning. WIFE: She's not your problem!

What about your own daughter? Because this is our home and she shouldn't be here. I had no choice.

Where else is she supposed to go? It's only one night.

Jack, you always have a choice, okay? She's not your problem.

She's not your responsibility. I don't think that's fair, Allie.

And I'm taking that other job to get us away from all this.

Oh right! What's going on with that?

Jerry called. He told me you still haven't signed those papers.

I quit my job!

Okay? We're in the middle of this mess, leaving our home. This is not a halfway house.

HALCOMBE: Come on, Allie, that's not right.

If she was our kid, you'd be raising fires all over town.

No no, she's not. She's not our kid!

Well, she's someone's. And no one cares and this guy knows it.

And if that doesn't change, what hope have they got?

I care, Jack. I care about our family. Please, just quiet.

And don't you dare make me wrong because of it!

Allie, I'm not making you wrong. I'm sorry... no no.

You have to get her out!


Cindy! (SOBBING)



Hey, is Clate here?

I'm... I'm Felisha. He told me to come by.




So you decided to come back to your man, huh?

Clate, I... I just... I ain't got time for this shit.

Get your ass back to work.

Let's go.

You're not supposed to be here.

You're supposed to be on the other side of the street.

The bouncer up there said she came this way. Have you seen her?

She's 5'2", not very tall.

She was guesting over at Kitty's for Chelle.

All right. Thank you. Thank you.


How you doing?





Maybe I'm not making myself clear.

I said do you know this girl? Should I?

Don't fuck with me. You gave her a job.

You tell me where she is! You back up! Back up now!

Well, fuck you. I don't work here.

A lot of girls, they come through here.

They're called Cindy or Tammy or some shit.

Fucking hos without a clue. Oh really?

Well, this one does have a clue and come tomorrow you're not gonna know what to call 'em, 'cause I'm getting this whole shithole shut down!

All right? So start packing!

Lou! You motherfucker!

You know, you oughta transfer down here.

Where would she go?

Anywhere if she needed money.

Have you seen this girl?

Do you know her? Huh-uh.




So welcome to the long trails.

Then among the costs.

The broken and the lost.

There was a brand-new...





Have you seen her?


Who the fuck are you? You're not allowed back here!

Cindy! Cindy! What is she on?

What'd you give to her? She's not my type.



I'll give you two some privacy.

It's okay. It's okay. (WHIMPERS)

You're safe now. It's okay.

Is she your mom?


She was 15 when she had me so they... they told me she was my sister.

It's Leslie's house.

Her Uncle did stuff to me for... years.

Really bad stuff.

Why didn't...?

Did you know your father?

I used to pretend that he was in the Navy.

That's why he couldn't come see me.

It's so lame.

I didn't mean to 'cause you no trouble. That's okay.

Try and get some rest.

You know, all my life since... since I was real young I just...

I really wanted a chance to believe someone.

You know, like when they say that everything is gonna be okay, that they were actually telling the truth.

That's okay to ask, isn't it?


It sure is.

Evil's darkness stalks my side I can't find it any other way...

So, man, long time no fucking see.


You must really want that piece of pussy bad, you come find me. Who is she?

I'll find her. Cost ya 10.

I'll let you know when it's done.




I'll be right back.

Oooh! What the fuck, man?

It's cold out here, man. Let's get in with the bitches.

What the fuck, man? What are we going to do with you, boy? Huh? Come on, man.

We had a deal.

You owe some friends of mine a lot of money.

I'm gonna get it for 'em, I swear! That's not what I hear.

I hear you speak shit about them. No!

You wanna make this go away?

Where's that sweet little bitch I saw you with?

You fucking find her and bring her to me and we're even, okay?

I'll get her for 'em. I'll do whatever you need!

You got two days to hand her to me. That's it.

Now get the fuck outta here.

Wake me if anything happens.


BOB: Button up the coat.


Hey, Jack, heads up.

BOB: Hey, pal, come with me.


LYLE: Yeah, there's no way in hell he's going up in this.

Tell the control tower to stall him if he tries to take off.

LYLE: All right.


LYLE: That fucking son of a bitch is crazy.

Tower says he's headed northeast past Knik, but hell, he could be going anywhere. He's gonna dump it all.



Bang bang, right, Dad? BOB: Yeah, that's what we do.

Hey, now listen, you keep an eye on the plane.

You don't want people coming out here and stealing all our gear, do you?



Yeah, he landed an hour ago. Went straight home.

You might want to get back here.

And that FBI report you asked for?

Yeah, it just came through. You know, that profile thing?

You're not gonna believe this.

CLIVES: Well, afternoon, gentlemen. HALCOMBE: Afternoon.

You know Frank Rothschild. I asked him to join us.

I hope you've got something new. Legal affidavit and search warrant request that covers Hansen's history, lists items we expect to find in his home, his work, his vehicles, including his plane.

From the FBI's new profiling team.

They say we're looking for a white male, early 40s, average height, respected member of the community, wife probably very religious and not totally aware of what he's up to, history of theft, sexual assault, probably stutters.

Also expert outdoorsman and avid hunter.

That's Hansen.

This is all secondhand information. I need physical evidence.

These guys aren't even proven yet.

Hell, the FBI can't work out if they're for real.

I have testimony from another victim who escaped in '79, and a witness who has seen Hansen's stolen trophy heads back in his den.

We have Cindy Paulson and everything I had last time still checks out.

Who wrote this? HALCOMBE: Pat Doogan, Assistant District Attorney Fairbanks.

He flew down yesterday, worked through the night.

You behind this, Bob? And the Colonel.

CLIVES: So you still want to search for insurance fraud, use that warrant to get him on murder? That washes out, gets thrown out of court, then what?

Every way we turn it all leads back to Hansen.

Now I'm not gonna tell you how to do your job, but if you don't start doing something, you'll be the one held responsible for these, and any other girls who are killed.

Now if you'll excuse me, I should probably check on Miss Paulson.

CLIVES: Sergeant.

We'll look these over, get back to you in a few days.

You know... he stalks them like his next trophy animal, he rapes them and he kills them.

He is probably doing it right now.

We don't have a few days!

I want a warrant.


If he's wrong, if this guy gets off... we'll never get him in again.

Then unlike in the past, we all better make sure that doesn't happen.


MAN: Hey, Bob? You have a minute?

I was hoping you could help us down at the station.

In 1971, there was an incident involving a Miss Allen over in Spenard.

Can you tell me what happened there, Bob?


That, um... I don't know what to say.

I guess you could just... call that an urge.

And is that to do with what Dr. McMannus said at your sentencing?

I can't remember...

Schizophrenic or manic-depressive problems.

A mental state you would sometimes go into and things would just... happen, but then you wouldn't remember. Was he off-base on that?

Is that bothering you, Bob?

Hey, listen, whatever the problem is here, I want to help you gentlemen clear it up.

You know, but by the same token, uh, my lawyer always told me never to... you know.

But I can help you clear it up. What's your question?

There was a second incident... Mm-hmm.

In December of '71.

You were arrested for that also? Yeah yeah.

Her name was Bowden. That situation, there is your basic, you know, money for sex... prop-proposition.

I said, "Look hey, you know, this... we agreed on a price", and God damn it, that's the way it's gonna be."

And she just kept arguing with me... more and more money, more and more money. And then, you know, I just dropped her off in Anchorage.

She says you bound her with a snare trap and put a gun to her head.

No. And you started going down towards the Kenai to the Sunset Lodge and rented a cabin.

That part's true. And she says you raped her.

And you wrote her mother and father's name and address and her son's name down and said if she told anyone, you'd harm 'em.

Well, I do remember her name being written down on a piece of paper that she gave me to contact her, but I don't remember...


LYLE: It'll take longer than we thought.

He didn't throw away a thing.

Every wall is a hidden closet crammed with stuff.

HALCOMBE: Okay. As soon as you get anything.

Okay, I'm on it. HALCOMBE: Please.

She worked at the Embers Bar, 1979.

Oh oh, yeah yeah, okay.

Yeah, I remember her.

That was, uh, primarily the same thing.

Haven't you learned by now, Bob, that these girls aren't just gonna play it cool with you?

I mean, you know that they know that they have a commodity that you want... and with a nice wife at home.

Is there a problem there? No.

At home there's no problem at all.

I... I mentioned to you-you both that, uh... both of these times, uh...

I wanted oral sex.

Uh, you know?

I don't know, you call me old-fashioned or whatever, but that's not something that I would want... want my wife to perform, okay?

You know, not somebody that I love and respect and... and cherish and...

We've got all the bank statements, other documents, nothing that has anything to do with any girls.

I'm heading to the plane. Okay, good.

All right. The prostitutes are upset, you're upset.

Yeah. Things can happen in that specific arrangement.

But let's go back to Miss Allen for a moment... the young lady over in Spenard.

She worked for a real-estate company.

Yeah. Well, the first time I'd seen her she was downtown, and I had an attraction to her right away.

So, you know, I followed her home and, um, she just seemed like a really neat person.

What happened the second time you went over?

You had a gun. Yeah well...

I hadn't intended to rape her or anything like that.

Yeah no. It's the same.

There's stolen stuff everywhere.

Yeah, we got guys out at the camper too.

I need more or he's gonna walk.

I said to myself, "You know... you know, Bob, you gotta have some priorities in your life."

When I've done this now, I've done it to my family too.

And I put my wife through an awful lot of grief and I don't want to do that anymore, okay?

You took some of these girls out or you picked 'em up for sex?

I'm not denying that. Yeah, but I'm talking about case after case over a period of 12 years.

And all these girls' cases are saying the exact same thing:

"I was bound. I was threatened."

A gun or knife was involved.

And you're telling me that everybody's making up the same story?

I'm showing you a pattern, Bob, and you're lying to me.

Well, it just seems like you've gone to this untold amount of trouble.

You know, you're bringing up things from my past, I would be as hard pressed to remember back when I was born in Iowa.

A. 223 shell casing was found at her gravesite.

She was shot and killed.

You're telling me I shot this person?


I did not shoot anybody and I would not hurt anybody.

And that's the truth. Hansen's wife doesn't know anything.

It's like they live in two separate worlds.

We found his stolen mounts right on the damned wall.

The. 223, the arrowhead necklace?

Anything that links him directly to one of the girls?

How's it going with him? He still doesn't want a lawyer, but he's giving us everything we already know.

The rest is babble. Look, I need the. 223 or something!

Who is that?

That's Sherry Morrow.

She was found on the Knik with an ACE bandage wrapped around her face and her arms.

Or what was left of them.

There was also a. 223 shell casing found at her gravesite.

Identical extractor markings to the shell we found at Paula's grave.

You think that came out of my gun? Bullshit it did!

Why are you telling us that everybody's wrong?

Because in this case they are. You said the psychiatrists were wrong, but admitted you lied to them and told us you don't really have a problem.

You're not hearing voices, you're not seeing things.

And if that's true... then there's a far worse problem, and it cannot continue.

Well, I'll tell you what. It can't because it never started.

I didn't shoot anybody.

Yeah, we've got 17 weapons so far.

Al's running numbers now, but none of 'em are a. 223.

Well yeah, it's all as Cindy said, but there's no prints, fibers, anything.

Yeah well, we're running out of places to look.

Probable insurance fraud. No, nothing on any girls.

Most of us don't have much respect for a prostitute.

They're beneath us, aren't they?

I think so. Why are they beneath us, Bob?

Well, it's obvious.

Didn't you find, growing up, that girls had a certain power over you?

They know what boys want and they can dictate when they can have it.

Isn't it nice when we get older and we can turn the tables, dominate, take the lead? Isn't it?

Determine when you touch them or whatever?

When you pay for it. Right.

And they won't reject you. You're paying for it, they'll do what you tell them. Then you pull out the gun and you're really in control.

Then they're dead.

Now you say you didn't rape them, you say you didn't shoot them, but turn it around, Bob. If you'd read those reports... turn it around, pretend you're us... would you think those girls lied?

I believe them. Do you want to convict me on that?!

I wanna find out who I'm talking to.

I want to see if you have the guts to be honest with me!

You know what?

I think that this is serious as hell, and I think that I'd like to talk to my attorney.

If you wanna talk about all this back-passing stuff... and about that? I didn't do that!

You think you got away with what you did to Cindy.

I know what you do to those girls.

And I'm gonna prove it. That's gonna be hard, Sergeant.

I heard you were leaving. I'm not going anywhere yet.

Robert Hansen, I'm arresting you for the kidnap and rape of Cindy Paulson.

Read him the rest and get him over to the courthouse.

Robert Christian Hansen...

Fucking son of a bitch! Is there anything from her?

The truck, the plane? Maybe he did dump it all already.

Can you guys give me a minute?


HALCOMBE: Gentlemen, I know you've been at this all day, but we still haven't found what we need.

And if we don't before we leave, we'll never get another chance.

So we're gonna start again.

From top to bottom, every damn inch.

If it means we stay all night, dig up the entire property, well, that's what we're gonna do!

Call it trooper's intuition. I know it's here.

All right, you heard him. Let's get to it.


You okay? (DOOR CLOSES)

We arrested him.

The judge said no to bail.

What's he doing here? Said you wanna put me in some safe house.

I don't want to. You have to, Cindy.

It's for the best.

Well, am I gonna have to testify?

'Cause I don't know if I can face him again.

His lawyer is going to want to interview you.

And they're gonna try to make you look bad, like...

I just want you to be ready, okay?

I need to get my stuff.

I've gotta go.

I said I need to get my stuff! Yeah.

I'll come by tomorrow and we can go get it.

Anything you want, okay?


LIEUTENANT: Hey, Jack, over here!

We found a trap door. You may wanna see this.

You were right. He didn't dump it all.

That's a Mini-14 and a Thompson Contender.

Both. 2235.

(SHOUTING) We found the guns!


ls Cindy okay? I got her a new toothbrush and some soap and some things.

We found the gun.

He didn't confess.


Just because the system isn't perfect, it doesn't mean you quit trying to make it better.

I thought a change is what we needed.

You know what?

I love this old place.

I'm just gonna go get my job back.

You've gotta do what's right for you. And helping this girl...

This is who you are.

You can't let this guy get away with it.

I don't intend to.

MAN: You'll do something minor on the fraud.

But what about this girl, this Cindy?

I thought you said that was a mistake?

'Cause if she testifies, it could be trouble.

What are you saying?

Well, I'm saying a kidnap and rape charge, that could be 99 years right there.

And these types of trials can be a mess... for you and your family.

I'll be back in the morning, Bob.




You're Cindy, right?

'Cause some guy came in, described you and asked if Cindy was in town.

Said he was a friend of Bob's?

I told him you'd be back soon.

Who's been in to see him?

MAN: Just his lawyer and wife.

His brother picked up a letter to his kids.

There was nothing in it. Hansen doesn't have a brother.

Has anybody checked on Cindy?

There's an officer over there. Why?

I need to speak to Sergeant Halcombe.

Oh, come on, pick up! Fuck no. Please, come on!

Well, where... where is he? (CAR HANKS)

Just connect him, please? CLATE: Fuck, bitch, come on!

I've been looking for ya all night! Get in the fucking car!

Look, I only told the cops my name was Cindy.

Then I used Felisha, okay? It's him. I know it.

Look, man, we're getting out of this motherfucking state tonight!

Never coming back.


THUG: You got her? Yeah.

It's now. Remember, you do what I told you, we're even.


CINDY: Why are you turning here?

Where the fuck are you taking me?

Clate, I asked you a question. Where are we going?


What the hell's the matter with you? You just let her leave?


Get out.

C'mon, get out. Get outta the motherfucking car!

CINDY: What's going on? Calm your ass down.

Clate, what the fuck is going on?

Just relax. This will be over soon.

THUG: Get the fuck outta here.

We're even. (GUN COCKS)

No. No! Where do you think you're going, huh?

Where do you think you're going, huh? (SOBBING)

Clate, why are you doing this to me? (GUN COCKS)

CLATE: Put the fucking gun down! Put it down!

THUG: You're a fucking dead man, you do this.

What the fuck you doing? CLATE: Go get the cash out a the car.

Ahh, I'm fucking... I'm fucking better than this.

Bitch, I ain't got time for this. I'm better than you!

CLATE: Come on, not now!

Where the fuck you going?

THUG: There goes your fucking bitch right there.

You stupid fucker.

Where's the fucking money?! (GUNSHOT)


I can't find her. DISPATCHER: Sergeant, I have a call from a Cindy Paulson for you.

Put her through!

Look, he's gonna take me. Help me, please!

Go somewhere you know. Clate's place, okay?

Gentlemen's Heaven. I know where that is.

Just go there. I'll find you. We're on our way.

Look, he's coming, okay? I want out!

Just get a room and lock the door.

Hide until I get there. I'll be there.


Where the fuck is she?






Cindy? Uh hey!


Jack! Rear fire escape!

Shut the fuck up.

Drop the gun! Drop the gun!

Drop it!

State Troopers! Drop the gun now!



It's your lucky day, bitch.


I just got word from Clives' office.

It doesn't look like they're gonna go with the murder charges.

I have the gun! I have the shells!

They're just gonna argue that somebody else could've pulled the trigger, you know that.

I mean, our warrant's being questioned.

Without a match on the jewelry he's worried that it's a gamble that he's gonna lose and Hansen'll walk.

Sorry, Jack. I don't think we're gonna get a murder indictment unless he confesses.

Look, you're smarter than he is, right?

Now remember, when you get a guy like this drowning, you pour on more water.

You know, I spent last night, uh, looking over everything we seized again.

We found this behind his bed, and the wife said he was always reading it at night.

What are these? I don't know.

What is it?

Ed? Ed! Where were Eklutna Annie and Joanna Messina's bodies found again?

Eklutna was right here where you have this mark.

Seward's down here and the highway runs... so Joanna was right around here.

This mark.

Jesus. That's more than 20 of 'em.

Oh my God!

What has he done?

Was there anything like this found?

Exactly like this?

This is the one that Sue Luna's sister gave to me.

She said that Sue was wearing an identical one the day she disappeared.

No, there's nothing like that.

Yes. And I paid the price for that. Okay?

Right? LAWYER: Yes. Absolutely.

But just because I did some things in my past, don't say that I've done this here, because I did not!

I did not... I did not kill anyone! Okay okay, Bob, just...

Bob, just calm down. (DOOR OPENS)

Sorry I'm late.

Bob, we found this at your house. Can you tell me what it is?

I haven't seen this! What... what is this?

It's a flight chart. I'm sure you've seen hundreds of them.

Right. And what're all these little markings on it? These "X" s?

Those are places where I hunt.

But, Bob, why is this one and this one where these two girls' bodies were found?

And these two? LAWYER: All right, just hold it now.

You're saying... no way. Those are just places where I hunted.

Oh, I believe they were, Bob.

Places where you've hunted. Yep.

And then one night while you were studying this chart, you added on where you hunted a girl, and then another and another, until it's just something you can't leave alone.

You put these girls out there, didn't you, Bob?

(LAWYERS ARGUING) What was it like?

Did you panic when you killed them? Pat!

You had their blood all over your hands and your clothes?

Sergeant. We found the guns.

Just a matter of time before the lab confirms it.

Well, now just goddamned minute... Sergeant!

That's... that's him.


Pretty bad weather for a flight the other day.

Quite a pilot.

We almost lost you a few times.

But we found it. The tracks were still fresh.

What is that?

Well, Bob knows. Don't you, Bob?

She had a child!

Almost the same age as your son, Bob.

What's the matter? Why are you so quiet?

Don't you remember killing Sue Luna?

Perhaps I should refresh your memory.

Did you take it off her before or after you raped her?

This meeting's over.

I need to talk to my client. No, I'm trying to help him.

We're gonna be taking a close look at where all these little marks are.

Now this map has 24 on it, leading us to conclude that there might be 24 girls out there, and if we find a body, we're gonna charge him with murder!

Bob, I can't stop it... you, your family, the media.

The ground's frozen now, but come every summer when the snow and the ice melt, I'll keep going until I've checked every last mark.

I'm going to ask the district attorney to petition the governor to reinstate the death penalty.

With all the bodies we'll find, he'll get it, so if you don't want to tell us the truth now, we can't help you then! You think can threaten me?

You think you can threaten me? LAWYER: Bob, Bob, Bob!

You think you know who I am? You don't have any idea who I am!

You little cunt! You think you can threaten me with this little whore? Bob, take it easy!

I should have killed you when I had the chance!



Oh, Bob.



I'll take time, oh my love I live with the silence.

That we've got.

And I could be the one place.

That you run when my memory finds you.

Oh, waste not all you need.

And I could carry burdens.

That you keep.

And I will be the silence.

That you need when my memory finds you.

'Cause I am the dawn.

Before your light.

You are the fire.

In my eyes.

You are truth beneath these lies.

When my memory finds you.

Oh, waste not all you keep I'll keep all the memories.

That you need.

And somewhere there's a silence.

That you seek when my memory finds you.

'Cause I am the dawn.

Before your light.

You are the fire.

In my eyes.

You are truth beneath these lies.

When my memory finds you.

'Cause I am the dawn.

Before your light.

You are the truth.

Beneath these lies.

You are the fire in my eyes.

When my memory finds you


When my memory finds you I'll take time.

My love I live with the silence.

That we've got I could be the one place.

You'd run when my memory finds you.