The Fugitive (1993) Script

Come on, Doc.

Check this out.

Prints are right here.

We're reporting to you live from the home...

...of Dr. Richard Kimble...

...a respected vascular surgeon at Chicago Memorial Hospital.

Details are sketchy...

...but we understand Dr. Kimble's wife, Helen, was found murdered this evening.

Right now, Area Six detectives are bringing out Dr. Kimble.

We assume that they're gonna be taking him to a police station, probably Area Six...

...where they hope he can shed some light on what happened here this evening.

Now, as I indicated, she was found shortly before midnight.

We know that she made, apparently, a 911 call to police...

...indicating an intruder in the house and she was being assaulted.

Details are very sketchy.

We do know that he and his wife Helen...

...were at the Four Seasons Hotel earlier this evening...

...a fundraiser for the Children's Research Fund.

Rich, remember Cara?

Nice to see you.

Straighten that arm or you're gonna slice.

Golf pro teach you that?

My wife.

Before I forget...

...thanks for the loaner. Keys are downstairs.

Any gas in it? Yes. Enough.

Alec, Richard Kimble.

How are you? Dr. Kimble!

Absolutely, anytime.

I think that's a great idea.

All right, you guys, knock it off!

There's nothing to see here. And you, come with me.

Thank you. I was just down to my last joke.

You look really beautiful tonight.

Thanks, honey.

I know you hate these things, but God, I love looking at you in a tux.

I always feel I look like a waiter or something.


- Dr. Kimble? Yes, it is.

Sorry to bother you, sir...

...but Dr. Stevens is in Emergency O.R. And asked for your help.

Call him back and tell him I'll be right there.

Thank you, Doctor.

Thank you. Good night.

I'll wait up for you.

I'll wait up for you.

Talk to me. What have we got here?

Thanks for coming.

A 58-year-old guy. Just pulled his gallbladder. Bleeding.

Big time. It's all in the liver bed.

What are his coags? They're all messed up.

PT's 36 and the rest are off the wall.

Where is he from?

Lentz's name is on the chart. We paged him, but no answer.

Okay, you guys. Let me in there. Give me some room.

Give me a clamp.

Give me some suction in there.

Have you been getting any threats at work?

Co-workers, hospital staff, anything like that at all?

Anything unusual going on as far as... calls, people hanging up?

Maybe people coming to the door?


Not that I know of.

Now back to this fight with this guy with the one arm.

Did it happen upstairs or downstairs?


Was it his right or left arm...

...that had that little gimmick on it?

Right arm.

Is it one of those with the hooks, or...

No, he had a cosmetic hand.

The security system in your house, it's a pretty good system.

Anyone have the coding besides you and your wife?

Our maid.

She knows the code and has a key to the house.

Those scratches on your neck...

...did the one-armed guy do that?

Helen scratched me when I was trying to move her.

Before or after you had the fight with the one-armed guy?

I told you.

You own a gun, Doc?

Do you own a gun?

Yes, we have a gun in the house.

Is it registered in your name?


Where do you usually keep that gun?

The one that you own.

It's in Helen's table.

Bedside table.

Do you keep much jewelry in the house?

His fingerprints are all over the lamp...

...the gun and the bullets...

...and the good doctor's skin is under her fingernails.

She's got the money in the family, hasn't she?

Helen comes from a wealthy family, yes.

Is she insured?

Yes, she is.

Who's the beneficiary?

I am.

The sole beneficiary?


Financially, you won't be hurting after this, are you?

I mean, she was worth quite a bit of money.

Are you suggesting that I killed my wife?

Are you saying that I crushed her skull and shot her?

How dare you!

When I came home, there was a man in my house.

I fought with this man.

The one-armed man? He had a mechanical arm.

Plastic? Rubber? You find this man!

You find this man!

How tall was he?

He took everything from me.

Oh, Jesus.

What did he weigh?

What color was his hair?

What color were his eyes?

We can't help you until you help us.

Book him.

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury... will hear iron-clad proof of Richard Kimble's guilt.

Indisputable scientific evidence...

...that on the night of January 20...

...Richard Kimble did in fact viciously...


...and brutally murder his wife.

But you'll hear more than that.

You will hear a voice from the grave.

The voice of Helen Kimble identifying her killer...

...her husband, Richard Kimble.

Detective Kelly...

...tell us what you observed at the victim's home on the night of the murder.

No forcible entry was found.

From the beginning of the investigation, it didn't appear to be a break-in.

Nothing was missing.

Honey, I'm home.

Who won the game?

The defendant's prints were on the gun and bullets.

No other sets were found, other than the housekeeper's...

...and the deceased's.

Mrs. Kimble's skull fracture caused a massive hemorrhage to the brain.

It took less than five minutes for her to die.

Your Honor, we would ask to play Helen Kimble's 911 emergency call...

...previously identified by a Chicago Police Department dispatcher.

Emergency 911.

Please help me.

What's the problem?


He's still in the house.

Did I hear you right?

Someone's in your house?

He's trying to kill me.

Could you repeat that, please?


He's trying to kill me.

Is your attacker still in the house?



He's trying to kill me.

Mr. Kimble...

...having considered all the facts, aggravation and mitigation in this case...

...and found the offense was brutal and indicative of wanton cruelty...'s the judgment of this court, that you be remanded to Illinois State Penitentiary...

...where you will await execution by lethal injection...

...on a date to be set forth by the Attorney General of this state.

May God have mercy on your soul.

Carlson. Here.

Partida. Yeah.

Copeland. What?

Copeland, you be nice now.



Let's go, gentlemen.

Four prisoners coming out.

Let's go, gentlemen.

Kimble, you're here.

Carlson, right over there.

Partida, up front left.

Copeland, you're back here with me.

Come on, make yourselves comfortable.

You know the routine, gentlemen.

I'm tired.

Twenty miles from Menard.

We should be there in about 40 minutes.

I'll be glad to get rid of this load. Let McKenzie take care of them.

I hope he's got something good to eat there. I'm starving.

Me, too.

I've had enough of that prison chow.

Old Ed, he don't care. His old lady's got him on a diet.

Right, Ed?

Somebody get in here, quick!

He's getting sick! Let's go, move! Move!

He's foaming at the mouth. We're almost at the prison.

He's choking! Come on!


Oh, shit!

Kimble, get over here. You're a doctor, do something!

Unlock me!

Hang in there. You'll be okay.

What the hell is that?


Give me a hand!

The hell with you.

Give me a hand with this man!

Kiss my ass, Doc.

Now, you listen.

I don't give a damn which way you go.

Just don't follow me. You got that?

Be good.

My, my!

What a mess.

It's a circus.

You got my bag?

Point of impact, right here.

The first engine uncoupled, and the rest of the train jumped the track.

About 100 yards?

You must get new boots.

I told you not to wear the heels.

Wear two coats.

Next train wreck.

Why do we always mother her?

Because she loves us.

How'd you have liked to be the driver? I bet he did a Casey Jones.

Hold it, sir.

Hi. Who's in charge?

Sheriff Rawlins.

Just follow the TV lights.

Sheriff Rogers.


Look down there and take Newman.

Come on. Time to go to work.

The bus rolled over several times before settling down at the bottom of the hill.

I don't know if I passed out or what...

...but when I looked up, the train was bearing down on us. Fast.

I don't know how. It's still kind of hazy.

Somehow I grabbed him and pushed him out of the bus.

You're brave, you could've been killed. I know.

He's my partner. He would have done the same for me.

Excuse me, I'm Deputy U.S. Marshal Samuel Gerard, I'd like to...

I'll be with you in just a minute.

One more time, just for the record.

These three are dead.

And this one?

Everything happened so fast.

I don't think he made it.

Looks like you came a long way for nothing.

With all due respect, Sheriff Rawlins...

...I'd like to suggest checkpoints on a 15-mile radius... I-57, I-24 and over here on Route 13...

Wait. The prisoners are all dead.

Checkpoints will get a lot of people frantic and they'll flood my office with calls.

Well, shit, I'd hate to see that happen... I guess I'll take over your investigation.

On what authority?

The Governor of Illinois...

...the U.S. Marshal's Office...

...Fifth District, Northern Illinois.

All right, you want jurisdiction over this mess. You got it.

Okay, boys, gather around and listen up.

We're shutting it down. Wyatt Earp's here to mop up...

That's very funny, Wyatt Earp.

Wow. Gee whiz. Look here!

We're always fascinated when we find leg irons with no legs in them.

Who held the key, sir?


Where are those keys at?

I don't know.

Care to revise your statement, sir?


Do you want to change your bullshit story, sir?

He might've got out.

You said he was part of the wreckage!

Listen up, ladies and gentlemen!

Our fugitive has been on the run for 90 minutes.

Average foot speed over uneven ground, barring injury, is four miles an hour.

That gives us a radius of six miles.

What I want out of each and every one of you is a hard-target search...

...of every gas station...

...residence, warehouse, farmhouse, hen house, outhouse...

...and doghouse in that area.

Checkpoints go up at 15 miles.

Your fugitive's name is Dr. Richard Kimble.

Go get him.

Please don't give me shit.

I got three very unhappy dead people. Put him on.

Stevens, it's Cosmo.

I'll have a satellite telephone hookup in two seconds.

Chester Police just found a blood trail...

...two miles southwest.

Match that blood against all four prisoners.

Get a fax ID on Kimble to every local hospital.

And follow that with troopers.

What are you doing?

I'm thinking.

Think me up a coffee and a chocolate doughnut with sprinkles on top...

...while you're thinking.

We got a live one!

A live one?

Come on. Hang in there, brother. We'll get you out of here.

Get that ambulance down here! Come on!

Is this what you're looking for?

That's it.

I'm going to make some copies.

Good morning, Mr. Johnson. I have your breakfast for you.

We're thirsty today, aren't we?

Eat up before this gets cold.

It really does get dry in here, doesn't it?

Here you are.

Now, you eat something, Mr. Johnson.

You need your strength.

Doc, we're looking for a prisoner from that wreck. He might be hurt.

What does he look like?

Six-foot-one, 180, brown hair, brown eyes, beard.

Seen anyone like that around?

Every time I look in the mirror, pal.

Except for the beard, of course.



I'll give you a hand. Thanks, Doc.


How is he doing?

Good, considering we dug him out from under a train.

Tell the attending he's got a puncture in the upper gastric area.

How the hell could he tell that by looking at his face?

Background just came in from Chicago.

About time. What have we got?

"Richard David Kimble, vascular surgeon." What the hell is that?

Somebody that makes more money than you.

"Convicted of first-degree murder in the killing of his wife.

"Pleaded innocent." Says a one-armed man did it.

Lots of friends.

Doctors, hospital staff.

We'll start right there. I want phone-taps. First, his lawyer.

You'll never get that.

Call Judge Rubin. Tell him I want a load of phone-taps.

Why are you yelling? I'll call later... tell him on who, if I'm in a good mood.

Why not yell at her sometimes?

We got a call from Harris Community Hospital.

The wounded guard swears he saw Kimble outside E.R.

That's hot.

And an ambulance is missing.

Where the hell is he going in an ambulance?

Ambulance just spotted...

...two miles west of Dover Ville, heading north, State Highway 53.

He's running out of luck!

Get your maps out.

Check, sound check. Get your maps out.

I want to know all routes in and out of that town.

We're headed north on Route 13, in the direction of Barkley Dam.

Son of a bitch!

Don't lose that ambulance.

Visual location of an ambulance headed north on Route 13 toward Barkley Dam.

He'll pass through a viaduct, right?

Get on the horn. Bring Biggs and Newman in from the south side of the viaduct.

He's hauling ass.

Is there a tunnel between here and there? We have Biggs and Newman?

Look on your map if you want to know how to get there.

We got him!

Watch out! Watch out!

What the hell's going on? Get back in your car, sir!

Newman! Rock and roll!

Put a light in there!

What have you got?

I got nothing.

What have you got? You gotta be kidding me!

You gotta be kidding me! Shit!

Seal off the tunnel! Seal it off!

We got a gopher.

Shit! I just bought these shoes.

Shut up, Cosmo.

Which way, Sam?

I didn't kill my wife!

I don't care!

Put that gun down!

Put that gun down!


Hands up!

Over your head!

Turn around!

Do you want to get shot?

Pay attention!

Get down on your knees!

Right now!

What happened? Where'd he go?

He did a Peter Pan right here, off this dam!

Right here!

Down! Boom!

Holy shit!

Can we go home now?


Holy shit!

There's no way out of here!

Go up the stairs! Up, up!

Poole! Get them down here now: Helicopters, divers!

Have them turn that water off. Come over here.

Put two patrol cars on that bridge down there, four patrolmen.

Have them glass this river, upstream and down.

I want a helicopter 100 feet off this river. Make him aware of these wires.

Are you out of your mind? He's dead!

That'll make him easy to catch.

I want hounds on both banks of this river for two miles...

...upstream and downstream.

You've got a search-and-rescue team in this county?

Get them down here and drag the bottom of this spillway.

Why can't they turn off the water? Somebody from County's working on it.

Bring in the helicopter now.

We're out of here!

I don't think there's anything to find.

Find it anyway. You've got lights and generators coming tonight.

I don't want to tell you your job... Put the helicopter on the bridge!

...but only one in a million could survive that fall. The guy is fish food!

Get a cane pole. Go catch the fish that ate him.

Get Stevens. Tell him we're on the way in.

That man took everything from me!

We can't find the guy.

We can't find the guy.

You find that man!

You find that man!

The generators and searchlights are there.

They'll continue the body search into the night.

Good. Call Kentucky and thank them for the dogs.

Remember, opera ain't over until the Big Dog howls.

Need a ride?

Check it again.

All right, we got him. He shacked up with some babe over in Whiting.

She left work tonight and took him home.

About two hours ago, her boss said. They spotted her car outside her house.

Does she run with anybody in the area?

Nothing that we could find. No family either.

Tell the police not to move till we get there. We'll go first thing in the morning.

Your cousin still got his truck?

Call him. Tell him we need it.

Be drunk, Newman.

Stay close.

Right on your ass, buddy.

I don't want you getting lost. You stick with me.

U.S. Marshals! Everybody down!

Hold it right there! Show me those hands!

Keep them up!

Get your ass in there.

I got your man! I got your man, you hear me?

I want out of here!

I got your man!

I'm going to blow his brains out! I want out of here!

Do you hear me?

Do you hear me?

I want out of here!

Listen! We can work this out! Yes, we can.

Shut up! Shut up!

Do you hear me?

Listen, and I'll tell you what I want.

I just want a car out front.

Don't shoot.

It's over.

Shut up!

I can't hear anything. My ear is...

I can't believe you did that.

You think I should've bargained with that guy.


I do.

You could have missed.

You could have killed me.

How bad is that ear?

Bad. I'll have permanent hearing damage.

Let me see it.

Come here.

Can you hear what I'm saying now?


I don't...


You hear that?



Walter, this is Richard.

Richard, Jesus! Why did you run? Running only makes you look guilty.

I wasn't worried about appearances, Walter.

Tell me where you are, so I can meet you and you can surrender.

I won't surrender. I need help, money.

You're asking me to harbor and aid a convicted felon. I can't do that.

My advice both as your friend and legal counselor is to give yourself up.

Now tell me, where are you?

St. Louis.

Give me an address. I'll get there as soon as I can.

Mr. Copeland was a bad man. He was going to kill one of my kids.

Well, sir, you can blame me. I'm the one that shot him.

...give yourself up. Now tell me, where are you?

St. Louis.

So he showed up not dead. Let that be a lesson to you.

Don't ever argue with the Big Dog. Big Dog is always right.

Yeah, you've been right before.

Walter, this is Richard.

Richard, Jesus! Why did you run? Running only makes you look guilty.

I wasn't worried about appearances, Walter.

Tell me where you are, so I can meet you and you can surrender.

I won't surrender. I need help, money.

I might be crazy, but that train sounds like an el.

St. Louis doesn't have an elevated train.

How do you know it's an elevated train?

I lived under an el for 20 years.

You can explain the difference in the sound of an el and a train on the ground.

You've got ears of an eagle.

Play that back. I want to hear the sound of an el.

What cities have els? New York has got an el.

Philly. We do.

Milwaukee has got an el.

Stop! Where the lawyer says he sounds guilty. There's bells.

There's a guy on a PA. Can you drop everything but him?

I'll try. Hold on.

Right there.

What's he saying?

Sounds like "Next stop." Do that again!

"Next stop"...

"Merchandise Mart."

Son of a bitch! Our boy came home.

That bell is on the Wells Street bridge, it's six blocks away.

I knew that was an el.

Yeah, Big Dog. You're never wrong.

I'll call the C.P.D. This is your Chicago file.

Andiamo, bambini.

Sammy, when I die, I want to come back just like you.

Happy and handsome?

I'll notify the press. No press.

Right, no press.

Hi, Billy. How's it going, sir?

Good, and you? All right.

Here you go, Billy. Have a good one, sir.

Spare change? Dollar, mister?

No, thank you very much. I don't want it.

Oh, my God. Richard!

How are you, Charlie?

Jesus, you're back.

I need some money.

Sure, sure. Get in.

No, I can't. Just whatever you got on you.

You're hot, pal. If not now, you will be.

Have you got a place to stay? I mean, how can I help you?

You've got a green light. Move on!

I'll call you.

So why did Richard Kimble kill his wife?

He did it for the money.

What do you mean? He's a doctor. He's already rich.

She was more rich.

Is this the entire Chicago Police Department file?

That's everything. I want to do all these interviews again.

The list of hospital staff, is it in the file? Sure is.

Thank you.

You don't want to use the media?

We want him to relax. Make himself comfortable. Try to re-enter his life.

Here's the apartment.

You can see here is heater. You will have warm.

Here is kitchen. Sink.

Over there is bathroom. And here is the room.

Is nice bed.

Plenty space.

You can look at.

So you like the place?

It's okay with you?

It's perfect.

All right, people.

As of this morning, we were notified by the U.S. Marshal's Office...

...that our old friend Dr. Richard Kimble is alive and well and back here in Chicago.

You all know in what high regard we hold this scumbag.

So I'm personally donating a bottle of 12-year-old Scotch... whoever puts the collar on this quack.

Rosetti is passing out bulletins.

Gunshot wound to the left shoulder.

Help you?


You went to medical school together?

Yes, we did.

The class of '73.

You know Morton Feinberg?

I do. He's a real nice guy.

When did you see him last?

Who, Richard?

I saw Richard this morning.

You saw him this morning?

He stopped me in my car. I gave him some money.

Where was this?

Outside my tennis club.

Did he ask you for help?

I volunteered. He wouldn't accept that.

How much money did you give him?

Couple of bucks. Just what I had on me.

He won't get far on that. Why'd he come back to Chicago?

He didn't tell me that, sir.

I'm sure he's trying to protect you from having to lie for him, but...

You really want to help him, be his friend?

Help us bring him in unharmed.


So he can go back to prison?

If you want help, gentlemen, you've come to the wrong man.

Richard is innocent.

You'll never find him. He's too smart.

We're some smart guys.

What about us? We're smart. We are. How smart could he be, really?

Is he as smart as you are?


Peripheral vascular surgery. Fixing the arteries as they come out of the heart.

How long have you known Kimble? Ten years. Since I've been here.

What kind of medicine did he practice here at the hospital?

I want you to know that I believe Kimble to be innocent.

Would he come to you for help?

If he came to me, I would help.

But he wouldn't come to me.

That's not his style.

A warrant remains outstanding for Chicago surgeon, Richard Kimble.

This is where the one-armed guy struggled, fell down the stairs.

If I fell down these stairs, I'd be a goner. I'd be dead.

What a waste!

When I came home, there was a man in my house.


You like stringing out 12-year-old girls, huh?

What are you doing to my baby?

Your baby's a drug dealer, lady.

Come on, ma'am.

What they doing to my baby?

It will be crazy here tonight. Did they get a count?

There were a lot of kids.

They bring them all here?

They're all coming down here to County.

I've come to do those blinds.

I'll get the door.

I'll start in here, huh? Okay.

Let's go over it once more.

What time did he arrive at the house?

About 10:30 in the morning.

And he was alone? Yeah, he was alone.

You got a good look at him? Yeah, a real good look.

Be straight with me, kid.

This is the guy staying in your mother's basement?

That's what I'm telling you.

Is she stable?

Breathe. Just stay calm.

I need a doctor over here!

Watch the bag! Watch the bag!

Hello, Marshal. It's right there.

My chest hurts.

Check the film on that kid.

Take a deep breath.

Inhale, exhale. Again.


Check the film.

Take it easy.

What's the status on that kid?

Possible fractured sternum.

Get over here. I need you.

Can you help us? Bring this kid to Observation Room 2.

Yeah, you. Come on, help us out, okay?

How are you, champ?

My chest hurts.

Does it hurt when you breathe?


What's your name? Joel.

Look at this.

We're eating oranges and we're making IDs.

"C.C.H." What the hell is that?

Cook County Hospital.

Just hang on, okay?

You'll be okay, pal.

You'll be just fine.

Hold that elevator.

Thank you.

How are you doing?

My chest hurts.

Where's your mom, pal?

I don't know.

Is she at home?

I think she's with my brother.

Your brother? They're downstairs?

I don't know.

Don't worry.

We'll find her for you.

What are you? A football player? Baseball player?


Hold on, son.

Hey, Doctor.

They sent this one from downstairs.

Get this one into Room 4, stat.

Bye-bye, Joel.

Where's the boy I sent with the janitor?

What boy? With the fractured sternum.

He never came through here.

He didn't?

No, he didn't.

Do you have a particular interest in our patients' X-rays?

What do you mean? I saw you looking at that boy's chest film.

It's a hobby of mine. It's a hobby, really?

What are your other hobbies, brain surgery?

What do you want? To know how the boy got to surgery.

I'm a janitor. I do what I'm told.

That's bullshit!

Who changed those orders?

I don't know what you mean.

You stay right there.

Call Security!

Tell Stevens to get hold of that guy Kelly over at C.P.D.

A guy disguised as a janitor orders an emergency medical procedure...

...and all you did was take away his ID card?

No, I called Security. He took off down the hall. What was I supposed to do?

Listen, Mr...



I'm really tired.

I'd like to go home now.

Okay. How's the boy doing?

He saved his life.

Thank you.

"Desmondo Jose Ruiz."

Where are you at, Desmondo?

All right, Sam, this is my problem.

The place is crawling with cops, right?

Everybody's looking for Richard Kimble, right?

So why would a guy be stupid enough... be in the trauma ward and play Mother Teresa?

Excuse me.

You guys have a problem? No.

No. No problem at all.

Excuse me, could we have a word with you, please?

This is Dr. Elway at Cook County Hospital.

I'm doing follow-up work for the prosthetic clinic on Matthew Zelick.

Oh, he did?

I'm terribly sorry.

Right or left?


Age? Thirty-five to forty-five.

This is Ted Riley with the High School Reunion Committee.

Twenty-five years are right around the corner...

...and Clive is on our list of "Missing in Action."

Information gave me a number, but when I tried it...

No kidding.

Armed robbery?

He's where?

Point of attachment?


That gives us 47 possibles.


Cross-check these people for criminal records.

Wait a minute.

Happy St. Patrick's Day to all of you.

Driscoll, Clive R.

One-armed man, armed robbery. That's funny.

Let me ask a question:

If they can dye this river green today...

...why can't they dye it blue the other 364 days?

Do I know?

So, what are you Irish, sir? Who, me? No.

Are you?

No, man!

Name of inmate?

Clive Driscoll.

Driscoll, Clive.

ID, please.

Driscoll, Clive R.


Be advised that under federal court ruling, your conversation can be recorded.

Sign here, please.

This is hinky. He is a college graduate. He wouldn't go through all this security...

...go to the county lock-up to find someone his own people say doesn't exist.


What does that mean, "hinky"?

Strange. Weird.

Say "strange" or "weird." "Hinky" has no meaning.

We say "hinky."

I don't want you using meaningless words around me. I'm taking the stairs.

How about "bullshit"?

Visitor for Driscoll.

Come on, let's go.

Over there.

Let's go, Driscoll.

You've got five minutes.

Who the hell are you?

Look, I'm sorry. I made a mistake.

You got me down here...

...might as well talk.

There ain't no entertainment. Ain't no cable in this damn place.

Listen, pal, I wish I could, but I can't. Sorry.


There is a man in a blue coat waving a gun and screaming at a woman.

Stop that man!

He's a U.S. Marshal! Let him go!

Let him go!

Close the gates!

Hold it!

Open the door!

We're on the roof.

Take some men! Look down there!

Jesus, he's in the plaza, Sam!

He's heading east!

He's going east toward the Picasso!

Happy St. Patrick's Day to all of you.

Deputy Gerard, why do you feel that Dr. Kimble came back to Chicago?

I have no idea.

We understand your deputies were at County Hospital today.

Was Dr. Kimble at County Hospital?

I don't have any comment on that one.

Let me get the chronology straight.

The subject was tried, convicted, incarcerated...

...escaped, presumed dead, and is now at large in Chicago. Is that correct, sir?

Except for being presumed dead.

Do you believe that Kimble's armed and dangerous?

I believe he's dangerous, yes.

He's taking chances, coming back. Do you feel perhaps he might be innocent?

No, he's not innocent. He was convicted in a court of law. He's guilty.

What are you going to do next to catch him?

We have no further comments for now.

Alec, Richard Kimble.

How are you? Dr. Kimble.


Sorry, we've been trading phone calls the last few days.

A cruise sponsored by Devlin MacGregor...

...that could be fun. Hi.

- Cancun, Richard. Sport fishing.

Pina coladas.

What must the hospital buy? What's the catch?


No, there are no strings attached.

So, what do you say?

This guy is bleeding from every needle puncture.

Lentz sent this guy in? Is he on that wonder drug?

Yes, he's on the RDU-90 protocol, Provasic.

Drug of the future, boys.

Clean out those arteries and put us out of business.

"Parade Master of Ceremonies, Ed O'Flaherty, said...

"...he didn't recall a livelier parade during the last 20 years.

"That Kimble," listen...

" some kind of lad to be running out..."

"Lad"? Yeah, "lad."

Maybe he's a leprechaun. I'm quoting this guy.

Some guy on line three claims he's Richard Kimble.

Who is it? We got another Kimble on line three.

Let me see that phone. Tell him he looks good in a beard.

What line? Three.

Ask him if he enjoyed the parade.

This is Gerard.

Do you remember what I told you in the tunnel?

It's him!

I remember it was noisy.

Well, I think you said something like... didn't kill your wife.

Remember what you told me?

I remember you were pointing my gun at me.

You said, "I don't care."

He's on the South Side.

Yeah, Richard, that's right, I don't care.

I'm not trying to solve a puzzle, here.

Well, I am trying to solve a puzzle.

Five seconds to location.

And I just found a big piece.

Hello, Richard?

He didn't hang up the phone.

Where is he?

256 South, St. Lawrence.

Get the C.P.D. Right the hell over there.

We got a car there now.

Get a couple of shots of that.

Fredrick Sykes...

...45, ex-cop, and quite a clotheshorse.

You want to look at this?

Kimble's prints. They're all over the room...

...mainly on the desk.

He was very interested in these photographs. Especially these.

Negatives in there?

Let me have those things.

- Camera boy's on his way. We got you.

How are you doing, Mr. Sykes?

Fine, if you tell me what's happening. We had a problem.

My place or the place upstairs? Your place.

Step right in, Mr. Sykes.

Everybody knows my name here. Big happy family, huh?

What is this, a trench coat convention? What the hell is going on?

Who are you guys? What's going on?

You had a break-in, Mr. Sykes.

I sure hope you're a cop.

I'm Samuel Gerard, U.S. Marshal's Office.

This morning, a fugitive named Richard Kimble made a phone call from here.

Why would he do that?

I don't know any Richard Kimble.

Okay, I got it.

The doctor who killed his wife, right?

Kept blaming somebody with a prosthetic limb. Is he after me?

Does he have a reason to do so?

I have a prosthetic arm! I must've murdered his wife!

Give me a break. I went through all this a year ago.

They came here and questioned me about the whole thing.

I'll tell you what I said. I wasn't in Chicago that night. I was on a business trip.

Fifteen people verified it.

What line of business are you in?


Who do you work for? A pharmaceutical company.

Which one?

Devlin MacGregor. I handle security for all the top executives.

Do you have any idea why Kimble would be interested in these photographs?


Where were they taken?

Gee, that's a big fish!

Cancun, Mexico.

It was a junket the company paid for, for some doctors.

Kimble go with you? You don't see him there, do you?

No. I told you I don't know him.

Do you mind if I look around to see if anything's missing?

No, I don't mind.

How did you lose that arm?

In the line of duty.

Cosmo, this guy's dirty.

Yes, he is.

You want our people on him? Yes. Build a camp here.

I'll take care of it.

See this picture? I want you to find out who the guy is next to Sykes.

Find out his name, his age, his weight, his Social Security number...

...his location, relatives, pets, everything.

I am so sorry, Doctor, they said it was an emergency.

Excuse me.

- Hello? Mr. Bolton?



Yeah, can you talk?

Yes, I'm on a hotel phone. So, how are you? What's going on?

I found him, Chuck. I found the man who killed Helen.

What? It was me they were after.

Who are they?

Devlin MacGregor and Lentz.

Lentz was supervising the protocol for RDU-90.

He knew I found out it was causing liver damage. It was Lentz.

Richard, Lentz is dead.

What? How?

He died in a car accident last summer.

Can you prove this about the drug?

Yeah, I think so.

I need your help, Chuck.

Call Bones at the hospital. Tell him to give me whatever help I need.

I'll call him right away.

Okay. Thanks.

Dr. Nichols!

Can we ask you a few more questions?

Mr. Gerard.

You got a copy of that photograph?

U.S. Marshal Service.

Excuse us.

This is Fredrick Sykes.

He's a security specialist at Devlin MacGregor Pharmaceuticals.

Richard Kimble broke into his apartment.

Do you know this man?

I don't know him.

You're getting pretty desperate, aren't you, Mr. Gerard?

Oh, yeah.

I told you, you wouldn't find Richard.

Has he been to see you? No.

We've been over this ground before, haven't we?

So, if you'll excuse me.


Thanks, Doc.

Sorry, I want to ask you one more question about the photograph.

See the guy standing on the right side of the fish?

Ever see him before? No.

This guy right here?

I've never seen that person in my life before.

I'm sorry.

Thank you.

Thank you, Doctor. Enjoy the rest of the convention.

"Alternatives to Cardio-Non-Invasive Arterial Plaque-Reducing Therapy.

"Keynote speaker, Charles Nichols."

Bet you they line up to hear this one.

If you were Richard Kimble...

...why would you hunt for a one-armed man you say killed your wife...

...break into his house, call us up and then split?

Doesn't make sense. I should have been a doctor.

Look at this blow-up. This guy in the picture with Sykes. On his shirt.

"Chicago Memorial."

Kimble's hospital. I wanna go. Go!


Devlin MacGregor...

...did 7.5 billion dollars net sales...

...last year alone.

That company is a monster.

Yeah, talk to me.


It's a liver sample...

...from a patient on the RDU-90 drug study.

January 21?

The last one!


1-7-4-3-0. You got it.

Thanks. I'll make sure all this stuff gets back to you.

It's good to see you again. Good to see you.

Whatever happened to that thing with your wife?

It's not over yet.

What's going on?

How should I know?

I think his name is Alec Lentz. A pathologist.

I remember because he died last summer.

Oh, my God. Richard!

What are you doing here?

Hi, Kath.

Have a look.

What do you think? Cold normal.

Clearly not the same tissue.

And not only did they all come from healthy livers...

...they all came from the same liver.

Kath, you beauty.

Excuse me.

Mr. Roosevelt?

I am Deputy Biggs, this is Deputy Newman. We're U.S. Marshals.

We need some information about a Dr. Lentz who was on the staff here.

I want to know if he knew or had any contact with a Dr. Richard Kimble?

I haven't seen Dr. Kimble.

I didn't ask that.

I wouldn't know.

If you'll excuse me, I have prior obligations to attend to.

I think you're lying to us.

You think Lentz is the bad guy?

Yeah, why not?

He was one of the original patent boys in RDU-90.

I was sending in my tissue samples...

...he was replacing them with healthy samples, issuing the path reports...

...and shit-canning my stuff. Piece of cake.

Wait a minute.

Lentz died August 21.

Half the samples he approved were signed the day he died.

You're kidding.

Someone else must have been manipulating this.

Someone with access.

Thanks, Kath.

Where are you going?

To see a friend.

This is giving me a headache.

That's surprising. Where did Roosevelt say Kimble was going?

He says he doesn't know where Kimble was going.

- Do you believe him? Yes, I believe him.

He says he was here to pick up some tissue samples...

...for a drug study.

But listen, get this.

The release was approved by Dr. Charles Nichols.

Nichols also knew Lentz.

He was Lentz's boss.

He was covering for Kimble.

Send the C.P.D. Over there right now.

We're going to send a bunch of cops. Make sure they turn that place inside out.

Don't let them give you shit about your ponytail either. Well done.

My pleasure, Sam.

Dr. Nichols lied to me.

Go find him. I'm on it.

It's gone by now.

I looked every place you told me to look and I didn't see him.

I'm telling you.

If he was in the hospital, I would have found him.

So what do you want me to do?

Hold on. Wait a minute.

I marked him. I got him now.

Dr. Alexander Lentz.

"A noted pathologist at Chicago Memorial Hospital...

"...was walking to his daily tennis match when an unidentified vehicle...

"...slammed his body...

"...into the barriers that separate the drive from Lake Michigan."

Sam, you're not going to believe this.

Sykes' records for the past two years show no calls to Kimble.

It was a thought.

But when I cross-checked Kimble's phone records, one came up.

Kimble called Sykes.

Get Sykes in here now.

On the night of his wife's murder...

...7:30 p. M...

...from his car phone.

Do you have that arrest report on Kimble?

7:30 p.m. 19:30 hours.

They just went in. Sykes is gone.

He's nowhere to be found. What?

He's gone.

Possible sighting of Richard Kimble on northbound el coming into Van Buren.

Move to the door, Doc.

This is my stop.

This is my stop, too.

You missed your stop.

A transit cop spotted Kimble on the el, he is heading toward Balbo.

The C.P.D. Is on the way.

Attention all units. Transit police report officer down at Balbo Station.

Kimble is suspect. Repeat, officer down.

What did he do, shoot a cop?

Chicago P.D. Will eat him alive.

It is a joy and a privilege to introduce tonight's keynote speaker.

For the past four years...

...he has served as the A. Jude Robinson Fellow...

...and Administrative Chief of Pathology... Chicago Memorial Hospital.

Where are the emergency exits?

Suspect seen entering Hilton Tower Mall, lower level. Repeat...

You don't think...

I know where he's going.

Biggs, Newman, come in, where are you?

He's been appointed to the Board of Directors...

...of Devlin MacGregor Pharmaceuticals.

Will you all please give a warm welcome... Dr. Charles Nichols.

Thank you very much, ladies and gentlemen... friends and colleagues.

It's great you're all here tonight.

C.P.D. Reported an officer down and a guy with two guns...

Kimble do it? Conflicting reports.

He entered the hotel from the subway.

That's my man! Not anymore.

He's going down. You can help by staying out.

Arrest us!

Lock it up! Start at the lower level.

All units report when lower level is secure.

All units secure all lower level exits.

Go and find the hotel security office. Stay in touch with me on the radio.

Now, a new drug...

...on the cusp of approval by the Food and Drug Administration... poised to change these old methods forever.

Deputy Newman, U.S. Marshal's Service.

Sam, I'm in.

...through the normal metabolic pathways in the liver.

The drug's name is...


As I will show you tonight...

...Provasic is remarkably effective...

...and has no side effects whatsoever.

It is also noteworthy that this drug...

That this drug was developed... cooperation, not competition, with Chicago Memorial Hospital... what we hope will be...

...the model for a continued dishonest...

...excuse me, honest... joint ventures...

...between academic medicine...

...and the pharmaceutical industry...


I'm sorry, I'm in the middle of this speech.

You almost got away with it, didn't you?

I know all about it.

I can prove it.

Ladies and gentlemen, my friend, Richard Kimble doesn't feel well...

...obviously... if you just go on with your dessert and coffee...

Richard, do you mind to step aside and let's talk.

So I'll be back in just a second.

You changed the samples, didn't you?

You switched the samples...

...after Lentz died.

Let's stay calm, people.

After Lentz died, you were the only one who had the access.

You switched the samples...

...and the pathology reports.

You killed Lentz, too?

Can we get some Security?

Did you?

He falsified his research... RDU-90 could be...

...approved and...

...Devlin MacGregor could give you Provasic.

All right, it's all over, folks.

Let's just stay calm.

You never give up, Richard, do you? You never give up!

Why Helen?

Glad you're here.

Which way did they go?

Toward the Presidential Suite. Where's that?

Southeast corner. How many exits are there from this room?

We got a total of four: Two on the east, two on the west.

Kimble's on the roof!

Cosmo, that way.

Stop! Stay where you are!

This is the Chicago police!

Put your hands in the air!

The building is totally secure.

I repeat, do not move!

Put your hands in the air!

I repeat, stay where you are!

Talk to me.

They're headed to the north end of the roof.


Get that helicopter out of here!

As soon as you get a clean shot... take him out.

Newman, get rid of the helicopter!

- Why? Because I don't want to get shot!

C.P.D., there's a U.S. Marshal out on the roof. Hold your fire!

Call off the helicopter!

Don't shoot.

Does this guy ever quit?

Find out where that elevator stops.

Northwest elevator! Where does it stop?

Where did they go?

They've stopped at the fifth floor.

What's on the fifth floor? The laundry.

They stopped at the laundry.

We're on the fifth floor. What's your 20?

We're right behind you.

What the hell is going on here?

You got to keep the C.P.D. Out. They're much too hot to suit me.

I want you to get rid of all these people.

Okay, people, stay calm.

Cosmo, come with me.

Dr. Richard Kimble!

There's no way out of here, Richard!

The entire building is locked down!

Give it up, you don't have any time!

Chicago Police Department thinks you're a cop killer!

They will shoot you on sight!

Richard, I know you're innocent!

I know about Fredrick Sykes!

I know about Dr. Charles Nichols!

Richard, he borrowed your car the night of your wife's murder!

He had the keys!

No forced entry, Richard.

He telephoned Sykes from your car, Richard!

Give it up!

I'm either lying or I'm going to shoot you!

What do you think?

Give it up! It's time to stop running!

They killed my wife.

I know it, Richard.

I know it.

But, it's over now.

You know, I'm glad.

I need the rest.

Who killed Kimble's wife?

Kimble was convicted of it.

You've got a one-armed man in custody.

Is that the guy? I have no idea.

How many one-armed men are there?

At this point, there're a lot of them.

Could you have made a mistake?

You got a deadline? Play the weather over again.

Tell Samuel Gerard I'm going home now. I'm taking my vacation.

Clear this area. Everybody clear.

Watch your head.

Where is that thing?

Let me see those hands, Doctor.

I thought you didn't care.

I don't.

Don't tell anybody, okay?