The Further Adventures of the Wilderness Family (1978) Script

Doctor, are you sure where are we going?

I have never flown up here before.

Relax Stan, I know this country like the back of my hand.

You say this guy Robinson just bail out of L.A. huh?

Moved with his family way the heck up here.


Did about six months ago, he's been here since last spring.

That's a long time.

I think by now they'd be ready to get a little inside plumbing and some electricity.

No, I don't think so.

The Robinson's did something that a lot of city folks would like to do.

So last spring they sold everything in the city, bought this place up here on the lake and built themselves a cabin.

Well they really have to boondocks, no roads, no stores, no neighbors.

Yeah. That's the idea.

You gonna have to go right 5 degrees, and the lake is just beyond that mountain ridge.

Hey Jenny, it's the Doc. Yeah, and he's going to the cabin.

Oh well, let's go.

Hurry up, Toby.

Come on...

Pam. Yeah.

Mike's here.

Dad, I'm going to race you to the plane.


Hey, Mike!

How you doing?

How are you? Great!

Skip, you look terrific!

Hi kids.

Want you to meet Stan Corbel. Hi, nice to finally meet all of you.

Yeah, sure heard a lot about you.

Here Jenny, would you take that? What is that Doc?

Do you know what's happening to him?

He's eating so many fresh green vegetables... he's turning into a little rabbit.

Take that. Get it up to the cabin.

You got everything, yeah? Oh yeah.

Take this one, this is a goody box. Okay.

How's the big city?

Oh, the big city is a ... big city, what can I tell you.

The feel is marvellous, how's Pam? She's great.

She's really been bakin' all night. Oh, I love the bakin'.

Used to have more room on that lake.

Pretty tight, huh. Wouldn't try it on skis..

Hey, look who's here!

Hello, stranger. Hi Pam.

Meet Stan Corbel. Hi Stan.

How was your trip? Terrific.

Except,, we couldn't find it on the map.

No kiss? Oh, so you bet!

Come on, there's hot coffee inside.

Hey there gosh, there's a bear!

It's only Samson.

Pam, you look fantastic.

I can't believe it, you look 10 years younger.

Does this fellow bite? Only could.


Is this your mother, or your sister? Actually, she's my sister!

But we're not going to tell Toby till he's grown.

She is not your sister, she's your mother.

We weren't suppose to tell.

Why don't guys stay over tonight, we can do some fishing.

Yeah, come on. I'm sorry, but I have an appointment with a lady who's expecting a visit from the big bird.

The big bird? Yeah, the stork.

You know I know better than that! Come on...

Look at you two. You have to be the 2 healthiest kid I've ever seen.

What am I doing here, anyway. Does that mean we don't get our shots?

No such luck Toby!

Roll up your sleeve. Boy, that was dumb!

Why did I have to ...ow!

Why did I have to mention it hurts? It's okay.

We have the cure for that, right over there in that box.

School books? Yeah.

I brought them special. Plus ice skates...

Come on Jenny, it's your turn.

And the most important thing.

The complete wilderness Almanac. That just about covers everything.

Dad. Can we make snowshoes this winter?

Thanks for everything, Mike.

Please, don't mention it. Coming out here is my therapy.

The old-timers say we are heading for a real hard winter.

Like, we are as prepared as we can be. Please don't worry about us.

Me and my dad we talked it over. We decided we gonna stick it out.

Just so, we know you're prepared.

We gotta go.

Toby, next time I come, no needles and no school books.

You got it.

Dad what does the smoke do? Makes meat taste better?

Well it helps. But it also preserves it.

I'm going to need all these for the winter.

Dad? Yeah?

When are you going to teach me how to hunt?

Ah, real soon, Toby.

How are you gonna teach me how to shoot?

When I teach you how to hunt.

Oh boy.

Want to race back to the cabin? No thanks!

Did you see the target? Yep.

Okay. Check the chamber. Make sure it's empty.

Empty? Put in the bullet.

Close it...

Do not touch the trigger till you're ready to shoot.

Take the bead, put it into the V and line it up with your can over there.

Finger on the trigger, and pull very slowly.

You okay?

Now come back here...

Are you alright?

Dang you. What in tarnation were you shooting at anyway young man?

I swear that hot lead come within 2 inches of my ear.

Hi Boomer.

It was that close, huh? Well, it was at least 2 feet.

Gee, I'm really sorry, Boomer.

Well what was you shooting at anyhow?

That tin can over there, look!

It's the truth.

Hey, I bought the chickens and a goat. You want some milk?

I hate it ...

I don't know, my girl there running. I'm glad you're here, Boomer.

Shez, I'm glad to be here.

Look guys, I hit it. I hit it. Good.

Say little Jenny, she feeling better?

Oh, she's growing like a flower, let's go see 'em.

I hit it. That's good shooting, son.

Come on.

I hit it, you guys.

I hit it...

Jenny, Jenny, I hit it. I hit it.

Hi, Boomer. Oh, hi Ms Jenny.

Oh, I swear you've been getting prettier everytime I see you.

Mom, I hit it.

Hi, Boomer. Excuse me, Mrs. Robinson.

Toby, give me a hand. Yeah.

I got this from an Indian.

At the Treeforts, trading using beaver hide. Here.

Oh, it's beautiful.

Oh, ain't that much.

You are staying for dinner.

Well tell you ma'am, I just can't.

Rory and me gonna heap of travelin' to do before the snowfalls, gonna be an early winter.

Roast ...

No, ma'am I ... Fresh mustard cream, Mashed potatoes... Well, I ain't really got the time ...

Apple pie... Well, I ...

Fresh home-made apple pie.

Well, sure we're staying. Why shouldn't we stay?

It's a home and life for us here, Boomer, we are happy.

Well, I sure am glad to hear that. Truly am.

I do hope that you know what you're getting yourself into, though.

I mean, you all ever been through a real winter?

Oh, yeah!

In California it rained three whole days and the streets got flooded and everything.

Well darling, I don't reckon that's really quite the kind of winter I had in mind.

You see, I'm talking about a real winter, rips storms, wind.

Howling winter, where the snow gets deep and it gets cold and I do mean cold.

How cold Boomer?

One morning last December, I went outside, and I reached out for my finger to scratch my ear, well it froze there.

And I had to walk around like this till ....


Say speaking of winter skip, there'll be a lot of breed out there getting hungry.

They just love to pay you a visit.

Especially old Scarface.

Who's old Scarface, Boomer?

Scarface is a wolf, Toby!

Big, black mean wolf.

It got a scar right here, I reckon it's just about the meanest creature around here.

Okay, let's keep the record straight Boomer.

Wolves do not attack people!

But when it gets frozen out there, damn creatures started starvin'.

Just love to smell all that good food you got in there and come lookin' for it.

Now that is fact.

Boomer, this is our home.

Sorry ma'am, I just got carried away.

I thought that I ought to warn you, that's all.

Oh I'd like to put a motion before the house, and that is that we have Boomer stick around for a while.

All in favour, say "Ai" Ai All against "Ay". The "Ai"s have it. Boomer stays, okay.

Hey yeah, you could sleep with Samson.

Oh yeah, what about Samson, Dad?

I'll just have to make some other arrangements.

Come out Samson.

Let's go, ah ... Boomer wants the room for tonight, come on...

Come on ...

Come on in Boomer, you're safe now.

Ain't that I got nothing against bears you understand, it's just that ...

You don't have to explain. Samson understands. If anything call. ok?

Hey, thank you, kindly. You'd better .....

I think I'll be hitting the shack.

Goodnight Boomer. Goodnight Skip.

Is that Boomer? Sounds likes he's gonna kill ...

Boomer! Wah, ooh!

What's going on?

Hi Skip, never much. I just couldn't sleep, that's why I come up for a breath of fresh air...

I found you yelling and screaming and what's happening up here?

Oh, I ain't yellin' and screamin', I ...

Skip, I really hate to say nothin' but I don't reckon you got rid of all the bears.

Well those are babies. They're bear cubs.

Oh, bears is bears, Skip. And then there is a whole room full them in there.

Ok, what do you want me to do? You want me to take 'em out or take 'em by you..

Frighten of the babies aren't you ...

No, no, I never said I scared in that. Now just a .....

Why don't you go on to bed. I'll take care of things.

Goodnight, Boomer.

Morning Boomer! A very good morning!

Gee I swear I fell asleep last night in the middle of a zoo!

You promised to teach me how to milk Marigold today.

You promised, Boomer...

I know I did, darling...

You go on in and get a bucket from your momma, we'll get to it right now.

Here, you want to try it?

Okay. Come on over here.

Take the bucket. Now what you do is just squeeze and you pull down.

Pull down and you squeeze...


No ...

Here we go ...

Ooh! Here is Jenny, you got trouble.

Good morning Bandit dog, would you like some fresh milk for breakfast?

Ain't my fannies black cat.

Here get out of here, you dumb ... Boomer...


Boomer. Watch out. Ahh!

Here you come again.

Get out of here, you.

What's all the ruckus out here?

Well, I tell you Skippy.

It's been awful. I was teaching Ms Jenny how to milk the goat, don't you know when the raccoon come in.

Well he wasn't doom by trouble but then them 2 pesky bears come in, one on Stacky's nose, smack there been there.

Boomer, just hurry up with the milk, yeah. Breakfast is almost ready.


I'll be right there.

Here Miss Jenny... Sure is gonna be a lovely day.

What is going ... ? Hey ...

What is it?

Sounds like something is after the chickens.


Cluss, come here.

Cluss no...

Hold your gators Skip, I'm coming.

Get out of here...

Mom, what's wrong?

It's okay.

Something's after the chickens.

Come here Cluss, come here.

Good God!

Easy, easy...

Hit the rifle, will you Boomer.

It's okay.

What happened? Aye, tangled with something ...

Get some peroxide. Okay.

What was it? Not sure what it was.


Easy, boy.

I've gotta hurt you!

Well Skip, you don't know who that environment is, but it dang sure put you out of the chicken business.

Killed every single one of 'em.

You'll be alright.

Here, found a gooden.

Let me see.

That's a good one. Yeah.

Do you think that's the same track we found around the chicken house?

No. Once you seen his track, he is just ain't like this rememberin'.

How can you be sure it's not him?

Haggy down here, look closely and I'll show you.

See the track there?

It's a wolverine track.

If it was old Scarface, needed to be all twisted around. See like that.

That's because he got his leg busted, that time when he got caught in a trap.

Hoh, he's a meanie.

Meaner than a grizzly bear! Got the devil's own tattoo on him.

Get out of here!

I gotta be more careful what I say about the devil.


That is only a beaver. Oh right, dang, you're right.

Look at him.


Toby... Coffee time.

Dinner's ready. Come on, let's go. Yeah, let's go.

Dad... Dad... We saw a beaver cut down a tree.

You did? And a tree almost fell on us.

You all right? Oh yeah.

Ok. Why don't you go in and wash up for dinner.


See any tracks? Yup.

They head around the west end of the lake just like I figured they would.

Think they'll come back?

Well, I'm pretty are, Skip.

See once a creature like that starts, it will eat almost anything.

Ta ta. That looks beautiful, Pam.

I've never seen anything like that in my whole life.

Me neither.

Say, where did you get the turkey?

I heard him goggling across the lake.

Sure looks good, can't wait to sink my teeth into it.

Well, this being Thanksgiving, I think a prayer would be in order.

Lord, we thank you for everything bestowed upon us, we thank you for a healthy family. this abundance, for our guest, Boomer... and our little friends.

And for knowing that it is in the giving, that we receive.

On this Thanksgiving day, amen. Amen...

Samson... Boomer? Help!

When you rollin' a ...., you're a winner.

I'm glad I was here to save the day.

Boomer, where are you going?

Going trapping Toby. Gotta heave wood due for winter...

Gotta heave the ground and do do.

See that mountain peak up there, all proud and lovely and beautiful?

Her name is Lyal.

And over here, about three peaks to the right is the Mountain Passe.

Now that's where I'm headin'.

Boomer? How do you know the name of that mountain?

Well, I'll tell you.

I know the name of that particular mountain because I named her myself.

Long time ago.

You know, it's 40 years now, I've been trying to get her gold.

Oh, every now and then, she gives me a little nugget, but one of this days, you just watch old Boomer is going to strike it rich.

Hey, there it is! There's the eagle.

Well, by Joe. That ain't no he, that's Clementine.

Want to see her up close? Well stand back. I want to get it come down.

Ok now. She's a friend maybe she might be hungry. So be careful.

Come on Clementine.

Come on down here, girl!

Come to me, come on!

Yeah. Come on Clementine, come on girl.

Come on, come on.

Come to me. Yeah, you remember me, old Boomer...

Come on girl.

Yeah hey. .. There you are...

Ain't she pretty?

She's so big! Yeah.

See? I told you ...

Now stand back, she's friend but she gets mighty hungry sometimes.

I hope, but ain't she pretty!

I reckon she just about as pretty as the mountain that I telling you about.

Oh yeah sure, she's downright gorgeous.

Hey, come back with my hat...

You come back with my hat...

I swear I'll pull every one of your nail feathers out of your fanny...

Please come back with my hat...

Come back here...

Smart aleck bird...

So you really leaving, huh?

Yep, there is a time .....

Okay. Your family is welcomed anytime, you know that.

Thank you, Skip.

Please hurry back, Boomer. I miss you.

Ma'am, I want thank you for all your fine hospitality. You're good cook.

Nice lady too. Come on, boy.


Now the kids have gotten very fond of you, old boy.

I chanced that she's having a hard time not crying when you left.

I never had no time for sentimentalization myself.

Appreciate it.

Take care.

It's not gonna be the same without him.

Ha, he'll be back.

You know how much he's gonna miss momma's cooking?

Goodbye, Boomer.


I love you...

Toby, come here.


It's like dream land. Wow.


Hey, get out of there ...



You okay? Is it very bad?

No, no, no. It's all right. It's okay.

Hey, calm down...

Calm down? What do you expect?

You fell down a cliff with a cougar, you could have got killed.

It's all over now. Let's go bandage this thing up.


Are you okay? No, no. It's fine. I'm alright.

Gee Dad, I thought you were a goner, for a second.

Yeah, I thought I was too, son...

Let's get back to the cabin.

I got it ...

This is Medic 2, do you copy?

Hello Medic 2. This is 63 Apple, we read you loud and clear.

How are you Mike?

Fine, Pat. How is the Robinson family?

Great. We just had our first snow and the kids really loved it.

Everybody in good health? Oh, yes.

Skip got tangled up a cougar and was bitten, but he's doing fine now.

That doesn't sound too good. Any infection?

No Mike...

He's okay. My dad's pretty tough.

Bye now. That cougar is at least 5 miles away.

Is that so?

Pat, is Skip listening?

Yeah, I'm right here Mike. Go ahead...

Why don't you come into town for a couple of days?

Do a little Christmas shopping.

Yeah. Could we?

Oh, come on...

Okay Mike, listen. Why don't you send Stan in the morning, the Robinson's are gonna hit the streets.


Come on. Here, here.

Come on Cluss, you old dog, look at you...

Come here, come here. You ...

This is, huh? Come on! Let's go.

Hi Cluss. I sure missed you.

Wow. Home sweet home.

Hello Bandito. Are you glad to see us?

Looks like everybody is happy to see us.

Samson? Samson...

Hello Samson, how are you doing, huh? You old big ...

Mom, can Samson stay? Absolutely not.

I'm happy to see you Samson, however this cabin is not big enough for all of us.

Bye bye. I'm sorry Samson, you heard her.

Come on, let's go.

Come back for dinner, we'll have something for you. Come on.

Come on, Mom!

Ahh Ma... Sorry.

Come on Samson, we gotta find you a den to hibernate in.

Come on.

Well, this place ought to be just perfect, ok? Come on.

Well... what do you think?


Come on...

You'll like this one, it's got running water. Ok?

Samson don't like it, Dad. Oh, Samson!

Ok, tell me, where's the other cave? How's this? Come on!



I think he likes it. Yeaaaay.

See you in the spring, Samson.

We'll be waiting, Samson.

Hi, maybe into tomorrow.

Well, if this any indication at all, Happy Jack figures, you better get yourself ready for a real beautiful winter.

Well, Happy Jack Jefferson says you better get yourself ready for a real beautiful winter.

Looks like it's clearing up.

Toby, give this to your mother.

Tell her to cook up 4 of them. Put the rest in the smoke house.


Can't we stay and fish too?

Yeah, we can catch more.

No, no, no, you're going home...

Tell mom I'll be there right away and I'm hungry.

Let's go Cluss. March!

Dad... help!


Help ...


Keep going!

Toby... come on!

Cluss. Run... go!

Dad... Help me now...


What happened?

It went through the ice, let's get them inside.

Okay, about face Jenny. Up Toby, up, up...

Up you go. Ugggghh ...

You know mom, those wolves really did look like they were going to eat us.

Yeah, I told you they were after the fish.

You're much too sour.

Get up there! Oooohh.

We really didn't mean ....

Good night! Good night!

When it comes back here.

It seems like everytime we leave the cabin, something happens.

Sure does.

We just gonna have to keep a better eye on them, that's all.


I don't know why it's bothering me, it's just really getting to me.

What is?


Hey. Are you feeling alright?

I don't know. I'm just tired, I guess.

I'll be all right.

Are you sure?

I'll be fine.

It's 5:30 right now and, .... it could be stuck on the freeway.

Gold old Rush hour...

Yeah... Boy, do I miss it...

Something's outside.

Dad, what's up there? I don't know.

Can I go? Nope, stay here, Toby.

What is it?

What is it, Cluss?

Ok, go on. Come on. Come on Cluss, get in.

Once they, ah, over and sprays the meat they wolves won't even eat it.

None of it is edible? No.

What are we going to do? I don't know.

Can't eat oatmeal all day.

Just gonna have to go out and get some more meat.

Dad, can I come with you? No, son.

Well then, why teach me how to shoot, if I can't go hunting with you?

Ok, I'll take you the next time, I promise, alright?

Bet sure I can't expect much from an 8 year old boy.

Get dressed, Toby.

Come on! Mom, get me jacket.

Are you sure? He's gotta start some time.

Thanks. Good luck. Good luck.

You forgot your feather.

Listen, we'll be back before dinner, ok?

You ready to go? Let's go...

Getting tired.

A little surprise for you. Come on. Here.

Eat that, cause you had your backup.

You gotta keep looking son.

That's your candy, melted in your pocket.

Sorry about that.


Mom. Hmm.

Rita says they read all my letters out loud in class.

That's very flattering.

You must write some pretty interesting letters.

Yeah, but I do not write anything personal any more.

Those people don't know you. Write what you want.

Anyway, some day you might be a famous writer.

I'd love that.

Toby... hold on.

Dad! Are they gonna kill him?

They got him trapped, son. But what are we gonna do?

He will never survive.

It's the wolves or us. You stay here.

What's that Dad? It's an avalanche.

This goes on top, Dad. Okay.

Are you ready? Ready.

Flap your wings.

Easy turkey, come to daddy.

Not bad. Pretty good.

Absolutely beautiful. Yeah...

Who is that? Maybe it's Samson!

Hey. Look who's here! Boomer!

Boomer, where have you been? Just in time for Christmas.

Well, tell you ... pretty I don't know too much about Christmas.

No, me .. I'm just passing by on my way back from Treefort.

I had to go ... down get me some supplies, don't you know.

Find Flori a nice place to sleep.

Try as I might, I just can't break that creatures snow shoes.

Did you do something to this, Mrs. Robinson?

A goose?

Well, it just ran smack into me, I didn't had no choice, but to bring it along.

Who's asking about town. Yeah.

Same as it always was.

Just too many people, doing too many things, all at the same time.

Probably how come I got too foolish when how much go by and supplies.

Do you know? About ..... a teapot please.

You take this, for instance. I don't know how come about this.

I got a perfectly good knife already.

Gee. that's a really nice knife, Boomer.

Do you really like it? Yeah...

Well, go and take it, it's yours.

Well, thanks.

You know the real dumb thing about ... this here.

Ms Jenny. What size do you wear? Size 5.

Oh yeah. At least ain't gonna go to waste.

Oh, thanks Boomer.

I'll get it.

Skip... What in tarnation is that tree doing in your house?

Boomer, that's a Christmas tree.

You don't see everyday.

Got a present for you too, Boomer.

Here you go.

Well, what is it?

Why don't you open it?

Merry Christmas! Yeahh.

Now you can take us with you wherever you go.

That's nice.

It's awfully nice.

Let's go see about that goose.

Why don't we give Mike a call, and wish him a Merry Christmas?

Hey, yeah.

That's a good idea.

Medic 2, this is 63 Apple, do you copy?

Medic 2, this is 63 Apple, Do you copy? Over.

Hello Skip.

Mike, how is your Christmas? Fine, fine.

How's everyone there?

The kids just got our winter colds, and mine seems to keep hanging on.

Well, take some vitamin C, be sure and call me know if it gets any worse.

And how are you doing Skip? Now, I'm doing fine, Mike.

Listen, the real reason we called was to say...

We wish you a Merry Christmas!

We wish you a Merry Christmas We wish you a Merry Christmas And a Happy New Year...

And a Happy New Year.

You still there Mike?


Well, I tell ya, we reckon a good rest myself.

You kids may be going on back to cabin, you know.

But Boomer, I thought we going to take you down to the path.

No, I tell you Toby, I'm pretty legs done do for already.

Here, you see them clouds over there? Yeah...

That means there is a storm a-brewing.

No, I guess we best say goodbye right now.

So long, old friend. Bye, Boomer.

Bye, Boomer.

So long, little darling.

Don't forget us, now.

Oh, now come on, Toby. How can I forget you.

I still got that real nice picture you gave me right here and I ain't gonna lose it.

Goodbye. Goodbye, Boomer.

I thought it was here!

No, it's over there...

It's over here, come on.





Come on...



It's getting dark, Jenny. I know, Toby...

You think we're lost?

I don't know where we are.



What are we going to do?

We can build a snow house like dad and Boomer did.

Oh yeah! We can try but we better hurry.

You okay, Toby?

Yeah, I guess so. I'm scared.

Don't worry Toby. Dad is looking for us, right now.

I'm sure.

But he can't find us in the dark.

Jenny, are we gonna freeze to death in here?

No Toby, we're not gonna freeze to death.

We got to make it.

We've got to...

Mom always told us that when everything's really bad, we should say a prayer.

I know Toby. I already did.

Well, you didn't tell me.

Well, I said it for both of us.

Do you notice something? What?

I'm not as cold as before.

Hey yeah. I feel better, too.

What's that noise?

Someone's trying to get in.

What is it? I don't know, Toby.

It's a rabbit! A rabbit...

Ain't it cute ...

Hey, Cluss! Cluss...

Toby... Jenny! Daddy.

You found us. Dad!

What are you guys doing in there, huh?

Come on, come on.

Alright, Pat.


What happened to you, guys?

We got lost. And we built a snow cave.

And it worked. It really worked.

Well, how are you feeling?

I'm fine.

Are you sure?

It's nothing, Skip...

I was worried.

I mean, what do you expect? I was up all night.

The wolves are here again.

I know. Their tracks are all over the place.

I think they got Merrybelle.

No, no... Jenny...

Jenny, come here!


Cluss, come on. Get him.

Comanche, get him. Get him.

Get back up there.

Toby, quit messing around.

Get those animals away from here.

Come on, get out of here.


Cluss, come on...


Now, look what you've done, you broke the radio.

You ruined it.

What happened?

Gee, I'm really sorry, Mom.

Sorry, what good does that do?

Ok, you kids go on out.

Finish up on the porch, take the animals with you.

Skip, I just can't take it.

Everytime I tries to scold Toby, his mind wanders and, Jenny keeps asking me about her old friends.

The animals are in here constantly, and I can't turn around and ....

What do you want to do?

Maybe we can leave ...

It's time to wait, is it?

Maybe we could still make it out, the pass on skis, couldn't we?

Is that what you really want to do?

I don't know...

Your temperature.

Are you okay?

Couldn't you have just told me, please?

I wonder how long Dad wants us to stay out us here?

Well, it's your fault we're out here.

What do you mean, eventhough I knew.

I didn't mean to make Mom mad.

It's okay, Toby.

I know... everything will be right.

Mom's just tired!

Well, you got a temperature, alright.

How long you've been feeling like this?


I don't know... maybe weeks.

Medic 2, this 63 Apple, Do you copy?

Medic 2, this 63 Apple, Do you copy?

Medic 2, this 63 Apple, Do you copy?

Can I help? What?

Can I help?

Yeah, give me that screwdriver.

Medic 2, this 63 Apple...

Dad... mom is really sick.

It's okay.

Queen Roger jangle, 63 Apple. Queen Roger jangle, 63 Apple...

Well, this is Medic 2, hello... This is Medic 2, do you read me?

Come in Medic 2, this is 63 Apple, come in Mike.

Queen Roger jangle, 63 Apple, this is Medic 2, do you read me?

What's going on up there? Come back.

Medic 2, this is 63 Apple, do you copy me, over?

Skip, can you hear me? Can you hear me... There's a blizzard, over.

Skip can you hear me? Can you hear me? Over.

63 Apple, calling Medic 2. Do you copy? Over.

What's going on up there? Come back.

Medic 2, Mike do you copy? This is 63 Apple.

Here Mom...

I'm gonna get Mike.


I'll be right back, I'll just go over the pass...

We gotta get .... Wait, wait, wait ...

We've gotta get Mike over here.

Your temperature's going up.

You just rest, okay.

I get you anything else? No.

Just make sure you keep those compresses on her head and you check her temperature every 2 hours.

I've gotta go to Treeforts. You know how to use the rifle, keep everybody around the cabin.

Don't worry Dad, I'll take care of it.

I'm gonna leave you in charge, little man.


What's wrong Cluss?



Come back here...

No Toby. You come back here!

Oh, Toby, Toby...


Cluss, come back here...


Cluss, come back here...

Cluss... come back!

Cluss... come here...

Quick Jenny, Jenny. Come on back.

He's out there. Scarface. Are you sure?

He's got that big, ugly scar of his, right along here.

Queen Roger tango, 63 Apple, This is Medic 2. Do you read me?

Oh it's Mike...

This is 63 Apple, Mike?

Skip, read me, over it's 30 below.

He is still trying to reach us.

Again! I've got Scarface.

Be careful Toby...

Mom! There he is again.

Jenny... get down...

Toby, give me the gun.


Hey, Get out of here... Get out of here.

Toby... Jenny! Are you all right?

Dad... yes, yes...

I saw a fire... What happened?

We put it out.

How's your mother? She's pretty bad.

Hi, squeak.

... Where's Mike?


You gonna be all right.

I hate that sound.

It goes right through me...

I hate it... I hate it...

I hate it... I hate it... Pat!

Get away! Get away!

Get out of here...

Get out! Get out of here!

When I couldn't reach you on the radio, I knew something was wrong.

Breathe Pat. Breathe deeply.



Is she gonna die?

No Toby, your mother will be all right.

She has a bad case of pneumonia.

She's terribly exhausted.

What she needs is several weeks of bed rest.

And I don't want you kids to worry, cause your mom's gonna be fine.

Ok, thanks, Mike.

What on tarnation is going on here? Boomer, where have you been?

Boy, are we glad to see you.

She got pneumonia, don't you?

She sure does!

Well, she'll be all right.

Just put her in bed for several weeks, give her proper care, you see.

Boomer, Dr. McCord.


You come in on that fancy flying machine out there?

It's a helicopter? Yeah.

You right sure, you're a real doctor?

Of course.

Then I'm glad to meet you.

I've been having this pain you see for about 10 years.

Starts right here at the bottom of my skull, and ends right up here at the base of my spine.

I get a few flashes in between sometimes.

When I walk makes my hips kind a bit ...


Well, I'll be a corinch, swaggled groundhog ...

Now like reckon we all know why you're here, don't we?

You're here for the same reason I am, ain't you?

Now go on, take a look!

Your family's all right!

I'm glad these folks you saved are even happy to see you.

Come on, let's get...

Come on, you guys, let's break it up.


Aw, come on... Oh, Dad...

We'll come back in spring.

Spring is just around the corner anyhow...

Come on... Come on you buddy...

Thanks, Mike. Take care.

It's getting late. I got to get that chopper back.

I felt like I was dying...

But I can't, can I?


You couldn't survive out here in the wild without me...


Mom, you look great.

We can go fishing again.

You made me do it, Dad.

Thank you. Aren't they beautiful, Mom?

Yeah, they sure are.


Could we go fishing pretty soon?

How about hunting?

Now is spring dear, how am I go on up hill ...

Samson... Flori ...

Flori, come back here you Yankee...

See you later folks, I'm gonna talk about that...

Flori, come back here... Flori, Flori...