The Game of Their Lives (2005) Script

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The Game of Their Lives (2005)

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Robert F. stadium Kennedy, All-Star Game for 2004.

See? This is the kind of player that always goes on.

Excuse me, Mr. McSkimming? Yes, why?

Hi I'm Matthew Tucker. Oh, sure. How are you? Sit.

Thank you. You like places? Yes, they are great.

And by the way, you can call me Dent. This is my granddaughter, Emily.

Striker, kick with both feet. Chaser, huh?

It will be a star someday.

Dent So, you thought in his time, I would see a football match a stadium in the United States as big as this?

I always thought it would just a matter of time so we reached the rest of the world with our passion for the game.

And you were single U.S. reporter World Cup 1950. Right?

I was just doing my job.

I heard that he paid his passage itself there.

There was a lot of St. Louisiana cared a lot from our boys and their adventure.

But of course I would in any way, even if there had a business reason.

You want me to tell you everything? Yes, very much.

And where do I begin? How about the beginning?

I and most of those guys, were all from St. Louis In an area called "The Hill" "La Montagna."

Populated by Italian immigrants at the turn of the century.

Like many communities immigrants across the U.S., "The Hill" had a foot in the old continent, and another in the new world.

Very proud of the two places.

An area of ??approximately 20 square blocks.

"The Hill" was small and contained.

His world revolved around work hard, family, food and the Church.

Neighbors knew each other and their children and cousins.

And who was a devotee of St. Ambrose and who was not.

All went to Sunday Mass, weddings and funerals ...

You're late.

Harry, my friend, you sound like that will have a heart attack.

I have to be Northside before the end of the day.

Tell a Soul, that the search at 7:00.

Another English lesson?

Sure, I'll take her to the movies is a good place to learn.

Because she needs learn English if it is back to Guadalajara in 2 weeks?

See ya!

Let's get on the floor.

We have to be Northside in 20 minutes.

Gino! It's time, come on.

People of "The Hill" loved baseball.

Yogi Berra and Joe Garagiola grew up there.

But his greatest passion was reserved for football Or, as we call it here, soccer.

In "The Hill" on any given day, you could find the best players in the country Frank Borghi, played baseball and was potential for a professional league.

Frank had a nose for the ball, and ability to prevent it from going into the goal.

No comparison with any goalie I've ever seen.

And I've seen enough. It was my job inform about the St. Louisianas local semi-professional teams and leagues.

For me, it was not working.

It was a daily pleasure in Players to watch could play in any place in the highest level.

As Gino Parian, fast and strong, giving great passes and scoring goals.

Gino played even better with the Francis "Pee Wee" Wallace.

A "Pee Wee" he played the field.

In the field he was all Seriously, playing with a intensity as no another in St. Louis.

A great striker fast, agile. He was always working toward the goal.

Attacking alone or with Gino. There was denying the ability Pee Wee Wallace

Looking for this?

He also had Charlie Colombo, dubbed of "Gloves" because he always wore gloves.

He liked to use force. Correctly answered at all.

Never a player who competed with he did not want to put in the hospital.

No! What are you talking about? one bid was clean.

Charlie Gloves, play nice.

Hey! what are you doing? Is helping the enemy?

I am dating his sister.

So what?

Harry Keough. Smart, smart.

Always seemed to be in right place at the right time.

That's right guys, good game.

Hey, Harry. where it came from? That was for you Borghi.

Nice kick. Great game Frank.

Thank you.

Anyway, let's talk about your goal.

Well, to mark the Borghi, or you are very good or very lucky.

And today I was very lucky. You always moves to the left of the ball Yeah, I do not really work with the other leg.

Now you need to working speed.

I know.

How about a train shortly after the games?

That sounds good.

I waited a little until the paperwork solve, but now it's official. tests for the football team U.S., will be made here in St. Louis.

The teams come from the east here to play with best in our area next Friday.

When is the best team chosen, we will go to New York to train. And make an exhibition game.

And then we go to Brazil.

We will play at least 3 games in our key.

How long will all this take?

There will be 10 days of training and maybe 2 or 3 weeks off.

It will be difficult for some of us take time out of our work.

Gentlemen, I apologize for the short time, I know it will be difficult.

Will be happy to know who will win $ 100 per week, $ 5 per day for food.

And do not forget, this is a trip free to New York and Brazil.

What is the problem, Gino?

No way, I can not do that. I'm getting married in two weeks.

Dino the girl is crazy about you. Charlie quiet Look, you'll have to postpone it Gino we need you.

Walter can not do that, the invitations have been delivered.

Everything is already marked My God, I really I wish I could go.

Do not worry, Gino, do not worry. And anyway, what is the purpose of going?

For us to be killed by a gang professional players?

And as we went to last Olympics, Harry?

I say, shame we 9-0 to Italy.

Gino, you know? I think I will not miss anything.

You know, Pee Wee?

In my mind, should be a privilege to represent your country No matter how difficult circumstances.

How many here are veterans of the army?

Sure, in my opinion, the best football that country is played right here in St. Louis.

And I ask you to represent the colors of that country the biggest event in the world.

This one is right? Yes

Your mother wants to see you. What?

His mother wants to see you.

It cleaned everything for the funeral.

Your Uncle Joe told me you is asking for 3 weeks out To go play your game this? Yes, I asked him, he said okay.

Of course, he said. He this is crazy for soccer.

I told him that you will not.

Embalming School begins in three weeks.

And you can not miss classes. School of embalming?

Mother, how many times I gotta tell you, I'm not going to school of embalming?

Just because you do not want.

You do not want to improve your life?

This is the family business, right here.

We will not have this conversation, not again.

Already a grown man and still chasing these kids!

That children play! Frank?

I'm starting to get crazy.

How many times do I have to tell her that's not what I do?

What is it, Frank, you know she has good intentions.

She just wants the best for you.

No, actually Mary, she knows what is best for me.

Let's get something to eat.

Sorry love, I have find the boys tonight.

I promise I'll be back soon. Okay.

Then you do it? Will participate in testing?

Yes, I will.

Do not be late.

Joe has to take that hit.

Frank, you always had a grip better than his.

Thank you Mr. Pee Wee, but you have not answered my question.

What question? Will you be there tomorrow?

I can not do that.

What are you talking about, "Can not do that"?

I can not do that.

That makes no sense, Pee Wee. You know you have to be part of it.

We always play together.

Not to mention that you love the game more than anyone I know.

That's it And you and Gino are a great team.

Furthermore, we would have so much fun.

Giesler said that we have to fly to Brazil.

I can not do that. That's the problem?

I can not fly. - This is not a problem. - Of course it's a problem.

Ask God's protection, and everything will be fine.

On the plane?

Hear that? We have two bases occupied.

I understand, I understand, that's the plan.

We were so drunk before to get on that plane I I guarantee you will not even realize that the trip happened.

What do you say?

You know about me and Frank small places.

Pee Wee, what happened you 6 years ago?

That time I spent hospitalized because ... as they call it, the trauma of war? How often do you think?

It feels really bad.

Guys? Stan the Man will come.

... And he catches the ball, Wallace and go to ...

Ok, that's the goal!

Trying to kill me?

Let's go to Randazzo. I can not, I see Janet.

If you show up so soon she'll throw your ass on the street.

Yes, Janet and what would you would be a lot worse crap.


Did you just say "crap"? I think so.

I must be drunk.

If this keeps up will say "shit" soon!

Ok guys, let me go have the test tomorrow.

Let's drink to Randazzo.

Tomorrow is the test, no, no.

Are you okay?

Hey Gino, what's the problem?

I just wanted to be on the team. I just wanted to be on the team.

I know.

You are the best striker world. It really is, Gino.

And you will spend the rest life with her, right?

Everyone thinks you will be there, punching bag on the team there.

Nobody said it goes with the Pee Wee.

No matter, Frankie does not matter, I want to be on this team.

I know. I just want to be on the team.

Sit, Sit!

I told you man, never appear later. This is an insult.

I do not want my daughter treated that way!

Sorry, Silvio.

In my house it is considered an offense.

Pee Wee said ...

Stop talking about Pee Wee, shut up!

There are more things important to talk about.

Now I have a test for selection United States Soccer tomorrow.

I've told them that could not participate.

Mr. Walter Giesler came to ask my help.

Mr. Giesler, he came here? You talk too much Just listen at least once.

Mr. Geizler.

He talked about the great honor it would be for this family, to this community, La Montagne, for this nation.

If you wear the uniform the United States.

Do you agree with him?

I agree. Of course you agree, that's right!

But the Lord has a little problem ... There is no problem.

You will be in the testing tomorrow.

The team travels next Sunday and we out a couple of weeks, so ...

Dad, just tell him.

We've changed, you married on Saturday.

But the church, the church and the hall ...

While you were out getting drunk I was fixing everything.

Except for the invitations. That you will do tomorrow after testing.

Good enough for you?

Do not do it again. And there he goes again with tears.

Never in my life I saw a man cry so much.

What you know about these guys from the east coast, Frank?

A little.

I've played against some of them. Walter Bahr E?

He knows what he does. And any one bag is good at it too.

Pay attention to Clarkie Souza. Phenomenal, a kind of magic with the ball.

Well fast. and Ed McIlvenny, Scotland. one of the best around.

Then Pee Wee will appear?

I do not know.

Okay, guys, we are not interested in which team makes more goals.

We look for individual play.

And that means not only what they do alone, but how to make your team better.

This game will be refereed like any other.

If expelled, too will be off the team.

As you know the coach is Bill Jeffrey selection. Bill has something to say?

Remember, this is a game gentlemen, then play as such.

All right, gentlemen. Let's start.

I keep saying that I do not get on that plane.

It was clear to anyone watching, that Both teams had a very different style.

The east coast played with discipline and accuracy. A thin type of football.

The team played St. Louis more improvisation.

Lift, son of Yale.

I do not study at Yale, his Neanderthal.

Neanderthal? what is it? I never studied at a college.

Good job.

Jeffrey? I Dent McSkimming I cover football for the St. Louis Post.

You just said that the city is a reporter for football only?

I'm sure you heard how this sport is important here?

I thought it was Walter Giesler just trying to impress me.

The Italians are here in The Hill organized soccer for over 45 years.

I have seen and covered the sport across the country. not the best place to football players St. Louis.

Yes, but I have to disagree.

Say the name of a better goalkeeper Frank Borghi?

Did you see Pee Wee Wallace. anyone on the team East compares to him as the attacker.

We were watching the same game? Charlie Colombo.

Any team needs a Charlie Colombo.

Gino Parian, Harry Keough, Bob Annis. They are all world class players.

Have a question for me, Mr. ..? McSkimming I hope not.

Come on guys, no one died, are just tests.

I know it's only a test but we will defeat them.

They play like sissies But Walter Bahr is strong rather, it is not, Charlie?

Who asked you to talk to me?

Bahr is fooling himself, as if doing a show here.

I'm doing my best to put him on a stretcher.

Why do not you stop with that crap? Kick the ball, not the guy.

If you are kicked out of this team you selection is not going to, you know that right?

Pee Wee, what's wrong with you Is trying not to join the team? Come on, put your head in the game!

Gino, I want you and Pee using each other It's time for you two work their magic.

In the second half, the best players on the field proved.

Pee Wee Wallace woke up at Gino became a fatal combination ever.

But that was an incentive for them Clarkie Sousa, Ed McIlvenny and Walter Bahr.

Do not do it. We need him on the team.

One more and he is out.

That was good, but not so good.

I think he'll call me. Me too.

I do not like it there.

Bahr thinks is helping him to choose?

Better not be.

Hi Frank. Meet Walter, Walter Bahr?

I was just wondering if this guy was helping you to make choices?

Yes, we hear his opinions.

Well, if I would mind too? Yes, I care.

Okay, leaving the two here. I'll let you know.

And when they heard the boys from St. Louis had something to celebrate besides Gino's wedding.

Frank, Harry, Gloves, Pee Wee and Gino joined the team.

Let's get outta here baby!

Put me down!

I have something for you! For me?


Charlie, What is he doing?

Thank you. Get out of here.

Everyone please dance with us.

Congratulations on the team.

Pee Wee, come here. Ok Mr. Abruzzo.

Congratulations Pee Wee.

It's very exciting to be chosen for the team and go to Brazil?

Sit down here, Frank. Excuse us for a second, ok, Fiora?

Even more Pee Wee. Bye Fiora

Monte Christo. Oh Mr. Abruzzo, thank you

Being chosen for the U.S. team.

A great honor.

Want to know why football is the greatest game in the world?

I'll tell you. Because everything you need is a ball and an open place.

Do not need any equipment or special courts.

You need not be big, strong or high.

It is the most democratic of all sports. The people's game.

The game of his people. And the game of the future of the United States.

So when I congratulate him join the team for the United States, I see the look on his face, as if he had been elected President of the United States.

And not what I just saw.

Now get out of here and let me finish my game of cards.

Until you proud to be one of best players United States Soccer, You do not deserve one of these.

Fiora Hey, come on, let's finish the game.

St. Kitts for a safe journey.

It's beautiful.

Thanks, Dad

But do not bother ...

Janet I have to go, gotta go Until more.

Take care of it! okay?

Janet, I love you! I love you too.

I will go to Guadalajara, and wait until I say yes.

Better not do that, my father will kill you go up there looking for me. He protects me too.

So die fighting for something I believe.

I will miss you. Me too.

I'll be back before you know it.

Frank, I'm really proud of you.

I love you. I love you too.

Gotta go.

Hey, Frank, we are on track? We're almost there.

This is it. Broadway Hotel.

What's your problem buddy? How do you know my name?

How should I know what is his name. Joe, Joe Maca.

So what?

You must be the guys Italian St. Louis, right?

Yes, we are.

Well, welcome the Plaza, guys.

I am hungry.

Let's eat Italian food in honor of my Italian friends It can be a great pizza. Jews are boys.

Who's coming? I do not know, I have no idea.

Belo Jew, Frank. What will you cook in the hotel?

Not too bad. It's good.

Look at them there, how are guys?

How was your trip? The boys from St. Louis.

What happens here?

You remember Clarkie Souza, is not it?

He dribbled around you on Saturday.

How are you?

And this is Ed Souza. Believe it or not, are not related.

Who works here?

I am with your keys and your tasks.

Hey Gloves, which says take a bath, we Toots Shors and to the left Joe Di Maggio.

Tomorrow at 9:00 will be the training. And the next day play with a team semiprofessional here in NY.

So if you, sleep the rest of the night.

That's pretty funny, because you and I'm not leaving.

The training will have at least 3 hours We have about a week to hit this time.

Oh, you're willing to teach us?

I am organizing workouts, and while Mr. Jeffrey is I will give out the training.

Is there a problem with that? Yes, I have purpose.

Frank was here at all times in I have been if he tells me to do something I do, but I do not hear from you. none of us will Okay, give the list to Frank.

By the way, I do not like taking orders from a Kraut.

Yes I am of German descent, and foremost I am American.

Okay, enough.

Tell me Wallace, you are a or an American?

Come on, Walter. Go to hell.

Let's get some drinks, who comes to me?

The first training match against the team the semi- Brooklyn was a disaster.

The right foot did not know what the left foot was doing.

There was an evident difference styles of boys East Coast and boys from St. Louis.

But no joke, it seemed impossible fix the major problems

Pee Wee what is doing? It was his face, your job, what are you doing?

My work, what do you mean? 're running the whole field that guy over there because their can not hold the ball.

Pee and I have played with long time for this.

The guy can not hold college the ball for more than a second and a half.

Okay! is it folks! Good game, Thank you gentlemen. That's enough.

What the hell is happening?

He finished the game? What did you do?

Not going anywhere like this. They are the best available.

Maybe for one game Sunday in North Hampton.

We need someone as Joe Gaetjens.

Gaetjens, this is not possible.

I thought it was about getting top players the country to be the more competitive as possible.

Walter, we have 10 days to train together, before we play against teams who live and play together 365 days a year.

The United States does not be competitive World Cup in the next 50 years.

Our work ...

Our job is to attend and act as good ambassadors.

All I care is get the best team on the field.

I really need Gaetjens. It will not happen.

Come on.

What's happening?

We will make this team better. You want to play to win. right?

Yeah, but you could have finished the game first.

Joe Gaetjens! Yes?

Walter Bahr, Frank Borghi is this.

I know you. Wanting a rematch?

You never know. By the way, come request to join our team.

What time is it?

The selection of the United States for the World Cup.

And there's this team?. Has been organized very quickly.

That's why we need you, you adapt to any style of play.

Yes, but what your style of play?

We do not have a style of play. But we're working on it.

I love America, then I'm inside. Where do I start?

Tomorrow morning, 6:30.

We are playing in the field Werthman in Long Island City.

We are going to Brazil in 6 days. In Brazil?

One problem, my work.

You-.. we will receive $ 100 per week, plus $ 5 supply.

Really? I'm in!

Nice to meet you Joe. Brazil!

This is a strange guy. Yes it is, but it is a phenomenal athlete.

I saw him playing and Eddie Sousa You really think he will be enough to make a difference?

Frank, I need to believe that this team is good.

I need them to believe also, they listen to you.

I see players we have now and see a team with which to difficult to play against.

We will surprise people that way, Frank.

So you really think we can go to Brazil, and in fact, win a game?

Yes, yes, I think.

Never set foot in a field if I did not think that my team could win, ever.

And I bet you never thought that the goal any team would score on you right?.

No, but I was not playing against the best teams in the world.

This has to do with believing. Always so.

Let me ask you something?

Why did you want me to come with you to call this guy, Joe?

You could have done it alone.

Why can not I do it myself, need your support.

You saw how those guys are need you to help me to put this team together.

You really believe that.

I assume that everyone here has heard the name Stanley Mortenson.

Stanley Mortenson, an undeniably of the best players the last 50 years.

He is currently on a U.S. tour and Canada with a team choice of aces with the best players English first division.

And they agreed to play with us tomorrow.

Right here.

Excuse me, when we get our uniforms?

I'm working on it.

Remember, your Passports have to be in the hands of up to 12 later on Wednesday.

The flight will be in Friday, midnight.

You will all be outside the hotel at 10:00.

What are they doing here?

Coach ... that guy Wellfit, whatever it was his name.

Not well, got sick and had to go home and asked me to tell you.

Because he did not tell me? Okay, let's play!


Do not ask me Coach, I do not know.

Who is this?

Hey, are you Catholic?

I'm not no, but I'm very respect for the faith. much respect

Listen I was thinking, if we continue playing more compact will work.

I do not agree. Hey, calm down! Calm down!

The problem is that we are killing on counter-attacks.

It is not our ability is our training.

All going forward, and no one on the side.

Then they go through is what we a training need is, stability.

There will be four guys back, four in the middle and you in front with Joe Gaetjens there.

You can not score with that formation. We have to start thinking about defense.

It is a defense against their attackers.

You will not make the record goals in a World Cup.

Listen to Walter, the problem is that we have played in a training throughout our lives.

Changing this could be a disaster, let's just play!

Wait! Just doing a suggestion, a suggestion urgent But if you want to be humiliated in Brazil is well.

He's right. Yes he's right.

We played like a bunch of crap.

I say, not without the ball know where to go.

Like a leaf is swept downstream.

Walter, we need this training. I agree with Joe.


Frank, what do you think?

Why not use the first time?

If not we can switch.

Good Sure, it's good for everyone?

Stay tuned!

Well there is one greatest players of this century.

You will be able to tell your grandchildren who played against Stanley Mortenson.

Not if he scored against me.

The way I understand, it's just a player trying to make me look bad.

He is so agile, so flows easy, you do not even notice how fast he is until he shows.

What you got for me?

Do not believe it goes right, because it goes left.

There is a problem with the English, They think that just because invented this game they have a divine destiny to be the best.

Why do you think I'm on your side?


When we receive the uniforms? I'm working on it.

We flew to Brazil in two days. They will be ready by then?

I hope so.

Jeffrey knows, it is difficult to make other teams to take us seriously the way it is, even if we appear a bunch of clowns.

We will have no chance.

Clarkie, you're the guy faster than we have.

Stan Mortenson stick in the whole game.

Do not let him get the ball, do not let he does, do not let him do anything. do us all a favor take these guys from their faces.

Gaetjens, help in the midfield ok?

Guys, this is a great game for everyone. We can do it.

The Americans began to new line of defense and energy.

But after they hold at the beginning of first time, the ground started to open.

The English, as a whole, with exception of Stanley Mortenson failed to make your team, I was going to the World Cup, gain control of the game.

But they easily show the weaknesses of the American team.

Stanley Mortenson was no doubt the best player on the field.

And after a while they started playing with great confidence.

Almost contemptuously, as if they knew that Americans do not were scored against them.

"Shall not be permitted language 'profane' in some hours. "

Okay, you guys head up, you are playing well!

We still have 45 minutes and you are already thinking about going home.

We go to the World Cup. We're only losing 2-0.

Only two? only two? "Defense, defense, defense!"

We can not score goals, we can not win!.

I like that, by least is talking about win, everyone will win, we win!

Somebody tell him that not I care what he likes.

He's right, while we think it played the 2nd time, they laugh at us.

You know, it's time to defend.

We took the ball and hold on the we can not let them score.

So let's go attack and then won the game.

Gentlemen, are doing well, but remember, Lunch tomorrow 12:00 Adolf in Astoria.

Suit and tie.

Officials of FIFA and American Fed will be present in the same so that all of you.

Now, anyone does not appear to be off the team, there will be excuses or exceptions.

Now, to continue what they were doing.

The Americans returned to his old defense training trying to prevent more goals to take. But it was not working.

They seemed to err in every aspect of the game.

It's a long walk to the hotel, Frank.

I was horrible, they should not have scored as many goals against me.

It was a failure of the team, you did not have chances.

It is not the fault of the team, that's my Walter goal, it is my responsibility!

I am the last line of defense when score a goal, they score against me.

I who have to catch the ball in the back of the net.

Perhaps we have made it look easy tonight, after all none of the players them is good enough to go to the England squad, against whom we play in a week.

Gentlemen, we are grateful for honor us with your presence today.

You have made a great contribution, Welcome to the North American continent and demonstrating the high English tradition in football.

England, as we all know, will be our great game.

They were designed, incubated, and has are developed.

What did he say? What matters?

There's a player even that did not feel honored to be in field with you yesterday.

I thank you wholeheartedly.

Hey guys, I think our coach want to go home with the British.

You know what? they can take it.

Pee Wee, take it easy.

You also take it easy, two for the price of one.

Frank, ensure that it enters on the plane tomorrow night.

I do not think that talking is enough, we have to bring it down somehow.

Hey, where is it?

Hey, Voodoo, have someone talking to you. can we get some "miki"?

Miki? I get a little with the guy who is making my passport.

What do you mean by "Doing your passport?"

I need one, right?

Yes, you do not already have one? No You are not naturalized? No, I have a student visa.

Learning to be a dishwasher?

No, a degree in accounting.

You've been here enough to be naturalized, right?

Yes, but ...

It is enough to me, and for all, right?

Now a few words a remarkable man.

Last year, the final FA Cup, scored three goals.

A great player, a great man, a Hero of Our Time, Mr. Stanley Mortenson.

The challenge of victory is close to all our hearts, this is why all we are here.

And these competitions in international show our similarities and our differences, the desire to win at any cost and the will to pursue these dreams.

England is not fascinated, for example, with baseball. We love cricket.

That fits best with our national character.

Just as do with football, appears as a single line be the best way to attack Our football fits our temper the same way.

It is a sport of intellect as it as athletic ability A sport with strategy, where predict your opponent is so important as running more and score more goals.

The soccer as you call them, is in its infancy in North America.

And take some time to reach the level of other countries where football is a matter of life or death But I wish the U.S. team American lucky and after England take you for school football have a nice vacation in Brazil.


This guy just say "vacation"?

He has more or less this time. Do you know where he was?

We do not know anything. He is not in the back.

Gloves, Charlie get off the phone. Have you seen him? found anywhere?

No sign.

I found him, he is on the roof. I take it, you take his stuff.

The bus leaves in 15 minutes.

You put my stuff on the bus? Yes Gloves! Make sure that buses do not leave without us.

We have guards at all exits, can not escape.

So Joe Maca walking there in that alley has to do with me not flying for the World Cup?

I guess you know very well.

The closer we come, least makes sense Why do we have to go so go there and have a bunch of murdering the British?

Frank, what's the purpose?

This will help you relax.

This will not do well for my stomach. Drink a sip, Pee Wee.

I'm not thirsty. Drink now!

You put something here, Frank?

No, it's a business voodoo.

And why do not you say so?

What are you doing Joe?

I am in contact with my spirit guide Voodoo Thing. Why do I bother?

It bothers me because it is sacrilege Sacrilege means something detracts from their religion, and what I'm doing is exactly the opposite.

I do not see Joe as well, not believe it.

Why do not you respect my beliefs?

They are real to me and millions of people in my country.

It's our way of cultural understand what we see.

Powerful forces that guide our lives I feel very connected with my world when I am in contact with it.

What you say is be sacrilege something that says that there is no power in what you believe We are together here because we are good at what they love And whoever or it is that put the ball in the back of the net, not matter to me.

Ladies and Gentlemen, here is Captain Da Silva.

We are going through strong turbulence.

Please keep tightened their belts.

We go through it in 30 minutes.

Thank you.

Where are we?

In a large crater in the ground.

Oh, great, into the ground.

Look at this hotel!

We have bets, England is favored, 3 to 1.

Brazil 4 to 1, Italy 1 to 6, Spain, 8 to 1.

The only team that is not even we are listed, the United States.

As if we did not exist, right? As someone not even bet on us?

There are bets for all games of the first phase, except for our game with England.

That's disrespectful.

I'm sorry gentlemen, got lost somewhere.

I apologize for not being with you in New York There were many preparations I had to take care here.

No need to apologize, at least in put in class hotels.

I also apologize for that Charlie. And the uniforms, what we wear?

Are being provided, I'm sure.

You are promising that the last two week and is already in the last minute.

Mr. Parian, is the ability player and not the splendor of its clothing that matter.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, training, I'll find a field, somewhere, I'm just waiting for confirmations.

Our first game in fourth against England not be in the stadiums hence the main Rio Is a city about 500 km northeast of here called Belo Horizonte.

There is a North squad American, based in Recife, that will take us to arrange for there in Brazilian plane transport.

What the hell is this? But good!

Who cares? we are here in Rio and have the right to have fun.

Whoever wants out tonight?

You do not know what is fun. The Pee Wee coach party in 5 minutes.

Walter, we have a meeting tonight.

You know what? Let's go out tonight.

All of us will.

We were together as a team.

This is beautiful.

You know, there is much in common samba, tango and football.

Like what Joe?

Football is more a group of guys who sing together in the field.

What were you saying?

What I said is that it has much in common between football and dancing.

Football is like a bunch of guys dancing together in the field.

It's the rhythm of the game, the way we move with the changes.

Suddenly, we go with the tide.

And when the chemistry is there, with each others, and we can make magic on the field.

Sure Joe, I understand, you think we should go field with the English and do the cha-cha?

So to say that I do not dance well I do not I play good football? Because I can not dance.

That is magic Joe, very well.

Gentlemen, welcome to the base of Air Force in Rio de Janeiro, I'm Lieutenant Austin. Would you mind leaving?

Let's take a plane to Belo Horizonte.

I understand that if you can follow me.

What's going on Frank? I do not know, come on.

Gentlemen, I present General William Higgins.

Higgins General, I will give the football team of the United States.

Welcome, gentlemen.

First, they have say that today, our president and commander in chief ordered that many of our units traveling through Pacific for what unfortunately seems to be a conflict in Korea.

Gentlemen, is never more important wear the colors of our nation than when we are at war. I'm sure you will represent our country with pride and demonstrate the best of our warrior spirit.

Win or lose, and I hope they win.

We'll all be proud of you and your efforts tomorrow.

Just a warning, as My father used to say.

Leave everything off the field.

At the request of the president of the Federation North- American Football, Walter Giesler. and coach William Jeffrey, would like to show something to the team you certainly will need tomorrow.

I understand that the first will be someone to receive I was really concerned with this item.

St. Louis, Missouri Gino Parian, come here!

Thank you. You're welcome, Mr. Parian

Seaman, Walter Bahr.

Thank you.

Seaman, Harry Keough.

Coast Guard and Sailor first class, Charlie Colombo.

The City of New York, Joseph Gaetjens.

New York, Joseph Maca.

Army sergeant, John Sousa, Massachusetts.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Ed McIlvenny.

Awarded the Star Brown for bravery in service.

Army sergeant, Francis Wallace.

Very well, Sergeant. Thank you, sir.

Awarded two Hearts-of-Silver and two Star Brown, sub-sergeant Army, Frank Borghi.

Thank you to all the great job for our country.

A salute to our team!

Matthews will not play today. He decided rest in Rio for the next game.

Are you taking a vacation? I think so.

Finney and Bentley will get the ball more. Bentley is tall and strong in the air.

Then observe the side and the bottom line.

Finney will get the ball.

You will be moving to Mortensen all the time.

I take care of it. Well, Gloves.

We must be patient, we need be strong and win the ball back.

Gino, Clarkie, you must be free.


Pee Wee, I need you ... I'll take care of the right side.

Right. Roger.

Frank wants to say something?

I was just thinking, there is no one that stands who knows who we are.

Most do not think should be here.

But we are here.

And we're about to go out there and play with the best team in the world.

Nobody expects anything from us in the game.

Nothing, but I think at least we know that we are worth a little more than that.

Not many people had the chance that we are having today.

So let's make sure one thing, that after

90 minutes they will know who we are.


Good game Thank you Pee Wee

Welcome to this great game, England against the United States.

A large audience here today, as the teams take the field.

The Americans were in front of more viewers than they had ever seen.

38,000 noisy fans in Brazil.

My hope was they could leave the field at the end of the game with their pride intact.

And I wonder what through the mind of this team virtually unknown Americans. as they heat up in the field. They will play a leading in football, a team feared wherever you play.

Let's have fair play, ok?

Good Luck! Thank you!

And England will defend the goal to my right, or rather, attack the goal to my left, because that is what we are predicting that will happen.

Listen, is a gross competition out there although it is not a war.

If this were a war, you'd be dead already.

It's a very bold to say.

I'm serious

Are you ready? Yes.

And what kind of magic to England show in the next 90 minutes? The game started and the ball goes straight to Stanley Mortenson. Stan with the ball.

And try to steal Gaetjens the ball. Mortenson to Wright, who plays Tom Finnley.

And England now attacks the right side of the field, testing the U.S. defense.

Flip left with Mannion, he spends his marker, go to the line background and cross for Bentley.

Bentley kicks. Defense Frank Borghi!

Almost a minute of the game and England almost scored the first goal.

And again they attack the right. A rocket Mortenson.

And he hit the crossbar at the moment Frank Borghi is holding England almost alone! That sensational performance.

And he hit goal kick here in Belo Horizonte.

Still 0-0. England, I think it expect a goal so far.

And Colombia to the attack easily. Here's Wallace ... attacking from the right side, is the first Since the United States will attack.

Aston stop the bid. Here comes England again with Finney. Finney for Mannion.

Mannion kicks. Great defense of Frank Borghi!

Plunging toward the ball. What a great match for him.

What inspiration he is having. He and his companions begin to gain strength from his example.

They seem to show signs of life. And start to attack more aggressively.

Great pass from Harry Keough. Gaetjens Ball for the strong Gaetjens spins, kicks and open space! High, high.

Not very pretty, but did the audience stood up.

Lack of Dickenson. The public did not like and American players do not.

Charlie Colombo argues with the referee.

I wonder if the Americans lose Now the head and concentration.

And they seem to be concentrated in other Finney thing and gets behind your back.

Finney on the bottom line, crosses. Defended!

We must attack now! We have to attack!

If you keep kicking Benley and not the ball, will be helping them.

I do not help anyone.

Frank Borghi kicks. And England creates a further attack by tries to turn right while their supremacy into goals.

A great chance for England. Mortenson now, and he kicks ... out. Mortenson hardly believe.

The sides are still closed. But then comes back to England as a blue wave. Mortenson again, turns, open space and kicks. Great defense of Frank Borghi!

Roll the ball now for McIlvenny. McIlvenny search for Eddie Souza.

McIlvenny comes to hitting the side. The Americans then doing well and now is their chance to establish control.

The defender is beaten to the captain Walter Bahr. He had seen the play ...

And that goal! The United States takes the lead.

A great pass from Bahr to Gaetjens butt.

The England players look at each others trying to understand what went wrong.

The American players jump on top of each other.

Put on the head. We just wake them up.

They going to come up with everything, Pee Wee.

The stadium goes wild, and it is no surprise, because over 8 minutes to the end the 1st time, the score England is 0, USA 1.

Here comes the new England outlining a reaction strikes again, with Mortenson.


Crossing to Mortenson and yet another defense of Borghi!

Mortenson and can not score a goal to England when they need it.

And England will have to wait for the 2nd time find a way to Frank Borghi pass.

Great job. More than 45 minutes.

I would rather your time guys.

Can you imagine what the coach them are now saying in the locker room.

You just wake up a fierce lion, and he will be furious as ever.

And in that second half will want to crush you like a hammer.

At the end of that game will be decided by two things, character and endurance.

The first time you showed them to have character.

In this second half will show you them that you have resistance.

Good game guys. Enjoy.

There are still 45 minutes to England change the course of the game.

Oranges in the England dressing room probably had a bitter taste, but is coming to England again in the attack. Finney crosses looking for Hughes.

Disarmed by the American defense. A goal kick is beaten by Frank Borghi.

It was clear that the Americans entered the field in 2nd half believing they can win.

The British knew that the fans home would be disappointed if they do not return as world champions.

But losing to the Americans, it was unimaginable.

Here comes Mannion of England, passes through two Americans, plays for Bentley.

And it kicks! And hit the woodwork again!

Frank Borghi now organizing the U.S. defense.

They still holding England.

Still keeping the faith his heroic effort.

England again, kick Finney.

You have to do better than Frank Borghi to hit it.

England again. Come with John, of Manchester United. forward again by U.S. defense Frustration for attack English, because the defense strip the ball. But only temporarily because Mannion is coming, and it crosses Frank Borghi is pushed by Mortenson.

Americans are crazy, Colombo pushes Mortenson to the ground. They still held firm.

And the Americans fight aggression through his football.

1-0 to the USA. An amazing score one could imagine.

And the Americans try to do the latter.

Gaetjens now, back to Wallace.

Wallace and goes back to play Gaetjens. Now with John Souza.

Kick! Kick!

Chute de Souza. And stop the steady hands of Bert Williams.

Here come the United States again, this time with Gino Parian.

Coming from the left side, it is marked by Hughs, Liverpool, he dribbles and goes to the bottom line.

Hughes and stops the play, corner for America.

Everyone waits for the beat of the corner.

There has been searching for and Gaetjens Eddie Souza face of the beam.

And England is almost losing by two goals.

Mannion with a cross kick. And he returns the ball to Frank Borghi.

And the American team is showing a great performance in the defense Will they keep the game as well?

England Expects that the U.S. will fail.

Still looking for a draw with Mortenson. And it kicks!

In the beam and the Americans were to move close together.

Benley kicks it up!

Americans look to the ground desperate to hear the final whistle but there still to do, here comes England once more.

England on the attack, Borghi organizes the defense.

Cross from the left, he receives Finney plays for. Finney gives a weak kick And Charlie Colombo takes the ball.

They are the English who have lions on the shirts, but the Americans are fought for every ball like lions.

Here comes Finney, and he is knocked down almost in line with the large area.

Great tackling from Charlie Colombo.

He is a Colombo this personality.

And England won a corner.

Hits the corner, left foot.

Defense Frank Borghi! 32 minutes into the second half.

Here they come again with Mannion. Plays for Biegn, which passes to Branty, that returns to Mannion. A big step for Mortenson.

It can be a goal.

What a defense!

The Americans run to greet their hero.

Frank Borghi left the whole audience standing.

England begins to wonder if be able to find a way to go through this magnificent goalkeeper.

But they try more Once again, Bentley is coming ...

And he hits the part above the crossbar.

Time is running out of England, the referee just look at the clock.

A second seems like an eternity for Americans.

Here comes the left Mortenson, and was an easy defense Frank Borghi. And desperation is the face of the legendary player.

Everyone on the attack now to England.

All the waiting Finney crossing.

Here comes the crossing can be last chance for the British.

And the referee blows ... the end of the match.

And suddenly was over.

Something that I thought could never happen.

I thought, who would believe that, whether in England or in the United States?

If I had not seen it with my own eyes I would not believe.

The country that gave the game football to the world received the biggest shock the history of world football.

It was difficult to continue as a reporter.

I wanted to run into field along with the Brazilians.

This was simply the greatest accomplishment achieved by any team in any sport I've ever seen.

It is an honor to present members the football team United States, 1950 who participated in that which was considered the most Zebra history the World Cups when they defeated England by 1-0.

Standing in the middle of the field are:

Gino Parian,

John "Clarkie" Sousa,

Harry Keough,

Walter Bahr

and Frank Borghi