The Garbage Pail Kids Movie (1987) Script

Garbage Pail Kids - THE MOVIE -

Valerie Vomit

Windy Winston

Foul Phil

NAT Nerd

Ali Gator

Greaser Greg

Messy Tessie

Antiques -

Quiet! Someone might hear us!

Turn off the lights I'll get it.

I got it!

Now I can't see anything!

You'll get use to it in a few seconds...

What is going on up there?

It's him...

If I'll catch anybody out here... I'll be very surprised.

I wonder...

This should keep a lid on things for the rest of the month.

Take it off.

I'm trying... Shh...

This is hard.

I wanna get out and play!

Okay creep... gimme.

I don't have any money!

If he ain't got money, he ain't got nothing.

You're running out of time , creep. No , please!

Little baby's gonna cry?


Let go!

Those are my kind of guys... real psychos.

Stop it Blythe... Juice is mine.

Come here... right here.

What are you doing? Put him down.

What are you gonna do to me?

Drop him.

No no no!

Thanks a lot , kid. We appreciate the donation.

Okay baby , let's go.

Manzini's Antiques -

Good lord! You smell like a...

I had an accident.

Come , boy.

We better clean you up before the flies get.

Captain Manzini, what do you use for that garbage pill?

How long have you worked for me , boy? Couple of months.

Have I ever forbid you to touch any of my treasures?

This is the one exception. Yes sir.

Did you get the blood of a toad and the eye of a newt?

No . There's no catch for unicorns too.

No wonder there's no magic in the world today.

You can't get the ingredients.

Here , try this on. A dress?

Only to western life... This is a dashiki.

Given me by the great african tribal leader from Tuh-Tuh... in gratitude for making his mother-in-law disappear.

You were in Africa?

Actually , I was on my way back from Egypt.

I was doing a split week in Cleveland and Cairo.

But that's a long story.

Are you gonna tell me what happened?

I got in a fight. I lost.

Losing is relative , my dear boy.

What matters is conceding with grace.

Who did this to you? Some guys.

Some guys... Did you reported to the police?

Last guy who snitched on Juice got poured into the westside highway.


Which is broth than vampire's broom make this clothes as good as new.

Let's go do some work.

Do you sell much of this stuff?

We only had 2 costumers, and they didn't buy anything.

Patiance is a dear divine, it's their sweet fruit.

That's from the greek , it loses something in translation.

Now... let's add a little sparkle into our merchandise.

Funny people should call it junk , isn't it?

When every single piece , is a... is a diary into the human spirit.

Take this , for instance.

"To my darling Mary , From Herbert."

This is not a modern book. This is a testimony for love.

And this?

Yet the child who slept with this... grow up to shake the world.

Tell me about this, Captain Manzini.

An early form of air conditioning.

Also a tool of romance.

It could backen or to buff.

Did you ever get backen?

Yes . I also got rebuffed.

But , like me , this is a relic from a simply... good and bad , black and white.

When a man could set all his differences with one of these.

Then some damn fool invented gun powder and a bigger damn fool split the atom.

That's when I decided to leave mankind to it's fall... and retire here into the world of...

Touch'e! Dodger , no!

Have you ever heard of Pandora's box? Never heard of Pandora.

Right . Clear this up.

According to legend, all trouble in the world... could squeeze into... one tiny box.


Along came nozy little girl called Pandora , opened it up... and let them all out.

I don't understand. Think of this... as Pandora's pain.

Look at that!

Look at that...

It's so pretty! Look at that.


What's this thing here?

That's pretty cool.

Tangerine? You got a minute?

You want to come inside and take a look? Why would I want to?

Captain Manzini got great stuff, well, stuff you can use for your creations.

Come inside.

We got buttons.

We got medals too. They're really good medals.

Put them on, it's just...

That's great kid. What do you do for a hardcore?

Open a vein?

We got beads , we got great beads.

We got... all here.

How much is this?

Touch my woman , creep!

No . I was...

Come on , he's just a kid. Not 12 years old.

I'm 14! I'm almost 15!

He's not worth the beating up! Forget him.

Come on , let's go have some fun.

I wish I could help you baby.

But the little creep must be tought a lesson.

It's a matter of principle.

Oh yeah?

I think it's just a matter of you like to see people bleed.

Yuch! It looks like a glue nose.

You made a monkey out of me kid.

What are you gonna do?

I'm gonna send this little slime ball on a journey.

Oh come on Juicy baby no... Let's go play.

What are you gonna do?

Why won't you just leave him alone?

Shut up. Get down.

No! Please don't!

What are you doing?

Why won't you just leave me alone?

Don't touch me! What is wrong with you?

See you later , creep.

Hey guys! Turn off the water.

He need a clean bad!

Yeah . You don't smell too good either.

What if he need a doctor?


Hey , got any iodine there?

Let's see.

Yeah . Looks good too.

No! That's poison. Hey! Drink the red , you'll get dead.

Well guys...

Open him up!

This will make him wake up!

Put a cork in it!

Are you okay? You sure took a bad fall.

What are you?

What are we?

Same to you , buddy. Let's get out of here. Yeah.

Let's go.

Hey , get out of that chair. It's the captain's chair.

Leave the chair alone.

Stop that please.

Stop it you guys!

You leave me alone.

Put that stuff down , it's not yours.

Put this back! Don't touch this!

My god! It's the garlic!

Put this back!

Please , don't touch this!

What are you doing?

You did this? How would you like to get stumped?


This is fun!

My god.


You let them out! You let them out of the garbage can!

I don't know what happened , honest! You don't?

Hi captain , long time no see.

Alright children , we had our fun.

Come on , back into the garbage can.

No way! No!

That can is jail. Yeah!

You are forcing me to lay very heavy magic on you.


Dodger , I want the tooth of a crocodile, a bottle of english fog... a hair of a goat, the shadow of your smile.

Captain , we can't get that stuff anymore.

That's 20th century progress...

We can put a man on the moon...!

But we can't find a few simple ingredients to do a magic trick.

Alright... you took them out of the garbage can...

Say hello to trouble.

Get them into the garbage can!

You all greasy red. Wanna rumble kid?

No, thanks.

Messy. Hi.

Don't shake hands with Messy Tessy.

Fooled you!

Thank you for that...

I'm foul Phil.


Not in this lifetime.

I'm NAT nerd.


NAT is a baby!

Hi. Hi , I'm Valerie Vomit.

Scared ya , didn't I?

And this little green chappy is Ali gator.

An eye ball is keep a doctor waiting.

No thank you . I'm a vegetarian.

How about a finger?

A toe?


I caused a lot of trouble, didn't I captain?

Somehow we gotta keep this kids out of mischief until... we get them back in the garbage can.

First of all , we gotta get you cleaned up. You could do a bath.

No! No bath!

Not you! Him!

Come on.

Don't even think about it.


Prints off.


Here , for you. Thank you.

He's a cute boy.

Tasty looking toes too.

We cannot choose the way we look, but we can choose the way we behave.

That's totally uncool.

Now listen! Since you won't go back into the can...

You must at least promise me...

Stay out of the Normis.

What are Normis? Normal people.

We gotta hide from them.

They hate us.

Yeah . They think we're ugly.

Ugliness is not in a mirror.

Ugliness is cruelty, evil of spirit, greed.

To be blessed with unusual features... is an advanture.

You think they bought it?

What a crock! Yeah , tell me about it.

You couldn't chose a worst time to come back.

People are absolutely obsessed about their looks this days. diating , joging , having everything lift including their wallets.

Well , I don't think you're ugly , exactly.

Wanna suck face? No.

Well , I mean , I already love somebody.

Tangerine, now she is ugly! She's beautiful!

You ain't gonna get her.

He could with our help.

Not with Juicy guy is in the picture.

Yeah , well , that's a problem.

Good night kids.


Give me a little shoulder here.


Look , I'm really sorry about what happened yesterday.

You know how Juice can get sometimes.

Forget it. Okay.

Are you going out to meet him?

No , he's got some business to take care.

I have my stuff to do , so...

Let me help you... help where you're going?



Well , what I meant was... where are you going with your... stuff?

To the dance clothes.

You wanna come along and help me?


So what do we do when we get there?

What do you mean? Like , how do we sell the clothes?

Well , you start at the highest price you can find... for the clothing, it may or may not have tags on it...

What are you doing? Calm down . It's under control.

And then , if they won't go for the price , we go down slowly but not too far... if they wanna take out more than 5$, don't sell it.

Hey wait! Tangerine!

Pretty stuff? Yeah.

Come on girls. I got all the stuff.

Wait wait wait... don't have it like that. What? It's still greek.

No , I don't like it much.

Okay , 14 please.

Do you want that? that's 10.

You want that? alright.

Tangerine, you're doing great.

I'm gonna sell my way out of this town.

Someday I'm gonna be a famous fashion designer from New York.

New York?

Or Hollywood. They need designer for movies , no?

Yeah , but that's a long way up.

Well , I'm not gonna live at somebody's cappy basement all my life , that's 12.

Hey , buy it or drop it. I'll drop this.

Hey , how much for the shirt?

$12. Sold , let's go.

Hot , doesn't it? Looks great.

Okay , wanna hand me that t-shirt?

Okay , you want this skirt?

Okay , that's gonna be 10.

Tangerine? Get away!

You got a bad attitude girl!

Oh honey , you haven't seen bad yet...

Hey baby.

Get in.

Hello! Is anybody in there?

Hey! Ultra violet?

Bannana Anna?

We may never find our friends again.

We tried . Now let's eat.

Maybe we should keep looking! Yeah!

That's it! Let's eat!

That sounds good to me!

It's big out town.

We don't have any money!

No problem! We'll carve an I.O.U.


Come back with my truck!

All right! How are you doing down there?

It's stuck down there!

No! Not the brakes! The gas!

What the heck was that?

No! I think we hit a bump!

What have you done to my car? What are you , crazy?

They're here , They're here!

Hey , we're the pepsi generation!

What did you guys get? Hot dogs!

Chips and dips! Cookies!


Yeah , toasted hot dogs, taste like toes.

You got one trap mind!

I got a bad tack mind!

Pass me the mustard.

Pass the onion and garlic!

No! Look out!

I'm sorry.

God bless you!

Ali! You ate my burger!

Is that is? Yeah!

Oh yeah? Prove it!

I can't! You ate the evidence!

Yeah yeah...

What's the matter?

My stomache hurt! What did you eat?

Everything! That will do it alright.

Turn off the light.

What's the matter? We're on a hangover.

You want some cereals?

If it's blood rare... Come in Ali.

Good shot.

I've been thinking about what you said , help me out...

Yeah? How would you help me?

We already did!

The chick! See , she's into fashion?

Tangerine, Yeah . So?

We sowed. Check it out!


No way... Yeah.

There you go... You dress sharp, you impress the chick.

Hot , man. Yeah!

What am I supposed to do with them? Stick them up...

Wear 'em. Wear 'em? Me? I don't know...

Take a hike , kill the last...

Yeah... Go away.

But they're just not me!

Get out of here!

We talked about that.


Hello, Tangerine.

Wow! Where did you get those clothes?

That is some coat!

I made it.

What? I made it.

You made this? Do you like this?

It's not bad.

Have you done anymore?

Well , some . Why?

Well , I was just thinking I could sell them for you...

You know , along with mine.

I mean...

I could try.

You know , that jacket makes you look... older.

How much older? Oh , at least 16.

Maybe 17.

So , how many outfits can you have for me by say... friday night?

Outfits? Oh , I want at least a dozen...

And of course , I can't promise you I can sell them.


Well , obviously you're an amateur.

Look , I can try...

You can try? Why don't you go try it right now?


Look , obviously you're not serious!

Yeah I am , I'm real serious. I'll go to work right now.

When can I see you again?

Friday night . That is , if... of course...

You have enough stuff to make me worth my while to try and help you.

I'm on my way.

Oh my god , Juice.

Dodger, be careful. Look out for Juice.

I'm too happy to die.

Hey , hey guys...

What's up?


What time is it?

You were right... Tangerine loved the outfit.

Chicks is chicks... and I know my chicks.

But I got another problem and I need your help.

What do you want?

I need more clothes , a dozen more. At least a dozen outfits.

And I need them... It's gonna take a while.

By friday? It's three days.

Yeah. No way . We have only one machine.

There's gotta be some way.


Quiet . I got an idea.

Go on home , kid.

Yeah kid . We gotta put it to a vote. We'll give you our answer over breakfast.


Bring me back some rare... What?

Anything , as long as it blood rare.

Why should we do something nice?

Let's quit now it's my advice...

We can do anything by working with each other.

I ain't gonna work for free, tell me what in this for me?

We can do anything by working with each other.

Come on kids , take a shot, show them what we really got!

We can do anything by working with each other.


Can't stop now, we got a job to do And we are me and you

We can do anything by working with each other.

Help a friend who's in a mess put your friendship to the test We can do anything by working with each other.

Can't stop now, we got a job to do And we are me and you So come on guys , we're really smart we'll borrow tools to do our part We can do anything by working with each other.

Step up!

We can do anything by working with each other.

Look it out and do your best don't give up on your success We can do anything by working with each other. concentrate on what you do, buckle down....

We can do anything by working with each other.


Yo guys , I got breakfast for you.



Valerie , Catch.

If you do get that chick, all you get is trouble.

I just want her to like me.

Careful what you wish for, you might get it.

That means you're not gonna make the stuff?

It means we're almost finished.

Thanks guys. Yeah yeah...

You're early... How's things below stairs?

Almost perfect. Yeah . I know what you mean.

Look , I want you to hold down the fort.

Whatever that means. I'm going down to the music archive.

I am feeling the answer is a musical one.

I'm depending on you. You got it , captain Manzini.

Hey , look what I found!

Check it out. TV.

Maybe there's news about our friends.

Cartoons! How you get this thing to work?

Bozos , you gotta plug it in!

What's going on down here?


Nothing... Nothing at all. Just hanging around.

Anybody see my jacket?

I'll get it for you Dodger , right away.


Here it is , Dodger!

Valerie has it , Dodger. Valerie has it.

There you go. Thank you.

See you later, Dodge. Bye. Good day , Dodge.

Bye guys . See you in the morning.

Alright . Come on guys , hurry up.

Come on , turn it on. I wanna see some wild kingdom.

They have a crocodile special. Come on!

Don't work!

Something's loose.

No! I'll fix it.

Don't touch it Messy!

Now it works.

Now it's broken!

Well , anyway we should get back to work.

No way.

Yeah! All work and no play, no way, it makes me irritable.

What do you say we go out and play?

I got a better idea. Let's go see a movie picture.

We can't go out.

We'll get captured.

No , we won't.

What does she got?

I made us these.

Yeah! Costumes.

Check it out.

Old faithful.


Oh , grow up.

Gee , I thought it was funny.


We go to the movies.

We go where the action is.



Ready to go? Okay.

Take off Windy . How are you doin' dude?


Watch out bozo!

Give the guy some push!

Hurry up! Open the door!

And away we go!

Oh boy!

What do you have?

We want... We don't have any more.

All we have left is rabbit and hot dogs.

Rabbit. Hot dogs.

Hot dogs! They'll take rabbit.



Dumb braw.

Coming right in...


Will you sit down.

We need a chicken

There you are....

When it comes to cooking, I'm the catch-me-up.

Valerie love dogs.

We got problems.

I'm gonna check this thing out.

So... What's the matter there? I don't know.


I'll meet you inside. Alright.

And stay out!

My kind of crab... Alright.

This is kid stuff. I can fix it in no time.

Yeah , this is it.

Must be the place.

Too skinny.

Too bony.

Too leathery.


That is it... Yeah.

It's toe time.

I'm getting out of here.

Get me outta here.

He bit my toe!

Put me down!

Let me try this one.

This should do it . Yeah , this is easy.

Let's make some alligator shoes!




Take this. Yeah , my man.

Watch it. Take this.

Hold it!

Little suckers got guts.

He's with me. Yeah.

How about some toes, please?

Drinks for everybody!

Sit down and eat. Eat.

This movie is making me hungry.

Yeah , me too . Let's go.


Yeah. As many...



This dog has my name on it . Chill out dude.

Bye bye.

Have fun.

Hey , cuty.


No! That's funny!

Gimme that!


To all the little suckers of the world!

Ninty bottles of toes on the wall, Ninty bottles of toes...

If you'll get one down...

Thanks guys , for bringing them home.

Ali gator?

Are you drunk?

Bye guys! Bye!

What's going on dudes? Come on , Ali!

I'm going to the party!

Get inside . Here , let me give you a hand.

Put it away. Ali , get inside.

Yo , the coast is clear . Open up!

Is that you Greg? Yeah!

Cap , you wanna see me? Ali , yes.

As the natural leader of the children, you are setting up horrible example.

Thanks . I'm that kinda guy.

In the whole universe , there's only one place you and the children are safe.

Wether you like it or not, and that is in the garbage can.

Now , until I can find a spell that would get you back in there...

You are all in grave danger.

We can take care of ourselves. Maybe so.

Nevertheless, I want you to swear on a solem oath...

That you will stay out of trouble. Now , say after me...

I , state your name.

"I , Ali Gator" Do Solemly Swear

"Do Solemly Swear" To obey captain Manzini

"To obey captain Manzini"

And reframe from eating people's toes.

"And reframe from eating people's toes."


Now , don't you feel better?

Cap , you're an educated man , huh?

Let's just say I did my outward...

And you take the word of a talking alligator?

There's no time like no time...

... or any time...



Brown water!

Oh no! Oh yes!

"Once upon a dragon's tale...


"sent the kids back in the can"

Oh rats!

Why not?

Rats and thunder wind and hale Send the kids back in the can.

I don't understand.

It's a basic Mary Poppins and it's not working.

There's something on his mind.

Yeah! A girl! And it ain't me!

That girl , cut wat...

That's uh... Tangerine.

The world is full of great things, but then again the chicks mess it up.

Thanks. No!

Besides that girl, what else is on your mind?

You. Me?

Yeah , all of you guys.

I'm worried about what's gonna happen to you.

I wish i knew.

We're scared. Yeah!

Scared our friends are gonna die!

Where are your friends now? We don't know.

We just can't find them.

We think they might be locked up somewhere.

In a really terrible place!

In the state home for the ugly!

State home for the ugly?

I can't believe people would make a place like that.

Neither did I.

I'm ashame to admit I never tried to find it.

I didn't wanted to believe that such a place could actually exist.

Do you believe it now? Oh , now? Yes.

I was quite happy to let life go rushing pass my door...

Closing my eyes to things I didn't wanna see.

But when you care for someone... That's it , that's fine.

When you care for somebody, when you love them That's enough , Ali!

That brings responsibility.

This means we're gonna find the place?

Settle up , partner.

We're gonna find the home for the ugly!


Kid bugs!

Ninty nine , one hundred.

Hey! Let go of me , get away from me!

Oops! Our mistake.

You shouldn't wear a mask unless it's halloween , kid.

No hard feelings , hey kid?

Go suck a rope!



There it is , the state home for the ugly.

Looks like a prison.

How do we find out if the kids are in there?

According to the great master Ying Lee...

"The dusk falls like of the black birds' wings"

You mean , we wait until dark?

Exactly. No , I can't!

Give me.

Here. Gimme the ball.

Wait up! I'll be right there.

Here he comes! Yeah!

He's here. I thought he'll forget.

Here's all the clothes.

Let me help. I got it.

Thanks guys. See ya.

So , can you make a lot of those things for me?

I've got big plans for us.


Bye baby , I'll see you in a while.

It feels lousy , abandoning my principles for money.

Principles? Yeah.

Letting the little creep live.

I saw Juice.

Are you okay?


There he is!

Come on. Hurry up.

What's that?

Get away from me! These are my friends.

Those ugly things? Yuck!

Give them a chance! You'll like them.

They made all the clothes you're so crazy about.

You bet your toes we did. Ali , no!

They made the clothes?


Sort of.

Sorry, Dodge.

Show me.

My god!






Dodger, baby , I gotta flash.

Departments stores are gonna give us a fashion show...

A whole fashion show!



Well yes, Tangerine's.

That's for professionals , So all I'll do is sow my name and use staples I mean , you don't have a label... Do you?


Okay , so let's stand the reason that we need one , right?


So we'll have to get started. Get started?

Dodger, baby , don't keep sounding like an echo. Catch up!

Those things... down stairs.

They gotta start sowing.

But you gotta promise not to tell anybody where they are.

Cross my heart.

I go for two toes and a finger.

That was a tension breaker!

I call.

You got a poker face.

Me too.

What was that?

Maybe I'll just raise a little.


Yuck! Cut that out.

But I haven't finished the examination.

Oh yes you have!

You back again?

We ain't doin' no work 'til you keep your promise.

You were supposed to help us find our friends.

We need to go there. We still don't know where it is.

Yes we do.

Who? We do.

Captain Manzini and me... We found the state for the ugly yesterday.

And you didn't tell us?

You're... Hey!

Don't get crazy.

I didn't tell you 'cause we're checking how to get in there.

That place is a fortress.

What can we do? That's what I'm trying to figure out.

We'll need a plan. We need a miracle.

Yeah! We're working on it.

And in the meantime , you guys could...

Getting started with the fashion show?


Come on guys , please?

Can you do it for me?

Alright , we'll do it! Alright!

But if you don't check out the home for the ugly...

There will be a garbage on your hands.

And Dodge...

If you cut out on us...

I wouldn't wanna be your toes.

Captain , shouldn't we be sneaking in?

Captain Manzini never sneaks.

He advances the enemy and engaging head-off.

Good evening sir.

Nice little puppy you have.


Who are you guys? What you think you're doing here?

You gotta get out.

Absolutely no visitors . You got that? Now get outta here!

Move it!

Captain , we are retreating. Nonsense.

We are mearly advancing in different directions.

What do we do now?

We fall back and regroup.

The captain and Dodger are gonna find our friends!

They are the greatest , yeah!



Need any more models? I'll be glad to help.

Gee , no... We have plenty.

Anyway , sweety... Valerie.

Anyway , Valerie, Models have to be pretty.

Pretty tall...

Taller than you.

Didn't mother ever tell you not to make faces like that?

Suppose your face froze , and you have to go through the rest of your life... looking just like...

Maybe it wouldn't make that much difference.

But we don't have any mothers.

Why am I not surprised.

Tangerine. Come on, lighten up.

Dodger, you look so cool tonight.

Why , I don't even know how I will be able to resist you.


Dodge. My man...

Yeah , right.


We want to go to the fashion show.

You can't go out . You might get caught.

No , we won't.

What's this?

Ho ho ho...

We'll go as clowns!

I don't care what stupid customes they're wearing...

They can't go!

Supposed they are caught and get sent to the home for the ugly?

You wouldn't wanna have it on your conscience , would you?

No. Of course not.

So what we're gonna do... We're just gonna take care of that.

We're going to the fashion show!

This is gonna solve the problem baby.

Lock them in there?

Right as the show is over , We'll rush right back.

And we'll bring them a treat.

Pizza , or something really revolting if they would like it better.

Where's the key?

Right here.

I won't lose it.

We're going to the fashion show!

The door is locked.

I can't believe it!

We wanna go to the fashion show!

Are you excited? Yeah.

McBundy's! I can't believe it!

It's gonna make me a star.

We worked so hard.

It's not fair.

Forget this guy's toes. They're history!

It's okay.

Dodger, baby , take my clothes inside and start sorting them out.

I'm gonna go park the car.

I'll be back before you can miss me.

I still wanna go to the fashion show!

What is it? It feels so good.

What can we play?

Okay , we're playing baseball.

Three.... Great.

Let's see , now...

Hey , that's not fair Ali!

Let me break up the tension around here.

Son of a witch!

I think I got it!

Holy toledo...

We are closed for the day.

Why don't you come back in the morning and...

Alright , I call. Set them down.

Oh well , I fold.

A flush beats two of a kind.

I guess I lose again.

Get your hands away from me.

Not so fast.

Who cares?

Some kind of friend he turned out to be!

Maybe he's hurt.

Big bad boys... I'll go.

I'll go.

Yeah Greg . Give him a piece....

Yeah , he'll be hurt for sure.

Shit! The game was just getting good too.

Better be a dumb , 'cause I'm hotted....

What's going on?

Hello maam?

Please , try to get the order of my dresses right.

And loose the gum.

If it's not real... Don't use it.

Hey , that's great... No!

Alright , you better wear these.

I'll get you some new nail polish....

Oh honey , I hope this is not your real hair.

Okay , how's the crowd?

Full house.

Not bad for a start.


Here's the money , fella.

You find anymore of them , you'll know where to put them.

So where are we off to? The fashion show.




Alright , keep moving.

Hey , I'm gonna report that to the authorities.

Where are they taking us? Come on , come on!

Get in there! Don't push it!

Get in there.

I wanna go home.

In there.

Let us outta here.





I didn't see any of our friends.

Do you really think they maybe locked up in here?

We can't save them from here.

Yo Einstein! We gotta save ourselves.

They're crying . You want us to shut them up?

They'll be gone soon. What? Where?

Like a big dump in the sky.

I'm sure glad I got transferred out of that laboratory.

Did you see any experiments?


Those doctors... They like to hurt people.


Windy? Ali?

Oh my god!

There you go , I found it.

Why don't you just whistle for your little friends , creep?

You double-crossed them.

No . You did.

I just gave Juice the key.

Where are they? Where?

State home for the ugly.

Lose him.

No! Come on!

That's for coming out for him.


If I'll see you around here again I'll get you your own cage!

I think they got the children.

Oh no! We gotta get them out of there.

Dodger, I think we might be too late.

Maybe! But we can still get the bad guys. Go!

Tonight McBundy's department store... is delighted to welcome you to the day view... of a truly remarkable young designer start.

Iconoclastic , rebellious and original.

Her clothes will make a speak.

Tangerine's clothes to wear...

When one simply doesn't know what to wear to occasions which...

It doesn't matter what one wears.

"Our designer star Tangerine...

"In a magnificent little number which called bewitched....

"Bothered and...."

"... guava butter....

"?? by peach pit and....

Tonight I would like to show you a totally new concept to new fashions.

A little flashy , a little trashy... but fun.

Guys , I need your help right now. Really , I need your help.

Your little guys are in trouble!

Come on!

Let's go!

Captain! You're alive!

You're alive...

Now don't worry . we're gonna get you out.


We'll think of something.

Who are you? What are you doing here?

I am the great Manzini.


Here , Santa Clause , have a merry christmas.

Here guys...


Come on...

Wake them up! Phil , Windy , blast them...

Wake up freddy Mommy?

I'll get him , I'll get him...

Allright Windy , gross!


Two! Three!


Hey , this thing...

Will help him fall down.

Let's go , hurry! Hurry!

Let's go find the others.

I don't see them.


Where can they be?

Dodge, how are you doin'?

Captain , what about all of the other children?

Remember the garbage truck?

We were too late.

Just go and check out that everybody else is out and safe.

Okay. Let's go guys.

We're free! Yeah!


Come on.

Here we go...

Watch the tail...

We blasted them.

Hey , it's okay , everybody's out!


Thank you guys.

Hey guys , thanks a lot!

Thank you.

Now , are we all here? Yeah!

Good . Let's get back to the store.

No way. No!

We wanna go to the fashion show and squeeze us some juice.

We're tired of being losers.

It his toe time.

Well , on the one hand , Juice is dangerous.

But on the other hand , seems too pitty to quit while we're on a roll.

"Wow , what good would they look....

"Sandy in a sexy....

"antique black....

"Rosy in a green evening dress...

"guarantee the love of the audience"

As soon as you cross the border , get it to the warehouse.

Yo , captain.

Remember this is our fight.



"And here we have another black skirt...

"with a zebra spots...


"dress of lace....

"wow , what a gift....

Please bear with me , there's been a slight mistake.

Would someone will straighten this up please?

"Here we have..."

Where are we?

"With a blue bag and...."


Gimme that!

You're ruining my fashion show. Do you understand that?

Get away from my clothes!

They're our clothes! They're ours!


Gimme that!

Those creatures were sure ugly!

Oh yeah? I'll show you ugly!

Let's get outta here.

Get her!

Go ahead! Make my day!

Oh! Take it out!

Let's go.

Get him.

Come on!

Get it , tough guy.

Come on , let's get out of here.

Come on Dodger.

Got away!

He's not worth it!

I'm sorry.

Me too.

Look , the fashion was a big success.

I mean , you're a hit.

And this clothes...

They're not mine.

They are now.

Look , maybe we can just be friends.

Maybe we can do fun things together.

No thanks.

I don't think you're pretty anymore.

And then I realized I had the answer all along.

Now I know you hate the thought of going back into the can...

But believe me , it's for your own good.

Dodger, bring that garbage can closer.

Now children , I want you to close your eyes and concentrate.

Now this is your song played forth...

However , when I play the song backwards...

You will be drawn irresistibly back into the garbage can.

Yeah... Are you ready?

Close your eyes and concentrate.

That's our chance...

Let's go!

Let's go. Come on , Valerie.

Dodger, this is no time to argue... I shall miss them too.

Think how peaceful it would be.

We're nearly there.

Yes , I can feel it working.

Here we go! Bye , children.

Hang on captain , I got you.

Don't worry, Dodger. I've been stuck in tighter places than this.

Damn it! I lost them!

Losing is relative. What's important is conceding with grace.

Go Windy!


Well , perhaps it would be safer to lock them away from the world...

But as you taught me , Dodger...

You can't change the world by locking yourself from it.


Away we go!