The General's Daughter (1999) Script

Radio host: Hope everybody's ready to go out and have a good time tonight.

It's 8 P.M., Saturday evening, and it's still a hot one.

Officer: Detail, atten-hut!

Present arms!

Man on radio: Com 2, this is 5-0. We confirm.

Guard: I.D., please.

First sergeant white, please proceed.

I believe I will.

Thank you kindly.

Officer: Atten-hut!

Mc: And now I give you a great general, a great friend...

"Fighting" Joe Campbell!

At ease!

Thank you, all.

As you know, my official retirement isn't until next week.

But this here, now, tonight with you is my real retirement.

Because you and i have known fear together, shed blood together, battled pain and suffering and all of their foot soldiers.

We know there is no glamour in a sudden death and that no one ever wins a war, and it is that knowledge that will bind us together forever.

That, and a love for this country that no bayonet can Pierce, no bullet shatter.

To you.

All: To us!

Sergeant white here.

It's colonel Kent, brenner, so you can drop the cheesy Southern accent.


The only thing keeping me alive is that cheesy Southern accent.

I was just checking up on my favorite guest detective.

How you doing?

Oh, well, you know, bill, I just love being undercover.

It's great.

I spent the last 2 weeks smoking cheap cigars and sweatin' my ass off in that shitty houseboat.

Well, you got any sort of time frame?

Yeah. I'm meeting belling tonight in the armory, and then I'll arrest him on Sunday when we make the exchange.

Then I'm going back to Virginia.

All right, well, good enough. Watch your back.

Thank you. I believe I will.

Aww, man.


Out of gas?


That's why I'm looking at a flat tire with a pair of pliers in my hand instead of a lug wrench.


Uh-oh. She's a captain.

Uh-oh. She's a captain.

This looks like the work of 10 chimpanzees.

Well, you just missed the other 9.

They got bored and went for a beer.

Hmm. Well, i have a lug wrench.

Can I try?

Well, if you don't, I'm gonna drag you over.

Get the spare.

Yes, ma'am.

Golly dang.

If you like piña coladas and gettin' caught in the rain, I may just have to marry you, captain.

You're gonna have to take this in.

This spare's just a temp tire.

Won't be good for more than 30 miles or so.

Now, where would, if a fella got courageous and wanted to send you a "thank you" notion or a bauble or a basket of fruit, where might one find you?

Psy ops.

How's that?

Psychological operations.

I teach there.

What do you teach?

Mostly we fuck with people's minds.


Brenner: There you go.

Genuine and made in the usa.

All you gotta do is give dalbert and me 100,000 each and you'll see them guns come Sunday.

Belling: You'll get your money same time i get the guns.

Now, you listen to me, funny boy, how do I know you ain't one of them... them army cops?

Hey, I'm a freedom fighter.

Well, check it out, dalbert.


We got ourselves che fucking Guevara there.

Whoop-de-doo, a freedom fighter.

Well, where's your kooky red hat, boy?

Ain't never been a freedom fighter worth a gob ain't got him a kooky red hat.

You listen to me, stupid.

Dalbert, I think it's one of them, uh, freudian, uh...


What? No.


Hey, dalbert. Dalbert.


Want to hear a joke?


How many freedom fighters does it take to screw in a light bulb?

I don't know!

Hey, come on, man. Relax, huh?

Well, he don't sound like no criminal investigator to me.

No. No.


Well, you're all right, pal!

I'm sorry about all that, but, you know, we get a little jumpy around here before an exchange.

So we'll see you Sunday, then.

I'll be there.

Yeah, you be there. All right.

Oh, unclench your ass cheeks, dalbert.

The scary part is over.

Oh, don't tell me... You need your oil changed.

Nope. This is a token of my appreciation.

These are strange chocolates.

They're bath products.

Bath products.

Bath products?


Should I take a hint?

No, of course not.

Just bath products.

Everybody likes bath products.

Do you?

Yes, I do.

Really? Tell me what you like about bath products.

Well, I...

I like the pink soaps, and I like the skin softener, and I like the bath beads.

I particularly like the bath beads.

Sometimes I draw a tub, and I fill that tub with skin softeners and bath beads, and I light a few candles, I put on a little Coltrane, and I just soak my troubles away.

Very good, first sergeant.

I levied a none-too-subtle accusation of sexism at you, and you took it 3 times around the dance floor.

Not really.

I just dig bath beads.

Well, thank you.

Maybe I'll see you around.

Am I being dismissed?

Do you mind terribly? I've got a ton of work here.


I just, uh, came by to give you that.

Thank you. It was sweet.

How's the tire?

Still rollin'. Yeah.

I'm glad.

Good-bye, first sergeant.

Good-bye, captain.

Anchorwoman on TV: Having announced his retirement, general Joseph Campbell is being considered for the vice presidency.

Sources close to presidential candidate bill post tell us he is poised to select general Joseph Campbell as his running mate.

Earlier this year, the general gave the commencement address at west point.

While it was meant to be a nonpartisan appearance, it certainly played like a stump speech.

Campbell on TV: Leading this country...

That is your destiny.

Anchorwoman: We'll be back for more in a moment.



Soldier: Pretty good.

Get way over to that car, ok?


And take it into the door.

Ok. Backing out.


On what?

I don't know.

Let's take a look.

Deputy: Paul brenner!

Phone call for Paul brenner!

What'd you say your name is?

Frank white.

You military?

Yes, sir, I am.

I'm a sergeant at the post armory.

Deputy: Cid agent brenner?

And he walked out, and the next thing I know, you know, he's blasting away.

Oh, you military boys got stories more full of holes than a target range.

Sorry, pop.

It's colonel Kent at the base.

Is there a brenner here?


I'm brenner.

I thought you was white.

I'm both. Skunked ya.

Chief yardley.

Hey, bill.

No, man, it's over. Belling's dead.

Ok. All right, I'll see you there.


Yardley: Hold on, soldier boy.

I want you to tell me about this Mr. belling.

Soldier boy?

Ok, chiefie, if you have to know.

I was planning to arrest him in the morning during weapons exchange.

But I guess he got wind that I was part of the criminal investigation division.

See ya.

Good morning, sir. Where to?

Urban warfare site.

You have business there, sir?

Yes, I do.

Very good, sir.

Hey, bill.

Hello, Paul.

What have we got here?

Kent: Tortured...


And murdered.


Who found the body?

A bomb squad crew doing exercises.

They called the tower, tower called me.

First on the scene was a pfc Robbins.

Mm-hmm. Is he a suspect?

She. So I sincerely doubt it.


I have 6 of my boys securing the scene.

Nothing's been touched.

Oh, no.

Kent: What is it, Paul?

I... I met her the oth... the other day.


What a shame.

Lovely, lovely lady.

All right, let's see. We got, um...

We got some rigor here.

Patechial hemorrhaging, which is consistent with asphyxia.

Strangulation, you think?

Well, I'm assuming that, but there's no tear in the panties and...

No obvious sign of semen.

Is that hers?


Why is she here?

Oh, h.Q. Called her.

She's a rape counselor. Name is Sarah sunhill.

The victim doesn't need counseling, bill.

She's dead.

Yes, but she's also a rape investigator.

She was on her way to another assignment, and she agreed to stay on for this.

Aren't we lucky?

Get forensics up here from fort gillum.

Talk to Cal seiver. He's the guy I work with.

Get a 50-yard grid around the body and make resin casts of all the boot prints.

Let's see who was here and when, including disqualifying prints of you and yours.

We also need records.

Captain Campbell's personal and medical records. Asap.

I already did that.

Thank you.

You're welcome.

Uh, Sarah sunhill, Paul bren...

Also, I want you to book a sergeant dalbert elkins at the armory.

He's the one who started that arms deal I was working on.


She walked barefoot from here to where she died.

Kent: Why do you assume that?

The smudge marks on her heels and asphalt.

Now, where does she live? Victory gardens.

Now, where is that?

I believe that's off post.

Yeah, well, i have to go there.

I'll call the burfort police chief.

He'll get a court order and meet us out there.

No. That's yardley. I don't want to work with him.

Let's keep it in the family, ok?

Now, you can't search her off-post house without getting a civilian search warrant.

Oh, come on, bill.

You need civilian authority.

Sometimes we got to protect Paul brenner from himself.

Does she have family here?

Of course.

I suggest you notify them right away.

Officer: Detail, atten-hut!

Present arms!

You're, uh, you're kidding, right?

Kidding about what?

It's Elisabeth Campbell, Paul.

She's his kid.

Oh, no.

Thought you knew.

No, I didn't.


The general's daughter.


What are you doing?

I feel queasy.

Well, hop on, I'll burp you.

Drive the car, Paul.

Thought you said you were queasy.

Drive the car, Paul.

Sunhill: Now, look, I think I can help you on this one, but I don't want it to be awkward.

Awkward? Now, why would you think it would be awkward?

You're pouting.

This is not pouting.


Sulky petulance, then.

Wrong again. This is just, uh...

Thinking about Brussels, you know?

We'll always have Brussels.


The capital of Belgium.


Why is it the capital, or why will we always have it?

Why was she murdered?

Well, possible motives for murder are profit, revenge, jealousy, to conceal a crime, to avoid humiliation and disgrace, or plain old homicidal mania. Right there in the manual.

Ooh, boy.


Brenner: Hello. We're here to see the general.

Warrant officer Paul brenner.

Sarah sunhill.

Oh, yes.

I'm captain elby, the general's aide.

Colonel Fowler, the general's adjutant, will take you in.

Please wait right here.

He's cute.

Oh, please.

Probably practices his salute in the mirror for hour...

Please, come in.

And thank you for coming.

General, the cid investigators are here.

Warrant officers Paul brenner and Sarah sunhill, sir.

My deepest condolences, sir.

Brenner: Very sorry for your loss, sir.

Thank you.

Please, be seated.

First, i want you to know that you have my full cooperation and the cooperation of everyone on this base.

Thank you, sir.

You understand the time element?

The time element? No, sir.

After 36 hours, the FBI will send in a task force to investigate, but we prefer to keep this an army matter.

The general can keep a lid on it through tomorrow.

Once the FBI moves in, the media will be all over this base.

And my daughter's...

Captain Campbell's death...

They'll turn it into a goddamn circus.

We'll do everything we can, sir.

I'm sure you will.

Look, let me be blunt.

You're going to have to decide on this one, Paul...

Are you a soldier or a policeman?

I'm a soldier, sir.

I'm counting on it.

Sir, i met your daughter.


When was that?

Well, it was just a coincidence, but, uh, she helped me change a tire.

That she could do.

She could do almost anything.

Her mother was the same way.

Fix a tire, make a hell of a key lime pie, speak 5 languages.

Extraordinary woman.

2 extraordinary women.

Goddamn waste.

Again, our deepest sympathies, sir.

And if there's anything else we can do for you at this time...


Just find the son of a bitch.

Yes, sir. Yes, sir.


When I enlisted, i was underage.

They... they sent me straight to Vietnam, and you were my commander.

You were a captain, and I... I was so scared.

And one day when I was on watch, you came by and...

And... and you saw the fear. You...

You said, um, "well, where are you from?"

And I said, "Boston."

And you said, "did you know that last night

"the Boston Red Sox won

"against the St. Louis cardinals in the sixth game of the series?"

And you just walked away.

Well, I knew... I knew then that, uh...

I was gonna get through it.

Boston lost that series.

Yes, but I made it home.

We'll find the son of a bitch, sir.

Mr. brenner.

I understand you have special arrest powers.

Yes, sir.

But I'm going to ask before you arrest anyone, you notify me.

Why is that, sir?

We don't like our personnel being arrested by outside people without our knowing about it.

There are 3 ways of doing things...

The right way, the wrong way, and the army way.

See that in doing it your way, Mr. brenner, you don't forget about the army way.

Our job here at psy ops is to panic the enemy, to blunt his will to fight.

A psy operator must know the customs and habits of the enemy, the current dissensions, anxieties, and fears to determine vulnerability.

To engage the enemy, you must know the enemy inside out.

You must fill him with fear, and not just fear of dying.

Fear of grotesque wounds is much more terrifying.

Ugh. Grotesque wounds.

I'll show you mine if you show me yours.

May I help you?

Might I ask what you're doing in captain Campbell's office?

That depends on who you are.

So comfortably ensconced in her office, I might add.

Colonel Robert Moore.

Captain Campbell's commanding officer here at psy ops. And you are?

We're from the criminal investigation division.

Warrant officers sunhill and brenner.

And you're investigating?

The murder of captain Campbell.

And now that we know who you are, we'll need to speak to you, colonel.

Of course.

I just have, uh...

I have a meeting.

Something tells me we could file colonel Moore under "last to know."

Are you married?

None of your business.


Sunhill: Well, she wasn't a hypochondriac.

She didn't dye her hair, she didn't have oily skin, and she keeps her method of birth control somewhere else.

Or perhaps she required her men to wear condoms.

Maybe you've heard that condoms are in fashion again because of disease.

Nowadays you have to boil people before you can sleep with them.

Care for a bath?

Oh, my.

This was one squared-away soldier.

Equally prepared for a military ball or the next war in the jungle.

Moore on machine: Liz, hi.

Uh, pick up. It's Robert.

I haven't heard from you, so, ahem, call me, please.


Surprise, surprise.

Sunhill: Paul?

Move aside.

Man with a gun.

Sunhill: There's nothing here.

Let's go.

There's a false wall.

Uhh. Ha.

This is it.

Oh, my god.

Brenner: What have we got here?

10 bucks says these are not the lost honeymooners episodes.

Get down!

What do you think you're doing?

Stop it!


Well, how she died does appear to be linked to how she lived.

All right. What we need to do here is to hold on to these tapes till we need them.

We empty the house, send this all to the cid lab, padlock the house, and we take our chances with the local police staff.

Is this Paul brenner speaking?

This is Paul brenner, the career army officer speaking, not the cop.

The evidence of her killer might be on that tape.

I don't have to tell you that.

There's enough evidence here to ruin the lives of everyone involved, including the general.

Now, look, we take the tapes, we use them when we need them, let cid do their job, and keep all nonmilitary out of this, ok?



I'll call Kent.

All right. Here.

It's hot.


The phone's down.

I'm gonna go use the cell in the car.


Sunhill: Paul?


Did you make out a face?


It was flat, steel, and used to clear snow.

Come on.

So did you ever marry that guy you were seeing on the side?

Paul, this isn't exactly the time to be...

Humor me.

I'm near concussed.

Now, did you or did you not marry the guy you were seeing on the side?

I was engaged to that guy. I was seeing you on the side.


So how is the boy major?

He seemed a little annoyed the last time I saw him in Brussels with a pistol in his hand.

Make a hole!

Identification, please.

Are you working on the murder case, ma'am?

Yes, I am. And this is my father.

Please proceed.

What happened to you?

Went off post...

Without civilian authority.

And my head paid the price for it.

There you go.

Per your request.

Is this her entire record file?

That's it.

Come up with anything yet?

No. Just a preliminary list of suspects.

Already? Who?


Well, you ought to start getting alibis.

Ok, how about you?

Home in bed when the tower called.

Aha! Oh, fuck off, Paul.

Where were you last night?

I was busy killing someone else.

I didn't have time to kill 2 people.

Likely story.

And you?

Uh, I went to the v.O.Q. At 1900 hours.

I worked on my neely case report till about midnight, and then I went home.

No witnesses.

Pathetic, the both of you.

Oh, you should have invited me up to your room, and we would have had an alibi.

I would rather be a murder suspect.


Don't encourage her.

By the way, Cal seiver's here.

Oh, good.

Now, look, Cal is the best forensic man around, but don't say anything about his hair.

What's wrong with his hair?

He doesn't have any.

Hey, Cal!

Shouldn't you be wearing a hat?

What the hell happened to you?

Well, you know, not everybody loves me as much as you do, Cal.

This is Sarah sunhill.

Hello. How are you?

The entire world walked around this body.

Paul, there's gotta be 50 boot prints here.

Have you found the clothes yet?

Not yet. I figured you'd want some space, so I commandeered an empty hangar.

Good man. Have everything taken there.

Is there any trace of semen on the victim?

I ran an ultraviolet. I can't find any.

The coroner will run vaginal, oral, and anal swabs, and we'll know about that in due course.

It is a strange rape.


Why do you say that?

Well, our guy wasn't just a rapist. Excuse me.

He was a premeditated killer.

Brenner: Go ahead.

He set up a rape kit, tent pegs, and ropes, and he used it.


Well, there are no signs of a struggle.

She was a strong woman.

I couldn't find a bit of dirt under her fingernails.

And how did he hold a gun on her and manage to tie the ropes?

Unless it was more than one person.

What are those marks on her cheeks?

Those were tears, Paul.

The panties under the rope as if to protect her neck from a burn.

I mean, what's a little rope burn if you're going to kill somebody?

Sunhill's good.

Oh, yeah.

Sunhill has spoken.

Brenner: Could you see the body from here, private?

No. But I saw the headlights.

The headlights?

I... I hated that it was her.

Sunhill: You knew her, then?

No. But, um...

Captain Campbell was, uh...

She was real good to female enlisted.

How so?

She, uh, organized meetings for us, and, uh...

See, there's a lot of shit...

I mean, there's a lot of stuff if you're a woman in the army to... that you got to put up with, and, uh...

A lot of people don't like that we're here.

But captain Campbell, she encouraged us, and, uh...

I'm sorry!

You're allowed to cry.

No, it's all right. It's all right.

Now, what about the headlights?

Now, you didn't...

Didn't you think it was someone coming home or using the latrine or something?

Sometimes people go out there when the nights are nice to fuck.

Pardon my French.

But that's what i thought...

The first time.

Both: The first time?

The first time I saw the headlights was at 0300.

They went away, and they came back at 0330.

Then they went away again, then they came back at 0400.

Ok. Thank you.

Brenner: What's going on, bill?

What are you doing here, yardley?

You got a shitload of explaining to do, son.

May I ask what your official business is here?

My official business here, son, is to ask you why there's a bunch of mps haulin' furniture out of an off-post residence that belongs to a murder victim.

The family of the deceased, chief yardley, asked me to take charge of those items and transport them here.

Sunhill, remind me to call general Campbell and suggest that I take charge of those items and transport them here.

You got it.

Jesus, Paul.

You know what you need, chief yardley, if you don't mind my saying, is a pair of them mirrored sunglasses, for you and the little one.

That'd really complete the picture.


Did you ever marry, uh...

Major what's-his-name with the gun?

Yes, I did.



I'm extremely happy for you, Sarah.

And I wish you both the best that life has to offer.

I filed for a divorce.


Thank you.

Sunhill: 2 club sodas, please.

Elby: Let's go, boys.

Come on, i got no place to go!

You should see her record.

Brenner: And there's your boyfriend from the general's house.

Valedictorian in high school, super athlete.

She picked west point, like her daddy did.

Brenner: Now there's a guy who knows how to have a good time.

Paul, look at me.


I think something happened to her there.

Elisabeth Campbell was tops in her class, and she went all to shit her sophomore year.

She barely got through school.

Senior year was better, and she managed to graduate and get a degree, but...

She was never quite the same.


I thought you hated places like this.

I do.

However, the murderer may be in this room, sitting all smug and shiny...

Until we walked in.

And now maybe he's a little less smug and a little less shiny.

And that's pretty cool, don't you think?

What about you?

Oh, I hope Brussels wasn't the last time you had a woman.

Oh, brother. Here we go.

You know, I always thought that you chose to avoid a confrontation with my fiancé like I wasn't worth the trouble.

The man threatened to kill me.

I chose discretion.

It's the better part of valor.

Weren't you decorated for valor?

Oh, please!

Sometimes you just gotta fight for what you want.

That's if you want it.

I received a bronze star for valor, miss sunhill, for charging up a hill that I didn't particularly need or want.

And besides, I don't remember getting any encouragement from you.

Well, maybe I wanted you not to accept my decision to break it off.

Maybe I wanted you to take me away from him.

So we're talking about telepathy here, not communica...

You know, let's just talk about this next week, ok?

Fine. Just one more thing.

Is this next week already?

You are such a goddamn sharp detective, aren't you?

But you sure can't read yourself, and you sure as hell don't know a thing about women.

You know...

You're very cute when I'm mad at you.


If you'll excuse me, I'll take my anger out on someone else.

Ridiculous behavior earlier.

I'm sorry.

Well, we didn't exactly let you see it coming.

Liz was more or less my protége.

At least, i like to think she was.

We were...

Very close.

Please sit down.

Did you work together on a daily basis?


Did you, uh...

Play together?

What a truly excellent question.

You see, here at psy ops, that's one of the things that we teach...

Threatening quietly.

Think of the echoes inherent in those 4 simple words.

"Did you...

Play together?"

Did you go out with her?

Did you fuck her?

Did you love her? If you did...

Did you love her so much that you murdered her?

I meant did you play golf or tennis or checkers or something?

No, you didn't.

No, I didn't.

So now, we both know we're smart guys.

Do you think I'm involved in this?

One way or another, yes, I do.

Then wouldn't it behoove me to retain the services of an attorney?

I know a good one.

2 problems there.

First, the obvious. There are no good ones.


You're not a civilian, colonel.

You're in the army.

You have no rights to an attorney.

You have no right to remain silent.

And if you don't cooperate, i may have to put you in jail, and that would make me feel bad.

You see what you're doing here?


Looking for answers?

Of course that. But how?


You're trying to make me like you.

And you know what?

It's working. I do.

But now do you see what I'm trying to do?

I'm trying to make you like me, too.

Do you like me yet?

Why did you strangle her?

Wrong. Sorry. Not up to your standards.

Did you go to college?

What do you think?

I think you did not.

Why, did I make a mistake in grammar?

Of course not.

And even if you were to, I wouldn't be rude enough to point it out.

No, you have this chip on your shoulder.

Big one.

Makes you good at your job, though, doesn't it?

I would imagine.

Holds you in good stead when you see those commissioned officers, those spit-and-Polish college types just waiting for you.

You're the scoundrel in the rumpled suit with a healthy disdain for the rules, just waiting to bring them down.

Am I right?

Nah. No.

I'm just here to kick ass, sleep till noon.

And you cover your inadequacies with a condescension for the more robust individuals around you.

How am I doing?

Not bad. Robust, even.

When did...

The event transpire?

0400, we think.

Mmm. See that?

My quick segue back to the case?

Subtle as a chain saw.

And where were you?

Snug in bed.


A wife, girlfriend, roommate, hooker?

I'm divorced.

I'm between girlfriends, i live alone, and I do not use hookers.

I actually have...

Absolutely no alibi whatsoever.

Does that make me a killer?


Makes you lonely and unpopular.

Mmm. Very good.

Condescending and..


No. Thank you.

Ok, so...

You called her machine.

You're very concerned.

What was this, jealousy, perhaps?

Perhaps not.

Liz was my friend.

I hadn't heard from her in a couple of days.


Ok, so as her friend, did you know anyone that she was involved with?

You mean sexually.

Yes, sexually.

She was seeing someone.


A fella named yardley.

Police chief yardley?



Ah. Ok.

The son. His deputy.

Uh, Wes.

Yes, Wes. Yes, ok.

Uh, they'd been seeing each other off and on, if you'll pardon the pun, for a few months.

Ok, so look, it's obvious you were very close to her.

I'm just trying to find out what "very" means.

It means...


I was Liz's mentor.

There was a trust...

She was, yes, a passionate young woman, as well she should have been, but had I ever taken advantage of that...

I would've lost the trust.

So did I kill her? Of course not.

Did I love her?

I loved her very much.

Make of that what you will.

Major Briggs, please report to lab one.

This is what made him famous, isn't it?

Oh, yeah, yeah.

That's the ledgeworth city riots.

The whole city was in chaos.

The general quelled it.

And then he brought in unarmed troops and his little daughter just to prove it was safe.

She looks terrified.

Excellent work.

I'm going to head down to the morgue.

The report should be in. You want to come?

Yeah, we'll meet you there.

I gotta talk to Cal. Cal!


So how's Moore?




We got the dog tag latents back from the lab.

Partial prints belong to somebody other than captain Campbell.

Who's that?

Robert Moore.


Smells good.

What are you doing here?

I'm here to ask you a question, Bobby.


And the question is?


Were you so stupid...

As to leave your fingerprints everywhere?

My answer, you panicked.

I teach panic, remember?


Well, obviously, i didn't plan for things to work out this way.

Define "things."

Look, Paul...

May I call you Paul?

I so enjoyed it when you took the Liberty of calling me Bobby.

We are, I assume, still trying to outsmart each other.

Obviously, Paul...

I cannot tell a lie and say...

I know nothing about all of this.


I also, sadly...

Cannot tell the truth.

'Cause you think silence will save your ass.

My ass, as you so delicately put it, is already in a sling, is it not?

You mean the sex tapes.

You're good.

Hmm. You're good.

Great question.

Almost any answer incriminates me, doesn't it?

Yep. That's why I like it.

Yeah, so let's cut the bullshit.

Let's do that.

We both know I'm pretty much destroyed, don't we?

Can you think of any compelling reason why Elisabeth should be destroyed along with me?

Can you?

I can't... Paul.

I watched the two of you...

On one of her tapes.

I don't think so.

You know, bluffing is the last desperate act of the weak, Paul.

I'll not help you ruin that girl.

She's suffered enough.

Leave it there.

I'm all you've got.

Wrong again.

Hello, captain.


Captain goodson is with the judge advocate's office.

He's also my lawyer.

Anything you have to say to colonel Moore...

I'll say to colonel Moore.

Don't think you can bully my client.

You know, I'm done bullying.

You're under arrest, Bobby. Come here.

Conduct unbecoming an officer.

Plus article 1-34, disorderly and neglect, accessory after the fact, conspiracy, making false statements, and...

Captain, you are the verge of article 98, noncompliance with procedural rules.

Can I help you, ma'am?

Just taking another look.

Go ahead, ma'am.

Thank you.

Is it possible the bag holding the victim's clothes was going to be picked up by her killer or by a third party?

Radio: 5-Charlie, do you copy?

This is 5-Charlie.

Maybe she was here for a secret rendezvous...

A tryst.

Maybe the rape fantasy was part of the thrill.

We all know she had a predilection for the gamier side of sex.

Is there anything to the argument that Elisabeth Campbell picked what amounted to a nearly public place because it presented an element of...



Hold that bitch down. Let me get in there.

This is the army.

So you tell brenner, you don't shit on your brothers.

Rape investigator, huh?

Want to know what it feels like? Huh?

Maybe it'll make you better at your job, huh?

Huh? Huh?

Number 5.

Got yourself a colonel this time, huh?

Shut up, elkins.


You were acting as her shrink, were you not?

Were you not?!

The Elisabeth I met was bright and shiny.

The woman on the tape is a different lady...

And there's a direct connection, isn't there?

Isn't there?

Are you going to pull my fingernails out now?

What happened sophomore year at the point?

You're a murderer or an accessory to murder.

Either way, you're gonna get burned at the stake.

Nobody's gonna bail you out!

Moore: It was awful.

It was awful. Go ahead.

What, she violated a code? She cheated? She lied? What?






What's worse than rape?

When you find that out...

Then you'll know everything, won't you?

Tell me what the hell happened, bill?

Look, I'm sorry, Paul, but the mp claims he got a call to leave his post.

I've got no record of that call.

Probably a dead end, but I'm gonna take it further.

I'm pulling up. Talk to me later.

She's fine, Paul.

I'm ok.

Who did it?

Stupid play, elby.

Rookie move.

Should remember to take off all identifying jewelry before an attack.

I don't know what you're talking about.

I told you I was in the "o" club all night.

She's crazy, and you're crazy.

Aah! You burnt me.


What the fuck?!

You just can't get good styrofoam these days.

Ok, let's change the subject.

What can you tell me about captain Elisabeth Campbell?

What about her?

She was raped and killed.

You know what rape usually is?

It's a woman who changes her mind afterward.

Would you classify your relationship with Elisabeth Campbell as an intimate one?

You mean was I fucking her?

Yeah, that is what I mean.


I was.

But that was all i took it for.

Just some sport fucking.

I didn't think she'd run off and tell him.

Tell who?

The general. The bitch told the general.


Because she's a freak, and that's what freaks do!

What about the general and captain Campbell?

Were they close? No.

Why not?

I don't know. You like your dad?

My dad was a drunk, a gambler, and a womanizer.

I worshipped him.

Yeah, well, I think I've said enough.


You cooperate, and maybe we'll keep it out of the report.

You guys don't get it. With Elisabeth gone, the general has got a clear field to settle some scores.

And I'll be given the opportunity to resign.

Maybe I can save my marriage, maybe I can't.

Oh, great. There's a Mrs. elby.

And what does she do, aside from wake up in the middle of the night screaming?

What do you mean by settle some scores?

Look, I told you, i am done talking!

Hey, we just got started, elby.

I'm gonna bring you up on charges for the assault on agent sunhill.

See how you like 40 years of sport fucking in a military prison.


Brenner: Ok. Dare me.

Go ahead, motherfucker. Dare me.

I'm gonna ask you one more time.

What do you mean by settle some scores?

Ok. Ok, ok, ok!

When she was alive...

He couldn't touch her...

Without embarrassing himself.

He couldn't touch any of us...

'Cause he knew she would spill all.


I mean...

Imagine what it would look like...

The general's daughter banging his entire male staff.

Entire male staff?

Yeah. Yeah. Everybody.

Well, at least most of them.

What about the sheriff's son?

No. That was just for show.

She was pulling the longest military train imaginable.

Right up the chain.

She went through most of the general's staff, plus the staff of the judge advocate and people like me in key positions.

What about colonel Fowler?

Colonel Fowler once told me...

He knew all about this and that I was part of the problem.

I think he meant that he wasn't.

What do you think about this, agent sunhill?

I think it's insane.

Not really.

Elisabeth once told me she was conducting a field experiment in psychological warfare...

And that the enemy was daddy.

You ok?

Yeah. I've been better.

God, Paul.

I know, I know.

Most of these officers are married.

It's immediate grounds for court-martial.

Their lives are over.

But I'll tell you this, it's a hell of a motive for murder.

How does it feel to have our suspect list multiply exponentially?

Well, at least we know who the guys were on the tapes.

Yeah. A bunch of creeps willing to risk it all for a piece of patch.

A piece of patch?

Sorry, darling.

I just get back on the base, and it drudges up all my old Alpha male behavior.

Great. What's next?

You gonna do a beer funnel and light your own farts?


After we see Moore.

Oh, I can't wait.

Where is he?


Where's Moore?

Uh, he was released.


Restricted to quarters.

On whose orders?

On mine. Looked like he was having a damn heart attack.

His lawyer came in, had a valid complaint.

You can't put an officer in common lockup.

He's a murder suspect, bill!

Since when?

His prints are all over the goddamn tags.

Well, you never informed us he was a murder suspect.

He was being held here for conduct unbecoming, not murder.

I had no choice.

I had no choice. Bill...


Brenner: Moore!

I'm going in.


Oh, my god.

The organics on Elisabeth Campbell came back.

There was no sign of rape.

What are your thoughts on this?

Apparent suicide.

Star pattern, close-contact wound.

And I don't buy it.

Well, I'll do a U.V.

And check his hands for gunpowder residue.

I'll let you know if i find any inconsistencies.

Colonel Kent!


Were you aware of Elisabeth Campbell's extracurricular activities?

How do you mean?

You know what I mean.




There were... There were rumors, uh, innuendo.

I always took it as false bravado.

Soldiers bragging, that sort of thing, but, uh...

Well, there was more to it than that.

Mr. brenner.

As soon as you're through here, we'll convene at the general's house to coordinate the release of the official findings.

What are you talking about?

Obviously Moore was overwhelmed with guilt.

We need to close up shop.

Determine what evidence should be classified, release a statement about Moore's guilt and suicide.

You don't understand, colonel Fowler.

This is my investigation, and it's still open.

Who the hell do you think you are?

It's over.


You'd better start thinking about your career, understand?

And you better start thinking about yours.

You are running one lunatic base here.

You want to mess with me, colonel?

Let's start gouging away.

You've been warned.

Move out.

Soldier: Yes, sir.

Huh? Huh?

What are you doing here, yardley?

Shouldn't you be out nightsticking the colored folk?

Wait in the car. I want to talk to him.

All right.

Your son Wes, we gotta speak to him.

Apparently he was involved with the victim, but you neglected to mention that to us.

Yardley: He was on duty when it happened.

His partner can verify it.

And we got tapes of his radio calls all night long.

Just the same, we'll be in touch.

Good night.


What is that?

The gods have smiled on you, Paul brenner.

Oh, yeah? Why is that?

Because it's a west point psychological report on Elisabeth Campbell and pages from her medical file...

Pages we were never given.

Well, what does it say?

It says we're going to west point.


Sunhill: Brenner and sunhill, sir.

Come in, come in.

And talk loud.

Terrible thing for a shrink to lose.

Can't hear some of my patients half the time.

Course, considering some of my patients, maybe it's a blessing.

Colonel slesinger...

Would you prefer being called colonel or doctor?

I prefer Donald, and I'm assuming you didn't fly up from maccullum to bullshit.

No, sir. It's what i told you on the phone.

Yes, and I told you on the phone that I can't talk about captain Campbell.

Nothing has changed.

You were her psychiatrist?

And a poor one at that.

Well, she was, uh...

At the end of her sophomore year when she came to see you.

She must have been about 20.

She was in a serious depression.

I take it from your presence here Lizzie's in some trouble again.

Not now.

That's good.

Well, she's too young to be dead.

Sunhill: She was strangled, sir.

Mock raped and then strangled.

God damn it! God damn it!

I couldn't help her, don't you see?

I tried...

But I could not unlock her enough to trust me.

But you know what?

I still can't talk about her.

Sunhill: No, you can't.

But you're angry, yes?

Of course.

Sometimes when I'm angry, i talk to myself out loud.

Do you ever do that?

Just sort of... rant?



Well, if you were to rant and we happened to be in the vicinity...

Free country.

That's my thoughts exactly.

She sets a place on fire, our Lizzie does.

Top woman here.

Pretty as hell.

Outdoes most of the men in the training runs.

At the end of her sophomore year, there was a big night exercise.

Must've been thousands involved.

Lizzie got separated from her group.

Found herself with about a half a dozen men.

A very dark night.

Not only were the men unknown to her...

But they were also wearing camouflage.

They raped her almost to death.

Raped her all night long.

Taking turns.

Stripped her...

Spread-eagled her...

Nailed her to the earth with tent pegs.

Just had a whale of a time.

Threatened to kill her if she talked.

Tied her underwear around her throat?


Slesinger: Lizzie was hospitalized, treated for venereal disease, treated for pregnancy.

By the time I got to her, she had gone away inside.

Never let me get close.

Who were these guys?

No. I need a name.

Sorry. Medical ethics.

I am gonna finish my work here.

I can't tell you what to do, but if you were to go back to my office...

Key's under the mat...

And you were to look up Lizzie's files, you might find an additional notation there with a man's name on it.

Might be worth your while to snoop. Up to you.

Free country and all that.

Sorry I couldn't be of any help.

Beginning our descent to fort benning, ma'am.

Instructor: Pick it up! Get them outta the water!

Now! Now! Ranger! Let's go!

We ain't got all day!

Female on the floor!

Soldier: Female on the floor!

Second soldier: Female on the floor!

Captain bransford?

Whoa. Yeah, that would be me.

What can I do for you, honey?

Better yet, what can you do for me?

Well, dear, you can ask these other men to excuse us.

Yeah, that's a cid badge you're looking at.

Looks like I picked the wrong woman to "honey."

Looks like.

I'm Sarah sunhill, captain.

I'm a rape investigator for the cid.

We need to talk about Elisabeth Campbell.

Right. Liz.

Liz and I were classmates together at the point.

Mm-hmm. Well, I only have just one question.

How scared are you right now?

I'm sorry, miss sunhill.

Is it possible that you're in the wrong place?

Your heart's racing a little faster, there's a little ball in your throat, it's sticky under the arms.

Ok, I think that's enough.

You can sit your ass back down.

I know you weren't the leader.

If you say so, miss sunhill, but I really do not know what in the world you're referring to.

You're too weak to have started it.

You're just a guy who's gotten by on his smile and his charm.

It's a good smile, but you could never lead a rape.

Well, that sure is good to know.

Elisabeth Campbell was murdered 36 hours ago.

Staked out with tent pegs and strangled.

So I'm going to ask you my question again, captain bransford.

How scared are you right now?

I was right here on the post, lady.

But you were right there 7 years ago on maneuvers.

You were right there for the rape.

You can't prove shit.

That's not what Dr. slesinger's records say.

Yeah, ok. I went to see slesinger.

And I told him a story that I had heard.

That's what his records say, miss sunhill.

It was just a story.

Somebody else's story, and that's it, understand?

What is that?

What does it look like?

Well, it looks like underwear.

Women's underwear.

Amazing scientific changes in the last few years, captain, wouldn't you agree?

I wouldn't know.

In certain fields, it's been incredible.

Well, if you say so.

Like DNA...

If it's there, it's there forever.

But then you probably already knew that.

Those are hers, aren't they?

I tried to stop it.

I did everything I could, but they hated her.

They hated her so much.

They hated that she was smarter than them, and they hated being out there with someone who had to squat to piss.

I tried to save her.

I did everything I could, but I couldn't make them stop.

Who were the others?

It was my recon squad.

Names are in the yearbook.

Liz was my friend.

Thank you very much, captain, for your cooperation.

Someone from cid will be in touch.

What are you doing?

What does it look like?

What about the DNA?

What DNA?

I bought those an hour ago.

So long, honey.

That's a positive match, right?

Cal: Yeah, Paul. It's only a partial boot print, but it's definitely colonel Fowler's and it's right next to the body.

Good. Good work.

Now, look, we've only got till the end of the day, then the feds are gonna be all over us. Gotta go.


Look, I got a lot on my plate just now.

I just want to thank you for everything you did.

For what?

For leaving the medical records in the car.

Now, did he instruct you to give me the medical records?

Not in so many words, but I think I knew his wishes.

Anything that might help Elisabeth.

I'm sure you know how much he loved her.

Not as much as he loved you.

What do you mean?

I don't know. Just something about the surprise way you came in that night, the extra care he had in making dinner.

What do you plan on doing about it?

Not a thing, other than to tell you I'm sorry about Moore and to ask you for your help. Here, sit down.

What exactly do you need to know?

I want to know about the recreation of the original rape.

I suppose that's what it was.

Was it Moore's idea to do this, to cleanse her of her past?

Oh, no. Jesus, no. She thought it up.

He couldn't talk her out of it.

So he felt so bad that he killed himself?

Look, you and I both know that's not how this happened.

And that is where they screwed up, whoever did this, because they didn't know about Bob and me.

Bob could no sooner have killed himself than I could pull a chicken out of my ear.

But these nefarious types, they don't get that.

They don't understand that. Affairs of the heart.

Way beyond them.

Ok, so he staged this thing, ok?

He tied her up, got rid of her clothes, what?

Yeah. He also had to make the call to the general and play him the tape.

The tape?

Joe, brenner.


Come in, please.

Just wanted to say good-bye, sir.

I'll be driving back to headquarters in the morning.

I'm leaving tomorrow, too.

I'm taking Elisabeth up to Michigan to be buried next to her mother.

Thank you... For everything you did.

I understand you're still going into politics, sir.

Oh... the jury's still out.

We'll see.

When you just thanked me for what I had done, what I wanted to say to you was I really didn't do anything.

At least not anything right.

I did a lot of things that were wrong.

You're not responsible for Moore's death, Paul.

Any good investigator has to follow his instincts.

I'd like to talk to you about that, sir.

We know Moore did it, then killed himself out of guilt.

Then we're all in agreement.

Then I got thinking, what if I was wrong?

What if it wasn't the same car 3 times, but 3 different cars?

That's certainly an interesting theory, but what difference does it make since Moore is dead?

Probably none, sir, but it got me thinking about your daughter and what she told me she taught.

"Mostly we fuck with people's minds," she said.

Fowler: Ok, then...

Thank you, brenner.

You can go now.

Tell me about the rape.

Fowler: But she wasn't raped!

It was just made to appear that way.

The rape at west point.

It was kept confidential, for the good of the academy.

And the army.

And it was best for Elisabeth that way.

You were in Germany when it happened.

Berlin. I was stationed there.

I came back as soon as I heard.

Fowler: We flew all night.

And you went straight there from the airport.

Fowler: Of course!

No meeting first?

Seems Mr. brenner is very well-informed.

It was in her psych record, sir.

It didn't happen that way!

George... he's right.

The meeting did come first.

It was 7 years ago.

The details get confusing.

It was nothing.

Just a quick briefing in a hotel near the point.

General sonnenberg, he was very...


I want justice for my daughter.

I would give anything if this had never happened, but it did, and I'm trying to tell you the reality of the situation.

We'll never find them, so we'll never know who did it.

But we do know this...

A coed academy is a good call, a necessary call.

Better one unreported and unvindicated rape than to shake the foundations of west point...

To cast suspicion on a thousand soldiers who did not gang-rape a woman that night.

All you have to do is convince your daughter that she, the academy, the army, and the cause of equality would be best served if she just forgot about the whole thing.

These are the times we live in, Joe.

Campbell: He was right.

If it had gone public, it would have permanently damaged women in the military.

It would have destroyed west point.

It was an untenable situation.

Is that what you told Elisabeth?

Not in so many words, no.

She was...

In no condition to understand that then.

I simply tried to tell her that I loved her.

I loved her very much.

Daddy loves you...


And he's so proud of you.

Shh. Rest now.

Try not to think about it anymore.

Shh. No, shh.

Baby, listen to me.

I only want what's best for you.

Trust me.

Do you? Hmm? Like you always did?

Then don't ever think about any of this again.

I know, I know, it was an awful thing.

A terrible, terrible thing.

But thinking about it won't help it, so...

Close your eyes.

It never happened.

None of this...

Ever happened.

Not my finest hour.

Fowler: You were just doing what you said...

Trying to protect her.

I did what I had to.

What I thought best for everyone concerned.

There's nothing else that could've been done.

We never would have found them anyway.

Here you are, sir.

What is that?

Names of the perpetrators by associate agent sunhill, found with a minimum of trouble.

Apple pie, sir.

Campbell: That's just brilliant.

Each man will be looking at 20 years, sir.

Fowler: I think you'd better go now.


We'll just deal with the phone call issue tomorrow.

If you prefer. Perhaps before your flight.

What phone call issue?

I've excellent reason to believe that Moore phoned you at 0300 hours the night of the murder.

Why in the world would he have done that?

Well, if I'm right, sir, I think the whole recreation of the rape was Elisabeth's idea.

God knows why she did it.

Perhaps because you were going into politics, she thought this was her last chance.

But I think she got Moore to put her in exactly the same position the rapists did 7 years ago.

This time you weren't in Germany, and if I'm right, she would have wanted you to see firsthand what you covered up.

That never happened.

A gift from Moore's lawyer.

Tape: Dad, this is Elisabeth.

I need to discuss something extremely urgent with you.

You must meet me at the mount site no later than 0330 hours.

I have an answer to your ultimatum.

It's hard to argue with a recorded voice.

I'm sure that was part of her plan.

What does she mean by an ultimatum, sir?

I gave her 2 options...

Resign her commission or agree to some sort of therapy.

If she rejected both of those, I would instruct the staff judge advocate to investigate her misconduct and draw up charges for a general court-martial.

I'm sure that seems callous to you.

So you drove out to the mount site.

Of course.

I needed an answer.

Elisabeth: Here's the answer to your damn ultimatum!

Jesus Christ!

Do you see what they did to me?

Do you see?

Don't turn away, you coward!

Come closer! Get a better look! See what they put me through!

What the fuck do you hope to accomplish?

There's a rope around my neck.

You can strangle me if you want to or you can just cover it up like you did before.

Have you gone completely out of your mind?!

It happened.

It happened!

I want to hear you say it happened!

I don't give a damn what happened to you 7 years ago.

Whatever hurts you makes me stronger.

That which does not destroy me makes me stronger.

You can't hurt me anymore.

We're even.

That's fine with me.

You never helped me!

Daddy, please don't go.

Come back...


Please don't...


Brenner: So you were in the second car.

Which means colonel Fowler...

Must have been in the third.

You couldn't expect the man to deal with his own child.

She was screaming such vituperations at him.

Course not.

So he called me...

And he asked me to deal with it.

And I went.

And I found her dead.

You found her dead?

Of course.

But you will never get me to testify against the general.


I've been by Joe Campbell's side too many times.

Looked death in the face with him...

Too many times.

I will not back down now.

What in god's name are you talking about?

It wasn't like she didn't give him reason.

George, for Christ's sake!

And then when we realized she was... Fucking everybody from bill Kent to Jake elby, it was too late for official action.

Colonel Fowler!

We would have had to ask for all their resignations.

Strangulation, you think?

Then resign ourselves.

You need civilian authority.

What happened to you?

You had no other choice, sir.

You think I killed my own daughter?

It'll die with me, Joe.

You sorry son of a bitch.

Where's Moore? He was released.

Oh, my god.


Cal, it's me.

You arrest Fowler?

No. Let me speak to sunhill.

She's not here. Got in about an hour ago, then went back out to the crime scene.

She go out there alone?

No, sir. She took the big dog with her.

Captain America himself... Kent.

His idea. He wants you to meet them out there.

Yeah, of course he does.



Bill, we've been through this whole place a dozen times before. We're not gonna get anything else out of this.


Sure, sure.


I think the three of us need to go back to your office and talk.

I've always been an outdoorsy kind of guy.

Why don't we talk here? Kent.

That is if we have anything really important to talk about.

I thought you'd do your job.

Pin it on Moore, then move the fuck on.

Oh, god.

But I forgot you were the nastiest rat in the shithouse.

Just goes to show you.

Why'd you do it?


Well, you tell me. You're the expert.

I think this was a woman giving it out all over the post, and the one man who cared about her, the one who's willing to risk it all for her, is the person she doesn't want.

And that's because she couldn't want anybody.

See, I just wanted to be with her forever.

She owned my heart.

She tormented me.

She became my obsession.

So I followed her and found her out there on the range...

On display.


Get out of here, bill. Get the fuck out of here.

He'll come back, i know he will.

You can't be around. You'll ruin it all.

What are you doing out here?

What's all this about?

Did my father send you?

Is that why you're here?


Did he send you to shut me up?



Well, this time i won't be quiet.

This time I'm gonna tell everything.

About him, shh. About you.

I'm gonna tell your wife.

I'm gonna tell your kids.


Don't touch me.

Get your hands off me.

You repulse me. Shh, shh.

You're a disgrace.

You're not a soldier.

You're not even a man.

You're just a fuck.

I fucked you.

Oh, Christ!


Brenner: Come on, bill, let's get going.

Come on.

I'm all yours, Paulie.


Before you come any closer, don't you want to know where you're standing?

Where am I standing?

In a minefield.

Aw, come on, bill.

I buried some bouncing betties.


You buy that?

You're reasonably safe here, Paul.

But little miss can't-be-wrong over there...

She's deep in the hurt locker.

You remember how the Betty works?

First man trips the primary, mine shoots up, the rest of the column walks into the blast.

Heads are removed, or limbs. Whatever.

Backtrack the way you came.

You know, it's amazing what a load of shrapnel will do to flesh and bone.

Brenner: Sarah, you're fine.



Scared you, didn't I?

You're an asshole, Kent.

Come on, bill, it's over.

Yeah, it's over.

But not the way you think.






Left shoulder!


The human eye can distinguish 16 shades of gray.

A computer image processor analyzing a fingerprint can distinguish 256 shades of gray, which is impressive.

The human heart, mind, and soul, however, can distinguish an infinite number of emotional, psychological, and moral shadings.

In psy ops we deal with the blackest of black and the whitest of white.

Thank you.


At ease, soldier.

Is colonel Fowler coming?

No. He's taking some much-needed r&r.

He's a good man, George.

A good man and a good soldier.

Sometimes the lines get a little blurred, but when push comes to shove, he'll do what needs to be done.

And what is that, sir?

Why, say Moore called him, of course, and that i was never out there.

He'll do that for me...

Even if it means his career...

Like a good soldier.

Nothing is gained by my involvement.

A letter of commendation will be inserted into your file...

In recognition of your exemplary work on this case.

Remember when I asked you if you were a cop or a soldier?

Yes, sir.

Well, you're a soldier, Paul...

And a damn fine one.

General Campbell.

You're wrong.

I'm a rotten soldier.

Oh? And why is that?

You really don't get it, do you?

The only mind Elisabeth wanted to fuck with was yours.

And you still don't get it.

I've done nothing wrong.

You killed her.

What did you say?

7 years ago in that hospital room when you told her to just forget about it, you killed her.

Kent killed her.

No. Kent just put her out of her misery.

I once asked Moore what was worse than rape.

Now I know.


I loved Elisabeth...

But there were larger issues to consider.

You traded her trust for your career.

You made a deal, didn't you?

You kept silent, and they gave you another star.

You watch your mouth, brenner.

I'm gonna say that in my report, that you knew she was out there, that you went out and talked to her and left her there to die.

You don't have the balls.

Oh, you're wrong, sir...

Because that's just about all I have left.

You do that, and you can kiss your career good-bye.

I'm gonna have you court-martialed, general, under article 32 for conspiracy to conceal a crime.

Soldier: Ah-hut!

Soldier: Atten-hut!

When this all started, I told you that we would find the son of a bitch, sir.

I never expected that the son of a bitch would be you.

Soldier: Firing party!










♪ well, Jesus died to save me all of my sins ♪

♪ about quarter to 5 we're gonna meet him again ♪

♪ well, Jesus died to save me all of my sins ♪

♪ about quarter to 5 we're gonna meet him again ♪

♪ about quarter to 5 we're gonna meet him again ♪

♪ the rock island line

♪ is a mighty good road

♪ the rock island line

♪ is the road to ride

♪ the rock island line

♪ is a mighty good road

♪ if you want to ride

♪ you got to ride it like you find it ♪

♪ buy your ticket at the station ♪

♪ on the rock island line

♪ well, I sailed out of Memphis at half past 9:00 ♪

♪ made it back to little rock at 8:49 ♪

♪ well, I sailed out of Memphis at half past 9:00 ♪

♪ made it back to little rock at 8:49 ♪

♪ the rock island line

♪ is a mighty good road

♪ the rock island line

♪ is the road to ride

♪ the rock island line

♪ is a mighty good road

♪ if you want to ride

♪ you've got to ride it like you find it ♪

♪ buy your ticket at the station ♪

♪ on the rock island line

♪ well, Jesus died to save me all of my sins ♪

♪ about quarter to 5 we're gonna meet him again ♪

♪ again, again, again, again ♪

♪ again, again, again, again

♪ again, again, again, again ♪

♪ the rock island line

♪ is a mighty good road

♪ the rock island line

♪ is a mighty good road

♪ the rock island line

♪ is a mighty good road

♪ if you want to ride

♪ you've got to ride it like you find it ♪

♪ buy your ticket at the station on the rock island line ♪

♪ the rock island line

♪ and the rooster crowed, sea lion ♪

♪ and the rooster crowed, sea lion ♪

♪ ain't got no lies, sea lion ♪

♪ ain't got no lies, sea lion ♪

♪ sea lion woman, sea lion

♪ she drank coffee, sea lion ♪

♪ she drank tea, sea lion

♪ ain't got no lies, sea lion ♪

♪ ain't got no lies, sea lion ♪

♪ sea lion woman, sea lion

♪ sea lion woman, sea lion ♪

♪ she drank coffee, sea lion ♪

♪ she drank tea, sea lion ♪

♪ ain't got no lies, sea lion ♪

♪ and the rooster crowed, sea lion ♪

♪ and the rooster crowed, sea lion ♪

♪ ain't got no lies, sea lion ♪

♪ ain't got no lies, sea lion ♪

♪ sea lion woman, sea lion

♪ she drank coffee, sea lion ♪

♪ she drank tea, sea lion ♪

♪ ain't got no lies, sea lion ♪

♪ ain't got no lies, sea lion ♪

♪ sea lion woman, sea lion

♪ sea lion woman, sea lion ♪

♪ she drank coffee, sea lion ♪

♪ she drank tea, sea lion ♪

♪ ain't got no lies, sea lion ♪

♪ sea lion woman, sea lion

♪ she drank coffee, sea lion ♪

♪ and the rooster crowed, sea lion ♪

♪ and the rooster crowed, sea lion ♪