The Ghost Club: Spirits Never Die (2013) Script

[Scared girl] Hello?

Is somebody there?

Please help me.

Please, I'm so scared, please help me.


[ominous music]

It's the Wilkensen mansion, the place has been in the news lately.

I got the lead from Phil.

That lunatic?

Lunacy's what keeps us in business, and Phil's given us good intel before.

In whose opinion?

We'll come up with something better than that.

Better than what, voices, visuals, smells?

There've been five different hot spots, two reported possessions, plus it's original club investigation by founders, and their evidence came up inconclusive.

By both Arthur and Harry, huh?


Oh come on, boss, remember the last thing that Phil gave us?

I say we take a vote on this one, I vote no.

Okay, last I checked this was a dictatorship, Parnell.

Sounds kinda good.

Should we start packing?

Yeah, might be a little too good, though.

That last Phil thing was a total waste of our time, he's like the boy who cried ghost.

Oh my god, Jimmy, we can't ignore the location, you can't ignore the history, this could be a really good deal, who's with me on this?

You guys are killing me, what's next, you're gonna unionize?

Alright, fine.

We'll investigate.


[exciting music]

An original investigation, and we're gonna be following in the footsteps of the founders, so it's a really big deal, and I've got a great feeling.

Alright Jimmy's already giving me a look, but I've got a great feeling about this.

[Voice on phone] I don't want anyone to get discouraged, because--

Bullshit Jimmy, this is just his role.

Okay, scream poll, three to one odds on Caitlin, over.

[Caitlin] What the hell, not fair.

[Parnell] Yeah but it's about time you give somebody else a chance, over.

It's not our fault you scream first every time.

You know what, I'm--

So as we all know, this is club tradition, goes all the way back to the founders, probably Harry--

We haven't even gone there yet.

[mumbling, indistinct walkie]

[Jimmy] Caitlin is our team sensitive. so this is not particularly fair.

Not fair to her.

Hey what do you guys feel about the surroundings, the lead-in to the location, pretty creepy, huh?

[Noreen] I like it.

I think Jimmy's getting into this, I'm excited.

[ominous noises]

[foreboding music]

Wow, it's beautiful.

Like an animal, sleeping, innocent.

Not to me.

You feeling anything?

Hey, did you see that?


Somebody's watching us.

It's probably just the breeze, Caitlin.

Window's closed.

Oh my god! [Caitlin yells]


You guys really don't want to win that bet, do you?

The trouble with being the team sensitive is that I'm often experiencing things that other members of the team aren't, and that leave no evidence behind.

We've developed technology over the years to measure brain waves, to measure the galvanic skin responses of the sensitive, but it's all still subjective.

I'm still our best bet in actually making contact if we do encounter an entity.


Look, I don't care if you are my brother, you've gotta button it up, alright?

Or we're gonna cut you.


Well I'll be damned.

Man, you guys take this stuff seriously, don't you?

Hey Charlene, y'all see the equipment they got runnin'?

My name's Stanley Iverson, I'm the caretaker here.

Great to meet you, sir.

Mr. Iverson, it's a pleasure to meet you.

Phillip Martin told you that we would be coming?

Is there some place that we can go talk?

It's a mansion ma'am, we got lots of places to talk.

Y'all come on up.

Sorry about that, the team gets all amped up before we begin every investigation.

No worries.

The way I got it figured, y'all gotta be a little touched in the head to do what you do anyway, right?


I'm catchin' what you're pitchin' dude.

So what can you tell us about the mansion?

Well, there's a lot of history here.

I mean, people been talkin' about this place since long before there was a mansion.

It started with the Wiccans.



When was that?


Seems like they fled down here to skip the witch trials up North.

Came down here to worship, mostly nature, free love.

In fact, some people say they were predecessors to what we now refer to as Southern hospitality.

Anyway, the locals been talkin' about it ever since.

What about you?

Did you ever see anything?

Well I don't like to talk outta school, you know.

But this place, it does have a certain energy, if you're here long enough you feel it.

Now back in the 60s, the hippies took over this place and they got their asses thrown out.

The sheriff told me that they found some crazy [bleep] here.

Am I allowed to say that on TV, crazy [bleep]?

Yeah, we'll just bleep it out.


I like that.

Crazy [bleep.]


I mean they were crazy.

I mean not like Manson-crazy or anything like that, but they did make some titty films here to make ends meet.

Hippie porn?

And they haunt this place too?

That's what people say.

Naked sex ghosts.

Kinda hard to resist, huh?

Come on, I'll show you the house.

I told you this was a good one.

I don't know, hippie sex ghosts?

Now, I wouldn't go knockin' hippie lovin' if I were you.

Just cuz you young people got sex and porn right there at your fingertips, y'all think you're bad.

But you're not.

My generation and one before me, we got our shit on!

Says you, Big Poppa.

Thank you, Charlene, after you my sweet.

Come on, I'll give you a grand tour of the house.


It's, very, very impressive.

Well I guess you could see why the locals been tellin' the ghost stories about this place, these past 175 years.

And you think that's all they are is just stories?

The experts, that's what you're here for right, figure it out?

Yeah let's umm, let's check out some of the hot spots.

Hot spots, I like that.

Y'all got your own professional lingo and all.

Awright, come on, I'll show you the hot spots.

So, this is hot spot number one?

Yes, ma'am.

See back in the 20s, Barbara Allister White, she owned the place, and she fell in love with Tyrone Black No-Last-Name.

As the story goes, things didn't work out too good for 'em.

Different time back then.

They're supposedly still here.

And what kind of encounters do you get here?

Sounds, footsteps, some people claim they smell perfume.



That's fantastic.

Yeah, some of the locals also say they saw flames here.

And smoke.


Yeah, didn't I tell ya?

Old Tyrone, he got burned at the stake, and Barbara, she jumped on the burning pyre to be with him.

It really is noble, when you think about it.

That kind of love you just don't find anymore today.

And uh, what about you, do you ever see anything?

Let me put it to you this way, when it gets dark around here, and the moon starts casting shadows, things happen.

It's kind of easy for your mind to play tricks on you.

Shall we check the next one?

Sure, come on.

Recently remodeled, nice.

And what goes on here?

Well, sounds mostly.

Scrapin', choppin', sounds of knives grindin' on whetstone.

People panting, cryin', screams even.

Last caretaker told me he saw a figure in here once.

But not somethin' like a person, more like it was made out of smoke.

A sighting?

That's great.

That's great, anything else?

It gets cold in here.

All the time, even in the summer.

Cold spot, interesting.

This place gets better and better, huh?


There you go.

What kind of encounters happen here?

What you might expect in a place that's hosted over 150 years of grand parties, debutante balls.

Mostly the sound of clinking glasses, music, laughter.

Basically people having the time of their lives.

This place is the mother lode.

One other thing.

People sometimes get sick in here, nauseous.


We might have to give this one to Austin.

Mmm, good call, boss.

Is there a history behind the sickness at all?

I haven't the slightest idea.


'Scuse me.

Hey Charlene?

You mind fetchin' me a bucket and mop, hon?

Sure thing, Big Poppa.

These damn doors always get stuck.

Okay, so hot spot number four.

This place just goes on and on.

What's, uh, what can you tell us about this room?

Well you remember those hippies I was tellin' you about?

This is where they shot their little films.

Ugh, that's just a little too alive for my liking.

What kind of things happen here?

You can imagine.

The sound of moans, people pleasurin' one another.

But it always ends in cryin', kinda like real life.

But you know what they say, a lap dance ain't no lap dance unless the stripper's cryin', right?


Come on, let's get to the rest of the place before it gets dark.

Watch your head, there.

Okay, last stop, hot spot five.

Okay well, for whatever reason, the Wiccans seem to do the most hauntin' around this room.

What uh, what kind of stuff happens in here?

Well, sightings mostly.

More sightings?

That's exactly what we want to hear.

More like ball lights.

Also people claim to see shadows of women appearing to have a mass.

Anything else?


People say Latin.

But what the hell would these stupid ass hillbillies know about Latin anyway.

I mean they ain't taught that language in 45 years.

Anything else to show us?

Isn't this enough?

Oh no, this is fine.

We've got our work cut out for us.

Don't you think?

Mr. Iverson, thank you so much for the tour.

Ah, my pleasure, my pleasure, thank you.

We're gonna take some time and we're gonna strategize our investigative approach to each of these hot spots.

In the meantime, is there a number where we can reach you, just in case...

Well I'm sorry, I don't give out my personal number to anybody, you need me, you just holler.

I'll hear ya.

Now you guys be careful in this house, alright?

A lot of weird shit goin' on.

Yes, sir.

[exciting music]

[indistinct talking]

Let's fire this up!

[indistinct talking]

And we are tweeting live.

Good, alright let's do this.

Lights out.

It's quiet as a grave up here.

There's no temperature fluctuations.



Is there anyone here?

I want to hear your side of the story.


[rhythmic banging]



Would you uh, would you like to talk with us?

About the injustice of it all?

You know, blacks and whites can legally get married now.

Did you know that?

Barbara, we want to hear your side of the story, come on you don't want to go down in history as a whore.

Come on, Tab.


We have to provoke them a little.

Yeah but, that's a little too much, okay?

You're the one that always says that most of this stuff is b.s.

Barbara, I'm talking to you!


Did you hear that?

Yeah, I think it's coming from up here.

Then go up there.

Whoa whoa whoa.


All my hair is standing up on my arms.

What, what?!

You don't smell that?


Oh my god, I smell it.

It smells like rose water!

Oh my god.

Okay, okay.

Let's see how far it extends, okay?

We're gonna go up.

The smell followed Jimmy, wherever he moved.

That was a little frustrating for me, it's always frustrating when the skeptic is the one who experiences the evidence.

You still smell it?

Uh, yes.

Okay, well let's see how far down the steps it extends, okay?

This kind of evidence is, real great, it made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up, but unfortunately, it's really difficult for us to capture, and even harder to measure.

So, while it makes for great film, it's really not useful.

Okay, so...


I can barely see anything.

This is creeping me out.

It is really localized on you.

Oh my god.

It's gone.

It's gone.

Wait, do you hear that?

What is that? [door slams]

Ow, ow!

Dammit you guys!

You scared the crap out of us!

With you guys alone up here, we thought we should probably get more sensors.

[ominous music]

[camera flash]

Ah, the specialty du jour is here.



Are you getting anything?

Just the pilot lights, I thought we shut those off.

We must have missed one of the breakers.

Alright, we'll take that into account when we do the review.

Right now let's just do a motion scan, can you get that out of the back of me please?


Here you go.

Hang tight for a second.

Flashing. [camera flash]

Flashing. [camera flash]

Alright, come on down.

Flashing. [camera flash]

Anybody in here?

Flashing. [camera flash]

Trying to make contact, Tyrone.

Flashing. [camera flash]

Will you give us a sign and let us know that you're in here?


It's starting to feel like a bust.

Just give it time.

Flashing. [camera flash]


[high-pitched tone squeals]

Whoa, whoa.


I just saw a face.

Did you get a shot?

I didn't get anything on the camera, but there is definitely something out there.

You sure it's not a retinal after-image from the flash?

No, that was no after-image, there was definitely something there.

Anybody in here, you scared the crap out of me.

Is that how you treat your guests?

Hang tight for a second.

I didn't get anything.


Hang tight.


A subtle movement coming your way, just stand still.

It feels like it's right on top of you.





Something just touched me, okay.

Something just touched my foot.

Near the ground.

Something on the ground. Did you get a shot?

[camera flash]

[high-pitched tone squeals]


Oh, oh, false alarm.


That thing is huge.

Radio in and let everybody know that we had false induced positives up here.

Hey guys, so we're reading on the kitchen, and there's some rats in here so, check it out for any false positive readings you get on motion sensors.

Hazard of the job baby, hazard of the job.

So not good.

I know what I saw.

Sure there is no image capture, but there was definitely something there on the other side of that window.

Retinal after-image my ass, I saw it!

[ominous music]

This place is amazing.

That it is.

We're sitting here waiting on you.

We want to know who's here.

Is it the guests who can't move on?

Or is it the mistress, who poisoned them all?

People are tired of walking into this room and getting sick, being disturbed.

Here we've got an EMF sensor.

Right here, we're gonna set it on the ground in front of us.

What it'll read, is your energy if you pass near it.

We can sympathize with you.

Pissed off about the party?

Pissed off about the cheating?

I would be, too, blue eyes, huh?

You weren't expecting that.

Give us some kind of signal that you're here.

We want to communicate.


What do you want?

You gotta let us know you're here.

Isn't that what you want, you want to be known, right?

What was that?

See something, hear something?

Saw something.

Knock if you remember anything.

I saw a shadow or a light pass by this space over here, if that was you...

Give us some kind of signal.

Some kind of sign.

Check out that ceiling work.

Did hear that from the fireplace?

I didn't, but did you?

The scratching was [mumbling], except it came from the inside.

What is that?

I'm not sure exactly where they came from, but uh, they weren't part of the original work on the fireplace, so that's why I took the rubbing.

That kind of evidence, it usually doesn't lead to proof, but we have to get everything we can to help contextualize what we may find within the house.

Why don't we set up a camera and see if we can get it for proof?

Alright, over there?

Well, maybe.


You ready to get out of here?


[ominous music]

[chair scraping floor]

What uh, what do we know about the pink room?

What kind of uh, what kind of evidence usually happens up here.

The evidence in here, it's all sound.

All sound, okay.

There've been reports of moans.

Moans, moans, okay.



Umm, some laughter.

Laughter, okay so lots of audio.

Lots of audio.

So that says to me, maybe we should--

Yeah, absolutely. Okay.

Let me get the recorder out.

This way we'll be able to catch any kind of sounds.

If they want to make contact.

Turn that thing on.

Okay, you want to start it off?


Is anyone in here?

We're in the pink room.

Any uh, any uh, dirty hippies?


Maybe tell us what it was like here?

Couldn't have been easy.

Wanna share some film-making techniques with us?

[Tab laughs]

Alright, so we just found a book.

Does anyone have anything to say about that?

Anyone in here with us?

What the hell was that, did you hear that?


[Jimmy] Are we, are we on-- [Tab] Did you hear that, Did you hear that?

What, what, what?


I just heard something over here.

Shh, shhhh.


I just heard music.

You just heard music?


Where did you--

It sounds like a music box, it came from like over here.

Was that, was that you?

I heard it again, I heard it again!

I think I heard it that time!

It's like a music box.

Yeah it's like, clink, clink, clink, I don't think it's a music box.

It's a music box, it's a music box!

Okay, shh shh.

Was that you?

Can you do that again, please?

That was good, you definitely heard that, right?

I heard something, I heard something.

Let's try this side of the room.


Okay, let me set up on that table right there.

We'll uh, we'll do some call and response over there, okay?


What was that?

I heard that that time.

You definitely heard that, I heard that, I told you, I told you, I told you I told you!

Was that--can you do that again, please?

[faint clicking]

Oh my god!


Yeah, this is good stuff, okay.

Can you do--like one more time, can you give us, can you give us one more, can you give us one more, please?

You heard--

[Tab gasps]


Okay, okay.

What is that?

I'm telling you, I told you, I told you.

Is that the same sound--

No it's not, it's not the same sound, okay it was music.

This is a little bit...

It's like footsteps or something, right?

Are you in here with us?

Oh my gosh.

Can you make that sound again?

Now I'm not hearing it.

Okay, okay, well you know what?

I mean that was good, that was good, we got, we probably got that on the recorder.

[Tab mumbling]

We'll have to review during evidence review, of course it could be a lot of other things, could be like water running through the pipes and stuff, so we'll have to like--

That's water, that was not water.

I definitely heard something in the pink room, and so did Jimmy.

He was really quick to try and discredit what we heard, but we definitely heard something.

I heard a music box, and he heard it too.

It really wasn't what I was expecting out of the pink room, it didn't parallel with what I was expecting, especially since that's where we'd heard the rumors of the hippies.

[everyone talking at once, indistinct]

Okay okay, let's huddle up, let's get a quick review here.

Let's start with Austin and Caitlin, what do you guys have to tell me?

Yeah, we got the dining room, a great rubbing off the fireplace, Caitlin said she saw something but I don't know what.

[indistinct] I definitely felt something in the room.

So look, look guys, we need to make sure that we get recorded evidence on this, okay.

That's the only way we're gonna prove the case, alright?

So let's go there, Parnell, Noreen, what did you guys get?

Some little orb or night light, that's it.

Okay, alright.

Well, we got some interesting stuff on the staircase, really interesting stuff.

Roaming odor, we'll dig deeper, yeah.

So also in the pink room we got some good audio.

He and I both heard it, so [mumbling].

Alright, good, sounds like we might be ready to do a little evidence review, what do you guys think?

[all talking at once]

Okay, okay, I don't want a mutiny on my hands.

Parnell, do you want to at least search for evidence on the audio, video, that kind of stuff?

I think we should bring out some of the big guns first before we go ahead and [indistinct].

[Austin mumbles]

Hey, hey, let's be professional about this, okay?

Let's not be, you know...

[Jimmy mumbling]

One of the pieces of evidence that we try to record is EMF signatures, EMF being electromagnetic fields.

Part of the reason why we do this is that, human beings have this area in the brain called the God structure, God center, and EMFs can actually act on the God center and make you feel that you've had these out-of-body experiences.

So it's very important for us to understand you know, if there are any kind of EMF fields in the room that are created by power lines, et cetra that could be acting on the human brain, making us feel like we're experiencing something when we're actually not experiencing anything at all.

And let's get the body channel, alright?

I want to make sure that we're recording your brain waves both complementary and supplementary so that if there's anything going on, we have some evidence of this, alright?

You're sure you want to go back in?

Yeah, yeah.

Alright, well then let's go back in, alright?

Come on guys, let's get a move on!

Stop dicking around.

Let's get back to work.

[indistinct talking]

[ominous music]

Wow, check this out.


It's pretty freaky lookin'.

This is where the witches did their rituals, right?

Yeah, right here.

Okay we'll set you up to the B chans, so we can monitor your reaction.


I'll take the EMF volt monitor where I go.

Now look at me.

Hey, good job.

Thank you.

I can see you. [monster voice]

Did you record that?


Guess not.

[Caitlin gasps]

[Austin mumbles]

Hey Cait, come check this out.

What are you doing over there?

Taking a nap?

Cait, what are you doing?

Uh, nothing, umm, just looking at you.


You get anything on the B chan?

Mm, no.

Alright well, come here, check this out, there's some inscriptions on here.

Some big symbol.

Ha, stop teasing me.

Stop playing with my hair.

What the hell?


Caitlin, where the hell did you go?

You're freaking me out here.


You scared the hell out of me.

That wasn't exactly what I was going for.

Oh really?

[Caitlin chuckles]

Let's get out of here.


[ominous music]

I thought Austin and Caitlin were supposed to be in here.

At least they set up the camera like they were supposed to.

It's useless, we're not gonna get anything.

Don't be such a downer.

Pfft, there's all kind of possible explanations for this stuff.

Come on.

Air pressure changes in the rooms can cause doors to slam out of nowhere, I mean...

Water pipes in the walls making noise.

Water pipes?

You never heard of that?

Come on.

You just need to be more open minded.

I'm here, aren't I?

Something must have happened in here.

[Parnell mumbles]

What is it?

Some heavy EMF readings on your side of the room.

Right where you're sitting, just stand still.


What is it?

You look like you're gonna turn white.

It's a malfunction or something.


[Noreen coughs]

You okay?

[Noreen coughing]

You okay?


Okay, okay.

Let's get back to base camp, come on.

Come on, easy.

Nothing like that has ever happened to our team before.

But, the records show several others like it.

Just, Tab, I don't like these wild goose chases, okay?

It's not a goose chase!

There was some real stuff over here, some good stuff, I know it.

This house is old, it's old floorboards, it could be settling...

Come off it, Jimmy!


You hear that?

Just stand still.

That was some good stuff, I heard that.

You had to have heard that.

That could be us, okay, I don't have--

I have completely lost track of everyone--

Oh my god, it's not us!

Just, wait here, okay, just wait here and then we'll find out where they are.

Fine, fine.

Alright, can everyone check in with me?

Everyone, what's your 20s?



Ah, slackers.

It's not us, though.

Alright, let's get going.


Is someone in here with us?


Is anybody in here?



I swear, I feel like they're leading us somewhere.


Are leading us somewhere?

They are leading us somewhere?


Come on.

[ominous music]

No, no, stop.

I don't know what happened in there.

Food poisoning maybe?

I mean, that food we ate earlier was definitely a little sketch, but it could have been an event.

Sometimes activities will manifest themselves to effect a contactor physically, but it's really rare and it's usually not a good sign.

It was just so close in there.


No, I just needed some fresh air, I'm fine.


God, I'm fine, Mom!

What the hell is that?

Maybe it's just an electrical surge.

What the hell is going on in there?

I think we should go find the others.


Good idea.

[ominous music]

It's the kitchen?

Yeah it's the kitchen.

[Jimmy] What is going on here huh? - [Tab] Anybody hungry?

You want us to make you something?

A leak of some sort, maybe, burst pipe.

Maybe it's ectoplasm.

[Jimmy chuckles]

Ectoplasm, I don't think this is ectoplasm, I think this is water, alright?

Looks like water, it's pretty watery.

Alright Jimmy.

Okay, we're in the kitchen.

You know, I have to say that we approach each one of these locations as skeptics.

You know, there's a lot of controversy about what we do.

And it's important that--

Jimmy, I'm tired of being a skeptic, Jimmy please just...

Well, once you find actual evidence you won't have to be--

What kind of evidence are you talking about?

We have the footsteps, remember the footsteps?

Okay, whoa.

There's a lot of activity.

That was me, that was me.

That was me.

Alright, we got footsteps, we got water.


Alright, I'm getting some uh, I'm getting some vibes off of this room, I have to say.




Look at this.

What, what, what?

[Tab exhales]

We got a sign.

That's uh, that's very interesting.

Can you do that again?

[Tab exhales]

Oh my god.

Wait, wait, what are you feeling right now?

It's cold, do you have your temperature sensor, are you not cold?

It's like, I just got a big draft, you don't feel a draft at all in here?

I'm burning up over here, hold on a second.

Let's get--

Oh my god, get out the sensor.

Alright, let's, okay.

Look, we're gonna approach this systematically, alright?

I'm gonna start off, I'm about, I'm standing as far away from you as I can in the room, I guess I'm about eight feet.

That's 88 degrees.

88 degrees?

Okay I'm gonna step closer.


Wait a minute, that's not right.

Oh my god.


Okay that is very interesting.

Are you getting it, what's it say, what's it say?

Alright, I'm at six feet, and I'm getting 67.

I told you.

67 degrees, hold on, hold on, let's keep--

I told you.

Alright, look, I'm gonna be systematic about this, okay?

Okay hold on, hold on, hold on.

Now let's see.

And it seems to be kind of localized on you.

Let me uh, just....

Okay, wow.

And it's still 68?

Hold on, hold on.

Let's just uh...


This is interesting stuff, I have to tell you.

This is the kind of stuff that we like to find--

God, it's still there.

But I want to just be sure, and I don't see any venting, obviously it could be coming from the windows.

This is good.

But it's hot over here.

It seems pretty localized on you, this is uh...

I have to admit, this is spooky.

It's cool, is what it is, it's really friggin' cool.

The cold spot was some of our best evidence to date.

It was sustainable, it was focused, it was measurable, which is, you know what we live for pretty much.

So toward the end I really did get a little freaked out, it was starting to freak me out.

But, wow, it was really exciting.

Alright, it's gone.


That was...

I wrote down the sub now maybe we should...

That was good, that was good.

[Tab mumbles]

Okay, let's call it, why don't you call it.

Alright gang, witching hour, let's go.

[ominous music]

Okay let's do a quick review here, it's gonna take me a minute to uh...

Blah, blah, blah, let's get to it.

Hey, hey hey, we're not all accounted for yet.

Austin and Caitlin are still out there yet.

Shh, this is good stuff.

Stop worrying so much, mother hen.

Your brother's a big boy, he can take care of himself.

[ominous music]

[indistinct talking]

Did we miss anything?

No we're just starting the evidence review, where the hell have you guys been?

Umm, you know, just investigating some new evidence.

Everybody is crazy today.

Alright, what'd you guys get?

Okay, it's gonna take me a minute to go through all this, and I'm not promising evidence will even make it through the recording medium.

Just show, somebody show me what we've got.

[distorted recording]

You guys had to hear that, right?

It could be somebody in another room, it could be the house settling...

Okay, I knew you'd say that, let me, let me see...

Give me just a second on it.

[distorted recording]

Okay, that's more promising.

[everyone talking at once]

You are so picky.

But that's okay, I know that some of this stuff is a little iffy, but I was saving the best for last, come here.

[wolf whistle]

I've been working out.

Alright, alright, come on guys let's get serious here.

I'm not, you guys I'm not doing this.

Just wait.

You know what, you guys I'm not seeing anything.

Just, come on, just watch.

[ominous music]




[indistinct talking]

There's nobody in the room?

No, nothing!

Nothing on the seismic sensors, nothing.

Nothing jarred, the house didn't settle, it didn't shift, nothing.

I can't believe that happened right after we left the room.

That's amazing.

That's legit.

Caught you.

We've gotta get back in there, you can't even say anything.

You guys, we have to put a show on here.

We can't go back in there.

I'm with Tab and Parnell, bro.

If there's even a chance...

We've gotta keep investigating, if there's even a chance that we can get some irrefutable proof, are you kidding me?

If we can make contact, come on!

Okay, alright you guys, now look.

Noreen has turned green for God's sake, we're not--

You're not using me as an excuse, I say we stay.

Good for you.

Show of hands?

What is this democracy thing?

That's how the club has always been run.

They always have had the skeptic and the believer, and that goes all the way back to the founders.

Arthur Conan Doyle, he was the believer, and Harry Houdini, he was the skeptic, or the Jimmy, as I like to say.

Alright you guys, I don't want to storm back in there if nobody knows that we're here, alright?

So we have to talk to Stan, we have to find Stan.

I'm on it.

Let's do it.

[ominous music]

[Austin chuckles]


The team's gotta check this out.

Where is he, anyway?

Check this out, Tab.

Maybe he was a ghost.

Check what out?

Okay I see the office, [Tab] Oh my god, what is this?

I don't see the caretaker.

Oh, gross.

Yeah, I think that's a deal-breaker you guys, we're gonna have to call it.

Alright, I've got insurance concerns, I think we're done for the night.

We're covered insurance-wise.

Covered insurance-wise?

Yeah he gave us permission to search the whole property.

The old man, are you sure?

Yeah, positive.

Seriously, Jimmy, you're the one that always says it's better to ask for forgiveness than permission let's go.

[creepy noises]

Okay team, so we've decided we're gonna continue the investigation and head back into the house.


It doesn't look nearly as scary with all the lights on, right?

Everyone still feeling okay?

Yeah, we're great boss.


We got it, Jimmy.

Okay, so we're gonna be systematic about it, we're gonna stay in our standard two-person teams, you guys all know your assignments.

Tab and I are gonna take the pink room--


[Caitlin] What the hell happened to the lights?

Okay, everyone sound off.

[affirmative voices]

[Parnell] Oh man.

[Jimmy] What is it, Parnell?

My flashlight's dead.

[Tab] Okay, everyone get out their flashlights.

[Noreen] Mine's dead.

[Caitlin] Mine is, too.

All the batteries can't be dead, can they?

[Parnell] Piece of crap.

Wait, I have an extra one.

It should work it's shielded, hold on.

[Noreen gasps]

[Austin] Whoa!

Oh my god.

[Austin] Son of a bitch!

[Tab] Oh my god!

Fuck me!

Okay, listen, everybody stay focused, are you seeing this, is everyone seeing this?

[Austin] Yeah, we're getting it, Tab.

Okay, okay, okay!

Noreen, are you feeling alright?

I'm good boss, just a little startled.

Okay, 'cuz we can go back, we can go right back right now.

Are you kidding me, did you see what we all just saw?

There's no way we're going back.

She's right, she's absolutely right, there's no way we're ignoring it, Jimmy.

Do you hear that, local residents?

There is now way you're gonna scare us out of this house.

We don't scare, we're professionals!

Alright, alright, fine.

Let's do this, let's do it quick.

Alright, everybody go to their rooms, let's go.

[Parnell mumbles]

All the freakin' lights fail, [indistinct] I don't even know.

[Noreen] It makes sense if you think about it.

Lots of lights failing makes sense to you?

And the flashlights?

Yeah, if you stop up there and it was a rational explanation.

I'm not looking for a rational explanation, I just need a reason why there's energy.

Because all the stuff we got through wouldn't be enough.

I mean, think about it.

What is all this?

[Noreen mumbles]

Noreen, slow down, just for a minute.

We don't even know what we're getting ourselves into back here.

I don't know where we're going, so let's slow down a little bit.

It just keeps going back here.


Do you see something?

I don't see anything, what is it?

Probably just a rat or something.

What is all this crap, man?

There's a gas mask in here.

I don't know what all this is.

Take it easy.

Is it a tunnel?

Yeah yeah yeah.

Can you see anything?

Umm, hold on.

Did you see something?

What is it, I didn't see anything.


There's something buried there.

Oh my god.

What is it?

What the hell is it?

I think it's a finger bone.

Well whatever bone it is, I don't think you should be touching it.

I wouldn't be touching [indistinct] bones.

What is it?

It's a tooth.

Noreen, put that down.

I wouldn't be touching it, either.

Oh my god.

What, what the...

Put that down!

There's bones everywhere, Parnell.

Oh my god.

They're graves.

Oh my g-- there's, they're fucking graves, everywhere, there's bones everywhere.

Let's alert the caretaker.

We should let him know.

[Noreen coughs and chokes]


[Noreen coughing and retching]


Alright, we're going back to base camp.


[Noreen coughing and choking]

Noreen, come on, steady steady.

Come on.


Come on, let's get you back to base camp.

Come on.

[Noreen sobbing, screaming]

Hey where you going?!


I guess she screamed first.


It's umm, 2:55, I just left the basement, umm, where, uh, we were getting some heavy EMF readings and all of a sudden all our equipment shut down, flashlight wasn't working, umm, Noreen found some weird bones or something, felt like we were under a cemetery down there or something, then shit just went haywire and now she's missing.

[Tab talking indistinctly]

That's, that's it, we're calling it.

What, why?!

First of all, did you see what happened back there, second of all, everyone's a little too enthusiastic about this.

Oh my god, Jimmy, are you kidding me?

This is what we got into this for!

What the hell's wrong with you?

It's just now getting good and you want to quit?

I don't want to quit, I'm just...


I don't want anyone to get hurt.

Oh my god, this is such bullshit!

We're professionals, Jimmy!

This is what we do!

[Jimmy sighs]

[Parnell] Boss, boss, boss, we got a problem, I lost Noreen, over!

How could you lose Noreen?

[Parnell] She uh, she got sick, she ran, I don't know.

She's gone.

We're shutting down.

[Tab sighs angrily]

Alright everyone, this is the boss.

We are calling this one but our first priority is a missing team member.

I need you all to check in and give me your 20s.

Austin, what's your 20?


God dammit!

Jimmy, wait.

[quiet, spooky music]

Are you getting anything on the IR sensor?



[faint scuttling]

What was that?

I don't know.

[quiet, intense music]

I think we could hear something now.

[Caitlin mumbling]


What's going on?

Are you drinking?


[Austin] What about her?

She's gone, we have to go find her.



Does he seem okay to you?

No, but we have to go find Noreen.

What the hell is going on here?

Jimmy, we don't have to wake the dead looking for her!

Is that supposed to be funny?

No, I'm just--can't we look for her and gather evidence at the same time?

You are taking this true believer thing way too seriously, we are talking about a team member here.

I know, I'm just, she's a big girl, she can take care...

Well she's obviously not here, let's keep looking.

That can't be right.

Tab, it's time to go.

Come on, Tab, this is...

[Tab breathing raggedly]

What the hell?

We gotta, we gotta get out of here.

[Tab screams]



I knew this was a bad idea, now we've lost Noreen.

We should have never came here and this--

Slow down.

If we're gonna find them we gotta be systematic about this.

Shut up!

Now that's your brother, okay?

Stop trying to act like him!

You're the screw-up little brother, you know that?

You're here for comic relief and that's it, nothing more.

[Parnell] Stop it. [Caitlin] Stop it!

[Parnell] Stop trying to act like him. - [Caitlin] Stop!

Stop it!

You bitch!

[Caitlin laughs]

It's my fault.

It's my fault.

Parnell, we gotta keep it together, man.

We're gonna find her.

But you gotta stay with me, okay?

Come on.

[Caitlin laughing]


[Caitlin laughs]

It's not Caitlin, she's possessed.

I want to know where Noreen is.

Where's Noreen?

Tell us where she is!

[Caitlin laughs]

Where is she?



[Caitlin laughing]

[Austin] Hey where are you guys?

Parnell, Caitlin?

Wait wait wait wait wait, tell me where she is!

[Austin] Parnell, what's going on?

[Caitlin moaning]

Wait, stop it.


[Caitlin] What are you doing?!

[Parnell] She's possessed or something!

[Caitlin] Kill him!


[Caitlin moans]

I'm so horny.


Is there somebody there?

[Noreen breathes raggedly]

Help me.


Please help me.



Okay Jimmy, breathe.


Is that you?










Come on dude, what the fucking hell?

Come on, come on, come on, come on, we gotta get you out of here.


Shit, what happened?

What the fuck is this drag mark?

Help me, help me.

Hang on man, hang on.

Come on, come on stay with me.

Stay with me.

Stay with me.

It's alright man, we're gonna get you out of here.

[moaning and yelling out]

[Austin growling]

[Caitlin moaning and screaming]


We're almost there, come on man.

We're almost there.


I want to go back in there, man.

My brother's in there.

Tab, Caitlin.

You've, look you've, you've done this before, right?

My face.

My face.

I'll be right back.

My face.

I'm gonna be right back.

I've lost the team.

Uh, Tab and Austin, radios are malfunctioning, umm...

I found Parnell, uh, something obviously had happened to him, umm, I'm going back in, and I'm gonna see if I can--

I just heard something.

Uh, okay, I need to, I need to go back in.

[Little boy ghost] Parnell, where are you?

[bottle clatters on the floor]



Is there somebody there?


Please help me.

Please, I'm so scared, please help me.



[Jimmy] Noreen!



Where are you?

[faint moaning]


[Austin growls, Caitlin laughs]


[intense music]

[Little boy ghost] Come play with me, Parnell.

What, what the fuck is that?



Is that you?


Not real.


What the fuck?

What the fuck is going on?


Do you remember?




This place is bad.

We gotta get outta here, Cait.

Let's go.

Come on.

Go go go go go go.


See I don't know what's going on in this house.

Me and Caitlin, we, some things happened.

And neither of us remember.

Umm, and now we can't find our team.

There's something about this house, that's not right.

It's locked.

Come on.

This is locked too.

Let's go.


What is it?

I can't, it's locked.


What was that noise?

I don't know.

It was coming from upstairs.

Come on.

What was that noise?

I don't know.

[Jimmy] Where are you, where are you?!


[Jimmy screaming]

Jimmy, stop!

[Jimmy crying out]

I don't believe in you!

[Jimmy screams, glass breaking]

Let's go, let's go!

We gotta go right now, let's go!

Come on, come on let's go!

[intense music]

[Little boy ghost] Are you scared?

Now let's play.

You belong down here with us.

It's nailed shut over here.

Ah, this one, too.

Come on.

Oh, man.

Come on.

I don't wanna go down here.

Come on, you have to.

Come on, I'm ready to call it quits now.

I'm not staying up here.

We can do this.

[ominous music]

What was that?

It was nothing, it was a cat or something, okay?

Okay, you gotta keep going, alright?


I'm right here.

Okay, okay.

I can't.

I can't, I can't, I can't do this!

We gotta keep going, right here, okay.

I'm gonna protect you, okay, but I'm right here, we gotta keep going.


[Caitlin breathing heavily]

Oh, oh god, okay.

It's cold.

It's cold, it's cold down here.

Oh, ahh!

Caitlin, Caitlin!

We gotta keep going, okay?

Okay, okay.

I'm right here behind you.


We gotta keep going, come on.

You can do it.

[Caitlin breathing heavily]

Oh my god!

What is that?!

It's like a body or something.

Is that...

What, what?

Oh my god, let's go!

What happened?

Is that a book?

Let's go, leave it!

[Parnell breathing heavily]

Where are you?

Where are you?!

[Little boy ghost] Don't you like us?

[heart beating]

[Little boy ghost] We can all be together.

[Parnell mumbling]

Come with me, Parnell.


Don't leave, please.


Don't leave.

Don't leave, please.

Come with me.

[Austin] Slow down.

[Caitlin breathing heavily]

Slow down, you're gonna hurt yourself!

[Caitlin] Are you cold?

I'm fine.

Are you cold?!

I'm okay.

We gotta keep our heads on straight, okay?

We'll get out of here, but we gotta stay calm.


I know.

[Caitlin breathing heavily]

What's that?

I don't know.

Come on.

We don't have to go this way, we don't need to see it.

Come on.

I don't want to go this way!

It'll be okay.

Come on, Cait.


Honey, where have you b--

Hold on, hold on.


I don't feel right.

Nor, where'd you run off to?

Noreen, it's, it's, it's Austin and Caitlin.

What happened?

They got inside me.

If you're not careful, they'll get inside you.

Oh my god.

Fuck being calm.

Go, go!

Run Cait!

I'm so fucking tired of this place!

♪ Ring around the rosies, pocket full of posies

♪ Ashes, ashes, we'll all fall down ♪


We need to go back down.

Damn you!

I'm not playing your game anymore!

We gotta get outta here.

Cait, this door is locked.

No, no, come on!

Oh, good, let's go!

Oh, the cars, thank god.

Come on, let's go.

Come on, you can't stay here, you can come with us but, but there's ghosts.

That's it?

All your equipment and all your bullshit, and that's all you can come up with?

There's ghosts?

Of course there's ghosts, shithead!

Hey where you runnin' off to, man?

There's no way to run, they're all around ya!

They're everywhere!

[creepy music]

Are they coming with us?


[raining on windows]

What were you looking at?

Why were you just standing there?

I didn't see anything.

Just drive.

They're everywhere.


What did you say?


I don't believe in you.

[creepy, intense music]