The Ghostmaker (2012) Script


Holy oh. Whoa

I was thinking if you need money you can use my credit card.

What? I got it under control Sure you don't want to come and stay at my place tonight?

I'd like to, but I'll be up all night studying

Now get out of here

Marcus sent me to get the money You cannot be showing up to my fucking house like this I need more time. Marcus said to get the money tonight or he's going to pay himself at your girlfriend's house.

Listen to me You leave her the fuck out of this.

Oh, I'm just the messenger Get us the fucking money




My husband liked to collect awful things Take it to the dump with everything else You know I can sell this-- Young man, when you take this to the landfill promise me you'll watch them bury it.

Man .,

Sorry, ma'am, but one man's trash is another man's treasure

Cooler than I thought.

What Shit

What is it, man? Get your shit together You gotta see this All right


What the hell is it? I don't know.

What's that?

It's a key

Is that an engraving? Yeah.

Von Tristen,1952.

Dude, we might have a real antique here.

Come over here Check this out, dude I think I figured out where the key goes.

Give me that

That's creepy

What happened?

Why would someone put a music box in a coffin?

I don't know But I'm going to bed

So you're thinking post-modern philosophy-- ambitious I like it. Right here. First few chapters are a little slow Mid-way through it picks up, but the ending-- change your life Okay, I'll take a look Came over

Skinner was asking about you in class today wondering if you dropped out Yeah, I slept right through it.

The harder I try, the worse I do I wish I could help, man. Show me what you found Wolfgang von Tristen.

Born: Frankfurt, 1412 Builder of torture devices I saw that already There's no mention of coffins-?

Of any kind. Right this way

Age of Darkness

This guy was like an evil version of Leonardo da Vinci.

They called him the Devil's Craftsman That's it.

Idolon Machina Von Tristen was fascinated with death and the worlds beyond The later part of his years were spent creating the ultimate machine-- a mechanical coffin that allowed him to safely experience the sensation of death.

Von Tristen called this 'ghost machine'-- ghost machine

How much you think it's worth?

Thousands? Millions?

Collectors would kill for something like that

Hey-- the book's not allowed out of the archive!

You're gonna set off the alarm Glad to be of assistance

Dude, what the hell are you doing?

I just replaced a couple of pins in the music box It should work fine

Easy, man. What's up?

Read this Von Trlsten's ghost machine This coffin-like device is said to produce an out-of-body experience similar to the first moments of death Von Tristen was accused of sorcery and burned at the stake Although sketches of the coffin were recovered from his laboratory, an actual prototype was never found Until now.

No way.

Grab Minnie.

You'd better not hurt my goldfish, man.

What'd you do? Nothing!

Wait wait wait wait Just give it a sec Minnie's dead

Oh ho!

I can't believe it

Hey Call Platt.


Why are you beeping?

Honk honk Hey.

What's up?

So what's the surprise?

Ah, that is exactly what I needed What happened to your neck?

It's a hickey from Gina What?

She tried to roundhouse me in kickboxing class, but I kicked her ass Ohhh, that's my girl the night as it cuts before Whatever we're going thru just want to be with you...

Kyle, the gas company just called They're going to shut off the gas if we don't pay the bill Not now, Sutton!

Sure, I'll take care of the bill

Just like I did last month When are you moving into a new place?

I am not moving into a new place I got an awesome bathroom. and Sutton pays for everything

Hi, Julie.


Yeah, thanks.

Sutton, will you get the door?

Hey, Platt Well? Let's see this thing


Wait till you see the inside

Amazing Wanna go for a ride? I wanna run some tests first You scared?

I'm careful How about you, Sutt? Yeah right.

It didn't hurt the fish Um, there's a big difference between a goldfish and a human being All right, it's gotta be me Hey, do I have to remind you this was built by an expert in torture machines?

With some help from the devil Wait? Huh, what?

Just kidding If you see spikes shooting out of the sides, pull me out

October 10th Kyle Baker enters the ghost machine

Three turns should put Kyle in a trance for about a minute Kyle, are you afraid? Just turn the key

going I don't know Ha ha ha. Kyle, you can quit pretending now.

Dude, I don't think he's joking He's-- he's not breathing This is not good.

I'm not okay. This is not okay. This is not okay Huh-uh Careful Come on, Kyle. I don't know if you can touch him

' Kyle, wake up! ' Easy, Okay.

No no, Kyle, Kyle It's okay.

One minute. Come on

No, we need to wake him up right now!

Just let the music end!

Ooh ooh! Holy shit!

You scared the hell out of me!

One minute, five seconds Tell us what happened, man Man!

Dude, do you remember anything?

Come on, what the hell, man!? Say something.


It was like virtual reality You're there, but you're not You mean like a dream?

No, it's more like being invisible I wish you could tell me more, man Try it for yourself

I shouldn't do this I shouldn't do this Yeah, Platt, I thought you were smart.

I'm cursed with curiosity

You're gonna be fine Relax Bon voyage.


Easy, man. Chill, dude. We got you Thank God! Get me out of this thing! Get me out!

What the hell happened to you?

I don't think my experience was as enjoyable as yours.

No, this isn't good. I do not like this at all! Not one bit!

Not one bit. It's evil, I don't like it! It's not good!


What do you think it's doing to us?

It's an NDE-- a near-death experience We seem to be approaching the threshold of death without actually crossing over.

You all right?

Do you need a breather?

You want some water?

I'm next!

I was hoping you'd say that

I really think this is a bad idea It's gonna be fine, Platt.

Sutton, when you go under I need you to read the words on this card so that I'll know we're not dreaming You understand? Yeah.

My God

Kyle! Kyle!

Shit. Listen, I need you to keep an eye on him

What's going on?

I came to show you something When I offered you my credit card yesterday I didn't know you had already been using it for a month!

Oh come on, I was going to pay you back Look, I can't talk about this What are you thinking?

I can't talk about this right now!

Oh my God! What the hell is going on, Kyle?

Something big is going down.

I will call you tonight to explain all of this.


That's Platt's scooter


Holy shit!

What did I tell you? I was walking.

What was written on the card?

Sometimes, I dream that I'm walking But never like that.

What was written on the card? What?

The card. I don't know Maybe we were just dreaming Steal your girlfriend's credit card, huh?

That's pretty low, man You were out there?

Sneaky little bastard And you-- you might want to go look at your scooter, dude.

Julie can really kick Wait, what?

This is bigger than anything else I've ever known This is bigger than lasers This is bigger than-- this is crazy. We're on a canyon of unknowing, guys.

Look, some art collector finds out about this, some criminal, the police, it'll be gone by morning.

So it's our secret, okay?

And no more using the machine Not until I do some more research Seems perfectly safe Look!

Whoa! Whoa whoa whoa

I was standing. You were falling You saw it!

I felt my legs That's impossible

The feeling is gone now

Look, we've got something powerful here and we have absolutely no idea what it's doing to our bodies.

I want to do some more research before we use it again. Agreed?

I'm ready to go back in right now No! No, you're not. No Easy!

We'll get there Agreed Sutton?

I felt my legs

Excuse me, sir?

Come on, pooch Good boy.

This relationship isn't working I need more than casual sex I want some time off

Either we take two weeks off from each other or... we can end it right now Two weeks I love you, Kyle, but I really don't like you right now

Of course.

I thought I might have seen you tonight.

I've got your money

Jerrod, get the schoolboy some tea

Why are you messing with all this stuff anyway?

Ain't they got beers or cigarettes at your school?

Yeah. It was helping me study harder Now it's just helping

Let me show you something

You know, smoking is fine-- if you want to lose your teeth

Real pros shoot their crystal

Maximize the effects Saves money.

I'm not that desperate

There you go, buddy Have fun

Wait a minute

Ow! What the fuck?!

Just 'cause you go to college doesn't mean you don't follow the same rules as the other junkies, okay?

From now on you pay as you go I'm not a fucking junkie Just wait till you start losing your teeth.

Yeah. I got some info on the music box What time is it? It's almost noon Shouldn't you be in class?

Shit What did you find out? It relies on the diminished fifth also known as diabolus in musica, a tonal interval banned by the medieval church because it was considered to be satanic.

I want to record the music so I can study it further.

I don't understand a word you're saying, Platt Just don't touch anything I'll be there at 6:00.

This stuff goes way too quick

A lot of religions believe in the power of sound.

The Vedics believed that the universe was created by sonic vibrations and will be destroyed the same way

Uh, how you guys feeling?


You guys haven't had any problems since we used the coffin last night?

Nosebleeds, headaches, that sort of thing?

Nope How about your legs, Sutt?


Must have been a nervous reaction before It happens Have you seen anything strange?

Hallucinations, hot flashes, nightmares?

I slept like a baby Me too.

I saw something horrible.

It looked just like this Scared me half to death You were really freaked out yesterday This thing's gotta mess with your head a little.

Tonight I'm going for maximum duration Wait wait wait.

Wait just a minute. I'm here to do the sound and nothing else.

Don't touch me

Fine Listen, you guys don't tell me what to do with my machine.

Kyle Baker enters the ghost machine for the second time.

Tell us what you're going to do, man Why? For the marketing video That's nobody's business but my own

Come on, man. Time's up.

Stop it!

Stop it!

You know, man? Your girlfriend ain't half bad Doesn't move much but you can do anything you want with her.

Just give me my stuff.

Give them what they came for

Thanks, Jerrod. I knew you were good for something

Are you okay?

I feel good. Real good Come on, man. Tell us where you went The gates of heaven Come on.

You guys gonna help me out?

You guys might want to take a look at something

Goldfish die all the time

Take me to the max. You guys are tweaked

Good night, fellas

See you in class tomorrow What?

I miss him already Oh.

You should just get it over with and leave him He used to be different-- like really sweet.

After college we were gonna go to Europe to see the castles You're such a sucker for their romantic bullshit, aren't you?

No. No no no Don't answer it I'll just tell him to stop calling me Okay.

Julie, please don't hang up on me I meant it when I said I needed time off, Kyle I know But I got some great news for you.


I have to tell you in person. I got something to show you You're burning me out, Kyle Meet me tomorrow at the cafe near your house.

It'll be worth it, promise you Noon? Okay.

I love you, Kyle


Whoa How are you feeling?

I never felt better Where were you, man? The audience wants to know I snuck into a movie theater Must have been a good movie Look, I'm sorry Get me out of here!

Come on!

Grab the waist.

That was strange Yeah I didn't think he could get those Me neither

Nice fugue, Tristen Bach would have been proud

Sound without sound

I know that number.

I am Professor Julian Cutler with the Center for Acoustic Studies The founders of the medieval church understood the power of sound...

For a sustained period of time to cause trauma or death."

Organ music has been known to provoke religious feelings and dread

7-8 Hz is the frequency of the average brain alpha wave Sustained sound at this frequency can cause disorientation, unconsciousness and even death

Enough for a small creature... it worked on an insect, maybe even a small fish Definitely not enough for a human body.

Hmm, there must be something else.

I paid it all off-- everything I owe you, plus some of your stuff too How did you get the money? It doesn't matter.

You and I are going to be happy from--

It's not about the credit cards, Kyle.

What happened to the guy that I used to date?

The one that used to smile and make me laugh?

I look at you now and all I see is some sort of sick person.

And, babe, I don't know why I don't have to tell you every fucking detail of my life, do I?

See, that is what I'm talking about-- that right there.


I'm sorry.

Things have been a little crazy lately

What's up, Platt?

It's in the music But not the way you think The real power comes from ultra-low frequencies I'm with Julie right now The music requires a transmission device- something to focus and channel the sound Then there must be something else hidden in the coffin, shooting the sound directly into our heads Let's talk about this later, Platt A needle perhaps.

That would explain Sutton's CNS reaction Direct stimulation of the craniocerebral junction could restore some form of neuromuscular activity when the brain dies. I'm losing you, Platt!

Kyle! When you use the coffin, you are not having an out-of-body experience Your brain is dead!

Do you hear what I am saying, Kyle?

You're killing yourself every time you use that thing!

Yeah. I'll be over at your place at 7:00 We need to figure out what we're gonna do with this goddamn thing See you soon

Hey, I'm perfectly fucking fine!

I've never felt better in my entire life!

Yeah Fuck!

It's fucking gone, man It's all fucking gone.

You fuck!

You let somebody follow you?

No, there was nobody fucking- I don't fucking know!

I don't fucking know, man!

Okay, there was nobody fucking-- fuck!

Do you know how fucked we are?

Calderon is going to cut out our throats and yank our tongues through the fucking holes!

That's how fucked we are!

He's officially an hour late.

Let's do it Ugh,you're bleeding, man

What if we really are dying?

Then death is a wonderful thing

You want me to go first?


I'll go in

It's a stupid idea If we're gonna pay Calderon tonight, we need to move some shit This crap is all we got left.

Mixing those is fucking poison We fuck the junkies or Calderon fucks us I'd rather fuck some junkie, than us get shot.

Marcus ain't interested in your bitch tonight!

I got cash

Hey, man. Hey, listen to me Hey, you don't want to do this Hey look at me. Look at me You don't have to do this Hey!

Sutton, get me the fuck out of here!


Were you careful? Of course I was!

Two, one!

Really good. Open the heels, drop down to the knees, lift the feet to push up.

Aren't you gonna invite me in?


Nice place


When did you take these pictures?

Just tell me about Kyle

How much do you know about crystal meth?

Kyle's an extreme personality but he's not an idiot.

I didn't believe it myself at first

I gave him this box

I'm sorry I had to be the one to tell you.

I had a feeling

I really appreciate you helping with Kyle I hate what Kyle's doing to you

I love you, Julie

What are you afraid of?

I'm sorry, Sutton, I just don't feel the same way about you.

Because of this Of course not.

Do you know that I've been in love with you since high school, and you never even noticed me?

I never meant to make you feel bad I chose Kyle to be my roommate just so I could be close to you You did what? I'm a whole different person now!

Oh my God I'm healing!

And I'm getting stronger every day You're hurting me Shhh.

No more talk

Get out! Get the fuck out!


Kyle Baker? Yeah?

You're a friend of Oscar Platt, right? Yeah.

I'm going to need you to come with me, sir.

What happened?

He was in a big hurry to get out of here.

Did your friend have anybody who would want to hurt him?

Everybody loved him

Yeah It looks like he was into some pretty creepy stuff We found this on the screen It's unfinished. It's addressed to you

No one cheats death, Kyle We must destroy it Destroy what?

I have no idea

Okay, tell you what if you do get an idea, give me a call.

Thanks, fellas

What are you doing?

Oh my God Platt was right He was

How long you been hiding this?

Get away from my coffin You are not gonna take it away from me All right, Sutton. Put it down, Kyle Okay, Sutton, all right Put it down!

I don't need you to fuck Julie for me anymore

You're so beautiful The night as it cuts before Oh shit Whatever we're going thru just want to be with you

You're so beautiful...

What's going on?

You're so beautiful...

What the hell?

Someone help me! I'm in apartment 303 Please, somebody

Who are you? Answer me.

Please stop.No.

What did you do to me?

Sutton? No.

I never meant to hurt your feelings.

No no no

Oh fuck!

Julie Kyle, I think Sutton drugged me He's hiding somewhere You're not going to be able to see him Get out of your apartment I'm too weak.

Julie, keep your eyes open I love you. I love you too No no, Julie!



Some guys give a girl a ring or a nice vacation

But I'm going to give you something priceless...

and you're going to love it

We're gonna use the coffin together so that you can see the world the same way I do

Hurt me all you want

I don't care about this useless body anymore

Julie. Julie!

Do you really love him?

Then you just killed him!


Guess you learned a trick or two, huh, Sutton?

The power is in the music, Kyle I just had to make it play a little longer.

What the hell?

I can't believe you wanted to hurt my coffin, Kyle.

It's killing you Right here, Kyle!

That's for all the times I had to listen to you fucking her Tonight you're gonna be the one listening on the other side of the wall

Leave her the fuck alone!

Do you believe in ghosts?

Scream for him Fuck you.

Help me, Kyle! Julie, listen to me Hold tight. I'm coming for you. Hold on

Where are you, Sutton?

Hiding and spying as usual Not anymore.

You're a sick son of a bitch you know that?

No no


Please,Sutton, no. Please no.

Please no, Sutton

So this is it, huh?

I'm not afraid of you

You wanna take me, take me!

Kyle's not going to save you, Julie Sutton, please

Oh God

No fucking way

Help me burn it, Sutton Aww, are you afraid to die?

Cause I'm not

What makes you think I'm not gonna come back and haunt you?

Without the coffin? Good luck.


Send me a postcard from hell!

Not this time

You cunt

Ha ha! You're gonna have to aim straight if you want to kill me

Good You and I got something to finish but first things first Come on, man, let's end it now

Oh! No!




Are you sure about this?

It's something I have to do Just wait for me

I should have destroyed it like you said.

I should have done it a long time ago.


Now I can finally leave this place.

Hey, how long will I see it for?

For the rest of your life

Death is always walking with us waiting for the time The only difference is now I can see it.

Another fight club game just to be alive today If it's a chain of pain life's a bitch Another double fault crime made a freak To break up the fight now who makes it real

Death is a beautiful thing Beautiful beautiful Beautiful beautiful

Death is a beautiful thing Death is a beautiful thing Beautiful beautiful Beautiful beautiful...

The End