The Girl Is in Trouble (2015) Script

[ Anguishing groans from an unidentified man.]

More groaning, heavy breathing, stifled cries.]

[ Man's cries become louder, more desperate.]

[ Terrible screams.]

It happened a year ago.

I wish I could tell this story from beginning to end but I don't remember it that way.

I do remember...

Freddy, you promised me the gig was mine.

Well, I changed my mind.

I need someone whose name I can put on the flyer and pack this room.

And that ain't you, pal.

Look, I got fired from The Void. I need this shot, c'mon.

A real DJ gets this job.

I mean, what are you?

You're a nice guy, but you ain't no real DJ.

Any idiot can be a iPod DJ.

At least tell me who you got?

Hey, Rekles.

What's up. How you're doing?

We're all set for you.

I'll give it an eye check.

What the fuck, Rekles?

Yeah, Rekles!

He's got Serato, he actually mixes the music...

Plus he's got like 5,000 fans on-line.

What do you got?

Look, it's just business bro.

It's just business...?

[Sound of angry gesture.]

The rest of the story is in fragments, bits and pieces that jump around.

I was hung up on chance and faith, trying to figure out why I was going nowhere.

That's when she came along.

[Knocking on door]

Eric, open up!

Eric, I know you're in there!

Come on! It's an emergency!

[Sound of door opening.]

We had a deal. I told you not to come back tonight.

I know, I need to stay here tonight.

Eric? Who's at the door?

Nothing, baby, I'll be back in a minute!

Go the fuck away.

If you're in trouble, I don't wanna be involved.

[Door slamming.] Eric, please!

I swear I'll call the fucking cops!

OK, just let me get my things.

Signe, I'm dialing!

Stop, Jesus!

Just gimme my guitar.

And be careful with it!

My shoes!

Eric, fuck, I'm barefoot!

[Sound of door opening, sandals hitting floor, door slamming.]


The girl was in trouble.

But it wouldn't have been my problem if Peter, the guy she called first, had picked up his phone.

Or Igor, the photog was probably snapping shots downtown.

Steven couldn't see his part.

He started a midnight gym routine after she joked that his tits were bigger than hers.

And calling Rachel was pointless.

Their fling ended badly after she told Rachel she was just exploring.

[Cell phone ringing.] Rachel felt used.

[Cell phone dropped]

[Cell phone ringing.] That left me, I was last on her list.

We met five weeks ago at The Void, I thought she was into me.

I got her digits, called her. Never heard back until...

[Sound of cell phone ringing.]




Remember me?

The Swedish girl you met at the The Void.

You're the girl who doesn't call anybody back.

Yeah, I know, I've been real busy.

I was wondering if you wanna grab a drink or something?

I've been at The Void, but I didn't see you.

Yeah, cause I got fired.


Maybe I can help to cheer you up.

Just one drink. Come on. It'll be fun.

I dunno...

Hey listen...

I'm leaving the States and I'd really love to see you.

It'll be worth your while.

I promise.

What to do.

Something about this didn't sound right.

Then I remembered...

What did my horoscope say?

♪ [Musical alarm.]


Meet me at Happy Ending, Broome and Forsyth, 20 minutes.

OK, 20 minutes.


♪ [Club music comes up.]

Are you nervous?

Terrified... of your fashion sense.

What's going on with the get-up?

I got locked out of my apartment.

So... you need a place to crash?

Tell me this, you're just locked out of their apartment in a trench coat and flip-flops?

Are you waiting for somebody else?


Are you sure?

I just don't really wanna be here.

If you get me...

Do you get me?


[Sound of bed rocking.]


If I'd have known you were that type of girl, I would've paid you up front.

What are you doing with my phone?

Don't touch that!

I'm about to call the police to report a robbery, I ain't using up my minutes, this shit is expensive!

Put that down!

Are you kidding me, right? You're going through my wallet, now you want to get back because I have your phone?

You're crazy. - Listen, I just needed some cash.

I put it back...

You don't know what you're doing, OK?

Look, I should be kicking you the fuck out.

But now you got me curious.

What do you got here? Naughty pictures?

Who were you fucking last night before me?

Give it to me!

Don't! Don't!

August! August!

[Sound of choking victim.]

Is this real?

What the fuck I'm looking at. It is fucking real?

[Deep, panicked gasping for air.]

[More gasping for air.]

[Sound of running water.]


It's the real to see death right on front of you.

By the time it was all over, this will be another thing Nicholas and I would have in common.

[Sounds of straining effort.]

[Sound of shower running.]

Does your father know?

What about your mother?

Mom's in the cottage in Connecticut.

And you don't know where the girl went?


Let's forget about the girl for now.


What is your daily morning routine?

I go for a run and I practice my...

Practice what?


Clean this all up.

Go for a drive, clear your mind.

Come back in an hour, excercise, practice whatever it is you do.

If she calls the cops, I got friends there.

Your father's got friends there.

If she contacts you, you call me immediately, huh?

Meantime, let's see what I can learn about this...


I didn't mean for this to happen.

Nobody ever does.

[Sound of woman yelling in background.]

Abuela, I'm starvin'.

Where's your brother?

I dunno.

I said it a million times. Do I look like his keeper?

There will be no food for anyone here until your brother comes home.

It's Sunday!

He is supposed to be here.

It's 11:30. He was supposed to be here at eleven.

If you don't show up on time in this life, you always be left behind in the next.

Where are you going?

I gotta go eat. I ain't living like this.


You can't get yourself worked up like this, Alright?


Yo, Sparky...

What's up, nigga?

Yo, you see my little brother around?

You sure?


Hey yo...

Wake your ass up!

[Sound of cell phone ringing.]

Hello, Yuri...

Yeah, the new supply got done.

He had some family shit to deal with.


You fuckin' amateur.

Angel's first clue was in his brother's profile status.

Jésus was dealing again.

But Angel knew where to look for him because in the Lower East Side veryone has a friend in comm.

Even though I didn't know it, the girl and I were already linked, but the chain starts with Jésus.

He friend-quested everyone he dealt drugs to.

Most didn't accepted.

I was one of the few who did.

I came over with my parents from Nigeria to Newark NJ at age of 7.

Yeah, people really do emigrate to New Jersey.

All I wanted is to be a DJ.

I met a girl named Alicia and had a short run when she got me gigs with the coked-out trust fund set.

I dropped out of college cause we had plans for New York together.

Until she dumped me for a Rastafarian.

My parents practically disowned me.

I got a job bar-backing at The Void on Ludman Street, But every night I dreamed that I'd be spinning all over the world, Berlin, Amsterdam, London.

But I never get there until I saved enough to buy a Serato Scratch.

Then, I'd be legit.

[Sounds of slides of Scratch equipment.]

So to get back to the girl, there's a few more people along the way.

But there is no need to remember them all, except for this guy... Amir.

He's the only friend I could always count on.

There is definitely no need to remember Jeremy.

He lasted less than a month at The Void.

He was fired for inappropriate use of the restroom.

He would've gotten away with it if they didn't wreck the sink, causing the manager to check the security tape.

And never mind about his lady friend, Suzie Voight, an aspiring fashion designer over at the FIT.

Or even her roommate, Ana from Bogotá, who moved here to intern in documentary filmmaking.

Now this is where it gets interesting.

Ana's co-worker Stephanie...

Stephanie, always told Ana about a new guy she was seeing, like the musician she met a few weeks earlier named Eric.

I'll be back in a sec.

Eric had never told Stephanie about his adventures in Stockholm.

Which brings us full circle to the girl.

They met at a lounge in Soödermalm when Erick bought her a drink after her set.

They spoke till dawn about her love of music, her need to find herself, and her dream of living in New York.

Eric thought she was the one and invited her to move into his Lower East Side loft.

But the honeymoon ended fast when they actually got to know each other.

That's when he tossed her out.

For his own sense of closure, he decided to delete her from his "friend list."

But by then, we were already directly linked.

And she was standing right next to me in my apartment.

[Cries and painful screams.]

Is this fucking real?


Bullshit, because I know these guys.

It's none of your business, OK?

[Loud knocking at door.]

What the fuck.

Who is it? Angel.


Who is it?

It's the fucking brother of the dead guy on your phone.


Do they think I'm involved?

I don't even know the guy!

What am I going to do?

Hold on one second, man!

How...? What are we going to do?


You have to help me now, OK?

You have to help me.

[Doorbell ringing.]

[Sound of August opening front door.]

Yo. What up? What up?

What took you so damn long, man?

My bad, my bad.

[Sound of door closing, lock turning.]

It's good.

Smells like sex in here.

You got a broad in here, man?

I thought I heard a woman voice in here.

No, just me, how the hell you'd get in the building?

Sure you're not having sex?

Hey, you better be wearing protection.

There is a lot of shit out there, man, you're a dirty bird.

You're dirty fucking bird.


How you doing, man?

Surviving. Surviving?


Why you surviving when you can be living, man.

Yo, you and I should get back in business.

August... Those were good times...

I told you I'm done with that shit, man.

And how you making ends meet?

This is past due, right?

Nosey motherfucker.

This one too, man.

You motherfucker, like yo...

I don't need you coming up here and reminding me about this shit!

I know you're not here to talk about business, so what's up?

Straight to the point? Straight to the point.

I have some questions about Jésus.

First, I gotta go take a piss .

[Sound of bathroom door sliding open and closing.]

[Cell phone ringing.]

Yo, Sparky, what you got?

Yeah, who's that nigga that saw him?

Alright, I'll be there in a minute.

Everything alright?

Jésus has been ghost.

We got a lead, so I'm gonna go check it out.

If you hear anything, let me know, right?

Yeah. Right?


I'm gonna be the first one to kick his ass before my grandma gets to him.

Bye. Bye.

Take your guitar and get out. You gotta go.

Let me think for a moment. No thinking.

If you want to think, I can bring Angel back up here and you can think with him.

Be careful with that! It's important to me.




I'm asking you please to leave my apartment.


What did you tell him?


I didn't tell him nothing.

OK, just let me explain, right?

I was broke.

This guy talked really rich...

I thought I'd go with him and if things go right, I'd have a place to stay and I can figure things out.

So we're doing cocaine and we had fun.

And all of the sudden, this friend-dealer shows up...

And all I remember is that we were high out of our minds and...

Then they started to argue.

Arguing about what?

Arguing about who's going to fuck me first.

I freaked out!

I ran, I hid in the closet.

All I remember, I was holding my camera watching Jésus getting murdered.

I wanted to help him but I knew I'm gonna get killed next.

So I ran out, I called all the numbers in my phone.

I don't know why, out of all the people, it had to be you!

This is my fucking life.

Shit always happens to me, but no...

No, not this time.

If you need help, you need to go to the cops.

No! I can't go to the police, I don't trust the police!

By the way, that guy is fucking nuts!

And he said his father is powerful and rich!

You said you know this Nicholas, right?

Yeah, yeah...

He's a fucker, I'd have a job right now if it wasn't for him.

He is a fucker.

August, we have the phone and the video.

And he might want it...

He might even need it back.


Why don't you talk to him?

What do you mean "talk to him"?


What do you mean "talk to him"?

What I mean is, you seem like you need help.

So you either kick me out, or you talk to him, and we all get what we really need.

Fucking Christ. August.

I need some air and some food.


How do I know you won't just walk out and turn me in?

You don't.

If Angel came to talk to me, that means he's talked to everyone else on the block.

You're probably already fucked.

If he finds out I hid you here, I'm fucked.

If he finds out I lied about his brother, I'm super-fucked!

So as far as I'm concerned, your sense of security doesn't mean shit to me right now.

[Front door slamming.]

I didn't trust her.

What were the odds our fates would cross this way?

That lead me to how my money trouble started.

The guy's a better quarterback his brother Patton.

Do you even watch football?

No, I think he's better quarterback.

Fucking retard....

♪ [Theme music comes up.]

[Sound of hard punch.]

If was just community service I got for sucker-punching a yuppie, it would have been one thing.

[Sound of gavel banging down.]

It was a civil settlement that really screwed me over.


I don't usually go Mohammed Ali over stuff like that.

But that night I was totally hammered cause I was still upset by what happened earlier that day.

[Car tires screeching.]

Yo, where you at?

I just parked on Ave C.

Hurry up!

What's going on, B?

You know these windows are illegally tinted, right?

Officer, I've been driving for a year like this...

License, registration and get out of the car.



Sugar for your coffee?

Turn around, put your hands behind you back.

[Sound handcuffs snapping closed.]

Jesus and I barely spoke since his arrest.

Felt so guilty that he got busted and I went free, I got trashed just to get it out of my head.

That lead to punching the yuppie, as the more I got wasted, the deeper I drifted into my mind.

It was also that night I got the first tremors in my hand.

Too broke to see a doctor.

[Sound of key turning lock.]

[Sound of party-goers.]

All this leads to Nicholas.

He always made me feel invisible.

No shaving...

Thank you, Captain.

And for the hundredth time, Nicholas didn't tip.

Why not get even for Jésus and myself?

After all, it's partly my fault that Jésus was dead since I introduced Nicholas to him to score drugs in the first place.

You still got my number. right? - Yeah, yeah.

Pick up the water, too.

What the fuck are you doing?

The one time August retaliated, I got fired.

That's when I remembered what Jésus said to me once:

In life, you either fuck or get fucked.

Make sure it's you doing the fucking.

So even if I didn't trust her, why not screw Nicholas for 50 grand anyway?

[Sound of key turning, front door opening.]

So, you're just gonna go?

If you don't want me here, I'll find my own way.

So what do you think?

Let's talk to him.

Nicholas wasn't all bad.

But to understand him meant knowing his history.

His life had always been tied to Wall Street because his father, Charles, created Feinman Securities in 1965.

Charles was one of the guys who founded the NASDAQ and revolutionized the world of finance.

His maxed his profits by serving only the most elite clients.

And by the 80s, Charles handled 18% of transactions on Wall Street, until he was hit hard in the '87 stock market crash.

Feinman couldn't let this happen again in the recession of the 90s, so he created a formula to provide huge returns on his clients' investments.

But he really stashed their money into his own bank accounts while giving them reports of huge gains.

Soon he had billions in play, but with the most recent market crash, investors rushed to cash out, finding that he couldn't pay back money that no longer existed.

[Journalists screaming questions at Feinman.]

Charles' one and only obssesion was the company, at the cost of other relationships, including with his son, Nicholas.

Nicholas lost touch with his father during his years at Princeton, got tired of being second to the company.

But after college, his desire for his father's approval drove him to Wharton Business School and back into the family business.

I realize now that Nicholas was just as lost as I was.

All that money and privilege could never replace the love of a father.

Nicholas' most prized possession was his violin.

Playing it was the only thing that made him feel at ease.

♪ [Sound of Nicholas' violin.]

But on that day, it couldn't ease the guilt he felt after what happened to Jésus.

♪ Come back in five, ten years,

♪ And we'll get married then, But I will never love a young boy again.

♪ Eight hundred months older than him am I, ♪ In my hands he is

♪ a bar of soap.

She always thought fate would bring her to New York.

She ran away to Stockholm from her hometown of Skane at seventeen.

Though her parents loved her, she felt they never understood her.

And Skane was too ordinary.

She can never be ordinary.

All she had was her music.

She got her first guitar as a gift from her dad at thirteen.

She loved it so much that she practiced non-stop.

In Stockholm, it wasn't much better than Skane though.

She never found her place there either.

She had to do things to make money to pursue her music, things she was unable to confront.

Then she start running again.

And now in New York, she still felt alone.

She joked once that even though she had 221 friends on her online profile, there were still no one to eat dinner with.

[Door opening and closing.]

You can't live here for free anymore, OK?

Fuck the music shit!

Don't say that!

You know I can't work. I'm looking for gigs.

You got two weeks to move out!

And now that I got a girl here, you're shit out of luck, OK?

She didn't want to be hurt anymore.

And she was tired of running.

She felt like no matter what she did, she couldn't escape that feeling she had since she was seventeen.

There was no place for her in the world.

Somehow, as unlikely as it seemed, we became connected.

I ripped my pants. Can you turn round?

Cover your eyes.

Can I help you? No, it's OK, I got it.

No, just give it to me. Let me help you.

No, it's OK... No, it's OK, trust me.

I used to sew my own dresses when I was a little girl.

So, anyway...

I talked to a few people that I used to work with, and apparently this guy is a lot more loaded than we thought.

His dad owns some big securities firm.

I knew it.

You sure there's nothing else you remember from that night?

I told you I'm trying to block... those memories from my mind.

All I can remember is blood.

If we're gonna do this, you have to remember, OK?

What about before you got to his place?

Anything he said? Anything that happened?

We got very drunk at the bar.

I don't think he had cash because he used his card for the taxi.


Before we got into the taxi though, he called Jésus.


What about on the way there?

No, we just talked.

He said he loved music.

He plays violin.

Yeah, what else did he say?

I don't know...

I told him about Sweden.

He talked about New York.

We drove past a museum.

He said his family helped make the Lower East Side what it is.

That they still contribute to the museum.

Take a note to ask...

Hey, thanks for the clothes, and letting me stay.


Yeah, you're welcome.

OK, here we go.


You keep on checking out the window.


I'm two months behind on my rent.

I gotta make sure my landlord doesn't ambush me.

Oh, sorry but...

Yeah, thanks for...

...stitching my...


[Sound of front door closing.]

Now, what's so urgent about a coat check girl you're banging?

This guy who's harassing her is some fucking security big-wig.

And the manager, the owners, want me to look into it.

What's it have to do with me?

I figured anybody know anything about these finance guys, it'd be you, Mr. Investigative Reporter.

Look, August, I don't have time to chase some guy who's screwing your girl?

Indy, don't do this, c'mon!


Who used to hook you up back at Rutgers?

I mean who helped you lose your fucking virginity?

She was a hooker, and you lied that she was a transfer student!

She put some hair on that chest. - I was born with hair on my chest!

I'm gonna help you out, but you gotta give me more to go on.

Anything on the father?

All I got is the son, Nicholas, tall, white, pretty boy.

Oh, that's great. Tall, white, pretty boy named Nicholas?

That will really narrow it down for me.

Is he WASP, or one of the chosen?

I dunno. Apparently he said something about his father being the reason Lower East Side what it is, bragging to her about contributing to some old museum.

If it's in the Lower East, it's probably the Tenement Museum.

That's a start. At least, I'll check out their donor records.

Oh shit, man, I gotta pick up my daughter.

Call you when I get a hint? Thank you.

Alright, brother, in the meantime, why don't you go home and see if you can keep your girl from fucking this guy for a few hours.



[Street sounds.]

Yo, nix that shit, man! I can't stand that fuckin' dancehall.

Nigga, dancehall can't stand you either, boy.

What's up Raul, José?

Wazzup, man.

Y'all about to ball?

Except we're waiting for these punk-ass bitches to finish their game.

Sparky said you all was with Jésus last night?

Supposed to hit this spot that was the jump off, all of a sudden that nigga just peaced out.

But he said he was supposed to meet us at the courts today though, so...

Did he say where he was going?

Nah, he just split.

He said something about Ludlow, he was gonna meet up with some whiteboy, but I don't fuck around there no more, yo, I ain't tryin' to fuck with none of these white bitches no more, yo.

You tell Jésus, if you see him, that Angel's looking for him.

No doubt, man.

♪ [Rap music comes up.]

I always felt a bond with Angel.

Our parents had brought us here for a better future.

We were part of a history that stretched all the way back to the 19th century...

That's when the first free African-American slaves made their homes in this place.

There were joined by waves of Irish.

By the 1870s, more that 170,000 Germans became the next wave.

The Germans and Irish were joined in the Lower East Side by the Italians.

By the early 1900s, the European Jews found their home in the LES.

Among them was Herschel Feinman, great-grandfather of Nicholas.

No, if I see him, I'll tell you.

...suffer! You don't understand, this is my house!

Shut the fuck up!

Jésus, Jésus! You saw him! Jésus!

[Door slamming.]

The most recent immigrants were Chinese, Puerto Rican and Dominican, including Luz Guzman and her two sons, Jésus and Angel.

Yo, I was just about to call you, man.

I called you yesterday, all day.

Yo man, it was my day off.

Where's Jésus? Haven't seen him.

He left a message on his computer, like maybe he was doing some business Saturday night.

You point anyone his way?

I might have supplied a number to an overeager customer.

Ain't fucking around, Dre.

All I know is his name is Nicholas.

Nicholas what?

Nicholas "I need some coke right now cuz I got some

"horny pussy that needs to be fucked."

I didn't get his full government name.

Hey look, go talk to this girl named Maria, fine-ass bartender across the street at Piano.

She usually gets in around about 7.

I heard the two of them smashed once.

Everything changed for Angel after what happened during those days.

And I can't fully blame him for what he felt he had to do.


Maria, can I talk to you for a minute?

About what?

A guy named Nicholas...

You met him at The Void, he took you home.

Is he a friend of yours?

Cuz that guy's a fuckin' dick. I know he is.

That's why I want to talk to you.

What happened with you two?

He takes me home, tries to force me to fuck him without a condom, I tell him no way, then he wants to go anal, I tell him I'm not so much into anal anymore, and then he kicks me out.

You don't hold back on your details, do you?

No, I don't fuck around.

Or are you the type who likes to beat around the bush?


I get straight to the point.

See, Nicholas, he ain't a friend of mine.

In fact, he did something similar to someone who is.

Remember where he lives?

Listen, just cuz I don't fuck around doesn't mean I want any trouble.

You ain't gotta worry your pretty little face.

I'm just wanna talk some sense into him.

See, all you gotta do... is point out the building, that's all you gotta do.

[Front door closing.]

Where did you go?


Just for a walk.

I've been stuck in this place for two days.

I don't like feeling trapped.

Don't leave the apartment again.

It's such a pretty day.


Say no more, I get it. No, you don't get it.

We have to protect ourselves, and you just running off...

Look, it just gives me a bad feeling, so don't do it, OK?

Am I a prisoner?

Who'll connect anything?

I don't think we should be so paranoid.

Or is that bad feeling from something else?

I saw all those horoscopes.

That's no way to live life, August.

You can't cheat what's coming.

Don't go through my shit.

Oh, did I touch some sore spot?

Was that a love horoscope?

Are you trying to keep me here just for yourself?

Lemme make something crystal clear to you, OK?

You're here because you need me.

I'm letting you stay here because I need money.

You equal money.

That's it.

Get it?

Just because you fuck your way into whatever you want with others guys, don't come here and try that slutty shit with me cause it's not gonna work.

It was just a joke, August. Ha, ha...

Since you know me so well, why did you let me fuck my way into here two nights ago?

To be honest with you...

I kind of felt sorry for you.

Oh really? Yeah.

Then why don't you forget everything then and just feel sorry for me a bit longer?

Just a bit longer? Alright?

Are you out of your fucking mind?

August, there are things about me you'll never understand.

So don't you ever talk to me like I'm just a stupid, pathetic whore?

[Cell phone ringing.]


Hey, hi Indran, yeah.

No, I'm fine, OK.

Thank you, thank you.



Nicholas Feinman.

Now we know where he lives.

[Sound of Angel's car cruising.]

I dunno, I was pretty wasted by then.

You can't remember anything specific?

What did he try with your girl?

It was a guy.


Didn't know he was a swinger.

There it is.

That's the one.

Take this number.

If you need anything, anything at all, let me know.



Get yourself a cab.

Thanks, Babe.

I'll call you.

There's your favorite loverboy, right there.

[Loud breathing.]


You're Nicholas Feinman?

Yeah, what do you want?

[Sound of front door opening.]

[Door closing.]

Where the fuck is my brother?

Put the gun away and I'll tell you. [Pistol cocking.]

He's dead.

I didn't do it.

I swear.


I'm very sorry for your loss.

What the fuck happened?

He was shot, right where you're sitting, with his own gun.

We had this girl here, I met her at The Void.

You know The Void?

I know The Void. Spit it out!

So I meet her there, bring her home, Jésus comes over and we're all doing blow.

I said wait for a second and then she went fucking crazy.

Shot Jésus.

I swear.

And his body?

I don't know, I called my father and

...he cleaned it up. Clean it up!


He's a piece of garbage!

Don't you ever talk about my brother like that again.

Got it?

You're gonna call your Daddy and get my brother's body back.

Got it? I got it.

I'm sorry, sorry.

Look, it was a tragedy, your brother was a dealer.

This could cause more trouble for you, me.

Your family, my family, who knows?

But I can help you find her.

Open it.

Why should I trust you're telling the truth?

Why shouldn't I just blast your ass right now?

You could, but you wouldn't get far.

Your face is on the cameras in the lobby, the doorman could pick you from a lineup.

No offense, but if something happens to someone like me, it's not the same.

Trust me.

Besides, why would I steal her wallet for fun?

The money?

[Cell phone ringing.]

Now Yuri, I told you I was...

My brother...

Well, how long do you need me for?


That's the girl who killed your brother.


It's me.

We got another problem.

The brother of the dead guy.

Can you get rid of him?


Have you seen this chick?

With that Nicholas dude?

Dre, take a closer look, man.

Imagine it was your brother, man.

What if Twan went missing just like that?

Twan's twice as big as my ass, he ain't disappearing nowhere.

Dre, Jésus didn't just disappear.

He's dead.

And I need to find who was responsible for this shit.

Damn, man, I'm sorry, I didn't know it was like that. You alright?

Nah, man.

I ain't...

Cause when Jésus came outta jail, he went crazy in the head, man.

And I told his ass, if I catch you dealing, I'm gonna kill you.

Can you believe that shit?

The last thing I said to my brother...

I'm gonna kill you.

Look, I got a system with the IDs alright?

Just like I got a photographic memory or something, so if I've seen them, I'd know it, that's the truth.


If you see she her come through, you let me know.

Of course, man, I'm on it.

Photographic memory, baby.

Hey. Hey.

I'll see you soon, alright?

Hey, life with kids'll kill you.

Good to see you boss. I think this package is for Mr. Feinman.

You said Feinman, right? Yeah.

Mind taking this up?

For you? Of course, no problem.

Thank you, boss.

[Door closing, bolt locked.]

♪ [Signe singing on rooftop.] I'd like to hang you up in a tree, ♪ and let you age there

♪ listen to the leaves

♪ and move with the wind

♪ I am 100 years

♪ in my hair

♪ [Signe singing gets closer.] I want a...

Why'd you clean up the place?


I'm sorry about what I said.

It was wrong.

And whoever you choose to fuck is your business, but...

The whole knife-in-the-eye thing...


It's a bit crazy though, right?

I used to see lots of different men.

Old rich men that took care of me.

One of them found out that he was not the only one and got jealous.

He locked me in his bedroom for a week.

That's why I hate being locked in places.

What happened to the man?

I started a fire to get out.

Then he went to the police and said I tried to burn him alive.

So now I can't go back to Sweden because I go to jail.

[Sound of papers slapping table.]

What did you get on Angel?

Angel Guzman...

Lower-level dealer for the Russians, helps move supply in the Lower East.

I found his pick-up spot, and I'm gonna pay him a visit in the morning.

Good, stay on him, Get rid of him!

I'll deal with amateur hour.

What did you get on the girl?

Wait till you get a load of this.

How am I supposed to know any of this is true?

Why would I lie about something like that?

Why are you so paranoid, August?

I think a saw a cop when I went to drop the package off.

That's why.


Are you pulling out?

Look, my life over the past few years hasn't been so lucky.

Now I'm not saying I'm innocent, and everything, but time is just...

just passing me by and I'm trying to play catch up.

Now, from this fucking cop, to these fucking rich kids that just come down here like they fuckin' own the place.

No, August...

They don't own us.



Let's go somewhere.

Right. Let's do something.

What you do want to do?

They don't own us.

Those words remind me of possibility.

One of the hardest things to confront is realizing you might never be everything you thought you would.

It's not like we were in love, we both knew that we were barely friends.

In those moments, everything felt possible again.

You look good.

You look good, too.

Thanks again for cleaning up the place today.

[Cell phone ringing.]

Hmmm, you're vibrating again.


You the one who left the picture?

Yeah. I'm the one.

Is that fucking cunt with you?

The only cunt here is your mother. - Oh.

You think you have balls?

OK, I'd be careful what I say next, if I were you.


Who the fuck are you?

I'm not paying you shit, now fuck off!

That sounded like it went well.

He told me to be careful?

What a fucking poser!

I'll deal with this guy.

What did he say?

He told me to fuck off.

So what do we do now?

[Cell phone ringing.]


Alright, dickhead...

I got an offer for you.

Hang up on me again and I'm going straight to the cops.

Then you get no money.

Meet me at 2pm tomorrow on the West Side.

No, you're not making the rules here, guy.

2 pm, under the Williamsburg Bridge.

Fine, guy...

Makes no difference...


The guy's a fucking douchebag. I know.

But I'm gonna meet him tomorrow.

Felt kinda good. Felt pretty good.

So tonight, we dance because they can't trap us.

And we have fun, OK?

Let's just have fun.

You're crazy. Just have fun!

♪ [Blaring disco music.]

Music always makes me feel more alive than anything.

At moments like that, my mind couldn't help wander...

About how our ancestors must've lived on these streets, and in these buildings, searching for a better tomorrow.

Now here we were, searching for our own sense of possibility, we danced on top of our history.

♪ [Disco music comes up strong.]

Guess what I just saw?

♪ [Disco music ends abruptly.]

What is it?

Shit! I just saw Angel.

What? Do you think he knows? I don't know.

But we're not waiting around to find out.

Hello, yo, Amir, I need your help.

Be there in 30 minutes.

[Newscaster's voice on TV.]

Your uncle watches television all day?

He's obsessed with watching political news coverage.


Because back in Bosnia, he didn't even have a television.

Now he considers it his patriotic duty as a proud American to be informed.

Yo, Amir...

I have to go back.

I gotta get this phone to handle Nicholas.

What about Angel?

I'll play dumb, as long as he doesn't see her with me.

He might not know anything.

He may just have a few more questions.

OK, be careful.

Alright, man.

Hey August...


What's up?

It's just so hard to express myself in English.

Say it in your language then.

Are you nervous?


[Loud voices in stairwell.]

[Chinese commands.]

I want you out of this apartment No moving! the end of this week.

[Men's angry voices.]

What's up, man?

Long time no see...

Yo, walk this way, don't try nothing stupid.

Across the street to the car.

No holding, I'm walking.

Get in! Fuck!

Hurry up man. I got it.

Put the shit over him!

Fuck you want to do, fuckin' pussy?

[Shouting threats.]

Your woman, fucker! Shoot that nigga!

Yo, shoot that nigga! [Sound of gunshot.]

[Sound of body kick.]

[Sound August choking.]

Let up.

Where the fuck is he?

I don't know.

[Sound of powerful blow.]

What the fuck is going on, August?


Where's the girl?

Are you in on this shit?

I swear, I swear, no...

I don't know him.

I didn't know the girl before I met her.

You're gonna say shit to me?

She begged for my help.

I swear to you I didn't know about Jésus until later.

You lied straight to my face. What was I supposed to say?

What was I supposed to fucking say?

I swear, you'd think I was involved.

You're supposed to say, "Hey Angel, here's the bitch that killed your brother!"

What are you talking about?

She didn't kill Jésus.



You keep trying to protect her, I'm going to kill you, just like I killed that motherfucker.

Strike one, August.

I take no pleasure in this.

Choke his ass out.

[Sounds of August choking.]

She was the one at your house, huh?


I knew it.

And don't tell me I didn't smell that shit..

And you was acting funny too.

What the fuck was she doing at your house, August?

We met at Void. What?

We met at Void.

She called me late night for drink.

I figured it was a booty call.

I swear on my life I didn't know about Jésus.

And I know there is no way, there's no way...

[Sound of powerful blow.]

Strike two!

You and I, we can square our business.

But first...

I want that fucking girl.



But you gotta do it my way.

Your way?

Go on, go on...

Fucking be smart here for a second.

If I go back looking like this, she's gonna know something's up, and you know I ain't good at faking.


You saw right through me the other day.

I'm sorry...


August, I swear to you by everything that is sacred to me,

if you fuck me...

[Sound of a fire exit door slamming shut.]

[Sound of passing train.]

[Sound of car door opening and closing.]

Who the hell are you?

Open the glove compartment and read the paper.

What does this mean?

It means there's no money.

Feinman Securities is over, busted by the SCC.

Daddy's going to jail.


OK, you know what?

You gonna find a way to give me that money, or you can look forward to spending quality bonding time with him in lock-up.

Wait! You cocksucker...

Look, here's the deal:

I got assets of my own, but I can't touch them.

Not until this blows over.

I'm supposed to believe a cold-blooded murderer whose father is a fucking thief?

I didn't mean to kill anyone!


And I'm nothing like my father, got that?

When he's gone, I'm gonna start things over legitimately, alright?

Just do me a favor, before you call me a murderer, ask that girl about why she left Sweden?

I know all about the fire, it's not what you think.

What the fuck are you talking about? There's no fire!

I had my people dig into her past.

First, records show that her photo is an identical match to a woman wanted for attempted murder in Stockholm.

She almost stabbed a man to death.

Second, there is no one with her name from her hometown in Sweden.


Did you ever stop to ask how the dead guy on her phone got covered in blood?

You have no idea who she even really is.

So go check her passport, you fucking amateur!

You think you can trust anything a girl like that says?

She'll suck you off at night, and then fuck you over in the morning.

Take that and open it up.

What the fuck am I supposed to do with $500?

An advance.

You're out of your mind if you think I'd give you fifty grand.

But here's the deal.

Kill the girl, and I'll give you five grand.

Kill the girl.

You're kidding, right? No...

That fucking bitch really pissed me off.

No one gets away with what she did.


I'll give you another five grand, if you destroy every copy of that footage, and bring me her phone with a new video of her dead body.

Nah, nah...

Can't do that. Yes, you can.

Just keep saying that to yourself, OK?

"Yes I can."

Five to kill, five for the phone.

Jésus, what happened?

Did you get the money? There is no money.

What do you mean...? There is no fucking money!

And specially not for you!

Why was Jésus covered in blood on the video?

Why are you asking me this?

Why the fuck was Jésus covered in blood in the video?

Before Feinman suffocated him?

I told you they were arguing who was going to sleep with me first, and then...

Then what? The gun was on the couch...

And what? Jésus and Nicholas...

And you murdered him.

Jesus fucking Christ!

You murdered him.

You shot a guy and then used somebody else to clean up your mess, just like you did in Sweden, and now you're playing me.

That's not true, August!

Let me see your passport. What?

Let me see your fuckin' passport. I want to know your real name.

You know my real name. You're full of shit.

Come with me, we're going for a ride.

I'm not going anywhere with you, not like this!

You don't have a choice.

OK, what? What are you going to do?

You're gonna shoot me?

Gonna run me, you gonna stab me and run away?

I was protecting myself, OK?

I didn't want to hurt anyone.

You have to believe me... No!



I'm so fuckin' stupid, cause I knew it.

I knew it, you basically prostitute yourself to rich guys, and then claim they locked you up, or they raped you, or whatever fuckin' story you make up!

You think you can get away with it cause you're just a pretty, little blond girl?

With women like you in the world, there's no such thing as rape.

It's just another four-letter word.

Fuck you! Fuck you!

OK! Fuck you! Fuck you!

Fuck you! Fuck you!

[Sounds of Signe hitting floor, then bolt unlocking door.]

Come on.

Sound of Signe and Nicholas toasting.]

Ladies first.

[Sound cell phone ringing.]


Just tell him you're here for me up in the penthouse.


Don't you think it would be better, just you and me?

[Doorbell ringing.]

Nicholas, right? Yeah.

That's right. What's goin' on?

You know what? I remember you now.

We met before, you the wild one.

If you say so.

You wanna drink? Hmmm...

I will have one drink man. I'm driving.

So don't make it too strong.

Hey, how you doing?


What's your name, mama?

Signe. Signe?

I like that. Where's that from?

It's European.

From where? I'm Swedish.

Swedish, look at that.

My name is Jésus, and I'm Dominican.

Alright, for your holiness, Jésus, vodka on the rocks.

But first, how about a round of shots?

You know, I'll take one shot.

Just one, I'm driving. I really can't get fucked up.


Thanks. Come on...

Take off your jacket.

Nah, it's cool. Just one shot.

We were so high on those mushrooms, running down the streets of Amsterdam, butt-naked, except for a sock covering his dick!

My god, then he tried to go sailing!

That's stupid, you guys are nuts, man.

Wild! You guys are crazy.

Let me hit that.

You know, you're mad pretty, right?.

I'm sure you say that to all of the girls.

That was real good right there.

Dude, before I forget, you got that money for me, right?


No, I don't.

Come on. Are you serious?

How about a deposit?

That's five bags, that's $250. Come on, son.

Jésus, tonight... is your lucky night, Listen, I don't got cash, I didn't feel like going to the ATM, but...

Listen to me. I got something even better.

Are you serious?

Yeah bro...

Of course, I'm hitting it first.

No, no, no.

Sloppy seconds? I don't like sloppy seconds.

I'm not doing that.

Better get used to it, man.

I ain't gonna stick my dick where another dude just finish doing that.

I'm gonna hit it first.

And then I pass it on to you, and then I bounce, and nothing happened.

You know what I'm saying? That's a good idea.

Dude, that is some good pussy there man, OK?

She told me before she'll take two, three guys at a time, Maybe we can share it?

I never said that.

I ain't riding a train. That's not my style.

You ride the train with somebody else.

If I'm gonna hit, I hit by myself.

You hit by yourself, no train.

You guys are fucking crazy.

Christ! OK, Jésus...

I got a proposition for you.

You have till I get back from taking care of some business to work your charms.

If you can't work it, then you're just have to wait your turn.

Are you willing to take that wager?

You know what?

Watch a player play. I got this.


Everyone's having a good time.


Now... you two... play nice.

Wait, wait, hold on, baby.

Come on. Where you going?

I saw how you was teasing me. Chill out, baby.

Jésus, I'm sorry, I was just being friendly with you.

But you're not my type. Wait, wait...

Not your type?

How do you know I'm not your type if you haven't even tried me first?

I just know.

Is it that whiteboy you after?

Get off me! That's enough Jésus, get off me!

♪ [Sound of music playing in Nicholas' earphones.]

Nicholas can't give you what I'm about to show you.

This dick is one in a billion. Stop it! Stop it!


What the fuck you trying to do?

Wait till you feel my type! 100% Dominicano!

[Sounds of struggle.]

You told me you like this shit dirty.

I know you European girls like it dirty, now we going raw!

Get off me! Fuck off!

In life, you either fuck or get fucked!

Now, I'm doing the fucking!

[Jésus screaming from bite.]

Fuck off.

Fuck! Are you crazy?

Stay away from me.

Watch where you point that.

You don't fucking know me!

I fucked up niggas three times your size in jail!

So I suggest you put that shit down!

Stay away!

[Sound of muffled gunshot.]

[Sound of Jésus moaning in pain.]

Help me, please!





Call 9-1-1. I don't wanna die.

Oh shit.



[Sound of Nicholas smothering Jésus.]

[Sounds of terrible struggle.]

[Sound of Jésus fighting for air.]

[Nicholas hyperventilating.]


Nicholas, it's me.

I did it. It's done. I got what you want.

Now I want what we agreed on.

Where do we meet?

[Knocking on car window.]

[Sound of car door opening.]

[Sound of car door closing.]

[Sound of Nicholas struggling.]


Nicholas Feinman...

Hey Nick.

You like movies?


I got a movie today.

Watch it!

Watch the whole fucking thing.

He's begging you for his life.

That bitch shot him.

And you put him in the ground.

That's ten grand.

You can have it, no questions asked.

Don't worry, Nicholas, I'm taking your money.

But first you and I, we're gonna party.

You like cocaine?

[Sound of plastic bag slamming on seat.]

Open it.

Open it!

Now take a hit.

I said take a motherfucking hit.

Now take another one.

I don't want to take another one.

I ain't asking you.

You like to party like a rockstar, whiteboy?

Do you?

We're gonna party all night.

Yeah, you're gonna do that whole motherfucking brick.

[Sound of blow to head.]



Bottoms the fuck up!

[Sound of Nicholas snorting, choking, gasping.]

Get your stuff together.

Amir's gonna get you out of here.

So you believe me?

I never said that.

What Jésus said to you about in life, you either fuck or get fucked.

He said that to me too.

Who wants to live like that?

I don't.

But the truth is, people like us, people like me,

we're all a little fucked.

So you're going back to Stockholm.

The ticket's under your real name.

August, hey, I'm sorry I lied about the fire.

But the rest was true, he really did those things to me.

I can't go back, if I go...

Get your stuff together.

If I go back, I go back to jail!

Put your stuff together now.

Signe, either get on the plane, or we go see Angel.

No, no, no...

Remember, no eating until the whole family together.

That brother of yours!

How come he no show up again?



Oh, Dios mío...

[Sound of Abuela sobbing.]

So this is it?


How do you know I'm gonna get on the plane?

Cause you can't cheat what's coming.

I don't want to be just the kind of person you think I am.

I said... more things that you don't understand.

Like what, Signe?

Like what?

Happy Fourth of July.

[Sound of grand fireworks.]

At the end of it all, even though I still felt lost, I realize now that the things that change you, are never the ones you see coming.

They blind-side you when you're most vulnerable.

I look back and wonder why I was never aware of how much anger I had inside me, how much fear and selfishness, and then I felt like my heart was gonna explode.

I'm sorry for a lot of things I said and did, things I have to live with now, for the rest of my life.

No way to fix it all.

I did the best I could at the time.

But I still feel restless.

So I let my mind wander again.

In those moments, I confronted myself for the first time.

No more excuses.

No more hang-ups on chance and faith.

All that was left was facing the hard truth.

There always will be possibility.

But it was up to us to find our way.

We had to do better.

I had to do better.