The Girl on the Bridge (1951) Script

Good evening, Mr Toman. Good evening.

How's business? Always the same.

Quite foggy tonight, huh? Bad for my bronchitis.

I'd better go back home. Goodnight. Goodnight.

Can I help you, Miss?

I hope you haven't got any foolish ideas.

What I mean is ..

In the morning, when the sun is shining, and the birds are singing ..

The river doesn't look so dark any more.

And you can believe me. I've been standing here for many nights.

Staring down there .. you see?

I'm still alive. Everything is straightened out.

Leave me alone, would you?

Excuse me. I didn't mean anything bad. I just wanted to be helpful.


Don't misunderstand me. I'm not looking for ..

How should I say .. "adventure".

Everyone knows me here in this neighbourhood.

I own a watch repair shop. Right there. You see on the corner, under the bridge.


It's nice to see your pretty face smiling.

It is very becoming, believe me.

I need to apologise for last night.

You were right about the sunshine and the birds.

I don't know. I felt so desperate, I simply could have ..

Ah, let's not talk about it. I can understand.

How come you remembered my address?

A woman. Always practical.

When you said you had a watch repair store, I thought someday I may need you.

Anytime. Won't you come in?

I can't. I'm not alone. What do you mean?

Oh ..

Isn't that a nice baby ..

He's smiling at me, look. Is it yours?

Her name is Judy. She's nine months and eleven days old.

Judy, you've got a nice name.

Wait! I've got something for Judy.

A little golden locket.

Let's go inside.

I hope I can find it.

Can you manage?

Oh, I can't tell you how happy I am that you came to see me.

Mrs uh .. Mrs .. uh ..


Clara Barker.

Where did I put it? Here it is. Now, let me see.

Little Judy has a beautiful present.

Oh .. look, Judy.

Isn't that beautiful? Look what the nice gentleman has given you.

Doesn't she look wonderful?

Don't be afraid. I know how to handle babies.

I have two boys of my own.

You know, it's like ice skating. Once you learn it, you never forget it.

Where are you boys now?

Killed. Killed by the Nazis.

My wife, too.

How can a mother of such a sweet little baby ever be in despair?

It was because of her.

You see, I had a good job as a car-hop .. at a drive-in.

My landlady used to take care of Judy during working hours.

But, unfortunately she was taken away in an ambulance last night.

In an ambulance? What happened? You know. Liquor.


Poor woman. I could see it coming all the time.

I've looked for a place where they can take care of babies during work hours.

There must be something in this neighbourhood like that.

Hmm .. sure it is.

It's right here.

But why should you bother yourself with a strange baby?

There are no strange babies. Look, don't talk too much.

Take a piece of paper and write down some kind of a timetable.

When to feed the baby, what to do at what time.

I'll catch on like this. You'll see.

I really don't know. She'd be so much trouble.

Say, what's going on, here? Come right in.

Clara, this is my neighbour, Mr Cooper.

He is an art dealer.

He owns that junk shop next door.

You should see how he furnished my apartment.

And this is Clara, an old friend of mine.

Glad to meet you, Mr Cooper. Likewise, Mrs ..

I'm sorry Mr Cooper, but no chess game today. I'm a very busy man.

I'm just finishing a business deal.

So, how much do you want for the baby?

I give you seventy-five dollars.

After all, it's a small baby. What do you want?


Alright, I give you five dollars extra for the diapers, huh?

Look at him.

[ Baby crying ]

Just a moment. But quickly, follow Mama's instructions. And don't cry.

Yes, ma'am, I'll be right with you.

Take your time. I'm just looking around.

I'll be right back.

Did you have something particular in mind?

Oh, this is beautiful.

It's just exactly what I like. Hmm. You have good taste.

It's antique. 18th century. I know. How much is it?

I'll make you a special price. Twenty dollars.

Twenty dollars?

Oh no .. I thought about ten. Well, see how heavy it is.

Oh .. yes.

Well, how about twelve-fifty?

I'm sorry, I would lose money. Excuse me, please.

[ Baby crying ]

Hey, mister. How about fifteen?

[ Baby crying ]

Let me see.

I own that you know. That's the trouble.

You surely like that baby, don't you?

Isn't it a shame that the real father doesn't seem to care?

Well, you know how it is. The piano player in a nightclub.

Easy going. Today here, tomorrow somewhere in South America.

She's a good-looking girl. Why didn't he marry her?

Some people have no sense for family life.

You'd better to say some people have no sense of decency.

My wife keeps asking me all the time: how come that you aren't so ..

Jonathan .. the garbage! Coming, Honeybunch.

She can't do it herself.

Afraid she might lose one of her three hundred pounds.

Hi, Judy dear. How are you? Clara.

How come you are back at this hour? I quit.

No kidding? What happened?

Imagine .. the boss offered me a housekeeper's job at his brother's.

Room and board beside my salary. And he doesn't mind the baby living with me.

Isn't it wonderful?

Yeah. And he said he'd pay the fare, too.

What do you mean, the fare?

You .. you are going away?

That's why he sent me home. To pack.

Tomorrow morning, we're off to San Diego.

[ Door knocks ]

Why, Mr Toman.

I am so embarrassed to bother you this late at night, but ..

I forgot to ask you ..

Don't you need some money?

That's very thoughtful of you Mr Toman. But thank you, I don't need anything.

You are very sweet and kind. Oh, that's alright.

Oh, how silly of me to let you stand there. Please come in.

Thank you.

Sit down. Would you like to take off your coat?

No, it's not necessary. I'll just .. for a while ..

Sorry, but I can't offer you anything. Don't bother. It's alright.

How do you like this mess? Oh, that's the way it is.

When is your train leaving? We're going by bus.

In the morning at 08:15 from the depot. Uhuh.

So little Judy is going to travel again.

Again changing home.

What a life for a baby.

Well, we're getting used to it.

Say, what's that?

Just a little evidence of my dark past.

I was a nightclub dancer. Not very good.

That's where I met Mario. Judy's father.

You look wonderful. So different.

Please don't. It makes me feel so ashamed.

Especially in front of such a respectable man as you are.

That doesn't sound very flattering, but I understand what you mean.

Tell me .. does he know the baby?

No .. Mario has never seen her.

I think if he saw her he would change his mind. Huh?

Not as long as he sticks to that crook, Harry.

Who is he?

His cousin and business manager.

That guy hated me from the first moment.

Afraid I'd make Mario a decent fellow. And that was against his plans.

Mario was a nice boy.

Good looking. The girls were crazy about him.

He was even a wonderful piano player.

I guess that's how the trouble started.

I lost my head.

You know, Mr Toman.

I learned one thing.

That we all must pay for our sins.

And I'm willing to take what I deserve.

Ah, it is better not to talk about it.

Tell me .. that man in San Diego.

How much does he pay you?

Twenty-five a week. With room and board, that's not bad.

And I'll have Judy with me all the time. Isn't that wonderful?


Would you consider such a job if it would be here in town?

Of course I would. You don't think I'm so crazy about going to San Diego.

I think I ..

I have a job for you.

What do you mean?

How would you like to .. to work for me.

I understand you.

You sly fox.

So, what do you say?

Sounds wonderful. But what about the man in San Diego?

Well, he'll find somebody else.

I really don't know.

It's so sudden. Let me think it over.

That's a good idea. Think it over and meanwhile I move you to my place, huh?

"It's none of your business." "Sure. It's never my business."

"But in the end, I'm always right."

"Pass me the sugar."

"I was also right about your friend." "Oh, leave him out of it."

"He's a decent man and I won't allow you to .."

"Sure. A decent man."

"Sure, sure. And living with such a floozy at his age."

"Ah, you are crazy."

"And then the others are crazy, too. The whole neighbourhood is crazy."

"Why did he do it? Because of charity?"

"And how does the baby fit in?"

"Aren't you ashamed to talk like that?"

"Everyone says the little brat is his."

"That's the limit. For that, I'd like to .."

"What? Say it."

"Quiet, please."

Here is something for you to dream about.

A fashion magazine.

What happened? Something wrong with the baby?

No, it's nothing. Please don't bother.

No. Don't give me that. What is it?

Well, you know I'm not very touchy about what people think of me.

But that woman next door.

I couldn't help overhearing. The window was open.

Oh, you mean Mrs Cooper?

Ha. She belongs in an institution. What did she say?

You know. About you and me.

So what? Forget it.

That's not all.

She also said that everybody around here knows that Judy is your baby.

That Judy is my .. my baby?

If you don't mind, I like the idea.

Enjoy your magazine and go to sleep.

Judy is my baby?

What a break I get.

Oh, excuse me. That's alright, Mr Toman.

You know, Clara ..

I think we should give it a more serious thought. I mean ..

This Mrs Cooper, and her kind of people.

Maybe little Judy should be protected against stupidity and prejudice.

Maybe she should have a home.

A father.

A name.

Yes, Clara .. this is a proposal.

As simple and sincere as it is meant.

Maybe .. you think that I am too old for you, or ..

We don't fit together. Well, what's the difference?

I think the baby comes first.

I would stay in my little room. Understand?

Thank you, Mr Toman, but ..

I'm no good, and I'd only bring you bad luck.

I .. don't deserve your kindness.

Alright. If you don't, the baby does.

Don't answer me now.

Think it over.

And tell me tomorrow, huh?

I do.

I do.

You see .. they do.

[ Happy birthday music ]

David, are you busy right now? Just a little repair.

A rush job. Do you want something? No. Just go ahead.

I can tell you while you work. Shoot.

Well, I don't know how to say it. Has something happened?

You bet. Something serious?

Nothing serious. Don't be alarmed. Now come on. What is it?

Guess. Guess?

Now let's play twenty questions.

Animal, mineral or vegetable? Animal.

Male or female? Who knows?

Is it alive? And kicking.


David, dear.

I'll be alright .. I'm so happy.

Leave me alone, please.

Say, Prima-Donna, how about rehearsing this new number?

Ah, leave me alone. I've got a hangover.

What's so unusual about that?

Come on, just the words and the rhythm. You can save your voice.

Nothing to save anyhow.

Hey Mario. I got great news for you. Did you get some dough?

No, not yet. But just imagine. I couldn't believe my eyes.

I just picked up our shirts, and who do you think I saw?

Who cares? Clara.

No kidding .. where?

In a jeweler's store. She's working there.

A jeweler's store .. where is it?

Down by the bridge. Next to the laundry. You remember, where we took our shirts.


I've been looking all over town for her since the day we got back.

I couldn't find out where she'd moved to.

Hey, Mario!

I want to rehearse now. Where is he going?

Going Dave. See you later.

Yep. Don't forget to call me.

Yes? What can I do for you?

I .. need a new watchband.

Alright, just a moment please.

Do you wish something like this here? Or do you prefer leather?

Show me what you have.

You see, this here is very much in demand. It is not expensive.

Two dollars. I'll take it.

Okay, that's two forty-seven with tax.

Wait, I'll give you the change. Alright.

Thank you very much.

Now if you take off your watch, I'll put on the new band.

Oh, you have almost the same.

Yeah, there is a broken link in there.

You alone here?

Don't get nervous. It's not a stickup.

But I mean .. don't you have any help?

Somebody working for you? No.

Business is rather slow. Can't afford it.

Why do you ask? No reason.

Hmm .. you live here, huh?

Yeah. Alone?

With my family.

A cute little baby.

Yours? Yep.

What's its name? Judy.

So, you married Clara?

You are ..? That's right.

What's on your mind? Why did you come?

Just to see Clara.

How thoughtful of you. All of a sudden, huh?

Well, I had a job in Cuba.

I just got back two weeks ago.

After all, it's none of your business. It certainly is! She is my wife.

Don't act so tough, old man.

I know exactly what's going on behind all those big words.

You're scared.

You know darned well if I wanted to I could take her away from you like that.

That's where you are mistaken.

Want a bet?

Please, go away.

Leave us in peace. I beg of you.

Now, you're talking.

So Clara found herself a husband.

Quite a guy.

Well, I'm not much of a Romeo, that's true.

I bet she loves you passionately.

Maybe not passionately, but she is very fond of me.

Where is she now?

I'd like to congratulate her. Please. Don't try to see her.

She doesn't feel well. Just now, at this moment she's at the doctor's.

She's expecting a baby.

You don't say.

She needs rest and quiet.

Seeing you would only upset her.

Be decent .. be understanding.

And leave us in peace.

Maybe you need some money?

I have a few hundred dollars.

I can get you some more, and bring it tomorrow.

Keep your money.

Don't get upset, old man.

I'm no heel. It's okay.

Good luck.


Can't you open a window?

A bit of fresh air wouldn't kill you.

Nature boy.

Hey Mario. Were you there?

Yes. What happened?

Play without me, will you.

What's the matter with you? Why don't you answer me? Didn't you talk to her?


She was out.

But I saw her husband. You mean, the jeweler married her?

Yep. Well ..

You should have seen him when he found out who I was.

The poor guy was shaking in his boots.

He pleaded .. begged me to leave him alone.

I felt sick to my stomach.

He even offered me money. Great. How much?

How should I know? I didn't take it.

Oh, you are kidding. You didn't take it? No.

That's really nice. That's touching.

We're sitting here flat broke. Haven't even the dough for the rent.

He's generous. Refuses money.

What's the matter with you? Why do you think I told you about Clara?

Don't you get my point? That guy is a jeweler.

You're crazy .. a jeweler.

The whole store isn't worth 200 bucks.

Do you expect the diamonds to be hanging from his nose and ears?

Do you think he'd offer you money if he wasn't loaded with dough?

Listen .. that guy is scared.

He wants to pay you to get out of his way.

Let him pay. Cut it out, will you.

So .. you're getting soft, huh?

You'll never learn.

Alright. If you feel that way about it, keep out of it .. let me handle it.

I said, cut it out.

What's biting you, all of a sudden?

This time it's going to be my way.

I'm going to be decent for once in my life.

That's a good one. Shut up!

Look here, smart guy.

You always got me into trouble.

I even served time because of you.

You always killed every spark of decency in me.

But not this time.

If you go near them ..

I'll knock your brains out.

And I mean it!

For Pete's sake, are you two guys out of your mind?

What happened all of a sudden?

He's got a nerve, that phony.

If it wasn't for me, he'd be in a flophouse with tramps.

He's right. That's your gratitude for all he's done for you.

Get out of here!

All of you!

Ah, let him cool off.

You'll come crawling back. Yeah, I'll be back.

But to break your neck.

Now, get out! That's a nice pal.

Get going.

I knew where to find you.

Oh, leave me alone. Go away.

Now, don't start anything in a bar. Come on, be reasonable, will you?

I respect your feelings about Clara, but ..

What the heck are you so touchy about the guy?

Hey, give me a straight bourbon.

Put some poison in it. Rat poison.

He's plastered alright. You'd better bring him some strong, black coffee.

Don't you worry about me. I still can take care of myself.

You too, you rat.

Listen boys .. why don't you do your fighting somewhere else?

I don't want any trouble in here.

Well, throw him out. Why me? I'm sober.

I thought you were old pals. What's gotten into you?

See. Drops his best friend for some cheap tramp.

Why, you ..

Are you out of your mind?

Look at how heavy this thing is. It might have killed him.

So what?

Why don't you be a nice guy and go on home and sleep it off?


[ Door knocks ]

Can't you see it's closed?

Excuse my intrusion Mr Toman, but I have something important to talk about.

Well, what is it?

My name is Harry Olsen. I'll try to make it short.

Go ahead.

Well, I feel a little embarrassed about the whole affair.

But after all, I'm only sort of a messenger, so to speak.

Messenger? Who's messenger?

Mario's. Mario Venti is my cousin.

Mario? Oh, you came for the money clip he lost here.

I ran after him but it was too late. I couldn't catch him. Here it is.

He didn't tell me about that. But thanks anyway.

But that's not exactly why I'm here.


You see Mr Toman, Mario and I are very close to each other.

We're like brothers.

He told me everything about your meeting this afternoon.

He's very upset. Poor boy. Oh, I'm sorry to hear that.

Clara and he .. well it was quite a romance.

But you see, in my humble opinion ..

I think the best for both would be if they never saw each other again.

Uhuh .. I think so too.

I am very happy that you have so much understanding.

Won't you sit down please? Hmm. Well, thanks.

Now, there is a chance of a good job in Mexico City.

For Mario and his little band of five people.

But .. Just go ahead.

Well, you know. Travelling costs money.

Well, you were so generous to offer him some money this afternoon.

Are you still willing to help him out.

I don't know how much such a trip to Mexico City costs.

But I think that about three hundred dollars would cover it.

You seem to forget we are five people and must also live before we find a job.

I'm afraid that will cost a little bit more.

Excuse me, Mister .. Olsen.

Mr Olsen, but you can't expect me to take care of five people on such a trip.

Nobody expects that, but after all, three hundred dollars?

Well, how much did you figure?

Five thousand.

Is this blackmail?

You should watch your language, Mr Toman.

Look Mr Toman, you don't want to understand me.

If Mario stays here. Well, you never know.

That old magic spell is going to work and you're going to lose her.

Believe me.

Now, isn't that worth five grand to you? Huh?

Well .. even if it was, where shall I get the money?

Well .. it doesn't have to be cash.

Maybe a little bracelet.

A necklace .. a diamond ring.

But where should I get all these things?

Why don't you .. look into your safe?

I have no safe. Now, Mister Toman.

Don't give me that.

Look. Look for yourself.

With your kind permission.

What's in there? The electric meter. Look.

What's in there? Just empty boxes.

What's in there? No.

No, you can't go in please.

Oh, so that's where the safe is, huh? No, but my wife is asleep.

She doesn't feel well. The doctor said she mustn't have any excitement.

Please, you can't go in. Oh, you're kidding, Mr Toman.

I don't believe you.

No, you mustn't! You can't go in.

It's not polite to push around a visitor who came to offer you his helping hand.



Where are you going, so late?

I heard the door of your car close. I thought it was a burglar.

I ..

Clara, she doesn't feel well.

I have to get some medicine. The poor girl.

Can I help you? I'll be right there. No, no, no. Please don't.

She's asleep. I don't want to wake her up.

I'll be right back.


Oh, it's you. Of course. Who did you expect?

Did you get the medicine?



What's the matter?

Anything wrong?

Come on. Sit down.

What's happened to you?

Can't you tell me? I'm your friend.

I killed a man.


When? Where?

Just now.

He came to blackmail me. He's Mario's cousin. A professional crook.

He threatened to enter the apartment.

I'm so confused, I didn't know what ..

So I grabbed that heavy candlestick and ..

Are you sure you killed him?


It was in self-defence. You told them of course?

Who? The Police.

I was not at the Police. Where were you, then?

I drove to the ocean and dumped the body.

You fool. Why did you do that?

I don't know, I was so upset.

I was afraid they would take me away from Clara and the baby.

What have you done?

Now you are in a fine mess.


Do you remember where you dumped the body?

Yes. At a sandy beach near to the second pier.

Well, we must go there and then call the Police. Come on.

Let's go. Quick.

He was here. Are you sure?


The waves must have swept him away.

What are you going to do now?

I don't know.

If it was in self-defence.

Why did I get rid of the body?

They won't believe me.

They will take me away from Clara and the baby.

They will be left alone. They need me.

But you won't get away with it, David.

Maybe .. they'll never find out.

Maybe the body was swept away in the open sea.


I won't tell.

I can't.

David, what's wrong? You look so pale.

I don't feel well.

Here's your paper, Mister.

I must look to see if there is a sale at Collins & Harper.

We need new pillowcases and sheets.

Another murder. Huh?

Oh, that's terrible.

What is it?

A banker killed his wife.

Ha. Jealousy as usual.

[ Baby crying ]

Yeah-yeah, big-shot. Mama's coming.

Skip it. There is nothing in it. I looked through it already.

Did you listen to the news? Since six this morning.

I didn't sleep all night. What do you think I did?

David .. I think we're making a great mistake.

Don't start it again.

I made up my mind. Yeah?

But what about me? Don't forget, I'm in with you.

I know.

Should they find out, I won't give you away.

Word of honour. Nonsense.

They're smarter than you and I.

Jonathan! Coming.

You should have called me last night. When I had the stupid idea to come down.

See you later. We're going to Brubaker's auction.

You didn't tell your wife?

Are you crazy? That's worse than calling the Police.

Sorry to wake you, mister.

Yeah? What is it? Oh, excuse me, please.

What can I do for you?

Ah, there it is.

Quite heavy, isn't it?

Say, what did you do with it?

Hit somebody over the head?

Well, I don't care so much for it, but ..

My wife's been talking about it. She's been talking about if for months now.

I thought if it's still for sale I'd get it for her for our wedding anniversary.

Of course, if you still want 20 bucks for this item of junk you can forget it.

How much would you give?

You're selling.

Give me ten bucks. Five.

Alright. It's yours.

Good evening Mr Toman, Madam.

What's new? Another murder.

I know. That banker, huh?

No, there is a brand-new one. Out here on the beach.

They fished out a body right from under the pier.

Oh the new "Life". May I take a look at it?

Sure. Go ahead, ma'am.

They got the killer already.

"The cousin of the victim. A musician."

"Mario Venti."

Must be a foreigner.


I know. I just saw it in the paper. Well, what do you say?

I can't understand it.

Why should they suspect him? Didn't you read it?


They both had a fight that same day.

And there are witnesses that Mario threatened to kill his cousin.

That's not sufficient evidence. They can't do him with that.

I certainly didn't expect that.

I have to go back.

Poor Clara. She's very upset.

I'll see you in the morning.

I can't believe it.

Sorry, David.

I can understand.

You still love him?

Don't be silly, David. It's just well ..

Well after all, he's Judy's father.

And Mario couldn't kill. I think it's a frame-up.

"Near the place where the body was fished out of the sea."

"The Police found a gold money-clip with the initials M.V."

The money-clip?

Mario lost it in my store.

I returned it to his cousin.

It must have fallen out of his pocket when I ..

"Mario Venti admitted that the money-clip belonged to him."

"But couldn't explain how it got to the place of the crime."

"He insists he must have lost it, but cannot remember where."

"He also couldn't furnish a satisfactory alibi .."

"As to his whereabouts during the fatal hours."

"Mario Venti is now held in the county jail."

"After a plea for bail had been denied."

I guess you are right.

I've got to go.


It's me, David.

Listen, darling.

I .. I can't talk too much.

I just wanted to tell you ..

That I love you.

And no matter what happens. Don't lose faith in me.

I didn't have the courage to tell you at home.

But .. I'm the one who killed Mario's cousin.

[ Baby crying ] Judy, stop that.

I'm sorry, David, I couldn't understand a word.

Could you talk a little louder, please?

Can you hear me better now?

Not too good, but never mind.

Where are you, David? I'm so lost without you. So frightened.

Always afraid something might happen to you.

I know it sounds silly. It must be part of my condition but ..

Couldn't you come back right away? Please, David.


Alright, keep calmer.

I'll be back.


I don't know how to explain it to you.

When a man went through hell.

When he lost everything he ever loved in life.

And all of a sudden.

All the dead feelings are coming back to life again.

He wants to hold it.

Fight for it.



Now, the little one. My own.

Don't you understand that I'm trying very much not to lose everything again.

Yes .. I understand you, David.

But there is an innocent guy being tried for your crime.

I know! I'm thinking of it all the time.

I tell you something.

I'll make a deal.

With justice and my conscience.

If he is convicted.

I am going to give myself up.

But if he goes free.

I'll keep quiet.

I'll hold on to my ..

Last chance of happiness.

"He said he'd break his neck."

"He said he'll knock his brains out."

"If we hadn't held him back, he would have killed him right away."

"If I hadn't stopped him, he'd have smashed his head with a heavy ashtray."

"I didn't kill him."

"Do you recognise this?"


"It has the initials M.V. Is it yours?"

"Yes, it is."

"It was found 76 feet away from the place where the body was discovered."

"How do you explain this?"

"I can't."

"I must have dropped it."

"Of course. When you dumped the body."

"I was never there."

"Then .. may I ask where you lost it?"

"I .."

"I can't remember."

"Can't remember, huh?"

"That's all."

Stop it!

I can't stand it.

Do you think it's fun for me, David? I've got to finish this.

I'm sorry. I didn't mean it.

I don't know what's wrong with me.

My nerves.

Why don't you shave, David? You look terrible. So hopeless.

You know, a man should always shave. No matter what.

It helps keep up his morale. That's what my father always said.

What was your father? A barber.

What's so funny about that? What?

Did I laugh?

I don't know what I'm doing.

You know, David. I can't help thinking about it all the time.


What that poor boy must go through.

How desperate he must feel, sitting there .. hopelessly ..

Shut up!

Don't talk about him all the time.

I can't understand it.

The doctor said something must be bothering him.

He's been so nervous and restless.

Shouting at me for no reason at all.

At first I thought it was jealousy because of Mario.

But he couldn't be that foolish.

You are his only friend.

Didn't he mention to you anything? I mean, his worries or his fears?

You know, Clara .. I really don't know what to say.

Maybe it would be better for him if he were to ..



You mustn't talk. Try and get some rest. Please.

Who did you talk to?

Mr Cooper just asked me how you were.

It isn't true.

What did he tell you?

He just took Judy out so you could sleep undisturbed.

I don't believe you.

You both are spying on me. Trying to corner me.

David. What are you saying?

Try and get some rest.

Rest .. ha!.

Rest ..


Maybe I should tell you.

You are the only one I can trust.

Of course you can.

Tell me what is troubling you.

I ..

I'm trying to fight.

For you.

For the baby.



David .. I have great news for you.

It's just come over the radio .. he's free.

Do you understand what I am saying?

Mario. He's acquitted.

Lack of evidence .. imagine.

David .. you're free.

Your troubles are over.



You are up?

Don't worry. I'm alright.

The doctor said you must stay in bed. I feel fine.

Relaxed, rested.

Oh I'm so happy, David.

What a wonderful surprise.

And you look so much better.

Did you hear the good news about Mario?


I'm very happy for him.

I always knew he was innocent.

I only hope they get the real killer now. For Mario's sake.

Look. Little Judy has been a nice girl.

Do you know his address?



Maybe he needs some help. Maybe we should ask him.

Give him some money.


You are a wonderful man.

Why do you say that? Because it's true.

You're so good and so decent and so kind.

Don't say those things.

Hey, David. Still busy?

Just finishing. Then I buy my paper and go to bed.

We had a family reunion .. awful.

How do you feel, David? Fine, huh?

I don't know. I feel so strange. My head is numb.

I'm like walking in a half-dream. You'll get over it in a few days.

I .. I can't snap out of it.

It is just like I am losing my mind.

You think they'll drop the case?

Sure. Who's interested in a dead crook?

And don't think about it.

Forget it, for my sake.

Jonathan. Oh, shut up!

I started a new policy.

Goodnight, David. Goodnight.

Good evening, Mr Toman.

Oh, did I frighten you?

I'm sorry.

Remember me?

Sure, I remember you.

What are you doing here?

Well, I saw the light in the store.

I thought I'd have a chance to talk to you without being disturbed by anybody.

I hope you don't mind.

No. Not at all.

What can I do for you?

Of course, you know I just got out of jail?

Yes .. I know.

I'm glad for you.

Do you need some help?

Perhaps some .. money?

Oh .. very kind.

But I just sold some of my things, so I can manage for the time being.



I'm just on my way to buy a newspaper.

I hope you don't mind if I come along. Huh?

You don't look too well, Mr Toman.

Is something wrong with you?

I've been sick for some time.

Nothing serious, I hope.


I know .. nerves.

Mine are still a bit shaky.

Can you imagine sitting day after day ..

Night after night, waiting for the verdict?

Knowing all the time, the real killer don't mind having me fry instead of him.


It must be terrible.

By the way, you know this whole thing started because of you.

Because of me? Yeah.

Harry .. that's the dead guy, wanted to blackmail you.

I didn't like it, so we had a fight.

He was killed the same night he intended to visit you. Isn't that funny?


This little thing almost cost me my life.

How it was ever found near the scene of the crime, I'll never know.

Unless of course, the real killer gives himself up.

Do you have any idea ..

Who might have killed him?

Oh yes.

I think I have.


There's a guy.

He was Harry's partner some time ago.

They ran a gambling joint together.

Harry ruined him completely.

Cheated him out of his last penny and then had him framed and sent to jail.

The guy had every reason in the world to get even with Harry and Harry knew it.

I think some of his henchmen did the job.

There is no evidence, so what can you do?

But that's not the main reason I came to see you, Mr Toman.

I know it's going to sound kind of sentimental to you.

That's the way it is with people who are going away.

And I'm leaving tomorrow, for good. Oh.

Well .. what I want to ask is ..

If I sent you my address, would you ..

Once in a while, let me know how little Judy is?

Maybe eventually, even send me some snapshots of her?

Sure, I'll .. I'll do it gladly.

I knew you would.

You know.

It's a nice comforting feeling to know that all the worthwhile things in life.

That I so foolishly threw away.

A wife, a child, a pleasant home.

Now at least, belong to a ..

Decent, honest, respectable man like you, Mr Toman.

Thanks again. Goodbye.

[ Clara: ] "David, you're a wonderful man."

"So kind .. so decent .. so good."


"David, you're a wonderful man."

"So kind .. so decent .. so good."

[ Mario: ]

"A decent, honest, respectable man like you, Mr Toman."

"A decent, honest, respectable man like you, Mr Toman."

[ Clara: ] "David, you're a wonderful man."

[ Mario: ] "Respectable .. ha, ha, ha."

[ Clara: ] "You're a wonderful man, ha, ha, ha."



David, it's almost midday ..


Didn't anyone help him?

I wonder why he did it.

That's his wife.

Sorry, Mrs Toman.

You husband ..

I don't know how it happened.

He's dead alright.

I read about the horrible accident.

How did it happen?

I don't know.

Maybe he jumped.

Maybe he fell.

Who can tell?

Poor Clara.

It must be terrible for you.

I'm sure he was a wonderful man.

So kind .. and decent.

So gentle.

The bridge.

That's where we first met.

And that's where he died.

Maybe he was meant to be the bridge between you and me?

What do you mean?

I don't know. Skip it.

Look, Clara.

I was on trial not only for a murder l didn't commit ..

But for every bad thing I ever did in my life.

I had a lot of time to think.

Believe me, many things in me have changed.

Couldn't you take me on probation, Clara?

I'm afraid it is too late, Mario.

You see .. I'm going to have a baby.

Well, what's the difference?

Didn't he accept my child, too?