The Girl Who Played with Fire (2009) Script


We have a job for you. I don't think ...

Yes, we do have.

All right. Miss Salander.

I found some flats for you in Stockholm that I believe might be of your interest.

Okay. Thank you.

They are all in the center of town.

I have also arranged a post office box in Stockholm in the name of Wasp enterprises.

I will send you in regular intervals all your bank statements and shared bonds, investment accounts...

...for which of course I will require your signature.

I will also be sending you your account numbers by registered post.

That is the small sum of money your mother left you...

...after the funeral cost will cover.

Do you still see her? Who?

Lisbeth Salander. I haven't seen her in a year.

Why? I don't know.

Did something happened? You mean if we were arguing? No.

One day we talked, next day She didn't even answer the phone.

We must go now. Dag Svensson will show up at the editorial meeting today.

He was on the human trafficking story. The girls from Eastern Europe.

What kind of guy is he? Freelance, young, ambitious.

Fit. Fit?

For how long have you been working on it? About four years.

I found the subject through my girlfriend. She's researching gender and is a criminologist.

She's pursuing a PhD. in human trafficking.

You work as a team?

No, Mia focuses on the girls.

I focus more on distributors and the span of customers.

What have you found then? Several of prominent customers.

Someone from the Justice Department, who took part in the new sex market legislation.

Three police officers- one from vice squad and one from the security police.

Five solicitors one judge and one prosecutor The affected girls - are so low on the social ladder they're irrelevant to the justice system.

So it just goes on?

My conclusion is, unfortunately-

-That the justice department will not get into it.

Crimes against young Eastern European girls is not a priority.

"A whore is a whore". It is ... part of the system.

How far along are you? I have finished the research.

I just need to check facts and confront the customers I want to expose.

Hang on.

The last time I didn't check my facts properly, I spent three months behind bars.

So anyone who is accused must get to comment on it.

'Course. And don't worry; I have watertight evidence.

I think it sounds great. Yes.

All right. We don't pay any huge salary.

I suggest a two month project position.

And you can have a desk here.

Sound good? Yes, it sounds great.

We stick our necks out with that story. We have to realize that.

That is supposedly the whole point of of Millennium?

That's why we are here. Yes, welcome to Millennium then.


Now you can exhale.

Bedrooms to the right and a master bedroom on the left.

I'll take a look, back in a jiffy.

-Can I help you with anything? -An apartment overlooking the ocean.

-This apartment is not for you. -Why not?

To buy this one must have a huge, huge stack of weekly allowance.

Good afternoon. My name is MacMillan.


I am calling on behalf of Wasp enterprises.

Wasp enterprises?

Yes, we would like to submit a bid for the apartment you are showing...

How are you? Good. Smashing.

Or something like that. I tried to get hold of one of the abusers.

A policeman from the security police. Gunnar Bjork.

He is nowhere. He vanished into thin air.

What do you have? A PO box.

PO box address? Yes.

Try a lottery tricket.

What? Lottery tricket.

Write to the PO box that he has won ...

... A monster phone with GPS and that he is one of 20 selected-

-Who can win 100'000 if he will participate in a study.

Lottery tricket.

Is it legal?

There's nothing illegal in giving away a phone?

Say you are from Indigo Market Research. Same as me.

That'll be 297. Thanks, it's all good.

Are you a bit hung over? No.

Come on.

What have you got today? Nothing. Or, maybe not ...

Yes. You think he's our puppy, huh? He's the right kind of journalist.

Shoots up on essentials. Just like you.

You dislike that he's so much like you.

"Human trafficking, organized crime and society's response."

By Mia Bergman. Yes.

"From Russia With Love"?

It's an ironic allusion to a Ian Flemings' 007 classic.

Yes, James Bond ...

How Does it work then?

It's often organized in small disoriented gangs.

Just dig in here.

The gangs average is usually only a few members.

Half Russians or Balts, half Swedes.

The girls are transported to the suburbs.

And they don't have a choice once they end up in Sweden.

If they don't go along with it, they get beaten up-

-or tortured by their pimp.

They can't escape; first what the gangs do is-

-To take away their passports.

You got the names of the gangs' leaders?

No ...

Not with certainty.

The leaders are often notoriously violent. There is a clear pecking order.

No one dares say anything. Least of all the girls.

I thought we would have some dessert too. Sorry.

... stick to the overall legal aspect. You know he's not.

It must be made so that trafficking is a crime.

There are criminals who should be hanged as a war criminal. Right?


Yes ... Yes!

Do you have something special for us tonight?

Where should we go? Your place.


please contact



Solicitor Bjurman? Yes?

This is regarding a police file dated 1993. Lisbeth Salander.

My employer would like to take a look at it.

Really? And who is your employer?

I have the case files stored at my retreat.

Do you have copies? No.

Is she still abroad?




I'll be in touch.

You're supposed to file reports about me to the Guardianship.

I do. Each month. You're sloppy.

I have some reports stored at my retreat. Shut your mouth.

If your reports say I'm behaving well, I will let you go when I'm no longer under the Guardianship.

If you can't do it, I'll send our movie to every newspaper in the country.

If something happens to me, or if I die, it will be made public.

And if you touch me again, I'll kill you.

And one more thing:

If you visit that clinic in Marseilles for tattoo removal, I'll redo my work. On your forehead.

Do you understand? Yes.

I broke up and went to Paris. Mom and dad live there.

I worked at a club near Clichy.

A wonderful club.

But I had applied to law school and was accepted.

Mom checked the record and said ... Do you want my apartment?

What? Do you want my apartment?

Are you moving? I have already moved.

I cannot buy anything, Lisbeth.

The rent is paid for one year. You want it?

All right.

There is only one thing ... I thought so.

I still have my mailing address there.

I want you to forward my mail.

Where do you live then?

Somewhere else. Can I visit you?

No. Not now.

But you come here and fuck sometimes when you feel like it?

It makes me happy, but it is not included in the contract.

Damn, you're crazy. Are you serious?


Come here.

Damn! I have something for you.

So. Happy birthday. there's no year. No, it's from last year.

If you are going to keep on with this shit -

So, you get to do it elegantly.

You are the only one that gives me presents.

Hey, baby. Sorry I'm late.

What is it? Have you seen this?

Irina Hammujärvi. She was a part of your thesis, right?

She was only 17. We talked recently.

And she said she would quit and sort out her life.

And then this happened. Yes ...

Do you know who brought her here? Someone she called Zala.

Someone she was really scared of. I have not identified him.

He was called Anton in the thesis. Damn, that's strange.

I confronted a journalist Sandstrom, a customer.

He mentioned the name: Zala.

You know what he's working on? No.

Sandstrom made the layouts of an information pamphlet- about STDs for the health department.

He was completely devastated when I asked why he went to teenage hookers.

Sorry. Darling?

Delicious food. Really delicious, Annika.

I made the food. It was delicious, Annika.

Mikael, why aren't you married? Aunt Angelina, let him be.

He will not. Why not?

He looks so good.

Michael, you have some woman? You must have a woman.

Yes, I have woman.

Get married to her. I would, but she is already married.

Hello. Am I disturbing you?

No, I am with my sister and half a platoon from her husband's family.

I made prints of the pictures and go with Mia to Dalarna in the morning.

I don't know if I may send them by messenger.

No, don't, I'll be off soon.

I'll pass. How nice. One more thing ...

I want to look up a name. A gangster called Zala.

Don't come with new material so late.

I know, but I have a gut feeling that it may be worthwhile.

We take it then. Sure.

I can drive you, if you want. Annika...

I would like to hire you as a lawyer. Yes?

We do an article on trafficking. Can you look through it?

I don't work with the freedom of the press. No, but with violence against women.


Two minutes.

Has something happened? It sounded like a shot.

Just now.


Hello? Hello?

did you report this?


Did you see what happened?

No. ... I just found them.

Not more than ten minutes ago, or something, I think.

Do you have some description? Did you see anyone run away?


The neighbors might have seen something.

You live here?

No, I visit the couple who ...

I'll be back.

Oy, Blomkvist? We have a few questions.

It shouldn't be here!

The couple shot: A journalist and a criminologist- where found by another journalist: Mikael Blomkvist from Millennium.

Known from the scandal around the Wennerstrom case.

What do we know about the motive? Not much at this point.

The girl was soon to be a PhD.

This case has the highest priority. Assemble a task force.

?Hans Faste, Jerker Holmberg... ?Sonja Modig.

Ok Bublanski. You setup a team. But make it quick.

Ekstrom, prosecutors.

We need to talk about two things. Should we publish daily content?

Can we publish? What Mike and I just discussed.

We do not know why the killings took place. It may be something private in their lives.

But we can't exclude that it may be their job.

But, Mike, you described the killings as mere executions.

Who on this list are capable of that? And then get away with it?

We're about to publish the names of several persons who'd prefer to stay out of the spotlight.

Some of them had already been contacted by Dag.

It's speculation. Shouldn't we give the list to the police?

Yes, I suppose we should. No.

They can have the names of some customers, but we must never reveal our sources.

It's for the safety of the girls Mia interviewed.

It's a matter of life or death for them.

Back to the first question: Are we printing this?

I think that's what Dag would've wanted. Yes. And I like it.


Okay, sure.

Hello, Armanskij.

May I come in?

More than a year.

Are you angry?

What do you want? Do you need a job?

Do you work some place else?

I have been traveling. I just recently returned to Sweden.

Where have you been? Here and there.

Australia, New Zealand. The last few months in the Caribbean.

I don't know why I didn't say goodbye.

Because you don't really care about other people.

You treat people trying to be your friends like shit.

It's that simple.

Blomkvist has been looking for you.

He's called at least once a month to inquire about you.

He cares as well. Just like Holger Palmgren.

He had a stroke two years ago and you haven't visited him.

Is he alive?

You don't even know if he's dead or alive.

You've been missing.

I've been traveling. I had to run away for a while.

Have you been worried?

No. You can do anything.

Armanskij was worried.

How are things with the new...

Bjurman. He's okay. It's okay.

And your still under guardianship? Don't worry about me.

I'll fix it. It's no longer your job.

No, I'm too old.

I'm just a silly, old fool.

Yes, you are. Truly silly, if that's what you think.

We have received a preliminary report about the murder weapon.

It's illegal? No, it's perfectly legal.

It belongs to solicitor Nils Erik Bjurman.

Acquired in 1983. He's got an address on Gardet.

There you go.

We identified two fingerprints. Right thumb and forefinger.

A woman born in 1981.

Arrested for assault in Gamla Stan in 1998, when the fingerprints were taken.

Do you have a name? Her name is Lisbeth... Salander.


I find nothing about a foster daughter that Holger Palmgren would have had.

It's me. He took care of me since I was 13 until he had a stroke.

I'm his next of kin.

Is he ok?

I'll be honest with you.

He could've had a stroke last night or live for 20 years.

I really don't know about him.

Is there no specialist?

I'm afraid we are specialised care.

I wish we had better resources and did not have any budget cuts ...

What kind of care would you give him then?

Yes ... The ideal for a patient like Holger would be -

A personal trainer who could work with him full time.

Employing someone. Yes I'll pay. Hire a personal trainer.

Have you any idea what it costs?


The gun owner attorney Bjurman is not at his home nor office.

According to a colleague lawyer, he is sick and has disposed of his business.

I've put Sonja on the matter.

Bjurman is 56 years and with impunity. He is a corporate lawyer.

I have not looked into his background, but there's more.

Sorry, I'm a bit late.

I had to spend a few hours with the chief guardian.

Lisbeth Salander seems quite disturbed.

She's under a legal guardian.

Guess who the guardian is?

Solicitor Nils Bjurman. The owner of the murder weapon in Enskede.

She was already violent in primary school. Psychiatric treatment as a teen.

We think she supports herself through prostitution. And documented violent tendencies.

A connection to the couple in Enskede? Not yet.

She has periodically been employed by Milton Security.

-What kind of work? -Don't know, cleaner or something maybe.

Do we have Salander's address? Lundagatan in Södermalm.

Stop! Police. Cross the street.

Have you arrested Salander? No, we're waiting for backup.

How long will it take? Don't know. Five or ten minutes.

Why should it take so fucking long? That's the way it is. It's ok.

Call me. I'll call when we're done.

Hookers have no class anymore.

They look more fucked up every day. Would you pick her up?

There has to be a simpler way.

Why call in the storm troopers to catch one small fish?

The girl is 150 cm tall and weighs 40 kg.

We're in but the apartment is empty.


Smells of fresh paint here.

How's the kitchen renovation?

It's expensive. Takes forever to get finished.

-Faste? -Yes?

Why did it say Salander Wu on the door?

No idea.

There's been a party.

I don't think Salander lives here. All mail is addressed to Miriam Wu.

Prescription, also issued to Miriam Wu.

And nothing for Salander.

Hello, this is Bjurman. Please leave a message and I'll get back to you.


I gave her assignments until eighteen months ago.

What kind of work?

Research, personal inquiries. She has her own company.

The Lisbeth Salander I think of has not gone beyond elementary school.

According to her file she can't handle this kind of work.

Papers are one thing; people another.

You seem to have respect for her. For her skills.

Do you know where I can get hold of her?

What is she suspected of?

She never came here?

No. She worked from home.

Met with clients only rarely.

Maybe ... What?

She worked for a journalist who sought her now and then.

A journalist? Mikael Blomkvist.

Sorry, I must take this.

Yes, Modig, what is it?

Snap one from that angle as well, so we get it properly.

She's in there.

Thanks. My coffee craving was about to kill me.

What have you found?

Bjurman, and an empty Magnum bullet box. We're checking it for prints.

And copies of monthly reports on Salander, which he's been sending to the Guardianship.

According to the reports Salander is basically an angel.

I'm confused. According to Faste she is a psychopath.

According to Armanskij she is a skilled researcher.

We have turned him around. There is something you should see.

"I am a sadistic pig and a rapist."

What do you think? Not a bad motive for murder.

No, it's quite unreasonable.

Lisbeth Salander has nothing to do with Dag and Mia.

According to our information you hired Salander as a researcher.

Was she a good researcher? The best I have worked with.

What about her social handicap? What kind of handicap?

Psychiatric Problems, guardianship ... Guardianship?

I do not understand you and Armanskij. She's a psychiatric case since her teens.

She's legally incompetent and has a documented violent disposition.

She has had problems with authorities since she was little.

Now she is reasonably suspected for triple murder.

And you and Armanskij are talking about her as if she were a little princess.

Triple murder?




And you, Peter Teleborian, you call it a scandal-

-That she did not receive necessary care.

I don't really discuss individual patients-

-But some very complex cases require skilled care.

I can only regret three people died-

-As a result of budget cutbacks in psychiatric care.

So the woman should be kept locked up?

Some patients should be in hospitals, not in society.

Thanks, Pontus Levin and thanks, Peter Teleborian-

-Chief Medical Officer at St. Stephen's child psychiatric clinic-

-where the wanted woman was treated earlier.

This afternoon another person was found murdered.

The 56 year old socially committed solicitor was found shot in his apartment.

Police is investigating if the murders are connected.

The dead journalist Dag Svensson worked for the journal Millennium-

-Where Mikael Blomqvist is editor.

According to Blomkvist Svensson was about to write about-

-IT security and hackers.

It is a great loss for his family, his colleagues- and the whole journalist community.

A brutal attack on free society.

Why did you tell them that? Because it's true.

One of Dag's specialties was hacking.

We had agreed that it would be his next case.

And I want to find a certain person before the police does.

Lisbeth reads everything I write. No matter where she is.

And she's quite interested in the subject.

This statement might make her contact me.

You have no doubts? About what?

You ask if Lisbeth is capable of killing, then yes.

She has a violent nature. I've even seen her ...

When she saved your life? No.

No, what? Lisbeth has not murdered anyone.

-That's Dags' phone. -I'll take it.

Indigo Market Research. Hi, my name is Gunnar Bjork.

I received a very interesting offer from you.


CONNECT Blomkvist

I'm sure it was Lisbeth. What documents was she looking for?

My e-mail contact with Dag Svenson. Or his research materials.

Can you trace her? No, she doesn't work that way.

She has enough reason to to stay away.

You believe that she is guilty? I didn't say that.

I know she has not done anything. Not this time anyway

Everything seems to belong to one Miriam Wu. What do we know about her?

Unashamed notorious lesbian who appears in shows like the Pride Festival-

-Pretending to study sociology and is part- owners of the porn shop domino fashion.

Porn-commerce? Domino Fashion? -They sell handcuffs and leather atire.

They sell swank lingerie. Do you shop there?

No trace of Miriam Wu? No.

If Miriam Wu is a lesbian then is she and Salander a couple?

Yes, we have found Salanders' finger- prints on a pair of handcuffs.

The apartment was full of sex toys.

According to another tip-

-Salander and Wu used to hang with the girl group Evil Fingers.

What is it? It seems to be something occult.

I have also heard about Evil Fingers.

A girl rock band in the late 90's. They weren't well known.

A group of lesbians Satanists. Your attitude to women is out of Jurassic Park.

How about plain simple white tiles then? Why not?


How much? inclusive of VAT? Yeah.

No it's ok. Let's take that one then.

Damn, let go! Okay, we are running on Italian time.

-Am I arrested for something? -No.

So I can go when I want?

Technically speaking, yes. Technically speaking?

We need a few informations from you. Can you tell me where you have been?

I am not obliged to do until you tell me why I'm here.

I came home and saw that the door was broken.

Then a bloody self-righteous male dragged me here without telling me anything.

Don't you like males? Didn't you read the papers?

No, I was in Paris for two weeks.

You haven't heard the Swedish news?

No, I got off the overnight train, came home and then this happened.

Where is she, Miriam?

What ... You live together.

No, we do not. She gave me her apartment.

You've got her apartment? Where is Lisbeth then?

I don't know. You expect us to believe that?

How does she make a living? Should we start there instead?

I don't know either. We don't know each other that way. is she a whore? Whore? Of course not.

But you admit you know Salander?

Do you have sex with each other? It does not concern you or anyone.

The apartment was full of sex toys. did you do just Lisbeth with the dildo?

Did you find it? What did you fantasize about? Did you stick it somewhere?

Shut up and answer the question. You ask if I fuck Lisbeth.

You don't give a shit if I do!

Hearing of Miriam Wu interrupted for a break at 11:12 Faste, may I have a few words with you?

How is it that ...

Good luck.

Bjork here. It's me from Indigo.

Good. Did you get the directions? Yes, no problem.

This lottery and phone ...

You are still among the 20 selected.

Hi. Gunnar Bjork?

Found it easily? Come in.

Have we met before? No.

You seem familiar.

You may have seen me in the newspapers.

What did you say your name was? Mikael Blomkvist. I am journalist.

I work for Millennium.

I did not know you did market research.

Yes, sometimes.

Look at these two images and then tell me-

-The model you like best.

First we have Lidia Komarova.

She is 16 and comes from Minsk, Belarus.

Then Myang So Hun.

She is 25 so she is a little older, but it doesn't show.

Also calls herself Jo-Jo. She's from Thailand.

And then we have Silvia; whose real name is Jelena Barasova.

19, from Tallinn.

You have bought sex of all three.

So I wonder: Who did you like best?

Is this a joke? No.

Our reporter Dag Svensson provided documents proving-

-That you bought sex from them.

Was he in contact with you? Who?

Dag Svensson I have never heard his name.

Now I want you to go. Yes, that's enough to sue.

He did not confront you with his documentation, -Before someone shot him.

Do you know sollicitor Bjurman, who also was shot?

What do you want?

We want sex buyers to comment on our data-

-when we do the next theme-article on trafficking.

Do you understand that you are ruining my life if you publish this?


Why do you ask that, Mom?

The fucking police did it. The pigs!

This place looks fucking awful.

I don't know. She has vanished.

Wait, somebody's at the door.

Hi, Miriam. Tony Scala, journalist.

Your girlfriend is suspected of three murders.

Where you abroad with Lisbeth Salander? Do you know where she is?

You have to talk to the media sooner or later. I can help you.

Go to hell, you fucking pig!

Fucking Lisbeth, I'll strangle you.

Mom, are you still there? It was a journalist. No, he's gone.

-Plague to Wasp. I found you. -I work. What do you want?

-Who was this Zalachenko? -Fuck that.

But why did you shoot?

What happens now? I need your help.

I'm looking for classified Police investigation on me from '93.

93. It was not digitized then. Long time ago.

What where you then? Twelve? Try to find it. I'll pay.

Find me on hotmail If you need help with other things.

You know you're a sociopath, right? You know you're normal, right?

Here you are.

Here you are. Welcome back.

-Miriam Wu? -Yes?

Mikael Blomkvist. We've met once.

Go to hell, you fucking journalist disgust me!

Hell, hell!

Is this where you usually sit? Hi.

Thank you for calling back.

Your inquiry is leaking like a sieve.

"She leads the league of lesbian satanists." My god.

Will this be in Expressen tomorrow?

I'm not working at Expressen or Aftonbladet.

You know what I mean. You are progressing with your own research.

A double espresso.

Why do you think Lisbeth is innocent?

She had no reason to kill Dag and Mia. Especially Mia.

Mia wanted to expose human trafficking. Sounds like something Lisbeth could've done.

Lisbeth detests men who hate women.

We have proof she was at the scene of the crime.

So you found fingerprints? Yes, she's connected to the murder weapon.

That doesn't mean she pulled the trigger.

And Bjurman? Her guardian? The answer lies in Svensson's research.

This is a police matter. We do not need private detectives and their wild theories.

I have no theories. I'm stating that Lisbeth did not kill Dag and Mia.

I'll come up with evidence and an alternative-killer and write an article you and your peers won't like all.

We must get back. I have a lunch meeting.

Have you been in contact with her?


Who do you think?

An old friend called this morning.

He's also convinced Lisbeth Salander is innocent.

Who? That's completely skewed.


It's best if you meet and discuss it yourselves.

Jab, Paolo! Come on! In with the jab!

Move your feet as well. Footwork. Come on!

Don't give up.

How do you know Lisbeth? We've boxed together since she was 17.

Courageous. In the same weight class, then? Yes, she's quiet tough.

She's in trouble, huh?

She is in deep shit. Paolo, I need your help.

I need to meet Lisbeth's friend Miriam Wu.

You have read about her, huh? I know her. Tough kick boxer.

She refuses to talk to me, because I'm journalist.

If you, as a famous boxer, could talk to her ...

And try to reach Lisbeth through her?

Come on. Get up.

Get up.

I'm going to ask you some questions, Per-Ake. If you answer, I'll let you live.

If you refuse, I'll zap you again.

100'000 volts.

If you lie or answer confusingly, I'll zap you.

Your muscles will stop working, and you'll hang yourself.

And I'm leaving. Understand?

I don't want to die.

My mistake. I forgot to tell you that you can't speak without my permission.

Is this your daughter? Yes. She'll be here any minute...

You're breaking the rules again.

Do you want to die? No.

To this year's sadistic pigs and a rapist.


Who is Zala?

I don't know. Don't abuse your chance.

I don't know who he is. The journalist you shot asked about him as well.

If I knew I would tell you.

I have just spoken to someone who said his name was Zala.

One minute. On the phone. Why?

I was supposed to import a car with amphetamine from Tallinn.

I didn't want to.

They showed up a few days later and told me I couldn't pull out.

Then they forced me to come with them to...

To? Some storage facility.

The first thing I saw was a man on the floor, beaten to a pulp.

And he was there ... Who? Zala?

No, a blond fucker. Pure muscle.

I've only seen him once before. Damn.

What's his name? I don't know.

Then what happened?

They said that guy on the floor was a snitch.

The blond raised him up on a chair in front of me.

Then he put his hands around his neck.

I heard his neck snapping.

He died right before my eyes!

Well ...?

Then the blond wrapped his hands around my neck.

Magge held a phone to my ear and told me Zala wanted to speak to me.

What did he say? Zala.

I was to do as I was told. What choice did I have?


The hard drive? The whole shebang. You can read yourself.

What is it then? Seizure Protocol.

It is Bublanski. He is angry I'm not helpful enough.

We have copies of everything, so now lets publish it before anything else happens.



Micke? You asked me to dig a little in Gunnar Bjorks' past.

I came upon Nils Bjurmans' name.

He was administrator in the National Police, Board of Security.

What? When? Between '76 and '78.

Same time as Bjork. Fuck...!

Where is she? Who?

Lisbeth Salander. I told you, I don't know!

You get one more chance. Then I use this.

I have not shot Dag and Mia. If you want to help me search Zala.

I can take and give punches.

But this was no ordinary man.

What did he look like? Like a Blond armor-piercing robot.

He was 100% muscle. You have never seen him?

Never. He moved like a boxer.

He kept his guard up, but at the same time seemed completely clueless.

Clueless in what way? On drugs? No, it was very strange.

I could hit him whenever I wanted.

As if he had trained, but never listened to his coach!

And then there was something fucking scary.

What then?

I hit him really hard, probably a hundred times in the face.

Nothing happened.

As if he could not feel anything.

Hello. Ward 1B? Further down the hall.

Jan Bublanski.

How are you? Splendid.

I'll find a place where we can talk uninterrupted.

How is Miriam Wu? They're still examining her.

She looks like me. It wasn't her they were after.

It was Lisbeth Salander.

The whole story has to do with a man called Zala.

Dag Svensson linked him to the murder of a prostitute: Irina.

And Bjurman? It makes sense that Dag Svensson was silenced-

-But who killed Salanders' guardian?

I do not have all the pieces.

But the only reasonable solution is a link between Zala and Bjurman.

You lied to me last time I was here.

Did I?

You and Bjurman worked at the security police in the 70's.

You pretended not to know him.

Why would I tell you who I worked with?

Do you know who is Zala?

You know then who it is? I didn't say that.

What are you looking for?

He is on Dag Svenson's list, one of those that interested him.

If I know anything about Zala-

-What is it worth to you?

It depends on what you know.

Can you imagine forgeting me in your story?

Okay, what do you want then?

Half. 200'000. Cash.

All right. I do not have the money here, but we will go and fetch it.

When? Now, in an instant.

I go and get it.

How did it go? What?

What do you mean?

Bjurman summerhouse that you went to burn down.

We ... we just ... We didn't do it yet, actually.

Didn't have time?

We'll fix it right now. Then we fetch your money.

We'll be here with news shortly. All right?

I'll wait here.

What the hell? It's the little Salander-bitch.

Damn, we've been looking for you.

Not even your flat mate knew where you were.

That's what she said anyway. Isn't that so, Magge?

Sure enough, right?

I think she needs some cock.

Come on.

Move over, fucking freak.

Damn! What are you doing?

Damn ...

Today's first task is to identify the blond burly man

-and his bald buddy, who abducted Miriam Wu Today's second task is to go through the list of customers-

-That were on the murdered journalist Dag Svenson's computer.

Sonja, you lead the work. Niklas assists.

A third task is- check one unknown man named Zala.

It is your task, Faste. Search assistance from the investigation team ...


What are you doing? What do you mean?

Focus must be on Lisbeth Salander. We follow every lead.

Do you think the psychiatric assessment of Lisbeth Salander is a joke?

She is associated with the murder weapon.

She's a hooker, same as Wu.

She's involved in a lesbian sex cult.

You are obsessed with the gay angle. It is not very professional.

But to ignore the fact that Salander is a mental case is professional?

What the hell? Enough!

Did you have anything more?

We must do something about Paolo Roberto. If the media finds out ...

All right.

Which of you is leaking?


Journalist Tony Scala has received information about Miriam Wu from the police That's not true!

The article describes the source as a "she".

The journalists know of Paolo Roberto's role in the investigation.

It is not me.

I cannot prove that it is you, Modig, but I do not trust you.

She says she has not leaked.

I'd take you off immediatly. She is an experienced investigator.

Take the rest of the week. You get new information on Monday.


Until further notice, you are still in the investigation under my command.

Go to Millennium and meet with Mikael Blomkvist.

Have him walk you through Dag Svenson's hard drive.

I have not talked to Niklas. I'll take care of it.

Well ... then ...


The fire is out now.

They brought us a Specially trained police dog to find if there is someone among the ruins. did you find something? No.

But when we had a break, for the dog to rest-

-The dog handler released him and the dog selected a spot.

We dug there and found a corpse which was cut in five of six parts.

With a chainsaw?

Can it be dismembered with a chainsaw?

Paolo Roberto said that Miriam was threatened with a chainsaw.

I have not looked so closely. We have just started excavating the site.

I send Niklas. You can probably still use help.


Hey, Niklas. Tony here.

I was just checking if you have something more ...

Tony Scala? What?

I was going to start with those which Dag did not have time to confront.

Then we can do the following.

Sten Falstrom, done. He's done.

Karl Pettersson, done. Per Åke Sandstrom.

He's been confronted by Dag, so we'll expose him.

And the guy from the security police force? Bjork?

What about the connection between him and Bjurman? What about this Zala?

I'm not completely finished with Bjork.

Bjork. Blomkvist here. You never called.

What do you want?

Tomorrow I'm holding a press conference regarding the murders of Dag and Mia, I will give details about our article series on sex trade, and you're the only customer I'll expose.

You promised to give me time. Yes, but I changed my mind.

If you hold a press conference you will never know anything about Zala.

It's not my problem anymore.

Then you talk to the police and the rest of the media.

Wait a minute here now.

I wanted to arrest and prosecute Niklas, but Ekstrom didn't dare.

What will happen to him? We kicked him out.

He said he did it for money.

He had a tough time financially. He's renovating the house.

He calls Tony Scala five minutes after the morning meeting.

Shortly after, Scala went online with all of it.

You are officially back on the case, Sonja.

But do not expect any apologies from prosecutor Ekstrom.

I do not want to talk crap about managers, but he can go to hell.

His name is really Zalachenko, but he's called Zala.

Who is he? Where did you find him?

This is not a person you want to find. I want to find him.

Actually he is not. What?

What I'm about to tell you now is top secret.

You understand it's important to me that you guarantee source protection.

I've already done that.

Zalachenko was born in 1940 in what was then the Soviet Union.

Both parents died during the war.. I assume you know what GRU was?

Yes, military intelligence.

He made a career there. Speaks six languages fluently.

Expert in camouflage and survival techniques.

And he was allowed to stay?

Never before had an operation's chief for one of GRU's elite commands deserted to Sweden.

What about Bjurman? Where does he enter the picture?

We were young back then. What were we? 25? 30?

Not really qualified to handle someone like Zalachenko.

He came to us on election day in '76.

Hardly a soul to be found at the police station.

Everybody had time off or was on guard tasks for the election.

I was the officer in charge, and considered it a common immigration matter.

I brought Bjurman as caseworker.

It was pure coincidence that Bjurman became involved in Zalachenko affair.

-Random? -Yes, indeed.

"Praktvindel." (Beach Moonflower)

-What? That's what it's called.

Where is Zalachenko today? I don't know.

I had his case until 1985. I then received other tasks.

You gave him a new identity and a Swedish name. What is it?

That I won't tell you. Come on.

You wanted to know who Zala is.

I'm not saying more until I know you're true to your word.

I believe Zalachenko committed three murders, and the police is hunting the wrong person.

Why isn't Salander the murderer? I believe Zalachenko did it.

You are mistaken.

Zala has not murdered anyone. He's 69 and somewhat disabled.

Walks around on crutches. He's not been running around shooting people.

If he wants to commit murder, he'll have to order welfare transport.

I hope I won't have to see my name in your paper now.

So you want to convince me that Lisbeth Salander showed up here-

And singlehandedly beat up Svavelsj?MC?

Yes. Her coach was Paolo Roberto.

Magnus "Magge" Lundin has been shot in the foot- got injuries to the face with a broken nose bone-

And two knocked-out teeth.

Moreover, he seems to have sharp pains in the abdomen.

And the second, Nieminen? He seems completely unharmed.

But the witness there who sounded the alarm, saw him lying unconscious on the ground.

Magge Lundin has a proper keg and is bald.

One of Miriam Wus' abductors was both bald and had a beer belly.


You are certainly not lazy. No.

I have just met Gunnar Bjork.

Is he ready? Can we talk to him?

No, not at this time. What do you mean?

I'll explain it later. When are you coming? Sonja Modig is here.

She wants us to help them, to go through all the materials.

I will after I meet someone. A customer? No

He has agreed to meet you.

But if he does not like you he throws you out head first.

You may not interview him, or write about it in the media.

Who are you to say you're a friend of Lisbeth Salander?

My name is Mikael Blomkvist.

I know you've been bothered by journalists-

-But I'm not going to interview you.

I am there for Lisbeth's sake.

I do not think Lisbeth Salander has something to do with the killings.

I believe that a man named Zalachenko is behind them.

Sit down.


Alexander Zalachenko. You know who he is?

He's Lisbeths' father.

As we discussed, I think it is important that the child is given away to ...

Thanks for your letter. I totally agree with you.

The medical assessment reveals the child's psychiatric illness.

... To avoid her creating problems ...

I suggest she is to be admitted in St. Stephen.

And don't worry about it. I take full responsibility..

Best regards Peter Teleborian. Uppsala on 11 March 1993.

Lisbeth's mother's name was ...

... Agneta Sjölander.

She was only 17 when Zalachenko met her.

But they never married.

When Lisbeth was born, her mother changed her name-

-from Sjölander to Salander.

It was like a marker that they belonged together.

What do you mean?

Zala - Salander.

Amen, what the hell ...

Zalachenko was seldom home.

The others hardly knew where he went.

But he showed up in between at the apartment in Lundagatan.

But every time this happened:

He got drunk, abused the mother.

Forced her to have sex. Then he disappeared.

This happened dozens of times.

The municipality should have intervened, but they did nothing.

Not until 1993.

What happened then?

Please, sit down.

Yes, yes.

Lisbeth was 12 then.

Zalachenko was on his way.

Lisbeth was terrified that her mother would get hurt.

She flew from school.

Zalachenko laughed when Lisbeth found her mother-

-Who lay unconscious on the kitchen floor.

He went out and got in his car

But Lisbeth ran after him.

She threw a milk carton with gasoline in the car.

And then a burning match.

Oh my God.

A man sitting in car and burning like a torch.

And this time it had consequences.

Lisbeth was taken to St. Stephen's psychiatric ward in Uppsala Her mother was admitted to hospital during those few years she had left.

She never recovered.

About her having psychiatric problems... Peter Teleborian.

He got her admitted to psychiatric care.

It's time for dinner now, Holger.

Yes, I will help here.


We can at least be consistent about one thing:

Lisbeth is no ordinary person.

-Have you played chess with her? -No.

-She has photographic memory. -Yes, I know it.

There's something you don't know. What?

About Reine.

Violent and sudden death. Starring: Stockholm. In "After snack".

A 35 year old male was shot today in a cabin area.

Taken to the hospital, his condition is not critical.

Police said that shooting might be linked to...

...murders in the suburbs Enskede and Gärdet, Stockholm.

The police held a press conference during the night-

-And we will have more information in our later broadcasts.

We have a couple of traffic reports from Radio Stockholm.

Emergency vehicles are on their way from Södertäje to Svävelsj?

We're asking all motorist to pay extra attention.

There must have been an agreement between Teleborian and Bjork.

A cooperation.

But why have you not acted all these years?

When I became a trustee for Lisbeth she was just another in a serie-

-Among all the other boys and girls who had problems.

Teleborian explained that Lisbeth was psychotic-

And got the best possible care at St. Stephen's.

I believed him, of course.

And Bjork?

He wanted her locked up.

I fought for her.

I didn't want her locked up in an institution all her life, no.

The compromise was that she was legally incapacitated-

And I became her guardian.

Do not blame yourself. You are one of the few who have stood up for her.

One can understand that she has difficulty with authorities and psychologists.

It just becomes worse and worse.

When you had your stroke ...

Do you think it was a coincidence that Bjurman became her manager?

-No. -No. I don't either.

There have been wild speculations in the media about Paolo Roberto's role.

We can expect a lot of questions about connections criss-cross.

Therefore we must focus on Lisbeth Salander and the search for her.

We can ask for tips from the public where Salander is-

-So we can make headway.


Alexander Zalachenko. Does the name ring a bell?

No. The press conference is about to start. He also calls himself Zala.

Alexander Zalachenko is Lisbeth Salander's father.

She assaulted him with a fire bomb in 1993, It was investigated not by the regular police, but by the security police.

Why? Because Zalachenko worked for them.

He was not identified, so officially he doesn't existt.

He's not listed in any public records. And how do you know this?

You will find the old case file, it's in there somewhere.

I think it can lead us to ZaIachenko.

I'm convinced he's got something to do with the murders in Enskede.

Most likely the murder of solicitor Bjurman as well.

Unlike Lisbeth Salander?

Her fingerprints are on the weapon. I know it sounds peculiar.

It sounds damn strange. What has you confused about Lisbeth Salander?

Why doesn't she come forward?

Because Lisbeth is ...

She's a very private person.

I don't like that you're constantly trying to create a lead.

We have enough problems. We'll solve this case without private investigators.

Is there a link between the gunfire in the cabin area-

-Paolo Roberto and the kidnapping of Miriam Wu?

No, there is no indication at this stage-

-That Salander was present at the kidnapping attempt of Miriam Wu.


Is Lisbeth still a danger to her surroundings?

She has shot a person, She is armed.

Mostly, we want to get hold of her.

Do you know who is behind the kidnapping of Miriam?

We'll pass on that question to lead investigator Bublanski.

A man involved in this morning's shooting incident-

-was possibly the driver during a previous kidnapping attempt.

The man who was shot? No comment.

The one who assaulted Miriam Wu and Paolo Roberto...

...left no traces.

And you have no description of him?

We've had this drawing made.

It's based on witness descriptions.

It's a large, muscular male around 35-40 years old.

Built like a body builder. Short, blond hair.

The drawing will be made available to everybody after the press conference.

Auto Express, Södertälje.

My name is Gunilla Hansson. My dog has been hit.

According to the registration number the asshole who drove rented a car from you.

I want the name of that idiot.

-Have you filed a police report? -No.

I can't disclose the name if you haven't reported to the police.

He has run my dog over.

Sorry. You must notify the police and come back. Okay?

Damn it!

Police informed that they have not apprehended the 28 year old woman, -That after the shooting in the cabin area-

-Outside Strangnas fled on a motorcycle.

According to information available, it may be gang related.

They have no fucking clue!

Bublanski didn't listen. They are locked in on one single lead.

If the police apprehends Lisbeth, anything can happen.

Where are you going? Home.

Should I come with? No, I wouldn't be pleasant company at the moment.

You don't have to be.

I know who is Zalachenko.

I've talked to Palmgren and see Teleborians role-

And why it was so important to lock you in the hospital.

I think I know who killed Dag and Mia.

I still don't understand Bjurmans' role. Please let me know. We can solve this.

Thank you for being my friend.

It's me. Okay?


Did he look like this?

He was horrible. A real monster.

Damn. Damn, sorry.

It was you they were after. You know that, right?

What have you done?

Paolo said Mikael Blomkvist contacted him to find you.

What is there between you two? I have to go.

Where are you going? There is something I have to finish.

Damn, Lisbeth ...!

There was a lady in here.

A short blonde, she left.

I'll bring you something to help you sleep. I'll be right back.

I should've done it a long time ago.

Inside. Inside!


I want to see your records of rented cars.

They are on the computer. Turn it on.

Come on. Come on.


Open the closet.

Give me your cell phone.

Go inside the closet. And I won't have to hurt you.

Is it all right there?

Where do you keep your rental contracts? In a folder on the shelf.

I have found what I was looking for and will just go.

I need to rent a car from you.

A blue Golf.

What does it cost per day?


I put 10'000 here.

You will get your car back.

Hello? Hello, it's Miriam, Miriam Wu.

Can you stop by the hospital?

So she's been here? When? A few hours ago.

Did she say where she was going?

No ... No, Lisbeth doesn't do that.

If she tracks down that monster, he'll kill her.

Here. She forgot these.

-Forgot? No, she dropped them.

They fell out of her backpack.

I have no idea where she lives. Do you?

For how long are you still here then? A few weeks.

Then I take the train back to Paris.

I won't be here anymore.

What is it? Looks like a PO Box key.

Yes, good.


Can you use this? Yes, thank you.



Gothenburg Traffic Radio. There's been an accident on Grabovägen, road F90.

The accident has caused traffic jams, and traffic is moving slowly.

The social board in Biskopsgarden requests... support for measures against domestic violence.

It's most certainly called an apple core.

Hey. Hey, he beat you good.

Is Blomkvist Around? He's out there, playing detective.

You want a coffee? Yes, please.

This picture is 17 years old. His name is Ronald Niederman.

He was 18 when he was caught so today he's 35.

Where did you get the picture? Dynamic in Hamburg.

Like I told Micke, he's not worth jack shit as a boxer.

But he moved like a boxer, so somebody must've coached him.

I e-mailed several boxing gyms in Europe.

Told them what had happened and tried to describe him.

This guy has a disease.

Congenital analgesia.

What is that? I looked it up. A genetic defect.

Nerve synapse does not link and you feel no pain.

What a golden opportunity for a boxer. No, quite the opposite.

If you put your hand on a hot plate, it will still burn.

If you have this disease you'll notice that-

-when you smell burning flesh.

Yes? Hi, this is Malin.

Paolo has identified the blond. Good.

Where are you? It's a bit hard to say.

You sound strange. What did you say?

Paolo knows who the blond boxer is.

His name is Niederman. Great. Do you have the address?

All we have is a 17 year old picture from Hamburg, Germany.

Hello? Micke?

Try to find him in the phone book. I'm on my cell phone. Good bye.

Will you be good to me?

If you are good to me ...

... Then I'll be good to you.

It's Malin again. I think I have something now.

There is no Ronald Niederman in Sweden's public records.

But in '98 a shareholder company was registered...

...called KKAB Import.

-Mike? -Yes, go.

Is everything okay? No, it's not okay. Continue.

The chairman of the board is named Karl Axel Bodin, born in 1944.

The Third member of the board is a man named R. Niederman.

He was born on 18th january 1973 and he ...

Do you have an address? Yes.

Karl Axel Bodin is registered in Western Sweden - with address PO Box 612 in Gosseberga.

"Men who buy sex" ...

Nice. Damn nice. It is.

Erika? Hi. Where have you been?

Come! What is it?

Zala is Lisbeth's father.

An old Soviet assassin from GRU who defected in 1976.

Now he's into trafficking, weapons, drugs, humans.

Did he Murder Dag and Mia? He has probably sent someone.

Maybe Ronald Niederman, the man traced by Malin.

We must tell the police.

Bublanski won't listen to us.

I think that Niederman is somewhere north of Gothenburg.

If Malin can trace him so can Lisbeth.

Lisbeth chases after Zalachenko. I don't like it.

Lisbeth is wanted for triple murder.

The police calls the National Response Team and then anything can happen.

We should keep the cops off.

We can't keep information from the police in the middle of a murder investigation.

That's not what we're doing. I want to ask you for a favor.

This is Bjork's report from 1993.

It contains elements of Bjork and Teleborians correspondence about Lisbeth.

Can you make a few copies and send the original to Bublanski?

I'm leaving for Gothenburg.

I must find her before the police and stand by her side.

I owe her that.

Be careful!! Mikael, really...

That's for you. Thanks.

Do you think Dag would have been satisfied with this?

Do you believe it?

It feels so unfair that he did not live to see this published.

After all the hard work he did.

Cheers ... for Dag.

Cheers to Mia.

To Dag and Mia. We need more like them.

Hi, Dad.

Yes? Bublanski and Modig are here.

They just read the report about Salander from '93.

Now they want Bjork's address. Can we give it to them?

They can find it themselves.

How hard can it be? They're the fucking police.

Let me speak to him.

Blomkvist, I think it's best that you come in and give us a formal testimony.

I don't have time. I'm not in Stockholm.

Where are you?

Remember that I'm a private snoop and I don't understand jack shit.

Don't be childish. I'm also doubting Salander's guilt.

May I talk to Erika again.

-Yes? -Give them Bjork address.

I'm turning my cell phone off now. I don't want to be traced. Good bye.

I've been watching you go by, four times.

I did not think you would venture out.

You set off every alarm on the farm.

Motion detectors?

Yes. Two in the courtyard and four in the meadow.

You look like shit.

But you have my eyes.

Does it hurt?


I have given you some thought over the years.

About every time I see myself in the mirror.

You should have let my mother alone.

Your mother ... Your mother was a whore.

No, she sat at the counter at the local store and tried to make ends meet.

You can believe what the hell you want about your mom.

But she was a whore.

If you had let things be ... I wouldn't have bothered.

I hated you.

But I have forgiven you. Bullshit.

Bjurman hired you to kill me.

It was a different story. It was a pure business deal.

You had a movie he wanted.

And I'm running a small business.

Did he really rape you?

Damn, what a bad taste he must have had.

Maybe I should ask Niedermann to give you a ride. You need it.

What are you doing there by yourself?


Sit down, or I'll shoot you like a dog.

Why I don't give you a ride?

It would be ...

... Perverse.

Where did you get that freak? You haven't figured it out?

They claimed you're a really good researcher.

Apparently not.

Niederman helped me when I was convalescent after your incendiary deed.

Nowadays, it's a partnership. He's my ...

Haven't you guessed who Niederman is?

He's your brother.

-What? -Or rather, your half brother.

The result of a recreational incident a long time ago in Germany.

Your last.

Did Niederman shoot Bjurman as well? Why?

Bjurman was an idiot and had papers that belonged to me.

And he was one of very few who knew my background.

I could not trust that he would keep his mouth shut.

Especially not when journalists began meddling in our affairs.

It was too much.

Bjurman was stupid enough to tell us-

-That he had a gun. A gun with fingerprints.

Your fingerprints.

You shouldn't have touched the gun, Lisbeth.

You made too many mistakes. The police will identify you.

Oh, I'm scared.

No, I have not shot anyone.

They can identify who the hell they want.

I'm just an old, wounded invalid.

It was the intelligence service, who got you hospitalized.

And they wouldn't put all the cards on the table.

You will still be the prime suspect for all the murders.


Perhaps I should say something.

But I have nothing to say to you.

That's okay. Neither do I.

Let's get it over with.

Fortunately I managed to catch you red handed. The police will come tonight.


I was waiting for you to make a bluff.

You came here just to kill me. You have not talked to anybody.

May I show you something?

Everything you said the last hour has gone out on the web.

May I see?

No, this isn't one of those.


What are you waiting for?

Back straight, dammit.

Come here. Come here!

It's me.

Lisbeth ...