The Giver (2014) Script



After The Ruin, we started over.

Creating a new society.

One of true equality.

Rules were the building blocks of that qualities.

We learned them as a new children. Rules like:

"Use precise language", "Wear your assigned clothing", "Take your morning medication." Injected.

"Obey the curfew." "Never lie."

THE GIVER My name is Jonas. I don't have a last name, none of us did.

That day, the day before graduation, I admitted, I was scared.

Tomorrow we'd be assigned our jobs. Our purpose.

Seemed everyone knew their already.

Not me. I was lost.

I always felt that I saw things...


I saw things other people didn't.

I never said anything. I didn't wanna be different.

Who would?


I apologize, we're late, I got Asher to come say goodbye the teacher.

I accept your apology.

Asher and Fiona, we've been friends our whole lives.

Asher was the boy who made everyone laugh.

Fiona... well.

She was the girl who made everybody smile.

Whoever is listening: please, please!

Do not make me vise chief of voice management(?). Please.

We lived in a world where differences weren't allowed.

There was no "Popular", no "Fame", no "Losers" and no "Winners".

Our elders had eliminated all of that, so there be no conflict between us.

Fear, pain, envy, hate...

There weren't words, so much as sounds.

Their echoes were gone to the other side of history.

I wonder if I should apologize for what I did.

I'll let you decide.

I'm going to miss volunteering here.

Oh No! If ever there is a person boring to work in the Nurturing Center.

I could be surprise, right?

Jonas, if you had to guess, of all positions the Elders picked for me...

Nurturing Center.

Welcome to the Nurturing Center.

I got this. I got this. Think Heaven. Come on. Come on. - Think Heaven.

We win! Or you might be the champion!

Which one is the heavier? Mine.


Father, I think Fiona put her finger on the scale! - I did not!

Oh, this little guy didn't qualify for tomorrow's ceremony.

He's just not strong enough to be assigned to a family yet.

He looks so unhappy...

It's okay, Jonas, you can open it.

Oh. Hey! It's Jonas.

Here let me.

There you go, there you go... It's okay Some people have it. That is just not fair!

Be strong, Gabriel!

You looked at his name? Is it not against the rules?

Yeah, i-it is...

I just thought having a name would help him grow.

I whispered to him so no one can hear.

Sometimes I call him "Gabe".

It's usually anxious, I thought that if I hear...

Are you okay? Huh?

Yeah, I'm fine.

So the old man turns to Elder and says, "Do you know who I am?"

And the Elder says, "Sir, I know you're old, but that is not the excuse for being prideful."

Then the old man says, "No, really, I am asking: who am I"?

I don't get it...

"Who am I". Like he forgot who he was.

Okay, but wouldn't the joke be better if the old man says...

So: one... one... two...


Aren't we graduates now? You do this every time, come on!

One, two, three...!

There you go...

So... I guess this is it. Last night of our childhood.

I guess everything is gonna be different.

No, tomorrow, the only thing that changes is what we do.

It doesn't change who we are.

Good question. Who are we? Friends.

Friends forever. Yes.

Even when you're both designed be birth mothers.

Well, I guess, we'll find out tomorrow, huh?

Citizens are reminded that the evening recreation will ending in 13 minutes.

Thank you.

Well he did need to be rehabilitated.

I know he was Lily's teacher, but what was I supposed to do?

I feel... disappointment.

What was elder's decision? Released to elsewhere.

Can I released elsewhere, Mother? Even just for one day...?

No you are to young, Lily-billy.

Jonas... your turn for feelings.

Well, I guess some sort of...


Precision of language.

I mean anxious.

When you are about to graduate you, did you ever feel... that there was no position meant for you?

They've been watching since you were a new child.

The Elders are never wrong.

You will find your place.

Welcome, citizens, to the annual ceremony of advancement.

Please, standby for a transmission.

Good morning, Community. Good morning, Chief Elder...

I apologize for my remote attendance.

We accept your apology.

I can't be at every ceremony - in person.

But here's the secret: you are my favorite community.

However, because we do not lie, I readly admit I said that to every community.


From disorder and chaos, from great suffering, great pain... from confusion, and envy and hatred... came a solution: communities.

Beautiful places, where disorder became harmony.

Thank you. Let me get through it.

Oh, fine...

It begins The Ceremony.

Ceremony of the release to Elsewhere.

Honoring elderly citizens who have devoted their work to the beauty and harmony of our beloved community.

And now ready for a joys retirement to elsewhere.

Celebrating the new Children.

Proudly and genewed by our esteemed geneticists...


Produced by our honored birth Mother, Now these babies will join their assigned family units.

Reaching their halfway mark towards graduation Our Nines today receive the symbol of their developing independence and responsibility.

Celebrating the Graduates, Who today will be assigned positions in our community.

Good luck! You too!

All of your training has been... To help you fit in.

To curb any impulse that may set you apart from others, but today we honor your differences, for they have determined your future.

Here are the leaders and teachers and workers and birth mothers of tomorrow.

And I think we're very good hands.

Number one: Madeline.

Birth Mother.

Thank you for your childhood.

Number two: Ross. Instructor of the middles.

Thank you for your childhood.

Number 51: Asher.

Unruly, careless, sometimes those most in need of responsibility.

Learned best by being practitioner of it.

Drone Pilot.

Thank you for your childhood. You can keep it!

Thank you!

Number 53.

Ianda. Recreation Leader.

Thank you for your childhood.

Number 54: Cathy.

They skipped Jonas.

Thank you for your childhood. Number 78: Lloyd, geneticist.

Thank you for your childhood. Number 83: Iarra, administrative...

Number 100: Quinn, caretaker of the old.

Number 104: Fiona.

From the beginning, it was clear, Fiona flourished working with new children.

Fiona: Nurturer. Thank you for your childhood.

Number 105: Lucia. Instructor of the Twelve.

Number 120: Jack. Department of Justice Assistant.

Chang - nutrition technician. Thank you for your childhood.

Number 150: Pierre.

Grounds Keeper.

Thank you for your childhood.

You feel I made a mistake. I apologize to my community.

We accept your apology.

Number 52, please step forward.

Jonas has not been assigned a position, Jonas has been selected.

We are not hasty this time, and we could not afford another failure.

Jonas posses all four attributes.

Intelligence, integrity, courage and one I can name, but...

I can not describe: the capacity to see beyond.

But I must warn you: your training involves pain.

Pain far beyond anything we known.

Are you strong enough?

Do we think Jonas is brave enough?

Jonas, you have been selected as our next Receiver of memories.

Thank you for your childhood.


Jonas, Jonas...

Help me up, please. - Okay. This leg, yup. That one. You got it.

Sit back, Sit back... Is Jonas now more powerful than you?

What is the Chief Elder mean, when she said:

"We can not afford another failure"?

Well, ten years ago, the receiver... We can not speak of it.

You've been greatly honored.

You got it. Go, go! I can do it.

We should probably catch Lily.

Good! Good, Lily! I can ride!

Receiver of memory. Five rules.

One: Report directly to the receiver of memory for your training.

After training, return immediately to your dwelling.

Two, From this moment, you are exempt from all rules governing rudeness.

You may ask any questions.

Three, beside from your daily injection, you may not receive other medicines.

Especially those for pain.

Injected. S752.

Four, you may not discuss your training with anyone.


Your look so important... I don't know...?

Stick out? - Oh, yeah, there is only one receiver of memory.


What have they say again? "You have the capacity to see beyond"?


Can't wait to hear every single detail!

Five: you may lie.

Asher and I, we used to dare each other to get closed to his place.

It was built right on the edge.

We all heard of people getting lost to the edge.

Never to be seen again.

And yet... here I was.

Being told that I have to get close to it every day.

For the rest of my life.


Uhm, Hi. I'm Jonas...

Please gaze at the sensor.

Welcome, Receiver of Memories.

They're called Books.

Your Books.

My name is... I know who you are.

Of course, I apologize.

"I apologize"...?

Don't say that.

"I apologize"... don't apologize to me.

Never again, not here.

We haven't time to "apologize".

That's an automatic pleasantry. It does not mean anything.

I apologise... I'm sorry. I mean...

We are here for only one purpose.

Simply stated...

Although it isn't really simple at all I'll transmit you all the memories that I hold within me.

Memories of the past.

I'd be very interested to learn about your life.

No, no. Not..

Not my life.

You'll learn the secret history of the world!

Before me, before you, generations back and back and back.

When things were different: when there was more.


Get... Chair.

You see, no one in our community has any memory of the past.

Only me.

When the elders need guidance that is beyond their experience, I provide wisdom, that is now your role.

To provide guidance in the present, using the memories of the past.

Move closer.

Where to begin...?

Move closer.


There is no way for me to prepare you, for what I'm going to do now.

It's gonna take comfort in knowing...

You're completely helpless.

If any of this proof is too much for you, tell me immediately.

I just have...

Silent Night...

Holy Night...


That was... It was...

How that happened? What do you mean 'how'? It happened.

But it's impossible! And yet, it happened.

But... why?

Why don't we have...



Come on... the memories they give you the word, it's not a "thing"...

"Sledge"! Sledge.

And the...

Snow. Snow...

Did my parents have them... Did you...? No... no... It's a very distant memory.

Simply stated...

There is no snow because of climate control.

But why don't people know about them?

What's so dangerous in the memory of a sledge?

What's so dangerous...?

For sledge you need snow, Snow is cold, cold destroys crops... which meant farmers couldn't farm.

Unpredictable weather, hills, mountains... made it difficult to transport of food.

And we had hunger, starvation, famine...

Everything is connected, everything is in balance.

Where there is good, there is always bad.

The two... Show me more!

Let's go for a walk.

A real one, with your legs.

At the bottom of the hill... I saw something.

Like a place.

"Home". Home. Yes.

"Home"? Like a dwelling?

Mr. Receiver... Good morning!

No... It is different. A dwelling is not a "home".

A "Home" means more.

Your instructions said I can lie, do you lie?

Ah, all the time! Mostly for personal amusement.

But I won't lie to you.

How do I know that's not a lie?

There was someone else before me.

What happened to them?

One more question!

If I'm now the receiver, what does that make you?

Well. Then that must make me...

The Giver.

So how was it?

It was good. What did you do?

We just talked. What else?

That's it.

You seem different. How do you mean?

I'll see him tomorrow. He cancel them, no matter what I do.

And you said you'll look after it. - I know, I said.

I apologize. I accept your apology.

Thank you, Dinah. Thank you.

Gabriel! - How does Jonas know the child's name?

Jonas met Gabriel the other day. He's so cute!

Would you like to issue me a warning, director of Justice?

Just for a while, Mother, till little guy catch up us.

I think we all agree that you will sleep in my room.

Only if the Elders says it's okay. They will.


Lily, give me a comfort object.

Come on, Lily, it's time for bed.

Look at this... Bye, baby!

This is a mythical creature called "hippo."

And it's incredibly fast, because it has two, three, four, five legs!

We had the same mark.

And it's very strong...

They almost did not have to see his to know.

I felt it.

Felt that one day Gabriel would be chosen too.



That's the pain they all talk about. No... Not even close.

Did you... It had a face!

Wait... Was that thing alive...? Don't skip ahead.

Did you notice anything about them? Yes: It hurt.

No, any quality?.

Well maybe...

I think I saw it in friend Fiona's hair.

My twist is yellow.

If you thought the slid was special...



Just like her hair... Yes.

There are red, green, blue... Many different colours.

You'll see them all in time.

With our people... They chose to... do away with all of them...

Color, race, religion...

They created sameness.

If we were different, we could be envious... angry, resentful... consumed by hatred.

We need sameness.

Don't you think? Oh, I completely agree!

And still...'s also...


They always said the Elsewhere is so far away.

But it wasn't.

It was right there.

Close enough to touch.

Jonas, have you fallen...?

Do you need immediate help? No, I.. I was just...

What's going on with you?

Nothing's going on with me.

No you're right, it's totally normal to lie in the grass and stare at the sky.

No, I was just...

You are seeing something, aren't you?

Can't you tell me?

Give me your hands.

What do you see?

Oh my goodness... You see it?


It's water.

Come on, concentrate.

Uhm... Hi!

Jonas was just teaching me about his training.

As you can see, it's "incredibly interesting".

Can't be as great as mine.

Can't have your minds blown...?

Whoa! Do you know how to fly those? Absolutely!

Sort off... I'm learning.

When I'm flying, looking down at everything...

It's like I'm seeing things for the first time. - You get to fly into elsewhere?

Oh, yeah!

Once, when I was looking at that mist...

Even though they tell us there is nothing close to the edge, I thought I saw a tree out there somewhere.

Don't get too excited, I've actually seen elsewhere.

It's just mostly weird rocks that kind of stuff.

What's weird about them?

There is these two huge rocks leaning against each other making a kind of... triangle.

Hey, it's kind like our triangle!

What's past their? Don't know.

We are not allowed to fly past that.

So many secrets...

So what are your secrets?

Uhh... nothing.

What do you mean, "Uhh, nothing"? You are receiver of memory.

Maybe I can show you.

Okay. Grab a tray. What...?

Bring it over to the solar plate, come on!

Now, this might seem a little funny, but you got to trust me.

Okay. Sit down on the tray.


Whoa... whoa! You're not gonna... What? Are you scared?

I'm scared of nothing. I was just...

It's against the rules, Jonas. Since when do you care about the rules?

Actually I have auxiliary training.

I'll see you guys.

Look who grew up... Lucky for you, I haven't.

Okay... Now go!

Put your heels down to slow it!

I think your training may be more funnier than mine.

Please, standby for a Community announcement.

Citizens are reminded that it is impolite to touch community members outside your family unit.

Thank you.

He is punctual. He is inquisitive.

How inquisitive? He's interested in his position.

Then why is he breaking the rules?

He has been observed trying to share his training with his former classmate.

That always happens.

But it's an impossible experiment.

Even I tried to share the memories back when I was in training.

If you remember...

So... forget about it.

I don't tell you what to do in your position, so don't tell me.

I apologise, but...

Isn't that what's happening now? Your apology is accepted, but...

You're being careless. You are moving too fast, we both know what happened ten years ago with the girl.

The girl had a name.

You think I don't remember her name?

I know you feel the loss.

The boy must hold in the pain.

Don't fail us again.

Want me to read all these?

Uh, What's this...?

"One day you should meet a boy who answers to the name of Jonas."

"He should be the most powerful of all the receivers".

Wait: that says...? Don't be gullible.

"Plan for sameness."

Another trick? Actually, no.

It's some kind of... map.

Triangle of Rocks! Hey...! That's real, my friend Asher actually saw it!

Look at all this towers... What are they for?

How could your friend see the Triangle of Rocks?

He's a pilot, he told me, he saw it.

What's past that? Past the "outer edge, boundary of Memories"?

A mystery.

"Boundary of Memories", is that what they've built so the memories will only stay within you and me?

Let's move on. Wait!

That boundary is meant to keep the memories in.

So, if a receiver crosses it, does that means the memories get set free?

Perhaps... perhaps if you and I crossed it, everyone could feel those memories again.

So what am I seeing today?


You are seeing nothing today.

We already covered "seeing beyond".

There is also such a thing as "hearing beyond".

A table...? All of the food would slide to the floor.

Now don't judge me...

I'm not very good.

Even though I had a very good teacher.


Well... music when I hit the right keys.

Just like music, there's something else you can't see with your eyes.

Something that lives deep inside you.


This morning injections take away.

I thought the injections are for our health.

No... they remove something.



You like feelings...?

Feelings are just fleeded on the surface.

But emotions... they are very deep...

Primal... they linger and Jonas...

You might not understand where you are or what's happening.

But don't think about what you are seeing.


Listen to what's calling from inside.


What beautiful wedding!

Why would anyone want to get rid of this?

Good question...

What are you doing...? Take my hands!


Are you ready for the fast part?

And turn!

Spin! What are you doing with her?

Jonas says it's called dancing.

Please, Standby for a transmission.

I apologize for my intrusion. We accept your apology.

I just wanted to say "Hello". Hello.

I am Lily. Yes, I know.

You are nine now, isn't that right?

Lily, I think it's... time for school. Now we get going.

Hello, Jonas.

Hello. How's your training?


Fine. I'm concerned about the receiver.

Many years ago there was an incident. What kind of incident?

Living alone in a building on the edge can... isolate a person.

I am concerned that the receiver... is becoming reckless.

Are you being properly prepared?

I think so. You are focused?

Perhaps you are spending too much time with friends from your childhood?

I'm focused. - Jonas! What do you and the receiver, actually do?

My rules say not allow to share. She is the Elder-chief.

FROM THE ASHES OF THE RUIN, THE COMMUNITIES WERE BUILT. My rules say not allow to share. She is the Elder-chief.

My rules say not allow to share. She is the Elder-chief.

Jonas she only wants to help.

You are right.

But you can't tell the receiver I told you.

You have my word.

We sit on chairs and don't talk all day long.

And when the time is up, I came back here and in the morning I do all it again.

I apologize, but I'm late.

Your apology is accepted.

Goodbye Mother.


He is not usually like this.

I'm surprised you're not more worried about him.

If he were my responsibility...

I would be.

We've been told that Elder-chief knew everything. Things nobody else did.

But I had learned that knowing of what something is...

It's not the same as knowing how something feels.

You could be the very best, the last one at top of the mountain...

Gasping for air, having survived... and be alone.

Be curious.

I got lost... the good kind of lost!

I saw sites and sounds, I had no words to describe.

Faces with flesh of all different colors.

I feel so alive...

This was forbidden?

I didn't know what to think, what to believe.

"Have faith", The Giver told me.

He said: "Faith, that was seeing beyond."

He compared it to the wind: something felt but not seen.

Don't accept.

What is the truth just because it's coming from someone you respect.

I feel completely stupid, a weird feeling.

Tingles in your hands.

Memories are not just about the past, they determine our future.

You can change things, you can make things better.

It was life..

It just seemed more complete.

The more I experienced, the more I wanted.

Once there were other living things.

But unlike us they knew who their mothers and fathers were.

They had joy...

And they had pain.

I can't prepare you for what's going...

No need to warn me every single time...

No, Jonas. You don't understand: there was tremendous cruelty...

Giver! I'm not a kid anymore. Show me.

That's $ 250,000 of ivory.

Come on. Come on!

Put in! Again, again.

No, stop!




Hey, Gabe? Okay, Gabe...

If I tell you a secret, you promise not to tell anyone?

I'll take that as a "yes."

This comfort object... is not hippo.

It's an elephant, and once it was real.

And it was beautiful...

Citizens are reminded that sleep period commences in 15 minutes.

Thank you.

It was like a memory, but Fiona was there.

You had a dream.

A what? A "Dream".

A combination of reality, fantasy, emotions and what you had for dinner.

You've stopped taking your injections, haven't you?

The emotion was so strong...

And at the wedding! Everyone all together laughing and dancing...

The old with the young, the bride with the groom, there was something there.

But different from what we have.


We don't have that anymore.

What do you mean by that?

I'm talking about what you feel for someone else.

And mind can not explain it and you can't make it go away.

What is it? Love.

It's called "Love".


Oh Hi!


So what's new?

What's new with you? What's ever new?

Why are you being weird? I'm not.

I'm just...


Long the hippo game!

Hold On!

Father, Do you love me?


Precision of language. Please!

What does "love" mean?

I got him, Lily.

Jonas used the word so antiquated that it no longer has any application.

If you ask, "Do you enjoy me?"...

The answer is certainly "Yes".

Or do Mother and I take pride in your accomplishment...

Of course we do. Do you understand?

Yes. I think I finally do.

Hey! Hey... Gabe...!

I love you, Gabriel...

Giver! You were right, I asked my family about love and... get down... get down!


They are in the trees! There are in the trees, Robbie!

Get down! Robbie, get down!

Robbie, get down!

Robbie, get down! Stay down!

I can't see you, man!

They are in the trees!

Stay down!

May Day!

Taking heavy fire!

Send help!

Robbie... Robbie!




I'm sorry Jonas... How do people do that?

I didn't mean for you to receive that.

Not for years.

Don't.. Don't let this turn you away way.

I'm not strong enough. Of course, not yet. But Jonas...

This what we need to know, so we can advise!

I can't... I'm sorry, I can't...

I just can't. Jonas!


Jonas, Come back!


Come back inside, Let me explain it!

When you see something like that... there is no explanation.

Rosemary... Promise me you come back tomorrow!


Hey, Jonas! Come on. You are... Just in time.

I did never wanna go back...

I didn't want the wisdom.

I didn't want the pain.

I wanted my childhood again.

Scraped knees and ball games...

Back then we had played "war".

But the war was real.

The Elders understood that.

They erased it from our world.

Maybe they were right.

Could you watch over Harry for me? Of course.

Hey, what's wrong?

Nothing. I know you.

You do, do you? Yes...

What do you think would happen if you skipped the morning injection?

If you skipped it?

Then the sensors would blink and remind me that I forgot it.

No I don't mean if you forgot, I mean...

What do you think would happen if you chose not to be injected?

Jonas, I thought something is wrong.

There is something wrong. Everything is wrong.

I quit. Fiona, I'm done being the receiver.

This morning, I skip the injection. Wait: "You quit"...?

Cut your finger and put a little blood on this apple.

No, you can't quit, if you quit your position, you get sent to elsewhere.

Leave in the morning, put the apple over the sensor, it will find your blood and think it's your hand. - Stop, you're scaring me.

Fiona, I need you to do this, I need you to feel what I know.


An apple wouldn't even work.

I've been doing it for months, since worked every single time.

Don't quit, you can't leave.

I don't think I can go back to that place.

You will, if you want me to do this. Okay, fine.

But tomorrow, after work, meet me in the Triangle.

I wanted to share with her.

Not all of it, but good things.

Was I wrong to want that?

I thought about her now. All the time.

Hello...? I have something to show you.

Come here!

Who are you?

Come over here and try this.

Me...? Me?

Yeah, I want to teach you.

You've come back.

Where did you learn that? From the memories you gave me.

And you can do it quiet?

It's beautiful.

Who's that?

This... is Rosemary.

The previous Receiver.

She's the one they all talk about.

It no longer exists...

Except here.

And in my memories.

She was in training only two short months.

Watch how the fingers move...

Unlike you.

She wanted to experience...

Well, everything!

I've only give her pleasant beautiful memories.

She fought me...

Don't protect me! No!

Don't show me a map and then not give me all the memories.

I thought we're gonna help. We will.

But we must move slow. Show it to me!

You gave her war?

I gave her the memory of the child.

A child taken from her mother.

I gave her loss...

Too soon!

You're going to get a hang on this.

The light went from her eyes...

The next morning, without telling me...

She went to the Elder-chief and asked to be released.

So she was released. And now lives in Elsewhere.

Yes, Receiver.

I'd like to see this morning's release.

Thank you for your instructions.


That's my father!

This one is heavier.

More twins! Great! Watch!

Oh, good...

For a moment I thought they will be exactly the same.

Here we go... Then we would have a problem!

Okay... Thank you, Dinah.

Hey new...

Only one unit less.

Oh, I know it hurts, I know...

But I had to put it in your vein, and the your arms are too tiny.

Almost there...

Done! It wasn't so bad, was it?

That's death.

He doesn't know what he's doing. "Doesn't know what he's doing"...?

He killed him! But he doesn't know what it means.

Just like you did, neither did Rosemary.

How can he not see the baby isn't moving? Doesn't that tell him something is wrong?

The young and the old killed.

Your friend, Fiona, she will soon be trained to release as well.

That's a lie. She would never do that.

If Fiona understood... We are the only one who understand it.

Then it's our fault.

You and me and all the receivers back and back and back and back.

There has to be a way to show them.

To give them the memories so they can understand!

Yes... Because if you can't feel...

What's the point? But... what can you do?

Citizens are reminded that evening recreation will end in 13 minutes.

Thank you.

Did it work? I don't know how long it takes for the injection to leave you, but there a day was long enough... Why did I do this, Jonas?

On the walk here I was thinking of how I would scold you.

How I would say:

"Oh, it's fine for you to break the rules, because you are chosen..."

When I thought about telling you, I just I...

I began to think about you.

Was this okay?

Do you feel anything?

It feels like... Fiona.

What do you feel? I do not know, I don't... have words to describe it.

Warm...? Does it feel warm?

Warm...? Does it feel nice?

No, I'm... I'm on night shift, I need to...

I don't feel right, Jonas.

I need to go and get my injection, I need to go to work.

What was that? Fiona, there is more.

So much more.

I remembered it now. I had dreamed of her.

When I was younger.

I told my parents...

"It was the stirrings" they said. "Everyone had them."

"Medication would stop them. Anything could be fixed."(?)

"Precision of language" and the teacher said:

"That's right, Lily". Very Good!

Jonas... Just in time for feelings.

Lily was telling us how she... Where's Gabe?

Uncertainly he was returned to the nurturing center.

What happened? He failed his test of maturity.

Again. I couldn't ask for another extension, so I'll have to release him into elsewhere.

Release him...? - We certainly gave it a best try, didn't we?

But he's family. Precision of language, please!

Sit down. Eat with us.

I just need to rest for a while.

I hadn't been wrong, this was wrong.

They hadn't eliminated murder, they brought it home!

They just called it by a different name.

Father, he didn't know any better.

I did.

Jonas, what are you doing?

It's against the rules to leave your Community this late.

Asher, there is something I have to do, it's right, but it's sort of against the rules.

If it's right thing to do... How can it be against the rules?

There are things I've learned that you don't know, that you can't know, not because it's your fault... - Jonas you need to go back to your family unit!

But that's the point!

It isn't my family! And neither is yours!

Asher, I gotta go. - Jonas, listen! Get out of my way. - Jonas, listen!

What are you...?


Giver! Wake up.

I have to be sleeping to wake up. Something can be done.

Something can be done! What do you propose to do?

All the memories back and back and back and back can be returned.

I need to leave the Community, I need to find the boundary of memories.

And then? And then cross it!

No more discussion. Slowly...

Gabe is in danger. Slowly.

I can't wait anymore! Something must be done!

If you had that map, then why didn't you try to leave?

I was waiting, for someone like you.

You're the reason we have a chance, so...

The plan will be for you to go and for me to stay.

If you did cross this boundary...

And if the memories are set free, all of the pain that you felt all the...

Confusion, the chaos, it would all return!

So you have to stay to help them? Yes.

And for my daughter.

That's what you would have wanted.

Your daughter...? Rosemary.

Now: your friend if he truly saw the Triangle of Rocks...

Bring up Jonas activity for the past year as well.

So Asher came directly to you? Yes.

What was Jonas's disposition at the evening meal?

Dissatisfied. Anxious. Indignant.

Setup a communication with the Receiver of memory.

We're not permitted to see into the receiver's residence.

We can only transmit. Well then we shall only transmit.

If you go, head towards the triangle, away from the other communities.

That will lead to boundary of memories.

Please, Standby for a transmission.

I apologize for your intrusion. I accept your apology.

We have a problem: receiver in training is missing, And he physically attacked his friend, Asher.

He did? That's serious. Do you know where Jonas is?

I do not.

Well Thank you very much for... helping us to narrow down the possibilities.

I'll contact you if he comes here. Only if it's not in imposition.

Thank you.

He is lying...

Talk! They are going to kill Gabe.

I'm leaving, I'm leaving tonight and I'm going to take him with me.

Jonas not yet, you're not ready.

When they decided to kill Gabe, they decided I was ready.

I like this map, don't mess it up, I'll be wanting it back.

You don't mind if I accelerate your training a bit, do you?

You'd think that someone who is the keeper of emotions, then I would be better...


I love you, Jonas.

Look... There it is.

You have the courage... Let me give you the strength.

Can I just...

Attention all community residents.

The Receiver in training has been reported missing from his dwelling.

Please be alert, you may be in danger.

Group 1, will start from the edge. Then Group 2, from the center.

Now... like this.

Welcome to the Nurturing Center.

Shall I convey the others? Yes.

Jonas! I heard an alert. What's going on?

Hey, where's Gabe? Is he here?

Is he in one of these? - If he is back then, he'll be with uncertains on Restricted floor. Show me where.

Fiona! Please.

They are downstairs, come on.

Jonas was chosen for the most important position in our community.

He was asked if he was strong enough.

It turned out he was not.

Instead, he is a rebel.

He must be stopped.

By you.

When you find him...

Take him.

Gabe is in danger. Jonas, he is fine, I'll show you.

No, he is not fine.

He should be here.

Fiona: I'm leaving, tonight. "Leaving"?

What do you mean? I'm taking Gabe.

We are leaving the Community. I want you to come with us.

I don't have the words to describe it.

Fiona there is more. So much more.

What are they doing?

Fiona: what do you feel? I don't have the words to describe it.

Attention Nurturers.

Please secure your work area and immediately report to the newborn's nursery, to allow for security search procedure.

Promptly report all sightings at the nearest security kiosk.

Thank you.

Fiona, we got to go now! You, me and Gabe!

Jonas, I can't what about my family unit and the other new children?

I can't leave them.

This the only way. This is the only way to make everything okay.

I can't go.

When I get there, you'll understand.

I'll Come back for you. Jonas!

Come back!

Now go, Jonas!

Hey freeze, stop!

Subject lost to the edge. Search terminated.

And I asked him why he was out so late. He seemed angry.

I didn't understand why, but I wanted to help him.

Then it hit me, and at first time...

I can tell why you've been acting this way, your injections levels are extremely low.

I can correct this.

"Friends forever" right...?

And then we will addressed what's happened.

When I went over the edge, we shouldn't have made it.

This was a miracle.

The Giver had talked about them.

He told me that I could draw strength from the memories.

I knew, by giving them to Gabe, I could protect them.

Cut your finger and put a little blood on this apple.

When you leave in the morning, put the apple over on the sensor.

I've been doing it for months, since worked every single time.

What has he taught you...?

A dwelling is not a "home".

This the only way to make everything okay.

Gabe is in danger. What they are going to do to him is really bad.

I want you to come with us.

When I get there, you'll understand. I'll come back for you.




I apologize...

For failing again.

I don't think you failed.

I think you succeeded.

With your plan...

Ever since the girl was released you haven't been the same.

I genuinely hoped Jonas would help you.

It would have fresh start, to two of you have work together...

Which is seems you have.

We will find Jonas.

Jonas, our Receiver of Memories, lost to the Edge.

Jonas...! Jonas...!

How did they know Jonas is gone? We must not says his names anymore.

I will. You must keep quiet now, Lily.

And hippo is really "an elephant".

What I'm about to tell you, you must never repeat to anyone.

I don't believe Jonas is lost. But the ceremony of Loss...

I'm sure of it.

I don't expect you to understand, but you must know that Jonas has become dangerous.

He must be stopped. He must not get beyond the Triangle of Rocks.

What you want me to do?

You know, Jonas, I want you to find him.

And then...

I want you to lose him.

Power Depleted.


What are you doing...? Asher please, let us go.

I can't. I'm supposed to...

To what?

To lose you.

Asher... if you're my friend...

If you ever were my friend... can you please somehow trust me?

Trust me now.

I do trust you, Jonas.

Come on, please...


You found him!

I did.

For the good of all of us...

I beg you, to finish this.

It's finished.

Hey. It's okay...

Nothing the Giver had shown me, had prepared me for the voices in my head.

Screaming at me to stop.

But I knew that Fiona will be punished for helping me.

Asher, for letting me go.

The only way to help them, to keep them alive...

Was to get to the boundary.

If it even existed.

I strengthened Gabe with memories of having enough and knowing joy.

It was the memory of Fiona that kept me going.


I've taken care of everything. We've arranged for your release.

It will be a nice ceremony.

Now you get some rest.

I felt things. What?

I know that there is something more. Fiona...

Something missing from our lives.

No, not "missing", something that has been stolen from me and from you.

I do not know what it is exactly.

But Jonas does.

I had felt things. And they were warm...

And they were nice.

And they were beautiful.

I have felt things. I have felt things!

I have felt things...!

Where is the Tower, Gabe?

Tower should be here...

You can stop this...

Stop what?

If you don't want to see it, sit down with the other elders.

Or close your eyes!

Ceremony of release to elsewhere.

Come on, Fiona.

You're uncomfortable?

I'm not uncomfortable, I'm afraid.

You don't have to be afraid.

You know me.

I will be very gentle, I promise.


Her name was Rosemary.

She was my daughter.

I loved her... Precision of language.

I could not be more precise.

Do you know what that's like?

To love someone?

I do.

I cried.

I felt sorrow...

I've sang, danced...

I felt real joy...

Then you should know better then anyone.

You have seen children starv...


You've seen people stabbing each others neck...

Just for the view.

You know what it is peoples like when men blow each other up.


Over a simple land, sand... I do, I do.

But... And yet...

And yet! You and Jonas want to open that door again.

Bring all that back. If you only could see possibilities...

But why? Of Love!

With love comes faith, comes hope...

Love is just passion that can turn.

It turns into contempt! And murder!

We could choose better!

People are weak. People are selfish.

When people have the freedom to choose...

They choose wrong.

Every single time.

That's a sledge...

Loss... and the pain...

Music, joy...

These all are impossible, beautiful feeling of love.

Your son, he felt that.

That girl...

She is felted. That's enough.

We are living a life of shadows.

Of echoes, of fake distant whispers of what once made us real.

Excuse me for one second, Fiona.

We must continue.

I wish I had been there when the memories returned.

They were the truth.

The elders and their rules were the lie.

So I do not apologize.

I knew Fiona was safe.

That I'd see her again.

And that I held the future there in my arms.

The Giver had led us here.

To this house...

It was real.

From far behind me, from the place I had left...

I thought I heard music too.

Perhaps it was only an echo.

But it was enough.

It would lead us all home.